is this what it's like to go insane



I wanted to make more people for this set but I got lazy cause it took so damn long- but I am happy with what I managed to finish!

First is Mark and Jack, who have no money for costumes so they make ones with things they find in the shack and what junk Ken gave them that the costume store was gonna throw out.
After a while though, as the night goes on, Mark stays in character a little too well, Jack realizing that its linked to the pink gem he gave Mark as a necklace, with approval from Bill Cipher (Its a crystal that causes insanity and chaos-)

The rest are just other kids in costumes- I really like them all- Here’s little junk to go with the pics just for you guys who like any kinda story-

  • Jack added to his costume by putting a plastic green fang in the spot of his missing tooth
  • Mark’s knife turned out to be a real one and Jack only found out when Mark started to stab Jack-o-melons.
  • Cry doesn’t join civilization after he gets found and stays in the cave with the Sup Guys by choice, and keeping on his mask by choice. Felix is one of the few people who is his friend and is chill with him keeping on the mask and living in a cave- So, with a marker he finds a way to incorporate Cry’s mask into his costume-
  • It was definitely Phil’s idea to put whiskers on Dan too, even if it didn’t match.
  • Vanoss and his friends constantly fight and roughhouse for fun, hence why he straight up punched Delirious.
  • Not sure how well those could be considered costumes since everyone except Nogla dresses like that the rest of the year anyways- atleast the masks-
  • Vanoss was almost given a cape and hat in that picture to be “Hoo-dini”
  • Alternately, Vanoss was also almost BatOwl, but I went against it cause then I wanted to make regular masked Delirious instead of Batcoon.
  • All the photos except the first one seem to be taken from shots inside the Shack (and I’m just realizing this now) so I’m dubbing it that before they all went trick-or-treating, they met up there.

i get trying to sell your show cause $$$ makes the world go round etc. but calling your series finale groundbreaking, insane wish fulfillment, TELEVISION HISTORY, something that will be difficult to pull off, and saying you lost your mind writing it is just so extra and so unnecessary and not what i would say if i was just marketing my usual stuff i’d be like “wow it’s very exciting and entertaining and fresh and cool and you definitely wanna tune in wow it’s gonna be so so cool”, not all this emo shit…. and there is just NO WAY the whole cast and crew would say all this about tfp and look like they genuinely mean it………….. 🔍👀

ok we all know how íþróttaálfurinn is an elf, yes? well let me just tell you this, icelandic elves are not like what u see in movies. like no. 1 rule about icelandic elves is don’t fuck with them or they will either make u go insane or steal ur babies. they might do it anyway even if u do nothing. also don’t mess with the rocks or the hills where they live or ur cursed for life. if an elf tells u to do something u better do it bc u’ll get a reward and everything will be good but if u don’t…. hoo boy u gonna regret it

can we just talk about how insane Pewdiepie is?

He recently uploaded a video called Can this video hit 1 million likes? and lets just say that he got well over a million likes. But that’s not what I’m so surprised about. Its the views to likes ratio that’s so mind boggling insane. Like take a look at this.

This is Marks first FNAF video ever. It got about 54 million views but less than 500,000 likes. Only .8% of people liked the video.

Next is Jackseptice’s FNAF 2 Animation with about 57 million views. Sadly it only got about 200,000 likes. That means only about .4% of people actually liked the video.

Next is the ever popular Ever After by Paint (go sub to him he is beautiful). It rightfully got around 65 million views and got an amazing 1 million likes. But that only means that 2% of people liked the video :( still good tho

Now lets take a look at Pewdiepies shitpost of a video. This piece of shit got 6 million views and 2 MILLION LIKES. Around 33% of people liked the video. You’d expect the bigger videos to have a better Views to Likes ratio, and if not that then have more likes.

It’s funny because even I liked his video and I didn’t like any others. I think that really shows how actual content is appreciated less than shitty and clickbaitable content. Thanks @pewdie for opening my eyes and showing me how dysfunctional youtube is. I’m sad now.

I feel sick so sick. Our government is enforcing its awful rule. There are protests in front of government. Ppl asked how they judge the work of the government: 50 % said they’re horrible and only 4 %said they’re great. That’s a sign. Because right now there’s shit going down in Polish politics. We’re getting invigilated, mothers with dead babies are signed in just in case for future reference bc what if she aborted her baby??? Also there are prolife majors getting opened in some unies? Like it’s stupid and insane?
The government is passing harmful changes behind our back during the night. They don’t want the media to see them so they changed the law in a way that the press can get to only some places, they can’t monitor the work of the government.
I want to cry. I’m feeling so disgusted. What is going on here? We were at such a good place, in the EU, growing economically even tho we still stay conservative but it was slowly changing. Now it’s all getting destroyed. Our government is breaking our Constitution.
I’m fucking crying. Ppl probably won’t care about it anyway since we’re not the UK or the US but just if you read that, thank you. It means a lot to me

Dear Clace Shippers

Okay guys we are about to enter season two which we all know is going to be rough for Clace shippers so remember a few things.

  • Dom & Kat are not allowed to say anything about when or where the truth will come out. Dom is very focused on his own story arc & that’s okay because its insanely important for the character. Kat has been promoting climon alot again that does not mean she does not love Clace…..that’s just where her story is going at the moment. Besides I’m pretty sure Dom & Kat are allowed to talk about very little.
  • Don’t let the BUT ITS INCEST get you down. Yes their is a part of this fandom this fandom that is just plain mean. They know what the truth is & just want to post hateful comments. IGNORE THEM. There will always be the ones that don’t like your ship & that’s okay. Don’t let anything or anyone ruin what you love about this show.
  • POST ABOUT CLACE. Just enjoy whatever we get. I love Clace & no matter what we get this season I will enjoy every second.

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Have you heard of the one story, I forget the name but, it involves a guy going to a haunted house under the promise of if he makes it out he wins like 10k dollars and at first its easy stuff but then it just cascades into pure insanity? Anyway, do you know of any other stories similar to that? Like uhm, rabbit hole stuff? Thats the best I can describe it as.

Are you referring to No End House? There’s no 10k involved but seems similar to what you’re asking -

Exams are dumb. School is not dumb, learning is not dumb but placing a paper in front of a kid and making them sit an hour or more in a room doing a paper that frankly, is far harder than they should be doing at their age, is dumb. I’m sure Mozart didn’t plan for his pieces to be played as music in a GCSE exam, to be tested on, he made his music to be enjoyed, to put his feelings across. I’m sure Thomas Hardy didn’t write his novels, poems or short stories to be analysed in an English literature exam. It’s fucking stupid. The amount of pressure put on kids is fucking insane. And guess what the government wants to make GCSE exams harder? Its fucking shitty, to me exams only show how good of a memory you have. My head feels like its going to explode from the amount of information it’s trying retain and remember for exams. The stress makes me feel sick. I get it. They want to see where we are in our learning. I appreciate exams get us into university etc…But what if my classwork gets an A* but my paper gets a D what does that really show? Half the information goes out my head the minute the exam is over with. Then you have to cope with everyone talking about the exam and how you realise all their answers are different from yours, and you’ve probably failed. The worry you feel until you get your paper back. The disappointment you feel when you get you’re paper back and you see you haven’t done as well you hoped. Or your parents, or your teachers had hoped. Failure. Disappointment. I don’t see how any of this is fair and I think the government really need to spend a fucking day in our shoes. Pressure is placed on us far too prematurely. ( I didn’t mean to post this as a quote it just is )

I guess what I’m saying when I say “I miss Harry” is that I miss seeing Harry in motion? Like…these pics are all well and good when we get one or two, but I miss seeing him compulsively fixing his hair, or breaking into a grin, or demon-noodling around the stage to egg on fans, or going insane during “No Control”, or using his hands to gesticulate wildly when asked a simple interview question…

I miss just watching Harry be Harry. He’s so much more than just his perfect, beautiful face/body….and I miss him.

“I hope you never have to know addiction, I hope you never have to feel this pain. I hope you never know what its like to slowly go insane. And what its like to be an addict on the verge of pure catastrophe, losing all of lifes direction hoping for a tragedy.

I hope you never have to know addiction, and all its evil wicked ways, waging wars inside yourself each and every day. You’d sell your life, you’d sell your soul, both so quick to go. Morals, standards, self worth, all out of the window.

I hope you never have to love an addict and know how quickly bridges fall, I hope you never have to lie awake waiting on a call. The call that says if you’re alive or dead or in a jail cell.

I hope you never know addiction, or the evil things it wills. An illness that began a choice, this I swear is true. Every day struggles led to wishing I was dead. When I was sick and going through it all the wars are in my head. A love and hate relationship I caught the heroin bug.

Cant sleep, cant eat I need and want the drug. I hate myself and all my choices ever since i picked this poison. Do it, you need it, its pure insanity. Constant chaos in my head, pure calamity.

I hope that you can see how sorry i am that you ever loved me. Im sorry you loved an addict.”

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I need to get this off my chest. My heart still aches after 2 years of not seeing this one guy. We didn't even date. I don't even know if he ever liked me. He never said it. But the way he looked at me made me nervous, like the feeling you get before you descend on a roller coaster— thrilled anticipation for what was about to happen. I don't think of him often but when I do kick myself bc its been 2 stinking years and it feels like freaking love. Is that even possible??! Gosh I feel insane.

do you know who the guy is? if so then just send him a text or something saying like “hey, we haven’t in a long time. how you doin’?” it doesn’t hurt to try. If you really think that he could have some sort of feelings then go and try to have at least a friendship with him at the beginning. First you’ll take your mind off that douche and move on with your life. If you think that maybe it’s love why not try to see what’s out there? It doesn’t hurt to try and at least you’ll have some answers after 2 god damn years!

Last December, a doctor told me to get an MRI and see him again three weeks later to go over the results. I wanted to scream, “Do you understand what its like to schedule an MRI?”

I did — I had done it three months earlier. I knew it would require his office putting together a justification for the scan and sending that to my insurance company. That usually took a few days or a week. Then the insurance company would need to preapprove the scan. That usually took a week or so — and another few days before I received a letter notifying me of the decision. Only then could I schedule the procedure.

But for my doctor, getting an MRI was simple — he just had to ask me to do it. It reminded me of something Montori said in our interview.

“Patients can often become the health care system’s free labor,” Mayo’s Montori says. “The health care system knows that patients are motivated, that they want to get better. So it gains efficiencies by transferring the work.”

Unpopular Opinion:

Why was everyone okay with Heath Ledger’s portrayal of the Joker, but not Leto’s? They’re both serial killers? The only difference is Harley Quinn’s association. Suddenly we’re up in arms, because a director portrayed a kind of fucked up, yet cute relationship between the Joker and Harley Quinn? Sure back in the 90’s the Joker and Harley’s relationship was abusive, but as soon as a director changed it and made it more suitable for modern times people go fucking insane because it’s not like the comics. So which would you prefer?

1. The original version which portrays women as disposable punching bags?

2. The new version that is suitable for a younger audience?

Either way you’re still throwing a hissy fit about the relationship between two psychotic criminals.


Everyone keeps asking if I’m ok.

And to be honest Im far from okay. I live everyday with this habit that eats away at my very core. It used to be something I did,became what I use, and now its who I am. I can’t go one single fuckin day without needing to take a hit. It sucks to be honest. I’m really considering getting into a program at this point. I dont have a single clue with what Im doing anymore.

I told myself things would be fine and things would work out, but somehow I got lost down the road. I dont know where I’m going, dont know what to do, because the only things I knew how to do were write music,do drugs,and love. Im starting to want something else. Something new!

Something beyond this world of being an addict. When I had the money I was buying big amounts just because of high my tolerance was. Its insane! I dont like the route i administer the drug. But its the best way euphorically.

But I’m scared in losing my mind. The voices,the paranoia, the fear of things unwanted I feel that are coming my way. Its not fun,the fun is long gone but I keep using to get more fucked off? Whats the deal? Someone anyone please help me

I’ve never been more depressed, I have absolutely no one to go to and all I want is to be happy. Drugs or death. Thats how I truly see it.. What else is there for someone like me?

me @ all the people smart enough to be making theories for Wings

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Me: *reads the first chapter of Vanitas no Carte*

Me: I love these characters already! Vanitas and Noe are brilliant. I wonder what will happen in the future and what Mochijun has in stall for us.

Me: *reads last page of the chapter*

Me: …

Me: *laughing hysterically and insane*  What did I expect? A happy ending??? Of course it will end in a pool of blood and tears!