is this what you wanted ray idk

“..Please, don’t take her away.. “

DO NOT REPOST ANYWHERE ELSE without permission. thank you.

Ok, so, I finished V route last week and… I cried a LOT, it was.. omfg hOW CAN YOU DO THIS TO ME, WHY MY CHILD, MY POOR CHILD, DON’T TAKE HIM AWAY FROM ME STOOOPPPPP. 

So yeah, I was basically sad all day bc of that. :( 

Cheritz it’s like -”Oh okay, let’s do V route, any ideas?”.. Oh! “Let’s give them V route but also let’s do Saeran more sweet so tHEY CAN SUFFER WHEN HE DIES”. 

OMG, IT’S BEEN SO LONG SINCE I POST SOMETHING HERE. ;; A ;; MISS U ALL GUYSSS!!! I’M SORRY!! It was really hard for me to take time to draw something. But now, I finally got my laptop back (Even if it’s broken lmao) to doddle some things. WE ARE NOW 600 FOLLOWERS! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! ♥ I really promise to be more active these days :) I’ll try my best!! Also, send me a message to my ASK if you want me to draw something you like ^^ 

Thank you so much again, see you next time!  

Rock Bottom - Bucky Barnes x Reader

Request: Hi! I was wondering if you could do a Bucky x college age reader where they dislocate their shoulder during a swim meet and Bucky kinda helps out(cause I just did and I need a pick me up) ? Idk if this is good or doable but thank you anyway ❤

Warnings: Mild profanity. Injury.

Words: 840

A/N: Did- did you see what I did with the title?

Anyway,don’t know if this is what you wanted? Don’t know if you wanted some hinting of a romantic interest? But this is what it turned into. It’s also extremely short which I can blame on no one but me-self.


Originally posted by pinkfloydvinyl

She dropped her towel on the pier, the rays of the early, morning sun casting a golden glow on her skin and warming it slowly. A thin fog laid over the lake in front of her and birds tweeted in the forest nearby, causing the moment to become completely magical, despite the concrete construction of the new Avengers Facility behind her whose lake she was swimming in.

She walked to the ledge of the pier and looked down into the surprisingly clear water, seeing the pebble bottom beneath. She bent down to her knees and reached with her hand for the water with a gasp. “That’s too good to be true for an outside lake.”

She smiled happily at the warm water which she had assumed to be freezing cold. She corrected her black swimsuit which couldn’t be any more basic even if she tried. She pressed her hands together and raised them above her head along with a deep inhale, pushing herself off the pier and into the water.

Her hands broke the surface, but she had aimed far too steep for the shallow shore. Her hands hit the bottom and her left arm bent forward, causing it to not bend much at all and therefor making her dive with a stiff arm right into the bottom. Her arm pushed back up naturally upon impact and the forceful push caused it to completely unhook from its hinges, so to speak.

She scrambled to the surface and stood up in the water that reached her chest, wincing loudly with a string of curses leaving her mouth as she grabbed her left arm with her right hand to keep it still. She waded to the shoreline and climbed through the greenery growing around the edges. She fell to her knees in the soft grass and did not glance to her arm until that point.

“Oh shit.” She looked at the bone which was poking out of her unnaturally, straining her skin.

“Y/N!” Her eyes snapped up towards the trail in the grass between the nearest building of bedrooms and the lake. She saw Bucky further off, wearing swimming trunks and waving at her unknowingly. As he noticed she didn’t wave back nor did she stand up from the ground, he realized something was wrong. “Y/N?”

He began jogging towards her and gasped upon seeing her shoulder. “Oh sweet mother of god… What happened to you?” He knelt beside her.

“I dove into the bottom and my arm just snapped somehow. I don’t know.” She admitted upon not being able to recall what had really been up and what had been down.

“Okay, lay down.” He became a lot calmer in a very short time which threw her off.


“I know how to pop it back.” He gestured for her to hurry.

Scared and in pain, she gave into him and moved to lay down with Bucky helping as much as he could. She breathed heavily and frequently, the pain becoming worse for a moment.

“Okay, roll over on your good arm.” He said and helped her do that too. Her back was against him when he grabbed ahold of her limp arm carefully. He stroked up and down with his hand carefully to calm her down.

“I didn’t know you went swimming every morning?” He lied, as he had watched her walk down to the lake every morning since it became warmer outside and had only been brace enough to attempt and join her that morning.

“What?” She repeated as she thought he would help her get her arm back in place. “Oh I like to do six laps to get some exercise.”

“And I guess the lake is a lot nicer than the pool here, huh?”

“Hundred percent. I love going here and just lay down on the pier to soak in the sun after my laps.” She admitted and he knew. However creepy it may sound to others, he had watched from the safety of his room just a bit further up the premises. He just couldn’t tear his eyes off of her. “The mornings are so peaceful out here that I just have to- OW! Fuck!”

He popped her arm back without wanting, causing her to roll over her stomach and bury her face in the grass.

“You asshole!” She cried out as she turned back around and sat up, holding the elbow of her left arm. “That’s not cool!”

“It’s better than to build up the stress by letting you know when I’m going to do it!” He justified and she only groaned in frustration, getting up off the ground.

“Yeah? Well I wanted a little heads-up before you relocated my goddamn shoulder…” She let out a sharp breath, moving her hand up and rubbing it over the sore muscles of her shoulder that still ached. “Thanks though…”

Bucky smiled at her silent thank you, watching her cheeks flush red as she had been so harsh towards him. “Any time, sweetie. Any time.”

Think A Little Less

Summary: Not wanting to join your friends at the club, you instead spend Friday nights with your favorite dive bar’s newest patron.

Pairings: Tom Holland x Reader

Word Count: 2304

Warnings: Swearing. Drinking/alcohol? Sexual undertones/overtones??? idk

A/N: So I legit just kinda pulled this one outta my ass and have no idea how to describe it, hence the vague summary. What I will say is that it was inspired by (and very loosely based off of) the song Think A Little Less by Michael Ray, (hence the title, and I did manage the sneak the song title into the fic twice too haha!), so if you haven’t heard the song, give it a listen HERE

[Y/N] = Your Name (duh)

[Y/F/N/#] = Your Friend’s Name. There are three in the fic, so just pick three friends.


It was strange seeing him there, that first time; you knew he was filming nearby, but surely there were clubs in the city that were more appropriate for a celebrity on a Friday night than the dive bar that you and your friends frequented. But as you snaked between tables to go order a drink, you were surprised to find him, of all people, sitting at the bar, scrolling through his phone while drinking a pint.

You glanced out of the corner of your eye as you pulled up next to him, seeking confirmation that it was, indeed, him. As though he were able to read your mind, he turned his head to look directly at you, and you quickly shifted your gaze, flushing from the humiliation at having been caught in the act. You stammered your drink order to the bartender, and in the half-second it took for you to turn around, drink in hand, you swore you noticed Tom smirk.

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Transcript of the deleted attic scene. Mostly for my own copy/paste purposes. If you have any plans whatsoever to get the blu ray (I don’t know if it’s on the DVD or not), I suggest just waiting and watching it yourself. Otherwise you’ll like, say it a way in your head and then it won’t be like that really. And if you don’t have plans, maybe make plans.


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anonymous asked:

Hc for where mc is unnaturally smol & skinny due to a medical issue. You dont have to answer if ya dont wanna. Im just a 4'5 and 60lbs gal tryina have a good time ;A; the hc can be for all of the boyos if ya want. Here is some further info on the medical issue: its names are scoliosis and kyphosis and basically the spine and back are like they were whisked and it affects organs and such. i typically hide it with a hoodie but idk what others do. Thanks for reading this (even if you dont do it)!!!

I will try :D 


  • when he was you he was totally happy 
  • like he can be the big one 
  • even when he’s small compared to the rest of the RFA
  • of course when you two get to know each other you tell him about your condition
  • he’s so worried 
  • the name sounds complicated and he just want to make sure you’re fine 
  • ask a lot about it 
  • you tell him everything you know 
  • he is constantly asking you about it 
  • and doesn’t care about what you wear 
  • mostly wants you to show him what you are comfortable with 


  • when he saw you thought you were cute
  • of course it was unusual but still cute 
  • liked you a lot 
  • and even when you were always wearing big shirts and hoodies he was fine with that 
  • you told him about your issue 
  • but he didn’t got much of it 
  • “You’re fine aren’t you?” 
  • the only thing he could think 
  • you told him that you were doing fine 
  • and your organs weren’t that bad 
  • he asked to see you with no hoodie or t-shirt 
  • and of course you didn’t wanted but at the end he got what he wanted
  • “MC is okay… I like you the way you are”


  • cutie pie asked you in the moment 
  • she didn’t knew about it 
  • “MC, hold on let me search for it” 
  • of course she got a lot of information for it 
  • asked a lot of questions to make sure how you were 
  • is always with you to anything you need 
  • “Actually I think you’re really nice and cute being small” 
  • just want you to have confidence on yourself 
  • and tell you how much she loves you


  • doesn’t tell you nothing at first 
  • doesn’t want to be rude asking you about it 
  • but with time he does it 
  • make the best doctor he knows to check on you 
  • like all the time 
  • but at the end he is just making sue you’re fine 
  • bought some expensive and nice hoodies for you 


  • knew about it when he made a research about you 
  • of course looks for tons os information about it 
  • but didn’t told the rest 
  • of course if you didn’t wanted to tell them it was okay 
  • when he saw you it was actually not what he expected 
  • you looked smaller 
  • and his heart skipped a beat 
  • all this days he was so happy talking to you 
  • wanted to see you so bad
  • of course he knew he was fucked up in that moment 
  • couldn’t even tried to push you aways from him
  • even when you were a bit shy about it 
  • he already knew so he was fine 
  • “MC is okay, I know it. You don’t need to hide it from me”


  • when you told him he was a bit shocked 
  • but accepted it anyways 
  • of course he liked you before you told him 
  • so it was fine 
  • and when he saw you wearing all those hoodies
  • got worried that you were hiding it 
  • so asked to take photos of you 
  • and of course since he is so talented they came out amazing 
  • always taking photos of you to make you feel loved and nice 


  • he feels that you’re connected to him more 
  • he was a small kid back then 
  • and now he’s a troubled man 
  • so when you told him about it he felt like he was made for you 
  • and you were made for him 
  • of course is always trying to let you know that 
  • “MC you know you are made for me. We’re meant to be”
  • let you wear his big jacket instead of your hoodies 
  • because he likes how it looks on you better than him


Okay I don’t know if this is accurate or nah but I tried 

anonymous asked:

Ray spending lots of time with Team Flash and cue jealous!TeamLegends (like Cisco/Ray is my favorite interteam thing ever)

honestly the thing is that ray is a very useful and smart person and if cisco wanted an extra set of eyes on what he’s making, ray is his best person to contact, and i’m kind of like, why don’t they interact more but i’m also like U KNOW WHY

so like ray would absolutely take a day to go help cisco, and this is one of those things where like, you’d think sara is the one who would be like um hello ray is on OUR TEAM we can’t just SWAP like that, especially because we’re the BEST TEAM! but it’s actually nate, who is drowning in jealousy, and is like, excuse me1!!! and at first everyone is like, nate you soft jealous meatball, but i think nate is actually secretly clever enough to turn this into a competition and everyone on this fucking disaster spaceship is a competitive nightmare

and like just them crashing the fucking ship into star labs like OH SO YOU GUYS THINK YOU CAN GET RAY TO BUILD YOU ALL ATOM SUITS SO YOU’LL BE A BETTER TEAM THAN US??? IS THAT IT????

and cisco is like, i literally just needed his help checking the wiring in the building holy shit


anyway this quickly dissolves into a series of competitions, and the winning team gets to Keep Ray, and barry is like wait but ray was never even- he’s not a member of our team
sara: oh wow sounds like someone’s a CHICKEN
barry: say that to my GODDAMN FACE

they do red rover but it’s just everyone getting clotheslined fucking repeatedly

they do the challenge thats just PAIN and team flash is like WE’RE NOT DOING THAT meanwhile sara has already got the dart in her hand staring everyone dead in the fucking eye and they’re still like WE’RE NOT DOING THAT

they attempt to do a three-legged race and len just shoots out barry’s kneecap bc it’ll heal in a few hours and all of team legends is like HE’S FINE HE’S SUCH A BABY and barry is rolling around on the ground like OH MY GOD THIS HURTS WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT and also, jax and amaya still do the three-legged race part while barry rolls around on the field and everyone yells at each other
jax: this is getting stupid you want to three legged walk to starbucks
amaya: idk what that is but sure

PAIN: part 2 which is just mick doing stuff to his arms like huh. those nerve endings really are fuckin fried while team flash is like STOP. STOOOOP.

i think at the end of all of this they just grab ray by the arm and drag him back onto the ship and team flash is like, THIS WASN’T EVEN A COMPETITION THIS WAS JUST YOU TERRORIZING US

sara: haha and don’t you fucking forget it nerds, LATES

cisco, who i assume has just been like watching this happen the whole day is like and you know, the wiring still isn’t fucking fixed

anonymous asked:

A, B, V, and X for Todoroki?

A = Aftercare (What they’re like after sex)

he falls asleep about half the time but the other half he’s super attentive you want cereal? you got cereal! if you have aches he’ll use his quirk to help ale them 

B = Body part (Their favourite body part of theirs and also their partner’s)

loves his partners nose, idk he just finds it super cute and loves kissing it 

he likes his right side, lol jk he likes his arms, they are buff and nice and can hold his partner snugly and pick up heavy objects 

V = Volume (How loud they are, what sounds they make)

not super wordy but lots of grunts and moans 

X = X-Ray (Let’s see what’s going on in those pants, picture or words)

it’s pretty, like weirdly pretty for a peen, real soft curve and thick, pretty average size but doesn’t take away from it’s beauty, also he has a freckle on the bottom left side, his only freckle sits on his peen

anonymous asked:

Atomwave adopting a dog?


“MICK!” He stopped dead in the door of the kitchen, clearly just coming down the stairs where Mick could hear water and splashing, eyes wide. “You weren’t supposed to be home for another hour!” 

“Why is your hair full of suds?” his eyes narrowed a little, coming forward and dropping his gun and supplies on the island in the kitchen, something that always made Ray’s nose curl up. Now was no different, but Mick was focused, “and why is your shirt wet?”


Mick was sensing something awful was about to be revealed. He was almost hopeful when he asked, “laundry disaster?”


There was, almost predictably, a high, almost squeaky little “ruff!!” and then a flurry of activity as a ball of energy thundered down the staircase and straight onto Ray, flailing and barking and absolutely soaking.

“Ahh! Sparky! You- - were – supposed to stay – in the bath!”

Mick just sighed. He wished he was surprised, even a little. “Sparky?”

The puppy was barking excitedly, long tail wagging, water droplets flung everywhere, and Ray still hadn’t successfully disentangled himself from the energetic creature. Mick just shook his head, walked over, took it by the scruff (ignoring the surprised yap it released) and deposited it carefully on the ground, kneeling so he was close to eye level.

“Sparky,” he lowered his voice to deep and gruff. “I’m the boss around here.”

The puppy whined. Ray whined too. Mick stood up and rolled his eyes. “You don’t know the first thing about having a dog, do you?” 

He stood up and started pulling over a pen and paper to make a list.

“No, I, uh…” Ray looked a little sheepish, the puppy more relaxed now, shaking his tail again at Ray’s feet, sniffing everything. “I was never allowed to have one. I bought some books though!”

Mick snorted, “don’t need ‘em.”

“You… know about dogs?”

“Farm kid.”

“Right! And you’re… not mad? I was just online and he was at a kill shelter and tomorrow was the last day and I couldn’t let that happen and it was going to be a surprise and he was going to be clean but I forgot his brush out here and…” the wind ran out of Ray’s sails and Mick tried to pretend it didn’t tug at his (not actually nonexistent) heartstrings, just a little, to see him so nervous. “…just say it’s okay and that you want to keep him.”

Mick was already sliding the list of supplies over to his husband. “I’d never turn away a stray you picked up, Haircut. It’s not how we do things.”

As if on cue, Sparky barked, bold, looking up at Mick from next to Ray. “Yeah, you get to stay. But we’re changing your name, pupp-o. No dog in this house is named after anything that reminds me of the Flash.”

A moment later, he had an arm full of suds-y and soaking Ray, hugging him and stealing a kiss before Mick got his bearings. It was an excellent apology for the surprise dog he decided, recapturing Ray’s lips when he tried to pull back. He had Ray pressed up against the island counter a moment later, a leg between his thighs, thinking kitchen sex was a great idea for a weekend afternoon.

But then Sparky announced in the worst possible way he wasn’t house-trained yet.

“Ray… is your dog pissing on our fridge door?”


Mick reminded himself that he loved his husband, his partner, he really did. “You’re cleaning it up.”

anonymous asked:

You wonder why everyone hates the teens of the fandom, you are just as ridiculously as the self harm girl who told the whole cast her personal story.

look dude im only gonna say this once. we didnt post anything on any social media platform, we didnt harass the cast– all we did was play a game of cards against humanity and fuck around a bit. we dont actually think dom and kat are together. we dont want ray dead or whatever.

idk what girl ur talking about but i dont think its uncommon for fans to tell the cast their personal stories? that’s all dom and kat ever talk about when they talk about the fandom? all the people who wynonna earp as a show has helped?

anywho sorry the fandom teens have got ya so down. have a nice day. idk where u live but where i live its gonna be sunny tomorrow

from-spookyraypalmer  asked:

my favorite ray ship is coldatom because they just! they balance each other out! so well! i love their snarky interactions, the fact that they just seemed to click into working so well together, and i love all the potential for growth in the both of them. it's canon that ray had a lonely childhood, and i think it messed him up to the point where he hides what he's really going through (a sad boy) and they can bond over that. i just! coldatom!

like the thing is, ray is for .2 seconds like idk if i trust len to gluing himself between len and mick the second they get on the waverider so like

len and ray is so interesting because like, len flirted so heavily with dr vostok because he knew it would make ray pouty and jealous, and len has such a thing for making ray WANT his attention, like he really does tease him and it’s so. obvious. that you are gay. please, my crops

like the thing about ray is that he says len, i think you’re a good person, and no matter how hard len tries to NOT be seen that way by ray, ray is like nope!!! i love you. and len (and mick) will never admit to it, but that is so… good. it feels good to have someone look at you and choose to see your good qualities for once or to always give you the benefit of the doubt.

and i mean, ray is tall and handsome and so absolutely sweet, how can you not want to string him along? i mean really 

choppedpandapersona  asked:

Hey I was just wondering, where do you go to buy your Sentai/Kamen Rider stuff? I want to buy stuff but idk where.

I shop at several online retailers for my merchandise.  Most of the time for my DVDs and such, I shop at Especially in their marketplace you would be astonished at the amount of stuff they actually have.

Sometimes though, when I want something from Japan that isn’t available from Amazon, I go to cdjapan for my Blu-Rays, CDs and Art Books.  It’s a decent service that ships rather quickly.  Of course, most of what they offer is in straight Japanese with no translations.

For toys, I also tend to check Amazon first (I have a Prime subscription so the free shipping often helps) but the alternatives are Hobby Link Japan

And even Big Bad Toy Store

And heck, even cdjapan has some toys and merchandise.

Thanks for the question and happy shopping!

Mine to Take


So I’ve been sent here by @vminswiferay. I have a short fluff request. So imagine that you really love Taehyung/Jimin’s (you can pick) sweaters and they’re comfortable. But your bias wants it back and they take it and wear it. But you try to take it back by making out with them and getting them all hot and flustered and get into the moment and take their clothes off (including sweater) and once it’s off, you run off with it, leaving them confused, flustered, etc. idk if it makes sense

Thank you for your request!! Here it is. Its a fluff with a tiny bit of smut…not really. Hope you like it, because you know, a frustrated Jimin is everyone’s favourite Jimin  <3

                                                                                                 -Ray :)

Genre: a bit smut/fluff

Mine to Take

“You took it.”
“Its mine to take.”
“You know I wanted it.”
“Well then, take it back.”
“What do you want for it?”

You looked everywhere.
Anywhere at all where it could possibly have been misplaced. You searched high and low around your small apartment. The laundry room, the couch where things got heated last night, and then finally, you returned back to your bedroom empty handed. It was no where to be seen, absolutely gone. You collapsed on the bed and stared up at the ceiling in despair. This spoiled the rest of your perfectly planned out night. Everything was ruined. You were still in just your towel, fresh out of the shower, hair dried but your favorite sweater no where to be found.  Now you’ll fall behind on work; assignments, midterms, life. You won’t be able to concentrate. Your mind is off balance, your body uncomfortable, your soul yearning for a home to return to as it wanders around empty and unfulfilled. 

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Responses to {Part 27} I Won’t Stop You // Jeon Jungkook, Vampire!AU Asks~

 Please ‘Keep Reading’ to find my response to your ask ^^ As always, I have copied and pasted all asks into this post in regards to last night’s chapter to avoid clogging up people’s dashboards and to avoid spoilers for those who may still wish to read the chapter. Thank you ^^

(I have also included asks that I received before this IWSY chapter was posted ^^)


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Thor A-Z Challenge

A = Aftercare = very loving. He enjoys cuddling. His body is always warm so his s/o enjoys being wrapped up in his arms like a blanket.

B = Body part = lips. He loves his s/o’s lips. They’re beautiful to look at. On himself, his arms. Biceps are his pride lol.

C = Cum = when that moment hits it’s either loud and strong or strong and shaky. He prefers to cum inside but without midgardian sec protection he’ll cum on their chest or stomach.

D = Dirty Secret = he finds midgardian swim wear enticing.

E = experience = he’s experienced. In Asgard he could have anyone he wanted but he wasn’t always chasing a woman. He isn’t a virgin though.

F = Favourite Position = missionary, doggy style, cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. 

G = Goofy = when he’s drunk. He gets silly when he’s drunk and it’s all toppling over one another and chuckling.

H = Hair = well groomed. He’s not loaded with hair down there or anything just trimmed and his chest is bare.

I = Intimacy = either. He can be very loving, eye gazes whisper sweet nothings etc. but on the other hand he can be gruff with his actions. He would never call his s/o names during sex though. It’s rude to him.

J = Jack Off = whenever he’s been in Asgard to long he’ll masturbate occasionally. 
K = Kink = watching his s/o do something……tough. Like shooting a gun or kick boxing. He finds it sexy when such a lovely person can turn into a fierce being.

L = Location = bedroom, shower, and believe it or not the car.

M = Motivation = POPTARTS just kidding, his turn on a glass of wine with his s/o and soft music. It sets the mods into him big time.

N = NO = role play. He finds it silly and hard to act as.

O = Oral = he’s really game for anything in this category. He loves watching their face when giving or receiving
P = Pace = either. The way his s/o kisses him back determines the pace. If it’s rough and hungry that’s what they’ll get. Rough and hungry gets same
Rough gets hard and fast
Soft and yearning gets passionate
Slow and passionate will get gentleness

Q = quickie = he really doesn’t care to much on Quickies. When he knows he’ll be on Earth for a while he’ll sneak off somewhere with his s/o for down fun but he really wants to enjoy it because he’s gone so long. He always misses the intimacy and wants to cherish it.

R = Risk = he’s game to experiment. He always asks his s/o though. And nothing to wild like sex in a chicken coop or something.

S = Stamina = 4 rounds. He can last four rounds but the final round really pushes it unless there’s been an hour in between.

T = Toy = no. Not really. In Asgard they prefer to do the work themselves. And he is particularly good at doing the job,

U = Unfair = Thor likes to tease. He won’t make them hold out for ever because 1. He wants his part. 2. He knows his s/o will do the same to him later.

V = Volume = Thor grunts a lot, and groans as most men do. The closer he gets the more vocal he gets. Believe it or not he is the type to whisper sweet things to his s/o while they’re at it.

W = Wild Card = imagine Thor coming to Earth simply because it’s his s/o’s birthday. After the party intimacy and cake follow….

X = X-Ray = idk what do you think? God of Thunder has to be God of the down under to right? ;)

Y = Yearning = high. Very high sex drive. 
He isn’t always flirting with his s/o, but when they’re alone however…..

Z = ZZZ = Believe it or not when he reaches his limit he’s out within 10 minutes

billykcaplan  asked:

hi idk if you've thought about this much, but in the college au what are their majors? i think it's obvious that jax is in engineering and ray is studying all of the sciences probably. other than that i feel like sara might be going into education (probably because she was doing that in canon). if you want you can just ignore this tho

hey sorry i took so long to respond i haven’t had a good sitdown chat with @icedvulpix in a few days so we worked this out!

sara does dance + physical therapy. and yes, you can major in dance, my first boss did even though she works in pr now?? anyway my first boss was perfect. sara majors in dance. she dance

rip is in astrophysics, he’s very textbook and theory. 

jax is double astro and engineering and i’m sure ray has astro in there somewhere, and the two of them are very much the creators and practical applications, and rip is a theorist. stein is their very, very tired faculty advisor

nate is history + anthropology + a couple language minors, probably spanish and japanese

amaya is studying to be a vet so she’s technically a type of pre-med with a veterinary focus. 

worth noting is ray has like, more minors than anyone can really count, anytime someone brings it up he’s like “oh i minor in that!” and he’s also in every school club? how??? 

len is on a pre-law track (mick makes a lot of jokes about how he can be len’s trophy husband) because 1 in earth-2 he’s the fucking mayor, and also bc he has an intimate knowledge of the system from how it so throughly failed him. you think his goal isn’t to put cops like his father away? think again

mick is an art major, specializing in 3-D art, specifically metal and glasswork. he also probably teaches freshmen how to use the welder, but don’t tell anyone that’s his secret

kendra is undeclared. i think she’s probably gonna end up in anthropology by the end of the year with a music or creative writing minor

carter goes to the other big central city school and is archeology and art history

oh and everyone that isn’t carter is technically in stein’s philosophy class bc it’s a gen-ed requirement that they all have to take, it’s like 50 people and somehow they’re still THE WORST PEOPLE IN ANY CLASS EVER, also stein got stuck teaching a gen-ed mostly by accident and these children make him want to start smoking again 

The morning after | Jillian Holtzmann x Reader


Warnings: it hints at previous sex????? theres none tho. idk how warnings work oop

idk if this is what you wanted, but still, i thought the concept was nice. sorry it’s kinda short. 

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Soft rays of morning light beamed through your window, illuminating the face of your girlfriend, Jillian Holtzmann. Her blonde, messy hair was even messier than before, although it was still silky and beautiful. Her skin was smooth, and her pink lips were gently apart, she was so lovely. 

You wanted to stay in this moment forever and watch her sleep. The night before was just so incredible. Jillian really was the love of your life.

You watched as her eyes lightly flew open, eventually finding their way to yours.  

“Good morning, (Y/N).” She smiled widely, showing those white teeth of hers.

You laughed quietly, “Good morning love.”

Holtzmann yawned and stretched her arms. She positioned herself to where she was propped on her elbow, facing you. 

“Good sleep?” she raised an eyebrow at you, and you nodded happily. 

“That’s great.” She answered, and kissed you on the forehead. 

The atmosphere in the room was mild and serene. You felt so safe and comfortable in her presence. 

“Last night was pre-tty cool if you ask me.” She smirked, nudging your shoulder. 

You fake groan while smiling- “Don’t remind me.” 

“Let’s go make coffee.” Jillian happily suggested.


 As you sat on the counter of your small kitchen, you wrapped your blanket tightly around your frame. Jillian was in an oversized T-shirt, making your coffee. The smell was so rich and nice. 

“Jillian.” you piped up. She waltzed over to you and gave you a toothy grin. “Mhm?" 

"I love you.” you said and kissed her nose. 

She smiled and crinkled her nose up, “I love you too." 

“Dork.” You smiled. 

The rest of the day consisted of laying in bed, and talking about anything and everything. Cuddles, movies, food. Everything was perfect.


For @cheritzteam

Just a proposal but for an idea in the future, what if your team created customizable MC’s? Like for the icon photo you get a few options. What if we could create our own icons in that style. Such as different hair lengths, colors for hair, eyes, and skin?

I would suggest the CG’s as well but those would be pretty difficult to mix and match, but maybe the icons? Just an idea though.

if someone asks my if my child is a girl or boy
  • Person: Awwwwah what a cute baby is it a boy or a girl
  • Me: Idk it cant talk yet
  • Person: I mean does it have a penis or a vagina and
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Hi guys! So even though I still feel like a baby in the studyblr community it’s coming up to/has passed (I’m not really sure when I started this blog tbh) the sixth month mark of this blog so I decided to do some blogrates (hopefully some of you will want one)


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