is this what my sister feels like then

If you, as a parent, have ever told your kids that they’re stupid, that they’re fat, that they need to lose weight, that they look pregnant in a certain outfit, that their make up looks horrible, that their haircut is crappy, that they’re not smart enough for certain things, and you purposefully drag your children down, even if you think you’re “just joking” then you are what’s wrong with society and you are the cause of your child’s insecurities.

Beyoncé interviews Solange
  • BEYONCÉ: What is the funniest text you got from our mom this week? [both laugh] That's too personal, never mind. You've got to love Mama Tina. How does it feel to have the dopest wedding photo of all time?
  • SOLANGE: Oh my God, that is subjective!
  • BEYONCÉ: "No Me Queda Mas" or "I Could Fall in Love"?
  • SOLANGE: This is so unfair! "No Me Queda Mas."
  • BEYONCÉ: And, honestly, growing up, how did I do as a big sister?
  • SOLANGE: You did a kickass job. You were the most patient, loving, wonderful sister ever. In the 30 years that we've been together, I think we've only really, like, butted heads ... we can count on one hand.
  • BEYONCÉ: I was expecting something funny, but I'll take it. Thank you.
Hamilton things (Act 1)
  • those chills you get when they say “and Alex got better but his mother went quick” 
  • the genius that is “Aaron Burr, Sir”
  • lafayette aka the love of my life
  • lafayette’s verse in my shot. Like damn.
  • "I heard your mother say come again”
  • “if you stand for nothing burr, what’ll you fall for?“
  • "I imagine death so much it feels more like a memory”
  • "ah, so you’ve discussed me? I’m a trust fund baby you can trust me.“
  • eliza??? Just??? The love of my life??
  • "it’s hard to listen to you with a straight face” in farmer refuted.
  • Jonathan Groff in general in this entire damn play because I adore that goof and will protect him with my life.
  • The end of “right hand man”, right at the climax of the song. Pure genius, honestly.
  • “We’re reliable with the ladies. THERE ARE SO MANY TO DEFLOWER”
  • “Is it a question of if, Burr, or which one?”
  • “As long as i’m alive Eliza, I swear to god you’ll never feel so-,” his voice?? when he says this?? my sexuality.
  • Satisfied. Just. Ugh. Angelica Schuyler is the reason I live and breathe. 
  • “The Story Of Tonight Reprise” Because honestly its so funny like the “oh shit” alexander says. iconic.
  • love/death/life doesn’t discriminate between the sinners and the saints
  • that “chicka blah” noise that multiple characters make in multiple songs. hamilton does it in stay alive.
  • hamilton and laurens being total otp, honestly.
  • “Ten Duel Commandments” in general but more specifically “pray that hell or heaven lets you in”
  • “call me son one more time”
  • everything Lafayette in “Guns and Ships” 
  • did i mention Lafayette???
  • “Immigrants, we get the job done” just. ugh. i love.
  • “when you knock me down I get the fuck back up again” and all of that instrumental shit afterwards because it’s honestly what I live for.
  • that cheeky “awesome, wow” in what comes next
  • Dear Theodosia was literally written about Lin’s dog because he wrote it before children were even in the picture and I think that’s honestly the most adorable thing I’ve ever heard.
  • “and i thought i was so smart” 
  • the way he says “i was chosen for the constitutional convention” in non-stop
  • those chills when they say “HAMILTON WROTE THE OTHER FIFTY-ONE”

So like, as much as we joke about it (and lbr, are totally intended to given that he’s one of the more ‘comic relief’ characters), I’ve noticed that in pretty much all of Junkrat’s canon material he’s shown having tons of attentional/memory issues. 

The biggest example is in his comic, in which he’s basically constantly forgetting what he’s doing/supposed to be doing. 

He forgets he’s supposed to be quiet.

He (despite trying harder to remember than he does with anything else, really) forgets that there are supposed to be hostages in the building waiting to be rescued.

When that cop calls Mako fat he gets upset, forgets what they’re doing, and nearly gets shot!

In this ending joke, he even forgets who’s idea it was to try and leave behind their life of crime at all (it was him). 

(And you’ve all likely already seen this, I know!) But jeez, even his little title screen animation of all things has a moment where he looks like he forgot where he was or what he was doing:

And like, obviously all of this stuff is meant to be funny, he’s a jokey character in general, I know I know. But it’s honestly a pretty irrefutable part of his character that he has problems with paying attention to directions/memory- nearly every page of that comic had him forgetting something important! 

There are tons of different things that could cause issues like his, all the way from neurodevelopmental disorders like ADHD to certain injuries, but unfortunately, since he’s such a comic relief character we probably won’t ever get a specific reason in canon. But I think it’s worth noting anyhow, being such a consistent part of his character!

(Edit: @killermage added that chronic pain can cause memory problems too, which makes sense given his missing limbs as well! So there’s that to consider)

To all my trans sisters out there who are early in your transition: Don’t be afraid to lie like hell to gatekeeper therapists, doctors, family, or anyone else who you feel you might need to in order to ensure your safety.

If you’re worried about how to present yourself to a gatekeeper go ahead and buy yourself a used copy of Trueselves by Mildred L. Brown. The book is disgusting and full of antiquated stereotypes about trans women but when it comes to gatekeepers it provides a very good insight into how they think and what they expect from you. Learn to parrot it.

City of Ashes: Summary
  • Clary: I DO WHAT I WANT
  • Jace: Daddy issues and I'm in love with my sister
  • Alec: BUT MAGNUS
  • Magnus: Fabulousness and magic all up in here
  • Isabelle: I feel like slapping all of you
  • Simon: Finally got the girl of my- oh wait is that blood?
  • Valentine: Demon party on my houseboat everyone is invited!!! xoxo
Strip Part 4

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Strip part 4

Jimin x reader

Genre: smut,mystery,romance

Warnings: strong language, smut

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(this is a message for my sister who reads the fic): Abigail do not read this chapter im like dead serious. Just come to me and i will tell you what happened okay! You won’t like the kind of stuff i wrote in this i already know.


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I am excited to connect with the Harry Potter fan base. I think that people who are receptive to J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World are also receptive to compassion and optimism. They want goodness. And I’m excited to connect with young women particularly because I feel like I’m playing an older sister to the early Harry Potter age range [of fans]. We all grew up on it together. I’m a few years older than the characters were and I want to just talk to people about what it’s like to feel different – to feel like an outsider, to grow up struggling to find my place in the world and becoming a woman. I don’t do this for the fame. Fame is ephemeral. I do this to relate to people.

“I want this to be a letter to myself on my bad days. when it feels numb, when you are drowning in the sadness, when it feels like you can’t go on anymore. Remember all you have overcome and all you have to live for. all you want to accomplish.the lives you want to change. remember leusner, maddie, and your sister. the 3 people who will always be family. remember all the nights you thought about ending it, and remember all the mornings you woke up. even when you didn’t think you could. remember that whats coming is better than what has passed. remember that you are stronger than this feeling. you have beaten depression everyday for 6 years because you are alive. even if you are not yet living. you are here and that is worth something. hang on to that. hang on to your good days. and if it ever becomes too much it is not failure to ask for help. remember to stay alive for the little boy in the backseat. you are alive, stay that way.”

my sister is a taurus and she is a beauty therapist and she does the best massages ever ever. taureans are so familiar with the form of the human body, they are so aware of what feels good on very natural and organic levels, so they know what makes others feel good. they know the contours and the maps in your spine, they read the body like a book, and the taurean hands are firm and soft, they turn something like massage into an art form

A Holy Number

(Also here on AO3)

For as long as he can remember, Will has always loved the number five.

It’s just… it’s a good number. Nothing multiplies as easily as five (though his sisters always loved to remind him about multiplying by two, or by one, or by zero, or by ten… but what they’ve never understood is that those ‘easier’ numbers just feel like cheating (also… ten is a multiple of five, so…).). You have to work a little with five. It’s something that Will’s always found comfort in. He’s never trusted things that come too easy.

He comes from a long line of fives - his great-grandmother had been one of five, and his grandmother had been one of five, and his father had been one of five. Will would have been another link in that chain, but then his parents had Abby… and look, he doesn’t want to say she was an accident (though the word has been known to rattle around in the back of his head when she’s been particularly bratty and he’s been particularly cruel), but she sure did mess up the pattern.

It’s not just his lineage either. Each one of his hands has five fingers (a worthy feat after working on the lobster boats) and each foot has five toes. And, though he’d never admit to noticing, because it’s the kind of thing Nurse would either love or chirp him over (or both), Will has a perfect five-pointed star of freckles over his heart.

So, yeah. Will doesn’t put much stock into superstition, and he usually isn’t one to look for signs… but he has always loved the number five. And it’s kind of becoming a problem.

Because Derek Malik Nurse? He’s the absolute worst… and he’s perfect.

Five, five, five. Five letters in each name (first, middle, last), five syllables when they’re strung together, five well-manicured nails on each hand and each foot, and he’s hot. He’s really, really, unfortunately hot. And he’s smart. And he’s funny. Also, just to be clear, he’s really hot. And for some reason, despite the long list of negative adjectives that Will could assign him at any given time, all he can focus on is the way his ten fingers would feel spanning over Derek’s skin, and how nice it would be to press kisses into his skin - multiples of five, and ten, and twenty. Endless kisses pressed everywhere and it’s a fuckin’ problem.

It’s a problem because it’s getting harder not to touch Derek the way that he wants to. To see if his skin is as smooth and as perfect as it looks. To test if he’s really the byproduct of some higher power that knows exactly what Will wants. A higher power fueled by multiples of five.

The whole thing… it’s just really, really, really fuckin’ annoying, because he’s in too deep.

He looks at Derek and he quantifies his desire:

5 - The syllables it would take to tell Derek he likes him;

10 - The likelihood, in percentage, that Derek could like him back;

15 - The estimated number of kisses it would take to span from one of Derek’s shoulders to the other;

20 - The amount of nights so far that Will has slept across a room from Derek on roadies this year, close enough to be near, far enough not to touch;

25 - The number of reasons why Will knows this is a bad idea - he’s got them numbered and listed in Excel - it’s very efficient;

50 - The actual, accurate number of times (because, yes, Will maintains a running tally) that Bitty has sent him a look when Derek’s around… as if it’s easy. As if everyone’s collegiate hockey romance works out for the best;

75 - The tally that he’s maintaining of looks that Derek’s given him that thill him to his core. Because sometimes a look isn’t just a look, and sometimes it feels like Derek’s in on the joke;

100 - The percentage that Will knows he’ll fuck this up.

It’s the hundred that really fucks with him… because he knows that he’s going to fuck this up. He knows it with every fibre of his being.

But - and this is the thing of it - he’s going to do it anyways. Because… he’s twenty-five reasons that it won’t work out, but they seem like nothing compared to the fives running rampant through everything that makes up Derek: his fingers, his toes, his name.

There’s a 100% chance that this won’t work out. But Will really loves the number five.

dear jack

Thank you. Just thank you so much. 

I know no one wants to hear a backstory, but I’m going to tell it anyway to make this make more sense.

 I have dissociative disorder (A literal curse from Hades himself. I wouldn’t wish this stupid illness on anyone ever.) and for the past year I haven’t been able to feel any emotions. I watch you for smiles and small bursts of happiness but it’s not like a huge difference. 

But then you brought in Anti. 
When you first brought him in during your first Sister Location I actually spat out my Sprite I was shook. I absolutely LOVED the fanmade anti and you making him cannon in a way made me scream. 
Ever since then I’ve been engrossed in the theories, hc, and small easter eggs and waiting for the 31st for what felt like an eternity (For once!) This brought me closer to the community and I am so glad you brought him into the picture. You helped me feel again. 

I doubt you would want to read the whole thing, but I just needed to put this out there for me and the entire community. WE LOVE ANTI :)

@therealjacksepticeye we love you <3

The One With All The Rap Songs

Pairing: Jace Wayland x Reader

Summary: As #Malec wins and warms everyone’s hearts, Jace realizes he wants more than just friendship with you. But the challenge isn’t just winning you over, it’s convincing Alec, who considers you his little sister, not to kick his ass for it!

A/N: tonight’s episode gave me all the feels, what about you? #malec
also, i wrote my first ‘the 100′ imagine about murphy here and a new alec imagine here! make sure you check them out! 

MASTERLIST, MOBILE MASTERLIST (you can like it and save it for later!)

Jace’s eyes travel to yours as Alec and Magnus stand in the middle of the aisle, their bodies pressed against each other as they kiss.

As Isabelle goes to congratulate them, you join her.

“I was rooting for you two,” you laugh and Alec rolls his eyes whilst Magnus sends a wink your way, “I knew I liked her.”

As Jace makes his way over you excuse yourself, rushing into the hallway and bumping into Lydia.

“What you did – it was really kind and brave,” you smile at her.

“Thanks,” she smiles back, inhaling deeply, “He deserves to be happy.”

“Hey,” you give her hand a reassuring squeeze, “So do you.”

“And you,” she whispers, her eyes traveling over your shoulder, “Piece of advice: If it feels right, then it is right. Nothing else matters. Alec showed all of us that today.”

She nods knowingly before turning away.

“Y/N,” Jace’s voice interrupts and you turn around to face him, crossing your arms over your chest and swallowing hard.

“Can we talk?”

“About what?”

“About what just happened.”

“What are you talking about?”

“I saw the way you looked at me when I was standing up there.”

You chuckles, “You mean the way I usually look at you when you’re standing around look adorable,” you giggle ruffling his hair.

He catches you by your wrist, “Don’t do that. Don’t deflect and act like we’re just friends.”

“Are we not friends?” you furrow your brows together.

“We’re more than that and you know it.”

“Jace,” you laugh, “I think you’ve had one too many.”

“How long are you going to act like there’s nothing between us?”

You pull your wrist out of his grasp, “Cut it out,” you hiss, looking around to find a few eyes on the two of you, “You’re drunk – go sleep or walk it off,” you grumble, walking away from him and he follows.

“So that’s it, huh?!” he calls down the hall, storming after you, “You’re just going to pretend tha-“

You place a hand over his mouth, slamming him against the wall, “Stop it,” you glare at him, walking back in the direction of your room and slamming the door.

Moments later there’s a quiet knock and the door creaks open.

“I’m sorry,” Jace whispers, plopping onto the bed next to you.

“What is wrong with you today?” you squeeze his hands and he stares at it in silence, using his other hand to trace patterns into yours.

“I guess I was just seeing what I wanted to see,” he sighs.

“And what’s that?”

“That you love me. Not as a friend but the way I love you. The way I need you like I need air to breathe and eyes to see and-“

I don’t need a rap song about it,” you laugh and he chuckles, “Right…”

“Jace, I love you-“

He shakes his head.

“But there are some things that are too precious to throw away.”

“And there are something worth risking everything for,” he pleads.

“I don’t want to lose our friendship,” you inhale sharply, forcing a smile.

“I can’t keep pretending.”

“Why today?” you ask, standing up, “Why bring this up today?”

“Because I saw the way you looked at me. When they were talking about love and commitment – I saw it in your eyes – you love me. You’re in love with me.”


“Tell me you don’t,” he interrupts, “Tell me there isn’t a bone in your body, a beat in your heart-“

Again with the rap song,” you scoff and he rolls his eyes, pulling your hand onto his chest and placing it over his heart, “Tell me your heart isn’t doing the same thing.”

You suck in a sharp breath, “Jace, at one point you thought you were in love with Clary too.”

“And then I realized I wasn’t – I realized she was just a distraction from what I really wanted; you.”

“Jace, you’re just confused. With the wedding and all the emotions running high. Maybe you just need someone, not me, just someone.”

“I have been by your side since the moment we met and I have never left it. Because I love you.”

He says it with such certainty and sincerity you can’t help but let your guard down for a second. Jace steps forward, “There. Again. I saw it in your eyes.”

The room falls to silence.

You couldn’t say you hadn’t thought about it. There was something about Jace that made everyone fall a little and you had fallen hard. But you had seen the way people got hurt around him. First Alec and then Clary. You couldn’t risk admitting what you felt and going down the same path. Alec and Clary had recovered but you knew you wouldn’t be able to. Jace had pulled you from the edge one too many times and if he wasn’t there then there would be nothing to keep you from falling. It was selfish but Jace held such an importance to you that even your own feelings weren’t worth jeopardizing it for.

“You guys coming for cake?” Isabelle interrupts.

“The wedding was called off?” you laugh and Isabelle shrugs, “Doesn’t mean we can’t have cake.”

“Be there in a sec,” you call and she nods, disappearing back into the hallway.

You pull Jace’s hand into yours, staring up at him as he looks down at you, “Isn’t what we have right now enough? What more is there?” you squeeze his hand.

His lips crash into yours, his fingers running through your hair. When he pulls away, his eyes meet yours with uncertainty, as though he was scared you would punch him in the face. When you don’t, he clears his throat, “I want to be able to do that.”

“So, being friends with benefits would be good enough then?”

Jace shakes his head, “You don’t get it.”

He bites his lip, “It’s more than that. I want to spend every moment with you. Being able to hold your hand and remind you that you’re loved and that there’s no one in the world who could love you more than I do. I want to be next to you when you fall asleep and when you wake up. I want to fight alongside you and one day I want to save you even though you never need saving since you kick my ass in combat every day,” he pauses, “Y/N, I’m in love with you and I can’t put into words what I want… but I want more than this.”

Before you can even think twice, you’re arms are linked around Jace’s neck as you press your lips to his, his tongue pushing through them as he lifts you up, letting you wrap your legs around his waist. He walks to the bed, laying you down, letting his fingers trace across your collarbones as he presses tender kisses all over them.

“Knew it!” a voice hoots in the doorway and you and Jace jump apart, adjusting your clothing as a crowd gathers in the doorway.

“You owe me ten dollars,” Magnus chuckles and Alec scowls, slapping a bill into his hand.

“What’s going on?” you ask, wiping at your smudged lipstick as you catch your reflection in the mirror, “I thought you all went downstairs for cake.”

“Oh we did until Izzy told us you two were up here having a serious conversation. You see, we’ve all had a long running bet as to whether or not the two of you would hook up. I saw the chemistry where Alec failed to,” he flaunts, waving the bill in Alec’s face.

Alec snatches it out of his hand before his eyes travel to the two of you and he frowns, “What are you both? Animals? Shut the damn door.”

You nod in embarrassment whereas Jace stares at you with a self-satisfied smirk, walking towards the door to shut it before Alec’s arm shoots out and holds it open, glaring at Jace.

Cake. Downstairs. Now.”

“But Alec-“


You both nod and everyone leaves, Alec’s voice echoing down the hall, “You have one minute! 59, 58, 57, 56…”

“I’m so going to get my ass kicked,” Jace sighs, wrapping his arms around your waist.

“Should’ve thought about that before hooking up with someone whom Alec considers his sister.”

“I think it would’ve been less painful to hook up with Izzy. Alec’s even more protective of you because you’re so short and- OW!

“You were saying?”

“Nothing,” he grumbles, rubbing his shin, “This is going to be one painful week of training…”


“Coming!” you call out, slipping your hand into Jace’s and pulling him alongside you.

A/N: make sure you check out my new alec imagine here and my first ‘the 100′ imagine with john murphy here

It’s 6 am, I have to leave for work in 30 minutes but… I had some sleep and time to think. The Irene thing bothered. Hugely! Like, when I heard that text, my stomach flipped and dropped down to my feet. Because surely not… after all this time they wouldn’t…

And no. They won’t. Irene is doing what she did in ASIB; she makes them open up. She makes them try to talk about what they’re feeling and she succeeded (unknowingly?) this time. John stays. John talks. John cries and allows Sherlock to see it, to hold and comfort him.

We don’t know what Sherlock texts to Irene. We haven’t seen the texts like we did with John (SHERLOCK’S SISTER?! Freudian much?!) and it wouldn’t be the first time Irene mentions John. They could have been talking about John for all we know. Sherlock could be asking for advice?

However… this wasn’t the time. John was forgiving Sherlock, he was coping, grieving. For Sherlock to come out now and tell John the truth, would have been misplaced. This was laying down the groundwork, smoothing the pavement. Garridebs will come in TFP (three Garridebs, three Holmes’), the masks and walls will crumble and all will be laid bare.

It is what it is.

Eliza: So what is it? No, I mean I know you’ve been trying to tell me something

Alex: No, nope. ugh. How?

Eliza: Keeping a secret disagrees with you sweeite

Alex: This isnt like that mom

Eliza: Does it have anything to do with maggie? you mention her a lot.

         My beautiful Alexandra, why is it so hard to tell me

Alex: I feel like im letting you down somehow

Eliza: Why would you being gay let me down

Alex: You always wanted me to have a regular life

Eliza: look at the life you’ve lead, you and your sister. I didnt expect you to have a regular life. you were always gonna be different. you were gonna be exception. i love you however you are

Prayer request

I know it always seems like I’m asking for these, but my sister was diagnosed with breast cancer yesterday.

We don’t know how bad it is yet, but we just lost one aunt to cancer a year ago, her sister had breast cancer at the same time, and that sister’s husband died of ALS earlier this year, so it just feels like blow after blow for our family.

So if you can spare a prayer, a kind thought, or a good vibe for my sister, I’d be so grateful. She’s one of my best friends, and I don’t know what I would do if I lost her.

anonymous asked:

things you said when you met my parents, thanks :)

Hello anon! I wasn’t sure about posting this fic but then I wrote it and changed my mind. It’s my first prompt, I hope you like it, and thank you for sending it! :)

Also, thank you so much to the wonderful @xfile-cabinetx for helping me with perfecting it! Thank you so much!!

“Sooo..?” she asked curiously, wondering about the lack of words from her usually talkative partner as they were driving away from her parent’s house. 

“Sooo what, Scully?” Mulder simply replied. 

“Well, you just met my parents, and my sister, and you don’t have anything to say?” she asked,  a bit frustrated about his lack of communication. He was silent a moment before talking.  

“I feel like some sort of magic trick has just been revealed,” he muttered through his teeth as he chewed on his sunflower seeds. 

“What’s that supposed to mean?” she said rather tensed, already regretting her tone as she wasn’t interested in arguing. 

“Nothing, Scully. Nothing,” he said in a sluggish manner, focusing on the road.

“Well, I’m sorry I asked you to come. Had I known it would make you feel like this, I-”

“I’m fine,” he stopped her. 

“Yeah, just like you’re fine when you call me at 2:00 AM to go through cases?” she countered, as she stared at him, wanting to shake him in case it would make him snap out of his brooding frame of mind. He didn’t answer but she could see and feel him thinking as he parked in front of her building. She didn’t want to get out, not like this, and he didn’t ask her to.

“I’m not sure where I fit in, if I fit in at all,” he said thoughtfully, gripping the steering wheel hard enough to make his knuckles turn white. 

“My family isn’t like yours,” he continued. “I don’t have a supportive father who, despite being disappointed with my life choices, still finds it important to be loving and encouraging. I don’t have a mother who finds it natural to greet me with a hug and a genuine “how are you?”, and.. I don’t even have a sister.” 

“Is that what’s bothering you? That you don’t have a family like mine?” she asked puzzled, wondering if it had been a mistake to kiss him just a few weeks prior this evening. 

“Yes. No! Scully, I don’t want to ruin anything. You’re too good, you know? And I just feel so stupid. Of course, of course, you’d have a lovely family. You don’t end up like this if your family is a complete mess like mine. Tonight just made me see things more clearly, like the magic trick has been revealed,” he said airless, without meeting her eyes. “It isn’t bothering me that my family isn’t like yours, not anymore. I’m used to it.”

“Mulder, you have to understand that I would never have asked you to come with me tonight if I didn’t want you to be there, to let you in, and to be part of my family,” she reassured him. “But I can’t help but wonder if it was a mistake to kiss you,” she continued as her mind wandered to that night they had kissed. She’d lie if she said she hadn’t been thinking about him for some time in ways that weren’t work related, but she hadn’t planned that night in the car at all. 

It was his birthday. They’d been out for dinner at a restaurant Mulder had picked out. He didn’t drink that night because he had insisted on driving her home. When they got to her building, he had reached in for a quick peck on her cheek to say thank you. As he lingered there, his stubbles lightly brushing her jaw, her face flushed, like every blood cell were trying to escape through her skin. She was paralyzed, his intoxicating, familiar scent overwhelming her. She had whispered his name, let it linger on her lips for a second or two before he had reciprocated a breathless Scully. Then he had turned his head slowly, brushing her cheek with his soft lips, as his hands had put a few loose strands of hair behind her ear. With her eyes closed, she had felt his lips delicately on hers, barely there at first, but then fiercely as his tongue had lightly touched her upper lip. She had let him in, had dragged him closer with her hands on the back of his head, no longer unable to move. She had wanted all of him right then and there and yet she had stopped. Or he had. She couldn’t remember and it had made her doubt herself in the following time up to now. It had made her invite him home to join her for a family dinner. It had put her in this unbearable situation. 

“Do you regret it?” he choked. 

“No,” she replied. 

“But I regret not having this talk before I invited you home to meet my parents.” 

“What would you have said then?” he asked, finally meeting her eyes with his.

“I would have told you that my home is your home. I would have assured you that I’m not saying yes to anything my heart isn’t in. I would have kissed you again,” she answered, her voice shaky as self-doubt overpowered her. 

“What’s stopping you from kissing me now?” he asked.

“Doubt,” she whispered. “That you’ll regret it.” 

“I don’t regret anything, Scully,” he simply said, touching her little finger with his. “I just don’t want to hurt you or your family, like a cancerous disease,” he whispered. 

“You won’t,” she whispered against his lips before kissing him once again.

An Even Season WOULD NOT be a repeat of season 3 and heres why

Okay so I don’t know, some of you guys who have been following my blog for a while now, might have picked up that I’m just ??? not an angry person. I like naming every single fly I see and leaving messages like “be happy” and “What’s a pigs favourite pizza? MUDLOVERS!” on the fogged up mirror after having a shower… but like recently my sister told me something that made me 


I was telling her for the millionth time how much I love Even and I couldn’t deal with how much I wanted and needed an Even season and get this, 

THIS is what she said to me: (note: please read the following in a very high pitched annoying voice that you would give someone you dislike when retelling stories)  “ew omg noooo i would hate that! omg that would suck so much and make me so annoyed.” 

Me, getting super confused and just feeling so attacked: “um what? why? what?” 

Little smelly sister: “Because omg we’ve already had evaks story! That would be so silly to do it again! it will just be season 3 all over again. Would be SO BORING”

Okay I know, I was so angry I just….couldn’t think straight and then it made me think: Did other people feel this way? Do people actually think an Even season would be an “evak” season and not a god damn Even season???? 

Because listen, that is bullshit and heres why:

1. Last season was not about Evak. 

Sure it was part of the storyline, Isak falling in love with a boy that made him see the world differently and face all of the insecurities and issues he has been repressing since season 1.

- Religion, 

- Mental illness, 

- Knowing that it’s okay to ask for help, 

- Being true to yourself, 

- Learning to accept yourself and 

- To not let fear of an uncertain future stop you from truly living life. 

Those were all of the things season 3 was about and I think it is an insult to Julie and Isak, to say that his story was just about his relationship? No. Season 3 was so much more and it was about Isak

2. Even is more than a love interest. 

oh my gosh, Even, Even, Even. This character proved to be so much more than I initially thought, the first time I laid eyes on him. This boy is amazing. He is 19 years old yet he has been through so much more than we can even imagine. He is kind, charismatic, creative, he draws silly pictures, makes movies that no one but Even himself could think of. He loves so much and smiles so bright, yet at the same time he is dealing with a serious illness that could easily control his entire life, yet ??? he is at school, trying to take charge and give himself a fulfilling happy life despite the illness that hangs over his head and tells him that he doesn’t deserve that, that he isn’t worth it. There is so much essence and potential to his character that, I just cannot see him as being just a love interest. he truly deserves to have his story told but it’s more than that…

3. His story NEEDS to be told. 

Most of my life I have spent so much time feeling things that i don’t understand and that i’m even ashamed of for feeling. How many times have you thought to yourself “no one understands me” “I am alone” How many times have you felt like no one in the entire world could possibly feel or make sense of the things you feel? 

The thing is we all have “the brain is alone” feelings but the worse part is feeling too ashamed to talk about it and believing that you are alone in how you feel. Having an Even season not only means that we have someone to represent everything that we feel and can’t put into words, someone who we can relate to and show us that if they can live a life with an illness and not let it take control, then, maybe we can too…

But it also gives a chance for people who don’t quite understand mental illness, to literally be put into the mind of someone who does and live the life of a person with bipolar. 

I can’t even fathom how brilliant that would be. Not just for people who need someone to show them they aren’t alone and how they too can fight back and be worthy of a happy life despite the illness that tells them they aren’t, but also for the people who are confused about mental illness and would like to learn more. Even can both educate, and relate to us all. 

and oh my gosh can you just imagine how brilliant that would be? Not only will we all be brought together but for once, we can talk about the things we feel and go through, without feeling ashamed and silly for feeling it. 

Because if Even Bech Næsheim, the most beautiful, sweet and charismatic guy on earth feels like this, then what is there to be ashamed of? What is there to hide? Maybe Even’s season can finally make us feel safe enough to talk about it, safe enough to not be alone.