is this what he does at work

*Justice League Conference Room*

Clark: Alright, now that we have finished up those few items, I have one last thing on the agenda. We received a video resume from a young man with an interest in joining the league.

Ollie: We accept video resumes?

Clark: Not generally, but because he has trained with and worked alongside Batman, I figured we could make an exception.

Bruce: *Stoic silence*

*Video begins to play*

Jason: *In Bruce’s hot tub with his helmet on and a large Margarita in hand* Hi there, my name is Jason Todd. And I’m here to tell you why I would make an amazing addition to the Justice League…

*Five minutes later*

Diana: What does he mean by his fighting style is… “Arya Stark with guns”?

Bruce: *Groans*

7/9. Constantly sending Dean snaps of you and he won't admit it but he finds the filters you use to be cute.

A/N: I put these two together because they really worked. 8 probably also could’ve fit, but I just went with these two. Not my prompts, just my stories. Enjoy!

Word count: 680


“What the hell even is that?” she hears his loud voice yell through the bunker, and she stifles a giggle.

“I make a cute ass bunny!” she yells back, biting her bottom lip.

She waits a few minutes for him to send a response, but he doesn’t. He never does.

That doesn’t deter her, she’s determined to get him to send at least one snap eventually.

She already knows that it’ll take a while. Hell, it took almost a month of convincing him to make him actually download the Snapchat app.

She gnaws on her bottom lip and flips through the filters, looking for a good one.

She pauses at the flower crown, smiling to herself.

Oh, he’d get a good laugh out of this one.

She takes a picture of herself, adds a caption, and sends it.

“Another one?” he crows moments later, and she grins to herself as it shows that he’s seen her message.

Within seconds, he’s peering into her room from the hallway.

“A basic white girl?” he raises an eyebrow as he refers to her comment.

“The dog filter and the flower crown are the basic white girl filters,” she explains with a grin to him. “All the girls use them.”

“You do realize what you’re saying, right?” he asks, giving her a look.

“Oh, allow me my one guilty pleasure,” she sticks her tongue out at him. “This is the closest I get to being a girl.”

“Yeah, but you don’t have to send me pictures every few minutes,” he tells her, and she shoots him a look of her own.

“If you just responded to my snaps I wouldn’t send them all the time,” she cuts back. “All it takes is one little message, or a cute picture. That’s it.”

“I’m not going to send you a picture,” he tells her for the fourth time today. “This thing is dumb, anyways.”

She gasps and feigns being hurt. “Are you saying that all those cute selfies I send you are dumb?”

“They’re not cute, they’re weird,” he shakes his head. “And get out of bed, your last three snaps have had the same exact background.”

“Ooh, you’re learning the lingo already!” she gasps, and he groans before he walks away.

She smiles to herself and debates on sending him a really strange snap, maybe the toilet face one. She finally decides against it, that she won’t bless him with such a picture until he starts sending some back of his own.

“I’m still waiting on a snap!” she calls, knowing that he’s still within earshot.

“You’re not gonna get one!” he returns, and she exhales, frowning to herself.

Maybe she needed to think outside the box…

She sighs and looks through what she’s got, and finally decides on her last snap for a little while.

After fixing her hair and sitting up so that it wouldn’t be the same background as the pictures from before, she takes a picture with the black and white filter with bright red lipstick.

She’s pretending to blow him a kiss, just the slightest bit of cleavage showing that adds a sexy flare to the picture.

No caption on this one, just the picture and send.

She doesn’t hear any comment from this one, but she sees when he opens it.

A symbol appears, and she bites her lip.

“They’re not cute, huh?” she calls.

“What are you talking about?” he returns in an even voice, but she has all the proof she needs.

“The one I just sent you,” she informs him, as if he doesn’t already know.

“I just got your flower one, nothing else,” he says, and she shakes her head.

“Liar!” she yells back, racing down the hall to find him. She walks into his room and smirks. “Nice try, though.”

“I haven’t gotten one, Sweetheart,” he tells her as she walks up to him.

She looks him in the eye as she sits down on his lap and straddles him, looping her arms around his neck.

“I can see that you screenshot it, Dean.”

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Does Raul have two different colored eyes? I'm watching an SVU episode and I swear his left eye is lighter than his right.

Well, while I can’t know for sure, being that Raul and I haven’t spoken in some time (read: ever), I am willing to do the work.

And by work, I mean…

…and that’s just a small taste of the arduous amounts of research I put into your question.

On the Heterochromia front, I would definitely say he doesn’t have two different colored eyes. What MIGHT be happening is that his eyes pick up shadow/light/reflection more so than someone with darker eyes. I’ve also found with my green eyed family that their eyes don’t always look the same shade.

So, I imagine it was just a trick of light/lack of light and camera angles.

Thank you for your question. I hope this answer and the above references are to your liking.

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I feel so selfish asking all these questions. But I love your answers and so what am I supposed to do? D: We all know that the regular students aren't *supposed* to try and talk to the idols, but does that mean none of them would take the risk if they saw an opportunity? A distracted teacher or one of the idol students falling behind the group?

So I decided to combine these because they work so well together.  :D

Yuuri laughed and brushed his hair back.  Almost two years done.  It was hard to believe that he thought he’d hate this school when he came, but he didn’t.  Kanon-chan waved and headed into the classroom.  He’d only come for half a day since he was flying out late afternoon for almost a solid 24 hours of travelling.  He hurried down the steps.  He was supposed to meet Riku outside the gate.


Yuuri spun around, wondering who was calling out to him.  It was another student, a girl, second-year given the color of her tie.  He smiled and held up a hand.  That’s what Shuji-kun did whenever one of the girls from the regular classes started calling out to him.  “Acknowledgement without getting in trouble.  It’s important to be nice to your fans,” is what he’d say.  Yuuri blanched at the idea that he was assuming that the person was a fan of his.  That was… well, ridiculous.  He was just an ice skater, nothing spectacular.  He was fairly good at it, but it wasn’t like everyone in the country watched ice skating.

He turned away, but the girl was running up to him.  Did he have something on his face?  Was she trying to save him from embarrassment by walking off campus with a spot from the curry bun (approved by Alexei) he’d had as a small snack on his tie or something?  He looked down at his tie.  No, it was still blue and still plain and had no food spots on it.

“Yuuri-kun!  I can’t… It really is you!”  The girl looked over her shoulder.  “I can’t believe…”  She smiled up at him.  “I can’t believe it’s you.”

He swallowed.  What was he supposed to do in this sort of situation?  He never actually listened to any of the other students and how they dealt with stray fans from the regular classes who managed to skirt a teacher.  In what universe would he have to deal with that?


“I’m Taira Kaede from 2-A!  I really like you!”

Yeah, this had definitely gotten out of hand.  “Um, thank you for your support.”  He bowed.

She just looked at him with her head slightly tilted to the side.  Did she want an autograph?  It wasn’t like he carried those things around.


She shook her head.  “No, um.  I like you.”  She started blushing.  First, it covered her cheeks, just dusting her nose, and then it ran down her neck and along her ears and Yuuri realised that by not saying something he was just making her more embarrassed. 

“Thank you?”  He squeaked.  Yuuri wanted to fall down a deep deep hole and never come out.  “I’m sorry, but I really have to go.  I’m leaving for a competition.”

“Oh.  OK.  Good luck, Yuuri-kun!”

“Thank you, Kaede-chan.  Bye!”  He turned and ran off and didn’t even give it another thought as he climbed into the car and listened to Riku talk about their schedule.  The transfers were tight, but as long as they stayed organized, everything would be all right.


“Did you do it?  Did you tell him?”

“We kept Yanagi-sensei distracted.  He didn’t even realise that you’d gone missing!”

Kaede nodded and smiled.  “He had to leave because he was going to a competition.”  She took a deep breath but even so when she spoke again she sounded breathless and her face was still flushed with color.  “He called me Kaede-chan!”

Kaede and her friends all squealed.

Why yes, Yuuri’s reaction to a confession bears a resemblance to Nozaki-kun’s, why do you ask?

I just can’t understand how some people don’t see that karamel is actually one of the realest couples to ever exist on TV. They didn’t have the perfect begginning, but they learned to see the good in each other. Then they started a relationship that it’s far from those perfect TV show couples that we’re used to: yes, they laugh, they have a good time together, but they also fight and stand for what they believe in, but mostly, they try really hard to make the relationship work. Mon El constantly does something wrong, yes, but he was raised very differently and even so he ALWAYS tries to make things right and learn what to do and what not to do. And Kara is always trying to have more patience with Mon El and be more flexible with him. They help each other be better. That, my friends, it’s what a real relationship is all about.

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A fast food employee hmmm? What a tiresome job. No doubt with a boss who doesn't appreciate you properly- yet. You can make them all appreciate you, you know. You can MAKE them appreciate you, and you have all kinds of tools in the back to do it. Knives, hot grease, that sort of thing. I think you know what to do, so why not go do it?

Clean knives and fresh oil (we don´t use grease). MY kitchen is the cleanest and purest there is in this town. Even if my boss didn’t appreciated me (which he does) I love keeping my work station clean. <3

Alright kiddos buckle down cuz I’m about to rant. It’s 4AM and I have class at 10:30. I don’t care. 

So this is a thing that has bothered me for quite a long time; the vilifying of Miyuki Kazuya, especially when it comes to Sawamura. Oooooh my GOD this is annoying. I just read a fic that does exactly this, where Miyuki does one small thing that for some reason destroys Sawamura’s apparently extremely fragile little heart and causes the rest of the team to completely despise Miyuki to a point that is absolutely unrealistic and totally ridiculous. And this sort of thing is common in a staggering amount of MiyuSawa fics in which Miyuki is the “top”. 

What I see is people shoving these two into he typical (and kinda gross) seme-uke relationship, which doesn’t work AT ALL. Seriously, it’s so OOC. Sawamura isn’t a baby, so please don;t write him as if he has the emotional and mental capacity of one. Yeah, he’s a sensitive and caring dude, but come on. No need to take it that far. This is important because compared to this sort of OOC Sawamura, Miyuki is like a freaking demon or something. I don’t understand why people write him like he’s Sawamura’s abuser????? Miyuki may say some insensitive stuff from time-to-time but holy shit he isn’t abusive. 

Now, not all fics portray Miyuki as controlling and abusive etc., but in a good majority of MiyuSawa fics, Miyuki is somehow vilified, and everyone completely turns on him for Sawamura. This is probably the part that  makes me most uncomfortable. I get some people may be going for the angst-factor here, but oh my god nobody just completely 180′s on their friend the way Kuramochi does in some of these fics. Or even Chris. It insinuates that nobody at Seidou actually likes Miyuki, which is BS. 

Anyway, it’s late af, idk if this even makes coherent sense, but idc. It needed to be said. 

TL;DR: Miyuki deserves love and happiness!!! He isn’t Sawamura’s evil seme! Ans Sawamura isn’t a helpless baby! STOP WRITING THEM LIKE THIS (or just do it less please).

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Boi do I love your baby headcanons. Can I get some poly roadrat dealing with a one-two year old? Can be headcanons or a short Drabble. Thanks Hun!

  • Despite all the odds and naysayers, their little anklebiter makes it to their first year
  • They had no doubt because despite all the rough language and bombs and the fact they were Junkers didn’t take away from the fact they were a cohesive family unit that loves and work together as a well-oiled machine. That being said…
  • Jamie and you cry a LOT whenever the babe’s teeth start cutting through because they’re in pain and yes there are ointments and remedies and solutions for it, they HATE to see their baby in pain. 
  • Mako will not admit it but he tears up too, he’s just better at hiding it
  • They have worked out a cohesive schedule with one another, the three of you trading off who does what duties and when and who wakes up in the middle of the night
  • When the threat of SIDS pass and the baby is rolling over on their own, they join you three in the bed, often sleeping on top of Mako’s tummy. Mako doesn’t move too much and he keeps your baby from rolling by holding them in his large hands
  • All three of you are insistent on homemaking baby food. Jamison is not allowed to do so unsupervised because while well meaning…he does tend to add and make some crazy concoctions. 
  • The three of you love interacting with your kid and helping them move and read to them and sing to them. Mako coos in Maori and teaches them soft songs and lullabies, Jamie will tell wild, crazy stories of their tales while gesticulating madly but keeping his titter and voice soft as not to be too harsh on the babies ears
  • You document everything. EVERYTHING. Pictures, vids, voice recordings, it makes you feel really warm on the inside to see how well your boys took to being fathers
  • Your kid is unafraid of loud noise, laughs at explosions and the sound of Mako’s bike revving up. Now, none of you let the child anywhere remotely near any of these things during the first year but when they’re almost two, you sit back with your child, the both of you wearing helmets and protective gear and watch as Jamie goes through demolition practice or Mako fixes up his bike. Your little tyke loves it and you pretty much have to bring them with your whenever you go
  • You three will argue this to the day you die but none of you are 100% on their first word; baba, papa or mama either way all of your hearts burst when first hearing them talk
  • After that however, they take after Jamie and never ever stop unless they are asleep or sickly
That Photo Stays Between You and Me

Alexander x Reader
Word Count: 1360
A/N: I’ve been procrastinating for the past few days and was able to spit out some short little imagines, and here’s one of the them; also, why do I write about photographers so frequently

“What was your promise to me, Alexander?” You asked accusingly, raising your eyebrows in annoyance.

He sighed, but didn’t move his eyes from the papers scattered all around himself. “At least six hours every night.”

You nodded your head, “And you’ve been working all day, Alex, let’s just go to bed,” you suggested softly. You walked over to him from the doorframe, and let your cheek rest on his head, your hands rising gently on both of his shoulders. “I’ll play with your hair while you fall asleep,” you offered, running your hands over his shoulders soothingly. “Does that sound nice?”

Alexander nodded his head, but sighed, “I guess,” he said quietly, scooting his chair back, slightly.

You grinned and took his hand, leading him away from his desk, his work, and all of his stress. “If you fall asleep soon, you can still be up bright and early,” you said, pulling the duvet back for him to crawl into. Once he did, you pulled it back up to cover him.

Alex nodded as you began changing into your pyjamas, “Do you have to work tomorrow, too?” He asked, turning to lay on his back so he could look at you.

You nodded your head; “Yeah. Marie asked me to take engagement pictures for her and Lafayette. I’ll be gone for most of the day.”

He nodded his head in understanding; “But we’re taking the weekend off?” He asked, his voice quiet with his sleepiness.

You nodded your head as you crawled into bed beside your boyfriend, “Mhm,” you replied, reaching out to play with Alexander’s hair.

He closed his eyes and cuddled into you, “Okay,” he muttered, “I’ll try to get all of my work down tomorrow then.”

You grinned and leaned down, giving him a small kiss on the top of his head; “Alright,” you whispered, “Don’t work yourself into the ground, though, okay?”

He nodded his head so softly that if he wasn’t leaning against you, and you couldn’t feel it, you wouldn’t have realized he had done it at all.


The next morning, you woke up to an empty bed, as usual. Sighing, you flung off the covers and made your way into the bathroom, passing Alexander’s office on the way.

“Morning,” you grinned as you passed on by.

“Morning, Love,” Alex replied hurriedly, clearly not having any time for affection this morning.

You shook your head.

After readying yourself, and collecting all of your camera equipment, your final task for the morning was to make sure that both you and Alex had something to eat. You flung some porridge on the stove and prepared a variety of fruit to throw in it, and made two cups of coffee.

Once you were done, nearly fifteen minutes later, you took your breakfasts into his office. “Hungry?” You asked, sitting his porridge on his desk, along with his mug of black coffee.

Alexander nodded his head, scooping some of his meal into his mouth, before getting straight back into business. “Thanks,” he said through a mouthful of berries, “You’re the best.”

You grinned, and ate your breakfast; even though he wasn’t being very social with you, you understood that it was only temporary. After today, you’d have him to yourself all weekend. You couldn’t really remember a time when he wasn’t working 24/7, and you had your doubts that he would last the full three days work-free. Nevertheless, you were both hopeful and excited.

Once you had finished your meal, you noticed that Alexander wasn’t even halfway done his. You couldn’t help but just shake your head; “I’ve gotta get going,” you said with a pout, “But I’ll be home late this afternoon… You’ll still be here, won’t you?” You asked, cocking your head to the side as you leaned on his office door.

He nodded his head; “I’ll be here,” he said, giving you a quick smile, “Have fun.”

You grinned back at him, “Will do… And make sure you eat today, alright?” You said, raising your eyebrows.

“Of course, babe,” he said, smiling, “I’ll see you later.”


“I think they’ll really turn out,” you assured Lafayette as you made you way up the staircase.

“No, you looked great,” you laughed, shaking you head, “And she looked beautiful; you guys looked amazing, I promise,” you grinned, fiddling with the lens of the camera hanging around your neck. “I’ll have them back to you in a couple of weeks—don’t be nervous, Laf, it was a great shoot,” you repeated yourself, for what felt like, the millionth time.

You understood his anxiety well enough, you just wished there was a way for you to calm him down. “You’ll love them Lafayette, and I’m sure Marie will, too.”

You were approaching Alexander’s office, and decided to peek in quickly. What you seen is exactly what you had expected, but you were shocked as if it wasn’t. “Laf, I’ll have to call you back. Don’t worry about anything, you’ll have the pictures in two weeks,” you said quickly before hanging up the phone.

Alexander looked up at you, his hair completely out of his usual ponytail, and sticking up on its own, due to how frequently he ran his hands through it. His eyes were the usual amount of tired, but what was new was the extra amounts of panic and stress. Without thinking, you lifted your camera up and snapped a picture really quick.

“Babe!” Alexander exclaimed in protest.

“Sorry,“ you apologized quickly, before taking the camera off from around your neck and laying it down on his desk, along with a million papers and pens, and highlighters. And his half eaten porridge from this morning.

“Hey,” you said, eyeing the bowl, “You promised me you would eat today,” you commented, taking out his hair tie gently, and beginning to run your fingers gently through his hair.

“No,” he sighed, “I only said I would; I didn’t promise, because I knew I wasn’t going to keep it.”

“Alexander,” you sighed, retying his hair, “How you’ve managed to survive this long is beyond me.”

He sighed once again; “I’m just trying to finish everything up. Give me a few more hours and I’ll be done… I promise,” he said, raising his eyebrows slightly. He looked at you, and you looked right back at him, trying to decipher if he really meant it or not.

“I promise,” he repeated himself, “And right when I’m done, we can eat dinner together. That’d be nice, wouldn’t it?” He asked hopefully.

You nodded you head, sighing, “Okay,” you said, “Three hours?”

“Three hours.”


It wasn’t three hours, but it was four, and that was good enough for you. “Pizza’s on the way,” you grinned, as your zombie-boyfriend made his way downstairs.

“Good,” he sighed, flopping down on the couch, immediately leaning against you, “I’m starving…”

You raised your eyebrows as you began flicking through the photos from your shoot on your laptop, “You wouldn’t be,” you began, “If you took care of yourself throughout the day.”

“Hey,” Alexander said, defensively, “I take care of myself just fine—I’m still here, aren’t I?”

You couldn’t help but roll your eyes, “Barely—hey look, that’s you,” you giggled as you came across the picture you had taken of him, his hair amok, eyes tired.

He groaned immediately, “Y/N,” he bellyached, “Delete that right now.”

You chuckled, shaking your head, “No way!” You exclaimed, “This is my favourite photo of you… Look at you, you’re adorable!”

“I look like I’m on the brink of death!” Alexander protested, leaning his head on your shoulder, “I hate it.”

“I love it!” You exclaimed, “Genuinely; I think you’re adorable. Hands down the cutest boy I’ve ever met,” you smiled, beginning to edit the picture. A little bit more exposed, a tad bit sharper, a little bit cropped… “I think I just took your next profile picture. For everything,” you said, looking down at him seriously. “It’s a very accurate representation.”

He looked up at you, equally as seriously; “That photo stays between you and me, Y/L/N.”

You smirked, saving the photo, “Whatever you say, Hamilton.”

@requiodile yas! Some more facts about Tony Jr.:

-If Tony’s busy, he might stick him in the playroom to occupy him for a bit, which usually works, but the baby’s a people person and if he catches a glimpse of a human he knows, he will abandon his toy and crawl towards them. Steve + Tony’s repressed need for human contact and love manifested and realised

-His aforementioned love of gadgets, particularly remote controls. He has an old remote that does nothing that he loves

-He doesn’t quite outgrow grabby-crying at the sight of Steve even after Steve kidnaps him and the baby then grabby-cries for Tony. Crying for everyone

-The kid likes being tall. Flying with Sam or levitating with Wanda = his faves

-Everything goes in his mouth

-He must be enrolled in baby swim lessons. He’s currently at Starfish level. The scary thing is if he sees a body of water, he will high-speed crawl towards it (picture Tony dashing after him at the beach)

-He is super good at imitating Bucky’s glare. “Jr., give me the crayon, it’s nap time” -> disgusted glare

-First word’s def “no”

-He prefers to share his food. Won’t take another bite of the bitter carrot mush unless the person feeding him takes one too

more than anything else, it makes me incredibly happy to read this aksjdhkj idk i love the fact that he said the sounds are basing on his daily moods nd he is just kinda going w the flow i love how admirable hob is. he always work so hard in everything he does nd constantly trying to improve nd be a better version of himself but still !! having fun nd pouring so much love nd effort in his work i love him nd i love how he is so versatile nd diverse nd not afraid to try nd experiment w new things we really don’t kno what it’s gonna sound like askdha that makes me so excite !!! anyways, loving hob is seriously the most wonderful thing nd i hope he isn’t stressing himself too much bcs i’d really wait 2913829498 years if it means hob is satisfied, proud nd happy w his hixtape

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I've been asking so many questions of you today but ONE MORE! Does Yuuri have regrets about his career choice? Does he get personally affected by the fact that he's slept with so many people, or has he distanced himself from the reality of it? Does he feel any lesser because of it? (The fact that he knows exactly how many people he's slept with- why is he still counting???) or is there no stigma attached?

I think that the career affects Yuuri in the way any career you use as a method of distraction would- Yuuri’s really lost himself to this work. And not because of what it is in itself, (sex work), but because of why Yuuri does it and who he is as a person.

The validation Yuuri gets from it isn’t healthy. Whereas as some sex workers have a healthy relationship with what they do and the confidence they get from it- Yuuri’s confidence from doing the work is born from his fear of failure at what he really loves it. Escorting has sort of become a ‘Well, I’m good at this. So I’m going to do this’ and Yuuri hides himself in that work.

There really isn’t a stigma in terms of having sex with so many people is damaging Yuuri as a person. If anything, what hurts Yuuri is his inability to let people in. Look at Phichit! Phichit is Yuuri’s closest and most important relationship, but he lied for four years about what he did and never really felt about it. Even now, his guilt is mostly based from: ‘I *know* I did wrong… but I’d probably do it the same way again.’ Because that protects Yuuri.

Victor represents Yuuri’s want to be known. All Yuuri ever wanted was to be recognised and appreciated by Victor- now it’s happening, but not for what Yuuri always dreamed for. So there’s a disconnect there that Yuuri has to work through.

As for Yuuri knowing his exact numbers- that’s mostly born of Yuuri’s scheduling and records. For his own safety, Yuuri keeps a record for every client he ever had, even those while he served an agency. It’s a record for his own health, as well.

Sorry my answers are so long!! I hope you liked my answer though! xx Thank you for the question!

Ok this is what I have so far on my Daryl and OFC Fic

I know it’s not much but does it sound ok and work together =D

Belle’s pov

It was hot no matter were I sat down, it being under a tree or in my tent is was just hot no matter what, even in a post apocalypse the sun still loved to cook us,

I say down at the quarry with my feet in the water as I watched Sophia and Carl swim around playing in the water I was always on babysitting jobs but I did not mind it, I love Carl since I have know him since he was a baby, and Sophia only meeting her and her mother Carol when the world went to shit a month ago I love her like she is my little sister,

“Belle!” I heard my brother Shane call to me, I looked around to see him not far from me with Glenn, Andrea and Merle and Daryl “We are just going on a quick trip to get something, your in charge” He shouts again before walking off with them, I just nodded my head I hate it when he says I am in charge, just because he is a Police officer or Ex now with there not really being any law anymore, but he still make it out like were are some army camp,

Just then Carol came and sat next to me, “How are you feeling today?” she asked looking out to her daughter playing and laughing “better but I now feel bad that I am drink a lot of water that others could be having” I said back, the past couple of day I have been being really sick with the heat normal I am ok I just stay inside and put the air cone on but now we don’t have any of that “don’t worry about that we have water right here, we can making into drinking water” She told me as she smiled at me.

Carol is the only female in the group I talk to part from Sophia, Andrea for some reason does not like me so Her sister Amy stays away from me, as for Lori I don’t really talk to her even if she is Carl’s mother and the wife to my brothers best friend and my best friend Rick Grimes but the moment I found out she was sleeping with my brother behind Rick’s back I started to hate her and my brother a little, and now that Rick is dead they are still going at it and I felt sick about it, did she even love Rick at all, did she even feel anything when Shane told us he was dead.

As for the men in the group I talked to most of them Dale is a sweet old man along with Jim, Glenn I love talking to we would talk about anything and everything, Dale would give us book to read and we would tell each other about them, ED I don’t even want to be around I know he hits Carol and If I ever find out he hits Sophia the walking dead people will be the last thing he need to worry about, and as for Merle and Daryl Dixon I get on with Daryl he not much of a talker but we do have them moment where we can sit up most of the night just talking, as for Merle he is always making sex joke to me, or trying to get me to sleep with him.

But back to Daryl only knowing him for a month and I started to fall for him there is just something about him that pulls me to him I don’t know if it is because my brother has told me to stay away from them and to never be alone with them, But I see nothing wrong with them part from Merle mouth they hunt for food for us, help get water and kill any walkers what come around which is not often but still they are a good help to the camp yet ever one hates them.

Tag- @shinydixon

Legal side of Tumblr! I need your help!

My locker was broken into while I was at work. The thief took my wallet and phone. There are cameras that had to have seen who it was. I’m just waiting for the footage to be reviewed.

The question that’s literally keeping me awake right now: does my work owe me for my losses? This person took my expensive phone, the $45 cash I had in there, and used my card and ​spent almost $100 on it!! My bank will help me get that back. But what about everything else?
The room that the locker was in is for employees only, and it’s never been secure. Even though our security guy has been harping on management to fix that very problem for years.

So now what? I don’t want to sue my boss, because he is a good guy. And I can’t lose this job either.
What do I do? Please help me!

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Connor do you find it difficult working with your father?

Difficult is an understatement. I wouldn’t really call what he does “working.” His head is too big for his body, so he’s constantly falling over. In the Assassin Summer Games, he won boxing by SNEEZING and HEADBUTTING DESMOND. That’s not fighting. That’s a bodily function! But I suppose it could be worse… Right? —Connor

if you’re ever feeling down just remember that Arthur Weasley would NOT BE ABLE TO CONTAIN HIMSELF IF HE MET YOU. literally, your phone: how does it work? what does it do? why do you have to tap it? why are you tapping so fast? wHY DOES MY FACE HAVE DOG EARS ON IT?? WHY AREN’T THEY THERE IN REAL LIFE? ONLY ON THE SCREEN? WHAT IS HAPPENING?? MOLLY I NEED ONE OF THESE DEVICES


edwardsexton: One lucky young man is going to collect a rainbow of suits today. Perhaps too bright and vibrant for some but a fun addition to a spring wardrobe. He may well be wearing them on stage. What a lucky chap. Enjoy. #edwardsexton#colour #Bespoke - 02.28.17 

The Guardian: He is currently working with Harry Styles ahead of the launch of his debut solo album. “It’s not just the suit, it’s the cut that makes it,” says Sexton, a twinkle in his eye, when I visit his showroom. “The way it expresses itself and what it does for you mentally when you put it on. - 03.20.17

Friendly reminder that Guzma accomplished his childhood dream before you even finished your trials. You know, how he wanted to be a Trial Captain and all, but was rejected? Yeah. He accomplished that. Don’t believe me?

Po Town was his bug trial. Consider this: the player goes to Po Town as a distraction so Skull could escort Lillie back to Aether. In order for this to work they had to know where you were, what you were doing, and have a plan to keep you busy long enough to keep you out of the way. So what does Guzma do? He sets up barricades. Trial barricades. And puts grunts out at strategic positions. And lets his grunts keep running their Pokemon Center. Well, that’s all incidental, you might think. They make money from running their center, anyways, so why not let them keep on with it? Besides the part where it would be infinitely easier to let you exhaust your pokemon with your limited resources and have all of his grunts hold you hostage with their healthy, energetic pokemon.

Of course, then you get into the mansion, and that’s when the trial really starts. Every trial in the game has you complete a certain task. You know, defeating a bunch of pokemon, taking pictures, answering quizzes… or finding passcodes. I mean, let’s be honest, here. Team Skull probably doesn’t use passcodes to get to Guzma. They can all tell they’re Team Skull. They have very specific threads. and they don’t ever stop moving their hands. They know when they’re talking to another grunt, and if there’s something urgent they have to tell him there’s no time to have to sit and go through his whole dumb password routine—and even if they did, remember, this whole thing was planned ahead of time. Guzma could have easily coerced his grunts into not saying shit about the passwords and make you waste more time going allllll the way up only to figure out you had to go running around to figure that shit out. But nope. There was one grunt, who decided to tell you very loudly about oh man these passwords are so hard to remember you know those two entire things about Guzma that anyone living in that mansion would know, plus making sure to say no at the end aw jeez aw man whoops I guess I just lost this information somewhere in the mansion and am making no move to try and head you off before you find it haha.
He told you what Guzma wanted him to tell you.

So you get the passwords, and you head on up to see Guzma, but he doesn’t have a totem pokemon or anything, so for your trial you just have to beat him, instead. This isn’t the first time you fought him, and it hasn’t even been very long since the first fight, either. He knows you’ve beaten him before. He knows you might very well beat him again. And he has this entirely inconspicuous treasure chest filled with Buginium Z. You know. That Z-crystal he stole from EVERYONE ELSE IN THE ENTIRE GODDAMN REGION because he didn’t want anyone else to have it. That Buginium Z. “Well obviously he wants to show it off since he thinks he’s hot shit!” you say, and yeah, that’s probably why he usually leaves it out. Except, remember, he knows you’re coming. He knows he may or may not win. And even then, if he didn’t want you to have the Buginium, he could have just hidden the chest or closed the lid and sat on it. You’re eleven. He’s twenty-something and the tallest character in the game. He could have just put his hand on your forehead and you wouldn’t have been able to reach it. Instead, he leaves it out. Leaves it open. And leaves you alone in his throne room after you beat him. You know. With his prized treasure that he thinks says he’s the most badass Bug trainer in Alola. If he didn’t want you to have a Buginium, he would have damn well made sure you never even saw it. You beat him. He lets you have it.

So you take the Buginium that he’s left sitting out on “accident” and head back out through the mansion, maybe taking one last look for shit before you go because you steal everyone’s things without remorse, and on your way out of Po Town, you notice the barricades are gone. The trial barricades that you can only pass through when you’ve defeated a captain’s trial, like they told you wayyyy back in the very beginning of the game. They could have left those up to slow you down a little bit more, give Lusamine a little more time without having to worry about you getting in the way, but instead Guzma’s let you waltz out without having to jump through any hoops—he left before you, remember. He’s the one who had them taken down.

You have to keep in mind that all of this was planned. That they needed a way to keep you busy so they could take Lillie. That Guzma knew you were coming and had plenty of time to prepare. So you leave Po Town, continuing on your adventure under a little bit more pressure than before, but Guzma? Jackass he may be, for one pokemon battle of one hour of one day, Guzma did the one thing he’d ever wanted to do in the first place:

Guzma was a Trial Captain.


The one thing that Trump/the Tea Party GOP…and religion…has in common…is their complete reliance…on blatantunadulteratedunabashed…bullshit…!

Oh, and hypocrisy…

CNN host Fareed Zakaria Said President Trump Has Succeeded By “Bullshitting”… “I think the president is somewhat indifferent to things that are true or false. He has spent his whole life bulls—ting. He has succeeded by bulls—ting. He has gotten the presidency by bulls—ting. It’s very hard to tell somebody at that point that bulls— doesn’t work, because look at the results, right? But that’s what he does — he sees something, he doesn’t particularly care if it’s true or not, he just puts it out there. And then he puts something else out. … When pushed on it, he doesn’t take responsibility: ‘I wasn’t saying that…I was just quoting somebody else.’!” Watch…  and also

Watch George Carlin - Bullshit is the glue…