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Just finished up a whole bunch of new stickers to my existing TAZ set I made, including Carey + Killian, the rest of the Starblaster Crew, Joaquin and Garfield the Deals Warlock (who honestly I can only see as actual Garfield haha)

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not criticising, but I saw in that post about white genocide saying smth like it would require a white race to exist, just wondering what u mean by that? I've never actually heard that said before so not sure what the argument or discourse or whatever behind that is

Excellent question!  

We were referring to the fact that the “white race” (and all other “races”) are not real, scientifically-defensible, biological categories of humans but actually just a social construct.  To paraphrase Brian Jones, race is only real “…in the same way that Wednesday is real. But it’s also made up in the same way that Wednesday is made up.”

If you stop for a second and try to come up with an objective, scientifically-valid way to identify who is and isn’t “white,” you quickly realize how absurd the whole idea really is.  Whether you go by appearance or genetics or ancestry or geography - there’s no objective, scientific way to categorize humans into a “white race.”

So how did we come up with this idea in the first place?

Before the colonization of the Americas, no one referred to the human “races” most of us take for granted as real things at all.  They were invented by the ruling elites at the time as a way to prevent poor European colonists from joining forces with Native Americans and African slaves and rebelling.  More details about that here and also in this podcast.  

This brings us to one of the deepest ironies of white nationalists white supremacists.  They’re adamant about how much they loooove their white culture but, by pretending that a “white” culture exists at all, they erase most of what makes the hundreds of cultures they sweep into that one awkward category distinct, special, or valuable.  Their entire belief system is based on the lie that people who never shared the same language, geography or history and in fact have historically been at-odds with each other on multiple occasions  = one united race & culture.  The infinite number of cultural differences & distinctions found throughout, say, continental Europe - the very differences & distinctions you’d expect someone professing to “love their culture” would be working to protect - are obliterated the instant some white supremacist carelessly globs them all together as “white culture” or whatever.  


Something I made a long while back as an example for commissions…

Thank you @yemi-n !

 I thought the original cake was just naked birthday cake!  HAHAHAHA! The original cake is supposed to be naked! XD XD XD  I had no idea!

You all should have seen me all gung-ho as I was drawing that icing on- like ‘who eats cornbread with hot tea?!”  is actually something I said out loud as I was sketching it! XD 

I must be tired- This has made me laugh too hard.

Movie Madness - Conor Maynard

Request: Heyyy!! Can you write a Connor one where Josh and Jack decide to make a patience test on Connor and they make someone flirt with Y/N who he has a crush on?? xx

Smut: No

Requests are OPEN!

A/N: I hope you like it :)


“Trust me, it’s going to work.” Jack explained to Josh. “He’s been struggling for weeks now and this will break him.”

“I just…don’t want to push him too far.” 

“We won’t but this needs to be done.”

Jack and Josh had made a plan to push Conor far enough to the point that he’d actually admit his feelings for you. The whole group knows he has a crush on you but for some reason, he refuses to admit it to anyone. He’s usually pretty open with the boys about girls he’s crushing on but it was different with you and no one really knew why.

“So I was thinking,” Jack said to you, placing his arm on your thigh, on the couch. All the boys had come over for a movie night and Jack had plopped himself right next to you, beating Conor out of the spot.

“Well don’t hurt yourself.” You teased, cracking a smile.

“Funny.” Jack said, rolling his eyes. “What do you say to going snowboarding this Christmas?” 

“Really?” You asked, surprised. Snowboarding was something you’ve always wanted to do but could never bring yourself to actually try it. Jack smiled, nodding his head. “Yeah! You’ll have to teach me, of course.” 

“I’ll teach you way more than just snowboarding.” Jack winked, squeezing your thigh a little. 

You laughed at Jack’s joke as Oli decided to start the movie. Throughout it, Jack would occasionally whisper something in your ear to make you laugh or move his hand up your thigh a little and you were starting to wonder what in the world was actually happening.

“Why don’t you two just get a room?” Conor mumbled, not taking his eyes off the TV. 

“Why? Have you got a problem or something?” Jack questioned.

“No, I’m just trying to watch the movie and you’re pissing me off.”

“Conor-” You began to speak but froze when he jumped out of the chair and started freaking out.

“No, you know what? You know exactly how I feel about her! You know there’s no one on this entire planet that I would rather spend my time with than her! And you have to nerve to sit there and flirt with her right in front of me! You’re my brother and you’re flirting with the girl I’m in love with! Fucking fantastic!”

“Wow, you were right.” Josh said, looking over at Jack. 

“Hang on one minute,” You said, pushing Jack’s hand off your thigh and standing up. “You are the most annoying person in the world! I have tried for weeks to flirt with you! I have tried for weeks to get your attention! And what the hell have you given me? Shit! But all I had to do was flirt with your damn brother to get you to think about me!”

“Well if you want my attention so badly, why don’t we just go on a date?” Conor yelled to you.


“Fine! I’ll pick you up at 8 tomorrow!”


The room fell silent as everyone took in what had happened. You sat back down next to Jack who was trying his hardest not to smile but was failing miserably. 

“You know…” Joe spoke. “We totally missed the part where Jessica Alba’s fully naked.”

Czech: … what are you doing?

Austria: o-oh, Czech… I didn’t see you there. I am cleaning.

Czech: you don’t clean… and it definetly shows!

Austria: I AM trying, you know! At least give me a praise for this! I don’t normally clean…

Czech: so what made you change your mind?

Austria: I felt bad for intruding-

Czech: you never feel bad for intruding-

Austria: do you want me to clean or not? I’m trying to be nice here!

Czech: oh no, I want you to clean, obviously! But, I will not let you clean my house THAT way! Let me teach you how it’s done~

Austria: fine, Miss Know-it-all

Czech: then follow my lead, Mr Know-it-all~


for some reason, someone studied this piece I did a few weeks ago, and he pointed out I was using the golden rule!! (for those who don’t know, its a rare but beautiful type of composition) I was in SHOCK because I didn’t do it on purpose :O

I never actually thought of ever using this type of composition because it’s pretty difficult to get it right xD

blame @avespecora for this


In her heart of hearts, Mabel preferred photos to video. After all, you didn’t need any equipment to experience photos except for your eyes! And you couldn’t scrapbook videos or use them as bookmarks or put them in a super awesome puff paint photo frame that you made special just for that memory.

That being said, some moments called for video. This one in particular required not only video, but her nice actual video camera, rather than the little one in her phone.

Using the zoom feature from her vantage point on the stairs, she targeted the two men who were sprawled over each other on the couch. Tucked between them was a now empty bottle of the weird rotgut that Ford and Grunkle Stan made together the last time Grunkle Ford came to visit. Mabel knew that Stan threw in a bunch of weird berries that he found in the forest, and Ford dipped something glowing in.


Henry’s eyes were completely blurry, his left eye looking in almost a completely opposite direction from his right, and a tiny bit of drool was coming out of his mouth. 

“You’re like, my best friend Dipper. Like, liiiiike I know Mabel should be my best friend because we are married but you’re my best friend and I love you.”

“No. Nooooo Henry you don’t understand. You’re my best friend. I best friend you more than you best friend me.”

Something they had found out, her and Dipper, when they got drunk for the first time at 19, was that when Dipper was drunk, he sparkled. Literally.

Skin broken out in brilliant golden sparkles, Dipper tried to boop Henry on the nose and instead poked him in the eye.  Henry gently grabbed Dipper’s finger and placed it back on Dipper’s lap.

“No, you’re my best friend. I never had a best friend and now I have all the best friends but I think you’re my bestest bestest friend.”

Dipper looked completely affronted.

“But you’re my bestest bestest friend in the whole world!”

Henry shook his head gravely. “No, you’re my best friend in the whole world.”

The smell of old shirts and Ben Gay came up from behind Mabel.

“How long have these losers been at it again?” Stan asked quietly.

Mabel pulled her phone out of her pocket to check the time. “Um, forty seven minutes. 

Stan shook his head.

“That’s the last time I let Ford brew with me.”

Rick and Morty Fandom Rant

Ok, it’s 3 am, everyone has seen the episode and I have a burning question in my soul that needs to be made for all y'all:

Ladies and Gents of Fandom, who still actually believes that Rick Sanchez is going to die of old age?

The man has been shot, dismembered, maimed, cut, bruised and lost countless bodies in the season 3 premiere that it was freaking hilarious to watch him swap around between versions of himself. No 70 year old can survive that. No fit, young person can survive that either! Also, my lovelies, he can make clones in 3 hours and control how they age! Y'all remember project Phoenix? Tiny Rick?

Does he *really* seem to be the kind of man that is going to let himself die? After all he’s been through?

Rick is the type of asshole that either goes in the blaze of glory or no deal. He’s not dying from old age.

So please. Pretty please. When y'all are writting fanfiction, remember that.

Rick Sanchez controls when he dies. Not fate or god or goddamn time. Only Rick!

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Heya. Im a 15y/o girl and im pretty sure im bi and ive come out to quite a few people. Ive had crushes on both guys and girls even tho i havnt been in a relationship. But i never really thought of myself as bi until i saw posts on tumblr. Am i fake crushing on girls? I feel like if i hadnt been on tumblr i wouldnt see myself as bi. I really dont know if im actually bi or not. Halp mee!!!

None of us ever thought of ourselves as bi until something came along and made us realize that’s who we are. I didn’t realize I was bi until I was 22 and a senior in college. Only realizing you are bi now absolutely does not mean you are faking. Lots of bi people worry that their crushes or their identity are fake, but the truth is, it would be some next-level deception to trick yourself into thinking you have crushes on girls and you’re not straight. Especially when society is throwing everything into convincing people that they are straight and that bisexuality isn’t even real.

the day has come.

so the night is finally here. it’s teen wolf series finale night!! the show that i spent the entirety of summer 2016 binge watching and immediately became a die hard fan of that was enough to the point where I MADE A FREAKING BLOG is ending tonight. there’s been a ridiculous amount of ups and downs on this show that have made me want to throw my remote into the tv or just stop watching, but here i am, on finale night, being emotional and finding it surreal about it actually ending. 

i can never thank this cast and Jeff Davis and anyone who put hard work into this show enough for giving me some of my favorite characters/moments/ships on tv (i.e. lydia martin, THANK GOD for lydia martin). for giving me something to watch and scream at every sunday/tuesday night, for letting me create more of a bond with my best friend that i wouldn’t trade for the world, for teaching me lifelong lessons that I never would’ve expected to get out of a show about werewolves, and finally, motivating me enough to create a place for me to rant and scream through the use of text and gifs and relate to other people who rant and scream at the same things. i never knew how therapeutic it was to let my feelings out in a way like this and I would have never had this platform if it wasn’t for this show. 

although teen wolf is ending, that doesn’t mean mischiefstydia is going anywhere just yet. i’ll miss the Sunday night liveblogging and screaming over spoilers, but that just means i’m gonna have to do it for another show!! don’t think you’re getting rid of me that easily:)

 it’s been a crap ton of tears, screaming, and way more stress than there probably ever should be for a tv show, but i wouldn’t want it any other way.(okay well maybe i would but you know what I mean, I’m trying to be sappy). Teen Wolf, its been a long run, thanks for everything, you’ll be missed more than I’ll ever want to admit. 

for the last time(FOR THIS SHOW!!), just a friendly reminder that I will most definitely be liveblogging tonight’s finale:)

The thing im most upset about

is how Kirari treated Sayaka. Like, from ToD we got to see how close they actually are, and mappa did give us a scene that was a nod to a scene from the arc (The Gay Fall)… So I thought they were aware, but… They made Kirari this cold, distant person towards Sayaka, like someone who has no idea about them would, and actually made her compliment Yumeko for her slaves like she’s someone who just assumes people are slaves and thats normal. Makes us think that she probably thinks of Sayaka the same. And we all know thats far from the truth

Maybe you think Kirari wasnt that cold, but I definitely saw it that way. Esp when Sayaka collapsed from relief and all she had to say was ‘pull yourself together’ in a cold tone… Like. From what I’ve gathered from the manga, thats not how Kirari should be

Mace-wielding Drunk Hozen Terrorizes Stormwind Pub

By Risri Elthron

“Hozen just want good time like everyone,” said the drunken Hozen arrested at the Shady Lady last evening. The creature had made its way from the Pandarian Portal to the canal side pub where he was allowed to order a drink. He drank several mugs of Dwarven Mead before brandishing a mace and making disturbing Ook-Ook noises. The bartender contacted the guard who arrived quickly to find the Hozen dancing on the bar with the mace and four mugs in its hands.

“I thought he was one of those early Hallow’s End people,” Sally the barmaid excused when it came to light the costumed man was actually a Hozen.

The guard have taken the Hozen to the Stockades to sober up and will see to its safe return to Pandaria today.

My parents are adorable. I shared a edited version of Wreckage (which I actually deleted from here and need to put back up lol) on Facebook last week cos I wanted to actually be proud of something and share it with people who know me irl (plus it’s not fandom related so it was easy to edit). It got some super lovely comments from my friends and family and when I went to to see my mum and dad today they’d made a certificate. Like the sort you got at school for being good at something. It was super sweet and adorable!

ok but Kate ACTUALLY being an AMAZING cook but clint constantly tells people she is terribad at it so he can swoop in all “oh, Kate made you cookies? oh dude. did you want  food poisoning? No. Man, I’ll take those off your hands. Just pretend you ate them all. It’s fine, I’ll take care of them, I’m a secret agent, she’ll never know.”

and this goes on for YEARS until someone who Kate is probably dating goes “no, I don’t want to lie, I need to try it–oh. OH MY GOD. This is EXCELLENT what kind of SCAM are you RUNNING here Barton” and eventually devolves into a kind of uneasy truce where the two of them lie about how bad kate is at cooking and regularly steal the lunch she brought to eat themselves

I can’t deal

For some, watching a show is just downtime in between your daily routine. I however, find comfort and stability in a show. My life is constantly changing, there’s constant adjusting to be done. But for six years, these characters were there throughout it all. For six years, they have been my rock. At times they were the only thing that kept me going, the only thing I looked forward to after a crappy week. They are what made me ball my eyes out after holding my emotions in for so long. They are who made me smile when nothing else would. Giggle while fangirling to scenes I secretly envied. And wipe my eyes after an hour of actual tears of laughter streaming down my face, not realizing laughter like that was foreign to me outside of watching the show. Not only was it comical, thrilling, and entertaining, but Teen Wolf also had some outstanding morals that most shows do not even care for. It was a constant theme and never changed, I will always treasure that. These characters were essentially home to me. I am forever grateful for the happiness, compassion, and percerviance it gave me over the years.

Thankyou and Goodbye.

“Is there a reason,” Charlie says slowly, “that there are tanks down the street?”



“There’s lot of reasons, like that a Jay had an adventure and maybe made friends with a very sad monster and it wanted a friend so I totally turned into a friend and maybe people got scared and did you know that giant monsters don’t actually want to destroy cities?!” 

Charlie stares at me. “Those lots of reasons seem to all be ‘Jay’.”

“I bet there’s other ones too cuz that’s a lot of tanks and there were airplanes with missiles too!”

“… do I want to know what happened to those?”

“I maybe moved them so they don’t hurt anyone right now but I bet I can find them again,” I explainify.

“Right. Get Honcho. We’re leaving.”

“With my new friend, right?!”

“It might be safest, yes.”

Hey guys

Remember when I promised I won’t change my blog url / content and stuff anymore ?

Yep.. I lied I guess.

Sorry guys but the tcc keeps dragging me down and it stopped being fun a long time ago. My apologies to anyone here who has followed me for the Columbine content . I just can’t do it anymore and instead of leaving Tumblr i chose to move on and find other interests that actually make ME happy. The true crime community wasn’t exactly what I was expecting but it’s been a good 1 year and I made some good friends despite all the negative aspects of it. Thank you !

Maybe I’ll still be seeing some of you here, others maybe not , if you choose to unfollow me I’ll accept and respect your choice. Take good care yall !

Karrie ❤️


I just realised this yesterday but I had a nice customer who seemed to actually care about me as a human being, said thank you in such a genuine way and said that they hope I have a nice day and I went off to work in another department.
I was so happy then had the realisation about how sad it is that a customer is nice (not like freakishly nice but just nice) and that made my day because of how many people practically want you dead for not having the specific brand of peppercorns they want or how some of the bananas are bruised even though you’re just a minimum wage student trying to survive and you have literally zero say in the stock.