is this weird looking

(here’s a story)

(Even though I live in Canada, I’ve never been to the eastern side or the maritimes. But I will go next year, because it’s actually a school field trip.)

(also, I have a smol announcment.)

(I’m going to Otafest!)

(I’ma be thereall 3 days and I’m also cosplaying Spain for the first 2 days (day 1 is pirate spain, and day 2 is regular, casual? spain.) and China for the last day.

(If u are going, that’s’ fricking amazing, I hope to see you there. If you aren’t I will be vloging. Or at least try to vlog.)

(and I guess ya’ll gotta know what i look like, so here’s a picture of me in my somewhat complete cosplay:)

(god, I looks so weird.)


HAPPY TUESDAY!!!💜💜 LOOKING FORWARD TO SEEING ALL YOUR BEAUTIFUL FACES! sorry for my weird selfies, i tried taking new ones but it just didn’t work out haha. But it’s tuesday and life’s about taking chances, life is about spontaneity, about hitting a button and seeing where it can take you! So no matter what, ups and downs, hit that button and share your beYOUtiful soul with the world. ok that was lame af, gonna go now haha

hi darling. i really adore you. i’m going to call you sawney from now on.

i got some new pens, and you made me think of sunshine, so here’s some weird experimentation levi with a lot of color filters because i have no idea what i’m doing. ugly as always because i like ‘im that way.

i hope you have a great day too, lovely. <3

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Zoe used to get her braids redone every 2 months sometimes every few weeks so how the hell would she have been smelly?... do you think she had the same hair in for so many years? ......


Why are y'all taking me and that post so seriously???

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Wait, Are you ACTUALLY the official Lazytown blog, or did you call yourself that for the follows?

Oops, I’m so sorry !!

I used to have a bio page up that clarified that I am NOT actually “official” in any way or associated with LazyTown - I just really like the show lol

I’ll add that to my sidebar, thanks for reminding me! Didn’t do it for the followers, either. The URL was just available so I snagged it. ;^þ

If anyone already following me was confused, this blog used to have the url @glanni–glaepur

 Sorry for the confusion! 💙

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hi! im working on a fanfic but what i can get from wikipedia just isn't enough, so i thought i should ask an expert of french lolitics (and ofc mv XD). so in my fic there's a part where mv meets baroin, and im not very clear about their relationship. i saw a photo of them greeting each other pretty friendly but that might just be the surface...? thank u!


Sorry for the late answer!

I’m afraid I don’t know much about the relationship between MV and François L’Oréal. They don’t belong to the same party, of course, but on the other hand, MV has always been well liked by most of LR (including Baroin, I guess?)

Moreover, Baroin stood up for MV when EM humiliated him after the election : 

Je pense qu’il y a des règlements de comptes entre Macron et Valls qui sont d’une puissance…  Et qui n’ont rien à voir avec la bienveillance qu’on nous a vendue pendant plusieurs semaines de campagne. Je n’ai jamais vu une telle violence ! (…)  On aime ou on n'aime pas Valls mais enfin, il a servi l’Etat et dans une période difficile. Il a mis en place l’état d’urgence pour protéger les Français. Ça a marché, ça a pas marché… peu importe mais la manière dont il est traité dit beaucoup quand même de l‘esprit sectaire de ce mouvement qui se veut très moderne et qui en 3 jours appartient déjà dans ses méthodes et ses combines au passé. (…)  Il faudrait beaucoup d’argumentations et de force de conviction pour expliquer que ce qui se passe sur Valls procède de la bienveillance naturelle des relations humaines.”

(It’s unclear whether FB stood up for MV because he likes him or just because he wanted to criticize EM, though.)

However, they’re really