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Parrot of the Week 6

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Scientific Name: Strigops habroptilus

Classification: Kingdom: Animalia > Phylum: Chordata > Class: Aves > Order: Psittaciformes >  Family: Strigopidae > Genus: Strigops > Species: habroptilus

Conservation Status: Critically Endangered; there are 153 as of 2016

Other Common Names: Night parrot, owl parrot, tarapo, tarepo

Average Length (wild): 23 – 25 in, 58 – 64 cm

Average Weight (wild): 2 – 9 lb, 0.95 – 4 kg

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Average Lifespan: 58 years, but have potential to live into their 90s. Their exact lifespan is unknown. Researchers in the recovery program will know when the kakapo hatched in the recovery effort die of old age, which could be decades from now.

(Above: Historic range; Below: Current range)

Native Range: Used to live from the far north of the North Island to the south of the South Island. Now they are only found on offshore islands that are protected areas without introduced predators. It is not believed that there are any left on the main land of New Zealand, when the recovery program began they were all captured from the Fiordland National Park and brought to protected zones. They currently live on Codfish Island (Whenua Hau), Little Barrier Island (Hauturu ao Toi), and Anchor Island.

Naturalized Range: N/A

Natural Habitat: Formally from sea level to near tops of mountains. They are ground dwellers who live in forest substrate and scrubland.

Flock Size: They are solitary, gathering only to breed

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Call: Loud screeching “skraark

Breeding: They do not breed every year, as they will only breed when there is enough rimu fruit.

Breeding season starts around December and lasts until April

They engage in “lek” breeding, which is when the males compete for female attention. They are the only parrot species and New Zealand bird species to do this.

The male inflates like a balloon, and then emits a low boom which can be heard from up to 5 km away. This lets any females in the area know that he is ready to mate

After 20 -30 booms, the male emits a high-pitched ‘ching’, which pinpoints his position, allowing females to find him

This booming and chinging can last for 8 hours nonstop every night for 2-3 months during breeding season

(Above: Booming Sketch)

Nesting: The female lays 1-4 eggs. They are similar in size to chicken eggs and will hatch after 30 days. The female raises them by herself, and has to leave the nest at night to search for food. After 10 weeks, the fledglings leave the nest, but may still be fed by their mother for up to 6 months.

Wild Diet: The berries of the Rimu plant (see picture) are their favorite food. They also eat parts of other native plants, including the fruits, seeds, bark, bulbs, leaves, stems, mosses, ferns, fungi, and roots. Species include pink pine, stinkwood, Hall’s totara, and mountain flax. When food species that are important to their diet become abundant, they feed exclusively on it.

    Currently, they are also fed pellets, freeze-dried and frozen fruit, walnuts, and pine conelets by the recovery effort.

Sexually Dimorphic: Yes, the males are larger

Description (wild): The upper side of their body is green with random black, brown, and yellow barring and mottling. Their underparts are a yellow-green and have irregular yellow and brown barring. The face is yellow-brown and the beak is grey and smaller in females. The primary wing feathers are tipped with yellow in males and green and brown in females. The tail is green and brown with yellow and black barring and flecks.

Color Mutations: N/A

Noise Level: Loud

Talking Ability: N/A

Personality: They are nocturnal and solitary and roost on the ground or in trees during the day. When disturbed, they freeze, trying to blend in with their background.

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Behavioral Concerns: They are not equipped to deal with human intrusion and introduced predators, which caused their numbers to decline rapidly. By 1970, there were only 18 males left in Fiordland. In 1977, a small population of both males and females were found.

Health Concerns: Recently there has been an increase in cases of “crusty butt”, which is a viral infection that causes the cloaca to become inflamed, and presents like severe dermatitis. 

It is still unknown what is causing the virus and if it is infectious. There has been one death due to this infection, and treatment, a topical cream, seems to only help some individuals. 

As of now, it is only found on Codfish Island, and has been since 2002. 

It is being taken very seriously and is being closely monitored, with research being done to learn more about it.

Aviculture: N/A

History in Captivity: Some young chicks are raised in captivity as part of a Conservation attempt to save the species. Conservation and recovery of this species has been going one since 1977, when a population of both females and males were found on Stewart Island.

Fun Facts: They are the largest parrot species in the world (by weight) and possibly the oldest living bird!

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Sirocco, a male kakapo born March 23, 1997, was raised in captivity due to a illness that required he be hand raised and quarantined from other kakapo. He now thinks he’s human and is a conservation ambassador for the kakapo. 

He proved that kakapo can swim, after deciding to join one of the rangers’ family who were swimming in the ocean. He jumped off the jetty and paddled around for a bit before going back to shore, completely nonchalant. 

He is also the kakapo who made his species famous after “shagging” Mark Cawardine on the BBC series “Last Chance to See”. 

You can follow him on twitter @Spokesbird

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Humans Are Weird

I’m jumping on the Humans-Interact-With-Aliens bandwagon!
Okay, so, general behaviors varying wildly between humans and aliens??. And humans are just really perceptive at recognizing emotions (it comes with being social by nature) and good at consoling their crew-mates. 
(This totally sucks. This is me doing a draft. I’m going to have an actual short story that uses some of this up in a bit. Sorry for the odd/cruddy names, I have never written or really read sci-fy XD )

“Is everything alright, Wixi’nan?” a Human approaches Wixi’nan, arms splayed out wide and movements slow. Their voice is lower and softer than usual, which causes the thick brow on Wixi’nan’s gray skin to furrow and xir’s appendages to crack and elongate in frustration.
“I am fine.” xir’s tone is clipped, xe regards the dark eyes of the Human designated “Asper” with caution. “Why ix-ith- you’re language ix quite complicated-  it that you ask? I am performing my dutieth in a perfunctory and timely manner; if what you fear that my efficienxy has declined thince laxt we were met, then conthern yourself no longer.” Most Xota’ilianths would end the conversation there, as that would be their only concern until work was over. However, the Humans operated differently.
The Human nodded their head decisively, short hair bobbing with their movements. “Right, you’re sad. Follow me.”

Wixi’nan was loathe to admit, but Asper was right. It was just that Xe was supposed to be working, and complaints were rude and seen as a negative reflection on xir’s leader, so xi has stayed silent. Xe shadowed the Human’s soft steps with snaps and hisses that came from xe’s movements.
A door slid open with a chirping whir, and the Human pointed at a lump of stuffed cotton, “Sit.” Gentle sounds started emitting from the ship’s speakers, and xir’s antennae shot up and twitched wildly, face flushing to a dark color in preparation for fight. The sounds of waterfalls and what Humans called “piano” and “bass” soon soothed xir’s frayed nerves, however. It might be the “music” that the Humans talked of, but it sounded different. Xota’ilianths much preferred chanting and more structured sounds- patterns relaxed them. Xe sat, noting that the pile of stuffed cotton- called “pillows” by the Humans- was surprisingly comfortable. A mug of- *something*- was shoved into xir’s hands; xe briefly noted that the Human was so SMALL in comparison to xem.
“Do you want to talk about it?” the Human sipped at her own- *something*- as they inquired as to xir’s problems.

“No. Now, what ix thix odd drink?” It was good, xe admitted. As a semi-cold-blooded specie, warmth was to be appreciated.

Xe would not have been surprised if xir’s abrupt topic change offended Asper. It would, certainly, offend many of xir’s own kind.
Xe was startled when Asper simply went, “Okay. And hot-chocolate.” Before delving into stories: history and historical differences between their cultures (”Humanth have more than one culture?!”  “Oh, yes. We’re all quite spread out, you see, and so we developed according to different conditions and out cultures grew around our environments!”  “Fascinating.”), interesting things that had happened to them (What is a Gern?” “Believe be, A’pen, you do not wish to know.”). After conversation tired, Aspen offered Wixi’nan a book, and in silence they enjoyed the comfort of being close to another.

It was at the beginning of the next half-rotation of the nearest planet that the duo would awaken, in what Aspen referred to as a “pillow-fort”.

“Thank you, A’pen.” Xir’s large hand engulfed xir’s new “friend” ‘s. “Your name might mean ‘rough’ and ‘harsh’, but it clearly is no reflection of you

“Any time, Wixi’nan.” Aspen flashed a grin, before her facial emotions completed disappeared, startling Wixi’nan, “But you doubt the Human race and their ability to destroy and surprise; specifically. *my* ability to be totally wicked!” Another grin, and Aspen was off. The Human was off to investigate the “dangerous” beast, she scoffed. She had seen videos of it, it was TOTALLY an oversized puppy with a forked tongue, wings, claws, and what looked like armored fish-scales. Why did aliens not realize that a friend comes in many shapes?

what i really want from lucifer is luci inadvertently bonding with trixie bc this smol child has adopted him as her weird uncle like:

  • trixie inviting lucifer to tea parties and lucifer being too polite to decline
  • (“there’s no tea in these cups, child, are you quite sure your mother didn’t drop you”)
  • chloe interrupting truly horrifying games of make-believe like “the teddy bears have finally decided to exact their revenge against the barbies using a little technique from the spanish inquisition known as strappado. you humans invented that one all on your own, did you know? it’s delightful.”
  • lucifer helping trixie with her homework????
  • (“i can’t believe they expect you to learn anything reading this drivel, why would the tree let the boy chop her down like that, it’s absurd, she should’ve strangled him with her vines when she had the chance. what rubbish. have you read bulgakov?”)
  • trixie teaching lucifer SCIENCE and the two of them making lightbulbs out of potatoes (”I AM THE LIGHTBRINGER”) and setting off baking soda rockets
  • (chloe like “i shouldn’t be surprised you two get along so well, actually, since you have the maturity of an seven year old”)
  • lucifer being weirdly appreciative of lilo & stitch
  • lucifer trying to teach trixie how to play the piano!!!!!!!!
  • trixie wanting a puppy and lucifer maybe trying to give her an actual hellhound
  • “i cannot BELIEVE you slept with our lead suspect what were you THINKING” “mommy are you mad at lucifer because he likes boys, because it’s okay for boys to like boys, lucas p. has two moms and they’re really good at making snacks, and mrs. m says you need lots of different colors to make a rainbow” and chloe gritting her teeth and sighing and explaining that she’s not mad at lucifer for that, of course it’s okay he likes boys, she’s mad that he, uh, made friends with this particular boy, thanks a lot lucifer
  • lucifer being weirdly overprotective over this small child that he definitely doesn’t care about, nope, not at all
  • lucifer accidentally learning about humanity and family and kindness from the decker girls despite his best efforts
  • trixie asking lucifer to pinky-swear that he will take care of her mom while she’s out fighting crime, and his word is his bond
  • trixie bringing lucifer to show-and-tell like “this is my friend lucifer he plays the piano he solves crimes with my mom he’s really funny he likes cake and he’s from hell”
  • “a boy and his dog”, or a girl and her prince of darkness, lord of flies, ruler of hell, the adversary, etc etc

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does danneel actually have boob implants and did the ackles do ivf for the twins?? theres a blog hating on her for lying about why she got a boob job and not raising awareness for breast cancer and saying she got ivf without telling jensen

Danneel has stated in the past that she got implants after having tumours removed from both breasts. However, whether these tumours were benign or cancerous was never mentioned. 

It is worth mentioning that regardless of whether they were cancerous or not, I will say this: many women who do survive breast cancer do not like to speak of it, even if it is to raise awareness. My mother had breast cancer when she was the same age as Danneel and she does not speak of it to this day, no matter what the context, because it was a traumatic experience. And if Danneel’s were benign, then well… her doctor likely removed the tumours and that is usually the end of the story with most benign tumours. Not much to raise awareness about in that aspect. 

As for the IVF, whether the twins were conceived naturally or through IVF is none of our business, nor does it make a difference. 

I will add however, as a pre-med student, that the likelihood of conceiving twins is greatly increased after the age of 35, in women. This is especially true if the woman’s maternal family has had twins before. Women over 35 produce more follicle stimulating hormone, which can often cause them to produce two eggs per cycle. Fraternal twins develop when two eggs are fertilized. Danneel was 37 when she conceived Arrow and Zeppelin, who are fraternal twins, and she has said that the twins are more common on her side of the family so… do with that information what you will. Her story matches the science enough for me. 

Edit: source for the last bit.

Beemsterboer, S.N., Homburg, R., Gorter, N.A., Schats, R., Hompes, P.G.A, Lambalk, C.B., (2006). The paradox of declining fertility but increasing twinning rates with advancing maternal age. Human Reproduction, Vol. 21 (No.6), pp. 1531–1532.

Headcanon that Sorey had absolutely no idea that Alisha had a crush on him.

Think about this from his perspective. He had, up to this point, one friend - but he was, well, Mikleo. So Sorey has no idea how to act around a human friend, a girl, at that.

So, he’s cool with her. He’s nice. He’s super happy when he discovers that she believes in the Seraphim! And she had read the Celestial Record! How cool is that?!

He’s confused when people ask him about their relationship - Alisha is so cool, how they could not be friends?

She wants to become his squire? He agrees - he will finally have a chance to introduce her properly to Mikleo and Lailah! And she will be able to see how great Mikleo the Seraphim are!

She wants to hold his hand as a “goodbye” in Marlind? No problem. He does similar thing with Mikleo, after all - though the fist bump is more intimate, because it’s their thing. And maybe that’s a way that human friendship looks like?

She hugs him while crying after Maltran’s death? She needs him to comfort her! He isn’t a monster, he will help her get better! That’s what friends do, right?

She asks him if he would help her in Pendrago? He declines, he has his own duties, but she will manage, will she? Of course she will!

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Hi, I love your blog! Question: what do you think of Edward Ferrars? I feel as if a lot of people on the internet dislike him, but I can't see why. Do you like him as a character?

Thank you so much! :)

I think every Austen ‘hero’ has some flawed element about them which humanizes them. Certainly since we spend less time in their company than the heroines and, socially, none of the men are ever at risk of suffering the decline of genteel poverty if they do not marry, so altogether I’m less inclined to be as sympathetic to them as I am to the ladies they eventually wed. Of course Austen’s heroines are human and flawed, too, but it’s just made a lot easier to generally bash on the dudes because they have fewer excuses for being fuckups, honestly. (Except Emma Woodhouse, like, honeeeey STOP.)

I think the issue encountered with Edward is that he’s not as dashing as other heros, in the Austen canon in general, and in S&S in particular. There’s Willoughby to first compare him to–dashing. as. fuck. Then there’s the Colonel, who, though older and more reserved than Willoughby, has a sensitive and poetic soul, the true courage of an active soldier, and the deep passion of a romantic gentleman. Edward is dreadfully prosaic by comparison! And he was foolish enough to be ensnared by Lucy, at a young age.

It’s very easy to slag off Edward; and, as a lot of more sensitive young readers might more readily identify with Marianne sooner than steady, cool, rational Elinor, the temptation to agree with her judgements of Edward is immediate and powerful. Edward seems to bumble about the plot, inadvertently messing with Elinor’s feelings, and we despise him for putting her in the position she ends up in as a jealous Lucy’s confidante.

BUT, I gotta admit I have a soft spot for ol’ Ferrars. In his defense, he’s kind of perfect for Elinor, and that’s the point. Marianne has finite, naive, and shallow ideas of what True Love ought to look like, and writes off every other possibility as Lesser. Elinor doesn’t want High Drama and all that rot…she wants someone companionable, honourable, and kind. Of course she doesn’t escape being touched by the agony of love, because in a weird twist of ironic fate, she cannot wholly command her heart quite as well as everyone (read: Marianne) seems to think she can and does, and she and Edward experience their share of lovelorn misery thanks to misunderstandings and the constraints of duty.

Point The Second: Edward was very young and naive when he engaged himself to Lucy. He later admits that he very quickly realized how awful an idea this was once he’s gone and lived a grown-up life around literally any other people for even a short period of time; and it’s only because he was a young man, kept idle, in the company of a pretty girl determined to make herself pleasing to him, that he made a foolish promise. His misery has been low-key ongoing before he even appears on the scene in the book. His grim acceptance of his eventual fate as Lucy’s husband prevents him from even letting himself think of Elinor as a possibility–he honestly doesn’t believe himself to be attractive enough a prospect, and figures he is not exerting himself to please as a man might attempt to please a woman to gain her regard, because they just get along in a friendly way and they’re sort of almost family, after all. In this weird grey-area limbo, disaster strikes and they both find themselves caught up in their affections before they realize what’s going on, and before they can stop it. Should Edward have been more guarded? Possibly. But again, Elinor’s coolness of manner and level-headedness is well-known to all her friends and family. In the style of Jane Bennet, Edward might have felt his heart unfortunately involved, but may have doubted Elinor’s returning his feelings in the same fashion.

Ultimately, Edward’s mistake in attaching himself to Lucy is no worse than Marianne’s attaching herself to Willoughby–and better, for Lucy and Edward don’t even really love one another, so there’s zero heartbreak in their eventual split. And Edward’s honour and chivalry go a long way in absolving him for some of the inadvertent crap he pulled. Eyes wide open, he knowingly severs ties with his mother (and his inheritance) to keep a promise made long ago, in error, to a girl he cannot even respect, because he knows how cruel and damaging it would be to her if he were to give up the engagement, once it was made public. Such promises, even held in secret for years, were a huge deal, and to break them could have even meant legal repercussions–though given the Steele’s comparative poverty and the Ferrars family’s money, it’s likely they could have bought their way out of any suit brought against Edward in the courts by Lucy. No, Edward sticks it out for honour. It was wrong to make the engagement, but it would be even more wrong for him to be the one to break it. Lucy is the only one who can release him from it, and, thank fuck, she does.

A common theme in Austen is the danger and misery of marrying without affection–and, in several cases, the worst marriages are the ones where there is not even a shred of respect between spouses. This would have been Edward’s willing fate, and though it breaks our hearts to think of so strictly denying oneself happiness, it’s a sign of how deep his personal convictions are, and how admirable his sense of self-sacrifice, to keep his own terrible, foolish promise. Certainly, in intentions, Edward was more than ready to pay for his mistake for the rest of his life.

If Elinor is willing to forgive Edward, I certainly am, and I think, by the end of it all, Edward has certainly suffered just as much as Elinor, (even, I think, partially believing that Elinor might be likely to go on to marry the Colonel, mistaking their friendship for some deeper connection,) and was prepared to suffer a great deal more, in marrying Lucy, that his quiet bravery and steadfast honour make him a hero worth liking.

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I got a wave of anger burning in me. Louis lost his mom, he's trying to figure out where he fits in the music world,he's basically reinventing himself. And then you have Miss stuck up her ass Calder swooping in and literally STEALING HIS THUNDER. AGAIN. AS IF FOUR YEARS WAS NOT ENOUGH FOR HER. Had to offer herself up for more because she's selfish, if she were a decent human she'd decline b/c she knows her past presence drowned out his identity. She should feel ashamed even more this time around

there wasn’t any excuse the first time around but there DEFINITELY isn’t an excuse this time she has to know what a detrimental effect her presence had on him especially towards the end
My Inner Beast - Northernreign - 終わりのセラフ | Owari no Seraph | Seraph of the End [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 17/?
Fandom: 終わりのセラフ | Owari no Seraph | Seraph of the End
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence
Relationships: Hyakuya Mikaela/Hyakuya Yuuichirou
Characters: Hyakuya Akane, Ichinose Guren, Rokurou Amane (Yuu’s Father), Hiiragi Shinya, Lacus Welt, René Simm, Narumi Makoto, Crowley Eusford, Hiiragi Shinoa, Saotome Yoichi, Kimizuki Shihou, Sanguu Mitsuba
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Yuuichirou is a young werewolf who finds himself awake one evening in a human orphanage.

To avoid being executed, he desperately tries to conceal his true identity from the “monstrous” humans who- along with the vampires, have been responsible for his kind’s slow decline into extinction. But over time, he comes to know one particular human boy who will help him learn to embrace his humanity, not resent it. Together they will overcome countless fated tragedies with the sheer power of will and love alone. Each event will bring him closer to the answer he has been seeking for almost a lifetime.

Just who really are the true monsters in this world?

The vampires?

The humans?

The werewolves?

Or himself?

We’ve noticed TFP Optimus’ plating is always scratched up, right?

What if Miko noticed and always offered to help him out with it, offer to polish his armor and always pouts when he politely declines. That doesn’t stop her, though, so she manages to convince Jack and Raf to ask him, as well. Jack just goes along with it, because he’s known her long enough to know she’ll keep bothering him until he says yes. And Raf agrees because he wouldn’t mind helping.

So Optimus has to keep declining when the three humans ask him every couple of days and just shoots Ratchet a look whenever he hears him snicker.

But the first time he agrees is when he regains his memory and comes back. He notices his plating is scratched everywhere, even his window shields. So when Miko asks after Ratchet fixes his injuries he agrees.

Miko’s in shock before she’s jumping for joy and runs to go get the supplies and yells at Jack and Raf to get ready.  

So Optimus is in his vehicle mode while the three humans work hard, and just sits there contentedly.

Phenomenology and the “Crisis” of the Sciences

Husserl and Heidegger often speak of the sciences in “crisis.” Yet what does this mean? Why do they think the sciences are in crisis?

They’re actually referring to a debate taking place in Germany after the First World War. To understand this debate, we need some history.

Let’s start by talking about the German University model.

Beginning in 1810, the German University (designed by W. Humboldt) unified all of the faculties under the guidance of the philosophy department. Further, physics, biology, mathematics, and other sciences were all done in philosophy departments. The natural philosophers were fully informed of the major innovations by the great philosophers. Humboldt believed in a “unified wissenschaft” where all fields of study were unified into a body of knowledge. Philosophy, as the leader of the faculties, could provide this unity. Before WWI, only four universities in Germany had separate faculties for mathematics and physics. Anywhere else, you studied math and physics in the philosophy department. (the other majors, listed at the beginning of Faust, were law, medicine, and theology. Philology also becomes somewhat independent at some point).This changes after 1914, when a large amount of students seeking technical training and class mobility quadruple the student populations.

Simultaneous to this large increase, the humanistic model gradually becomes abandoned and the natural sciences and mathematics begin to take on a life of their own, independent of philosophy.

These changes in the structure of the university coincide with “crises.”

At the same time, there a number of “paradigm shifts.” Heidegger talks about these as “crises.” The most famous is the crisis in Newtonian mechanics caused first by relativity and then by quantum mechanics. The other crisis is the “crisis in the foundations of mathematics,” the problem that Husserl began his career working on (the debate was between formalism and intuitionalism). Biology experienced a similar debate, Heidegger mentions it in Being and Time (and devotes lectures to some of the problems in biology in 1930). 

These “crises in foundations” were seen to be the job of philosophers. Previously, philosophy had provided the basic research paradigms for (at least German) science.Heidegger and Husserl were worried that the fracturing of the sciences from Humboldt’s idea of a “unified Wissenschaft” to many diverse and unconnected specialized departments will fracture their unity. In 19th and early 20th century Germany, the big name philosophers would develop basic concepts for the sciences and then other natural philosophers would take these concepts and apply them to different areas of study.

The two major responses to the “crisis” of the humanities were Spengler’s Decline of the West and Weber’s Science as Vocation. Spengler, in Nietzschean fashion, sees the West as falling into decline and decay.Weber recognizes that everyone is looking for vocations from the university, so he argues that “research is a vocation/calling,” encouraging the new flood of students to pursue science as a career choice.

What’s the worry, then? 

Husserl and Heidegger are worried that science has become divorced from philosophy. This is what the essay “What is Metaphysics?” is about. They inquire into “beings as a whole, and nothing else.” But what is this nothing? (Of course by “this nothing,” Heidegger means “being itself”).So basically, you have: (1) Major changes in the organization of the faculties, moving towards specialization. (2) Major crises in the basic concepts of the sciences, seen as the job of philosophers.The worry, of course, is that the crises will never be solved, but the sciences will just take off on their own. Unified, systematic knowledge will be lost, and while philosophers will try to clean up the mess, no one will really care or notice.

Are these critiques relevant today?

Husserl died while people were still largely aware of the crisis. He was in conversation, for example, with a lot of analytic philosophers who saw logical analysis or positivism as a possible solution. (He actually gave his lecture on the Crisis of the European Sciences to the Vienna Circle). Heidegger, on the other hand, continued working until the late 1960’s. In the 1950’s, he begins to talk about cybernetics as taking over the role formerly played by philosophy. Previously, philosophy had determined the being of beings, providing a metaphysics for an epoch. Now, Heidegger argues, information technology plays this role. Instead of taking their guidance from “first philosophy,” the sciences simply try to represent data according to workable informational models as “data.” Heidegger says that scientists today have even become unconcerned about whether such models are “true” (in an absolute sense). Instead, they are looking to find a data model that works. Alongside cybernetics, Heidegger thinks that technology has replaced philosophy as the goal of the sciences. Previously, philosophy was considered “the mother of the sciences.” Now, technology and a technological way of thinking plays this role.

What can phenomenology do?

Phenomenology, for Husserl at least, tries to give a firm foundation for the sciences. For Heidegger, it goes back to “Being itself” to see what makes any foundation possible. It tries to think the source of all metaphysics, not to ground the sciences in a new metaphysics.You can have a consistent philosophy of science from phenomenology. Yet both Husserl and Heidegger see, say, physics, as operating in a different region of being than phenomenology. Phenomenology defines the objects of perception and physics works with these same objects, but not “as perceived,” rather “as mathematically represented." 

Could we do a phenomenological science?

Perhaps so. The basic goal of such research could be to always ground scientific concepts in direct experiences, to take things back to an experience of the things themselves.

“quit complaining about ur mental health, u just want attention”

yes, i do want attention… humans are social creatures and my mental health has been declining rapidly bc i dont get attention and no one ever asks me whats wrong. its how human beings work.

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Can you do companions reacting to Sole getting pregnant and having zero idea who the father is?

Cait: “Jesus… so ya’ got no idea who the unlucky guy is?” Seeing Sole was a bit upset after that she put her arm round them “Don’t worry, we’ll get ‘em… adn then I’ll knock his feckin’ teeth out ;)”

Codsworth: “Mum, do you remember at all who your last partner was? It could really help in solving this mystery”

Curie: “It is simple… we take DNA test, yes?” Curie’s pre war data was sensible but it’d be near impossible to follow through with the idea out in the Commonwealth

Danse: “Oh god… it’s not elder Maxson is it???” Danse knew what happened when Sole and Maxson  slipped away together to come back an hour later with ruffled hair and hastily put on clothes

Deacon: Slips into a disguise and slips away, he isn’t seen for a while :3

Hancock: “Hey… don’t look at me doll, but trust me… we’ll find this guy” No one would get Sole pregnant and scarper on Hancock’s watch

MacCready: “Shit I mean er… darn, this is big…” Mac wanted to help Sole as best he could in finding the father of Sole’s baby, being a father himself he knew the importance of being there for your kid

Nick: Launches an investigation and searches tirelessly to find the guy who resembles the account Sole gave him

Piper: Similar to Nick she goes and finds out what she can in an effort to help her friend/lover, find the guy who got her pregnant.

Preston: When he finds out he immediately asks Sole if they want him/ the Minutemen to try and find this guy, when Sole he declines he has Sturges keep an ear open anywa for any word on the matter

Strong: “Bah! No concern of Strong… as long as Human fight!!” did not bother him in the slightest as long as Sole could still kill a raider or two

X6-88: Starts going round questioning all the other male companions, “If I find out who this person is… there’ll be hell to pay…”

Getting back to the reactions! A quick one as it’s gone midnight here, enjoy guys! :D

Paladin Danse on flirting:

He doesn’t react or he over reacts. Community base assumptions become: (a ) he must be dumb, (b ) he must lack all understanding of basic social communication, (c )  he must be a dick.  

I realize many people understand this is not the case, and yes, I know there will always be some who reduce characters down to the most easily understandable stereotypes. However, please, please, I am pleading with you to look closer at his personality before you knee-jerk label him and portray him in such a way.

Danse reacts this way for multiple reasons.  In part it is his position.  He is your mentor, your teacher, and your commanding officer.  Even if not explicitly against Brotherhood code of conduct, there is a certain boundary within the social hierarchy that make this an uneasy situation.  

Then there is his self loathing, self doubt, and PTSD.  He thinks so little of himself that he doesn’t believe he could possibly be on the receiving end of romantic love from the Sole Survivor, or deserve it for that matter.  Even when he hears it and recognizes it as flirting, he believes it is either not directed at him or he is misinterpreting it, and so he disregards it. When you plainly bring your feelings to him he is surprised or put off because of this.  

It would never be that way with me, Danse.  I care about you too much to let that happen.” He instantly recognizes that you are flirting and either declines or begins awkwardly fumbling over his words.  

The fumble is also due to multiple reasons:

(a ) As he reveals once romanced, he has “…been alone for so long that sometimes (he) doesn’t know how to act around you.”  Literally this man has not had human affection in his life within relatable memory. Of course he is at a loss for words.  

(b ) He is assessing the situation.  There is no way on Earth anyone could make the claim that they can overcome anything fate may have in store for them, and that is exactly what you just said to him.  

(c ) He is interpreting and reinterpreting what you said because, even if that was DEFINITELY flirtatious dialog, he still doubts himself and doubts his own value as a human being.  Why would you be saying that to him?  How could you possibly find that kind of interest in him?

(d ) He’s not sure if he wants to let you that close.  He closed himself off to the world so that he wouldn’t have to feel the pain of loss again.  His hesitation is also because if he accepts then he is opening his heart and soul up to being wounded once more.  

There is so much more to this man than the stereotypes so often pasted across his person.  <3

Time Out.

Hey, so I’ve been away. And I could make excuses. The honest truth is that people with Lyme Disease are the victims of a lot of doubt, and I’ve gotten madder and madder about it. My gifs just weren’t giving me the same catharsis. Then something happened last week that set me off, and now, I’m in fighting shape again. SO: This is a lot of text, but please, if you or someone you know have Lyme, take a minute to read it. It’s got a hell of a tirade for doubters of your diagnosis. It’ll have you like

It’s important that you join the fight. After this post, regular gifs are set to return, with the occasional post for justice for Lyme. Content after the break. <3

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The Beauty Behind The Grim Reaper

This is the ghost of my past who never gave me closure.

This is the shadow of the chair in my hotel room when I am tortured by insomnia.

This is the outcast who challenges the norm and forges their own path.

This is the woman with strong, rugged hands, and owning it.

This is temptation following an addict’s every footstep.

This is The Grim Reaper reminding me to savor each moment of every day.

This is the person who is ashamed of their body because of hegemonic standards of beauty.

This is the gay man feeling afraid to come out.

This is the man masking his vulnerabilities because he thinks they make him appear less masculine.

This is the widow in mourning, trying to reach out and feel life again.

This is my reflection when I feel like nothing because I compare myself to others.

This is the maturing woman who feels pressure to hide and defy the natural signs of aging.

This is the wall inside the head someone battling mental illness.

This is the genderless state I felt after being called a prude as a teenager.

This is the desexualization of myself after being labeled a slut as a woman.

This is the misunderstood and overlooked second-class citizen.

This is the celebration of fearless self expression in the face of judgment.

This is a remarkably beautiful and ominous photo of my sister Yasmine. It was taken by our friend, Jack McKain, in the back alley of a retro neon-lit motel in Los Angeles’ Chinatown. The moment was captured on film camera as Yasmine was retreating inside a piece of sheer, black fabric that we spontaneously purchased during our photoshoot escapade.

I am scared of this photo, yet drawn to its profound nature. Haunted by the fear of some people interpreting the figure as offensive and threatening, I am far more possessed by its aura of universality. What I love about this piece of art, besides my sister, is that it transcends race, ethnicity, religion, age, and time. It can be whatever you want it to be.

If this image resonates with you because you see a victim of sexual assault living in shame, then let it give you a voice after years of internalizing fear.

If you see a burka in the photo, then let it open your eyes to the individual complexities that exist past the barbaric, one-dimensional representations of Muslims in the media.

If this cover art challenges your expectations of a young woman’s image in the music industry, then let it encourage you to think outside the box and challenge the status quo.

In what sometimes feels like atomized society, I often feel emotionally detached from the experiences of others. I forget to imagine the perspectives of people outside my bubble, especially while living behind a screen. Growing up in an era that breeds competition and emphasis on unique individuality, our sense of humanity is often lost, and power of community often neglected.

Our open-mindedness towards envisioning the experiences of other humans affects our dialogue on a personal level, and from there it has a ripple effect that influences communication in our families, social groups, and then communities. There is no such thing as enough rights, enough peace, and enough equality.

My grandfather Muhammad Yusaf once preached to me that living and thinking in a stagnant state is actually retrogression. With the decline of empathy in our society, we have to consciously practice taking the perspective of others to advance towards having a more tolerant world. Empathy is what allows us to cooperate and unite.

Despite different contexts, behind the veil we all experience the same threads of emotions. The seams are imaginary borders that divide us. Let this be the fabric of humanity that reminds you that we are all one.

On Why Rose and Alisha Don’t Work as Sorey’s Love Interest

Besides the obvious.  I mean, that’s why all of you guys are following me, right?

For the purposes of this discussion, I’m actually going to ignore the periphery material (interviews and statements made by Baba, for example) and focus purely on material presented to us in the game, because that’s what 95% of players on the gaming board discussions have access to.  Also, it’s actually pretty much in line with what Baba says regarding the two girls: Alisha’s world is too different from his, and Rose’s his foil.

Cut for length, because if the last few posts have told me anything, is I get long winded when I start throwing story analyses around, lol.

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Headcanon Submission

Lately, I’ve been reading a lot of SuperCat fic. Okay, that’s a lie, lately I’ve been reading almost all of the SuperCat fic that I can get my grubby little paws on.

I’m seeing a common theme in some stories that has me a little confused because it is the complete opposite of my own headcanon. Some fics seem to have Cat shying away from Kara’s touch, sneering at the fact that Kara is a cuddler and saying that she isn’t. And while I can see this could be possible with her personality type, I think we’ve seen some fantastic evidence that it’s simply not the case.

So, I’m submitting for approval my headcanon that Cat Grant is a cuddler.

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Jane Foster's cancer

Jane declined to be magically cured or receive any kind of magical treatment to even ease her pain and suffering. And it’s REALLY IMPORTANT that she did. She /has/ to have faith in human healing, because think about it, if she just gets the magic cure, how could she ever go back to being a nurse, caring for the sick, and watching them suffer and struggle through their treatments when she herself took the easy way out? How could she look them in the eye? And where do you draw the line? What makes her more deserving for a “magical cure” than anyone else? She happens to know Thor so no cancer for her, but fuck that mother of four in room 36C, right? She doesn’t get magical cures because she’s just a school teacher.
It’s not that Jane doesn’t /want/ a cure or has unwavering faith in human medicine. She is honor bound to respect her mortality.
It’s what makes her worthy.

anonymous asked:

Kiridai vampire AU where they're really hungry so they feed on their s/o ? (With their consent of course)

under read more for length!

Hanamiya punched the wall. You jumped and took a step back before he resumed his storming through the hall. The street was swarming with night watch men these days, leaving Hanamiya trapped inside without any source of…well, blood.

“God, why can’t they just leave?!” He bellowed, kicking a book he had left on the floor. He had tried reading, drawing, even knitting to try to distract himself from his growling stomach but nothing worked.

“Why can’t they just LEAVE.” he rested his head against the wall and clawed the wallpaper. “It’s…it’s not fair!” He screamed.

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