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Hi so... I'm a 9th grader and I'm an artist as well. Whenever I'm bored, I draw stuff like scarecrows, monsters and dragons. Then one day, my teacher saw me draw and she asked me that offends me SO MUCH! She said, "You always draw scary stuff everytime. Do you have depression?" Calling me a depressed person just for a creepy art is getting on my nerves. Thar's why I never show my art to everyone. It's not the first time people ask me if I was depressed but.. what shall I do with this situation?

Interest varies with each individual. 
Art is displayed in different forms.

When I was in 5th grade, I use to like creative writing but one day I had a teacher took my paper/story away and stuck it on the board and asked everyone to laugh at me.

I understand..its hurtful and it scarred me. But it should not stop your creativity and talents. It took me long enough to regain the courage to display my art/interest in writing again. You can’t let these “people” affect you that way. They are just briefly there in your life and soon they will get out of it. 

It is YOU, YOURSELF that matters and YOU can do what YOU love :)

Sometimes, I get the feeling that I can actually succeed. I get this feeling when the usual thoughts stop for a bit. You know what I’m talking about, the comparisons to everyone else that seems to be doing even 1% better, the fear that nothing I do will ever amount to something, the idea that I’m just one insignificant drop in the gigantic ocean we call human existence. When they stop, I can see myself being comfortable. Not necessarily famous, not necessarily rich, but comfortable. Comfortable with the life I’m living, no longer feeling like I’m drowning but being able to float, maybe even swim. I don’t always come to these good thoughts on my own. Sometimes, they come after I find myself thinking about people like you. People like you that have things going on underneath the surface no one would know about unless they chose to turn off their filter and tell them. People like you that refuse to surrender regardless of how tight life’s hands seem to get around their throat. I can’t help but admire that, the desire to survive, pulling yourself through the days when all you can see is darkness in hopes of eventually finding the light. It’s thanks to people like you that sometimes, even if only for a little while, I think I can make it too.
—  People Like You // Maxwell Diawuoh

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I know you said you don't want to talk about this topic anymore but you hace always been balanced, you have never written hateful things about Sam (or Cait) so I would like to read a post of yours about all of this. Because I know I won't read anything hateful or disgusting but something that comes out from the heart of a kind person. And God knows how this shipper community needs more kind people right now.

Thank you, anon. That is nice to say.

I’m actually in the situation that I don’t know how to proceed. Reading what was said here over night, was like looking into an ugly mirror. I don’t want to be that person, who makes derogatory comments about a young woman. Calling her “crosseyed”,  with “no neck” and “fat shoulders” etc etc. 

Disgusting. And the reason? She might be a person Sam cares about. Maybe even loves. Maybe is very serious about. Or not. Who knows? In any case it is no reason to insult her.

For the record: I love Sam and Cait. I love Outlander. I think Sam and Cait are wonderful people. The might not always make wise decisions, but it is not our business how they live their life, with whom they’re in love and with whom they’re not. We might live in our own little fantasy world and wish for a fairy tale, because WE think the fairy tale would be wonderful, but that doesn’t mean it IS going to happen. 

I know I’m terribly curious. There’s no other excuse for my shipping. I also know it is not my place to be curious. I know I shouldn’t ship real people, because they’re real people with real feelings, but I thought it was okay, as long as I did it respectfully. I just love them together. They’re so cute, so wonderful, they glow, they make me happy. They’re a way to forget my own problems, to push worries away and frustrations. 

I think most people in a fandom have a reason to be there. We don’t need to pretend, that we’re all successful, happy, attractive women, who just happen to have this little obsession with Outlander and the two actors in it. I think we all know, that this little obsession is an escape for many of us. Not all probably, but a lot of people. And probably even more so for the most active people in this fandom. An escape from whatever trouble and problem and depression is in our lives and that is perfectly OK. We need it and it is good for us and it helps us to cope with really difficult times.

But real life shipping gets difficult if the real story doesn’t match the fantsy and we can’t cope with that. We have to realize, if the real story is a different one, then so be it. Where is the tragedy in it? Where does it really affect me whether Sam and Cait are together or not?

It doesn’tl. I’d need another hobby, that’s all. Because I’m a shipper mainly because it offers entertainment. It keeps me busy all day and the great thing about it is: It never ends. No hiatus, no Droughtlander. Sam and Cait are always there, always available for my shipper entertainment.

I thought it was okay, as long as it was done respectfully.

But for me the line was drawn tonight. I didn’t see much respect. It got nasty and ugly and I don’t want to be part of this.

Sam and Cait just live their life with or without other people in it. Who knows and who cares?

I’m undecided how to proceed. Maybe just concentrate on Outlander? I do love the show, but it is off air for another 6 months! And I don’t watch any other show. Not one. I just don’t watch TV. 

Maybe I should try to hold back more. Just try to create my own little bubble of shippers, who love Sam and Cait and love the fantasy, but are able to talk about the other people in their lives without malice and who can accept that there might be no truth behind our shipping. There are a lot of shippers, who don’t participate in the nasty. Maybe I should concentrate on those.

I really don’t know. 

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You know what's better than drunk Kara? Stoned Kara. Next time she solar flares she decides to give it a go because it's not like she'll be affected at any other time. Kara spent the next few hours calling up Lena regularly to ask if pigeons knew they were pigeons, or if the yellow she saw was same as the yellow Lena saw. Then Kara went on a quest to eat from every place that sold potstickers in National City, before curling up to nap on Lena's couch (without letting Lena know she was visiting)

Love it <3


(NOT my gif/s)(NOT my characters except reader)

Pairings: Bucky (Demon!Bucky) x Reader

Summary; AU- Sorcery it’s a farce. At least that’s what you thought before your little sister, Wanda, found an old magic book and decide to try a spell so his crush fell in love with her. To your atonishment and hers the spell works and now she has to face the drawback; she has sold her soul to a demon called Bucky in exchange the favor. Now, you are forced to intervene and reach an agreement with said demon.

Warnings: Language, violence, death,  angels, demons and all kind of religious stuff. SORRY

A/N; AAAAAAAAAAAAAnd I’m here again! Sorry for the unforgivable delay, when I’m sick i’m good for nothing :/

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Chapter1   Chapter2   Chapter3  Chapter4  Chapter5  Chapter6  Chapter7  Chapter8 Chapter9  Chapter10

Chapter 11

The first seconds after the scream neither you or Bucky move a muscle, too suprised to do anything, but soon the reality overcomes you. There is someone out there that wants to hurt you and that is hurting Nana right now, you must do something.

- Erase the line Y/N, hurry up! - Bucky rushes you 

- Y-yeah! - frantically you search for something to break the thick line Nana has drawn in the floor and that keeps Bucky in to the circle. Shaking, you find a big rock in the ground and you rub it againts the concrete, trying to make the paint jump and break the seal.

It works. You sigh relieved when Bucky step out of the line, hesitant at first.

Covering yourself in a hurry you follow Bucky to the front door, your heart in a fist hearing the muffled battle sounds.

- Stay behind me no matter what happens out there, doll - Bucky whispers to you. 

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Hi, I don't know if you remember but I'm the anon who made the childless MC request. I just thought I'd give a bit of an update. After I came back from the trip with my friend, I thought about what you and everyone else said. I ended up calling off the engagement and breaking up with my fiance. Hes now engaged to someone else, but I'm pretty happy. My dad still wants me to have kids, but I just adopted a dog last week and she is my child. Thank you for everything and for continuing to write! 💜

Of course I remember you!! I’m happy to hear that you are happy 😊💕💕 dogs are the best honestly! Love that little puppet and keep being true to yourself! My heart goes out to you and I wish you only the best in life!

What if I was sober? (Part 2).

Anonymous: Omfg I loved the drunk spencer one so much !! But it would be so amazing if u could write a second part where its some weeks later and spencer thinks she can’t remember ( but she can) and they go out with the team again ? So she is drunk again but not that much an when spencer walks her in her apartment she starts kissing him immediately ?? ( if you feel comfortable smut happens ??)

A/N: I changed it so that they get called on a case and Spencer and the reader have to a share a room. They didn’t get time to talk about what happened (but the reader still remembers and Spencer had been avoiding her) . The next chapter will be the result of this angsty lead up to smut!!

Part 1.

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The ear-piercing ringing tone cracked through the quiet room, causing Y/N to mindlessly pick up the phone beside her groggily.

“Hello?” She groaned, dainty fingers lightly massaging her burning temples to ease her alcohol-induced headache.

“Spencer, we have- Wait, Y/N? This is Spencer’s phone.” Penelope’s humorous voice quickly rambled, a small mischievous grin playing at her painted lips. Y/N widened her eyes, glancing beside her to find Spencer’s messy hair blanketing her pillow .

“Oh god.” Y/N whispered, memories flooding back to her of her eager actions towards the timid doctor.

“Earth to Y/N, we have a case.” Penelope muffled her giggles, hanging up the phone so the hungover girl could compose herself. Inhaling deeply, Y/N hesitantly nudged Spencer’s chest lightly.

“Spencer.” She cooed, one hand on his chest and the other hesitantly brushing his brown curls away from his face. His eyes flickered open, a sleepy groan escaping his throat making Y/N giggle, butterflies attacking her belly.

“We have a case.” Y/N murmured, bringing Spencer from his overly sleepy state as he sat up, causing hand to fall from his messy curls.

“Oh, uh, okay.” Spencer stumbled, quickly looking away from her while his heart fluttered at the sight of the girl, mind racing about last night’s events.

While they were jetting away to their next case, Y/N silently curled into the crook of the seat, making Emily chuckle lowly at her.

“Are you sober enough to be working?” Emily teased but Y/N just nodded subtly before bringing her knee’s to her chest, briefly glancing over at the doctor who had been avoiding her ever since they got to the BAU. Emily frowned at her unusual behaviour, wordlessly sitting beside her and nudging her softly.

“Hey, you okay?” Emily whispered, intense eyes observing the hunched girl.

“Yeah.” Y/N replied softly, eyes flickering over to Spencer, unexpectedly meeting his eyes as she smiled weakly. Emily followed her gaze, frowning as Spencer’s eyes drifted away immediately. Her eyes returned to Y/N, looking at her expectantly.

“I think I messed up.” Y/N admitted with a hushed voice, making Emily frown immediately at the young agents sudden comment, knowing she wouldn’t usually open up so freely about her feelings.

“Do you want to talk about it?” Emily cooed, mindlessly placing a comforting hand subtly on the girls knee but she shook her head, quickly clearing her tight throat.

“No, it’s okay.”  Emily nodded her head in understanding, standing up to return to her seat but she was quickly halted when Y/N grasped her wrist lightly.

“Thank you.”

“There have been some mix ups with the rooms, we have one less than expected.” Aaron informed, “Y/L/N, is it okay if you and Reid pair up.” Y/N nodded slightly, taking the room card from Aaron but Spencer huffed slightly, immediately pushing past them towards the hotel bar.

“You can pair with me if you like, JJ could go with Spencer.” Emily suggested, concern laced within her deep eyes as Y/N audibly swallowed back the lump in her throat.

“It’s fine.” She uttered, quickly walking past her staring friends as she made her way up to the hotel room, confusion blistered over her expression at Spencer’s blunt behaviour. Did he just say he would kiss her sober to make her happy? Was it just a way to make her stop?

The moonlight illuminated Y/N’s hotel room, Spencer was still to make an appearance. Y/N sat on the end of the bed, fingers nervously tapping on the edge of her phone as she contemplated texting her co-worker.

“Fuck it.” She uttered to herself, quickly typing out a blunt message but her mind couldn’t let her forget the blissful feeling of his lips on hers, the way he hummed contently into the sweet kiss.

“Look, Spence. I remember what happened last night, are you only avoiding me because you regret kissing me back? I’m sorry.”


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what's your favorite thing about luke?

wow that is a good question. brace yourself.

so, what i like most is that he has every reason to be an asshole yet he’s the nicest man out there. like his parabatai betrayed him and it wasn’t just a simple betrayal you know. he wanted luke dead. his soul mate wanted him dead what can be harder than this? he was privileged and then he lost his privilege. his family turned their back on him. remember cleophas calling him names like “a filthy animal”. just imagine that… like turning into a werewolf wasn’t enough already… and like after he was turned just think how hard was it. he was suicidal but his love for jocelyn and clary kept him going. the werewolves were probably so harsh to him. i mean he’s an ex-circle member who is now a werewolf. well, i would be very pissed at him, if i were a werewolf. that’s for sure. and he wasn’t even a regular circle member. he was the leader’s parabatai. i can’t even imagine how hard it must be for him. but even with all those things, he kept going good. he cared for people around him.

remember the scene where simon tries to calm him. luke taught him how to shave. like who does that? simon is his girlfriend’s daughter’s best friend (wtf right?) but luke is like a father to him too. he would do anything to keep the ones he loves safe. i’m not even talking about his relationship with maia. we didn’t even see it properly. (FUCK YOU WRITERS GIVE MY MAN MORE SCENES) anyway so as you can see he cares about everyone even tho he experienced really hard things. he could be like no one cared about me so fuck em all. but instead, he’s the purest sunshine.

and he has zero tolerance for shadowhunters like bless him. “man get off my docks” or “we never asked”. ICONIC. even tho the writers are assholes to him at least he got good lines… 

anyway i can go on for ages. like he calls clary “kiddo” how cute is that? and let me tell you clary doesn’t deserve his love… anyway that’s another issue but i would do anything for luke. simply:


Everybody has a home team. It’s the people you call when you get a flat tire or when something terrible happens. It’s the people who, near or far, know everything that’s wrong with you and love you anyways. These are the ones who tell you their secrets, who get themselves a glass of water without asking when they’re at your house. These are the people who cry when you cry. These are your people, your middle-of-the-night, no-matter-what people.

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May I request a reaction of IM, Hyungwon, Shownu, and Minhyuk when their wife tells them the news that she is pregnant with their firstborn. For Wonho, Kihyun and Jooheon please

They find out you’re pregnant with the first born

Jooheon: It was a regular day at the studio and he was working hard but there was something missing. You. Usually you’d bring him lunch so he looked at his phone and it said 2:13. You were late, as he picked up the phone to call you he heard this really fast beat with a slower beat behind it. He was really confused when he saw you walk out of the recording booth with this contraption around your belly. “Babe. Do you know what that is?” You’d ask. After he realized it was the heart beat of a baby, he started to cry. Out of happiness? Maybe. Out of fear? Possibly. But he knew that he would do everything he possible could to make a beautiful life for the love of his life and the little peanut inside of you.

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Kihyun: Complete silence. It’s been like this for minutes. Kihyun looked up at you, you were staring down at the floor crying. After seeing you cry he regretted yelling at you. Of course he wasn’t yelling at you because you were pregnant, he yelled at you because you said you would abort it. He knew that wasn’t an option. Of course it would change everything, he would have to move out of the dorm, he would have to work twice as hard. Kihyun knew it was a big task but he wanted a family with you. Just….not this soon. He felt sorry towards you because you had to carry this burden. “Jagi” He would whisper, “come here…. I will be here with you. Don’t carry all this yourself. Let me in. Let me help. Okay?” After you said yes he would sit you on his lap, heart to heart.

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Wonho: “Okay.” That’s all he would say. Because he is such a closed off person and he doesn’t want to let his walls fall. He just says okay and walks away. But later that night, he crawled over you and sat on top of you. Wonho would put his head on your belly and give it kisses. After minutes of kissing your guys baby, he would start to cry. He felt your hands go through his hair and he started to cry harder. This is something he didn’t know he wanted until he had it. Wonho is protective but he wouldn’t let you out of his sight. This was a new life form that was the purest thing in the world. Someone would have to kill him to touch his soulmate and new born child.

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hamilton characters as things i have said irl
  • alexander hamilton: NO I'M NOT DONE TALKING FUCK YOU
  • john laurens: tiny turtle bro how are you?
  • lafayette: i like bread.
  • angelica schuyler: touch me again and i'll pour kool aid on your head
  • eliza schuyler: OH MY GOD OH MY GOD I LOVE HIM OH MY GOD
  • peggy schuyler: *loud sobbing to in the heights*
  • thomas jefferson: i only like the stove mac and cheese. the microwave kind can go fuck itself.
  • james madison: she's making me do homework on a FUCKING SICK DAY JFC
  • aaron burr: this is taking forever help me
  • maria reynolds: call me slut one more time and see what happens, bitch
  • philip hamilton: imma be over here dying if you need me
  • george washington: i can't figure out how to livestream, help

I loved that episode last week 7/10 it’s so beautiful, esp. This reunion. Nobody can call that a Mother/Son relationship after this.

Firstly the way she just melts at the sight of him, he hugs her immediately, but is a little reticent, because he had to call her out for leaving him, yes HIM not anyone else, he’s upset she left him. She points out again “I can’t lose you”, they both know this is it. They are there for each other more than anyone else.

And the way they look at each other throughout that scene. He wouldn’t need to protect her if she’s not the one he loves, she wouldn’t be so scared of being around him and simultaneously unable to keep away from him and of what it will do to her if she didn’t love him. He’s worried for her, she’s worried for him.

And of course the final goodbye, he was going, but turns rushes back to hug her, he can’t just leave, they belong together, they both know that. He even draws her in closer, kisses her neck/shoulder, and she can’t resist almost following him, she sways towards him as he walks away.

I ship them forever, Caryl is cannon

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Do you think Sam is aware of the shit storm on sm of the latest pic? How do you think he will answer or react if he is asked if he is single or not at the con? ( I will never ask myself but it will come up) I ask you because you seem to have seen them interact live and because you have balanced opinions. I prefer an objective answer, so that is why turn to you... oh by the way love your blog!

Thanks anon! I’ve never seen them interact live but yes I do think he’s aware of what’s going on. He’s aware of everything (imo of course). I always think back to that conversation we had with him during the summer when he pretended he had no idea what was going on, even though he was the one who had liked that post calling us fruitcakes. I don’t think he’ll respond to any questions about his personal life. Look at the live chat a few weeks ago, he freaked out when he was asked what he did for NYE and said he was with friends. If he’s asked if he’s single then he’ll just deflect and dance around the question. He doesn’t have to tell anyone the status of his relationship if he doesn’t want to but I think it would be easier on him if he just said he has a girlfriend but doesn’t want to talk about it. 

Now that school’s over and I’ve got more time…

The kid from earlier is not some lost soul crying out for help. I tried to help him, I tried to support him, I tried to push him to the right path. But guess what? The idea that you can fix all kids through love and kindness is bullshit idealism.

This kid is a spoiled bully who thinks the world owes him something because his parents are big shots in the community. His parents give him plenty of support – especially when he does something he shouldn’t. Calling home trying to get his parents involved just reinforces his behavior, because he SEES them not give a shit what his teachers say.

And the best part – oh, the very BEST part – is that he is a professional asshole. He knows how to be a dick to everybody around him, without actually breaking rules. Have you ever had a student like that? They’re a nightmare. Because they KNOW you can’t do anything to stop them. They rule the classroom. And this particular ruler has no intention of passing, and he’s gonna take down everyone with him. Why do the work to pass, when you can intentionally fail and then say “well I wasn’t the only one”? And when a student rules the classroom, the teacher can’t do their job. If a student ruler decides they want everyone to fail, the teacher will fail to do their job. How do you solve that problem? Get rid of that student.

So is it the best policy to just kick students out? No. But when you’re in this situation? It’s all you can do. My job is important. I need to do my job. And in order to do that, Asshole needs to be in the hallway.

I’ve analyzed this kid all year. I’ve tried to help this kid. I’ve tried to get his parents involved. I’ve done everything that Omniscient Anon suggested. But Omniscient Anon doesn’t know shit about what I’ve done or who this kid is. Omniscient Anon doesn’t know anything except that their sister told them grandiose stories about how every student can be helped and – here’s the rub, Omniscient Anon – your sister is fucking lying to you. She isn’t telling you about the ones she couldn’t reach. She’s intentionally exaggerating how much her love and kindness affects her kids, because she doesn’t want you to know that she isn’t a miracle worker. None of us are. MOST students can be helped. But some just need to be stuck in the hallway, day after day.


Imagine Neal feeling bad that you don’t trust him and trying to make it up to you. 

**Sequel to “Imagine feeling like Neal doesn’t love you.” [x]**

You blinked as you watched Neal work away in the kitchen. “What are you doing?” you asked, frowning slightly.

Neal grinned, “Cooking. What does it look like?”

You smiled, “Making a mess.”

“That’s all a matter of perspective,” Neal chuckled, checking on something in the oven before moving to wash his hands. “What you might call a mess, I would call a work in progress.”

You arched a brow, “Neal, what are you doing? Really.”

His smile faltered ever so slightly, his expression turning serious. “I wanted to make you feel happy.” He wiped his hands on a towel. “Loved.” Finally, he made eye contact. “I feel terrible that you feel like I don’t love you. It means I’ve been doing something wrong.” He held out his arms and gestured to the kitchen. “I guess this is my way of making it up to you. Because I really do love you, and I want you to know that.”

You rubbed the back of your neck, unsure of what to say. “So you decided to ruin June’s kitchen to prove that you love me?”

“Yes. Because nothing says enamored like… well, kitchen destruction I guess.”

Gif Credit: Neal

r*ylo shippers trying to tell me that han and leia’s relationship was toxic because there was harassment (what?) involved??? like—oh my god—that’s so ironic. first of all, it’s very clear that han was not harassing leia. both of them didn’t know how to express their feelings (that’s called sexual tension, a definition often misused, it seems). and considering they’re both very different people with very similar personalities, that’s bound to happen. but it’s obvious, later on in esb and in rotj, that they love each other—and very much so. you see, that’s the difference between hanleia and r*ylo. you’re contradicting yourself, and quite spectacularly.

The 100 Episode 4.4 Takeaways

1. Octavia pulled an Aragorn. Somebody was watching Two Towers while writing that scene.
2. Jasper needs to go. I’m tired of him. Also, Clarke really needs to hide incriminating evidence better. And in what world is Monty not on the list?!
3. So is Octavia going to beat the Ice Nation to Arcadia? Because Skairu seemed ready.
4. Echo looks weird in war paint.
5. Loved the pep talk Raven gave to Luna. Hopefully Luna will get with the program now and they can be besties.
6. The story is moving pretty fast, and we’re only in Episode 4! I wonder if the radiation issue will be solved by nightblood before the half way mark of the season.
7. Dick move, Roan. I’m so disappointed in you.
8. Kane calling Octavia into the principals office was super funny.
9. Where did Indra go? Maybe she’ll bring backup to Arcadia? Seems like most of the clans hate Azgeda.
10. Really impressed with the lab bunker set. Looks like the adventure squad could get a lot done in there.
11. How long until Bellamy finds out Octavia is alive? He better not do anything stupid before Clarke can save him and Kane (again).