is this the moment ive been waiting for

Reasons to ship Camren…

  • They have matching onesies; Lauren’s one is gray whilst Camila’s is pink.
  • They’re both Cuban.
  • They’re both from Miami, Florida.
  • Both are Latinas.
  • Lauren and Camila got the most solos in The X Factor performances.
  • They are both big fans of One Direction.
  • They both auditioned in Greensboro, North Carolina.
  • They both have a younger sister.
  • They hung out with each other on December 31st, 2012 to January 1st, 2013. They then tweeted a photo of Camila making a funny face and Lauren looking awkward.
  • Spanish was both their first language.
  • They live 15 minutes away from each other.
  • They often switch places with the other girls so they can sit next to each other.
  • They both love to do accents with each other.
  • They often think the same things at the same time.
  • They both have a weakness: Lauren for beanies and Camila for bows.
  • Lauren is the only one who calls Camila Camz.
  • Camila said if Lauren got arrested for something, she would get arrested for being so sweet.
  • They sat right next to each other at a The 1975 concert.
  • They have the same music taste.
  • Lauren said Camila is her “Pink Princess”.
  • Lauren is the “mom”…and Camila is the “father”.
  • Camila thinks Lauren is a “boss of an intelligent opinion”.
  • Camila thinks Lauren “is real”.
  • Camila would switch her mind with Lauren.
  • Lauren would switch her mind with Camila.
  • Camila wanted Lauren to kiss her under the mistletoe.
  • They wear the same “merch” clothes.
  • The way Lauren looks at Camila after she says “Fall, by Ed Sheeran”.
  • Lauren is Camila’s celebrity crush. (Oh … and Camila wants to marry with her celebrity crush ..even if her family doesn’t support the relationship.)
  • Camila would be "Baby Spice” because she is Lauren’s baby.
  • Lauren is the only person who laughs at Camila’s jokes.
  • Camila loves Lern Jerg.
  • Because Lauren helps her when her banana is dead on the floor.
  • Because Lauren helps her when her microphone breaks.
  • Because Lauren ties her shoes.
  • Camila is the sun and Lauren the moon.
  • Because Lauren doesn’t know what else to say but she thinks Camila is pretty fucking Dope!
  • Because Camila has Lauren “written on her”.
  • Because Camila read Lauren’s favorite book.
  • Because Lauren knows that Camila cried reading “Fault in Our Stars”.
  • Because one day Camila and Lauren went to the bathroom together and … that’s the end of the conversation!
  • Because Camila thinks Lauren can sing and is pretty too.
  • Because they have an audience that calls them crazy! (and they call us delusional!)
  • Because both like “so many hot boys”.
  • Because Camila said: “keep the boat floating”.
  • Because Lauren said “It’s Camren, YOOO!.
  • Because Lauren wants someone to love her insecurities…and Camila do!
  • Because Lauren has “the most beautiful emerald eyes in the world”.
  • Because Camila thinks Lauren is “perfect”.
  • Camila tried salmon because Lauren loves sushi.
  • Because Lauren thinks Camila is goofy, not the bad kind goofy, the cute kind goofy.
  • Because Camila loves people from “planet green eyes”.


  • I love you. You’re one of my best friends and I feel like I’ve know you forever. You’re one of the smartest people I know and you’re stuning. I’ve learned a lot from you, just know I’ll always be here for you no matter what!” - Camila on Lauren
  • Happy 16th Birthday little one(: thank you for always being you and being one of the raddest people I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. You’re an incredible person and I’m extremely lucky to have you in my life. Thanks for being there to vent with and even though we haven’t known each other for even a year yet, I feel like you’re the sister God forgot to give me. I love you Camzi(: have a good one babe! 💙😘🎉🎈🎁💙#camren” - Lauren on Camila

  • Happy 17th Birthday to this little nugget right here. I thought this picture was cute so I decided it would suffice. Just wanted to let you know that you’re an amazing beautiful person and I’m glad that you’ve been alive for 17 years and that 2 of them have been spent with the girls and I because idk you’re pretty rad and an amazing friend and fun to have around. I hope you have an amazing day and feel as special today as you deserve to feel everyday. Thanks for always being there for me when I need you and for being your wonderful self(: I LOVE YOU CAMZ” - Lauren on Camila

  • AWHHHHH YAAAY I LOVE YOU UR CUTE 🐏🐟💗🎷” - Camila on Lauren

  • The word I’d use to describe Camila is hmm I’m gonna say cutesy, like also goofy. It’s like both, like the good kind of goofy not the weird kind. Like the cutesy kinda goofy” - Lauren on Camila

  • LERN JERGI. ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY. YOU ARE 18. THIS IS THE MOMENT YOUVE BEEN WAITING FOR. IF YOU STUCK YOUR TONGUE OUT IN THE AIR RIGHT NOW YOU COULD PROBABLY TASTE THE SWEET AND PUNGENT FREEDOM OF DRAGONFLY TATTOOS, NOSE PIERCINGS, AND VOTING RIGHTS. we’ve been through thick and thin in our friendship, and through those thick and thins I’ve gotten blessed enough to experience you as a person. ive gotten to experience your bomb music taste which I am SO HAPPY YOU INTRODUCED ME TO because we have the best time at concerts bonding over bands and there are so many more to come PRAISE JESUS. i can come to you about anything and expect the pure, honest, rare truth and I’ll always be there tell you it’ll be okay when you cry on my shoulder when you feel lonely or hurt. I’ve gotten to see firsthand your incredible sense of justice, when you see that something unfair or wrong has happened, you’ll raise your voice and fight for that person with a bravery that I, and many other people (although they might not admit it) wish they had. i love how passionately you fight for what you think is right and everyone should remind you today and everyday that it’s a strength and not a weakness. i can’t tell you what a comfort it is to know someone like you will stick up for me and have my back, i hope you know i will too. i love you always” - Camila on Lauren

  • Super cute candids taken by a random stranger always make good birthday post pics. HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY CAMILA CABELLO. YOU’RE LEGAL NOW YAYYY!!!!!! You are such a beautiful person inside and out and I’m so thankful that I get to call you my friend. Thanks for all the laughs, for being my shoulder to cry on whenever I’ve needed a friend, for giving amazing sound advice (even though you’re just now considered an adult by the government you’ve been there mentally for a while which I greatly appreciate) I wish you many more years of amazingness and I hope you had the best day with your family. You deserve all the love and happiness the world has to offer and I wish it all upon you for many many years to come. I LOVE YOU CAMZZZZ❤️❤️❤️” - Lauren on Camila

  • HAPPY 19TH LAUREN!! i remember the day you auditioned for X factor seeing a beautiful green eyed girl belt out an Alicia keys song so perfectly i feared for my life. i remember telling my mom "that girl can sing!! and she’s gorgeous too!!” and then you walked out and i told you i loved your shirt remember? HAHAHA. it’s funny how before we even knew how important we were going to be to each other, something in us knew and something in us will always know. i love how fiercely you defend your opinion, i love your strength, your bold independence, and your desire to live life fully. i love that we crack up at each other’s jokes even when nobody else gets them- and i love those moments where we get caught up in talking about a band or a book and we get lost in the conversation like two normal girls in high school that aren’t about to go do something ridiculous like go to an awards show. i will always be there for you when you need someone to vent to, when you want to talk about the overwhelming underwhelmingness of boys that break our hearts or the overwhelming overwhelmingness of when a kiss leaves your head reeling, when i back you up and you need someone to stick up for you, or when you just need someone to understand- we’ve done that for each other in the last 3 years and we will do that for each other forevermore. i love you so much !!!! happy 19th lern jergi!!!!! camila“ - Camila on Lauren

5 minutes into slaying titans and he gives you this look

Proof that Jim was on Tarsus IV in the reboots

Or at least my interpretation of said “proof.”

*cracks knuckles*

So, because I love making things as angsty for Jim as humanly possible, I’ve found a kernel of proof that Jim did in fact experience Tarsus.

Granted this kernel literally lasts a couple of seconds, but it counts. That’s why it’s a kernel.


In the Daystrom scene when they higher ups are discussing the London attack, the first thing they have up on their screens is John Harrison’s bio. We know from interviews and such that the bio information on that screen is the same as the bio information in the STID app. This app has the following information:

‘John Harrison’ was born in 2228 in Dover, Great Britain, Earth to Richard and Sara Harrison. Harrison was one of nine survivors of the attack on the colony on Tarsus IV in 2246, where both of his parents were killed in the attack. He graduated from the London School of Economics in 2250.

After graduating, he was appointed associate researcher, Starfleet Data Archive (London), East Annex in 2255. He was tasked with collection, organization and analysis of declassified data received from Starfleet commissioned starships and from Federation member states.

Obviously the important part is in that first paragraph.

Now, when everyone is in the room and first has access to this info when Marcus is starting the meeting, we are shown a second long (or so) shot of Jim looking at his screen. He double takes at the information, then looks up, immediately seeking out Spock.

Spock is already looking at him. Not at Marcus. He’s looking at Jim. As if Spock has read the information on his own screen, knows about Tarsus IV and Jim’s connection to it, and is looking to Jim in question, asking if John Harrison’s information is truly accurate. And by the look on Jim’s face, something is wrong, and they both look away, waiting to hear more information.

This assumes that Spock somehow already knows that Jim was on Tarsus IV, but I don’t think this is very far-fetched. When Spock choked Jim on the bridge, there was skin-to-skin contact. Imagine what was going through Jim’s mind in that moment. Imagine if that wasn’t the first time in his life he’s been strangled, or more generally, close to death. Imagine that Tarsus IV was on his mind and Spock picked up on it. Imagine that after the events of that movie, they talked about it, and that’s how they started forging their path to friendship.

Am I assuming a lot here? Abso-fucking-lutely. But I think it’s pretty good reasoning and tbh there’s nothing to explicitly refute it.

And I gotta have my Tarsus IV fix ;)

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i love no makeup baekhyun so so so so much he doesnt show show his face at airports much anymore because hes tired and a bit self conscious of his bare face but hes so beautiful with his droopy eyes and his soft skin and rosy lips and to see him all fluffy and adorable and a bit sleepy like this is such a blessing i hope he knows hes the same stunning angel inside and out no matter what 😔


ABCs Of Harry PotterR: Ron Weasley 

↳ ”Weasley is our King, Weasley is our King, He didn’t let the Quaffle in,
Weasley is our King.
Weasley can save anything, He never leaves a single ring,
That’s why Gryffindors all sing:
Weasley is our King.”

  • <p> <b>friend:</b> what u been up to this weekend<p/><b>me:</b> readin<p/><b>friend:</b> readin what?<p/><b>me, (side eyeing a 157k fic):</b> ummm<p/></p>

hey @ voltron 👏where👏is👏my👏platonic👏keith👏and👏pidge👏bonding👏moments👏they👏fought👏fucking👏Sendak👏together👏KEITH👏CRADLED👏PIDGE👏IN👏HIS👏ARMS👏WHEN👏ULAZ👏THREW👏HER👏AT👏HIM👏AND👏SHE👏REMEMBERED👏👏👏👏👏

ahem, sorry im just mmmm ive been here since day 1 waiting for some explicit character bonding time with these two

in conclusion, keith and pidge need to bond in s4 thanks for coming to my TED Talks

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New Heart

Type: Smut

Pairing: Junmyeon x Reader

Originally posted by oh-prankster

He’s always had feelings for you. Since the day you ran into the S.M building to get out of the unexpected rain just as he was leaving. His heart hurt for you as you explained your boyfriend who was supposed to pick you up canceled last minute and as you were walking home you got caught in the rain you hand prepared for. As the two of you exchanged names and numbers and he drove you home he wouldn’t be able to hide his feelings towards the boyfriend. Especially when you were left with no other choice but to call him for other things he had stood you up for. 

He’d keep his thoughts to himself though. Even though you knew he didnt like the boyfriend he wouldn’t tell you to break up with him, it was your life and if you were happy most of the time then who was he to tell you to end it. Even if he did know you would be much, much happier with him. 

It was raining again. He knew how much you hated the rain and he couldn’t help but to think about you as he watched out the small window of their practice room. As his name was called he closed his eyes and hoped that your boyfriend was with you. That you weren’t stuck alone again to endure the storm. As Chanyeol called his name again he turned to see him holding his phone, the screen lit up in indication that there was a call coming through. 

He bit his lip and smile sadly at your name on his screen. He answered to hear your small voice and he instantly knew that you were home alone. You didnt even have to ask him before he was grabbing his coat and leaving the building, not caring if he had agreed to participate in the extra practice Kyungsoo asked for. 

Driving to get to you seemed to take a lot longer than usual. The traffic was bad, there was accidents all over and half of the main road he used to get to your place was blocked off from construction. But still he made it work, texting you to reassure you that he was coming and to wait for him. He knew so much about you and your personality that he didnt need to wait to knock on the door, he pulled your hidden key out of its spot, unlocked it and made his way in. 

His heart dropped at the sight of you. You were sat on the couch, legs curled up against your body and head resting on your arms that were folded over the arm rest of the couch. You moved your gaze from the rain falling over the glass and over to him, your eyes red and puffy from crying so much. Your hair was wet and as you used the sleeve to wipe the tears that had started again off of your cheeks you stood, walking quickly to busy yourself in his chest. He sighed and wrapped his arms around your tightly, his cheek resting on the top of your head. 

You had started to sob again and all that he could think of was how he was going to kill the bastard that did this to you. He sat you down and listened as you explained how he had left you again making you walk home in the rain and when you had gotten home you found him in your bed with someone else. Hearing that sent a pang of hatred through is chest and he knew he could do nothing but hold you closer. 

He listened sadly as you babbled on about how you should have ended it sooner. How you were so stupid to believe that he actually cared for you and how it was your fault that this happened to you. Every time you blamed yourself his heart would break again and again. He shifted, sitting in a way that he was completely facing you, one hand now resting on your thigh as the other rested above your shoulder on the back of the couch. 

He couldn’t take it any more. You were too precious to him and to hear you going down on yourself made desperate to try and get you to stop. he called your name a few times, softly at first than slowly getting louder when you continued to talk over him. You weren’t listening, you were too caught up in your own world of blaming yourself to realize what it was he was pleading for you to hear. 

In one swift movement he took your cheeks between his hands and forced you to look at him, his thumbs gently moving across your cheeks to end the tears that had continued to roll. You opened your mouth again to ask him how you could be so stupid, but before you could get more than half the sentence out his lips pushed onto yours.

Your eyes fluttered shut as your hand reached up to find his, your heart melting at how soft they were and how much love were behind them, something that you never experienced before. Just as you were about to deepen the kiss he pulled away, his thumbs still grazing your cheeks softly.

‘Stop blaming yourself, y/n. This isn’t your fault. Please just stop.’ He said biting his lip.

Your hand trailed up to his and you held onto it. You looked at him and saw something so different than what you usually saw. Your friend had become your hero. The sweet shy boy had become a man who protected you and all you could truly think about was the feeling of his lips on yours. 

The gaze you had on him made his heart flutter and he couldn’t help but chuckle softly moving is gaze down to the space in between you two. His hands relaxed, one of them landing on your thigh and the other that was still shielded by yours ended up intertwined with yours. The sound of you whispering his name made his stomach flip as he looked back up to you, his eyes soft as he noticed you had stopped crying completely. 

He was surprised when you lent forward to his him again, but he took no time in lettings lips move with yours. It was everything he thought kissing you would be. He imagined it to be heavy, desperate in the way that this feeling had been put off for so long and finally the two of you were being allowed to express yourselves. 

He was surprised, but not complaining at all as your arms hooked around his neck. His hand found your back and as you pulled him down with you his hand supported you. He’d hovered over you, his hand moving up to brush your hair back before trailing back down to hold your thigh that had moved up and pressed against his side. He wanted that moment to last for ever. Just you and him, the rain outside and the couch that helped press you closer to him. 

He pulled away again, his forehead pressed against yours for a second before he looked at you, cheeks now flushed because of him and lips slightly parted and pink as if they waited patiently for his. He pushed more hair to the side, his fingers going back to hook around your thigh. 

‘Where have you been this whole time?’ you wondered out loud, wondering how you could possibly over look someone like him. 

‘Ive been right here waiting for you.’ He smiled, reading forward to kiss you gently. 

‘Im not going to make you wait anymore. I woke up.’ You said pulling at his neck again to make him reconnect your lips. You could feel his smile against you which made you smile. Your hands tightened around his neck as he sat you up and brought you to straddle his lap, his arms hooking tightly around your waist as he held you close, your lips never breaking pace. 

You shifted over his lap and chuckled when he pulled away from you again, his head falling to the back of the couch as you rotated then one more time. He’d sigh again as you lifted yourself off of him to meet his mouth making him smile again into the kiss. You trailed your lips down his jaw and to his neck causing a light groan to come from his mouth and his hands to grab onto  the backs  of your thighs.

You sat back down and smiled as your lips trailed back up to his, you have never felt this powerful before, this wanted or this needed. His hands squeezing to your butt as you reconnected your lips made him feel the same way. It was the feeling that the two of you have been together forever. That you were meant to be together that made this okay. That mad you reaching under his shirt to pull it up and over his head okay, and that him doing the same to you was okay. 

He groaned into the kiss agains as your hips began to grind against him and his hands began to travel across your skin. Your own fingers hooked together behind his neck again, your body letting him push and pull you as he liked until something in him snapped. 

You giggled and held onto him as he flipped you to your back, but making sure you weren’t going to hit your head on anything before his strong arms finally let you go. He playfully kissed you though your giggles, whining for you to take him seriously as his kissed all over your cheeks nose and lips. it just ended with him not being able to hide his own giggles. He pressed his forhead to yours and sighed catching his breath before you tapped his chin to make him look up, just so you could pull his neck softly and bring his lips to yours once more. 

He fall back into kissing you, so intently that he didnt realized your hands and wrapped to grab onto his belt until you were pulling at it as if to silently say you wanted him. You wanted him completely. 

He’d agree by deepening the kiss and running his hand down your arm, his breath once again heavy as you slowly undid his pants to release his throbbing member. You laid there as he sat up to strip himself and as he turned to you you couldn’t help but blush at his chiseled body. He’d blush at you looking at him, but to keep himself from feeling self conscious he’d turn to you and pull the thin sleeping shorts you had on off of your body. 

He’d come up your body again, kissing you desperately as you pulled at his back, the feeling of his skin against yours sending fireworks through your body. You almost lost your breath at the feeling oh his hand running up the inside of your thigh and for the first time since you had been under him you realized just how hot he made you. How wet you were becoming. 

You pulled at him harder, not wanting nothing more than to just feel him, but when he broke the kiss you felt it was over, that he realized he was about to go all the way with someone who hours ago had just ended a relationship, even if the relationship was already over. 

But instead he looked at you with a smug grin and rose an eyebrow as you squirmed slightly. He bent forward and kissed you softly smiling slightly as you rolled your body again to try to find him. 

‘You are so eager.’ He said puling at your lip with his thumb playfully. 

‘I just… please. I really need you. Only you.’ You whispered, immediately biting your lip, scared that he was going to reject your boldness. 

But he smiled at you, pushing your hair out of your face slightly before dipping down to kiss you again. You gasped suddenly when the tip of his member touched you slightly, making you chuckle in victory. as much as he wanted you he couldn’t help but to tease you. The small sounds that were coming out of you were to good to loose sight of and he held onto those noises as long as he could. Until you gasped his name, that is. The moment his name left your lips in a breathy moan he felt himself already on the verge of exploding form the anticipation. It was no longer a game to him. 

He used his hand to guide himself into you, almost a little to fast. He pushed into you so far he hit your weak spot and pulled a gasp from you and a cocky smile from him. He moved his lips back to yours and kissed you softly, pushing in and out of you slowly as he stretched you. He couldn’t help but groan at the feeling of how tight you were, and after you had begged for him to go faster he wasn’t sure if he could, you just felt too good around him. 

But he did, and within seconds he had you a moaning mess under him with the way he would curl and push his hips into you. Your hands gripped to his thighs as his hands pushed yours up by your cheeks. He’d find your lips every chance he got to kiss you and when ever he did your heart would flutter, wanting nothing more than to be as close to him as possible. As his pumped quickened and his breath grew shaky you gasped as his had reached down to circulate your clit, One leg now pressed up and against his chest as the other fell off to the side. 

Your hand clenched to the back of his neck as he watched your eyes close and your body stiffen. Every time you moaned his name he’d move faster, now adjusted to the tightness of you around him and getting to the point where he wanted nothing more than to just pleasure you to all ends.

With his body slapping against yours and his fingers sending rockets of pleasure through your body your toes began to curl and your breath became uneven. It happened three times where you’ve met the top and held on, the last thing you wanted was for it to be over. But as he moved harder in you and in new ways that hit new corners you couldn’t hold on any more.

Seeing you unravel around him brought a chuckle to his lips and he couldn’t help but push into you you even harder as he waited for his turn to cum. You moaned holding tightly to his wrist and as you came you couldn’t hide your shaky breath as he kissed you softly. 

You reached up and gripped tightly to his neck again as his own breath became uneven and sharp hisses left his throat as he pulled out quickly. This time it was your turn to watch him as his eyes shut and he came over you. He laughed as you pulled him in to kiss him gently, his hands brushing themselves into your hairs as he sat you up slightly. 

You broke the kiss and scooted out from under him. As he watched you half jog into the nearest bathroom he couldn’t help but fall back on the couch and kick his feet once. He couldn’t believe that he just slept with the girl of his dreams. He came to his senses and started to dress himself, sure that you would be ready for him to leave. But as you left the bathroom now wrapped in a thin robe you called his name, almost a little offended that he was up and half way dressed.

He stopped and looked at you before putting his shirt on, his stomach flipped as you nervously bit your lip and opened your mouth ready to say something. 

‘I thought id head out… I don’t want to push my luck.’ He whispered walking up to you and taking your cheek in his hand. 

‘I was kind hoping that you would want to stay.’ You looked at him and smiled as he sighed in relief. 

You laughed as he threw his shirt off to the side and returned to wrap his arms around your neck and walk you backwards into your room.