is this worth a fifteen hour wait

Delayed Response (Lin/Reader)

Prompt:  lin/reader “You asked me to marry you under a mistletoe on Christmas morning, but I’m still a little sleepy so I didn’t really hear what you said AU.”

Author’s Note: Shortest fic I’ve ever written so… there’s that.

Pairing: Lin-Manuel Miranda/Reader

Summary: It’s early Christmas morning and Lin, your long-time boyfriend, is dying to get you out of bed to open a really important gift. Though sleep is tempting, Lin isn’t taking no for answer.

Rating: T because of like one instance of swearing.

Warnings: Nah we cool fam

Words: 864

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Arrival on Pandora (Day 1) - Trip Report

We have waited for seems like ages for Pandora: The World of Avatar to swing wide its gates and welcome us into a brand new land at Walt Disney World - the first full land, in fact, since Asia became available to travelers of Disney’s Animal Kingdom in 1999. Over Memorial Day weekend, vast crowds of people gathered to see the new sights… so was it worth the wait? Well, let’s find out!

I’m sure that you will not be surprised to learn that Disney’s Animal Kingdom was very… very… very busy this past weekend. Extra Magic Hours (a perk that allows you into a park a couple of hours early or late if you are staying at a Disney resort) filled the park to capacity within fifteen minutes. Within thirty minutes of park opening, the entire park was open only to those who had FastPasses for rides within Pandora. Thankfully, Tabby and I had the foresight to book a room in advance and secure FastPasses for Flight of Passage on our first day and Na'vi River Journey on the second day, since they are both top tier attractions. Without a FastPass, the line to just enter Pandora was around two and a half hours long in ninety-plus degree heat.

To prevent major traffic issues, upon opening, cast members directed guests without early FastPasses to a backstage area to bring them out into DinoLand USA, which let people slowly trickle into the rest of the park. I will likely note it several times in this blog post, but the cast members were 100% on point in remaining efficient and friendly despite the craziness going on around them.

The first sign of Pandora I noticed was… well, a sign! That is, apart from the floating mountains visible from the parking lot. Brilliant pink and featuring a little banshee icon next to it, this was pretty exciting to finally see in the park, as well as picking up…

An opening day guide map! They went all out on making this map extra special, as the Pandora lettering and the banshee silhouette are both slightly textured. I’m not much for map collecting, but I’ll be holding on to this one. But you’re not here to look at a guide map. You want to know what happened when our 11:30 FastPasses for Flight of Passage came around. I’m sure you’re imagining crazy crowded areas, people bumping into people, attitudes sour… first, we were greeted by a cast member who asked us to wait to take pictures until we fully crossed the bridge. Then…

Another sign! There are several of these posted around Pandora. Done in the style of National Park signs, these give you a little bit of insight into what you’re looking at as you stroll around. The cast members within are also fairly well versed in the lore of the land, and are fully in character 100% of the time. They often greet you in the language of the Na'vi, and are quick to point out interesting facts about surrounding plants and make jokes about the long 4.4 light year trip. There is not a trace of Disney anywhere in this area except the paper drinking cups at Satu'li Canteen. When you are within the boundaries of Pandora, you are no longer at Walt Disney World, and I really hope they maintain that well.

Soon enough, you round the corner and get to see Pandora in all its splendor. Not only see, but hear and smell, as there is constant activity in the nearby rain forest - buzzing of insects, growling of predatory beasts, and more. The scent on the wind is very earthy (ironically?) and vegetal, like a dense patch of forest after heavy rainfall. It truly immerses you in the experience, and I will warn those shutterbugs out there - you are basically going to be unable to stop taking pictures. Because every…



is fascinating in its detail. So we headed on over to Flight of Passage, which is not marked by a giant sign, but rather a large totem depicting a banshee, which I did not get a good picture of in my excitement to get on the ride. The entry area is still marked with signs for FastPass, Stand-By, and Single Rider entrances, all branded with the logo of Alpha Centauri Expeditions (or ACE for short), even down to the FastPass contact points, which make beeping noises exclusive to the area. 

Obviously, I went through the FastPass queue this time on the attraction, so I have no pictures to show of the incredibly detailed stand by queue. Those will be coming up in my Day 2 post! For those who don’t want to know about the attraction, you’ll want to skip ahead a bit, or wait until the next post, which will be all about the food at Satu'li Canteen, since that was how we ended day one of our Pandora experience.

The pre-show area features a brief video of a scientist giving you the background of the Avatar program, the Pandora Conservation Initiative, and the status of the banshees as a keystone species. This concept is where the attraction really ties everything back into Disney’s Animal Kingdom’s message of conservation. I do hope that some folks head home after riding the ride and research keystone species and learn more about how there are certain animals and plants that hold ecosystems together.

That said, it was off to the attraction. First, you are handed your link goggles (3-d glasses, this time described as the way you form your neural link with your avatar, created using Na'vi and human genetic material… have you not seen the movie yet?) and brought to a seat that is reminiscent of a stationary bicycle. Once straddling the seat, you lean on a chest pad, your shins resting on a similar pad below. Restraints pop up against your back and the backs of your legs to prevent you from getting up during the attraction. All in all, it is fairly comfortable. I have heard a few people complain that guests of larger size may have some difficulties, though no one in either our party or any of the groups we were with were unable to enjoy the attraction, but your mileage may vary. If you have any doubts, there is a test vehicle outside of the attraction to see if you properly fit.

Then the magic begins. The best way I can describe Flight of Passage is if Soarin’, Star Tours, and the Tron coaster from Hong Kong Disneyland merged. The wall in front of you opens up to reveal Pandora in all its glory. If you keep your eyes fixed straight ahead, it’s honestly easy to forget that there is anyone else with you on the ride at all (besides all of the gasps and cheers as everyone’s banshee dives and darts through various scenes of Pandora’s natural beauty.

A quick glance around will reveal that you are actually one in several banks of link stations enjoying the same experience - quite a feat to make you feel like you’re all alone in a room with so many other people, but they pull it off very well.

I won’t spoil much more, just be very aware, look around and see what you can see, smell, and feel. Yes, feel. It’s going to feel very much like you are sitting on a living creature, which really adds that much more depth to the experience.

From there, our party, very hungry from the neural link experience, headed on over to the Satu'li Canteen, which is where I shall pick up next time in a full review of the counter service restaurant. Until next time, everyone, stay magical!

Worth the Wait ~A Joshifer One-Shot~

Hello guys! Happy Mother’s Day to you all (I barely made it; whew haha)! I hope you all had a lovely day, especially all you wonderful mommies out there; you know who you are <3. After being quite inspired by all the baby fics popping up left and right tonight, I decided to add my own into the mix! This particular one-shot was supposed to be a drabble, but of course, I couldn’t stop adding on to it. This takes place right after the birth of Josh and Jen’s first child, and I really do hope you all like it! Again, Happy Mother’s Day, and without further adooooo~

Worth the Wait

The sterile room of the hospital is bathed in a low, white light, the small lamps in the room dimmed down for the current residents within it. All is quiet as well, except for the low beeps and chirps coming from the monitors attached to my wife. 

My beautiful, strong, brave wife. I feel small and useless in comparison to her now. Because snuggled up within Jen’s arms, is the newest addition to our family; Bridget Hutcherson.

Seven pounds, four ounces, and nearly fifteen hours of labor for Jen. She had been relatively calm to begin with, but as the situation intensified, as did her anxiety.

I never left her side, not once. Nor did I keep myself from whispering words of encouragement into her ear, or massaging her shoulders and back whenever she needed me to.

If she was thankful, it was hard to tell at the time, because my words were often met with strong choice words, and it was hard to bite back any sarcastic comments about Jen having to watch her language around the baby.

Finally however, after literal blood, sweat, and tears, our first daughter arrived into the world. Damp, small, beet red, and quite the crier, but absolutely beautiful.

I could not keep the tears from flowing as I took in the sight of my child for the first time. Had the circumstances been different, surely Jen would have teased me for exposing my “soft side.”

But she had been sobbing too, as it seemed like we had been waiting years for this perfect little angel to arrive. Which isn’t necessarily a lie. Jennifer and I had been through our ups and downs relationship wise, but after numerous heart breaks and confusion, we realized that we were the correct match for each other all along. And not too long after joining our hands in matrimony, did we decide to settle down and start a family.

A light snuffling noise roused me from my thoughts, and I pick my head up to gaze at the baby in Jen’s arms. Her small limbs are beginning to beat against her mother’s chest, most likely hungry. Sure enough, Bridget’s blue-green eyes come into view, un-focused as she struggles to gaze around the room and set her vision straight. And almost like clockwork, Jennifer wakes up as well, sighing lightly with a weak smile as she catches my gaze.

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Of Breadsticks and Bellamy

Summary: Raven sets Clarke up on a date with Bellamy, Bellamy is late, Clarke stuffs her face (and purse). 

(Inspired by the illustrious breadsticks meme)

Shoutout to catybugg14​ for making the wine info legit (teenage Catholic wine moms are the best)

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Clarke refreshed her twitter feed for the fifth time in the last minute, frowning at her phone (and the lack of activity online), and trying to look concentrated and serious, like she wasn’t sitting alone at a table for two at an Olive Garden, and the waitress hadn’t already come over twice to refill her water and check to see if the missing party had arrived.

She was going to kill Raven. It had all seemed great in theory: a guy she’d never met but who was apparently gorgeous (Wick hadn’t even looked like he was joking when he nodded along as Raven described Bellamy Blake’s beauty), a nice dinner at her guilty-pleasure favorite restaurant, a night enjoying herself and forgetting all about the asshole she’d broken up with a week ago. For all his supposed good looks, however, this Bellamy had to be either a jerk or an idiot to be thirty minutes late on a first date.

Another breadstick found its way into her hand, then her mouth, disappearing a few quick, nervous bites; it had been a while since she’d been on a first date, and while her annoyance was certainly mounting the longer she sat here alone, so too was her worry, and her more-than-slight agitation. She reached into the basket yet again, but found it disappointingly empty.

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I couldn’t begin to count how many times the very same words have kissed my ears. “What do you want this year?” “It’s that time of year again.” I already know what you expect to hear, I can guess the words you’re waiting for. So I’ll say I’d like something I can hold, something tough and definable. Something that you can pin worth to in numbers. But what if I said I wished for a dream? I could request today’s favorite hour stretched like taffy into an entire day, a single smile lasting twenty minutes and hours exploring that abandoned house on the corner two miles down. Half an hour long laughs and dancing through those forgotten halls for forty five minutes instead of fifteen. What if, on your brithday, I could give you more than painting or a book. What if I could present you with a handful of pure joy or the smell of your grandmother’s house. What a beautiful world this would be…
—  A.O.A.M. || Happy Birthday

Kenma hated the rain.

For some reason this was a surprise to people “I thought you’d like it as an excuse to stay home,” they’d say. But no. Kenma did not like the rain one bit.

On rainy days he felt gross and claustrophobic. He hated getting wet because of the way his clothing would cling to his back, or the way his socks would somehow always get soggy even if he wore big tall boots.

Now he didn’t mind cloudy days, or sunny days, or even thundery days. It was just the rain. 

One thing he hated most about the rain was that it was unpredictable. Kenma liked to know what was going to happen, when it was going to happen and sometimes even why it was going to happen. Of course like any good gamer he did enjoy a good surprise. Just not rain.

Of course on what was supposed to be a great day - he’d gone to the shop for only a few minutes, in and out, to get a new game which he would then return home and play till some god forsaken hour of the night (which was okay since it was the holidays) but somehow in the few short minutes he’d been inside the sky had turned dark and started to drown the world.

He stood under the shelter outside the game store and scowled. If he knew it’d rain he’d have brought an umbrella, or not gone at all. His best bet was to stay under the shelter that hung over his head. He listened to the rain which echoed around him after hitting the roofing. He gave up glaring at the water splattering as it hit the ground.

He checked his watch. A trip that was only meant to last a few minutes had now counted up to fifteen minutes. It felt like an hour. However it was worth the wait, Kenma would think later, not because the water stopped, because it didn’t. It didn’t stop raining till the next day. No, the reason that Kenma would not regret his choice to wait came bounding around the corner just after the sixteenth minute. 

A short boy with bright orange hair and an even brighter orange umbrella came skipping out from behind the corner just ten meters from Kenma. He jumped and landed in a puddle sending a small wave down the road. The boy looked up from the puddle and around him. A grin was carved into his face and freckles splattered his cheeks like raindrops.

His eyes latched onto Kenma. He bound across the ten meters in a few short seconds and stood in front of Kenma, his bright umbrella lifting slightly to accommodate for Kenma’s height. 

“Hey, don’t you think this weather is great?” The boy beamed. His teeth were slightly crooked and his nose was bent oddly like he’d broken it a few times.

Kenma shrugged in reply. He didn’t appreciate how close this strange boy was standing to him.

Almost as though he’d heard Kenma’s thoughts the boy stepped away, spreading his feet and resting a hand on his hip with his chest out high. 

“I really like the rain,” the boy said, much more quiet than before. He glanced down at Kenma’s hands. “Oh, is that a video game?”

Kenma glanced down, at the game in his hands. He’d regrettably turned down a plastic bag.

“Yes,” Kenma replied softly. “It came out a couple of days ago.”

“Oh awesome!” the boy grinned leaning over slightly to get a better look at the cover. “What’s it about?”

Kenma shrugged. “I’m not really sure, but the creators have made some very good games before.”

The boy straightened and nodded with his eyes closed. Kenma doubted he knew much if anything about the creators but he appreciated the manners. His eyes opened and glanced back down at Kenma’s hands, then drifted around the area. 

“You don’t have an umbrella,” he noted. Kenma glanced down at his hands, surprised, as if to confirm what both he and the boy already knew. “How far’s your house? I’d be happy to walk you if you wanted.”

Kenma glanced up at the boy beside him. His light brown eyes shone like a lighthouse on a cliff in a storm. Unlike Kenma, this boy bleed confidence, not in a condescending way like a lot of boys did, but rather it was like the sun. It didn’t know the planets circled it, but it shone brightly and warmly anyway, unknowingly warming the lives of others as it went.

Even with the painfully bright orange umbrella trying to ward Kenma away, he found himself accepting the boys offer.

“I live just down the road,” he said slowly. “Thank you.”

The boy just grinned and held up the umbrella. “No problem. I’m Hinata Shōyō by the way.” 

“I’m Kozume Kenma,” Kenma replied huckering low beneath the umbrella. “It’s nice to meet you Shōyō.”


Today was the day Dean and you would finally have your first date. You both found out you liked each other a while ago but never pushed it further until two weeks ago Dean asked you to go on a date with him. You were pretty nervous and struggled for hours what to wear but you knew it would be worth it.

You wore a simple white summer dress and some chucks. Maybe not the best combination but you liked it. You were at the cinema almost half an hour earlier than you should’ve been. But you waited.

It was nearly on time of your meeting and Dean still wasn’t there. Probably stuck in traffic. You thought but even ten minutes later he wasn’t there. Fifteen minutes, still no one. Did he really stand you up? How could he? After everything and being so excited?

“(YN)?” you hear someone behind you say. You turned around only to face Gadreel. You’ve seen him a few times but never really talked to him.

“Yes?” you asked.

“Didn’t you know Dean’s with Lisa? Didn’t he tell you?” Gadreel glanced at you. Dean was what? Now it all made sense. He was with Lisa all the time. Well not with her like face to face but in a relationship with her. He probably only asked you for a date as a bet.

“Oh…” you whispered as your head faced the ground. How should you know? This was horrible. After everything and being so excited for this day it was nothing and all a lie.

“You know, we could do something if you want to,” He offered with a smile and you agreed. Why the hell not.

Because you don’t trust strangers. As soon as you were in Gadreel’s house you were knocked down and woke up tied up in a chair. Gadreel only grinned at you playing around with his knife. He tortured you all the way and you didn’t even know why.

That was until the front door opened and Dean burst in. He had a tight grip on Lisa’s arm as he entered the living room and his eyes went wide in shock as he saw you tied up and bloody. Suddenly Dean did something you never expected. He knocked out Lisa and before he could get at Gadreel, Gadreel disappeared.

Dean rushed over to you to free you and hold you tight in his arms.

“I’m so, so sorry. Lisa distracted me and didn’t let me go. I’ll make it up to you. I promise,” Dean whispered as he held you close.

And he did make it up. First he took care of all your injuries, then both of you had a warm bubble bath, he massaged you afterwards and then you were simply laying in bed, watching some old movies, cuddling each other.



Jeff, where did you go?
In your experimental rock band out there in the distant past, you had songs about being stuck in bad conversations and parking in strange places.

“It wasn’t that they were odd places–
It was just more that
You wouldn’t expect to see someone PARKED there.”

You had music that was catchy and weird enough, in your hard-hitting trio of rock sound that was taking the midwest by storm. You played shows with the bands I wanted to see, but rarely had the cash to make it all the way to Los Angeles where a fifteen year old girl was waiting for an all-ages gig. As I was the only one, I couldn’t blame you or your compatriots. You released albums and somehow I got them all, after a healthy amount of scrounging for free songs to download before the days of YouTube. It would take me an hour to get each song and it was worth it when I heard what I got.

“It’s not easy being happy
and we’ll both be made fun of.”

What really stood out was the lyrics that I was hearing within the music, when I finally got around to listening and looking them up. I spent entire nights reading the sloppily-typed, disorganized mess of lyrics that were posted in one big block on your website, and reading was the best part of it. I’d never seen words get so drowned out in songs, but you could read these words like poetry parsed in meter and beauty. They made sense all at once, they told stories cleanly and plainly with no background. You saw the actors and the actions, but it could have been anywhere at all.

“Born in a small place.
The world was as large as I
could get my legs to take me
so it stayed small.”

I read them aloud to my theatre classes like monologues, swept away in the words and the way they punched right through me. With dreams of playing music like that on a small stage at 10pm in a tiny club, before I realized I was better with stories than bass strings, and before I realized that what set this band apart was not the music of it at all.

“She’s making a sound
Like if she said what she wants to
It’d really creep me out.
….She’s kinda creepin’ me out.”

The stage wasn’t even off the floor of the all-ages venue in Anaheim. A very nice gal sold me cds, a shirt and a sticker even though the group themselves were elsewhere. The “bar” area was all candy and soda, like an awkward grocery store, and I nearly bought original flavor Bubble Yum because Jeff had mentioned it in his blog the month before. The show had ended and I was shooting glances at the merch table, wanting to go say hello, but I was seventeen and not alone for once. I just stayed where I was and watched, and left.

“So I guess I’m off to find myself–
Or at least someone who looks like me”

Your band broke up, around the same time all the other bands did too, but I emailed you specifically. Twice as I recall, to tell you how excited I was to see where else you would go. Please keep creating, I said. I’m not sure if anyone saw it at all, I didn’t get a reply either time, about a year apart.
And then you just disappeared, Jeff.

“So I guess I’m finally
Finally off to find me
Or finally fine to off me
Yes there’s a difference

The site stayed up for a while and then it went away, but there were archive sites where I could still look up the lyrics (even though I had saved most of them somewhere) and then one day they weren’t there either. The owner had requested that the archives be taken down.
Why would that happen?

“Your loaded words
Carelessly fired off without thought…
And what’s wrong with that?
Each bullet word, it hits someone.”

Jeff, I dont even know what you look like anymore, your pictures all wore sunglasses and I closed my eyes during your show. I couldn’t identify you on the street if I passed, I don’t even know where in the world you’re living or if you’re alive. The last news thing I saw about you was from ten years ago.

“For years I tried to gain your favor
And it all was lost on you.
I don’t know a thing about you

I’ve searched your name a hundred times, looking for new band listings or solo albums, or books for sale on Amazon, anything at all. You just disappeared. Nobody seems to know you anymore, nobody speaks of the things you’re doing, but how can that be? Even if you had died, there’d be something. Someone who cared. But you’ve gone back and deleted the things we knew about you and faded away. In this world of reconnection and bravery, you are like a ghost.

“Your heavy words are nothing to the sincerity in this reply.
and you will know
and you will hurt
and you’ll know why.”

Who were you anyway? This man in the band, sitting close and sweetly by the girl at the table, or the guy in the photo booth with his sunglasses on, the singer who changed his identity to tell stories about the world. I wish I could be half of what you are, or see whatever it is you’re doing. I know there are words in you, where do they go? Do you put them on paper, whistle them out under your breath when nobody’s listening?
Because I would listen.

“And the look on your face screamed
I’ve been here for you all this time!”

If you published your journal, I would buy five. If you wrote lyrics on a napkin, I’d save the picture. But I can’t stand that you might be out there and not creating, when after ten years I’ve found nobody who can do it like you.

“I heard a white lie
There’ll be better times than these.
Lead shoes and high tide?
There is no better time!”

Maybe this new social environment wouldn’t suit you, but I don’t believe it. Even your friends are back on tour somewhere, and their fans are older and still there to see them. We’re still thinking about you, Jeff. We’re still wondering. Maybe you’ve forgotten how great you really are, but somewhere in me there’s a fifteen year old who doubts she will ever be as great as the people whose songs she listens to.
“I tried my best, then I tried harder
And that’s when things got their worst yet.
I know some things, I’ll try to remember
And I know some things, I’ll forget.”