is this turning into a christmas tradition for me now

I am a man of convictions. And I believe the tree speaks of a simpler, quieter, self-evident truth far more mysterious than that of Christian tradition, Capitalism, Paganism, or Coca-cola: that of unconditional love. Forgive me for the sentimental U-turn, but have you read Shel Silverstein’s “The Giving Tree”? Perhaps this is an unfashionable stand-by, but the profound mystery of that story is undeniable: nature, uncorrupted by selfish causes, gives itself over to the world, generously, and without fault, in spite of common sense, in spite of certain death, in spite of the alleged antagonism of Darwinian Theory–survival of the fittest. Nature loves you. God loves you. I love you. And, even now, standing proud in your living room, the Christmas tree loves you, too … Yes, the earth abides by reckless laws, wreaking havoc on our daily lives, upending all manners of civic and social convenience, but it does so most certainly without deliberate wickedness. It is simply running its course. (“The sun shone, having no alternative”–Samuel Beckett). Would that we could say the same for mankind, which is running a course steadfast into oblivion.
—  Sufjan Stevens, from his essay “An Examination of the Christmas Tree Fetish” in the liner notes for Silver & Gold

Do You Want To Build A Snowman? (Andy Biersack) (Black Veil Brides)

Word Count: 448


Christmas was your favourite holiday and this year you’d convinced Andy to come back to England with you to celebrate it because you were sick of not seeing snow. Of course seeing your family was the main reason, but when you were younger it always seemed to snow on Christmas Eve and it became a tradition with your siblings to go outside and build a snowman. Since you’d been out in LA with Andy it hadn’t snowed on Christmas Eve and you wanted to share your tradition with your husband and future father of your unborn daughter.

It was the early hours of Christmas Eve when you found yourself in need of the bathroom, the baby always chose odd hours to push down on your bladder. And when you came back to the bedroom in the hotel you were staying at before travelling to your parents in the morning you dared a glance out of the window and let out a tiny squeal.

Andy jolted up in bed and started frantically patting your side of the bed which was empty, he cursed until his eyes landed on you stood by the window transfixed by the snow that was falling heavily outside. He relaxed and got out of bed before shuffling over to you and wrapped his arms around your waist.

“Why are you up babe?”

“It’s snowing Andy, look real snow and not that crap fake stuff.”

You were trying hard to contain your excitement which Andy found hilarious as he bent down and kissed the top of your head.

“It’s just snow love.”

You shook your head and started to explain your family tradition. All the while Andy’s hands rested on your belly and were caressing in small circles which always calmed you down. Once you finished explaining you turned around to face Andy and pouted.

“I bet you think its stupid right?”

He shook his head.

“It’s not stupid babe, I think it’s a great tradition and maybe next year you’ll be able to share the tradition with our daughter.”

Andy just mentioning your daughter bought a smile to your face, the three of you would be a proper family next Christmas and you intended to share your traditions with both of them.

“I love you Andy.”

“And I love you to, but now we sleep because jet lag is killing me.”

You chuckle and playfully slap his chest as he manoeuvres the two of you back towards the bed.

“Way to kill the mood Andy.”

He kisses you again, this time capturing your lips before pulling back and smirking.

“The quicker we fall asleep, the quicker we can wake up and build that snowman.”


So I’m spending Christmas alone this year. It sucks. Like a lot. When I was younger and still lived at home, I always wished my family would go somewhere else and leave me alone for the holidays so I could just do whatever I wanted, watch movies and eat cheap chinese or something. Now, all I want is to spend Christmas with my family and do all the stupid Christmas traditions like opening presents and eating way too much food that I don’t even like. Now I’m reading this fanfic and feeling even sappier than I did before, although I think the mood of this fic is suppose to be fluffy and cute… But whatever, I’m allowed to wallow in self pity and turn even the fluffiest fics into major angst!  Admin A

Title: The Black Feather

Author: allthebeautifulthings9828

Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

Words: 1,127 – Finished

Summary: Castiel has a Christmas gift for Dean but it comes with a confession that he’s not sure he should make. He’s giving Dean something so deeply personal that if he gets rejected, he might never recover. Yet Castiel forages ahead. How will Dean take it?

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Only a couple more days to go. Read all the previous Christmas Special fics in HERE if you haven’t done it yet.

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Hi can u do a story where is rucas first Christmas as a couple?

(Sorry this took so long! I hope you don’t mind, but I altered the prompt a little and this is going to be their first Christmas as a married couple!)

“This is an announcement for all passengers travelling on flight 1370 to New York. This flight has been delayed four hours due to inclement weather. For passengers who will be missing a connecting flight, please go to the customer service desk of your…”

“Oh no.” Riley groans, scrolling through the weather on her phone. She hadn’t even thought about the weather back in New York when preparing for their trip other than ‘bring warm clothes, it’s cold on the east coast’, but sure enough… “The city is getting slammed by a blizzard.”

Lucas wraps an arm around his wife’s shoulders, drawing her close into his side. “It’s just a delay. All it means is a few extra hours before we get back to the–,” he drops off when she shoves the phone under his nose and he reads the weather report. “OK, so they’re being polite and saying delay because it’s Christmas Eve and nobody wants to be the person that tells everyone they can’t get where they’re going for Christmas…” Lucas sighs. 

The very thought fills Riley’s eyes with tears. She knows in the big picture of the world it’s stupid and not very important, but she so desperately wants to spend Christmas in the city with her family. She hasn’t seen them in nearly nine months, not since she and Lucas got married and moved out to California for their work, and she already missed her first Thanksgiving ever away from her parents in order to go with Lucas to Texas to see Pappy Joe. She’s been so excited, making plans with everyone, figuring out exactly how she wants to present Lucas with his gift…Christmas in New York always seems so magical and all she’s thought about for the last month is getting to the city, seeing everyone and sharing that magic with Lucas for the first time as her husband.

And instead it looks like they’ll be sharing the magic of Concourse C in the Des Moines International Airport. 

She sniffs. “Think there’s any chance of Santa picking us up here and putting us under the tree for tomorrow morning?”

“I think even Santa wants to avoid a storm that intense.” Lucas realizes that the joke was the wrong answer when Riley’s sniffles turn into actual tears. “Riles, I didn’t mean–,”

“I know.” Riley nods, wiping at her face. “I’m being stupid. It’s not like this is even our first Christmas together, just our–,”

Lucas finishes with her. “Our first Christmas as an official family. I know. I know how important this was to you, Riley, and how many plans you’ve been making..,how much you wanted to share this with me. If I could snap my fingers and control the weather for you I would.”

“There’s just…so many traditions we get to be a part of now.”

“Well, you never know. The weather could change at any moment and we’ll get to head out. And if not…we’ll make our own traditions right here. I don’t know about you, but I think watching Miracle on 34th Street with an Orange Julius and a Cinnabon cuddled on the floor near the charging station we’ve staked out could definitely embody the Christmas Spirit.”

Riley smiles. She does love cuddling with him. And at the end of the day, the most important thing is that they’re together. “Or kissing under the Starbucks mistletoe.”

“Skyping in to hear your dad’s reading of The Night Before Christmas…”

Exchanging gifts under the glow of the departure screen.” 

Lucas chuckles. “Only if you’re OK with your gift being a t-shirt from the gift shop. I put my present for you in our checked bag.”

“That’s OK. My gift for you is really for both of us.” Feeling a bit better about the whole situation, Riley starts to dig through her carry on, where she had stowed part of Lucas’ present (she had been far too nervous to trust it to checked baggage). 

“Your gift for me is also a gift for you?” Lucas raises an eyebrow. “That doesn’t seem fair.”

“I just…have a feeling that you’re going to share it with me.” Riley pulls out a small, red and gold wrapped box, and holds it out. “I wanted to give it to you in front of everyone, but if we’re going to start new traditions, maybe our first could be exchanging a gift on Christmas Eve instead of Christmas. So…Merry Christmas, Mr. Friar.”

Lucas takes the box in one hand and leans over, kissing her gently. “Merry Christmas, Mrs. Friar.”

She has to prompt him once more to open the box, and when he does Riley bites her lip in anticipation, watching as Lucas removes what looks like a small, silver dumbbell. It jingles quietly as he turns it over in his hands. “You won’t really get to use it for a few more months, but–,”

Baby Friar.” Lucas reads the engraving off of the end, and then looks up at her, eyes wide. “You got me a rattle. Engraved for…we’re having a baby?!”

Riley nods. “Merry Christmas!”


      This year is nearing its end, but just remember, as one (crappy) door shuts, another one (hopefully better) opens, paving the way to new opportunities whilst saying goodbye to the old. Take the time to reflect on yourself and how far you have progressed this year, know that you will go even further in those upcoming. Spend time with family, and friends, be thankful for those who are still around. Spread joy, and cheer. Forgive (do not forget.), forward yourself. As cliche as it sounds, it’s going to be your year. 

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And a Fish for Luck

Angel:  Michael
Words:  1450
Author: Scruff
Warning(s):  mild swearing, cheesy-fluffiness
Note(s):  I know the request is for Thanksgiving, but I hope it works just as well now.  I’m going off the idea that, being an angel, Michael is kosher (if I messed it up, let me know).  Also, the ‘traditional southern New-Year’s meal’ consists of everything I’ve eaten for New Year’s lunch every year I can remember.  I know it can be a little different for each southern (US) family, but this is what my family does (we’re from Georgia, in case you were wondering)
Happy New Years!!!

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Everlark Advent: Day 14, Snow Removal Services Part 2

This is a part two to Snow Removal Services, though it isn’t necessary to have read the first one for this to make sense.

Snow Removal Services II 

rated T

There’s an odd scratching shuffling sound just outside my front door, followed by a thump. I smirk; it’s probably the Amazon guy again. Four weeks post-surgery and still on crutches, Amazon Prime is the only way my Christmas shopping is getting done this year. I’m doing a little weight bearing on my knee in my thrice weekly physiotherapy sessions, but I’m by no means ready to face the mall. So Floyd, the Amazon man, has become a fixture in my apartment.

“It’s open,” I bellow from my perch on the couch where my knee is propped up on a pillow and covered by a bag of frozen peas. Might as well have him drop the packages inside.

The door slams open and I jump. Sticking through my entrance is not a cardboard box but a chunk of greenery, the top of an evergreen tree. What the hell? I groan; I definitely did not order a tree.

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And here is my finished Adventskranz (advent wreath)! What I did was bought a sort of base wreath at the craft store that was just made out of sticks (it was less than $10), and then me and my husband went hiking and gathered all the branches and pine cones. I bought the handmade candles at a local metaphysical store, and I bought the silver little candle holders at a local thrift store! I love this wreath because it is a tradition from where I am from (Austria) but it is made from things that are from where I live now (rural southern California). I am very happy with how it turned out. :)

Lizz talks about Christmas

(Until the end of the Christmas Season, Lizz will talk about Austrian Christmas traditions, music, theology and other christmas related stuff.)

Today: KRAMPUS!!!!!

Two days ago we talked about Saint Nicolas and Santa Claus, so it’s time to talk about Krampus now. Be prepared, it’s gonna get scary (and a little longer) today!!

December 5th is the day of Saint Nicolas’ helper, the KRAMPUS.

(Look at him! Fucking scary!!!!)

Note: Let me just say one thing about the Krampus movie: I’m not a fan of Hollywood taking things from my culture and my traditions and turning it into a crappy horror comedy whatever. I don’t appreciate it, and the trailer was - rightfully - booed in my local cinema. Krampus is not just some movie monster, he’s an important part of our culture, especially where I come from. So fuck you Hollywood. A lot. Thanks.

Now then, let’s talk about the Krampus!

What is the Krampus?

In many European countries, Saint Nicolas has a helper. Krampus is one of those helpers and became highly popular in recent years (because of the movie, and because he’s awesome!). An article on describes Krampus as “a horned monster … who acts as the bad cop of Santa’s operation, scaring children into being on they best behavior with the threats of being whipped with birch rods or, in extreme cases, being stuffed in a wicker basket and dragged off to hell.” They also call him the “Batman of Christmas”, which is pretty awesome!

We see Krampus in three different situations:

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Imagine Character B rushing through a crowed Christmas party, dragging a confused Character A behind them. Character B finally stops in the middle of the room, where one lone mistletoe hangs. Now imagine Character B turning to A, and saying “Remember last year when you kissed me under the mistletoe, well I think we should make that a tradition for the rest of our lives.” Before dropping to their knee with a ring in hand. Character A says yes, and proceeds to start their forever tradition with a kiss, in front of a stun crowd.

Bonus they’re at the wrong party, and they end up celebrating with strangers that wish them well.

Mistletoe (4/4)

Hi babes, starting up my blog with some Christmas love and lameness. :P Please follow and I’ll follow back and leave a request for an imagine/preference/one-shot and I’ll work on them! Hope you enjoy. xx

You and Him + Mistletoe
Requested: A random idea given to me by my friend.


Ashton: You’d be in the kitchen of your shared house making a hot drink ready to return to the marathon of Christmas themed shows when Ashton would stop you from leaving the doorway, towering over you with his blockade of a body. “Uh-uh,” he’d tut and look up at the mistletoe hanging above you. “Its tradition, babe.”
“How am I supposed to see that all the way up there?” You’d ask placing your mug down and smiling at his antics.
“Maybe if you weren’t the size of an elf, we wouldn’t be having this issue,” he’d tease, sliding his strong arms down around your waist, pressing his body to yours.
You’d bring your arms around his neck stretching up to meet his anxious lips.
“Merry Christmas to me,” he’d smirk, leaning in again.

Luke: The holidays were always a bit stressful for you. Bustling around town, worrying about gifts for your loved ones. You’d had absolutely no time for any TLC. Luke had some rare time off and he was little to no help. You decided you would entice him to repay you, slipping into your favorite lingerie and grabbing mistletoe from the box of decorations in your room that you’d have to sort later. Laying on the bed and placing the mistletoe right on the lace of your panties, “Luke!” You’d call for your boyfriend who was probably watching TV.
You’d here his footsteps from the hall, he’d open the door and a look of surprise and confusion would fall upon his face, “What’s this (Y/N)?”
“You know what mistletoe means, right?” You’d say, a naughty smile playing at your lips.
“Y-you want me to kiss you?” He’d ask, a little nervous. Realization quickly dawning on his face. “You want me to kiss you.”
“Well,” he’d smirk answering your pleading nod, his fingers would dance at your panty line, “It is customary.”

Calum: “Hey, (Y/N),” His tone flirty and mischievous. “Do you believe in Christmas traditions?”
“Yes, Calum,” you’d roll your eyes, trying to focus on your finals reviews.
“So if I did this, you would oblige?” He’d test, holding up mistletoe above you, puckering his lips.
You would turn your attention from your book to shake your head at him but kiss him anyways, “See? Christmas traditions reign on.”
“I don’t believe you,” he’d say placing it above your head again, causing you to laugh as he’d bring you into another kiss.
The days would go on like this, you would make sure he didn’t bring the stupid leaf out when you’d go on adventures with the other guys but he’d still always manage to sneak in more mistletoe kisses.
“Do you believe me now, Calum?” You’d say, your hair dripping on to the bathroom carpet as your head popped out from behind the bathroom door. He’d stop shaving halfway and interrupt your morning shower to kiss you under that damn mistletoe.
“I always believed you, I just want to kiss you whenever I want,” he would smile, one cheek covered in shaving cream that would also be on your face.
“We’re dating, you idiot. You can kiss me whenever you want!”
“It’s more festive this way, (Y/N)!”

Michael: You know Mikey loves Christmas but you didn’t understand his rush to go to the store and get decorations. “Babe, we don’t have a tree, we don’t need a skirt for it.” You would say, stopping him from buying useless things.
“We can get a tree!” He’d say rushing towards the plastic trees.
A hundred dollars and a car load of stuff later you didn’t even know what was bought. Michael would be in the room putting away the candy apple candles you insisted on buying as you were putting away the sugar cookies.
“Ahem, (Y/N),” you’d hear from the kitchen doorway, turning around to see Michael in red velvet boxers and a Santa hat.
You wouldn’t be able to help the hysterical laughter, “They match your hair, babe.”
“That’s not all,” he’d smile deviously, pointing down at the mistletoe dangling from the front of his boxers. “How about a kiss?” He’d propose, smirking at you.

Twice now at work I’ve had someone hand me a twenty dollar bill and say “Merry Christmas!”

And in terms of generating holiday spirit, cold hard cash from a stranger turns out to really warm the fucking heart.

This should be even more of a thing. Overtip someone with a shitty job. It should be a part of your holiday traditions.

Preference #20 – Buying Christmas Presents


Christmas shopping had always been something you found difficult to do. It wasn’t that you disliked the holiday or anything, but it was just such a hassle trying to settle on the perfect gift for someone else. Especially when the person you were shopping for was so rich he could probably buy another planet if he only wanted to. Which left you with the almost impossible task to find something for Harry that he would appreciate within your own budget – unfortunately not comparable to that of most of his celebrity friends. So far, the only item you were holding apart from some small knick-knacks was probably the ugliest Christmas sweater you’d ever seen, which Harry would probably still be able to get away with. A frustrated sigh left your lips, before dialing your best friend’s cellphone. ‘[Y/N]?’ “I can’t do this! How am I supposed to buy a gift that will impress Harry? He has everything already, and I don’t have the money for something super exotic, unique or whatever! I suck at this,” you moaned into the phone. Your friend only laughed, which did nothing to calm your nerves. ‘Oh, [Y/N], babe. He’s your boyfriend, and he thinks the world of you. It’s the thought that counts, you know this! I’m pretty sure you could give him a pair of socks and they’d be his favourite pair ever.’ You rolled your eyes, before responding. “Right, because I want to be known as the girlfriend that gave him his favorite pair of socks.” You could practically hear your friend sighing down the phone, ‘but you know exactly what I mean. Besides, it’s probably the mundane things he misses. It doesn’t have to be extravagant. He likes photography, yeah? Do something with that.’ And suddenly you knew exactly what to get him. Harry had been trying out different lenses for his new camera, but he didn’t have a bag yet to store all his equipment in. “Thanks, you’re the best,” you thanked her, before hanging up quickly and rushing to the right stores to get everything you needed.


You let out a groan of frustration at the imminent failure of you wrapping Liam’s gifts. Why you had insisted on doing it yourself rather than the lady at the shop was beyond you now, as you looked upon the sad excuse of a wrapped box. You felt a wet nose press against your cheeks, signaling Watson was now looming over you which brought a smile to your face. He was getting a present too, and you were sure he’d already smelled it, but was luckily raised well enough to not jump the gift right away. “Hmm, what do you think, reckon Liam will like it?” You asked Watson, as you nuzzled his fur, petting his face as he let out a satisfied sound, eliciting a laugh from you. As square as all the gifts were, for some reason you just couldn’t seem to wrap everything without it looking like a kindergarten project involving too much glue. “Yeah, this part is sticking out. Should I use more tape?” Watson sniffed at the paper, then proceeded to flop down – narrowly missing the expensive equipment you’d bought Liam. “Watson!” ‘What’s Watson doing this time?’ Liam’s voice suddenly came from the hallway, making you scramble up immediately as you shoved the awkwardly wrapped gifts under the tree and hid the ones you hadn’t gotten round to wrapping yet in a random drawer. Watson jumped off of the floor and greeted Liam with lots of slobbery licks and paws, resulting in Liam laughing as he tried to move towards you. ‘[Y/N], help me! I don’t think I will survive this cuddle attack!’ You grinned, before joining the massive dog in hugging Liam, rather than helping him get Watson down again. “Hello,” you murmured, quickly pressing a kiss to Liam’s cheek. ‘Hi,’ he replied, obviously amused at the situation. ‘So, what was that all about? What’d Watson do?’ You rolled your eyes, before deciding to just be honest, as you had to get the unfinished gifts out of the living room anyway and there was no chance of doing that without Liam knowing. “I was trying to wrap your gifts when he nearly sat on them.” Liam’s eyes shone with mirth, ‘so you bought me something fragile? What is it?’ You laughed, eyes turning towards Watson who was now contently lying at your feet. “I won’t tell you, it’s supposed to be a surprise. Which is why it would be a great idea if you could go and walk your beautiful not so little not so puppy dog here.” ‘Anything to ensure Christmas will be saved, wouldn’t want to be the reason for tarnishing the holy Christmas tradition that is gift wrapping,’ Liam exaggerated, as you slightly pushed his chest to make him walk backwards, Watson following along diligently. “Exactly, see you in a bit,” you said pointedly, kissing his lips quickly before releasing your hold on him. ‘Those gifts better be the best wrapped gifts ever!’ He hollered from the hallway, making you sigh, as you muttered to yourself. “Yup, best wrapped gifts ever… Totally.”


‘What do you like more? Christmas presents or birthday presents?’ You asked Louis as you sat cross-legged on the floor, in front of the Christmas tree the two of you had set up and decorated a week ago. He was lying on his stomach, across from you and toying with his iPad – probably playing Candy Crush. As much as Louis denied it, he was incredibly competitive and he didn’t like the fact that you’d recently upped his high score, making him desperate to reach the next level. “Hmm? What’d you mean love?” He replied distractedly, eyes only fleetingly gazing over at you, before settling back on the game with a frustrated sigh. ‘It’s your birthday! We’ve celebrated your birthday this morning of course –’ He looked up at that and wiggled his eyebrows suggestively, interrupting your words with his own, “which I very much liked and think we should therefore definitely repeat tonight.” You rolled your eyes, although a blush overtook your cheeks nonetheless. ‘Right, but I also bought you actual gifts. Ones for Christmas, but also ones specifically for your birthday.’ He perked up at that, and gave you a fond smile, “you really did? Thank you [Y/N], that really means a lot to me.” ‘Well of course I would do that for you! You’re my boyfriend, and I care about you very much a lot, so yeah,’ you trailed off, feeling your cheeks flush once more. ‘I just want to know whether you want to do them separately, or if you don’t mind and we can do them all at once.’ “Separately! I’ll even take off this incredibly comfortable Christmas jumper,” Louis replied instantly, starting to pull at his jumper at the same time. ‘You ready?’ You asked him with a giggle, before presenting him his first birthday gift. He immediately unwrapped it, finding two tickets for a get-away holiday to France. ‘I know how you’ve been wanting to go there again, and I don’t know, it’d be nice to go somewhere together. It’s been a while since we had a holiday,’ you explained, to which Louis smiled and leaned in to kiss you quickly. “Thanks babe, I really like it and I can’t wait to relax under the French sun with you.” You smiled big, before grabbing the other gift you’d gotten him for his birthday. “You got me another gift? You know you don’t have to spend so much,” he started, but you immediately shushed him. ‘Just – just open it, will you? And it’s your birthday, I can spoil you if I want.’ He chuckled, before removing the wrapping paper, slowly revealing the scrapbook underneath it. Louis was quiet as his eyes raked over the cover, then opening it so he could read the first page. ‘I wanted you to have something to look at and be remembered of everything you’ve done so far. Something that contains your memories, but also the words of the people you shared them with. So I asked your friends and family to write comments, I hope you like it,’ you rambled, trying to explain, but Louis’ eyes were shining anyway with affection. “This is amazing, I don’t even know what to say – how did you even do this?! I haven’t even seen half of these pictures, and you contacted all these people? You’re amazing, I love you so much. Thank you, best gift ever,” he said sincerely, before planting a grateful kiss on your lips.


“Alright, did you get everything you need?” Niall asked you, eyes flicking back to the cart you were pushing, filled to the brim with all the goods you’d need for Christmas. You nodded thoughtfully, but then looked over your list again. ‘We just need to buy presents for your family and mine, I think.’ Niall nodded, eyes again focusing on the enormous pile of toys that was in the shopping cart. “We’re spoiling these kids of ours, I’m telling you,” he said teasingly, to which you just crossed your arms. ‘Excuse me? You were the one who insisted that they needed the newest Star Wars and Harry Potter merchandise. All I wanted to buy was that newest Disney movie and some educational toys,’ you replied, making Niall guffaw in surprise. He raised his eyebrows at you, then pointed at the selection of outdoor games you had put in the cart. ‘Okay, so maybe I also wanted them to have some more games for outside. We have a big garden Niall, they should be able to play in it.’ “All they need to play outside is a football,” he supplied to your frustration. ‘They’re different ages. We needed a game that our son and daughter can play together without either of them losing too terribly, or do you not want them to be close?’ He frowned at your snappiness, raising his hands in mock defense. “Fine, [Y/N], alright? I was just teasing, just admit that you’re just as bad as me and we both go overboard. It’s fine, you know? We can afford it,” he said in an attempt to placate you, but you weren’t having it. You were already at your wit’s end due to the fact that Christmas would be hosted by the two of you and Niall would actually be gone the week prior, meaning that it would be you who would have to prepare everything and entertain your two toddlers. ‘Then why mention it if it’s not a problem? I really can’t deal with that right now. We still have to select presents for our parents, I still need to pick up the gift I got you and that is just the gift-exchange part of Christmas. We don’t even have a tree Niall – not even a tree! So please, if we buy too many presents for our own kids, that’s the least of my worries.’ His eyes widened comically, before placing his hands over yours, wedding bands clinking together as you pulled you in for a hug. “Babe, you do know that you don’t have to do all that on your own yeah? I’m here to help. If you need me, I’ll cancel our meeting in LA, the boys will understand,” he started, but you immediately interrupted him with a firm shake of your head. ‘It’s your career. It’s your passion,’ you said, to which Niall smiled softly. “But I love you, our family more,” you nodded into his chest as he spoke those words, but stiffened slightly when he continued speaking. “The last time you got so worked up, you were pregnant, ha.” Niall was smiling even bigger now at the memory, while you stayed awfully quiet. You could see realization dawn on his face as you awkwardly shuffled your feet and gave him a strangled grin, ‘happy Christmas surprise?’ He immediately crashed his lips onto your own, lifting you in an embrace that left you breathless. “We’re having another baby! It’s a Christmas miracle!” He exclaimed, his enthusiasm making you laugh. ‘Well you ruined your own present now,’ you mused, making him snort. “Who cares about gifts, ‘m gonna be a dad once more! This will be the best Christmas ever.”


You giggled as you scrolled through your twitter feed, assembling a list of all the Christmas ideas Zayn’s fans had come up with. It was common knowledge you regularly approached fans that made beautiful art, so they could send it to you and you could give it to Zayn. You’d been dating Zayn for more than a year now, which had finally seemed to calm people down about your ‘honorable intentions’ and were therefore somewhat accepted by his fans. Of course, there were still an awful lot of messages being sent to you that you’d rather not get, but overall they’d been very nice. You were still writing down some twitter handles to check out later, when you felt a hand being placed on your shoulder, massaging it softly. ‘I thought you were going to be in the studio til late tonight?’ You asked, turning your head slightly to the side so you could look at his expression. Zayn shook his head, before leaning down to peck your lips, eyes flickering over the screen for a bit, before focusing back on you with an impish smile. “It’s the day before Christmas, why would I be late? I have lots of gifts for you,” he said suggestively, hand diving lower to squeeze your bum teasingly. You grinned, before standing up properly and connecting your lips once more. ‘Hmm, that’s very thoughtful of you,’ you started, but Zayn immediately picked up on your tone as he rolled his eyes playfully, detaching himself from you so he could keep you at arms length. “very thoughtful, but..” ‘I mean, don’t you think it’d be nice if for Christmas, you did something for all these people whose art we literally have hanging in the living room?’ He smirked, letting go of you so he could properly look at the laptop and the piece of paper lying next to it. “I knew you’d come up with something like that. I see you’ve already done the preparatory work?” You shrugged guiltily, although you couldn’t contain the smile from spreading on your face. ‘Maybe? These are just the people that have sent you the art we’ve accumulated this year. Wouldn’t it be nice to maybe buy art supplies and send them?’ He grinned, nodding along with your plan. “That sounds really, really nice. But, we can’t really go out on the day before Christmas and buy everything ourselves right now, well can we?” He did have a point there, and you had to sigh in defeat. “We could do it online though, I could follow everyone you wrote down there and just send them a message. You reckon that’ll work?” Zayn’s eyes were looking at you questioningly, but you nodded right away. ‘Yes! Of course that’ll work! You’re going to make all these people so happy!’ He shook his head at that, “never as happy as you make me.” As flattered as you were by the comment, it also made you laugh due to the cheesiness of it. ‘Hmm, an art supply set with personal thanks from Zayn Malik is pretty unbeatable, I think.’