is this what 2009 looked like

I had an Experience today folks

I walk into a coworker’s office to get some flyers printed for an upcoming event. As they are being printed at an agonizingly slow pace, she turns to me and asks “Hey Taylor? Are you friends with any artists?” I respond yes, I know some people, what exactly are you looking for? She begins to tell me a story about how she met a student a few years ago who gave her some drawing samples and said she could illustrate a book. This student has 3 jobs and a full coursework load- definitely not enough time to do commissions. 

“But her artwork is so beautiful!” my coworker laments as she takes out a sketchbook the student gave to her years ago. Now, I do not know what I expected to see. What I do know is that I did not expect to see manga-style furry artwork. Like, the exact style you would have seen on Deviantart back in 2009, complete with pencil smudges? Lovingly scanned using a library printer? And a caption that would read “XD Smexi~~~”? Something vaguely like this:

You get the point. Anyways, I smile and ask what her book is about- attempting to hide the fact that I am frantically trying to figure out at exactly what moment I had left the administrative office of the history department of my high-level research university and crossed over into the Twilight Zone. A Twilight Zone where grandmothers in university administrative positions hand you the ghost of deviantart regrets past. She looks me dead in the eyes and says “Fornification. I am going to teach the young people about fornification.”

At this point I’m rapidly losing my grip on reality. But that was okay because she launched into a 45 minute lecture about why she wants to write the book. Her lecture she gives spins a rather confusing web- linking the history of anti-black racism in Europe with Chinese politics in less than a 3 minute span. I am still holding a pencil drawing of a catgirl in my hands. My flyers are still printing. 

I am almost dissociating by the time she tells me she is going to make Christianity the framework of her book. That’s it, I think, I’ve lost it. I grip my keychain, a gift from my boss, in my hand as if it is my last possession from a former life. I am vaguely congnizant of the fact that she asserted that there is not a single person on the planet who does not believe in a god- and those who are not Christians are just afraid of accepting the existence of Jesus. I don’t argue, I am too tired. I am a broken woman already. I am still gripping a catgirl and my keychain. 

She says she wants to teach the young people about all of this so we can all unlock a better future together (with Jesus). She says she know she will be effective because she can see the gears turning and switches flipping in my head. She’s wrong, I’m actually fairly busy astral projecting into the beach scene painting behind her desk. But she wants the illustrations because she wants the book to be fun for the young people to read. 

I tell her she should contact some people in the art department. 

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since ur so passionate on that god awful Dream Girl outfit, can u make a post of Shinees worst/ugliest outfits

alrighty im starting full on with one of the most repelling outfits shinee’s ever wore…. for crying out loud look at TAEMIN what the fuck is he even wearing with that weird ass hat and jonghyun’s jacket which fits with his shirt only in a parallel universe MY GOD

next up is this lmao…what is there to say…look at taemin, key and onew’s pants… then look at taemin’s “shirt” with SPIKES…then key’s boots….i want to Die

there is. a weird ass belt on his..chest??????? or is it a harness?? and that ugly hat which apparently someone thought was a good idea adding??

haha dream girl era is indeed……something else. are the stylists obsessed with making taemin wear these ugly ass hats??? and what kind of bs outfit was minho wearing…. not to mention all their shoes rip

we taking a LEAP back to 2009 !! honestly onew nd jonghyun are still acceptable on some levels but then u look at taemin with a jacket that has the zipper going down vertically, witch like books, and a weird half skirt going down?? then minho with the long coat w a high ugly wide collar….and then KEY’S PANTS…….i dnt know who created them but they were def high. not to mention the weird tilted coat???

a G E M !!!! im glad taemin was feeling himself in this outfit but HJFKDHG those PANTS are so…..unexpected :—)

guess which era this is?? dream girl era haha!!!! i want to Burn the stylists to this day. that’s all.

taemin is BACK to serve us those LOOKS. KING of half open shirts and weird ass pants

i HAD to include these three outfits from the dream girl mv….jonghyun’s unmatched clothes and minho’s leopard printed pants are already enough…. but then u look over to taemin….w that turtleneck pink t shirt.. aND THOSE UGLY UNWORTHY PENCIL PANTS I WAN T TO KNOW WHO’S RESPONSIBLE BITC H

kbs gayo 2012 was tragic….jst look at minho looking like a damn star wars character or smth idk…onew looking like a piece of chocolate…nd then taemin looking like a damn tropical forest (the material of the clothes was also SHIT cause taemin’s pants completely ripped by the end JKLFHD)

i HAD to include this JUST for the pants. the rest is fine…,,,the pants are Hell.

ok now this is a Wild one. u have jonghyun not even looking that bad, the outfit is nice. but then u look over at ur right…,,,,surprise bitch! !!! ! !! the bright light blue hat w the FLASHING pink short pants pulled up by some damn SUSPENDERS is truly unforgettable. nd then u have the black socks w some weird cartoons on them ???? 

and last but not least:

i looked up the leetstreet boys a while back to find out what they were doing and it was really weird. they’re still making songs but their output has decreased and they tend not to get booked for cons any more. they tried to do a kickstarter for a new album and it failed, and i’m like 99% sure the reason for all that is that they literally haven’t changed or progressed at all? they seem to think they’re living in an alternate universe where american anime fandom culture never developed beyond 2009, so they’re still making songs about haruhi suzumiya and pocky

Yeah and those ppl saying “The characters from Villainous look like edgy deviant ocs from 2009″ Well you’re basically right! And you know what that means? 

Maybe someday the characters you made, that you were passionate about, will be in a cartoon or cartoon short that’s loved by hundreds and thousands. 

OKay guys I just like. Hyperventilated for like 5 minutes hahahahaha SO.

I saw this post about Tyler Seguin during the 2010 draft and noticed he came from the Plymouth Whalers. Which I dunno I didn’t know because I never looked it up.

So I grew up in Plymouth. My sister’s girlfriend went to high school in nearby Ann Arbor and said she knew some Whalers that went to her high school at the time. I was going to ask my sister if idk her gf had any memory of names or anything and then I was like. You know what. He and I would have been in the same graduating class….I went to Plymouth High School…. I might as well check something.

So I pulled out my big fucking 2009 yearbook because he started playing with the Whalers in 2008? so I figured 2009 was a safe bet?  and I looked in the index to find nothing.

And I sort of lost hope.
and then I pulled out my 2010 yearbook. just in case. just to check. 

And this is what I find:

So I freak out and turn to the page of course.

And lo and behold. (and Idk if this crosses any lines Idk what protocol is regarding yearbook photos and respecting the privacy of NHL players but uh.)

There he is.

So yeah. I apparently graduated high school with Tyler Seguin.
Now I’m like…wracking my memory trying to remember if he was in any of my classes but like even if he was I would have totally disregarded him because at the time I was an artsy gothic theater kid and turned up my nose at “jocks” and “preps” aka anyone who didn’t wear tripp pants (jk but idk I was an ass and there were way too many Tylers to keep track of anyway) and haha jokes on me now I guess.

Still though like….
Man. What a trip.

Lmfao i feel like a damn idiot XD

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can you believe them? they're like an old married couple, just bickering and teasing and laughing with and at each other, it's adorable. that live show was domestic af, i love that they just spend 24/7 together and then they're planning what movies they're going to watch TOGETHER on the plane, disgusting

they’re so much to take in sometimes. important insights that this ls gave us: 

  • they are Professionals. dan begs someone to book them. i thought they were trying to move away from hosting gigs. interesting comment
  • dan tries to act like he just now switched to seeing fabrice for his haircuts even though it seemed like he’s been using him for a while now? why the evasion? ? ?unclear 
  • honestly the whole first 20 minutes were a fucking shitshow and i loved them. one second they were talking about haircuts. the next second, someone’s saying clean me daddy. then lambs coming out of furry wombs. then loins. pork loins. i don’t even know man. this is just like, typical evenings in the dan and phil house and i was actually laughing out loud so much. phil even interjected “can we calm down” at one point and i was legit in tears theyre just so naturally funny and good together pls
  • ‘dan looks like a meatball’ i was pissing myself
  • also phil comin in with the ‘beez in the trap’ interjection dan losing his shit… why are they so funny
  • the bIT WHERE THEY REMINISCED ON INTERACTIVE XMAS ADVENTURE aka that fresh 2009 young and in love “vintage content” oh my fuckin ,, they were both so immediately fond over it i was screaming and they are so correct. it is underrated Art and Filmmaking and whatever other bullshit dan wishes that dinof could be lmao
  • next dapg vid is club penguin, i have no feelings about this, i barely know what club penguin is and have never been on it in my life but whatevs, i’m sure it’ll be good
  • bees are attacking their house and also they are good and fluffy teddy bears that need to be protected i love this
  • they kept saying “we don’t have a pet” and i wanted to die at the casual joint adoption of a pupper they kept alluding to. also dan said “we don’t have a life” when talking about making small talk with fabrice and that was Too Much
  • both of them dragging each others’ scents of choice (lemon humidifier vs. adventure in a can) was some top content™ 
  • all of their squabbling over opinions on things, esp that riverdale bit, damn can they chill 
  • YES the fact they’re planning movies to watch on the plane based on ones they haven’t seen (together) yet,,, too cute. i’m excited they want to see moana and hidden figures obvi
  • speaking of which, that bit when phil was talking about dan holding up popcorn in front of his face for minutes on end to avoid trailers. oh my god hahahaha. phil didn’t spell this out but i can literally picture his secondhand embarrassment so vividly he was probably hating his life in that moment and i’m laughing at dan giving no fucks at all 
  • dan keeps making little side comments about being busy w things, about doing some stuff, and phil pointedly seems to ignore all of them and that is Interesting
  • they’re also being hella vague on when they’re actually leaving to australia and notably left out that they’re going to hong kong beforehand (and maybe other places that they’re not telling us!) but they also made sure to communicate that they’re gonna be a bit absent in the coming weeks (phil said “our schedules will be a bit dodg” lmao) 
  • andrew garfield suffering is dan’s kink
Sleep overs

2009 dan and phil: had a sleep over

dan in new dnpg sims vid: the older you get, the more you’re like what the hell. im so uncomfortable . i wish i was just asleep right now *before giving the camera a cheeky look and drinking water*

me: does that mean that in ‘09 they didnt sleep…

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hi! what are some of your favorite period drama pieces?

Emma (2009): God-tier. The best Austen adaptation. The best Austen hero. I die every time.

Pride and Prejudice (2005): Obviously. I prefer the movie to the series, but if you’re looking for straight up accuracy and exhaustive detail, BBC is the way to go

Room With a View (1985): Good vibes af. EM Forster is a gem. (I haven’t seen Maurice, yet, but if you like this check out that movie. Also Maurice is Gay, so.)

Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell (2015): Regency era magic English history AU. Kinda different from the book, but still very good.

A Little Princess (1995): Alfonso Cuaron directed this movie. I haven’t seen it for a while, but I remember doing some interesting things with race and colonialism. It’s really sweet, though I remember the end departing from the book somewhat.

Wuthering Heights (2011): Okay, so I have a Lot of opinions on the failure of the film/TV industry to adapt Wuthering Heights properly, but this movie at least makes Heathcliff a person of color (FINALLY) and captures the tone perfectly. If you’re looking for an adaptation of the complete novel, the 1992 movie isn’t too bad.

Jane Eyre (2011): It’s Jane Eyre. The movie is really pretty. The 2006 version is pretty popular, but I’ve never seen it.

Marie Antoinette (2006): The French Revolution with a rad soundtrack 

North & South (2004): Pride and Prejudice but with northern accents and a lot more death.

Atonement (2007): I saw this movie when it came out and I’ve been fucked up ever since

Belle (2013): Admittedly, I haven’t seen this but I know I’m gonna like it

Turn (2014): Pretty white, but if you’re at all into the American Revolution, this is a good series. Ben Tallmadge is h*t. 

Death Comes to Pemberley (2013): Jane Austen fanfic; murder mystery AU. Fun but don’t take it too seriously.

Mansfield Park (1999): Okay, I actually do Not like Mansfield Park At All, but Jonny Lee Miller is in this and I think it’s the one adaptation that actually makes Austen’s discussion of race and Empire in the novel explicit. 

Shakespeare in Love (1998): Is cheesy af, but fun especially if you’re into Shakespeare

I’ve heard relatively good things about Fingersmith and The Handmaiden (which is based off the Sarah Waters book), but I haven’t seen either yet.

Okay I didn’t want to but you leave me no choice:

Phil Lester: Ugly

bOI have you seen him smile?

Bite his tongue when he laughs?

Seen his gorgeous eyes that are a million colours?

His hair, the way is cutely sits on his head?

I could go on…………

Nash Grier: Gorgeous 

I can’t even

EDIT: someone in the comments said Nash Grier looks older than him in this photo and im dying because they are right lmao

Phil Lester: Less subs

yep cuz subs only count, he has a very big and supportive fan base

1,000,000 average views a video

Raised  £187, 571 with other YouTubers for charity

And uh also:.He completed a degree in English Language and Linguistics from the University of York and a post graduate in the Department of Theatre, Film and television, going on to obtain a Master of Arts in Video Postproduction with Specialisation in Visual Effects.

Nash Grier: Vine Famous

lol rip vine

and also yea he has YouTube,  4,839,788 subs but guess what he gets 400,000 average a video

Oh and he’s also news famous for making homophobic comments like fag and saying ‘gay rights nah’

Great role model

Phil Lester: Old 

its funny isn’t it?

Every year you get older

He can’t help it?!?!! like what he’s only 30, you’re making it look like he’s 68

there are celebrities older than 30, is that bad?!

Nash Grier: Young

19 years old,


Phil Lester: Emo

Maybe back in 2006-2009 but Phil is the sunshine bean (lol kms)

and so what?

WHy is that a bad thing?

its kinda hot……..

Nash Grier: Popular

I legit had to research Nash Grier to see who he was

This photo triggered me so much
How Would You Feel (If I Told You I Loved You?) - wekingsandprettythings

Summary:  Dan discovered in 2009 that Phil shares his most sincere thoughts and secrets when he’s close to falling asleep. He makes excuses about why he stays up later than Phil, but it’s just so he can ask him what their future together looks like.

Word Count: 1785

Warnings: the purest fluff you’ve ever read in your life tbh

Blue Exorcist timeline

Information gathered from: Chapter 87, 86, 78, 76, 75, 74, 39, 10, a shit ton of theories when what book was written and when what thing was built, the wikia, Wikipedia, my shitty math skills, assuming time periods by staring too long at chapter 86, researching school starts and breaks in Japan, the drama Faust which I reread twice for Blue Exorcist, some more manga chapters and finally two  posts by @duskwitch about the age of the Ba’al!

Also, as duskwitch informed me, there is a poster in chapter 45 stating it’s the year 201X. For the sake of actual dates though, I used 2009 as the present because it’s the year Blue Exorcist got published.

This could be more detailed probably but I’m not gonna search through every panel of the manga now. Maybe next weekend though and then add whatever else I find. It’s a work in progress! Now then, let’s get started:

38.000 BC [first cave drawing]: Creation of the concept of Ba’als; all demons perhaps?
2300 BC [Tower of Babel] to 100 AD [bible]: Ba’als gained defined appearances; some time later first incarnated. Lucifer incarnated and died first after about 10 years.
9th to 10th century: Samael takes up the name of Loki
1000 AD: Amaimon’s first incarnation
Middle Ages: Lucifer convinces his siblings to fight against humanity
12th to 13th century [Order of the Temple]: Samael and some of the Ba’al (two others pictured) gave humans the knowledge on how to fight against demons; Beginning of True Cross Order
18th/19th century: Samael joins the order and takes on the name “Mephisto Pheles”. Assumed years by significant days for the drama Faust: 1772–1775, 1788–1790, 1797–1805, 1825–1831
Start 20th century: Mephisto tries to convince Lucifer to not blow up Earth; establishing of Section 13/Asylum
20th century: birth of Amaimon’s current body with adapting the clones of the 3rd strongest Ba’al
8th August 1982: Shura Birth
1991: Shura gets taken in by Shirou for about one to two years
March 1993: Gehenna itself incarnated/Satan gains an “Ego”; Blue Night; Research facility destroyed; Lucifer goes off on his own
27th December 1993: Rin and Yukio Okumura birth; death of Yuri Egin (which I don’t believe until you show me a body)
2000: Shirou tells Shura to live her life
March 2009: Shirou dies; age 45
1st April 2009: Start of True Cross Academy Arc
Start of summer break 2009: Training Camp Arc
Summer 2009: Kyoto Arc and Terror of Kraken Arc
8th August 2009: Shura turns 27
Autumn 2009: True Cross Festival Arc and Illuminati Arc
Autumn 2009: Exorcist Exam Arc
Winter/November/December 2009: Aomori Arc
December 2009: Lightning and Bon get information about the Ba’al from Mephisto apparently called ”Blue Night Investigation Arc”
27th December 2009: Twins turn 16

Kent’s religion is kissing his St. Michael’s medal and murmuring five Hail Mary’s every time he hears a siren. Kent’s religion is only making the sign of the cross when his flight’s about to take off or on the few occasions where something’s so euphoric that he honestly doesn’t believe it’s happening to him. It’s occasionally feeling like the music he hears is divine providence (despite knowing how radio stations and algorithms work). It’s looking up how to make his own holy water and then getting side tracked by Wiccan forums. It’s hearing about queer church congregations and wondering if that’s what he’s been missing. It’s binge watching Daredevil and wondering if he should go to confession; but then quickly discarding the idea because if there is a God, they’ll forgive him anyway. Kent’s religion is sobbing to “Laughing With” by Regina Spektor or “One of Us” by Joan Osborne for the majority of 2009 and the entirety of 2010. It’s making two pb&j sandwiches before every game and making a new habit of eating the second after if they win. It’s singing in the shower because he was taught that’s praying twice. It’s smiling to himself when he hears a rapper talking about their religious upbringing with love, because not every group is a cesspool of toxicity and bigotry. It’s laughing when pop culture refers to God as a she, because then she would have been one of two mothers to a brown, Jewish messiah and that’s something he could get on board with. Kent’s religion is wondering if God is there or if they hate him too. It’s tattooing the Bible verse his grandfather used to recite to him in hard times on his rib cage (savoring the pain) and the next year getting a watercolor tattoo to wrap around it/partially disguise it. It’s meeting religious people who are really fucking good and secure in who they are, and thinking maybe it doesn’t matter one way or the other. Kent’s religion is learning about all the religions he wasn’t raised on, respecting the people who practice them (and those who don’t), and slowly learning that we’re not all that different.

And because this was heavy it’s also punching Patrick Kane in the face at every possible opportunity

But yea, Kent having a complicated and ambiguous opinion of being raised Catholic is something I think about a lot.

Royal Tiara Challenge 2017

Day 25: Favorite Wreath Tiara

The Midnight Tiara

The Midnight tiara designed by Charlotte Lynggaard contains “31 flower buds created with over 1,300 small diamond brilliants and polished moonstones set into a structure of leaves and branches hand graved in 18 carat rose and white gold with black oxidized silver.” The tiara, and it’s coordinating collection, was created for the Tiara Exhibition at Amalienborg Palace in Copenhagen. 

It caught the eye of Crown Princess Mary who borrowed the tiara for Prince Henrik’s 75th birthday in 2009. After that a deal was proposed, Mary doesn’t have to purchase the tiara and the jeweler retains ownership, but they won’t sell it and Mary has exclusive rights to borrow it. I love the uniqueness of the design and it’s materials. I’m also not the biggest fan of jewelry that’s just diamonds, diamonds, and more diamonds. A feel like that’s what a lot of tiaras can end up looking like, so the complete subtlety of the diamonds on the Midnight tiara appeals to me. 

the twilight saga asks
send me as many numbers as you want and i’ll answer accordingly!

1. favorite character?
2. favorite book?
3. favorite movie?
4. favorite book moments?
5. favorite movie moments?
6. books in order from favorite to least favorite
7. movies in order from favorite to least favorite
8. book or movie moments that made you the most mad?
9. book or movie moments that made you the most sad?
10. opinions/ thoughts on life and death?
11. do you prefer the books or movies?
12. favorite character casting(s)?
13. least favorite character casting(s)?
14. favorite songs from the soundtracks?
15. what’s one thing you would change about the saga?
16. which character would you want to be?
17. which character would you be best friends with?
18. which characters would you probably not get along with?
19. favorite cullen?
20. favorite wolf?
21. favorite human?
22. favorite volturi?
23. would you rather be a wolf or vampire?
24. what would you want your special vampire power/ ability to be?
25. what would you want your wolf fur to look like?
26. would you want to join the volturi?
27. if you were a vampire, would you follow a “vegetarian” diet? how would you go about your life?
28. your opinion on imprinting?
29. favorite couples and/ or friendships?
30. would you rather live in forks or on the reservation?

the thing is that tumblr people had been talking about meetups since 2009 or 2010. there were a series of popular posts that went around in 2010 and 2011 of tumblr university. most of the people on the website were in high school, so we talked about it like a weird boarding school/university mashup where all the weird fans would go and find community. 

people made manips about what it would look like:

they also created tumblr prom. people would ask other tumblr users out, and they’d post photos of themselves in fancy outfits. for some people, it was about connecting long distance. other people would say things like “the only prom i’m getting invited to.”

they announced the convention in 2013 (though it didn’t happen until 2014). and by that time, conventions were popular. even youtubers were having gatherings. vidcon existed. geekycon (then leakycon) did too. but a lot of the culture from that time had disappeared (look at the post i just reblogged). a lot of people had grown up. we were awkward and immature in 2010 because we so many of us were in our early to mid teens.

anyway, by the time dashcon rolled around, the people who ran it didn’t do their research and didn’t know what they were doing. i think because they saw all of these tumblr trends, they also expected turnout to be a lot higher. but, again, fandom had shifted gears, and most people who wanted to go to similar fandom cons were planning on going to the ones that already existed. it was all a mess and like the last, most disastrous remains of the culture i grew up with.

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what do you think of Emilie Autumn?

I used to love her and look up to her so much that if you look at old photos of me from around 2007 to 2009, you’ll find a little heart under my eye and striped stockings in every photo. Then a lot of drama happened with her and the fans and her book and it felt like her personality and image took importance over the music and then I kind of lost interest. I didn’t really enjoy Fight Like A Girl either, though I did go see her on tour after the album came out and I’m happy that I did.

I still listen to everything she’s done up til FLAG, but I don’t really follow what she does or look up to her anymore. From what I can figure the drama’s toned down and she’s doing better in general, so I’m happy for that cause obviously Opheliac was born out of very dark things. I still definitely have a soft spot for the Opheliac-or-so-era Emilie and always will, her style around that time was a big part of my life for a while and a lot of the photoshoots she did back then are gorgeous. And now I really feel like listening to Organ Grinder…

(Funnily enough, when I was looking for burlesque pictures some months back I came across Veronica Varlow’s blog where she’d used a picture I took of her in one of her posts! I think I’m friends with Contessa on Facebook as well.)

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I was looking for a fic I started reading on Wattpad, and I can't find it anymore. It was not completed, and the name was something like "finding the phandom" or something. Dan and Phil were both YouTubers, but it was basically what would have happened if they hadn't met in 2009. It was really good, and I really wanted to read it, do you think you could help me find it please?? Thank you so much!!

Finding the Phandom (wattpad) 

Phil Lester is a YouTuber who lives in London. He has a following of, just recently, 4 million people. He has been making a name for himself. He loves his job, but he is missing something. Dan Howell is a law school drop out from the University of Manchester. He has been doing YouTube since he graduated high school. He now does YouTube full time. He has a following of six million people. He still feels lonely. What happens if Dan and Phil never met in 2009? In a world where Dan and Phil aren’t “Dan and Phil”, will the phandom still ship them? Will fate intervene?

- Sam