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RFA reacts to MC planning a surprise picnic for Valentine's day with food she made

Thank you for your request and i hope you like it!


  • It’s Valentine’s Day and you said you had a surprise for him in the park…
  • He’s already excited!
  • It’s his first Valentine’s Day with someone…He is nervous, but he also has sure that this will be awesome!
  • When you reveal to him what is the surprise, his jaw dropped!
  • You made that??! WOW!
  • Looks so good!
  • He’ll eat this food so quickly because for him this is too delicious!
  • But he’ll feel bad that he ate too fast so this date will have to end sooner 
  • But when you reassure him that this is ok, he smiles, so relieved…
  • Your attitude in doing all these things…This beautiful picnic makes him be so emotional…
  • He’ll not sleep this night because he’ll keep playing the memories of this date with him!
  • He’ll definitely some good breakfast for you tomorrow, with a lot of love!


  • Really MC?
  • A surprise picnic? Romantic.
  • Did you make the food? Romantic!
  • Wow, this is so perfect, why he didn’t have this idea!
  • Well, he actually knows how to cook, but your food tastes delightful!
  • And he’ll try to feed you, every time is getting annoying, but you know, romance!
  • He just finds this like a fairy tail, you and him, in nature, eating a good meal, with the wind blowing in your hair!
  • We need to take a selfie!
  • He takes so many selfies that the food is already cold when he’s going to eat it.
  • -_-
  • After all, he loved this surprise, it was what he wanted, a romantic Valentine’s Day.
  • Well, now is your turn to see what he has prepared for you!


  • When she saw what you planned, she gives you a genuine smile.
  • This is such a good idea MC!
  • And she really keeps complimenting your food with so many cute compliments, you just can’t stop smiling!
  • That was so simple, but it was so good.
  • You two spend the evening just eating some casual food, looking around and talking.
  • Looks boring, but it was pretty good.
  • You never saw Jaehee smiling and laughing that much, this really made you feel so happy about all that.
  • She knows this was a surprise for Valentine’s Day and everything…But she really wants to do this again, you know?
  • You make something, she makes something…Everything will be perfect!
  • It will be a pleasant time, like always.


  • He didn’t want to come here, but is Valentine’s Day and you said you had a surprise for him
  • What is surprising? He doesn’t know, but he sure want to
  • When you said it was a picnic, he thought this was too simple for this date
  • But before he could even say something you said that you prepared that food, he made sure to shut the hell up about it
  • When he starts to eat it…He almost doesn’t believe that you prepared that, something !it was too good!
  • When he asked what was your secret you just replied with “love”
  • That made him think…And then he realizes he has been a dork all this time.
  • It doesn’t matter if is big or small, simple or not, the feelings…The meaning matters.
  • And you made this with so much love that not even the best chefs could so something so delightful 
  • He smiles so much that evening, he didn’t even look like that important Jumin Han.
  • He sure wants to do this again, he can even something!
  • Oh, and can Elizabeth come or this is a bad idea?


  • You finally manage to make him leave that bunker for this one fucking day.
  • He’s just a dork running through the park, you would be embarrassed if you weren’t already familiar with his way.
  • When you reveal to him the surprise, he just gave you a big smile!
  • He already knew it, he watched over you, but he’ll lie and make sure you think he’s really surprised!
  • But happy? Happy he definitely is!
  • “Woow, you made real food for me? That was a miss steak”
  • Yes, he fucking evening is him making you laugh only when you have your mouth full of food.
  • After that, he’ll talk to you, finally being romantic, talking about the sky, until he gets even close to you, putting one hand on your cheek
  • “You know MC…” He got even closer, looking deep into your eyes, “I think we made a nice pear…”
  • You get out a little mad and he is just laughing his ass off
  • “IT’S NACHO YOUR PROBLEM” You yelled while walking
  • He just opens his mouth “…I love this woman…WAIT FOR ME!”

(This whole thing is one big convoluted “John was jealous of Linda” post so you can scroll past if you don’t wanna hear me thinking to myself.)

Okay so, prone to over-analysis as I am, I re-found this quote when compiling quotes for possible ‘Shit John Has Actually Said About Paul’ posts, and one bit in particular leapt out at me:

“First time I saw [Linda] was after that press conference to announce Apple in America. We were just going back to the airport and she was in the car with us. I didn’t think she was particularly attractive, I wondered what he was bothering having her in the car for. A bit too tweedy, you know. But she sat in the car and took photographs and that was it. And the next minute she’s married him.” – John Lennon (St. Regis Hotel interview, Sept. 5, 1971)

We’re gonna come back to John’s tone, but are we seeing what I’m seeing. 

“And the next minute she’s married him.” 

“She’s married him.” 

So, John talks about Linda in a very negative way, she wasn’t, “particularly attractive,” why was Paul even “bothering” with her, she was “too tweedy,” she just “sat” there and “that was it”

Now I can’t speak as an outsider, but it must look, at the very least, as though he didn’t like her, and that they hadn’t got on in the intervening years between their first meeting and this interview. But to my knowledge he had no reason to dislike her. Paul had reasons (good or bad) to dislike Yoko, but Linda remained distant from the group, never turned up to the studio, preferred to live a quiet and private life, and by Yoko’s own account, she and her got along fairly well. So what’s the tone about? 

As an insider, it almost seems like jealousy. In one short answer he critcises her looks, her personality, and to a lesser extent, her profession. So he was jealous of Paul, and putting Linda down as a means of coping with it. He was pointing out things about her that he actually liked, and negating them. Right? Right.

Nope. Because I think he undoes any possibility of that scenario when he says,“she’s married him.” 

He doesn’t say, “And the next minute, he’s married her.” i.e. “he’s taken her away from me”. No, he equates himself to, or puts himself on the side of Linda, the woman. That one phrase makes it much more likely that he was jealous of Linda, not of Paul. When he says, “she’s married him,” he speaks contrary to the norm and makes Paul passive, Linda is the one doing the marrying, i.e. “she’s taken him away from me.”  

((Whether he was jealous for sexual or romantic reasons is debatable, but at least on a platonic level, and in a way he never really was with Jane, he was jealous of Linda.))


it’s been a year since i made eye contact with minseok and kyungsoo (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ (nyc 160221)


(Context I work at a small locally owned pizza shop and in this situation I’m working the register)
So I’m from a suburb about 15 minutes out from Cleveland, and I have a very thicK Cleveland accent. (It consists of hard nasally A’s short o’s and when we say winter it sounds exactly the same as winner). Pair that with the fact that I mumble and talk too fast it can make it pretty difficult for customers from out of town to try and understand what the hell I’m trying to say.

So one day this older man comes in, orders his food and pays with a card. At my store we have a policy that we only have to ask them if they want a receipt if they pay with a card
Me: Alrighty! Would you like a receipt?
Man: what’s that?
Me: sorry!! *annunciates correctly* would you like a receipt?
Man: what are you saying!?!?
Me: Receipt?
Man: RE-CEIPT RE-CEIPT RE–CEIPT learn how to speak!!!
Me: alright I’ll get right on that *walks away*

dating stiles stilinski would include...

—being introduced to him by isaac

•though he hates isaac, he was glad for the beautiful soul he was introduced to.

•you are a shy and reserved person and he is friendly and tries too fast to get you to open up to him.

•"who is she?“

•for a few weeks, scott gets annoyed by stiles because you are literally all stiles talks about

•stiles asking isaac about a thousand questions about you, and you about stiles.

•"jesus christ, would you two just date already?”

—stiles and you work together and research at unholy hours of the night.

•"i’m so exhausted, how do you do this?“

•stiles chuckles at your tiredness.

•"lots of stamina without sleeping, for days at a time.”

•"i don’t even understand?“ you are yawning and falling asleep in your hands and jolting awake after dozing off

•after you fall asleep, your head resting uncomfortably on your arms, and your arms resting on scattered papers, he slowly picks you up.

•he takes you to his room where he slips you under the blankets and tucks you in, you’re fast asleep and he stays awake, drinking coffee to keep himself awake.

—waking up in his room, and you’re wondering what happened

•you walk down the stairs with his hoodie on because it’s so cold in the house

•he’s still awake surprisingly to you, and you walk into the living room where every piece of research is scattered everywhere

•"good morning, sunshine.”

•you blush at his nickname for you and bite your lip.

•"want something to eat or some coffee?“


—after that day, you begin to get closer to him

•it starts off with conversations before and while waking to class, and gradually turns into face timing and hanging out

•him wanting to know everything about you

•you wanting to know more about him

•playing twenty questions with each other

—being devastated when the nogitsune possesses him

•crying and begging to some higher power for him to come back to you

•the nogitsune finding it interesting how stiles is so in love with you

—running to him and crying when stiles comes back.

•"baby, shhh.“

•hugging him tightly and listening to his heartbeat.

•"stiles, you’re back!”

•"i’m back, it’s okay. i’m here.“

—spilling out all your feelings to him and him to you

•"i love you so much, y/n.”

•"i love you too, stiles.“

I talk like I fuck, too fast and with no rhythm.

I talk like I fuck, too intense and spitting in somebody’s face.

I talk like I fuck, loud enough to hear me across a crowded restaurant.

I talk like I fuck, too quiet and apologizing a lot.

I talk like I fuck, slow and weird.

I talk like I fuck, all in one spurt with no breaks to catch my breath.

I talk like I fuck, in my throat and muffled.

I talk like I fuck, soft and without confidence.

My first bf ever cheated on me and i had a diary during that time so im reading the shit rn and bitch 15 year old me kneeewww thiiisss nigga was cheating w/o any proof. I was like “he full of shit, he dont have 3 jobs, fuck him, i need attention.” Then I had a dream about him cheating on me w/ this girl named lexie and THEN THE NEXT MORNING I TOOK MY PHONE FROM MY MOMS ROOM AND WENT* ON INSTAGRAM AND I SAW HIM AND THAT BITCH LEXIE TALKIN BOUT ALL THEY NEED IS EACHOTHER. So I started laughing and put my phone back. That nigga didn’t hear from me for 4 months after. He will deny that shit to this day 🙄🙄 but the point is i tapped into my black woman magic at an early age which is why I know what the fuck i be talkin bout now.

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The final WA scene was the only redeeming part of this entire episode. I was actually looking forward to seeing Gorilla City but how they handled it made the whole thing drag and get boring real fast :/

I liked their scene before he left, too. I just really appreciate that the writers are taking time out of every ep, not just in the intro, to remind people how much Barry loves his Iris. 

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Name: Mod

Birthday: July 17th

Gender: Mod

Relationship status: Happily single atm.

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Siblings: 2.  I’m caught in the middle

Favorite Color: It changes too often to pick just one.

Pets: 3 very wonderful, adorable dogs.

Wake-up: before you go-go.

Sleep: god, i wish that were me

Type of Phone: LG something Alcatel Pixel Tracfone something? S’good phone.

Love or Lust: Both are really interesting to write.  I appreciate both dynamics.

Lemonade or Iced Tea: Lemonade.  Hot tea’s delish, but I’ve never liked it iced.

Cats or doggos: Both are good animals.

Coke or Pepsi: Coke, but I’d take either if I had to.

Day or Night: I am the night blogger.  Nananananana Batmod

Text or Call: Text.  

Make up or Natural:  I’m making up a lot of this as I go.  Wish it was natural.

Met a celebrity: Just local ones really. I saw a ZZ Top singer in an Alexandria restaurant once.

Smile or Eyes: Preferably both, but I’d rather they have eyes.

Light or Dark hair: Gimme head with hair (i had to sorry)

Shorter or taller: Taller’n me at the very least.

Intelligence or attraction: Can’t I put points in both of these trait slots?  I wanna get a rogue.

Chapstick or lipstick: Hmmm, I kinda prefer just sticking it to people tbh.

City or Country: I’ve done both.  Too many cows. City to live, country to visit.

Last Song I listened to: Overwatch gun syncs are my latest favorite thing.  This is the newest one I’ve listening to on repeat.

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I am a brand new witch, just trying to start practicing witchcraft. I am super interested in crystals, I've been researching tons and I tried meditating tonight. I had such a hard time visualizing and then i couldn't breath and my heart was beating too fast. I am so scared that I will not be able to practice witchcraft, since I am having such a rough start. I don't feel connected yet and I don't know what to start with. Any tips on what I should do to feel more comfortable in witchcraft?

hey anon! first off, welcome to the world of witchcraft. 

i’m glad you’ve done tons of research! that’s the best place to start. what i want you to do is take things one step at a time. don’t get so overwhelmed with witch ideals that you stress yourself out. your craft should never be stressful. if something stresses you out, take a step back and try again later.


rather than trying to combine meditation and visualization, focus on just one or the other for now. when you meditate, you can feel your entire body, from your head to your toes while relaxing all your muscles. you could also place some crystals in front of you and focus on them with your eyes closed, only feeling their energy. let it circulate through you. experiment with things you feel and sense… its all about what you enjoy personally and what you can feel. don’t overthink it, instead just relax and see what happens when you let energy flow with no worries. its hard to not overthink sometimes in a very still room.. if you need to play music or some white noise (like rain sounds for instance), feel free to do so. your meditation does not have to be the same as everyone else’s. sometimes it is hard to get the hang of it, and that is a-okay! personally when i meditate, i close my eyes and focus on my breathing. i do so until my body fades away. it took a lot of practice to learn how to not overthink or jolt myself out of relaxation, but if i can do it, you can do it too.


when it comes to visualization, don’t feel like you have to dive in. start with the small things. take a walk outside and notice the colors of the trees, the wind, the temperature on your skin, the sounds around you, notice all the little things and appreciate these small details. heightening your senses is important to visualization, and i often tie this exercise into grounding. i remind myself, hey! you’re here on this earth, look at the things around you. it is all beautiful and alive and so are you. 

an exercise is to visualize eating something preferably with a strong taste and aroma. a lemon for example. close your eyes and visualize holding a lemon. (you may want to do this exercise when nobody is watching or you may look strange!) feel its weight in your mind. admire its color. take as much time as you need to do so. don’t stress yourself out, if you cannot focus, you may be distracted or simply not in the right state of mind or place to visualize and that okay! simply try again later. now take that lemon and bring it up to your nose and smell it. it smells citrus-y right? taste the lemon. imagine its sour taste on your tongue. now hold your hand out again and look at the lemon. imagine it turning into a source of energy. lemons are bright, strong tasting yellow fruits so imagine a very strong and bright energy floating in your hand. feel its energy as long as you like. change it until it feels right. eventually absorb it and let it flow through you, energizing you. use exercises like this to strengthen your imagination and thus your mental strength. you can do it, i promise you. it just may take a little more practice than you thought and that’s okay. 

on another note

you can absolutely practice witchcraft. as long as you say you are a witch, you are a witch. keep researching, and let witchcraft come to you. i believe that anybody can be a witch, but that certain people are more so called to this lifestyle than others. we have both been called to this wonderful life, and now it is your mission to be a witch. take your time. take it slow. begin collecting crystals and discovering their energies. don’t rush. take this time to learn as much as possible. find happiness in witchcraft and don’t compare yourself to other witches. you are your own witch and this is your story. 

a reminder that if you have any sort of anxiety or other stress related mental illnesses that medicating is a wonderful way to help, and if you are medicated that meditation can be a wonderful addition to helping relieve stress. stay healthy love!

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How would the sf, us, ut, and uf bros react to an s/o who was an acrobat in a circus, and loves to climb into high places?


Sans thinks that it’s cool, but he prefers to teleport. Climbing would take too much effort for him, but it’s interesting to watch them.

Papyrus is impressed. Wowie, they are so fast and acrobatic! He wants to try it too, and they need to convince him, that it’s not the best idea.


Sans is a bit nervous. Sure, it’s good that they can hide from other monsters this way but what if they fall down? What if they break something or die?! He will stay close to them to make sure, that this won’t happen.

Papyrus sees it as a challenge. He can climb as good as they can! But in the end, he needs to accept that he isn’t and he tries, to ignore it but sometimes they can see him watching them from a distance.


Sans is excited about it. It’s so cool, and he tries to talk them into training with him. If they are so fast, he could attack them, and they could dodge! Isn’t that a good idea?

Papyrus doesn’t react much to it. He makes sure that they won’t hurt themselves but otherwise it’s their thing and he has nothing to do with it.


Sans feels a bit annoyed of it because he can’t do it. First, he tries to convince them that they shouldn’t do it anymore but when he got over his pride, he thinks it’s actually really cool.

Papyrus always teleports after them, following them as good as he can. He can’t stand the thought, that they could hurt themselves but as long as they don’t, he supports them.

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Angsty bodyswap AU, it lasts a couple of days. Kara can just about keep on top of Lena's workload, with a little help; she's a fast learner and inter-company relationships aren't too different to the things she'd have been expected to do on Krypton as a member as the House of El. Lena calls in sick at Catco though, but as Supergirl it's a whole other story. Like we saw in the first episode, she has no problem killing if it's to save someone else. Doesn't take long for public opinion to shift.

Imagine she swaps bodies with supergirl without knowing that she’s also Kara danvers now.. 

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Nota is so cute god bless. we need more FH OC's . I've got a lawbringer that would be great friends with her I'm sure! Though she'd probably beat his ass in combat. Just... too fast man!! c":

Nota HAS beaten her fair share of Lawbringers by now. That speed is so useful against the slow giants~

I’m glad you like her though! I hope to keep drawing her! <3

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I drank my coffee too fast and now my stomach is all *BLEH* but I want to go drink 5 more cups of coffee but also we don't have any more sugar that I know of do you see my problem?

Dont drink any more, try to eat somethin itll bake you feel better

Three miles with my running crew. It’s so nice to have Keith back running with me. And the girls liked it too. They laughed so hard when he ran fast down the hills with them.