is this trend over

to be frank it’s really fucking frustrating to me that just by liking snape as a character i’m immediately accused of condoning child abuse, being sexist, being racist, being gross, etc. 

listen up kiddos!

even if snape was what fanon portrays him as - even if he is every inch as vile as we’re told he is by antis: a child abusing pedophilic fuckboy who only wanted to have sex with lily and cackled madly as he willfully sacrificed james and harry to voldemort so he could have her as his love slave…… even if all these fanon portrayals are true, liking him STILL wouldn’t make me, the fan, condone his actions. i don’t know when we started believing that liking certain characters - ESPECIALLY amoral/evil characters - meant condoning their less morally pure actions, but by god i can guarantee you it doesn’t. like….. i’m capable of recognizing the bad shit a character does and STILL finding them interesting/engaging/fun to read/even sympathetic. 

(just a heads up: that’s writing good characters. that’s being a good writer. your villains SHOULDN’T be one-note fools who are stock cutouts of an Evil Person who bore me to tears. they should have motivations and personalities and desires and the things that make characters engaging and interesting. people SHOULD find your villains engaging even IF they don’t agree with their actions.)

it’s ridiculous to accuse every person who likes a character that does bad shit of personally condoning the bad shit they do. they’re fictional! fucking characters! despite what this hellsite tells you, most people are actually completely capable of telling fiction from reality. 

i’m just…. so frustrated. policing who people are “allowed” to like in order to be “good fans” or even “good people” is bullshit. 


What made you join the fight to convince Disney XD to approve the third season of Wander over Yonder?

This is probably the most difficult question of this trending. And it’s not that I have nothing to say - does it make sense to talk about it? Most of those who read this post now know well why this cartoon has found a corner in our hearts. The amazing theme of travel of a wanderer through the whole Galaxy, space ships and captures of planets - of course. Bright and deep color palette, smooth and bewitching animation – definitely. Original, diverse and touching characters,  staying into our souls to the end - nothing would have happened without it. Creativity, humor, creators’ ability to experiment and self-irony. I can talk about this cartoon for hours and find all the new reasons for wanting it to continue.

But then I realized why this cartoon really stands out for me - morality. You know, it’s not very hard to put a good life lesson into a cartoon. Friendship, love, forgiveness are common themes, and here the WOY is not an exception. But I am now talking about other message, more atypical and bold for a show of this kind.

When did you start watching this show for the first time, what did you think it would be about? For sure about the space adventures of the wanderer and his struggle with the evil lord, right? So, we see the first minutes of the first episode. Here is the lord, here is his army, the oppressed people - everything is here. A stranger in a cowboy hat and a terrible-looking horse appear on a hill. Well, everything is clear, now the struggle will be and … it turns out that the stranger is a pacifist and rather helpless. Well, then the main work will be done by his friend Sylvia, and Wander will perform the role of comedian or generator of ideas (why not?). At first, it seems to be so, when suddenly … all this happens:

 At this moment, you realize that the show just fooled you. At first you don’t understand what is happening, everything that happens is like a complete nonsense. That’s only when you continue to watch the realization comes. I’m talking about the main idea of the show, for which we prepared the whole season 1 and which was voiced in the season 2: “An enemy is just a friend you haven’t made yet”. And now remember how often you heard something like that? Only Steven Universe come to mind (it’s interesting that the broadcast of these two shows started in the same year with a difference of three months). I believe that this message is genius and relevant, especially in our time. We all insist that we cannot judge a book by its cover, that we should not label people, we cannot blindly believe stereotypes about other nationalities, cultures, religions - but we don’t always do it. This also applies to our children as well.

I immediately remember the animated film “Zootopia”, where this topic was revealed. But Wander Over Yonder goes much further, I think. Here, Wander believes that he is right to the end, even when everyone around him tells that he is wrong, even his best friend. Where everyone sees only evil, he tries to see something more. Whatever people say, Wander is a wonderful character. He teaches us to be loyal to our ideals, but he does not impose his opinion on other people by force. The show makes us think, get confused, doubt the truthfulness of opinions. This is what the real work should do - it should make people look for answers.

This idea is amazing and deserves to be revealed to the end. You know, I have a little brother. And WOY is one of those shows that deserves to be watched. Sometimes I heard objections from my parents, who doubted its positive effect. But I always stood up to the end in this matter.

Sometimes I wonder why the cancellation of Wander Over Yonder has become such a big event for many of us? After all, there were a lot of good shows that ended before the deadline. Why are we trying so hard to protect this show? Why we are trying in every way to convince @disneyxd that we are right? Probably, the whole point is this - we are sure of our rightness. This is our ideal, and Wander taught us to believe in this and fight. We know that WOY is a wonderful show. We know that creators deserve to finish their story exactly the way they want. These characters deserve a worthy end to their histories, each of them. Here is my answer.

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The petition:


What items reminds you of Wander over Yonder?

1. One-eyed creatures in cartoons (yes, there are many of them)

2. It’s trivial, but banjo

3. Fanfics of the talented people (seriously, read the works of crazy traveller or КейтЛиннхх, if you are from Russia)

4. Paints

6. Heavy Metal

7. Sunset and sunrises

8. Planetarium (it is difficult to see the stars in the city)


Mental Health: The Data

Hey, Tumblr! We hope the week two prompts for Mental Health Month are treating you well. In the spirit of the theme, posting it for each other, we wanted to celebrate one of the most helpful communities out there: yours. You’ve helped shape Tumblr into an incredible community for support. To take a look into exactly how it’s flourished over the years, we teamed up with Fandometrics (@thefandometrics) to bring you some sweet, sweet data.

How you talk about mental health

Discussion around #mental health has steadily grown year over year since 2013, with a 248% uptick of original posts and reblogs made between 2013 and 2016. In that same time span, original posts and reblogs about #therapy increased 29%. Much of that conversation was rooted in real people sharing real stories. Emotional and honest stories, like how therapy can help you better understand your life, how to say good-bye to the wrong therapist, or the difficulty of making the sometimes daunting decision to begin therapy for the first time.

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There has also been a significant rise in people seeking ways to take care of themselves. The self-care movement has seen huge increases in searches (733%) and original posts (567%) between 2013 and 2016. Over the past six months, we’ve seen total engagement (searches, original posts, reblogs, and likes) around the #self-care tag spike with correlations to holidays and events in the news:

  • 240% increase the day after the US Presidential Election
  • 321% in the days following Christmas and Hanukkah
  • 561% in the days leading up to the Inauguration, and
  • 342% in the days following Valentine’s Day.

Anatomy of a post

To get a better understanding of what the public-facing conversations consist of, we looked at the top posts for the #mental health, #positivity, and #self-care tags from the past few years. We noticed a few trends that continued to appear over and over again:

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Make your dash more positive

Because this is all about posting it for each other, here are a few great blogs to make your Tumblr experience more positive and healthy:

  • Positive Vibes (@posiviibes) provides positive and friendly text art in soothing colors.
  • LGBT+ Positivity (@goodpositivitylgbt) focuses on messages of positivity and validation for the LGBT+/MOGAI community.
  • Why Did You Feel Proud Today? (@todayifeltproud), a space to submit your accomplishments, big and small.

For more follow inspiration, check out our roundup from last week. We’ll be posting more each Friday this month. Keep sharing your stories, Tumblr, this month and every month.

Trending 27th !

Happy birthday Jack McBrayer ! 

Ah, yes ! Jack McBrayer, a.k.a. “Does this man even exist ??” 
Seriously he’s such a nice, happy and smiling person, truely a real life Wander. His voice has such a unique and sweet tone !! Everytime he voices an animated character there’s so much life and happiness brought into them ! And I’d love to see him play Wander again ain’t that right @disneyxd ?
I wish you all the love and luck you can have in a year my friend ! Happy birthday !