is this what being your friend is like


A/N: I wrote this at like 3AM, but I think kind of liked it (?) I’d appreciate the feedback so let me know what you think here!

“Are we really doing this?” you whispered, raising your eyes to meet his emerald ones.

Harry could hear the confidence in your voice waver at the thought of it all – of you and him together. He reckons it shouldn’t have been that much of a surprise. He was being utterly obvious about his feelings for you. Whether it was in public or in private, he always rushed to be by your side. His friends often pestered him for the way he treated you, “the lad’s practically married!” … “we’re jus’ friends, mate – buzz off.” But he swore he didn’t mind the teasing; he kind of liked the way your cheeks would burn at the thought of you being with a bloke like him. 

“D’yeh not want to?” he asked slowly, arms crossing as he looked at your uncertain eyes.

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Fine pt-2

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based on fine by Taeyeon

words: 2.2k

summary: Your in love with Jimin, your best friend, who’s also a player and you don’t know how to tell him about how you feel.

before your read: yes i had posted a part two to this but i didn’t like it so instead i completely RE DID IT. I am sososo much happier with this part! Anyways I hope you like it!

part 1

You almost feel lightheaded at Taehyung answer, you didn’t believe he would actually do this to you. You trusted him, despite him only being Jimin’s friend and not really yours, you truly had put your trust into him.

“What?” Jimin asks dumbfounded as if it was hard to believe it.

“What the fuck Taehyung?” you whisper almost slightly pushing him and he averts his eyes towards you.

“I’m doing this for your best” he reassures and you laugh at him, how dare he be the one to tell him when you were waiting for the right moment?

“No Taehyung, you’re not. You did this to mess with me! I told you I didn’t want him to know and you went right ahead and told him! What rights did you have to do this?” you feel the tears wanting to escape your eyes but instead, you look down at the floor, hoping they would disappear somehow.

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Demeter kids can kind of tell what a plant is feeling? Like if there's a house plant away from a window they know to put it near one but they just know that being in the shade is making it feel sad? Idk

that’s super sweet! imagine a friend comes over and they’re like “you have to keep it down though, Delilah doesn’t like loud noises” “Is that your pet?” “My orchid. Very opinionated flowers.” 


Everyone knows that Yoongi hangs out with Jimin way too often (henceforth, the ship name YoonMin that fans gush over so much) that even the staff knows. Sometimes, people would speculate that they are dating one another but no one can actually bring it up because what if they are really just good friends? There’s nothing wrong with being fond of your friends.

That of course makes him a bit jealous. A bit. Jin isn’t the jealous type, far from it. Not even possessive, he knows that Yoongi has friends that he likes be around with but it hasn’t reached to the point that ALMOST everyone knew that they hang out.

Jin doesn’t question it and neither do the others but the members noticed that their eldest hyung doesn’t smile as often when he sees Jimin joking around with other members (particularly, Yoongi). They think that Jin is just tired, I mean, practicing for 14 hours a day hurts like hell.

Everyone knows Yoongi write songs. Not just for BTS but sometimes for others as well. Yoongi write songs for Jimin the most in particular. Namjoon doesn’t care anyway because its not his songs nor does Hoseok. If anything, that’s the twos business.

When Jin hears Jimin sings in the dorm with a bunch of paper in hand, the hand writing is obvious, its Yoongi. Doesn’t make his feeling any better but at this point, why does he bother caring? Its just a s o n g.

If the song is for bangtan and Yoongi happens to give more lines to Jimin than anyone then, isn’t it for the best? The ~fan favorite~ and the ~body of the group~ gets the most lines then. Killer combo if you ask Jin.

Everyone knows that Jimin went to Yoongi’s house already. Not just once or twice, multiple times. Maybe even fucked, who knows.

Jin felt like his stomach churned at the thought. He’s acting like a junior high student who has a crush on a stoic senior high student, how sad. He shouldn’t be even sad because its not his friend(relation)ship. It shouldn’t be even bothering him but it does.

When Taehyung and Jungkook were looking around for Jimin in the dorms, they found Jin instead. On the couch and is holding his phone. The two noticed and asked Jin but Jin just shrugged as an answer hoping that the two gets the point. And they did. Taehyung and Jungkook just nods and returns to their video game.

Everyone knows that Yoongi stays up late in the studio if he’s feeling inspired. This night in particular, he is feeling extra inspired. Its already 12 AM and he’s not back yet. Not like Jin is waiting, he just happens to be still awake from reading a comic.

Hoseok woke up and exited the room he’s in and heads to the kitchen till he notices that the two oldest shared still has a light on. Hoseok went inside the room and sees Jin, wide awake.

“Hyung?” Hoseok said and carefully walk towards Jin’s side of the bed. Its rare to see the bed split apart since everyone knew that Yoongi and Jin watch movies together.

“What is it?” Jin smiles at Hoseok and gestures his hand on the bed to let Hoseok know that he should sit down.

“Nothing, just wondering if you’re staying up for Yoongi hyung again.” Hoseok says and yawns.

“I’m not. Just finished what Taehyung recommended me to read.” Jin then ruffles his hair and smiles a bit. Hoseok has always been cute with his messy hair and sleepy eyes.

“Oh, okay. I thought you are becau- Oh, shit.” Hoseok says and covers his mouth right away. His eyes gaped in shock and just stares a Jin for a while.

“You thought?” Jin asks.

“Ah! Nothing, hyung, I swear!” Hoseok says and is obviously lying.

“Jung Hoseok, you better tell me or your are going to be roommates with Namjoon and good luck sleeping with that snoring mess.” Jin says firmly. He rarely uses the eldest pros of changing up the roommates. (only used it when Taehyung was his roommate and he couldn’t get a wink of sleep because that boy is loud as hell)

“Okay! Okay! I thought…you and Yoongi hyung are…in a relationship? I’m sorry that must’ve sounded weird.” Hoseok says and bows his head.

“Huh? I thought you guys knew about him and Jimin?” Jin asks, equally confused as Hoseok’s reaction.

“No, hyung. Jimin is always nice and if he has a lover of some sort, I think it would be Namjoon. They always have those eye fucking moments and I’m glad not so many had noticed it. Well, me and Taehyung notices and even Jungkook at this point.“ Hoseok says and does this thing with his hands when he’s explaining something he thinks that’s obvious.

“Yoongi literally makes a song for Jimin, has pictures of Jimin lying around, and shit, he even makes songs for him. Tell me that they aren’t at all dating and I’d make you anything you want for a year.” Jin says seriously and looks Hoseok in the eye.

“I’m serious, hyung. Yoongi hyung made you a song too, did you forget that? Jungkook has pictures of Yoongi lying around too. Even I have pictures of you. And Jimin picked up something in Yoongi hyungs house and they got into traffic so they didn’t head home ea- Oh, I see. Hyung, I see you.” Hoseok says and smiles like a little devil at Jin.

“No, Hoseok. No.” Jin says (in denial) to Hoseok who’s clearly smiling ever so brightly at him.

“You like him, you like Yoongi hyung!” Hoseok practically shouts inside the room but quickly covered his mouth so he won’t disturb the others.

“I don’t and you don’t have to shout!” Jin says, obviously red.

“…then you l o v e Yoongi hyung!” Hoseok says and this time, he keeps hitting Jin’s leg with excitement.

“Shit…” Jin says and covers his face that is now beat red. Hoseok keeps on squealing and Jin groans in despair. They hear the door unlock and they both sit up straight all of a sudden. A small shadow appeared closer to the room and its Yoongi.

“What are you two doing?” Yoongi asks and its obvious that he is dead tired.

“Nothing, hyung. I’ll go back to my room now. Good luck, Jin hyung and goodnight.” Hoseok says and smiles at Jin. He probably even wriggled his eyebrows but Yoongi didn’t noticed it.

“What’s wrong with him?” Yoongi asks and Jin just shrugs in return. Yoongi sat on his bed and removed his sweatshirt.

“Hyung?” Yoongi asks and Jin is taken a back when he noticed that Yoongi is right in front of him.

“What is it?” Jin asks and looks up to Yoongi.

“You okay? You look put off these days. I’m surprised Namjoon hasn’t said anything.” Yoongi says.

“I’m surprised he hasn’t said anything about you and Jimin as well.” Whoops, that wasn’t to come out but it did.

“Huh? Do you think me and Jimin are actually dating? Not you too.” Yoongi sighs and groans.

“Even Bang PDnim thought so too. I can’t believe this.” Yoongi says and sits next too Jin.

“Everyone thought you liked him and even I did. Geez, its just that you two hang out so much. If you want to clear the speculations up with everyone, just tell them you like someone else.” Jin says and pats Yoongi’s shoulder.

“Everyone doesn’t have to know I like you.” Yoongi says and faces Jin. Yoongi closed his eyes and prays to whatever is listening to him that Jin doesn’t hate him after kissing him. He holds his face and presses his lips onto his.

Yoongi lets go of Jin’s face and just stared at Jin. Pretty, very pretty indeed. “Hyung, I don’t know what shit runs through your mind but just because me and Jimin are friends doesn’t mean we are fucking.” Yoongi says with a stern voice.

Jin just smiles and hugs Yoongi. Burying his face onto his neck and Yoongi putting his arm around Jin’s. They stayed there until morning.

Everyone knows that Jin and Yoongi slept like that. Body against body and Hoseok probably taking way too many pictures.

“I thought Yoongi hyung would never admit his feelings. He was even complaining about it when I went over at his place.” Jimin says and ruffles his hair. Namjoon puts his arm around Jimin and asks him, “His feelings?”

“Yep, he was even afraid of going home early because he’d have to see his muse.” Jimin chuckles.

“No wonder why Jin hyung has been off lately, I thought it was just him being tired. Wonder, who cracked in first.” Namjoon says.

“I knew it first, ha! I can’t believe that it will only take them a bight to realize they want to be more than roommates.” Hoseok says and takes Yoongi’s camera now and takes a picture of the two sleeping. The click sound was enough to wake Jin enough and he posed a peace sign and Hoseok is more than happy to take a picture of his hyung and now, his boyfriend.

Story time with Kai

I’ve been friends with a guy called Ty for a pretty long time (like over 6 years). And the whole being nb and being called Kai is a very new development (only a couple of months). So obviously, I’ve been very lenient about people who have known me for a while adjusting to the new name and pronouns and such. I try to correct him when he deadnames me (because that more than anything is what causes me dysphoria) but as I still use (or at least don’t mind using) she/her pronouns as well as they/them pronouns, I haven’t been too much of a stickler for those. 

Fast forward to yesterday, he’s talking to my roommate about helping me with getting my classes registered for next semester. He says, “we got Kai registered for her classes.” then he immediately stops, apologizes to me, and corrects himself “their classes.” I told him it was okay and that I didn’t mind the she/her pronouns and he looked at very seriously (which is rare as Ty is not a serious person) and said, “I know but I want to try to get it right.” and proceeded to finish his conversation with my roommate flawlessly using the they/ them pronouns.

The point of this story is that it doesn’t matter how long someone has known you, if they truly love and respect you, they will try to change their language for you. You’re not burdening your friends and family with your new name and pronouns. I have another friend, he’s known me even longer (well over a decade) and he adjusted just as easily if not easier. My sister has known me all her life and they adjusted *snaps my fingers* like that (and I did the same when they told me they were nonbinary too). No amount of time knowing you by your dead name and/or pronouns is too long to expect someone to change the way they address and talk about you.

our tendency to do something despite knowing the outcome (like building a house of cards with your friends just knowing that one of those idiots is going to blow it down) and not even being that surprised at the result like honestly??? i knew at some point that book was going to fall of the pile after i put it there it was just a matter of time. what do you mean move the book before it falls or put it in a position where it wont tip over? what kind of organised human being does that???????

so now imagine your standard multi-species deep-space exploration voyage. humans were the last species to join the federation, and not much is generally known about them. there are countless studies documenting their weird tendency to pack bond and attempt to socialise with nearly every lifeform; some you have witnessed first hand, like your human Darren trying to communicate with a sylophod, a nasty, potent little ball of coarse fur with a bite that could stun even the largest of earth’s land-based mammals by attempting to stroke it while crooning “tribbles….cute blue tribbles in space”, others you have only heard of through transmission chatter and rumour, like the story of a human in an expedition party of 12 different species discorvering sentient life on a new planet and having war declared on the federation in the space of a few cronents. the studies detailing the humans wide emotional and psychological ranges always fascinate you the most, despite the engaging reports of their social aspects, you’ve always found the individual experiences more interesting. especially the ones about odd behaviours.

such as humans repeating actions with the same consequences. objects in the mess hall tend to fall over quite frequently due to their proximity to the Garln’s sleeping quarters, so every other lifeform knows that anything precariously placed will certainly not stay that way–except for the humans on the crew–it appears they are the only ones ignorant of this. you observed human Darren rush into the mess hall once, a large stack of papers in his arms, and hurriedly place them onto the corner of the nearest table, and despite picking several pieces from the floor and slapping them back on top of the pile, he did not move the stack as he began logging data. over the course of five cronents, the vibrations from the sleeping quarters began shuffling the papers closer and closer to the edge of the table until half the stack slid to the floor–the human Darren simply picked the papers back up and continued logging–several times. any other species would have moved the stack away from the edge of the table, rather than continuously have their work interrupted.

other times you have witnessed the humans performing tasks that are…extremely absurd, and yet they know the outcome. once you walked onto the communications deck to find the human Elizabeth constructing a triangular configuration out of thin segments of paper, stacking them impossibly higher and wider whilst the humans Darren and Alex watched on, both quietly uttering in their earth tongue of english “stay….staaaaay…” and proceeding to cheer when human Elizabeth was successful. human Elizabeth then stood and, without noticing her own actions, placed an appendage the humans refer to as a ‘hand’ too close to the construction, destroying the entire thing. none of the three humans appeared to be upset by this; it was as if human Elizabeth had scattered segments of paper across the floor. when you approach her some time later and ask her about why none of them had been upset by the destruction of her creation she replied “it was always going to fall over, but i like to make a house of cards every now and then.”

humans do the weirdest shit, even when they know the outcome.

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Can I request Aomine scenario, his s/o gets replaced with rl reader and he was gunna break up with original s/o but the new one is really affectionate and shows him more love so he falls in love again?? sorry if its weird, or confusing!

Hi there! I was a bit confused on what you asked, but I think I understand the gist of what you’re asking? If not, please feel free to clarify it later. But this is what I came up with so I hope you like it! (Done from reader’s pov)

You knew being with Aomine would be difficult. After hearing he’d recently broke it off with his ex, you decided to come in as his friend/crush, and try to help him through it. Some of your friends had warned you he may break your heart, as he wasn’t ready to be in a new relationship, but you still pursued it anyway.

Because Aomine’s happiness was your happiness.

It didn’t matter how long it took for him to get over her, or if he never said ‘I love you’. Because you had more than enough love for the both of you. And you didn’t want him to ever give up on the feeling of ‘love’.

So you spent lots of time taking him places you knew he’d like. The arcade, movies, the basketball court to play one-on-one. You always avoided shopping with him, because you knew he hated it, so you did whatever you could to show him other things.. To help ease the pain.

As each week passed, you could slowly see Aomine returning to himself again, but there were days he’d stare off with a far-away gaze, and it made you worry. Was he thinking of ending things? You weren’t even sure if you could call what you had a ‘relationship’. Because although you did things a normal couple would, they were also things friends did together.

You didn’t dare try to be intimate with him, because the last thing you needed was to make things complicated. (As if anything wasn’t in the first place.) But you started to get worried when Aomine had ignored you for a few weeks. You didn’t know what to do, who to ask because you didn’t want to hear them say;

I told you so.’

It surprised you when he messaged you, asking to meet you at the park. Your hand froze on the keypad as you scrambled for an answer. Biting your lip, you hesitantly replied with

I’ll be there.’

It didn’t really surprise you to be the first to arrive, but what did was how his arms pulled you into a hug. There was no greeting, no ‘hey ___’, it was just.. a hug. When he pulled back, you tried to keep the smile in, because he was nervous, and you’ve never seen him like this.

Rather than let him say anything, you grabbed his hand, rubbing the back of his skin. You gave him that smile, one that reassures him everything is going to be fine, and he didn’t have to say anything. It surprised you when his hand tightened its grip, before a basketball replaced it. You blinked, looking at him in surprise, before the smile grew at his grin.

While there was no guarantee he was going to fall in love with you, seeing him after so long has rekindled the fire in your heart. It was more than enough to convince you to keep being at his side.

wally: mom, you know what i would reaaallly love? if you would lock yourself in your workroom and toil night and day until you’ve finished re-building my servo friend and probably future life partner b/c there’s no way i’m not one of those people. pleeease??

katrina: umm…sweetie…wouldn’t it be nice to make some new friends? that girl prudence seems nice.

wally: the problem with that you see is that prudence is a mammal which evolutionary-speaking is like one step away from being a rat and i DON’T like rats. you wouldn’t want me to be friends with a dirty rat would you??

katrina: that’s some interesting logic you got there.

I was so awkward at talking that I didn’t know the difference between being rude and telling the truth or saying unnecessary things. once in high school friends encouraged me to go and flirt with this cute guy. I have never seen that guys’ eyes before . So when he removed his glasses to talk to me, the words that came out of my mouth was exactly these. “God your eyes are kinda scary. Also do you have like one tshirt.”

That was so rude and not flirty at al and downright insulting. What was wrong with me….

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Hi! What are your thoughts on Elizabeth Bennet? And Lizzie and miss Bingley's 'friendship'?

Like Darcy, Elizabeth is overrated and gets more exposure than she probably deserves, being no better nor worse than most of Austen’s heroines, though for fair reasons she’s many people’s favourite.

Lizzie and Caroline aren’t friends, though. They aren’t even ‘friends’. Like, they’re barely civil to one another, and that’s all.

Unless you’re Lost in Austen in which case they are gay/bi as hell together.

Yikes what is going on with Brynn. Like I used to be such a big Brynn supporter because she was such a kind and sweet talented girl. Now seeing how she is reacting to her friends dance it’s like wow way to throw shade at your friends. I get that her and camryn have some kind of weird beef going on but why bring the other girls into this. Weren’t they best friend’s the other day and suddenly she is liking comments that is calling them sluts, saying the girls have no morals and insinuating they have no technique. Brynn what in the world girl??? Is it the fame going to your head and being around Abby?
On a different note, I dont know why people are attacking Christi. I would be pissed if someone’s daughter liked a comment saying that my daughter and her friends are sluts. Put it this way, im pretty sure if this was the other way around and Brynn had been in a dance like the elite girls did and someone made a comment saying oh they look like sluts Ashlee would be angry and calling out their mom’s too. It saddens me seeing how lowly Brynn apparently thinks of girls who once considered her a friend.

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(Anon from friend ask) We see each other at school sometimes. I try not to hang out with them and we recently got into a little fight so I've been avoiding them at school. They've clearly noticed. I honestly just can stand them at this point. They know how to push my buttons. I couldn't care if they talk behind my back either (they literally did right in front of my face once) so I have nothing to lose. I'm already hanging out with another group of friends.

First things first, block them on all social media you know they can find you on before texting. If there’s any paper trail of them being a mean fuck to you, whether on text, Facebook or otherwise, screenshot and save. (School drama can be fierce, especially with people like that. Be careful.) Give a headsup to your current friends and be open with them about what’s going on. 

Then write up what you feel. You don’t have to write a torrent, just enough. ‘We’re not friends anymore. Bye.’ would be enough if you wanted it to be. Block immediately.

At school, stick closely to your friend group and when you’re alone, try to be around teachers for the inevitable ‘X is bothering me can you please make them leave them alone’ (if they do want to bother you). If you get cyberbullied, screenshot, screenshot, screenshot all the fucking way.

I know I sound really paranoid but I didn’t have a very good high school experience, so make sure to power up just in case.

i think the examples of “callout culture” going awry is very rare but god when it happens it’s usually a painful mess

like imagine being some teenage girl having fun with a clown joke blog and then a shit ton of other kids as well as a handful of adults have you branded as a racist pedophile because one of your friends (who is also a teen) has what’s ultimately a strong (and perhaps naive) belief in rehabilitative justice

Seventeen members as things my friends have said

Jun: 4x4=I didn’t do it


Mingyu: I sat and laughed at the markers in the floor for like 20 minutes.


Seungkwan: gosh darn it, that sword ran straight into my bomb

Jeonghan: what do you want me to do? Pull a mirror out of my ass?

Vernon: Two pigs and a stick bug amirite?

Joshua: no but I’m serious, I love Jesus.

SCoups: I hate being your father and I am so happy that one day you’ll all be adopted.


Woozi: don’t test me I will legitimately bust your kneecaps.


Dino: you don’t need to protect me with your life but I guess that’s fine.

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What exactly was your relationship with Turaga Dume?

Most of the others seem to not know or forget that alongside being a Turaga, Dume was a technician. The only thing he loved more than tinkering was his city, we would collaborate on tons of projects to help make the city a better and safer place to live. We had a mutual inventor’s respect for each other, we taught each other new techniques. Everything I know about wiring comes from him.

I considered Dume my friend, sure his methods weren’t always the most liked by the other Matoran but I knew him. The Dume I knew just did what he thought was right for his city, his only flaw was that sometimes he didn’t really consider the costs of those actions. Which was something I tried to help him with, because I do it too. So yeah, when he asked me to design an elite law enforcement unit I trusted him.

Even when I questioned some of his design requests he ensured me that it was to make them the best they could be at protecting Metru Nui, and I believed him. It wasn’t until after I saw what the Vahki were doing that I realized something was wrong, I thought Dume seemed different because of stress. I was wrong, Dume had been gone for some time. The Vahki were definitely his idea, but the weapons they became. That was Makuta’s influence.

I’m ashamed everyday to think that I couldn’t tell the difference between my friend and that monster. People talk about how Dume was a bad Turaga, but I don’t think that’s true. Dume cared about his city, maybe a little too much, but he cared. He would make bad decisions, sometimes a lot of them, but they were always with Metru Nui in mind.

The destruction of our city was not his fault, if anything it was mine. I was stupid, I couldn’t see that something was wrong with my friend. Makuta couldn’t have completed his plan without my machines, without the trust I had Dume. One of these days hopefully I’ll be able to face my old friend again.

Friends to Lovers – Renji

A/N: Here’s the second idea for a jealous Renji. Dancing is a theme apparently with me, lol. I hope you enjoy it @howlingforrenji

Renji can feel an eye twitch developing the longer he watches you, your words becoming a white noise as a headache makes itself known. It’s not that he dislikes talking with you, quite the opposite in fact. You’ve become one of his best friends because you’re just so damn easy to get along with. Unlike other women he’s befriended you don’t bring about unnecessary drama and the simplicity of your friendship is refreshing. Plus you’ve seen him at his absolute worst and are still around.

So why do I feel like I’m being stabbed in the chest?”

“So what do you think?” you ask turning from your closet. You frown. Renji is staring at the wall. Walking up to him you flick his ear and he jerks his head to look at you.

“What?” he asks gruffly and you almost flinch. What’s got his panties in a bunch?

“I asked you a question asshole. What’s going on with you?” you ask crossing your arms.

“Nothin’,” he grumbles, “what was the question?”

You sigh. If Renji doesn’t want to tell you what’s wrong you won’t push it, it’ll just make it worse. Taking a deep breath you ask holding up your new dress, “What do you think of this dress?” You’re surprised to see him appear to actually be thinking before answering. Most guys would just spout out “Fine” or “I dunno know” or even more irritatingly just shrug. Finally he looks up with a slight grin.

“Not sure, I’d have ta see it on ya,” he replies. This surprises you but you smile at his reinvigorated (however slight) interest. You really do want an opinion on this before your date shows up and you end up looking like a fool.

“Ok, give me a minute,” you say and head into the bathroom.

As soon as the door shuts Renji lets out a frustrated breath. What the hell is the matter with him? Spacing out, ignoring you, this isn’t how he usually is when he’s with you. Usually you have all of his attention or he’s teasing you or you tease him or something. But ever since you’d announced that afternoon you were going on a date with Ikkaku he’s been feeling unease, which doesn’t make any sense because the cue ball is, while irritating and a bit too fight obsessive, overall a good guy. He should be happy that someone he trusts as much as him wants to take his best friend out. So why-

His thoughts abruptly cut short as you emerge from the bathroom. No one should be allowed to look this good in such a simple dress. But the navy blue sets off the red highlights in your hair and the shimmering green eye shadow contrasts the brown of your irises making them brighter. Your lips are tinted a faint pink and he realizes just how infrequently he’s seen you wear makeup. Not that you need it, but there’s something about the way you look now that is short circuiting the synapses in his brain.

“So? You think it’s a good choice?” you ask him nervously. The blank expression on his face either means it’s really good or really bad. But before he can answer there’s a knock at the door. Your eyes shoot to the clock. “Shit! I didn’t realize it was already so late,” you exclaim and rush back to your closet to grab shoes. Over your shoulder you say, “Well, I hope it’s good because I don’t have a choice now.”

You chuckle as you walk by Renji ruffling the top of his head and making him grunt in irritation at you messy up his pony tail. “Thanks for nothin’ you bump on a log, see ya later,” you say good-naturedly and walk to your door. Opening it you find Ikkaku standing there in dark blue jeans and white button shirt, though the sleeves have been ripped showing off his biceps. It’s a look you’re sure only he can pull off.

“Heya, ____-chan, you look great,” he says grinning.

“Thanks, um, one sec,” you say and turn to shout over your shoulder, “Renji, I’m leaving, can you make sure to lock up before you go?” You hear a muffled affirmation of your request and turn back to your date. “Let’s go!” you say excitedly.

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abuse doesn’t always look like yelling or hitting or even anything we see as hurtful; abuse can be backwards comments like “you’re pretty when you’re thin”, abuse can be quiet and vicious and insidious like, “i’m the only one who gets you” “if anyone else knew about this they’d be horrified but i love you for it” “your friends don’t understand you like i do and they never will”

abuse works because you don’t realize it at first, if ever. abuse works because it trains you, slowly. it makes you compromise on things. it sets you a step back by an inch, because if you go too quick, you’ll realize what’s happening. it’s being the frog in water, but the water tells you that it’s trying to make you better. and abuse works best when you’re mentally ill. it runs off of it. it takes the negative things you already feel and just amplifies all of it. how can it be abuse when you were already thinking all of it? it was your idea to begin with, it’s just that someone confirmed it.

sometimes i still wonder if it actually happened or i imagined it. sometimes i realize in a flash what felt normal was actually abusive. something as small as being worried when someone isn’t smiling. abuse rarely fits the way people want it to look, because abusers want you to think it’s only bloody teeth and a right hook. this is how they get you. they say, oh you’d never be silly enough for that, and you think, of course, if my partner hit me, i’d leave. but then your partner, who you love more than anything, they say things like “i don’t want you going out tonight” and at first it’s fine. nobody ever wakes up letting someone hit them. it’s just that you compromise. you let little things go until you’re trained to let big things go until you’re trained so well that you’ve let your own soul go. and you can’t just pull back control. abuse works because you can wake up there, at the bottom of the hole - but there’s just nowhere to go.

Reasons to be Grateful

1. You’re alive.

2. You have a roof over your head, food to eat and clothes to wear.

3. You have access to basic education, and are able to read and write.

4. You have choices, and the freedom to make your own decisions (about what to eat, what to wear, where to live, the kind of career you would like to pursue etc.)

5. You are not being persecuted for your beliefs, and you live in a country that respects your human rights.

6. You have faced and overcome some huge obstacles.

7. You have experienced the warmth and the love of friends.

8. There are people in your life who miss you, and look forward to seeing you again.

9. You can enjoy gorgeous sunrises and sunsets.

1o. You have access to the internet!

Idk why but I really want a lowkey kind of comedy about a kid who studies hardcore all the time because she’s sure she’s a Ravenclaw and it’s her favorite house but then she gets sorted into Hufflepuff and is like??? Wtf???

And a kid who is Sure they’re a Hufflepuff because they’re really good at finding things when they go out exploring but then they’re sorted into Ravenclaw and they’re like um no??? I suck at math?? I can’t get into the common room because riddles are mean??

And then the two of them become friends and are just disgruntled together while being completely oblivious as to why they were sorted into their houses and this honestly isn’t even a fun idea I just want to see it for some reason??

“Yeah I just don’t understand why I was sorted into Ravenclaw”

“What’s that on your desk”

“Just my rock collection, I have 67 different types”


“I’m Not a Hufflepuff, I studied for eight years to get into Ravenclaw”

“Wow that must’ve been a lot of hard work”

“It was”