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I said I’d be drawing either Merlin or Arthur for this Character Wardrobe Meme, and @agenderemrys​ requested #30: Disney princess dress! Thanks for that, lol… My sister (who I had to coerce to keep watching Merlin with me) has even regarded Colin Morgan as a male Snow White, and that’s where I took this! ^^ Didn’t completely get it right, since I went for princely tights instead of a dress, so I’m sorry if you had been looking forward to that… Hope you enjoy this anyway!! (My Art Tag*Please do not repost(?) or use elsewhere without my permission, thanks.

Gypsy Intuition

The cold floor was soothing as you lad in the bathroom near the toilet. You felt fine for the moment but soon you knew you’d be wrenching into it again. The morning sickness had started only a couple days ago, while Arthur was taking care of business in London. You had told Polly of your suspicions and went to the doctor, but you wouldn’t get results for another couple days. It was all you could do while you waited, wondering when Arthur would return. You lost all sense of what day it was as your body, and possibly your knew baby, rejected anything you ate or even smelt.

You jump up, your head in the bowl as you throw up again, when you hear the door open.

“Arthur?!” You ask.

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  • Meliodas: Where the fuck are you!? You were meant to be here three days ago! We thought you were dead!
  • Merlin: Oh, yeah. About that. I accidentally took the wrong plane and ended up in Zimbabwe, so I had to get a plane back, but the only planes heading out in the next twelve hours were heading to the Czech Republic, so I went there, and then I thought, ‘Hey! While I’m in Europe on company money, let’s see the Alps!’ So then I went to Switzerland, and it turns out I accidentally left Arthur and Cath back in Zimbabwe, so I had to fly back there to get them back, and then at that time the only planes going out were going to Japan, so I went there, and I was going to catch the next plane going to America but I couldn’t read shit and I didn’t want to ask a flight attendant, so I boarded the first plane I could, and now I’m in Monaco? Oh, Arthur says hi.
  • Meliodas: You were flying from New York to Los Angeles!
  • Merlin: Haha, yeah. My bad.

(Freaking out Spoilers)

Is it possible Arthur is searching for Lewis and assumes he simply went missing?

I mean look at this frame, it definitely looks like a map especially when you look at the different pinpoints that I assume stand for Kingsmen Mechanics (Arthur’s Uncle repair shop) and Tome Tomb (The Used book and comic store Vivi works at).

What are interesting are all the Lewis pinpoints and how they either are crossed out or surrounded by question marks. This could easily signify different locations that have lead to dead ends and the top left pinpoint being a potential location of where Lewis could be, in Arthur’s eyes. Though I need to mention he clearly knows something is up or something is connected with the ghost encounter they had (Though Arthur seems to not realize that the ghost was Lewis).

God, this breaks my heart just thinking about it this because Arthur clearly staying up nights and losing sleep about something.

And my guess is trying to find his best friend. Because this video made it clear Lewis and Arthur were it least very close (we never really knew with the first video)… for FUCK’S SAKE THE GUY HAS LEWIS’S FAMILY AS HIS LAPTOP BACKGROUND.

What’s even sadder? It seems to be true that Vivi doesn’t even remember Lewis because as her eyes glow, Lewis gets erased from the picture.

Could this mean, Arthur doesn’t know he technically killed Lewis/doesn’t remember being possessed (only that Mystery torn his arm off) and thinks Lewis might still be alive and is just missing while Vivi has not recollection of there of even being a Lewis?

That’s just my half asleep thoughts of this amazing video.

Dame of Camelot: Part 2

Part 1

Can you do a king arthur (from merlin) One shot? Where you are Merlin’s sister and Arthur falls in love with you, not knowing you and Merlin are related? (you being reader)

Part two for dame of Camelot? Once you pick up one shots that is….

Author: Queen of Geeks

(Hope you like it!)

Percival swung and his sword made contact with my shield. There was a loud clang as the vibrations rang out and went through my arm. Pushing against the blade with my shield in one hand, I used the other to swing my own sword. Percival drew his sword back which was enough time for me to locate the weakest link in his chain mail. Right by his left armpit. I jabbed my sword to the right to which Percival parried it. I spun around and jabbed quickly at his left armpit. The chain mail broke causing it to fall into a pile at his feet. Percival stared at his bare tunic before I kicked him behind the knee and he fell.

Catching my breath, I put my hands on my knees. There was an applause for me for defeating one of the biggest knights. I held out my hand and pulled Percival to his feet. He smiled and patted me on the shoulder.

“Good fight, Dame (Y/N).” Percival told me

“And to you Knight Percival.” I grinned. “But you should probably get that chain mail fixed.” I pointed my sword to the pile of metal on the ground.

“Merlin!” Arthur yelled. “Make sure all the knights have their armour fixed. Now!”

“Your Highness,” I said catching the prince’s attention. “Surely it can wait? Perhaps Merlin can repair them after practice.” I suggested hoping to spare my brother some mercy.

“Very well.” I looked back at Merlin and he smiled at me. I smiled back and waved. “Back to practice.” Instead of running to practice, I jogged over to my brother.

“See? Another good reason for me being a dame of Camelot.” I pointed out.

“You always say that.”

“It’s because it’s true.” I patted my brother’s arm. “I’ll see you later.” I ran back to training and stood with the other knights.

Thankfully, none of the other knights were afraid of hurting me while sparring. They didn’t even spar with me thinking I would be an easy target. Today I was sparring with Percival. And he was quite a challenge. Mainly since he was a giant compared to all the others. I’ve sparred with everyone except Arthur. Merlin was usually tortured by him.

“(Y/N), perhaps you need a bigger challenge.” Arthur suggested.

“You found someone bigger than Percival?” I asked feigning surprise. Percival laughed.

“I meant me.” Arthur told me. “You’ve fought everyone here besides me.”

“Fair enough. So, with or without weapons?”

“Hand to hand.” Arthur told me. I nodded and undid my belt that held my sword as well as slipping off my chain mail. I held them out and one of the other’s took it. Holding my hands up, I watched as Arthur took off his chain mail.

Before Arthur could get ready, I threw a punch. However, Arthur must have been expecting this as he grabbed my wrist with one hand and my upper arm with the other. He twisted my arm behind me and pressed it against my back. I could feel his chest against me and his breath against my ear.

“If you don’t want to do this,” Arthur whispered. “Let me know.”

“Don’t worry about me.” I stamped on his foot and used my other leg to hook behind his other one causing Arthur to fall. Before Arthur hit the ground, I turned and roundhouse kicked him in the chest. But Arthur grabbed my ankle and I fell. Giving Arthur one more kick to his shin, I rolled to my feet.

Arthur stood and I realised that everyone was watching us. As I brushed my hair from my face, Arthur lunged for me and collided into me. As I hit the ground, I pressed my feet to the prince’s chest and used the force to throw him over me. I jumped on him and then Arthur grabbed my arms and threw me to the side. I landed on my back and Arthur rolled on to me, pressing his knees into the ground next to my hips. His breath was against my face and the two of us were breathing hard.

I could feel blood rushing to my face. Whether it was from being close to Arthur or the fight.

“Good fight.” I panted. Arthur smiled and stood. He held out his hands and pulled me up with him. The other knights came over as well as Merlin to check on us.

“Are you okay?” Merlin asked draping his arm around my shoulders. I looked at him and nodded.

“I’m tired.” I laughed. I looked at Arthur who gave me a small smile. Then he walked up to me.

“Perhaps we can speak later?” Arthur asked me.

“Of course,” I bowed my head and Arthur nodded before leaving.


As merlin repaired the armour, I sat on a table in the same room. I munched on an apple as I kept him company.

“I didn’t do anything wrong, did I?” I asked nervously. Merlin smiled at me.

“I’m sure you’re fine.”

“Then why are you smiling?”

“No reason.”

“Merlin! You saw how I fought out there today.” I pointed out.

“Arthur is probably jealous and wants to tell you that he loves you. I also know that you are together.” He told me. I blushed. “Everyone sees how he looks at you.”

“I’ve got to go.” I jumped off the table and left quickly. Perhaps it was time to see Arthur. I stood in front of the door and knocked on it. Waiting for a response, I tapped my foot. As soon as I heard a response, I went into the room and closed the door.

And then my back was pressed against the door as Arthur pressed me against it. His lips were on mine instantly and his hands were around my waist.

“Arthur,” I pushed him away and caught my breath. “What has gotten into you?”

“I just wanted to kiss you. Is that wrong?” Arthur asked, his lips so close to mine. I smiled and pecked his lips. “I have to ask you something, do like Merlin?”

“Merlin?” I asked surprised. Arthur stepped away and walked around. “Arthur, I need to tell you something.”

“You do like him, don’t you?”

“Not like that. He’s my brother.” I told him. Arthur stopped and looked at me surprised. “And you didn’t know that until now, did you?”

“I didn’t. But I am glad that I do now.” Arthur chuckled.

“And I am sorry about what happened.” I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him. “I love you, and only you.”

“I love you too.” Arthur wrapped his arms around my waist again and kissed me.

All The Wrong Moves

Sorry for the wait! This is for @halfdreamingeverything as their gift for the Summer Festival Exchange! Fun fact, this was actually my tenth-ish draft, and the prompt I went with was:

Human AU where Alfred and Arthur are both nervous for their first date and they both want it to work out well but it doesn’t. 

I went a teensy bit overboard with this (about 6k+ words!!) so I hope I still stuck to what you’d asked for! 

(Thank you Drones and Mera for beta-ing this, you two are actual lifesavers).

The librarian was hot.

Alfred sighed, lashes fluttering shut momentarily before snapping back open to frame wide cerulean eyes.  

No! The library was hot! Yes, the building! Certainly not the wiry man he’d seen on his way in, with hair like spun gold and the softest pink lips sipping from his thermos-

Alfred took a quaking breath, carding through his hair in a half-hearted attempt to make himself presentable. Caramel strands had been swept and made unkempt by the relentless gusts he’d trudged through to make it in the building- Alfred hadn’t known he’d risk a terrible first impression by leaving the house in wrinkled clothes. If he had, he never would’ve shown face in public like he was doing now.

Not that he usually cared for his appearance, though. He’d been told on numerous occasions just how effortlessly flawless he was, but Alfred found that hard to believe as green eyes met his for just a second, and he was swimming in the perfect peridot pools that belonged to who had to be the world’s most alluring librarian.

Actually, the correct term was drowning.

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anonymous asked:

Francis did you have a Vichy France counterpart during ww2? Or did you have like a split personality kind of thing going on?

Francois: No, I did not. I was myself… somewhat. It was really a mess back then. I was a mess, admittedly. I was put in a position where I could not act alongside Arthur and I was stuck with my Vichy government for a long time, from the armistice with Ludwig- the armistice between France and Germany - up until Alfred and Arthur were capable of invading Normandy. I went with de Gaulle at that time. The government was changing again and the people knew Lud- Germany was losing.

Sorry, am I rambling?

OOC: I did a lot of rambling to a friend to sort out my headcanon for Fran during this time. Basically, he had a lot of inner turmoil. Northern France was under German control, but Germany didn’t want to try to control the entirety of France so they were basically like “ok you can do your thing but you gotta like not fight” and so that was Vichy. Meanwhile, de Gaulle was causing his own shit and taking the overseas colonies from Vichy. Course once people started realizing that Germany was gonna lose, they really disliked the German forces that were controlling them (by the way at one point Germany/Italy did control all of France but not like… completely?? if you get my drift). Luckily the Allies kicked butt alongside de Gaulle’s Free France and eventually the Vichy stuff kinda like died out under France returning to a Republic. Ya know, all that jazz.

Hopefully my almost-midnight brain isn’t too dead and I’m not getting stuff wrong rip. I drew Fran there and he looks rather snazzy with his hair cut short eh?? he’s not staying like that, he just had short hair during the World Wars.

ok ok but human au where francis grew up in london and trans boy arthur went to the same primary school as him. arthur didn’t start presenting until older and everyone just assumed he was a girl and called him alice and he just went with it and it basically ends in arthur explaining his identity to francis who doesn’t even need to think about it he straight up just says ‘ok well we’re gonna get that hair done and get you a better wardrobe’ and they end up being rlly cute and dating like the nerds they are. basically fab boyfriends with arthur’s cool short hair done by francis and leather jackets and jeans and boots and francis’ long hair and wearing really cute skirts and both of them wearing cute nail polish because even though they’re both male they don’t need ya dumb gender roles

and also trans guy arthur still enjoying more ~feminine~ things like yeah he likes cooking and sewing and fairy tales 'cause he’s rad as hell

i just really love arthur kirkland especially if it involves trans headcanons

Tendency (Part 1)

Usuk. Predator/Prey smut. R18 Yaoi/Boy love. You have been warned!

           Part 2     Part 3   Part 4   Part 5  Part 6

The crisp air, gentle breeze and clear blue sky were all rare features of a day to treasure, in Arthur’s opinion. It was the autumn of England, and all the trees were the most gorgeous shades of warm colours, creating a glow of life to the place that contrasted the chilly air.

Really, nothing could go wrong on days like these. Hence why Arthur decided to leave the city for the day and visit his childhood home; in the woods. Although the city was where he currently lived, it was here where nobody went that he could be, well, all aspects of himself.

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Freaking Out - Mystery Skulls Animated


I’m not sure how many people have come to this conclusion in regards to the pink tiling in the cave in the new MSA vid “Freaking Out”, but Imma just put my two cents in here:

Some people have speculated that the tiling represents where the mansion used to be after Lewis blew up in an explosion of pink fiery glory. But here’s the thing. When Shiromori went into the cave and used Lewis’ flower, it lead her OUTSIDE the cave into an area with a brick wall where it closely resembles the one that bordered the mansion in “Ghost”. So the cave ISN’T where the mansion used to be.

So why the pink tiling?

If you look at the first two pictures where the pink tiling is seen, and then at the last two pictures where Arthur and Lewis are exploring the cave, notice how the pink tiling leads in the EXACT SAME DIRECTION that Lewis and Arthur went. Not only that, the pink tiling leads ALL THE WAY DOWN the cliff to the stalagmites where Lewis fell to his death.

So what is the pink tiling for? Well, if anything, I believe it’s marking the trail that leads up to where Lewis had died.

Why is it there?

Well, that I’m not entirely sure, but I guess it’s left entirely up to our interpretation as of now! and we’re gonna have to wait find out the truth later on as the videos proceed I suppose. This is just my thought. But I’m also pretty sure I’m not the only one who thinks this or has come to this conclusion. 8U And if you have, I’m probably sounding very repetitive then. ;; But this was just something I felt I needed to say cuz it’s been bugging me for days and I also wanted to know other people’s thoughts on this as well.

So, any thoughts?


Okay then.

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Kingdom Hearts III levels leaked!!!!1!

According to an unnamed source that I saw on Tumblr, concept art fell out of a window in the Square Enix castle in Anime City, Japan and fell into the hands of some anonymous blogger. The leaks reveal:

  • Home on the Range, which apparently has a really big fanbase in Japan. Like, really big. Roseanne Barr’s cow character’s got so many hentai doujins, you guys.
  • Star Wars. They couldn’t get the rights for any of the real movies in time for production, though, so they went with the Christmas Special. The level’s a lot like Atlantica where it’s a big singing mini-game, only Bea Arthur’s there.
  • Atlantica is also back.
  • Pocahontas . Concept art shows Sora looking really uncomfortable around all the historical inaccuracies and racial undertones.
  • Song of the South. Concept art shows Sora getting even more uncomfortable.
  • The centaur segment of Fantasia. Sora doesn’t even step foot in this level. He’s just that uncomfortable. You play as Goofy during this level. Donald still does not heal you.
  • “A Tim Burton level.” That’s the world’s name. It’s hard to tell which movie it’s based on, but they’re all the same, so in the end it doesn’t really matter.
  • An entire level based around the most popular Marvel hero in Japan: Red She-Hulk.
  • Paul Blart Mall Cop. In tiny print on the concept art, it says “Why? How’d we even get the rights to this?”
  • An unknown toy level where Sora, Donald, and Goofy become action figures. Everyone else is a toy and it takes place in a child’s bedroom. EDIT: The anonymous blogger told me that this is a Doc McStuffins level.
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“In Australia, we had guns, right? Up until 1996. In 1996, Australia had the biggest massacre on earth. Still hasn’t been beaten. After that they banned the guns. Now in the 10 years before Port Arthur, there was 10 massacres. Since the gun ban in 1996 there hasn’t been a single massacre since. I don’t know how or why this happened, uh, maybe it was a coincidence, right?

Now I know Australia and America are two vastly different cultures with different people. Right? I get it. In Australia, we have the biggest massacre on earth and  the Australian government went ‘THAT’S IT, NO MORE GUNS!’ and we all went, 'yeah, alright then. Seems fair enough.' 

Now in America, you have the Sandy Hook massacre where little tiny children died and your government went 'Maybe … we’ll get rid of the big guns?’ And 50% of you went 'FUCK YOU DON’T TAKE MY GUNS!’”

First shame blog post! Technically it’s not exactly a shame blog, I’ve just gone so long without posting Fandom works on my actual blog that like 90% of my followers aren’t there for that.

So have some high school Mystery Skulls head canons! Most of them are dumb, so bear with me.

I stand with the crowd convinced that Arthur got bullied in school, so imagine he made attempts to avoid that by not dressing himself as a target, so no bright orange yet. Also guys, the dude bleaches his hair. I’ve gone too many a year being a bleached blonde with dark brown eyebrows to believe otherwise.

Vivi strikes me as the type of person who went through some kind of goth phase in high school where everything was covered in skulls and spooky things, but her personality has always been ridiculously chipper and not what you expect out of a goth. And yes those are different glasses.

Lewis struck me not like, as a jock, but one of those guys who could be, but chose not to be. He dressed simple, usually in a hoodie over a t-shirt and like, jeans or something. I think he started dressing DAPPER AS FUCK like maybe towards the end of his senior year and never stopped.

I might have a fanfic about how they met later with other headcanons and shippy things because I’m horrible. Nobody follow me, this blog is only going downhill from here.

The Courting of Eggsy Unwin

((So instead of working on the next chapter of my porn vignette–which I’ve started, but haven’t gotten far on–I decided to start a series of drabbles involving mark (darcy) x eggsy x harry. Depending on how long this gets, I may compile it and post it on AO3. This’ll be hash tagged #courtingofeggsy if you want to follow it.))

           “Wot the fuck, Harry? Y’ berk, wot are y’ doing here?” Eggsy demanded as he crossed the sidewalk towards Harry, who stood just outside of the café, unsuspecting of Eggsy. As far as Eggsy knew, Harry was still in Brussels with Arthur dealing with a diplomatic matter. He hadn’t thought the agent was due back for another two weeks. Yet here he was, standing with a cup of coffee in hand, jacket thrown over one arm, and briefcase in the other hand.

           Where was his umbrella? Harry never went anywhere without his Rainmaker.

           Harry turned to look at Eggsy, his eyebrows furrowed in confusion. There wasn’t a shred of recognition in his eyes. “I beg your pardon?”

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you know the part where Harry lets Eggsy stay to watch the feed Merlin’s successfully deciphered, that’s prolly the most important part of the whole show, because if eggsy didn’t find out about the implants behind the ear valentine forced everyone to get from there, he’d be drinking whiskey that Arthur poisoned

harry’s trust in eggsy to let him watch official kingsman material before he was even chosen, which says a great damned deal about Harry, pretty much saved him, then eggsy went on to save the world

and arthur’s just like, in his last moments, shit I knew Harry’s soft spot for the boy would get us - meaning him - in trouble.

i just watched it still trying to process things

arthur-the-ghost-mechanic started following you

The puppet immediately walked up to his alternate without a word, and promptly lifted the other’s mechanical arm to inspect.

“Huh–” He said– he barely gave the robot-armed alternate any eye-contact. “You have this thing, right? Hm. I wonder where mine went.”