is this the dawn of a new age

Onision’s Track Record: Underage Girls

In light of recent events, here is a post detailing Greg’s relationships with underage girls. Getting in trouble with the legal age of consent is nothing new to Greg and something he has a lot of experience defending himself for. I hope this sheds some light to the current situation with his forums and exploiting his underage fans.


Shiloh explicitly states that Greg violated the Mann Act, which is essentially a federal law claiming that it is illegal to transport women/girls across state lines for sexual acts. People are still prosecuted to this date for violating this law, a pastor was recently convicted in 2012 for transporting a minor to a state with a lower age of consent to have sex with her. Which is the exact same thing Greg had done multiple times with Shiloh.

In this screenshot, Shiloh recounts her abusive relationship with Greg again but with more details into his warped sexual fantasies. Near the end Shiloh mentions how young she was when she was taken advantage of and announces her fear that Taylor could experience the same abuse. She makes a point to mention her age being the same as Taylor’s when they began their relationship with Greg.


Greg knowingly entered a relationship with Taylor while she was underage and attending high school. Greg met with lawyers frequently to confirm the legality of their relationship, while Taylor’s father objected that it was illegal in his opinion. The age of consent in New Mexico being 17. Greg and Taylor met only 10 days making contact online and had sex the first day they met in person. Greg obviously does not take issue with having sexual relationships with minors. Greg also married Taylor secretly from her parents only a month after turning 18! Which doesn’t seem totally underhanded and sketchy at all! /s

Side Note:

Billie joined their relationship in the end of 2015/early 2016 when she was 18 years old. Age of consent in Billie’s home state, Virginia, is 18. I find it curious that Greg seems to carefully check the laws before pursuing anything. He’s aware he is doing something morally wrong and knows he can get into some legal shit if he isn’t careful.

Also here is a screenshot of Taylor patronizing Billie for her age even though she was even younger when she got with Greg.

Greg like to harp on to the fact that a lot of his criticizers seem to point out the fact that he’s been in multiple questionable relationships with minors, and still feels like he hasn’t done anything wrong. The fact that this has happened not once, but twice shows his true intentions when it comes to children. Greg likes to forget the fact that teenagers are still children.

His Audience in General

OnisionDrama made a great post outlining Greg’s target demographic and why YouTube analytics aren’t exactly a valid reference when trying to determine the average age of an Onision fan. I know personally I lied about my age online from the time I was 12-17, which is the exact age range of Greg’s followers. Here we have multiple polls from 2012-2016 showing the majority of fans are indeed minors. Which is why most of the girls featured in his “body positivity” videos are underage.

Here is a poll from Taylor as well, showing most of their shared demographic being under 16 years old.


Sarah is a friend of Taylor’s. They began talking when she was 14. After her sixteenth birthday, Greg and Taylor started housing her officially. She moved in with them around Halloween 2016 and has been there since. The age of consent is 16 in Washington. Notice how once again, Greg calculated the perfect time to move her in after she became legal.

Miscellaneous  Notes

It’s been speculated that Greg privately emailed Robert Casio to defend his actions and offered verbal support. Robert Casio being a convicted sex criminal after impregnating a 13 year-old child. Casio uploaded this video thanking Greg for his kind words of encouragement, but only referred to him by his first name and not his online persona as to prevent public backlash.

AntiSouthernMovement being a well-known second alias of Greg, left this comment showing his support of a convicted sex felon. SG also did a video calling Greg out which has more details of the situation.

What I feel to be pretty damning against Onision’s case of “dindu nuffin wrong” was the email scandal that happened in 2013. Someone sent Greg an email claiming to be a model/actress that would like to collaborate sometime, she mentioned being 17 years old, and attached a topless photo. Greg then pursued and asked for her facebook for more pictures and to communicate further. After this came out to the public, Greg began the process of covering his own ass at first by saying “I didn’t see her age!” then later changing it to “I never opened the attachment!”.

Another piece of damning evidence is how much Greg has announced that he isn’t a therapist. He has no desire to help his followers. 

He never wanted to offer guidance to his audience. He dismissed and out right ignored any fans emailing him for help/advice. But now he has changed his tune since it’s more convenient for him to act like his videos are therapy for those who need it, rather than admitting he was asking for pictures of minors’ bodies.

It’s also important to note context. Greg says the photos are harmless and nothing you wouldn’t see in a public swimming pool. The context of underwear though is that is IS private. Swimwear serves an obvious purpose for being comfortable clothing specially to swim in. Underwear’s purpose is to protect your genitals, it is meant for privacy, to be worn underneath clothing. The hard difference between the two is obvious, swimwear is public, while underwear is private.

So understand that photos of underage girls alone in their room, posing in bra and panties, will always been seen in a sexual context. 

So what we can gather from all of the above is:

  1. Greg has no issues being in sexual relationships with minors. As long as it’s barely within the legal limits, he has no moral opposition to dating children.
  2. Greg invites minors into his life and supports relationships with minors even as young as 13.
  3. Greg is aware of his demographic’s age and takes advantage of their naivety for sexually themed photographs of minors.
  4. Greg never intended his “body positivity” videos to be helpful. Greg never had any intentions on helping his fans.
  5. Greg is not qualified to comment on the health of developing girls’ bodies. Greg has no medical certifications nor any experience in the medical field. This includes therapy.
  6. Greg somehow doesn’t understand that you legally can’t make money from minors’ images without parental consent. Minors cannot legally consent without their parents permission.
  7. No matter how many excuses Greg comes up with, there’s no way he can talk himself out of being a hebephile piece of trash.


the creation. the beginning, the crowning, the coronation. screaming the poems of a new age until your throat bleeds and old men and prophets cower. the start of something bold, something bright and brave and new.

conquest self-crowns at the dawn of the apocalypse — this crown of his own making: the fingers entwined, and with his bones he feels the tremble of the human fear beneath his feet. it lacks ceremony, unlike the creation of humanity: gifted, infused with such promise — with futures, with hopes, with good and evil and all the potential in-between.

that was then and this is now.

                            (the screaming under
                                                copper rusted sunlight.)

this is the start of a new age: where humanity’s place in the cosmos shifts to accommodate those eldritch beings that plunged down from heaven with their deceptively white halos. where horsemen have a role to play: tools being dusted by their angelic counterparts, then set loose.

— horsemen & archangels || Eliot C.

what they say: i’m ok

what they mean: my name is alaska thunderfuck and i have something to say. i like black tea, i like black d. i never touched tina and that’s the t. i know on what’s the t i said that i don’t drink so you bitches probably don’t know what to think. when you see me in the club getting crunk, acting stupid getting drunk. i got 100 problems, drinking ain’t one. i tried to quit drinking but it’s too much fun. i keep it cute and i act my age and you’re never ever gonna see me drunk on stage. it’s a new dawn, it’s a new age. Metallica, turn the page

Justice For Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart was ONLY 17 years old when the whole world started hating on her for no reason and making jokes about how she “never” smiled. She was judged by everyone and even people of adult age literally cyber bullied her. fck it, you are all idiots and she deserves better. Kristen Stewart is a damn Queen.

Dating Ahkmenrah Would Include

you all asked for a new one !

- you sitting beside his sarcophagus, waiting for him to awake from his slumber
- “good morning, ahky..”
- “good evening, my princess”
- him taking off his golden headpiece, placing it on top of your head, helping you balance to the weight of it
- listening to the stories he’s experienced in ancient egypt
- “what happens if i see you next and you’re gone?”
- “i swear to the name in ra, i will never leave you.”
- you begging to know actual age
- him retelling the story of how you met, you thinking he was an actor at the night exhibits
- “goodnight, ahkmenrah..”
- “good morning, y/n..”

Lesbian & Bi Women Lambda Literary Award Winners!

Lesbian Fiction: Under the Udala Trees by Chinelo Okparanta

Bisexual Fiction: The Life and Death of Sophie Stark by Anna North

Bisexual Nonfiction: Irrepressible: The Jazz Age Life of Henrietta Bingham by Emily Bingham

LGBT Nonfiction: “No One Helped”: Kitty Genovese, New York City, and the Myth of Urban Apathy by Marcia M. Gallo

Lesbian Poetry: Life in a Box is a Pretty Life by Dawn Lundy Martin

Lesbian Mystery (TIE): Ordinary Mayhem by Victoria Brownworth & Tarnished Gold by Ann Aptaker

Lesbian Memoir/Biography: Objects in Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear by Kate Carroll de Gutes

Lesbian Romance: Making A Comeback by Julie Blair

Lesbian Erotica: The Muse by Meghan O’Brien

LGBT Fiction Anthology: Beyond: The Queer Sci-Fi & Fantasy Comic Anthology edited by Sfé R. Monster and Taneka Stotts

LGBT Drama: Bright Half Life by Tanya Barfield

LGBT SF/F/Horror: The Gracekeepers by Kirsty Logan

Alternate Video Game Titles

Mass Effect: Everything is cool and amazing and we are all gonna die.

Mass Effect 2: Interstellar Suicide Squad

Mass Effect 3: The lens flares will cover my tears.

Dragon Age Inquisition: Less Dragons More Suffering

Assassin’s Creed III: Angry child becomes Vengeful Adult

Assassin’s Creed IV: Mean Pirate becomes Somewhat Nice Pirate

Fallout 3: The world sucks and I can’t find my father.

Fallout 3 (Updated): The world sucks and my father is dead.

Fallout 4: The world sucks and I can’t find my kid.

Fallout 4 (Updated): The world sucks and my kid’s a dick.

Fallout New Vegas: Cowboys and slavers and anger and booze.

Spore: Make a penis monster and rule the galaxy.

Sims: Drown your people, rule their lives, delete the toilet.

Call of Duty (All of them): GUN BULLET GUN

Battlefield (All of them): GUN BULLET PLANE TANK GUN

Gears of War (All of them): Testosterone and Chainsaws

Halo (All of them): Kill Shit to find Ultra Shit

Minecraft: (Explore+Build+Die)^3

The Last of Us: Emotions Hurt More Than Zombies

Subnautica: Fuck the Ocean - Alien Edition

Until Dawn: Get Everyone Killed and Restart

Grand Theft Auto IV: My Cousin Got Me Killed

Grand Theft Auto V: San Andreas 2

Saint’s Row: Urban Gangs

Saint’s Row II: Ultra Gangs

Saint’s Row III: Criminal Syndicates

Saint’s Row IV: Governments (wait a second…)


Guys, can we talk about the new Gintama 2017 trailer?
I mean seriously, there’s is so much amazing stuff to see!

We got another look at the most precious child in the world (not counting baby Kagura and Kamui for obvious reasons…)

My precious Nobu-chan is back and beautiful as ever!

The sleeping beauty is waiting for her Prince Charming 😉

The most gorgeous Psychopath in all anime is ready to fight and he brought his Abuto Nanny with him. (Not gonna mention the nanny’s lost of age, but HOT Dawn!!!)

And of course the king of pussy slayers is back to fuck everything up!

And so much more! :’)
Our final season his gonna be beautiful 😭😭😭

Rise [Series]

Dormant Vampires awaken from their deep slumber, centuries after the curse was laid upon them long ago. But this wasn’t the Victorian Ages anymore. Awoken to a new world different from their own, they force their own prey to guide them through the dawn.

The Clans

Originally posted by epikcry

BTS At the beginning, everyone doubted that the group of misfits would survive. They didn’t have any support from the higher ranks, nor did they have any human servants. Everyone said that they were going to burn the next day. Starting off with a new dawn, they will make sure that everyone will regret those words, to become a strong team and survive.

Jungkook - Sunrise

Taehyung -

Jimin -

Hoseok - 

Yoongi -

Namjoon -

Seokjn - Can’t

Originally posted by exeauxs

EXOThey were strong. Naturally, even the higher ranks were terrified of their numbers. Despite losing them, they will give everything in their power to survive this cold world. Each member holds a specific part, and will carry through their duties as a part of the convent. They fight in numbers, fighting forever as one.

[Coming Soon]

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VIXXAn active team of unique vampires wander the city, sharing forbidden fairytales and fables throughout the area. But please don’t be fooled by their smiles, one never knows when they would strike. Not as famed like most, they certainly have a unique touch that draws you in, right into the trap.

[Coming Soon]

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INFINITE Despite being one of the most powerful gangs in their kind, they weren’t as powerful when they awoke from slumber. In attempts to take back their rightful spot as kings, they shall hide their fangs and claws behind that angelic mask. 

[Coming Soon]

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SEVENTEEN – Poor things. Newly turned vampires that were forced to sleep only a few years later. After waking up to a new dawn, they began to build up their uprisings faster than expected. Climbing quickly through the ranks and monsters, they will make it through as one of the strongest groups in the land, fulfilling a wish that was postponed for too long.

[Coming Soon]

The Signs As New Movies In 2016

Aries: Captain America

Taurus: Deadpool

Gemini: Finding Dory

Cancer: The Jungle Book

Leo: The Divergent Series: Allegiant

Virgo: Gods of Egypt

Libra: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Scorpio: The Purge 3

Sagitarrius: The Legend Of Tarzan

Capricorn: Ice Age: Collison Course

Aquarius: Bad Moms

Pisces: Green Room


Set Includes: Alistair,  Dorian, Sebastian, Sera, Solas, Vivienne, and Zevran

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“The amulet is shattered, Dagon is defeated. With the Dragon’s Blood and the Amulet of Kings, we have sealed the gates of Oblivion…forever. The last of the Septims passes now into history. I go gladly, for I know my sacrifice is not in vain. I take my place with my father, and my father’s fathers. The Third Age has ended, and a new age dawns. When the next Elder Scroll is written, you shall be its scribe. The shape of the future, the fate of the Empire - these things now belong to you.”

Happy 10th Anniversary, Oblivion! - March 20th, 2006

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Puella Magi Madoka Magica


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Devil May Cry

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  • APH Australia: is he okay?...*looks to England* APH England: he's been like this for the past week...poor bloke APH America:*rocking back and forth in foetal position*its all just a bad dream...A nightmare...A really bad joke that got out of hand...-sobs- Aph Canada: and thus dawns a new age of fuck ups

Anthem of the New Children

We are the Builders of the Dawn, the Seekers of the Light, the Gentle Walkers of the Earth, bringing the Coming Age to birth, out of the fading night.

We are the Singers of the Stars, the Dancers of the Day, the Sowers of a Wiser Seed, responding to this planet’s need to find a Better Way.

-Stuart Wilson 

Princess Leia, who was raised in the death throes  of democracy, probably had no friends or companions her age. Families were destroyed, and new families were forged from the ashes. And other families simply faded away - who had time, money or stability to have a family? Some silently disappearing in the night. Safety was a rare commodity.

Was it so surprising that the Queen and her Senator consort appeared one day with a beautiful baby girl? Alderaan was notable for its humanitarian efforts throughout the galaxy, and none moreso than the good senator, I heard that he went to the Jedi Temple himself to lend aide as it burned - this one personal step, to allow that pain into their home, was nothing more than an extension of that. What well-to-do person of means didn’t want to be seen with a Clone War baby on their hip (nevermind where it came from, but was the child so disimilar?)

A child raised entirely in echoing palaces, the hustle and bustle of diplomacy stifled by imperial weight. No equals to run and gossip and play.

Overheard whispered conversations her history lessons, self-defense her gymnastics. Pushed and pulled at the whims of adults; now ignored and condescended, now entirely the focus of the wrong doting adoring simpering attentions. Talked down to and bombarded with entirely too much information. Isolated from her peers, politics and oratory are her only means to reach out to the galaxy.

Unknowingly following the path of her birth mother. (A helmeted stranger visited the family’s private chambers on chilly autumn evening with a small gift and a sad, familiar eye for the tiny princess). Isolation turning bone to steel.

In local government by 15, a central player on the galactic stage by 18, Princess Leia never learned to play, never learned to consider anything beyond the moral, the political, the right. A means to an end, always. Compromise is never an option.

She is the teenager who will scold Lord Vader.

Many years later, meeting the young daughter of the Ghost leaders - 16 years old and already a Spectre shrouded in rumor - and seeing that same isolated intensity reflected back at her. So young, so bold, surely she was never that way? The young woman who was raised by a ragtag crew, so close and yet so distant, is more easy with a smile than the princess ever was. A smile that snaps at the edges if pressed too hard. Together they forge a partnership of absent companionship, politics learned too young, and the deepest understanding spanning the lifetime of the Alliance.

Starter for @scxrscancomeinhxndy

The sound of a second scream coming from the forest sent a chill through Tom’s body as he rushed toward the dark tree line.  He wasn’t sure who or what had issued the anguished cry but it clearly needed help.

Despite the need for immediate action, however, he found himself pausing at the border, wand at the ready should it be needed.  The forest was forbidding on the best of days but today there was an added feeling of danger.  Senses heightened, he spun around when he heard footsteps behind him.