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Wait so I just saw a gifset of Stiles looking at Derek's initials on the bookshelf at school and I'm confused now. The fire happened when Derek was 15/16 so he was probably a sophomore or a junior and we were led to believe that Derek and Laura left town after the fire. But the initials thing is something that the seniors do so either Derek did it as a junior or sophomore or he and Laura stayed in town longer than we thought. Just wondering what your take on this was.

People interpret this scene differently but I like to think of it as Stiles seeing the random initials DH and being reminded of Derek. I don’t think they are Derek’s at all. Rather, I just think Derek is on Stiles’ mind, I think he misses him, and when he sees the initials DH it reminds him of Derek and it makes him happy. 

I mean, you could read that scene in many different ways. Derek’s friends could have added his initials for him after the fire and Derek could have told Stiles about it off screen; maybe he told him on one of their stake outs that summer they bonded. Derek talking about how he never got to finish school while Stiles slurped on the milkshakes Derek reluctantly (but not so reluctantly) bought him. 

I think it was @strictly-chaotic who made a crack post in which Stiles texted Derek after seeing what he thinks are his initials saying, “I saw your initials, so I put mine beside them” and attaches a photo. And Derek replies with something like, “Stiles…those are not my initials…..wait, did you just write your initials beside some random dude’s…..with a heart next to it????” 

I personally also like to think that Derek and Stiles talk via text after Derek leaves and Stiles happens to mention they are all going to write their initials later that day, and Derek just responding “I never got to do that”. And so, OF COURSE, Stiles probably breaks into the school before class or goes after class waaaay before the official group meet up time to write Derek’s initials for him. And maybe Stiles sends Derek a video of him doing it (he probably gets Derek to send him a sample of his hand writing because “it’s got to be accurate, big guy”) and so, later, when he goes to write his own initials, he sees Derek’s again and writes his beside it; a bitter sweet smile on his face because he misses his Sourwolf and isn’t that….not as surprising as he thought it would be.

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Okay so question: What age is okay to come out as ace, like you aren't a late bloomer? I'm 14 and I'm like pretty sure I'm asexual but my friend said that I'm just a late bloomer and I shouldn't tell my mom. And I trust them because they said they are gay and genderfluid. When is it okay for me to say I'm Asexual?

Any time is okay for you to say you’re asexual. Your friend’s being a jerk. Sex and attraction is seen as such an integral part of growing up not experiencing such means you’re “late”, that you truly aren’t someone of the same age and maturity in their eyes. They’re totally buying into the straight narrative.

Anyway. Anything can be a phase, at any age. I don’t think a person is more likely to be wrong about being gay or transfemme or aromantic or asexual at 14 than they are at 41. And there’s nothing wrong with something being a phase, if that’s what it turns out to be. That doesn’t stop you from very much being asexual at 14 years old. That’s who you are right now. You don’t have to tell your mother, but if you want to, then go ahead. Good luck!

- Ino

If my friends tell me something is disrespectful to their cultures youre damn right Im gonna sit back and be like “ok cool” ask more about it and do research on it.

We all seen the cases of South Asian culture being appropriated in kpop and its ugly as fuck and those who are offended have every right to be because its THEIR CULTURE which is a part of someones identity.

If youre not offended, good for you! You see things differently and thats ok. But what you NOT gonna do is invalidate and talm over people who were. You making yourself out to be an ugly ass dumb ass bitch who ia selfish and dont care for others and you probably need to get your ass jumped for being a pussy lmao

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LOL at Iris in 3x04 being like "Boy, what is your problem?" when Barry decided not to cuddle with her, because of Joe in the room. I was like "Dude, cuddling is not arousing. Families and friends do that".

Barry was such a mess in that episode. He was so wound up for his desire to be with Iris but at the same time he wanted to be respectful to Joe.

What cracks me up is by episode 9 he has no problem having Iris sit in his lap while his hand his firmly on her behind while celebrating Christmas at the West house. 

He apparently got over his concern for Joe real fast lol.


Hi all! I’ve been seeing some stuff about the fandom being kind of hateful and not welcoming lately and I wanted to say something. First of all, if you don’t like the fandom, you really don’t have to complain about it on tumblr where everyone can see. It’s okay and necessary for you to have your opinions, but don’t post them on other people’s posts. Make your own, or talk to a friend about it. We can’t be classifying and hating on others in a place where some come to feel safe and use this platform an escape from what they’re facing in real life. Second, all headcanons/edits/etc are completely accepted, whether one agrees with it or not. That’s just how this works. Debate is here as food for thought and to give us the chance to re-examine our favorite books; this means, don’t go hating on the people in the debate! Give your opinion, but keep it calm and don’t be rude! Poc and lgbtq+ people are rarely represented in the media, and seeing representation in the forms of our favorite childhood characters is not only encouraging and healthy, but necessary. If you have a problem with someone else’s person headcanons, once again, it is not your place to criticize them. So, in conclusion, please take your negativity somewhere else, because in Narnia everyone is welcome.

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Hey, senpai!!Can I ask a scenario where bokugou make his secret crash crying, and when he tries to fix it, he heard her dialogue with her BF(maybe uraraka or Momo), s/o love bokugou, but sometimes he scares her and then s/O sitting in the common room(all the students were already asleep) bakugou is trying to confess his feelings for her and kissed her roughly(BUT HE TRIES TO MAKE IT SOFTER^.^)

i hope i got this right!! i tweaked it a little, i hope you enjoy !!

You had tears brimming at the corners of your eyes as you proceeded to walk back to your homeroom. You meet up with your friend and classmate, Momo, and greet her flatly.

“Good afternoon, y/n. What’s the matter?” you hear Momo inquire. You shake your head,

“Bakugou just being an asshat, nothing new,” you meekly reply. You feel her hand wiping your stray tears,

“How do you even like him? He’s… not the best with people, you know?” She tries to comfort. As you two were speaking, Bakugou seemed to overhear the your conversation. He paused and listened intently. He began to feel regret and anger towards himself. How could he be so harsh on you? Especially when he had a crush on you too? How dumb can he be?

He rolls his eyes angrily, and proceeded to walk into the room. You look up to see a relatively exasperated blond boy.

“Hey shitface, meet me outside of school when class ends, got it?” Bakugou growls. You wipe your remaining tears, and slowly nod your head.

When the bell rang, you slowly rose from your seat to go to to the destination that was proposed. You begrudgingly walk outside the school to meet a spiky blond boy standing impatiently, tapping his feet on the floor.

“What took you so long?” he snarled. You simply shrug as you hear a sigh emit from the boy.

“Whatever, shitface.” He rolls his eyes, annoyed.

“Why’d you ask me to meet you?” You rose your eyebrows in curiosity.   

“I just wanted to say that, you know…” his voice wandered off,

“Know what? What is it?” you queried.

“Can you shut up?! I just wanted to fucking say I kinda like you,” he continued and forced a peck onto your lips.

What the hell? You thought.

“Shit, did that hurt? I can be bet-” you cut him off by grazing your lips over his. You break away to see his face flushed and small beads of sweat rolling down his forehead.

“Don’t fucking do that again, shithead.”

Why Dance✖

Lai Guanlin x reader

Word count: 576

“Uh, I like you. There. I said it.”

“Hey y/n, did you finish that dance yet?” a voice called out from behind making you stop what you were doing. You turned around to be faced with your friend and fellow trainee Lai Guanlin. He was also your crush.

You shook your head. For the past week, you’ve been working on a totally “top secret” choreography for the upcoming monthly evaluation. It wasn’t really a secret anymore since Guanlin walked on you practicing and now looks like you have a partner for the evaluation.

“It’s not completely done yet but most of it is” you responded. Actually it was done but being the perfectionist you are, you have to go back and make every single detail perfect. Being Guanlin’s partner only fueled your aspiration to make the dance better.

“Show me and maybe I could help. I mean we are a team” he said as he plopped down on the ground. Before you could protest, he started the music forcing you to do the dance.

When you finished, Guanlin applaud loudly causing you to blush. You were out of breath but practice makes perfect.

“Wow y/n, I think that was your best choreography ever” he complimented making you blush even more.

“Thanks but I need to perfected it. But in the meantime, let me teach you the dance so we don’t cram too much practicing in last minute” you said grabbing your water bottle and taking a long drink. Guanlin got up excitedly and gave you a thumbs up.

“Ready when you are” he said. That was your cue to start teaching. The next few hours were spent on you correcting all his moves and teaching him the whole choreography and some more Korean. It was also spent laughing whenever he tripped and whenever you accidentally kicked him.

“Hey Guanlin, I have a question” you stated as the two of you plopped on the floor after your dance lesson. You were both sweaty and pretty gross but Guanlin somehow managed to still look perfect. His genes are pretty good.

“Ask away” he said, taking a big gulp of his water.

“Why did you partner up with me?” You asked curiously. You could have sworn his eyes went big and his cheeks went red for a second but you blamed it on your tiredness.

“No particular reason, I just wanted to I guess” he replied but any normal person could tell that he was lying. Wow, his cheeks were definitely red.

“Just tell me. You could have partnered up with Seonho and perfected your troublemaker routine” you teased him a bit. His cheeks went redder and by now you were confused. What was his reasoning? Did Seonho do something?

“Do you really want to know” he asked looking at you straight in the eye. You nodded your head, genuinely curious at this point. You weren’t the best choreographer at Cube, nor vocalist or rapper. Guanlin could have done a rap would someone else but why would he choose dance with you out of all people.

“Uh, I like you. There. I said it" he answered nervously, unable to look you in the eye. You blinked a couple of times before his words actually hit you. The Lai Guanlin likes you. This must be a dream or something because you couldn’t believe it.

After a few moments you finally broke the silence and gave him a response to his statement.

“If it helps, I like you too”

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Hi. I've been having a really rough couple weeks recently and reality hit me after graduating. I basically feel like I don't have any skills to offer to society in the form of an ideal job and I guess I just feel kinda lost right now.. any additional advice you have would be greatly appreciated. Thank you 💙

It’s completely okay to feel that way, friend, there is no ideal job; especially these days. It’s okay to feel lost as well - this is probably the first time in your life that you’re not being told where to go next, and that’s extremely disorientating.

Explore what you like to do and look for jobs based on that - and don’t worry if you don’t get your “ideal” job right away. For now, just apply wherever you can. My first job out of school was working in a grocery bakery, and then to a fabric store (where I still work). There’s time to build up to the job you want, and each job can teach you an important lesson.

Don’t forget about your hobbies and passions, though! Go for YouTube or Twitch in your off-time if that drives you, volunteer at different places, play Friday Night Magic at your local game store, experiment with cooking when you can, whatever interests you. Your job is only one side of your life, and you are so much more.

I hope that helps, friend. Don’t stress it too much, you can do this <3

Keep on shining!
♥ Courtney

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What're your thoughts on when Elena had said she 'loves stefan' in that one episode in the library with Rebekah and how she's 'IN love with Damon' in the same episode as well? Do you think this scene was just stupid writing or maybe on some level she was telling the truth?

The point of that scene was to show the difference between love and being in love, like I love my friend but I’m not in love with him because being in love is considered a romantic and sexual emotion while loving someone is a deeply profound and significant emotion but you don’t necessarily want to be in a romantic relationship with that person. That was what the show was trying to say.


 I call bullshit so what I think it’s really about is immediacy. Like this quote from Captain Corelli’s Mandolin:

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I feel like I don't have the tools to support my friend who's in mental distress anymore. I admit that I'm just very tired, especially because she always exclaims that no one in her life cares or tries to reach out to her. I want to keep helping her, but at the same time I just don't want to show that it's exhausting for me. I know I'm terrible for saying this but I feel like I can't help her anymore. What do I do?

it’s not your job to fix her. and it’s not your job to support her mental distress. you aren’t equipped to be anything other than her friend, which means you’re there for her, but you are not responsible for her recovery

if you need space, take it. and if she needs professional help, do some research and give her some resources. other than that, you stepping out of the role of being her sole support and encouraging her to seek other systems of support may push her to do what she has to do

Before you met her you were a disaster with two legs and a name. You had forgotten what it meant to be alive and the only thing that kept you going was the times when you remembered. You’d jump out of moving trains, start bar fights, add new notches on your bedpost like you were a collector all so you could get a taste of what being human felt like. When you met her it was as if your whole world had come into focus and for the first time in your life your heartbeat didn’t feel like it was beating to a monotonous drum. She was a friend of a friend and it took you 23 tries to finally get her name and 13 more to get her number. You knew from the moment you saw her she was special and no matter how hard you tried you couldn’t get her out of your head. You decided the best course of action was to add her name to your bedpost because maybe if you had her once she would lose whatever it was that made her special. You were wrong. How could she not be special if her eyes sucked you in like black holes and her fingers fit perfectly in between yours? She was good, too good for you, so you walked away because out of all the wrongs you have committed you did not deserve a right. You were never superstitious but that night as you walked away from her apartment you wished on the first star you saw that she would never forgive you for what you had done.

i do not like 2 be dramatic but i do mean it with full sincerity that if you talk about / fake supporting poc but stay silent while they are being harassed around you & only express outrage towards your fellow white friends being told to sit down / shut up and stop making it all about themselves: i want nothin to do with u. by all means, be offended and whatnot, but keep paying attention?? don’t turn it into ‘um… bullying the bully is bad’ bc you think you’re being lumped in with the bullies / think being neutral is safe ground. it’s not keeping the peace it’s just………offering the ‘bully’ somewhere to hide / back up.

like. poc absolutely need and deserve support, but it’s not a conditional thing, u can’t just turn that off and act like it was your ‘good deed’ for the day to say ‘omg i love this fictional poc i’d die for them’ or ‘i, a white person, am being So Brave by standing up for poc’

Someone on r/kpop put into words how I feel about some Kpop fans on here calling Kpop group members “coworkers”:

“I do find it weird when people call them just “coworkers” though. Even if they aren’t good friends, coworkers is such a poor comparison when you have these people living with each other for years and a ridiculous amount of hours with each other every day.“

If anything, Kpop group relationships are more like a team–you may not like everyone on your team and you may be at odds with one of your team members, but you do what you can to get along with them (or fake it) because that’s what being a team and teamwork is.

#TBT to being 8 months pregnant and finding the last bit of “me time” before Odette arrived! 💘 x

Hey, asshole, I think you’re a little confused as to what “me time” is. Having a girls night, workout dates with your friend, photoshoots at a bookstore, mediating, going to the lake, hitting up fashion shows, having lunch with your mother, doing photoshoots in random places in  ATX, having coffee dates with your photographer friend and getting your eyelashes done constitutes as “me time”. 

Also, I think I speak for many when I say please don’t ever smile like that again. That’s really really creepy.

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I was in class with two of my friends a while ago, and one knows I'm nonbinary but the other didn't, and so she was talking about her cousin who was also NB, and saying all this "she just wants attention, she doesn't know what she's talking about" shit, and it really hurt to hear coming from a friend. Then she started talking about her cousin wanting a name change, which I'm also thinking about, and how stupid it was and it's all kinda got me messed up. Do you know what I should do?

I think you should drop that person from your life. You deserve so much better than transphobia and being hurt like that. You’re always valid no matter what they might’ve said.

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How does your boyfriend feel about you being friends with someone like ibilateral 🙄

“someone like ibilateral” what does that mean lol this message is ultra irrelevant bc my boyfriend doesn’t tell me who i can be friends with and i highly doubt he would feel threatened by george, who literally lives on another continent.

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I have a story about my very first spell. It was one to attract new people and friends. It definitely worked because the next day, my 'friends' and I got into an argument and this boy that doesn't really talk to me that much started talking to me. It wasn't like your normal hey and bye thing, like legit talking to me. I was so happy that it worked.

Magic is kinda funny eh? Just sorta amusing that you wanted to attract some friends, and you did so, but possibly at the cost of other ones? (Idk what happened, you just said you fought, my mind assumes that you stopped being friends over it, but it may not be the case so you know, if so disregard that lol.)

But I’m glad it did end up working out for you in the end. :)

I think we all still get those happy feels when magic manifests itself and starts working in our lives. I will never stop loving that. It’s what fuels me to keep going. I love dat magic rush xD

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There's this guy who was my friend, but then he insulted my best friend several times behind my back and I stopped being friends with him (he was also really perverted, that's why I stopped being friend with him too), I stopped talking to him but he wouldn't stop stalking me on social media and keeps trying to talk to me even when I blocked his accounts (he has backup accounts), and to no one's surprise, he likes me -_-. He keeps bothering me and whatever I told him, he won't stop =_=

That sounds really irritating and concerning. And creepy. He should be leaving you alone and respecting your wishes.

Anyone have any advice for our anon? I don’t know what you should do in this kind of situation :(

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for the getting to know the blogger thing: what do you do to relax yourself? like, what's your best method for getting into that cozy, comfy feeling?

anything i can do to focus on the moment instead of in the distant future (my default mode of thinking) works very well for me! i like to ensure i carve some time out of my schedule each week to have a bath and soak in that feeling of being immersed in warmth, as well as a weekly solo lunch at a cafe as a way of checking in with myself. i like to treat myself like a friend, you know? sometimes i just sit outside somewhere pretty and enjoy my own company for a while.

… speaking of enjoying my own company, my first thought upon reading this question was definitely ‘uh, orgasms are pretty good’, so idk what that says about me :,)

get to know the blogger! |

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you and your friends are being horrible. OK that Gillian chose to go to Portofino but no way she knew she was being photographed. I think she only realized when she was at the pool (you can see her look directly at the camera and leaving.) can you stop blaming this on her? if it was gillovny who had gone to Portofino you'd be blaming the paps for taking the pictures and not then for choosing that destination. I don't like pm but it's not Gillian's fault what happened.

So she saw paps taking her pictures and she allowed them to be published? Didn't want to buy them? They have been coming out since Sunday, the worse came out yesterday! She and her team had a lot of fucking time to do something about it! And celebs chose Portofino when they want to be seen. Gillian has been 25 years in that business and she knows where to go if want privacy and this is the first time in her career that she is so exposed to the paps and is spotted in a place like this! I am not that naive, anon!