is this the moment ive been waiting for

  • <p> <b>friend:</b> what u been up to this weekend<p/><b>me:</b> readin<p/><b>friend:</b> readin what?<p/><b>me, (side eyeing a 157k fic):</b> ummm<p/></p>

you dont understand… since the day i ended this fandom ive been waiting for a character with freckles and rebecca finally delivered.. i feel so blessed 

Best Plot

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3 Times Emma Swan Married Killian Jones by @cutieodonoghue

All That I’ll Ever Need by @cutieodonoghue

Amaranthine by @caprelloidea

Bloodlust by @ive-always-been-a-pirate

Breathe Again by @hookedonapirate

Can You Feel it Right Now? by @cutieodonoghue

Days of Future’s Past by @optomisticgirl

Duodenary by @caprelloidea

Every Letter by @bleebug

Falling Slowly by @phiralovesloki

Hail to the Chief by @allrightfine

Her Dark Works by @dracox-serdriel

His Dark Beauty by @wordsmith-storyweaver

Incarcerus by @qqueenofhades

Message in a Bottle by @icecubelotr44

My Constellation by @caprelloidea

Remember This Moment With Me by @cutieodonoghue

Saving the Savior by @sotheylived

Scar Tissue by @pocket-anon

Shower Streams by @accio-ambition

Sick, But Getting Better by hannahhoppers

Steal Your Heart by @cutieodonoghue

The Reformed Scoundrel by hooklineandswan

The Rembrandt Files by @lenfaz

The Stars Walk Backwards by @nowforruin

World Unknown by @cutieodonoghue

You Won’t Ever Be Alone, Wait For Me To Come Home by @eternalcaptainswan

Yours to Keep by @cutieodonoghue

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