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FFFelix seems like a character from a children's show, who's not quite right. Like Don't Hug Me, I'm Scared. I bet he sings songs about brushing your teeth and eating healthy and cleaning up after you murder. :D

If you listen over the horizon, you can hear his theme song.  

but yes he also totally sings about how to get those pesky bloodstains out of your wonderful pewdiepie merch

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How do tarot decks work?

Tarot cards basically tell a story, from The Fool to The World the major arcana goes in order and tells a story. The same for each minor arcana suit (swords, wands, pentacles and cups are the common ones but different decks may do them differently).

Each card has its own part of the story, something that it’s going through or represents somehow. 

When you’re using tarot, you need to feel a connection to the deck otherwise it’s unlikely to be accurate when you draw cards. All you need to do is shuffle the cards and pick one (or however many are needed for a spread you’re doing) and the card(s) you pull represent either your general situation or a specific question you’ve asked.

It all sounds complicated, but actually it’s very easy when you get used to it!

Here’s a big tarot beginner masterpost for you, hopefully it’ll help!


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Who is your favorite Amonkheti god? Or Therosian god? Card-wise or personality-wise. (And what do you think of Rhonas not getting a speaking part or portrayal in AKH set's story articles?)

Theros: Thassa.

Amonkhet: The Locust God

Maybe if Rhonas had spoken up sooner, he wouldn’t have been the first to die.


It’s that time of the year again Monsta X ver.

BTS ver.

Get to Know Your Deck Spread

Here’s a lovely spread for all of you out there who are new to tarot, recently received a new deck, struggle with bonding with your deck(s) and/or are having issues getting clear or understanding readings. Sometimes decks have personalities to them, they have their own likes, dislikes, alignments and even preferred ‘work’ to go into. They also often require bonding to get the most accurate smooth readings. I have explained before the differences in my decks and what they like to answer, and I know of others who struggle bonding or understanding who their decks are. This spread should be of help!

1. How is your deck feeling today? Are they in a good mood ready to work? Or are they just having an off bad day? I have found decks, like people, can have moody bad days. These days their readings may be harsher than usual or even not even slightly logical. Its good to see what mood your deck is in before using it for readings, especially readings for others (and especially if they are paying for them). This may also affect the questions they will wish to answer.

2. What element does your deck align with? All decks are different and some may align themselves with specific elements. Is your deck fire, water, earth, air, spirit or a combination of them? This may affect the manner which they read. Air decks may be more interested in giving creative advice and focus on individuality, free-spirited natures, the arts, and even love. Water decks tend to focus on emotions and seeking gentle fixes. Fire decks tend to be the most assertive, they are competitive, encouraging, brave, passionate but also tend to support the idea of feuds. Fire decks, also from my experience, tend to be very blunt about things. Earth aligned decks tend to be a bit calmer, they focus on bonds with people such as family and friendships. They also focus on careers, prosperity and money matters. Spirit decks, tend to like to do more of the ‘divine’. They focus on self-enlightenment, self discovery and communicating with supernatural forces, guides, and deities.

3. What Questions does your deck enjoy answering? Does your deck enjoy answering questions about love? Friends and family? Do they enjoy giving personal advice? Do they like money matters and career focuses. This could determine what questions they may be the most accurate and ones they will give the best advice on.

4. What Questions does your deck least like to answer? These are the questions they may not have the most accurate advice on. Such as my Rider deck greatly dislikes romance questions so I never use him for them because he will always just advice break-ups no matter the situation.

5. What is your deck’s current feelings towards you? Does your deck feel close to you? Is it a strong professional business bond? Or is it more like a friendship? Do they feel distant from you? Like you ignore them? Do they not understand you or feel like you are a stranger? Do you intimidate them?

6. How can you improve your relationship? How does your deck feel like you two can do to help build your relationship? Practice more or perhaps make spreads.

7. A Negative trait. Pretty self explanatory, this is a negative quality about your deck that it feels you have a right to know about. Take note that this is a negative trait in the mind and views of your deck, its something it feels is negative.

8. A Positive trait. Again, pretty self explanatory, this is a trait that your deck feels is a positive trait it has. Again, this is a trait seen as positive in its mind.


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