is this what they do in switzerland

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Name: Shola
Country: Switzerland
Date of birth: 17.02.1998
Height: 164cm (5′4)
Orientation: still confused about it but i think straight?
Relationship status: single
Occupation: lol
Hobbies: never had a hobby? but idk if doing gifs count? but i really don’t have one
Favourite season (of the year not Skam I know what you were thinking): spring and fall
Favourite book: hmmmm idk i have so many… but i loved “the fault in our stars” like i think that was the book that got me into reading again. And i cried like a baby
Last song you listened to: foreplay - Jalen Santoy
Coffee, tea or hot cocoa: tea
How much do you use ketchup on a scale from 1-not at all, to 5-on all foods: oh i love ketchup… so i think 8??
Average hours of sleep: i try to get at least 8 hours!!
Last thing you googled: moana (hahhahahhahahahah i am obsessed)
Last message you sent someone: it was to @kardamomme “we need to be rescued!!”

Who do you think will be s4 main?: sana
Favourite Skam character: even or isak
Biggest not canon ship: ok like noora and jonas? but like idk??? I DONT KNOW
Best Skam quote: NO DON’T MAKE ME CHOOSE!! but the one i think about a lot is: “everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. be kind. always”
How did you find out about Skam?: Tumblr

Blog created: 01 Apr 2013
Why did I choose my URL: ehhh because im deep in skam!!! 
Number of followers atm: ohooooooooooo do you really wanna know? do i really need to say this? okayyyyyyy 3,184 ………………..

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And there’s more!


I believe she is now heading to Russia.



Before the first season, Kubo and Yamamoto traveled to Beijing, Barcelona and Moscow. They clearly weren’t just trips for fun.

Nothing has been officially announced in terms of a second season yet, but guys, it’s happening. Kubo wouldn’t be spending so much money just to go sightseeing.

So yeah, I think it’s fair to say that with this, season 2 of Yuri on Ice is as good as confirmed.

You can open those Champagne bottles. Because it’s happening, guys.

It’s definitely happening.


hetabook series: #4 
     france, prussia, and spain are a force to be reckoned with on facebook

What happened in Junmyeon’s VLive:

  • he said he is in Switzerland and he is filming/shooting something
  • he showed the land behind him and said all that you see up to the mountain in the back is his father’s land, he is owning the resort lol
  • Let it go was playing as background music while he was doing the live
  • He asked us to support his song Curtain that will be released today and also to watch his web drama lots
  • He looked hot as hell in that salmon sweater and with his hair styled up
  • His voice was angel like
Secret Santa: 1st Place!!
  • America: I only want to talk, Mex.
  • Mexico: I'm not in the mood to hear more of your bullshit, America.
  • France: whoah, what's going on over there?
  • England: oh, America told me that Mexico is his secret Santa.
  • Spain and Portugal: ... good luck to him.
  • America: why are you so pissed at me for some reason?
  • Mexico: oh, I don't know, how about for fact that my neighbour has a lunatic as his leader??
  • America: do you think I don't understand that?? I'm frustrated about it too!!
  • Mexico: You're frustrated? I'm frustrated because the country that I really care about is depressed!
  • America: w-what... is that why you're frustrated...?
  • Mexico: a-u-um... yes...
  • America: because... because I'm frustrated that the person that I really like will forever hate me...
  • Mexico: ... y-you... see me that way...?
  • America: y-yeah...
  • Mexico: so... um... wanna kiss to make that idiot annoyed?
  • America: yep. *grabs and kisses Mexico under the mistletoe*
  • France and Spain: Awwwww~~
  • England: ... well that escalated quickly...
  • Switzerland: what the heck just happened???
  • Canada: sheesh, it's about time.
  • Portugal: ah, Canada, when did you get here?
An Evening at the Germanic Household
  • Prussia: I DON'T WANNA DIE!
  • Germania: What are yo-
  • Germania: Stop this at once.
  • Germany: *busts through the door* I SEE A LITTLE SILLOUETTO OF A MAN!
  • Germania: Oh come on. Austria, tell me you're not-
  • Austria: *aggressively playing piano* THUNDERBOLT AND LIGHTING, VERY, VERY FRIGHTENING ME!
  • Germania: You know what I'm done. I accept my death.
Secret Santa: 2nd Place!!
  • Switzerland: ...
  • Austria: ...
  • Switzerland: okay, I give up! Why are you following me??
  • Austria: b-because you're a stubborn person and I can never hand you this with people staring.
  • Switzerland: why are you angry now all of a sudden?? Geez, I can never understand you.
  • Austria: shut up, you don't know how hard this is for me!
  • Switzerland: I don't even know why we were close when we were younger- ... hey, what's wrong with your hands? It's all bandaged up.
  • Austria: n-none of your concern.
  • Switzerland: why do I even try...
  • Austria: s-since you're not so keen on seeing me, h-here! It's a stupid idea anyways! *storms off*
  • Switzerland: he's as stubborn as always- what the... a present? *opens the box* ... it's... my old scarf. I thought that I lost it hundreds of years ago? He fixed it for me... and made it longer... *blushing*
  • France, England, Portugal, Spain: ... *smirks*

Lesbian History:

Bryher (AKA Annie Ellerman) 1894-1983

  • in 1918 she entered a life-long partnership with HIlda Doolittle until Hilda passed in 1961
  • In 1933 she wrote a magazine article called “What Shall You Do in the War?”, wherein she discussed the situation of Jews in Germany and urged readers to take action. Starting that year, her home in Switzerland became a “receiving station” for refugees; she helped more than 100 people escape Nazi persecution before she was forced to flee herself in 1940

I asked Becky (Sauerbrunn) and Christen (Press) a million questions and my roommate Alyssa (Naeher) probably two million. I am sure she was thinking, “Man, this girl sure asks a lot of questions.” But I figured better to ask than not to ask and look like I have no idea what I’m doing, which I’m sure was still the case some of the time.

In the first game against Switzerland, I found out 10 minutes before the first half ended that Christen and I would be going into the game at halftime. I looked at Christen and sort of kicked my feet and squeezed her hand, and then Christen started telling me the protocol of what we do when the first half ended. We started warming up five minutes before the end of the half, then we went into the locker room to listen to Jill’s halftime talk, and then I figured, “I’ll do whatever Christen does.”

Then our goalkeeper coach, Graeme Abel, came up to me to go over my marking assignments on set plays and after we were done, I looked around and Christen was gone!

I had no idea what to do. Am I allowed to go out to the field? What do I do when I get out there? I decided to head out to the field and luckily Christen was already out there so I just followed her lead. Sam was also warming up so she started passing with me and she could tell I was a bit nervous. She just came up to me and said, “They brought you in for a reason. Just be who you are. Don’t try to do anything fancy, just be Lynn.”

—  Lynn Williams
  • Italy: Germany, Germany~! Can you please help me rekindle relationships with Switzerland~?
  • Germany: well it's about time you asked! Hmmmm... I would approach him doing something that he enjoys doing.
  • Italy: ve~ I see~~
  • moments later
  • Germany: *deep breaths* why.

So it’s midnight here in Switzerland, and you know what that means:

Happy New Year, everyone!

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I wish you guys all a wonderful start into 2017. I wish you all to be healthy, and happy, and content in this upcoming year. Stay safe. Do the things you want to do. Enjoy your life to the fullest. Reach the goals you have set for yourselves. And everything that is good and bright and happy for you.

It’s a new year, guys! Let’s do this! =D

Just because you can take a picture of it doesn’t make it real. Or the truth….

Christmas in Ireland with the wife, but now off to somewhere? with the female companion…and someone from faraway NC is just conveniently in the London airport and standing in that exact same security line out of literally all the other lines in all the many terminals…what are the odds of that, really??
…just way tooooo convenient. And just waaaaaay too expected too.

Oh, I do hope the suits are sending them someplace nice. My bet is Switzerland- it’s lovely this time of year, and very chic. A great place to get “spotted” too. Wouldn’t do, otherwise, no?

How the Germanics deal with spiders in their rooms:

Germania: Lives in a forest and doesn’t give a damn about spiders, as long as they keep away from his hair. The spiders respect that.  

Vash: Tries to shoot it. When that doesn’t work for example because the fucking spider is sitting on his fucking rifle what is this, he calls his sister to remove it. Totally not because he’s scared of spiders. He…really isn’t. Not at all. 

Lilli: Tells Vash to do it himself. She can admit she’s scared of them. In the end they carry whatever object the spider was sitting on outside and wait until it leaves. Lilli is explicitly forbidden to ever mention this to any other living person ever. Vash Zwingli is not afraid of spiders!

Roderich: Leaves the house. Calls someone else to do it. Either Elizabeta or Ludwig. He also moves in with his savior for a while until he’s less shaken by the traumatic experience. Someone bring him a tea so that he can calm down.

Ludwig: Says he will kill it, but actually he waits until no one is looking, then he carries the spider outside on a saucer and puts it down on some leaf. Firmly reminds the spider that this is now their secret and it can never tell anyone else. Also 90% of the time he has to remove a spider it wasn’t even in his own house - people just assume he’s the one to call when there is a spider. Pretty sure Roderich told them. 

Gilbert: Is scared of going near it and starts holding a threatening speech about how he’s so awesome and a military genius and what horrible fury will be unleashed on the spider if said spider doesn’t leave now. The spider is unimpressed. Gilbert proceeds to recount his victories over other spiders. He starts speaking about his victories in general. And about the cool things he saw. The scary things he saw. He starts talking about how much he loves his brother. And dogs. And beer. And how he feels insecure about not being a nation anymore and how he’s jealous of Roderich and Elizabeta. He compliments the spider’s beautiful webs. Actually the spider is a good listener and it’s allowed to stay in his room. They’re friends now.

Even More Love At First Sight
  • France: When France first sees his future significant other, a wave of heat crashed over him. He hasn’t seen anyone so beautiful before in his entire life! France’s heart started pounding, his face got flustered, and his stomach was filled with butterflies. France thought to himself “I am the country of love! Why am I acting like this?!” The Frenchman turned himself away from the person and took a deep breath to regain his composure. France then turned back around and walked up to the person who made him nearly faint, and started to chat them up using his charisma.
  • Switzerland: Switzerland was a giant blushing mess when he took his first glance at his soon-to-be significant other. The shy Swiss man quite nearly turned to the color of a tomato to be honest! Switzerland had no idea what to do, he has never been in this kind of situation before! “Come on Switzerland! Just because you saw this wonderful person, it doesn’t mean you’ll actually get to know them!” he thought to himself. Once Switzerland gathered himself, he nervously walked up to the person who made him turn into a mess and started a very awkward conversation with them. He got their number.
  • Sweden: Sweden’s face stayed the same when he first saw his significant other. The same old stoic face. But Sweden did stare for quite a long time at this person. And a long time means about 5 or so minutes, which absolutely terrified the person he was looking at. Sweden didn’t move or speak to them until Denmark made a snide comment about his staring. Sweden then slowly walked up to his future significant other and tapped their shoulder. They jumped nearly twenty feet in the air and screamed. Luckily after 15 minutes of a mostly one sided conversation, his significant other to-be kind of warmed up to the tall Swede.
  • Romano: Romano’s heart skipped a beat when he first laid eyes on his future significant other. “Whoa. They’re… Wow…” were his only thoughts. Romano was blushing a deep red, he couldn’t possibly start to chat up such a wonderful person looking like this! He took a few breathes and started to make his way towards them. Romano was shaking, but he had to keep his composure! Romano flirted with them for what seemed like 10 hours, but the person didn’t mind having a cute Italian boy talk to them for a while.