is this too yellow idk

yellow submarine explained
  • yellow submarine: poor military strategy
  • only a northern song: george pretends to be a nihilist for like 3 minutes 24 seconds but he doesn't play any wrong chords on his blue jay way i mean organ no matter what he tells you
  • all together now: cute children's song about counting, abc's, sailing, deforestation, jump rope, narcissism, communism, colors, and sex
  • hey bulldog: john and paul's doggy style recording session but they only have 10 children
  • it's all too much: are the beatles going oof over and over at the beginning wtf is that
  • all you need is love: do they have to pay france personally every time they put this on an album
  • pepperland: i wonder if a beatle played that guitar during
  • that specific doo doo doo dooo, dooo dooo dooo dooo part
  • sea of time: trippy.............i guess
  • sea of holes: the albert hall,
  • sea of monsters: bye bye ringo >:)
  • march of the meanies: horns, horns horns hooorns, hoorns, horns horns hoooorns
  • pepperland laid waste: *paul mccartney voice* ZAP, ZAP ZAP ZAP ZAP ZAP
  • yellow submarine in pepperland: do u rly like the yellow submarine melody, my friend, my pal, my friend, my

Whoops! It’s slipping! How’s about you hand that book over?


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never thought I’d type aesthetic that many times,,, wow

Happy Birthday to one of my best friends ever, @spitboi-mcriffs Hope you like this and that you’re having a wonderful day! (Am starting to have regrets about posting oops)

Anyways!! You are amazing and talented and fun and wonderful! You deserve the best year ever

Here’s Ed in a dress.

FUN FACT: up until about the 40s or 50s, pink was a boy’s color, since it was thought of as a diluted red. Blue was for girls, because Virgin Mary was oft depicted in a soft blue shawl.


Nextale Asriel

I mean he looks so cool-

I just want to draw him- 

So cool socool- too cool

This Asriel belongs to @nextale