is this ugly

  • Shiro: [looks up from his book and stares at Matt for thirty seconds]
  • Shiro: [deadpans] We've been dating for six months.
re: jay/umbronydraws

i’m sure most everyone who follows me and/or is active in the hamilton fandom is aware of what’s been happening to my good friend jay/umbronydraws during the last few weeks or so. with jay’s consent i’m here to explain the situation on his behalf since he wants absolutely no further part in the fandom or in this situation and honestly? I don’t blame him whatsoever. 

tl;dr congratulations, you harassed another queer artist of color to the point of considering suicide. both people outside of the fandom AND people within the fandom have been guilty of this. how many more times is this going to keep happening?

caps (provided by jay) and explanations are below. content warnings for slurs & just. shit. many names have been left uncensored. (reblogs are ok & encouraged, we need people to know and understand what happened here so that we can work on making sure it doesn’t happen again.)

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Salt Lake Comic Con 2017 was a BLAST!

Esmeralda modeled by my cousin, @fairlyizzy, Kim Possible modeled by my lil sister, @asktheboywholived as Prince Derek, and I modeled as a Transforming Cinderella for my lovely friends: the step sisters. Photo credit to SLCC and Mark Loertscher.

 It was amazing being with all these characters as well as being a few! My friends and I won FIRST PLACE in the Group category of the Cosplay Contest with their transformation dress (that they made in oNE DAY) and we were so surprised and thrilled! I’m so glad everything worked out.