is this what a nugger is

Meanwhile in the Succateer chatroom
  • Freckled Furry Sportacus: *looks around* ....Fuck
  • Oh look, trash: hmm??
  • Freckled Furry Sportacus: i ran out f chicken nuggers
  • Oh look, trash: i am so sorry
  • Crowrey's Wormstache: Sport shouldn't u eat vegetables instead
  • Oh look, trash: (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ I finished Pixel
  • Oh look, trash: Drawing him
  • Oh look, trash: i didn't kill him
  • Freckled Furry Sportacus: wats vegetables
  • Oh look, trash: SPORTACUS
  • Freckled Furry Sportacus: (brb)
  • Freckled Furry Sportacus left the room.
  • Oh look, trash: wait are you actually robbie in disguise
  • Freckled Furry Sportacus joined the room.
  • Oh look, trash: shit
  • Oh look, trash: unrip
  • Oh look, trash: are you actually robbie in disguise
  • Freckled Furry Sportacus: what?! no!! i-i...
  • Crowrey's Wormstache: show Pixel Trash
  • Crowrey's Wormstache: S P O R T A C U S
  • Oh look, trash: nah it's for my secret friend project
  • Oh look, trash: part of it
  • Oh look, trash: and it looks weird out of context
  • Freckled Furry Sportacus: I....i am sportafl- sportacus!
  • Oh look, trash: you'll see on the 31st
  • Oh look, trash: yeah right 'sportacus'
  • Oh look, trash: the real sportacus knows what a vegetable is
  • Oh look, trash: and he doesn't eat chicken nuggets
  • Freckled Furry Sportacus: protein is good for you!
  • Oh look, trash: chicken nuggets are hella greasy
  • Oh look, trash: and unhealthy
  • Freckled Furry Sportacus: not all of them
  • Freckled Furry Sportacus: not exactly
  • Oh look, trash: 'sportacus', what is it you mainly eat?
  • Freckled Furry Sportacus: ....uhm..cak- carrots!
  • Oh look, trash: and what are carrots?
  • Crowrey's Wormstache: >.>
  • Crowrey's Wormstache: <.<
  • Crowrey's Wormstache: I SMELL A FRAUD
  • Oh look, trash: what food group do they belong to?
  • Freckled Furry Sportacus: what??
  • Freckled Furry Sportacus: uhm.......uh
  • Crowrey's Wormstache: well?!
  • Freckled Furry Sportacus: grass?
  • Oh look, trash: ...
  • Crowrey's Wormstache: ROBBIE
  • Oh look, trash: dammit robbie
  • Crowrey's Wormstache: Robbie you can do better than that
  • Freckled Furry Sportacus is now known as Secretly Robbie.
  • Crowrey's Wormstache: HA
  • Secretly Robbie: ugh...
Banane Surprise [The Experience]

banane surprise

this is highly nsfw„„,

i’m so sorry

twas a quiet day upon the server of bukkitstuck. it was quiet and the sexual tension was high. doc appraoched cap with an angry look.

“CAP WHAT THE FUCK.” doc screamed. all eyes are on them now from everyone in the server. Cap let out a whimper, looking up at doc-senpai. “y-yes?” Doc let out a loud scream, “IM SO FUCKING TIRED OF YOUR SHIT IM JUST SO FED UP WITH YOU PS ITS YOURE FAULT EVERYTHING SUCKS” and with that, cap snapped. Cap grabbed Doc by the throat, slamming him down on the ground. Cap glares, looking down upon Doc. “fuck you, doc, its my fucking time to shine.” Cap slaps doc, ripping off his clothes and then ripping off Docs. Nikki pulls up a lawn chair and begins eating popcorn. Cap forces doc to bend over, roughly spreading docs ass with his hands. Doc tells cap to stop his shit and begs Nikki for help. Nikki nods at cap, letting him continue. Cap rams his 88.9 millimeter dick into docs ass, doc just sorta letting out a groand. “Really cap, youre not gonna get much outta this.” Cap growls, repeatedly ramming his cock down docs ass for a solid 300 seconds. Cap then lets out a scream, orgasming so hard that he shits himself. Doc begins to get up but then Cap slams him back down. “I’m not done with you doc.” Cap pulls out a large banana. He slams the banana deep down docs ass, stretching doc to his limits. Nikki snickers at this. Doc moans and screams as Cap dildos his ass at the speed of light. Doc squirms wildly, getting close to climax. “I’m…. I’m gonna explode!” doc exclaims. Cap squeezes Docs testicles, triggering a wild orgasm. Cum shoots from docs dick, triggering a second reaction. His asshole convulses, letting out a blast of so hard, it launches the banana straight out of caps hands. Doc, Cap, and Nikki all turn and watch in amazement as the cum and shit covered banana launches through the sky. It rockets past John, who stairs blankly and whispers, “be free sweet majestic beast.” It flies clear across the map and through the window of a house. In this house, Dimmy and Cate were making out. The window shatters and Dimmy and Cate turn and stare at the shit and cum covered banana which had launched through their nutella collection. “what the egging fuck” dimmy says. Cate walks over and pokes it. “I say we blame Cap.” she says. Dimmy nods and turns to see Cecil, Dualscar, Ait, Kurloz, Nuggers, Tuna, and Justin enter the room. Ait grabs the banana and licks it. “Mmmm… This is good. I bet we could have some fun with this.” he says. But the rest is a story for another day.

To be continued?

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Imagine Steve and Bucky catching up on old news online. At first it’s just newspaper articles and the occasional blog, but they keep clicking links and getting sucked further and further into the strange recesses of the internet until it’s two in the morning and Tony stumbles out of his room when he can’t sleep and sees them still sitting on the couch together, doubled over the glow of the laptop, clutching each other with shaking shoulders and at first Tony thinks they’re having a moment or getting upset over the general fuckery the world’s been up to in the last seventy years but then they look up and catch his eye and Tony can see that they’re laughing. Laughing so hard that Steve looks like he can’t breathe and Bucky has reached that point where he’s not even making any noise, just soundlessly shaking and clutching his stomach. Tony stands there for ages, wondering what the fuck is going on until Bucky finally gets in enough air to speak, and he looks at Tony, eyes watering, and just gasps out, “chicken nugger” and Steve cries. 

It is episode 12 of Mekakucity Actors. All the fans wait for the appearance of a certain villain, Kuroha. In a dark world, a pair of eyes open. The eyes of Len Kagamine. He starts to sing. Never gonna give you up…never gonna let you down….never gonna turn around and desert you. He throws a chicken nugger at Shintaro. Konoha cries, he is starving for the chicken nugger. Momo shrieks loudly, her head becomes a Happy Meal box, her arms are swinging french fried. Shrek appears, “WHAT ARE YOU DOIN IN MAH SWAMP?!” he yells. Seto reassures Mary, she is sobbing. “Yeah here with my ninja clan. Ninja clan here we stand.” he tells her. The screen fades to black…