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I'll start an angst train lol. How about headcanons/scenarios for the chocobros injured while saving their s/o from a daemon, and the s/o takes care of them?

You sit by the fire, Noctis’ head cradled in your lap. You smooth the hair away from his face, and he twitches slightly in his sleep at the contact. You gave him a few potions after the hunt you’d had where you’d almost gotten yourself killed and he’d stepped in to save you, and he’d passed out from the pain. You watch as the potion stitches together his wounds, and let the tears slip from your eyes. You lean down to press a kiss to his forehead and he smiles gently in the midst of his slumber. You won’t let anything like that happen to him ever again.

Prompto assures you that he’s fine, that he’s tougher than he looks when he just about collapses at camp. You drop to your knees at his side and beg him to let you survey his wounds. He winces as you touch a wet spot by his abdomen and feel a sob rip from your throat as you lift your shirt and see a huge gash mark from the claws of the Arachne you’d just defeated. Prompto tries to joke with you that he doesn’t even feel it anymore, and you work on healing him in silence, too scared to voice what you’re really thinking.

When Gladio tells you he’s going on a short hunt and that he’ll be back later that day, you think nothing of it. But when he returns with the gash on his chest opened again and gushing blood, you start to panic. He’s pallid but refuses your help, and almost denies your care until he sees the absolute terror in your eyes. You patch him back up in silence and he apologizes to you once your hands are done bandaging him up. You throw your arms around his neck to pull him close, careful not to jostle his bandages. He lets you cry as long as you need.

When Ignis first loses his vision, the last thing he wants to be to you is a burden. So he tries his best not to ask for your help, but after a close call against a red giant, you pull him close at camp and help him with his wounds. Your hands are patient and caring, and he feels embarrassed that he can’t keep up with the others because of his newfound handicap. You give his hand a squeeze and press a kiss to his scarred cheek, promising him that you’re not leaving his side and that you know that with time, he’ll find a way to adjust. He always does.

The Younger Marner Part 2 - Auston Matthews Imagine

I’m already requesting a part 2 to the Marners little sister imagine!! I know you just posted it but it’s so good and I really wanna part 2!

This took wayyyy longer than expected… Whoops? Anyway, I’m making this an actual fic apparently ??? I kinda want to so tell me what you think and yes requests are closed, but not for this okay cool. Lol I hope you all like it, I do. Thanks for reading! -Accius

Part One

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so you've been getting a lot of asks about your play party au which is all fine and good and spicy and i love it but. your umfb!yuuri student athlete meme things that you were doing this past weekend were HILARIOUS and i request some more if you have any floating around in your mind pls :)))

What a beautiful request, as opposed to the rest of you thirsty folks (jk i love all of my anons)

Someone: I bet Katsuki secretly has a crush on Nikiforov


If you have special requests of what you’d like for us to look for at the warehouse tomorrow, please send those in! You can reply to this post or send me a message 😊

stevie: *searching backstage during 24k gold* has anybody seen my tambourine????? i could have sworn i left it back here???

lindsey: well well well if u would at that… it is my mortal enemy. hello, stephanie

stevie: lindsey?? what the hell are u doing here

lindsey: i am here to make a deal with you

stevie: …..what do u want

lindsey: i request that you promote seeds we sow and buckingham mcvie during your show tonight

stevie: what’s in it for me

lindsey: *holds up tambourine* this

[10 minutes later, on stage]

stevie: everyone, i have an announcement to make. u see, i seemed to have misplaced my tambourine, and


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what abt pon farr with soval? ;)

Requested by Anon~

“Soval, are you sure you’re alright?”

The Ambassador took in a deep breath and his eyes flashed up to yours. The looked different; not as controlled as Vulcans usually were. “What I’m going through is…natural for Vulcans.”

You blinked at his words. Vague and uninformative; you shouldn’t have expected anything else. But that didn’t make the concern go away. You took a step closer to Soval. “Is there anything I can do to help? Do you need medical assistance, or…?”

“No.” He answered quickly, straightening up. But the Ambassador’s eyes were still locked onto yours, even as he took a step closer. “No medical assistance. Pon Farr is easily treatable.”

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Hello there, I was lurking on your psychonauts sideblog (which I adore) and I request some headcanons! What are you Sasha and Milla friendship ones?

THANK YOU FOR LIKING MY DUMB LITTLE SIDEBLOG!!!! But yes, I do have a few little headcanons you may enjoy, nonny, you beautiful darling you. I’m gonna put them under a “read more” for my other followers’ convenience.

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