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For the prompt thing if you could do a winter klance. Like when you go to winter mart and there’s stalls with freshly baked bread and ginger bread cookies. Some people sell warm apple cider and there are horses that pull a big sled that take you around town. Maybe getting to look at ornaments and getting Keith to get mittens (cause his gloves don’t cover his finger tips). Idk if it’d be modern au or BOM Keith taking a break for Christmas (upon the team’s insistence). It has fluff potential... :)

I always really love this aesthetic but whenever it gets really popular, I find it hard to get really immersed because it’s like… 30 some degrees celsius outside for me haha. But I always love writing winter market scenes, so lets do this. (Modern au btw)

Lance waits on the outskirts of the the markets, his cheeks turning pink and his breath forming clouds around his lips. Music echoes from some speakers somewhere in the markets and Lance can’t wait to taste whatever is making that sweet, spicy smell. His legs start to tremble in the cold.

Lance flicks through his phone once more. Only a message from Hunk.

Hey, sorry Pidge and I suddenly had to stay at uni. Our professor needed a hand with some research and he called in a favour. Apparently we “owe him” after he didn’t report us for blowing up the autoclave.

Lance pouts, but understands. He hammers out a quick reply. It’s ok. He can still have fun with Shiro, Allura, Matt, and… Keith. Lance swallows. He tries not to think about the excitement that thrums through his veins when he realises he’ll be hanging out with Keith outside of class. 

He’s just starting to get his pulse under control when he sees a familiar face across the parking lot. The shorter boy looks to be dealing with the cold weather even worse than himself, holding his frame around the middle and shivering inside a jacket that is far too thin. Lance waves and shouts out his name. Keith forces a smile and jogs into the dim lamplight. His nose is pink.

“Hey, where are the others?” Lance looks across the dark stretch of parking lot but sees no one else he recognises. Shiro and Keith always showed up to events together, being roommates and all, and Matt would usually come with Shiro. 

“They’re not coming. Matt apparently spaced on an assignment that’s due in two days? And Shiro used to tutor that class so he’s helping him.”

“Oh…” Lance pauses. “We should we wait for Allu-”

“Allura had to go home today. Apparently her Uncle prepared a surprise ski trip for christmas so she’s flying back to Europe tonight.”

“Oh…” Lance repeats. He shuffles nervously on his feet and kicks a lump of ice with his boot. 

“Where are Hunk and Pidge?” Keith asks. He rubs his hands together in a vain attempt to stop them from freezing.

“Also not coming.” Lance sighs. “Had to help a professor of theirs soooooo~”

“Sooooo…” Keith mimics.

The two boys stare down at the ice, not quite sure how to proceed. Lance bites his lips, while Keith scratches his chin. 

“Look, Lance… it’s really cold and maybe we should-”

“Ah no, c’mon man!” Lance pouts. He starts to grab the hem of Keith’s jacket. 

“We’re already out! We’re here! We’re already cold and damp! We can have a good time, just you and me.” Lance tugs Keith closer. Keith finds himself unable to pull away. He rolls his eyes and smirks.

“You don’t wanna hang out with me?” Lance puts on his best puppy eyes. Keith groans. 

“No of course-”

“Then let’s go!” 

Before Keith can protest, Lance’s hand is wrapped around his and he’s being pulled to the market’s entrance. His eyes adjust to the hundreds of twinkle lights that drape themselves through the trees. Bright lanterns cast warm light onto the cobblestone pathway that has been cleared of snow. Food stalls stretch out in front of them, their plumes of sweet smoke and steam scenting the air all around, and a children’s choir sings in the distance.

“So!” Lance claps his hands together and beams. His tan skin looks particularly golden in the warm light. 

“Where to first? What’s your favourite christmas food or activity?”

Keith blanches. He fidgets with the cuffs of his jacket and shrugs.

“I don’t uh… I don’t mind. Whatever you want.”

“No, I wanna know. What’s your favourite christmas market treat?” Lance presses. He waits expectantly with a bright smile and gleaming eyes. Keith sighs.

“Lance I uh… I’ve never really done Christmas before.” He mumbles. Keith’s feet move him over to the closest stall to look at the handmade candles on sale. They have scents such as baked apple, pine, and butterscotch. Keith curiously sniffs them distractedly, like he hasn’t just admitted something very personal. Lance jogs after him.

“Wha…what do you mean you’ve never ‘done Christmas’? Like you haven’t Done a white Christmas? Cuz I know you’re originally a desert kid…” 

“No, no, I mean…” Keith sets down the bergamot candle he was inspecting and turns towards Lance. He never makes eye contact and wraps his arms tighter around his waist. 

“Like I never really had a proper Christmas. I don’t remember them with my biological family, and things were pretty depressing at the orphanage. Of course I had friends at boarding school, but SHiro and the others would go home for Christmas and I would be…” He scratches his chin. Keith wishes he could melt away like the slush under his boots. 

“I would be alone so…” Keith forces a smile. “Anyway, it’s fine, but yeah I really don’t have a good understanding of Christmas traditions. So why don’t you show me your favourite things.”

“Keith, I’m…” 

“No.” Keith snaps. His voice is sharp. Lance winces. Keith softens and gently touches his elbow. 

“I don’t want you pity. I’m ok. And I’m really excited to be here with you now.” Keith smiles. Truly smiles. And Lance feels like the wind has been knocked out of him.

“Well ok!” Lance claps his hands together. “Let’s have the best Christmas EVER!” He announces. He turns and begins to eye over the many stalls in front of him, thinking about what they’ll do first. 

“So where to first?” Keith steps close and rocks on the balls of his feet.

“Man, I have no idea. I’ve never done one of these things before.”

“Wha…? But I thought…?”

“I’m from Cuba dude. All this chestnuts and pumpkin pie stuff is completely new to me. I’m as much at a loss as you.” Lance laughs. He eagerly begins to wind his way through the crowds, making his way towards a drink cart that is continuously serving up mugs of steaming liquid. 

“Hold up!” Keith tugs his sleeve. Lance halts. 

“So you’re telling me that neither of us has any idea what we’re supposed to do here?” His eyes narrow. Lance places his hands on his hips. His warm laughter clouds around his face and his ears begin to turn pink as they creep out from beneath his beanie. 

“Yup!” He laughs. Keith blusters, but stops when Lance pulls him close. His voice becomes quiet.

“But I wouldn’t want to experience this any other way.”

Keith blushes and hopes that Lance attributes it to the cold.

“Now c’mon, let me buy you an apple cider.”

“Is it good?”

“No idea, but I like apple juice so you know…”

The two boys laugh and begin to line up at the cart. When they’ve received their orders and their bellies start to warm with the sweet and spicy liquid, Lance announces their next quest.

“I’m going to buy you a Christmas hat.”

“What? Why?”

“Because you look even worse suited to the cold weather than me. SO I’m going to buy you a hat. And it’s going to be red, and the more pom poms on it the better.” Lance wraps his fingers around Keith’s and they walk hand in hand through the markets.

“And then we’re going to get some chestnuts because I want to know why white people sing songs about them all the time. And we’ll see what this gingerbread hype is all about too.” Keith tightens his grip and giggles.

“I want to go ice skating.” He states. Lance hums.

“I hear it can be really dangerous. Have you done it before?”


“Me neither…. I’ll race you around the rink.” 

Both boys laugh and feel their chests start to warm with something else besides the cider. 

Christmas Miracle

RequestImagine with George Weasley! when the reader sneaking out with him on Christmas Holidays while they are staying at Hogwarts, they are spending whole night together, giving each other smol cute gifts and running away from Flinch (I knooow that Christmas are so far away but I’m reading Philosopher’s Stone and I have those vibes you know 😂). @bluegreyme

Word Count: 2557

Author’s note: TYSM for this request! It now has me in those Christmas feels. Imagine Christmas at Hogwarts xD. It would be soooo much fun to explore an empty castle. I loved writing this, and I hope you love it as well!

Christmas was her favorite season of the year. It has been ever since she was a little girl. The holiday songs, decorations, food, presents, and most importantly snow always filled her heart with warmth during the cold holiday. She had already packed everything up to go home for the holidays, but that was before her Barn Owl came through the dorm window with a letter from her parents stating that they wouldn’t be able to celebrate at home for the Winter holidays. Her parents both had to work throughout the break, and would rather Y/n stay at Hogwarts than be alone.

Now, instead of drinking eggnog and eating sugar cookies by the fire she was forced to spend her holidays at Hogwarts without her usual holiday traditions. Staying at Hogwarts still had it’s perks; The House elves still cooked some amazing food for the few students who did stay, and since the halls were empty it was much easier to explore the castle than usual. However, none of those thoughts were able to put her back in her usual jolly holiday spirit.

She sighed into her palm that was resting against her chin as she pushed around some food on her plate not really having much of an appetite anymore. She was just about to get up to head back to the y/h common room before two identical red-heads sat down on either side of her.

“Y/n, love why the long face? It’s the holidays!” Fred exclaimed while he plopped himself down right beside her with his elbows rested against the table.

George smiled as he rested a hand on the girl’s shoulder, “No one should have a frown on the holidays. Especially not while at Hogwarts over the holidays. I mean have you ever stayed here before? It’s like a haven for us with no one here.”

“Yeah,” started Fred again, “we are able to prank Filch a lot more over the holidays, and the best part-” they both smiled at you before saying in unison, “no classes!”

Y/n’s frown turned up only a little as she whined back, “Look, I appreciate you guys trying to cheer me up right now, but I love Christmas. It’s my favorite time of the year, and now since I can’t participate in my usual holiday traditions…It just doesn’t feel like Christmas.” She pushed her plate away, crossed her arms, and laid her head down on the table. She knew she was acting like a brat, but this was the first year ever that she had to spend Christmas entirely away from home. She only stayed in that position for a second before she abruptly stood up and began to walk away.

Y/n walked only a few feet before she turned back around to address the two again, “I’m sorry, I just really want to be alone with my thoughts so I can fully take in the fact that this really just isn’t Christmas this year. I know I’m a brat just- I’m sorry.” She turned and walked off without a reply from either Weasley twin.

Fred looked at the girl with his face squished together before stating, “geez, I guess that’s what we get for trying to cheer up someone.” He spun around in his seat so he faced the table properly before dishing out some food on a plate.

George however, never took his eyes off the frustrated girl. Instead his mind began to brainstorm of ways to put the cheerful holiday spirit back into Y/n. 

Y/n finally emerged from her bedroom at 11 am the next day. She still had no motivation to do anything, and considering it was Christmas Eve today she really just wanted to sleep the entire day away. However, she couldn’t ignore the grumbling in her stomach any longer. She emerged from the y/h common room door to a surprise, George Weasley was sitting on the floor with his back against the wall, head looking up towards the ceiling. 

“George? What are you doing?” She giggled when the boy jumped from the sudden noise breaking the silence he had been sitting in for quite awhile. 

“Bloody hell, don’t scare me like that Y/n.” He pushed himself up off the wall and walk towards her with the corners of his mouth almost touching his ears, “Well, I know how bummed out you’ve been as of late, and I just wanted to spend the day with you to show you how much fun you can still have at Hogwarts.”

Y/n’s small smile turned back into a frown before she answered, “That’s very kind of you George, but honestly I really was just going to grab some food and go back to bed.” She tried to walk around him, but George grabbed her arm before she could get too far away. 

“Please, just let me try Y/n. If you’re not happy by this evening then I’ll leave you alone the rest of break. Deal?” He stuck out his hand offering it to the girl. Y/n moved her right hand forward and connected them together before shaking it up and down.


“Okay so tell me why this is going to be so funny?” Y/n and George just came back inside the castle from making some snowballs and were now about to attempt to charm them to hit the back of Filch’s head. “Wait, haven’t you done this before?”

“Well, technically yes, but never to Filch. I just feel like it will be twice as funny, because Filch acts like a moron sometimes. Just watch.” They were both hiding behind a curtain that acted as a secret hallway passage. Filch was just starting to walk by when George bewitched a snowball to follow and eventually collide with the back of Filch’s head.

Y/n bit back a laugh as Filch began to turn around frantically searching for whoever just hit him in the head with the ball of snow. Filch walked in circles like a puppy chasing his tail before looking up at the ceiling, and then at Ms. Norris who only purred at the side of his feet. 

Filch shrugged his shoulders and began to walk again before another snowball collided with the back of his head once again. This time Filch let out a gruff, “Who’s there?!” He yelled back down the hall only to be greeted with complete silence. He looked up and spun around again before screaming, “Peeves I swear if that’s you I’ll go to Dumbledore and have you thrown out!” He raised his fist in the air while spinning around looking up at the ceiling again in all directions. 

“Man he really is a complete git.” George whispered with a small chuckle leaving his lips. He looked over at the smiling girl who was now turning red from trying to hold in her laughter. “Do you want to try Y/n?”

“What? Oh I don’t know George. Pranks aren’t usually my area of expertise.” She shrugged and looked back towards Filch trying to contain her laughter as Filch began to ask the pictures around him if they saw anything. 

“Oh Y/n come on this is newbie stuff. Ron could even do this. Come on now.” He placed a snowball in her hand before turning back to look at Filch from the crack in the curtain. Y/n took a deep breath and casted the spell leading it out of the curtain and towards Filch. However, she hadn’t been paying attention to the direction Filch was just facing.

“Y/n no wait!” George whispered yelled, but it was too late. The snowball emerged from behind the curtain and was hurtling towards Filch hitting him square in his nose. Filch was taken aback by the sudden feeling of the snowball colliding with his face, but he recovered in an instant hurtling himself towards the curtain on the wall.

“Run!” George grabbed Y/n’s hand and began to drag her in the other direction towards the curtain at the other end of the hallway. Y/n’s heart began to race from the adrenaline of possibly getting caught, and soon her feet began to run on their own. Once they got to the opposite end of the hallway George threw open the curtain and dashed off to the left towards the staircases. 

“Wait you two! Come back here!” Filch’s screams were getting closer and soon he would catch them.

“George, please tell me that you have some kind of plan?” Y/n’s panic becoming evident in her voice as they ran down the stairs and towards the Hufflepuff common room.

“Well, this isn’t really when I wanted to start my next activity, but just follow me.” George threw open a door Y/n never really paid much attention to before and hurtled herself inside while George was holding it open. After Y/n was safely inside he threw himself in closing the door as he went.

“Master Weasley, it’s so very good to see you again!” Y/n jumped and turned around at the sound of a squeaky little voice coming from behind her. 

“Dobby, it’s good to see you as well, have you ever met Y/n Y/l/n  before?” George nodded in Y/n’s direction while the house elf’s smile grew even bigger.

“Oh, Dobby is so very happy to make new friends. Especially ones of master Weasley’s!” Dobby stepped forward and Y/n held out her hand towards the elf so he could shake it.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you too Dobby. Might I ask where exactly are we?” she began to look around before she noticed all the cooking wares around the great room.

“Well, you be standing in the kitchens of Hogwarts! Master Y/l/n. It’s where we elves prepare the meals.” Dobby looked up happily towards her before grabbing her hand and pulling her further into the room.

“Say, Dobby, do you mind if me and Y/n use the kitchen for a bit? Then later can we take some snacks?”

“Oh, certainly! Master Weasley, and Y/l/n are always welcome here.” Dobby stated before bowing and walking away towards the other house elves who just look a little disgruntled to see them there.

“Come on, Y/n let’s make some cookies.” George walked over to one of the stoves and turned it on before grabbing some of the ingredients they would need. 

Y/n only stood in her place with a small smile beginning to form on her lips, she coughed and then hid the smile before replying, “No, George you move aside. I only like them a certain way, and you’ll just ruin them I’m sure.”

“Kinda like how you ruined the prank and almost got us caught?”

“Oh- shut up Weasley.”

The two had joked around in the kitchen all afternoon. Preparing the cookies put Y/n back into her usual happy self, and now the two were sitting by the fire in the y/h common room munching on the sugar cookies they had just prepared in the kitchen. The two had been talking in the common room for hours, and it was getting really late into the night, but neither showed signs of tiredness, not yet anyway.

“Okay, so tell me why are you so upset about spending the holiday here?” George sipped some of the cocoa they had stolen from the kitchen and looked deep into her y/c/e eyes.

“Okay, well I told you yesterday George I always have these holiday traditions with my family. They usually consist of; baking about a dozen sugar cookies, decorating the Christmas tree while listening and dancing to holiday music, exchanging goofy gifts on Christmas eve night, and playing in the snow Christmas morning. That’s just to name a few though because we have so many that we do as a family, and it’s just my favorite time of the year, because we are truly all together during this time. It’s always made me so happy to have me and my parents goofing around like that. However, this year I just feel like they wanted to celebrate without me.” Y/n adverted her eyes from George’s and took another small bite out of her cookie.

“Oh that’s rubbish and you know it. Your parents would be more than happy to see you on Christmas! It’s not your fault that they got caught up working. You really shouldn’t be so hard on yourself you know.” He leaned forward and slowly put his arm around the girl and she leaned her head against his shoulder with a sigh.

“Thank you George, I know that they would have me at home if they could and I know I’m being a brat about it all. I just can’t help it because I really just wish everything would slow down. I feel like I’m growing up too quickly and I don’t want those little traditions to end you know?” Y/n picked her head up from his shoulder to look into his eyes. A small blush grew on her face as she gazed and took in all his handsome features. The light of the fire was illuminating his face so his eyes sparkled, his nose had a hint of red to it, and his hair was perfectly cascading over his eyebrows. He looked so dreamy right then. 

“Well, new traditions can always be made you know?” George turned his face to look directly at the girl, his face leaning in towards hers as he finished, “I don’t know about you, but I liked the little traditions we made today.”

Y/n gasped as she slowly leaned up towards his red lips as she licked her own wetting them, “me too.” she whispered before their lips softly touched. 

Soon, George’s hand went to the back of Y/n’s neck bringing her face closer to his as he pushed his tongue through his mouth attempting to gain access to the inside of hers. Y/n eagerly gave him access as she slowly laid back against the armrest of the couch, George following her every movement gradually moving on top of her.

Their tongues danced on the inside of each other’s mouths as Y/n ran her hands underneath his shirt feeling his abs on her fingertips before slowly moving their way to his back. George received shivers at the sudden feeling of her warm fingertips grazing along his back. He had wanted to kiss her for so long, and this was quite possibly the best present he ever received.

All too soon though the kiss was broken by Y/n who had desperately needed to come up for air, “That is certainly one tradition I hope sticks around.” She giggled between breaths as George shifted his body to lie parallel with the back of the couch wrapping his arms around the girl in the process. Y/n shifted her body so that her back was pressed against George’s front side, so she could be his little spoon.

“I will make sure that this tradition sticks from here on out.” He laughed and kissed the back of her neck before nestling into her hair. The two where just about asleep before Y/n finally noticed it was well past midnight. She tapped his hand lightly gaining a small “hmph” from him in response.

“George, Merry Christmas.”

“Merry Christmas love.” George whispered back before the two fell asleep next to the dying fire on the couch on the best Christmas Eve night she ever had. 

Santa and Son - Chris Pine and Noelle... Or something

okay, so last year, @boxfullofcats​ came up with the idea of Hautboy Island, an island in the Puget Sound populated by an AU version of all the mens. She started writing a Renner fic set there, and the two of us had great fun discussing all the weirdness that would happen on this island. It was around Christmas, and I made a comment about how Chris Pine needed to run the Christmas tree lot on the island because of his name. Well, nonny prompted me with “peppermint mocha, bitter cold yet sunshiny day, warm woolen mittens: go!” and it kicked free that idea, so here, have some Chris Pine selling Christmas trees on Hautboy Island. Not betaed. Not anything, really.

For all that Christmas was supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year, Christmas lights were horrible. They looked nice once they were up and it was dark outside and you were in your car driving around looking at them with a girl pressed up to your side, or twinkling on the tree while you stretched out in front of the fireplace with a girl pressed up to your side, warmth flowing from the fire and the girl and the booze in the cocoa.

But since he didn’t have a girl and the lights in question were in a tangled mess at his feet, these particular ones were horrible.

“Excuse me, are you the owner of this Christmas tree lot?”

Chris looked up from the knot of lights. His interrogator was an unfamiliar woman, wearing what seemed to be the uniform of women these days once the temperature dropped below seventy degrees – an oversized sweater, tight jeans, and knee high leather boots with fancy socks sticking out the top. She even had the de rigueur coffee cup, though at least it wasn’t Starbucks. They’d managed to keep that coffee shop off the island so far.

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I am a man of convictions. And I believe the tree speaks of a simpler, quieter, self-evident truth far more mysterious than that of Christian tradition, Capitalism, Paganism, or Coca-cola: that of unconditional love. Forgive me for the sentimental U-turn, but have you read Shel Silverstein’s “The Giving Tree”? Perhaps this is an unfashionable stand-by, but the profound mystery of that story is undeniable: nature, uncorrupted by selfish causes, gives itself over to the world, generously, and without fault, in spite of common sense, in spite of certain death, in spite of the alleged antagonism of Darwinian Theory–survival of the fittest. Nature loves you. God loves you. I love you. And, even now, standing proud in your living room, the Christmas tree loves you, too … Yes, the earth abides by reckless laws, wreaking havoc on our daily lives, upending all manners of civic and social convenience, but it does so most certainly without deliberate wickedness. It is simply running its course. (“The sun shone, having no alternative”–Samuel Beckett). Would that we could say the same for mankind, which is running a course steadfast into oblivion.
—  Sufjan Stevens, from his essay “An Examination of the Christmas Tree Fetish” in the liner notes for Silver & Gold

Do You Want To Build A Snowman? (Andy Biersack) (Black Veil Brides)

Word Count: 448


Christmas was your favourite holiday and this year you’d convinced Andy to come back to England with you to celebrate it because you were sick of not seeing snow. Of course seeing your family was the main reason, but when you were younger it always seemed to snow on Christmas Eve and it became a tradition with your siblings to go outside and build a snowman. Since you’d been out in LA with Andy it hadn’t snowed on Christmas Eve and you wanted to share your tradition with your husband and future father of your unborn daughter.

It was the early hours of Christmas Eve when you found yourself in need of the bathroom, the baby always chose odd hours to push down on your bladder. And when you came back to the bedroom in the hotel you were staying at before travelling to your parents in the morning you dared a glance out of the window and let out a tiny squeal.

Andy jolted up in bed and started frantically patting your side of the bed which was empty, he cursed until his eyes landed on you stood by the window transfixed by the snow that was falling heavily outside. He relaxed and got out of bed before shuffling over to you and wrapped his arms around your waist.

“Why are you up babe?”

“It’s snowing Andy, look real snow and not that crap fake stuff.”

You were trying hard to contain your excitement which Andy found hilarious as he bent down and kissed the top of your head.

“It’s just snow love.”

You shook your head and started to explain your family tradition. All the while Andy’s hands rested on your belly and were caressing in small circles which always calmed you down. Once you finished explaining you turned around to face Andy and pouted.

“I bet you think its stupid right?”

He shook his head.

“It’s not stupid babe, I think it’s a great tradition and maybe next year you’ll be able to share the tradition with our daughter.”

Andy just mentioning your daughter bought a smile to your face, the three of you would be a proper family next Christmas and you intended to share your traditions with both of them.

“I love you Andy.”

“And I love you to, but now we sleep because jet lag is killing me.”

You chuckle and playfully slap his chest as he manoeuvres the two of you back towards the bed.

“Way to kill the mood Andy.”

He kisses you again, this time capturing your lips before pulling back and smirking.

“The quicker we fall asleep, the quicker we can wake up and build that snowman.”

anonymous asked:

Hi can u do a story where is rucas first Christmas as a couple?

(Sorry this took so long! I hope you don’t mind, but I altered the prompt a little and this is going to be their first Christmas as a married couple!)

“This is an announcement for all passengers travelling on flight 1370 to New York. This flight has been delayed four hours due to inclement weather. For passengers who will be missing a connecting flight, please go to the customer service desk of your…”

“Oh no.” Riley groans, scrolling through the weather on her phone. She hadn’t even thought about the weather back in New York when preparing for their trip other than ‘bring warm clothes, it’s cold on the east coast’, but sure enough… “The city is getting slammed by a blizzard.”

Lucas wraps an arm around his wife’s shoulders, drawing her close into his side. “It’s just a delay. All it means is a few extra hours before we get back to the–,” he drops off when she shoves the phone under his nose and he reads the weather report. “OK, so they’re being polite and saying delay because it’s Christmas Eve and nobody wants to be the person that tells everyone they can’t get where they’re going for Christmas…” Lucas sighs. 

The very thought fills Riley’s eyes with tears. She knows in the big picture of the world it’s stupid and not very important, but she so desperately wants to spend Christmas in the city with her family. She hasn’t seen them in nearly nine months, not since she and Lucas got married and moved out to California for their work, and she already missed her first Thanksgiving ever away from her parents in order to go with Lucas to Texas to see Pappy Joe. She’s been so excited, making plans with everyone, figuring out exactly how she wants to present Lucas with his gift…Christmas in New York always seems so magical and all she’s thought about for the last month is getting to the city, seeing everyone and sharing that magic with Lucas for the first time as her husband.

And instead it looks like they’ll be sharing the magic of Concourse C in the Des Moines International Airport. 

She sniffs. “Think there’s any chance of Santa picking us up here and putting us under the tree for tomorrow morning?”

“I think even Santa wants to avoid a storm that intense.” Lucas realizes that the joke was the wrong answer when Riley’s sniffles turn into actual tears. “Riles, I didn’t mean–,”

“I know.” Riley nods, wiping at her face. “I’m being stupid. It’s not like this is even our first Christmas together, just our–,”

Lucas finishes with her. “Our first Christmas as an official family. I know. I know how important this was to you, Riley, and how many plans you’ve been making..,how much you wanted to share this with me. If I could snap my fingers and control the weather for you I would.”

“There’s just…so many traditions we get to be a part of now.”

“Well, you never know. The weather could change at any moment and we’ll get to head out. And if not…we’ll make our own traditions right here. I don’t know about you, but I think watching Miracle on 34th Street with an Orange Julius and a Cinnabon cuddled on the floor near the charging station we’ve staked out could definitely embody the Christmas Spirit.”

Riley smiles. She does love cuddling with him. And at the end of the day, the most important thing is that they’re together. “Or kissing under the Starbucks mistletoe.”

“Skyping in to hear your dad’s reading of The Night Before Christmas…”

Exchanging gifts under the glow of the departure screen.” 

Lucas chuckles. “Only if you’re OK with your gift being a t-shirt from the gift shop. I put my present for you in our checked bag.”

“That’s OK. My gift for you is really for both of us.” Feeling a bit better about the whole situation, Riley starts to dig through her carry on, where she had stowed part of Lucas’ present (she had been far too nervous to trust it to checked baggage). 

“Your gift for me is also a gift for you?” Lucas raises an eyebrow. “That doesn’t seem fair.”

“I just…have a feeling that you’re going to share it with me.” Riley pulls out a small, red and gold wrapped box, and holds it out. “I wanted to give it to you in front of everyone, but if we’re going to start new traditions, maybe our first could be exchanging a gift on Christmas Eve instead of Christmas. So…Merry Christmas, Mr. Friar.”

Lucas takes the box in one hand and leans over, kissing her gently. “Merry Christmas, Mrs. Friar.”

She has to prompt him once more to open the box, and when he does Riley bites her lip in anticipation, watching as Lucas removes what looks like a small, silver dumbbell. It jingles quietly as he turns it over in his hands. “You won’t really get to use it for a few more months, but–,”

Baby Friar.” Lucas reads the engraving off of the end, and then looks up at her, eyes wide. “You got me a rattle. Engraved for…we’re having a baby?!”

Riley nods. “Merry Christmas!”


So I’m spending Christmas alone this year. It sucks. Like a lot. When I was younger and still lived at home, I always wished my family would go somewhere else and leave me alone for the holidays so I could just do whatever I wanted, watch movies and eat cheap chinese or something. Now, all I want is to spend Christmas with my family and do all the stupid Christmas traditions like opening presents and eating way too much food that I don’t even like. Now I’m reading this fanfic and feeling even sappier than I did before, although I think the mood of this fic is suppose to be fluffy and cute… But whatever, I’m allowed to wallow in self pity and turn even the fluffiest fics into major angst!  Admin A

Title: The Black Feather

Author: allthebeautifulthings9828

Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

Words: 1,127 – Finished

Summary: Castiel has a Christmas gift for Dean but it comes with a confession that he’s not sure he should make. He’s giving Dean something so deeply personal that if he gets rejected, he might never recover. Yet Castiel forages ahead. How will Dean take it?

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Only a couple more days to go. Read all the previous Christmas Special fics in HERE if you haven’t done it yet.

And a Fish for Luck

Angel:  Michael
Words:  1450
Author: Scruff
Warning(s):  mild swearing, cheesy-fluffiness
Note(s):  I know the request is for Thanksgiving, but I hope it works just as well now.  I’m going off the idea that, being an angel, Michael is kosher (if I messed it up, let me know).  Also, the ‘traditional southern New-Year’s meal’ consists of everything I’ve eaten for New Year’s lunch every year I can remember.  I know it can be a little different for each southern (US) family, but this is what my family does (we’re from Georgia, in case you were wondering)
Happy New Years!!!

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      This year is nearing its end, but just remember, as one (crappy) door shuts, another one (hopefully better) opens, paving the way to new opportunities whilst saying goodbye to the old. Take the time to reflect on yourself and how far you have progressed this year, know that you will go even further in those upcoming. Spend time with family, and friends, be thankful for those who are still around. Spread joy, and cheer. Forgive (do not forget.), forward yourself. As cliche as it sounds, it’s going to be your year. 

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Lizz talks about Christmas

(Until the end of the Christmas Season, Lizz will talk about Austrian Christmas traditions, music, theology and other christmas related stuff.)

Today: KRAMPUS!!!!!

Two days ago we talked about Saint Nicolas and Santa Claus, so it’s time to talk about Krampus now. Be prepared, it’s gonna get scary (and a little longer) today!!

December 5th is the day of Saint Nicolas’ helper, the KRAMPUS.

(Look at him! Fucking scary!!!!)

Note: Let me just say one thing about the Krampus movie: I’m not a fan of Hollywood taking things from my culture and my traditions and turning it into a crappy horror comedy whatever. I don’t appreciate it, and the trailer was - rightfully - booed in my local cinema. Krampus is not just some movie monster, he’s an important part of our culture, especially where I come from. So fuck you Hollywood. A lot. Thanks.

Now then, let’s talk about the Krampus!

What is the Krampus?

In many European countries, Saint Nicolas has a helper. Krampus is one of those helpers and became highly popular in recent years (because of the movie, and because he’s awesome!). An article on describes Krampus as “a horned monster … who acts as the bad cop of Santa’s operation, scaring children into being on they best behavior with the threats of being whipped with birch rods or, in extreme cases, being stuffed in a wicker basket and dragged off to hell.” They also call him the “Batman of Christmas”, which is pretty awesome!

We see Krampus in three different situations:

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Imagine Character B rushing through a crowed Christmas party, dragging a confused Character A behind them. Character B finally stops in the middle of the room, where one lone mistletoe hangs. Now imagine Character B turning to A, and saying “Remember last year when you kissed me under the mistletoe, well I think we should make that a tradition for the rest of our lives.” Before dropping to their knee with a ring in hand. Character A says yes, and proceeds to start their forever tradition with a kiss, in front of a stun crowd.

Bonus they’re at the wrong party, and they end up celebrating with strangers that wish them well.


And here is my finished Adventskranz (advent wreath)! What I did was bought a sort of base wreath at the craft store that was just made out of sticks (it was less than $10), and then me and my husband went hiking and gathered all the branches and pine cones. I bought the handmade candles at a local metaphysical store, and I bought the silver little candle holders at a local thrift store! I love this wreath because it is a tradition from where I am from (Austria) but it is made from things that are from where I live now (rural southern California). I am very happy with how it turned out. :)

Everlark Advent: Day 14, Snow Removal Services Part 2

This is a part two to Snow Removal Services, though it isn’t necessary to have read the first one for this to make sense.

Snow Removal Services II 

rated T

There’s an odd scratching shuffling sound just outside my front door, followed by a thump. I smirk; it’s probably the Amazon guy again. Four weeks post-surgery and still on crutches, Amazon Prime is the only way my Christmas shopping is getting done this year. I’m doing a little weight bearing on my knee in my thrice weekly physiotherapy sessions, but I’m by no means ready to face the mall. So Floyd, the Amazon man, has become a fixture in my apartment.

“It’s open,” I bellow from my perch on the couch where my knee is propped up on a pillow and covered by a bag of frozen peas. Might as well have him drop the packages inside.

The door slams open and I jump. Sticking through my entrance is not a cardboard box but a chunk of greenery, the top of an evergreen tree. What the hell? I groan; I definitely did not order a tree.

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Mistletoe (4/4)

Hi babes, starting up my blog with some Christmas love and lameness. :P Please follow and I’ll follow back and leave a request for an imagine/preference/one-shot and I’ll work on them! Hope you enjoy. xx

You and Him + Mistletoe
Requested: A random idea given to me by my friend.


Ashton: You’d be in the kitchen of your shared house making a hot drink ready to return to the marathon of Christmas themed shows when Ashton would stop you from leaving the doorway, towering over you with his blockade of a body. “Uh-uh,” he’d tut and look up at the mistletoe hanging above you. “Its tradition, babe.”
“How am I supposed to see that all the way up there?” You’d ask placing your mug down and smiling at his antics.
“Maybe if you weren’t the size of an elf, we wouldn’t be having this issue,” he’d tease, sliding his strong arms down around your waist, pressing his body to yours.
You’d bring your arms around his neck stretching up to meet his anxious lips.
“Merry Christmas to me,” he’d smirk, leaning in again.

Luke: The holidays were always a bit stressful for you. Bustling around town, worrying about gifts for your loved ones. You’d had absolutely no time for any TLC. Luke had some rare time off and he was little to no help. You decided you would entice him to repay you, slipping into your favorite lingerie and grabbing mistletoe from the box of decorations in your room that you’d have to sort later. Laying on the bed and placing the mistletoe right on the lace of your panties, “Luke!” You’d call for your boyfriend who was probably watching TV.
You’d here his footsteps from the hall, he’d open the door and a look of surprise and confusion would fall upon his face, “What’s this (Y/N)?”
“You know what mistletoe means, right?” You’d say, a naughty smile playing at your lips.
“Y-you want me to kiss you?” He’d ask, a little nervous. Realization quickly dawning on his face. “You want me to kiss you.”
“Well,” he’d smirk answering your pleading nod, his fingers would dance at your panty line, “It is customary.”

Calum: “Hey, (Y/N),” His tone flirty and mischievous. “Do you believe in Christmas traditions?”
“Yes, Calum,” you’d roll your eyes, trying to focus on your finals reviews.
“So if I did this, you would oblige?” He’d test, holding up mistletoe above you, puckering his lips.
You would turn your attention from your book to shake your head at him but kiss him anyways, “See? Christmas traditions reign on.”
“I don’t believe you,” he’d say placing it above your head again, causing you to laugh as he’d bring you into another kiss.
The days would go on like this, you would make sure he didn’t bring the stupid leaf out when you’d go on adventures with the other guys but he’d still always manage to sneak in more mistletoe kisses.
“Do you believe me now, Calum?” You’d say, your hair dripping on to the bathroom carpet as your head popped out from behind the bathroom door. He’d stop shaving halfway and interrupt your morning shower to kiss you under that damn mistletoe.
“I always believed you, I just want to kiss you whenever I want,” he would smile, one cheek covered in shaving cream that would also be on your face.
“We’re dating, you idiot. You can kiss me whenever you want!”
“It’s more festive this way, (Y/N)!”

Michael: You know Mikey loves Christmas but you didn’t understand his rush to go to the store and get decorations. “Babe, we don’t have a tree, we don’t need a skirt for it.” You would say, stopping him from buying useless things.
“We can get a tree!” He’d say rushing towards the plastic trees.
A hundred dollars and a car load of stuff later you didn’t even know what was bought. Michael would be in the room putting away the candy apple candles you insisted on buying as you were putting away the sugar cookies.
“Ahem, (Y/N),” you’d hear from the kitchen doorway, turning around to see Michael in red velvet boxers and a Santa hat.
You wouldn’t be able to help the hysterical laughter, “They match your hair, babe.”
“That’s not all,” he’d smile deviously, pointing down at the mistletoe dangling from the front of his boxers. “How about a kiss?” He’d propose, smirking at you.

Twice now at work I’ve had someone hand me a twenty dollar bill and say “Merry Christmas!”

And in terms of generating holiday spirit, cold hard cash from a stranger turns out to really warm the fucking heart.

This should be even more of a thing. Overtip someone with a shitty job. It should be a part of your holiday traditions.