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Hello there! I drew some het!JeffMads for you, yep, there’s fem!Madison and I just love her so much. I think it’s bc girls are so beautiful, and I like them, and I also like Madison and it’s, like, perfect for me, haha. Actually, I just really like JeffMads in all its forms <3

So like we know Billy’s favorite color isn’t blue, so just imagine

- billy opening his wardrobe one day and finding out he has more blue shirts and hoodies than he remembers buying or receiving
- on billy’s birthday, all presents are wrapped in blue papers and he gets all types of blue presents (and jason giving him ten presents in ten different hues of blue and billy saying “i like other colors too, you know”)
- kim finding a blue notebook on her bedroom and giving it to billy on the following day, so he opens it and points at zack’s name inside it (when asked how his notebook ended up on kim’s room, zack shrugged, saying he hoped she would do his homework out of kindness. kim rolled her eyes at him)
- trini telling billy how nice it is that they both got their favorite colors and billy staring at her and telling her through gritted teeth “you were there when i said blue wasn’t my favorite color”
- billy overhearing zack talking to trini about how his mother’s situation makes him feel blue sometimes and billy screaming “YOU CAN’T BE BOTH BLACK AND BLUE, ZACK!”


Two of my babies in Naoki’s family on their wedding day. Look at how happy they are! Aspen and Hazelnut. Precious. Especially since Hazelnut can keep Aspen in check, the flirt.
Progress drawings, obviously. :3

Based on the outfit I made a while ago.

i wanted to practice kids cause idk how to draw them so here are 2 of my inquisitors (laimeira and inarasyl) at 3 and 10 respectively!

anonymous asked:

hey this is going to sound really ignorant but i have a question about trans racial and trans gender people. someone in my class was making argument against accepting trans gender people because we don't accept tran racial. while i disagree with he argument i couldn't really formulate a good rational behind it so what's your argument, if you don't mind, for why tran gender is ok but trans racial is problematic (if you think it is)

Hey anon!

This isn’t ignorant at all! That’s, honestly, a hard answer to come up with sometimes when you don’t know much about the issues especially. Honestly, I have problems figuring out how to argue this too, and I’m a nonbinary person of color! So no worries mate! <3  

A simple way to put it is that gender is a social construction and Transgender people are trying to live their truth - so to speak. They don’t have a choice on whether or not to be transgender. They just are. In order to be themselves, they have to go through these hardships. Now, while race is something that has been constructed by society, yes, it has a long and - frankly - horrible history, and it is something that one cannot just … become, or change into. A white woman pretending to be a black woman (we have all heard of this case by now, I am sure) can just go home and wash off her black “look” whenever she wants and go back to living as a white woman with the privileges that that provides. Being black to this person is a choice. Living as a black person in America isn’t some walk in the park. It’s an experience, and not always a good one. One doesn’t just get to pretend to be black because they ‘identify’ with the culture or black people. What this person is doing is hurting the transgender community because she is making a choice and deceiving people into thinking she is black. By doing this she is likened to transgender people like “Oh see, she’s deceiving us and this is her choice! Transgender people are doing that too!” which isn’t true, but that’s what likening the two does. One is a choice (transracial ((which I really really don’t approve of at all btw))) and the other is not. 

So basically the main argument you can present to them is this: Trans people ARE the gender that they say they are, they don’t have a choice. Transracial people are pretending to be the race that they are are acting as, it is an active choice they make and they can change back to their original race whenever they want.

Now I’m sure I have made a mess of explaining this, SO here are some articles that may help better then I did ^^; link 1 & link 2 & link 3

Hope this makes some sense and helps anon! Again, no worries, this is one of the harder topics to argue when confronted with it, so don’t feel bad at all :)

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Working on a headshot for my gen 1 pirate baby Goru. I rehauled my art style after getting a new program so I’ve been doing a few sketches. Still trying to figure out how to do the feathers, this lineart is far thinner than how I usually do it. I might do the coloring in a few different styles too. 

(he still needs enchanter’s cobwebs but I just spent all my money on pirate stuff and another gen 1 rip)