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His Human Mate - Part 4

So Frigga’s alive, and Odin’s a dick. I hope you guys like it! Send me any ideas that you have for continuing the story!


It has been almost a year since you had been abducted by HYDRA and your courting with Loki was coming to an end. As per tradition, on the anniversary of your courting you are supposed to meet Loki’s father, well adopted father, and ask for him to bless your mating. This means that you have to go to Asgard, and of course Tony refuses to let you go alone.

“I don’t need you there, Tony! It’s a meeting between four people, and you aren’t one of them!”

Tony lets out a growl, “I won’t let you go through interdimensional travel with just Loki! Several of the Avengers are going. Thor promised to give us a tour of Asgard when you’re in your meeting”

Huffing you throw your hands into the air, “Fucking wolf, fucking team”

“Fine, you can come, as long as you don’t cause any problems, and you don’t embarrass me in front of my future in-laws.”

Tony grumbles, “Still don’t understand why you had to fall for a blood-sucker. Could have had anyone else, but you gotta choose the one guy with bigger daddy issues than me”

“I love him, Tones. I love him a lot, and I love the fact that you two get along, but he’s had time to get used to your humor. Odin is already an asshole, and he hates the fact that I’m human and my brother’s a wolf. According to Thor, Odin has been pushing women onto Loki every time the two go back to Asgard, and you’ve seen Sif, they have to be gorgeous, and Odin’s pissed that he keeps rejecting them.”

Another growl leaves Tony, “You really don’t need his approval, you can just get mated with Steve’s approval, he’s the pack leader. You don’t need to go begging to Odin”

You rub your face and sigh, “I already have Steve’s approval. Loki’s still a Prince, and the prince needs the kings’ approval to mate according to Asgardian tradition.”

Tony walks over to you and pulls you into a hug, “He’ll love you once he meets you. When he see’s how much Loki and you love each other, he won’t have any choice but to bless your mating, or risk losing his son again”

You sniffle and cling to your bother, “I’m so scared, Tony. What is they hate me? What if Loki realizes that I’m not worth it? What if Odin refused to let us be together?!”

“Now you listen to me, you are a Stark, and Starks are as strong as iron, remember?”

You straighten you back and wipe away your tears, “Starks always fight for what they want”

“That’s right, Y/N. So, are you just gonna let Odin rule your life, or are you gonna fight for Reindeer Games?”

You roll your eyes and give Tony a playful shove, “You’re such an asshole!”

“But I got you to smile!”

Rolling your eyes you throw a pillow at Tony, “Go away so I can finish packing”

“Fine! Fine! But we leave in an hour, so be ready by then”

“I will!!”

When you finally walk out of Heimdall’s dome, because everyone but Thor and Loki ended up almost getting sick, you are speechless. You quickly head to the group of horses and one of the guards standing there helps you up.

“It’s beautiful here!”

Loki chuckles and gets up on his black horse, which is, conveniently, right next to yours, “I suppose Asgard has its beauty, if you like gold, that is”

You glance at him out of the corner of your eye, admiring how regal he looks in his armor and on his mount, “I actually prefer silver, but gold does have its beauty”

Thor’s booming laugh sounds behind you, “She truly is the perfect match for you, brother! Now come my friends, Mother and Father are awaiting our arrival”

“Don’t go too fast, Thor. Some people haven’t ridden horses as much as you have” Steve calls out.

You just smirk and lock eyes with both Loki and Tony, “Race you!”

With a final laugh, you spur your horse on. You can hear Tony and Loki take off after you. It feels like you’re flying, somehow Asgardian horses are faster than the horse you’re used to. You let out an indignant shout when Loki’s horse passes yours and he beats you to the finish line.

Loki laughs when he catches you pouting over your loss, “Come on, dove. You put up a valiant fight, however my steed is the fastest in Asgard, there was no way you were going to beat me” He brings himself closer and pulls you into a gentle kiss.

The others catch up after a few minutes and you three rejoin the group to head to the castle. “Thor said that we’ll drop you and Loki off in the throne room, and he’ll give us a tour until you get out”

“Alright, Stevie. You know that you didn’t have to come, right? I hate to pull you away from everyone else for so long”

Steve chuckles, “I’m your pack leader, I wouldn’t miss this for the world. I won’t let one of my pack members go through this alone.”

“I really appreciate that”

Loki draws up beside you, “We’re here, dove. We’ll leave the horse with the stable hands. Mother and Odin are waiting for our arrival.”

You quickly dismount and hand over the reins. “Are you nervous, babe?”

“I believe that mother will love you. All she has ever wanted is mine and Thor’s happiness. It is Odin who has always wanted to arrange a marriage with one of the other worlds.”

“Well, maybe we can convince Odin that I’m good for you. We can say something about my influence on you, how I make you less crazy”

He chuckles and pulls you close, “I’d go insane without you, dove”

“I know, my prince, I know”

Walking into the great hall and up to Odin’s throne is probably one of the most terrifying thing that you have ever done.

“Don’t be afraid, love” Loki whispers

You smirk, “Don’t lose your temper “

He lets out a low chuckle and takes you hand, “I’ll do my best”

Once the two of you are finally in front of the throne, you curtsy and Loki dips his head in a slight bow. The woman stands up, gracefully descending the stairs, “My son, it is good to see you healthy”

“Hello mother” Loki’s eyes widen when she pulls him into a hug and you try to stifle your laughter, “I’d like to introduce you to my intended, Y/N. She is a warrior of Midgard and …”

“She is a human.” Odin’s voice booms out, echoing.

This time you speak up, “Yes I am “

Loki clears his throat, “I have come, as tradition dictates, to ask for you to bless our mating”

Odin sneers, “You expect me to allow one of the two princes of Asgard to become life-mates with a Midgardian female?”

“Husband …”

“No, Frigga. She is nothing but a blip on his timeline, nothing but a Midgardian whore intent on gaining access to Loki’s riches. Loki, the insane prince, there is no reason for her to want him other than to get his riches. No one would want a failure as their life mate for any other reason”

“You pompous asshole!”

Loki and Odin both snap their heads toward you, “Y/N don’t …”

“No, Loki. I will not be talked about and insulted when I am standing right here. I understand that he is concerned about my intentions toward you, I mean what parent isn’t? But seriously? A Midgardian whore? Listen Odin, Mr. All-Father, Mr. High and mighty, I don’t really care what you think about me, I don’t need your approval. I already have the approval of my pack leader and that’s all I need. I am here to satisfy your traditions. And you really think that you can just insult my mate and not have anyone say anything?” You scoff, “You really are the complete asshole that I thought you would be!”

“Y/N, dove, please …”

“Loki, darling, I don’t need his approval. I’m not from this world. I came here for you, but I won’t let him insult you. As you said, I’m a warrior, and I’ll protect you from any kind of threat, even a verbal one”

You turn defiant eyes back to Odin, whose entire face had gone red. “Throw her in the dungeon, in Loki’s cell”

Loki lets out a shout, but the guards are already dragging you away. “Locking me up won’t make you feel better!” You scream

“Odin!!” Frigga shouts, “Stop this madness, this instant! She is a warrior of Midgard, they will not stand for this! You will start another war!!”

“Put. Her. In. The. Dungeon. I am king, Frigga, and you will not challenge me” Odin snarls

You wriggle and snarl the entire way to the dungeon, getting a variety of bruises and cuts for your effort. “Let go of me! My pack will come for me!”

The guard chuckles and throws you onto a square platform, “Let them come. They will join you in your cell.”

Snarling again you lunge forward, but are stopped when a shimmering shield blocks your path. The guards laugh at your rage, and walk away. Limping to the back corner of the room you curl up in a tight ball, hoping that your friends will be able to get you out. Tony always said that your big mouth would get you locked up, it turns out he was right.


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Not So Berry Challenge - Sims 3 Version

Hey guys! So I wrote up a Not So Berry Challenge version for the Sims 3 :) This is for all those sim lovers out there who don’t have the Sims 4 like me <3 If you would like to do the original challenge by @lilsimsie and @alwaysimming the information is below.  I am not taking credit for the original challenge, but I wanted to offer a Sims 3 version for people who would still like to have fun with the challenge.  If you do the challenge use #notsoberry and #notsoberrysims3 so we can see all your amazing stories! Have fun! <3 :D

Original Credit for creating this challenge goes to @alwaysimming and @lilsimsie. Find the original Sims 4 Not So Berry Challenge here!

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Say No To This (M) – Best Friend!Hoseok

Originally posted by ohparkjimin

Summary: It’s been a while since you and Hoseok have spent time with each other, but he hasn’t forgotten how hard it is to say no to you.

Warning: Smut, oh my lord is there smut

Word Count: 3.4k

A/N: So I’ve had Say No to This from Hamilton stuck in my head for the past week and it somehow inspired BFF!Hobi sex.

Sequel: Ambiguous (M)

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Hiraeth -CEO!Daddy!Luke:

Originally posted by catchfiers

Hiraeth: (n) a homesickness for a home you can’t return to, or that never was.

A/n: yup, you guessed it! ANOTHER CEO Luke bc hey I am an addict :3 I don’t know how to file this really, but  ex husband!is not a legit AU so I decided to fix that lol

Word count: 3k

Plot: You meet your ex!husband at your son’s school play (although you’re still not officially divorced)

You adjusted the sides of your dress as you stepped out of your car, picking up your purse before locking the vehicle. Walking into the vast auditorium, you made sure to put your phone on silent so as not to cause any disturbance. 

With your head bowed down, you nearly missed the high-pitched voice calling for you.


Your head shot up at the familiarity of the voice just in time to catch the small child running your way. With a wide smile, you picked up the little girl, balancing her on your hip as your hand reached to fix her ruffled skirt. 

“Hi baby! Did you come to see your brother?” You cooed at her, to which she responded with a head nod, “Where’s your daddy though?” You mumbled more to yourself, searching for him in the crowd.

“Amiria, don’t run off like that baby,” Calum came rushing to your side in a minute. Clearly, keeping his three year old in one place while he searched for their seats was more of a hassle than he what deemed it to be. 

His face instantly relaxed upon seeing that Amiria was in Your arms, reaching out to give you a hug as best as he could with the little girl taped to your side. 

“How are you doing, love?” He smiled once you parted, Amiria taking the change of your proximity to latch onto her father, his arms securely holding her body as she did so. 

“I’m alright, and really excited to see my little man,” You said, feeling more than eager as the day you had been waiting for finally came to be. 

Jace, your four year old son, had been preparing for the school play for the past month. He had refused time after time to practice in front of you, telling you that he wanted you to see him do it for the first time on stage. Surely, your motherly instincts were kicking in, filling you with pride and joy to see your little baby perform.

Calum’s head whipped around as he heard his wife calling for him, “Well, me and my little bug need to go take our seats. We’ll meet at the end, yeah?” He asked, and with your nod of approval he turned around to get installed in his seat. 

You lifted your own invitation to read the number, trying to find your own seat in the auditorium. 1298. Seeing as you were nearing the number, your eyes looked up only to find him sitting very very close. Checking your number once more, you stepped a little closer upon realizing that you were seated right next to him.

Luke’s eyes darted up at your sudden closeness; his expression turning into a dazed one –much similar to yours- once his eyes met yours. His mouth hung open as he failed to let out any words, making you address him first. 

“Hey,” You mumbled, “I –uh- didn’t think they’d seat us together.” You let out your thoughts, your hands fiddling with your purse as you awkwardly stood in front of him. Sensing your discomfort, Luke was quick to offer; “I can ask for a seat change, if- if you’d like.” He carefully stated, but you shook your head at him, taking a seat as you smiled at him. 

“Nonsense, we can watch it together.”

Luke’s eyes lingered on you whilst yours were glued on the stage. He couldn’t force himself to look away from you; your hair was fixed just as he liked it, the dress you were wearing reminding him of the last time you wore it. And you looked just as stunning as you did before. He knew that his eyes would never land on anyone as beautiful as you were; he had thought you were stunning ever since your first encounter years ago. But motherhood suited you; it gave you this extra aura and beam, making you glow brighter than any star. 

Your history with Luke ran back to years and years, your hips attached together ever since your college years. Never did he think he’d find himself where he was; facing a divorce with the last person he wanted to part from. Although technically the papers were still unsigned, the vacant patch of skin joining your fourth finger and knuckle was a bitter reminder of the truth he couldn’t hide from.

“Look, there he is!” You squealed, your hand involuntarily reaching out to nudge his forearm. Jace had finally made an appearance on stage, the young toddler dressed up in his prince attire. 

Luke’s heart swelled at the sight of his little man performing like as much passion as the four year old could muster. Jace was Luke’s sunshine; his soul; his everything. No signed deal or any successful project could ever amount to the level of pride he felt watching his son grow through the years. 

Opposed to what everyone was concerned about -the speculations about having their next company heir; Luke was first and foremost interested in the bundle of joy you were bringing to life.

Undoubtedly, the birth of Jace had brought enchantment and delight to both of your lives, along with your respective families. Sure, it had not been planned in any way, but it was the most pleasant surprise you had ever gotten. You had already been married for nearly two years when you had found out about the miracle growing inside of you, and your relationship was going as strong as ever. 

Luke felt thankful for having you by his side; he knew without doubt that no one would ever be as understanding of his job as you were. But you had walked by his side on every step of the way, and you knew just how hard he had been working to get to where he was.

But if one thing he loved, it was being able to spoil his baby boy –even way before he was born. He wanted to give him the world and love him with every bit of his soul.  He could still vividly remember your pregnancy, the words you whispered into the night still ringing in his ears. 

“Our own little baby” You whispered one late sleepless night, your husband lying right beside you trying to get you to find some well needed sleep, despite having to wake up early for his work. 

Luke’s hand ran up and down your swollen belly, only stopping to pepper the skin with feather-light kisses, “Our baby. I like that.”

Luke glanced sideways at you, his hand reaching out to give you his handkerchief as he noticed your teary eyes. Your fingers lightly touched his as you thankfully accepted it, raising it to wipe the corners of your eyes. 

“Sorry,” You sheepishly smiled at him, “I’m just- my little boy is growing so fast.” You managed out. The sight of the small boy singing and dancing around on stage, his lines well rehearsed as he shone on stage, was enough to fill you up with pride to the brim. 

Luke felt a pang in his heart as more tears made their way out. As much as he knew that you were crying out of joy and happiness, he couldn’t help the guilt he felt knowing that the last tears he saw you shed were everything but.

Luke was aware that family meant sacrifices, he knew that marriage meant changing I’s into we’s. But in the midst of his adding pile of work and constant pressure, he had let himself forget to live by them.

Neither of you could pinpoint when it had exactly happened; all you knew was that one missed dinner became two, and one forgotten date multiplied until it could no longer be ignored. And before you knew it, your husband and constant companion became a fading figure in your life, leaving for work at the early hours of the morning, returning extremely late you almost began doubting if he even came home. 

You had understood; hadn’t you been fully understanding of his work as a major CEO and the responsibilities that tagged along, you wouldn’t have gotten married to him. But you needed to keep in mind that it wasn’t just you anymore; it wasn’t just you who woke up in the morning to feel disapointed that the other half of the bed was empty; you weren’t the only waiting for him late at night in hopes of telling him all about your day. 

You had understood when you were the only one caught up in his working schedule, but you weren’t the only one affected anymore. You had a child; a responsibility and life to care for; a young boy who needed his father just as much as his mother. You knew that Luke loved his son to bits –you’d never doubt it; but it pained you that he was missing so many milestones along the way.

Surely, you had brought it up many times. You weren’t one to quickly bail out and you certainly didn’t want to fight over emotions you kept bottled in. So you made sure to tell him what was on your mind, and he listened. Luke understood that he had a habit of getting too caught up in his work, allowing it to consume him completely. And he tried to patch things up; he really did try to make it all up but without avail. His short term fixes aimed to last for the long term, but always ended up crumbling down after a while. 

He would be on his best behavior for a couple of weeks, having his meals at home and spending more time with Jace. But the counter would fall back to zero and he’d go back to his old habits, running around in a permanent cycle. Soon enough, the stress from your busy life clashed with his own, and your quiet hushed arguments turned into heavy storms you never wanted your son to get exposed to.

Filing the papers for the divorce had been the hardest thing you had ever done; but with every cold untouched dinner you pried yourself to stay strong, and every time Jace would ask for his daddy as his baby blues eyed you with the utmost innocence you willed yourself to keep going.  

You undoubtedly loved Luke with every fiber of your being; the idea of breaking up with him after all of the years you spent by him side making your stomach churn, and you knew he loved you just as much. But you felt as if you were asking for something he couldn’t give, waiting for a sudden change of character you could no longer hope for. 

Surely, that decision wasn’t one you irrationally jumped into. In fact, you had been trying to bring it up with Luke on countless occasions. But as three months passed by, and all of your attempts to have quiet time with him failed, you found yourself more determined to finalize your decision and drop the dreaded papers in his office.

Luke couldn’t believe his eyes when his secretary handed him the papers to sign, the whole in his chest expanding and sending him into the depths of despair. He knew that things weren’t ok; he knew that it hadn’t been ok for a while and it was his entire fault. But he believed that maybe –just maybe- as long as he loved you and his son with all of his heart then you could find a way to work it all out. 

He wanted to desperately believe that you were just testing him, maybe trying to warn him and set his mind straight. But the papers were as legitimate as they could be, your signature already scribbled at the end right next to where his should be.  

He had run out of his office in mere seconds, driving as fast as he could to your shared house. Truthfully, he wasn’t so surprised to see that you weren’t there. In fact, none of your belongings were there. Once he realized that Jace’s things were packed as well, the veracity of this divorce you were bringing up hit him like a ton of bricks. And so he drove to the one place he knew you’d be at; your parent’s.

You had been waiting for him; of course you were. You expected him to come barging in, screaming and asking for an explanation. You had thought about his reaction over and over, but when the bell rang your stomach twisted into a knot and you almost wanted to run at the thought of facing him.

Luke had come with every intention to fight for you and change your mind, but upon seeing you he regretted coming in the first place. He wanted to run away from your tear-stained face, he wanted to escape the desperation on your face and the hurt lacing your words. Only then had he realized just how much he had messed up, just how blind he had been to assume that everything was going to be alright. 

“Just think about it, please.” 

You had pleaded him, your words wounding both of your hearts. But you needed to do the right thing by your son; you needed to do what was best. You didn’t want to fight anymore, you didn’t want to let your buried frustration poison Luke’s life, and you certainly didn’t want Jace to get caught up in the midst of it all.

With a heavy heart, Luke had agreed to at least think about it though he wasn’t about to promise you anything. But as he returned back to the house, he couldn’t fight the empty feeling residing in his chest. The grand house felt cold as ever, stripped from its life without you two in it. Luke feared that that’s what it was like for you, because he knew for a fact that he had left long before you did.

Luke didn’t know where it all went wrong, but he wanted to go back and fix it all to show you that belonged by his side after all. He couldn’t believe how wrong things had gone, because just that morning he had woken up with you sleeping peacefully by his side. And –god- he regretted not having cherished it as much as he should’ve and he’d give everything up just to be able to do it all over again. He should’ve waked you up with kisses and held you for as long as he could in his embrace, just maybe then you would’ve still been by his side.

He desperately yearned for your smell as he cuddled your pillow at night, waking up every morning with the hope that it had all been one nasty dream. But as Sunday finally came, and Luke slept in unusually late, he realized that -for what could be the first Sunday on his life- Jace didn’t barge into the master bedroom, jumping on the bed to wake his parents up. And when the scent of your Sunday pancakes didn’t fill the house that day, Luke found himself weeping on the cold floor with Jace’s teddy bear clutched into his arms, his heartbroken cries filling up a house he could no longer call home.

“Daddy!” the little squeal brought Luke out of his torturous thoughts, his arms immediately picking up his son and throwing him up in the air, earning a loud giggle from the boy. 

“Did you see me daddy? Did you see me play?” Luke moved Jace to rest him on his side, the toddler excitedly waiting for his father’s response.

“We did baby! Mummy and daddy are so so proud of you,” You joined in, stepping closer to ruffle Jace’s curly locks. Surely, Jace was the spitting image of his daddy with his blond hair and blue eyes; but his nose, lips and skin tone were inherited from you. Thus, you and Luke had been told you made cute babies on more than one occasion.

Standing there with the two of you, Luke had finally had a taste of the feeling of being home he had been longing for in the past three months. And maybe he was wrong to stand there and delude himself that everything was alright; maybe it was wrong for him to pretend that the crumbles of your broken family didn’t stain his hands red. But at the moment all he cared about was holding onto that feeling for as long as he could.

“Come on my pretty prince, let’s get you home.” You mumbled as your arms picked up Jace, offering Luke a smile before you turned towards the exit. Luke strolled behind the two of you, mindful to keep his distance but unwilling to abandon that moment just yet. And so he walked a few steps behind you, his hands tucked into the pockets of his pants, his eyes never once leaving you.

“Excuse me,” A voice interrupted him, his face turning to the side and coming face to face with an older woman, “I just wanted to tell you that you have a beautiful family.” the old lady beamed at him. 

Luke’s eyes darted back to your figure upon hearing those words, a sad smile on his face. He knew that he’d never find someone as beautiful as you looked at that moment, with your wide smile as you danced around with Jace on your hip. 

“Yeah” He mumbled, barely mastering a polite smile to the lady as his chest felt tighter and tighter.

Luke kept walking behind the two of you, feeling as if ever single step you took brought you further and further from him until you became way out of his reach. But Luke knew that the picture of your dancing giggling figures that he had managed to snap would undoubtedly become his favorite.

A picture of everything he cherished and held close to his heart.

A picture of broken promises and everything he lost.

Because yeah, he did have a beautiful family.

The Love Games 2016 - Entry Four!

Title: A Gift of Love (However Small)

Rating: M

Pairing/s and Character/s: Katniss Everdeen/Peeta Mellark, Sae

Any trigger warnings and/or spoilers: none


      Summary: Canon compliant post-Mockingjay, per-epilogue.  The Mellarks celebrate the new-old holiday of Valentine’s Day with a special little gift

A/N(s): The title comes from a cross-stitch sampler that hangs in a relative’s house, which reads “A gift of love however small, is what I cherish most of all”




It’s the warmest February in District 12 that anyone can remember. Even Sae, who has spent more than 75 winters on the planet and who has a remarkable memory, tells me she’s never seen anything like this.

“There’s a fair wind blowin’. Change is comin’, Katniss, I can feel it in my bones,” she says. We’re drinking tea on Sae’s porch, in shirtsleeves despite spring being more than a month away. The lawns all around Victor’s Village are already turning green, and a group of children play tag, shrieking joyfully under a low grey sky. 

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New Years With Him

Originally posted by toasttostyles

The holidays, at least for you and Harry, bounces from each family each year. One Christmas would be spent with Harry’s family in Holmes Chapel, then you’d fly back to America days later to have New Years with your family. This year is vice versa to last year, meaning you’d have New Years with Harry’s family this time.

You fell in love with Harry’s family just as quickly as you fell for Harry, with them reciprocating the same feelings. Anne would always be inviting you around for dinner every weekend, and you meeting with Gemma for tea twice a week. Harry’s heart melted at the close bond between the love of his life and his family, his favourite people all coming together. 

“How does this look?” You examine yourself once more before turning to Harry. His eyes travel across your body, his usual smirk appearing on his face. 

“If there weren’t so many relatives downstairs I’d throw you on the bed right this moment.” You shiver at the raspiness in his voice, a small tint of red surfacing on your cheeks. He takes a few steps before landing right in front of you, his hands in their rightful spot at your waist. Your eyes close as he presses a soft kiss to your forehead. 

“You look beautiful, and you can never look anything other than that.” 

Your cheeks reddened a bit more as you lightly smacked his shoulder, “Cheesy arse.” He throws his head back with a laugh. 

“We should get downstairs, anymore time up here and they might get ideas about us.” Harry speaks and you nod in agreement.

 “Although..” He starts in a doubtful tone, causing you to roll your eyes. He laughs again as you reach to open the door, him pulling you to his body before you could. You are at such a close proximity that your breath hitches for a moment, his eyes holding a look of such love as they meet yours. 

“I love you, you know that?”

“I do, and I love you too.”


Downstairs Anne’s holiday party is in full swing, Harry’s smaller cousins and the children of his older cousins were running around playing tag. His aunts, uncles and family friends were spread out through the living area, all having a laugh as they made eye contact with the two of you, raising their drinks as a sign of hello.

“Always beautiful every time I see her.” Harry’s aunt compliments, raising a smile from both of you.

“Better place a ring on her forefinger before someone else does, love.” She nudges, electing a shake from Harry. 

“She would never.” He teases but your shrug your shoulders, “I dunno Harry, your aunt might be right. Lots of good looking men out there, you better be careful with me.” 

Harry places his hand over his heart as if he had been shot, “I can’t trust anyone around here!” 

His uncle soon joins the small circle, placing an arm around his wife as you and Harry are standing. “Now now, we mustn’t worry the young couple. Though son, the bigger the rock on her finger, the longer you’ll ‘ave her around.” He pokes, causing the rest of you to laugh. 

“I’ll try, uncle. I’ll try.”


“Harry! Mum needs you in the kitchen.” Gemma calls out. He pecks your cheek before separating his hand from yours.

“Y/N, I swear, if you weren’t dating my brother I might kill you for how good you look in that dress.” Gemma teases. You grin, reaching out for a hug. 

“You’re one to talk, might as well date the other Styles instead! Who’s Harry when you’re around?” You wink, both of you sharing a laugh.

“Seriously though, with all the sales we should definitely hit the shops when we get back in London, one could never get enough sweaters.” Gemma speaks, you nodding in agreement.

“We’ll get all the girls together! Been awhile since I’ve seen Lou and Lux!” 

“Speaking of dressing, you two took quite a while up there..” She nudges, “Will we have a baby Styles running around next Christmas?” 

You shake your head, giggling as you sip your drink. “No, at least not next Christmas. Your brother wanted to get something on though, cheeky boy he is.” She nodded, understanding as she sips her own drink. 

“Have you guys talked about the future with marriage and a family?”

“Marriage comes up every once in awhile, and of course you know him and children. But I dunno Gem, I don’t want to say anything as if I expect him to pop the question. Does he ever talk about it with you?” You ask, sipping from your glass.

“Believe me, he wants nothing more than to spend the rest of his life with you.” Her voice changes into a softer tone as she shares her brother’s feelings about you. “I mean, you really are his everything. As cheesy as it sounds, I’ve never seen someone love the way he loves you, and that’s just by the way he looks at you. So don’t have any doubts. But yes, he has spoken about it to me.” She finishes, downing her drink. You giggle at her last, abrupt sentence before you are both joined by someone else. 

“Gem! Could you hold her for a second, ‘ve had to go to the loo for ages now but I’ve only just got her to close her eyes!” Gemma is handed the sleeping infant of her cousin’s, kissing the little hairs growing on her head. Your heart melts as she stirs softly, her little fingers wrapping around your index finger.

“Do you want to hold her?” Gemma offers and you grin, reaching out for the baby, thinking about when you’d hold the baby of yours and Harry’s. 


“Harry,” His mother sighs when she sees her son enter the kitchen. 

“Could you please get the streamers and things from the car? I was going to but I can’t leave this pot on the stove unwatched.” He is quick to comply, retrieving the keys from the rack and going out into the cold England air. 

As he steps out, he catches a glimpse of you speaking to Gemma, smiling as he does so. You and Gemma are practically sisters by now and that fact makes him more than happy. 

Entering back into the house, the other children gather around Harry to receive the streamers and blowouts, reaching out for the small hats. Anne stands in front of him, ready to place a gold coloured hat on her son’s head.

“There we go, heart of gold with boots and a hat to match.” She places her hands on her hips, feeling “chuffed” as she said with the sight in front of her. 

Harry’s dimples make an appearance as his mother leans in for a hug.

“My baby’s grown so much.” 

Anne shifts her head up to look at her tall son, squeezing his cheeks as she steps away. She swipes a stray tear away, “You’ve made me so proud this year, as you have many years. But you’re still my little Harry that wore my bra on and ran around the house.” She laughs and Harry shakes his head running his hand behind his hair before fixing his hat. 

“Love you Mum.” He hugs her once more.

“Love you too. Now where is that gorgeous girlfriend of yours, we’ve got to get her a hat as well!” 

His eyes search around the room before landing on possibly his favourite sight in the world; You with a baby.

Harry feels his heart melt as he gazes at the two of your interacting, the baby now cooing away and giggling at the silly faces you made.

“Aw, she’s quite lovely with them, isn’t she.” Anne observes with what would be your party hat in her hand.

“Yeah, she is.” He replies simply, not wanting to break away from the sight in front of him. 

“Is that going to be her with your baby next year?” He laughs for a moment before answering.

“You and the rest of the family, on my case about the future with her. I’m waiting for the three year mark of our relationship to ask her.”

“When’s that?” “May 29th. It’s a Sunday next year.” He says intently. 

Anne gapes at the distance of the date, “Harry that’s ages away!” She listens to him sigh, not being able to stand how far it is as well. She places a hand on his shoulder as he glances from you to the ground.

“If you’re thinking that it has to be on that date to make it absolutely perfect darling, it’s okay that it isn’t. I think anything you plan for her will be perfect ‘cause it’s coming from your heart, and with your heart you’re in love with her, right? You don’t have to wait till then, you really don’t if you’re ready now, my love.” 


You feel the couch dip next to you as you watch the baby’s (whose name you learned is Rosie) eyes light up, making you certain it’s Harry sitting next to you.

“She likes you a lot. I remember the first time Niall held her at our family summer barbeque, she wailed. Scared everything out of Niall and handed her back to Gemma right away.” He chuckles, recalling the memory like it was yesterday.

You smile, patting her lightly as she watches the two of you interact. 

“Your family is so good to me Harry.” You whisper, looking around the room at the wonderful people who make every effort to make you feel at home, and you truly do. 

“That’s a good thing isn’t it, because if they didn’t like you..” He trails off, looking around the room embarrassingly. You roll your eyes, “Don’t even finish that sentence Styles.”  

 Harry pouts to Rosie, causing her to giggle wildly at his face. “Tell Y/N to be nice to me.” She laughs even harder, clapping her hands on her cheeks.

“Me?! What about your what if’s? Rosie, your cousin Harry is a silly man, don’t listen to him.” She then closes her mouth, puzzled at your words. You glance over at Harry to see him with a straight face, realising she is copying his facial expressions. He grins once more, raising a beam from her.

“Hi my lovely!” Rosie’s mother stands in front of you, ready for her baby back.

“She loves to both of you, it seems as though I’ve got a possible sitter for when I’m in town.” She speaks and you nod, “Anytime, we’d love to have her.”

“One more minute everyone!” Robin calls out, electing a burst of blowout noises from the smaller children.

“Last minute of the year, what do you want to do?” Harry questions, turning his body to you as you both get to your feet.

“Hm..” You pause for a moment before coming up with a possibly stupid but right for the moment idea. 

“Let’s slow dance.”

“Slow dance? With this music on?” Harry looks at you as if you’re crazy, but you simply shrug. 

He follows with your shrug, “Ah, why not.” You feel his arms encompass your waist as you two side step in circles.

“I think this is cute actually,” You say, “because we spent our last minute of this year dancing in each other’s arms, and we’re already in the proper position to kiss.” 

A smile etches its way across Harry’s face as you two turn in a circle around the room. Though there must be about thirty or so members in that room, it’s as if it’s just you and Harry staring into each other’s eyes, arms around each other for the new year. 

“Ten seconds everyone!” You hear Robin shout, raising a countdown from the rest of the family.

You and Harry take turns counting on the numbers, focusing on just each other instead of the madness all around.

“Three,” He whispers gently. 

“Two,” Your lips part slowly.


His lips press against yours, longing for the feeling that your kiss could only bring. 

Your lips were locked for a good few seconds before you both pull away to look at each other. You admire the way his plump pink lips look after a kiss, and he loves the way you bite yours. 

Before you get the chance to speak, Gemma pulls you aside for the largest hug you’ve ever gotten from anyone.

“Happy New Years!” She screams excitedly, a bit tipsy from one too many drinks. You laugh at her wobbly legs, helping her move to her father Des, who made an appearance for his children. 

“Drank a bit too much?” He chuckles heartily. 

“Just a bit, might’ve been the Jagermeister, whoever brought that.” You say sarcastically, gesturing towards Harry’s very drunk cousin, who was standing in the middle of the room singing along to the television programme.

“I’ll get her sorted, I believe a smaller person wants to say Happy New Years.” He points to Rosie, who is clapping as she sees you. 

You kiss the top of Rosie’s forehead and whisper a few baby words before Anne and Robin come behind you to greet you. 

Anne hugs you tightly as she pats your back, “Thank you for taking care of my son this year.”

“And we hope to have you officially join the family next year.” Robin teases, “Well, not that you aren’t, but under law, we mean.” 

You nod, hugging your soon-to-be-parents once more.


“You’re looking quite cozy there. Mind if I join you?” You wink at Harry as you step out in your nightwear. He grins as he spots you, opening a place under the covers for you. You giggle to yourself as you see he’s wearing nothing under.

“Something funny?”

“Nothing,” You taunt, “Just my silly boyfriend.”

“Silly?” He widens his eyes in disbelief. 

“Silly. You’re the silliest man I know.” You poke his dimple before pecking the tip of his nose. You straddle him as you giggle even more at his facial expressions. 

“But I wouldn’t have it any other way.” You kiss him again, him deepening it with his tongue. You feel his hands grip your hips as he smiles into the kiss.

“I just realised something,” You say once you both pull away for air.

“Hm?” He kisses your collarbones.

“We never got to wish each other ‘Happy New Year’” He does not reply at first as he flips you to your back, leaving him on top. 

“Happy New Years, Harry.” You giggle.

“Happy New Years, my love.” Harry replies, placing his lips on top of yours to celebrate the new year, together. 


Hello Hello everyone! As my first Harry Styles one shot on Tumblr, I do hope it was alright for everyone, I wasn’t sure how I wanted to develop Y/N and Harry but I’ll write as things go along :) If you liked this, feel free to send me a request, they are open. 

Thank you so much to Anna, (theselittlethingsmatter is her blog) for inspiring me to write and creating the best imagines I’ve ever read. I might love her more than I love Harry to be honest. (Hm..)

Anyways, I’m wishing you all a fantastic New Years and a wonderful 2016.

Love to you if you’re reading this,

Izzy xx

anonymous asked:

Why! Sorry to bother you, but Im really interested in that post where you said the Cousland Warden could have a strong claim on the throne. Can you please please talk a bit more about it? I love the political aspects of DA-

It’s not a problem, I love talking about politics too. Though I’m not as well versed in medieval politics as I’d like to be.

The problem with the politics in DA is that they’re often glossed over or forgotten entirely.

If we’re going by Middle Ages rules, GoT rules would come closest. Cousland, technically, should be like the Lannisters or the Starks. More powerful than that even. They’re the second most powerful family in the realm after the King, come from a distinguished noble line which dates back to antiquity, and the child of an exceedingly popular war hero that many nobles wanted to have take over the throne instead of Cailan after Maric died.

Cousland descends from:

1) The most powerful landowner in the realm.

This means vassals, lots of vassals, lots of bannermen, lots of smaller lords who owe them their allegiance, and lots of blood ties to other noble houses. This is in opposition to Loghain who, while a war hero, is a commoner. Most loyalties and allegiances to him stem from Fereldan’s most recent war with Orlais.

They should actually be able to call up an army on their name alone.

Cousland is the one Grey Warden candidate you can pick who is literally hamfisted into the role. They have options. Bioware doesn’t want you to think it, but they do. They are the one Warden candidate who can pretty much give Duncan the middle finger at any point between A to B and depending on how you want to think about it, they’ve a duty to do exactly that in the name of keeping their family name alive. With their mother and father dead, and their brother missing, they are the acting Teyrn Cousland.

Unless they want to suicide the family line and all their responsibility therein, they have no business joining the Grey Wardens. They should be the Sebastian of DA: Origins. On a mission to gain alliances to regain the family lands and restore the title stolen from them by one of Loghain’s bannermen.

They’d be able to find themselves some loyal retainers who escaped Howe and make a dash for the nearest supportive Bann in order to rally the troops to oust Howe.

2) Ancient House. Ancient name. Popular House. Popular name.

All those qualities buy a lot of currency, and Cousland isn’t a bastard like Alistair. They’re a known quantity. They should have about as many connections to the rest of the Bannorn, if not more, than Anora. Old family alliances they can trade on and barter favors for.

Seriously, knocking off Bryce Cousland is like trying to knock off the Earl of Warwick or the Duke of York. You can, sure, but they’re so well insulated that you’d piss everyone off and launch the country straight into civil war.

What did Loghain say to Howe when he came up with this plan?

“Howe, I’ll give you the Teyrnir if you knock off the Couslands when we destabilize the country thus making it easier for Orlais to invade.”


Loghain should have never wanted Bryce dead along with Cailan. He should’ve wanted him neutered, tied up, seen the majority of his forces destroyed, and left in a vulnerable position where he’d be forced to rely on Loghain for assistance when the Orlesian “invasion” that Loghain foresaw finally came.

You want a man like Bryce leashed and providing stability for you, not dead. And if Bryce won’t do, assassinate him and make one of his children take up the cause. Let them deal with taking over their position and forcing them to rely on you. Meanwhile, keeping the Couslands close lends Loghain the legitimacy he needs as he cannot claim the throne for himself or through his daughter.

Neither of them have any legitimacy and only able to rule by force or arms.

The convenient solution would be to take the wet behind the ears Teynir just come off the two experienced members of their family murdered at Ostagar, marry them to Anora to lend the throne the legitimacy it needs in the wake of Cailan’s planned death and reassure the people or marry the surviving daughter himself to unite their lands, and move forward from there.

Bloodlines are valuable.

The North went to war with the South over the death of Eddard Stark.

“You killed my liege lord! I will take vengeance!”

This is ridiculously common because with their liege dead, the banns who stood for Cousland must now work to maintain their status quo. Their power has been crippled.

The Bannorn was willing to put Bryce on the throne, shunting Cailan from claiming his birthright. This tells me that, for all their supposedly the vaunted True Kings, the Theiriens didn’t have a powerful grip on the monarchy, and they also lacked the faith and trust of their Banns.

If Cousland is male, why would Anora have any interest in a marriage alliance with Alistair when the more popular and legitimate option is standing right there? Why wouldn’t anyone else bring it up or treat you like you’re unimportant?

If Cousland is female, possibly the last surviving female of the Cousland bloodline, why doesn’t Arl Eamon jump on that? Sure, a male Cousland is bad when it comes to his designs on the throne for Alistair but a female? Female Cousland would give Alistair the legitimacy he (as a bastard) needs and give him (with Eamon as proxy) a significant status boost/hold over their lands/means to disrupt Loghain and Howe’s stranghold/nice sob story to villainize Loghain in the eyes of the populace and lure in the Cousland aligned nobles.

A marriage alliance should’ve been one of the things that was on everyone’s mind at the conclave and the Banns who didn’t care for either option should’ve been pushing for Cousland, regardless of gender, to throw their hat in the ring.

TLDR: Loghain is stupid.

3) The Theirin line is not that strong.

This may be resulting from the fact that Bioware really, really, really doesn’t understand how politics work but if Maric’s seat was unsteady enough that the Bannorn could knock him off in favor of one of his own then his grip wasn’t strong. Cailan also, as far as we know, wasn’t a strong king.

Whatever mystic strength they’re endowed with, they suck at politics and not in an endearing way.

4) The one Warden army.

You can’t say they haven’t proven themselves on the field of battle or as a diplomat, bringing an alliance of Mages or Templars, Elves or Werewolves, and dwarves in true Gondor calls for aid fashion.

They’re the Aragorn in this equation, not Alistair.

They took a ragtag band of misfits and united Fereldan to stand against the Blight. They murdered their way through the Deep Roads. They’ve killed their way in, and out of, at least a few castles by the time they’ve arrived in Denerim. They’ve fought through demons and Abominations in the Tower.

They’ve got the bastard son of the previous king tagging along at their heel, who lets them do the talking for him.

(I’d be seriously concerned about this if I was Arl Eamon.)

Everything about them says, “I am a competent warleader, mass murderer, I will slay your house and your guard if you disagree with me. I don’t need that massive army I amassed behind me to walk onto the battlefield and wreck your shit. I’ve face tanked all the ogres. Hear me roar.”

Let’s be honest, if you had to choose between Alistair, Anora, and the guy/girl who could probably murder everyone in the room if they felt like it, who’d you choose?

Honestly, all Wardens should have the ability to become King or Queen. By the point they’ve hit Denerim, they’ve pretty much reached Warlord Who Bends Knee Because They Feel Like It status. The Viking lord who when gifted with Normandy grabbed the French King by the foot on his horse and hung him off it when he lifted it up to kiss it. The French King demanded he kiss his foot as a show of homage. The other guy didn’t care and he didn’t have to because he had them by the shorthairs.

Winner by the sword.

Your Inquisitor had even less reason not to conquer the world, by the way. They had a private army, independently funded, and loyal to a cult of personality rather than ideals. No one wants an Inquisition because you never have a way to make it stop until it burns itself out.

Seriously, all the Inquisitor has to do is point at a local lord and say, “My Andrastian gifted senses tell me that this man is in league with demons!” and the majority of the populace would believe them then they could take the lord for all his land and money turning it over to someone more agreeable to Inquisition policy.

You’re killing me, Bioware!

This is how the Church worked. You can see the same concepts at play beautifully (and terrifyingly) in The Witcher 3 when they’re overturning the houses of rich setting minorities like sorceresses and ransacking them.

A large part of persecuting minorities throughout history has been for money. Jews in Europe were the only ones who handled money because the Catholic Church considered the handling of money unclean. They acted as the medieval banks, lending money because they were forbidden or driven from most other forms of commerce. Jews were persecuted in Europe periodically when either the Church or some Lord wanted a scapegoat and their money.

There are literal religious institutions built around killing people and taking their stuff.

Both the Warden and the Inquisitor fall into this warlord category.

Bioware likes to pretend that they’re not actually powerful enough to change anything, but really they could both knock over the monarchies of Fereldan and Orlais for themselves if they wanted.

Cousland’s just the one with the best excuse to do it and the most cultural backing behind them.

5) Bioware falls under the “My Character is Too Important for My Story” Trope.

Bioware are like a lot of fantasy writers who want their characters to be important. Alistair is the bastard son of a king. You can play an exiled dwarven prince/princess and you’re running around as the last Cousland, the second most powerful family in the realm after the King, trying to get revenge on your house.

The problem with Cousland is that they’re encountering more situations than the others where people should know who they are and accord them their station. If no one knows Castle Cousland has fallen to the Howes (HOW DOES NO ONE KNOW? HOWE IS NOT THAT STEALTHY??? THE CASTLE WAS BURNING???), then they should be recognizable and welcomed by the vast majority of nobles, possibly even commoners, that they encounter.

Unlike Alistair, they should have some level of celebrity on name recognition alone and guesting privileges with a number of Arls and Banns from big to small.

They’re the one Warden who’d have to work hard enough to stay undercover.

It’s not, “Find me two Wardens.”

It’s, “Find me, Cousland.”

The first time I played Cousland, I genuinely forgot how important they were supposed to be halfway through the game and by the time I got to Redcliffe I figured an Arl and a Bann were more important than a Teyrn which was why everyone was so mad at Loghain for taking over the throne because he was acting in a manner so far above his station.

Tiny house that was friends with the previous King seizes the throne through his daughter, the now dowager queen, makes a lot more sense as an insult.

Genuinely, I thought Teyrn was the littlest and teeniest of the houses because of the way no one seemed to care much about who Cousland is or be disturbed by the fact Loghain just handed all the lands to that bastard Arl Howe.

Hell, I’m still confused as to what Howe is even doing in Denerim. He should be dealing with a civil war unless all the Cousland vassals, all their bannermen, and all their vassals’ children have all been wiped out.

Statistically, that’d be about half the Bannorn if not more given that they’ve more ties to the Cousland line through blood than to commoner-born Loghain.

Anora has nothing to offer other than her skill as a ruler (or really an administrator, which is not insignificant), but she is a commoner from a house that has only one generation to its name. Her ability to hold onto the throne comes almost entirely from her father as she doesn’t have any lands to her name or soldiers of her own.

If she keeps the crown, it’s because the Warden backs her and because the Bannorn primarily cares about the status quo returning to normal.

Cousland’s backing, even if only on their name, would lend her the legitimacy she’d need away from her father. An alliance (marriage or otherwise) with them, would give her more social credit to trade with the other Banns when it came time to securing their vote.

It kills me, man. It really does.

There’s probably lots I’m forgetting too, but Cousland is, well, that one Warden who brings way more to the table than anyone else. On name recognition alone. They genuinely don’t belong in the story that Bioware is trying to tell with the Wardens, tbh because their presence directly shoots Alistair’s claim to the throne in the foot and tosses him off a mountain.

It’s painfully obvious that when Bioware was originally structuring this way back when DAO was supposed to be multiplayer like Neverwinter Nights with all the different backgrounds available to play that M!Cousland’s plot was for him to end up as King.

He’s made for it. It’s the natural fantasy trope trajectory for him.

It’s the only way any of the contextual clues and surviving plot lines for the Cousland’s make sense or why their plot more than other is so wound directly into Loghain, the main antagonist’s. The other characters all get their special zones, but Cousland’s trajectory is tied up in the main plot and they should have more insight into what’s happening with Loghain and Fereldan than anyone else.

It is unbalanced and downright weird.

Note: I am not saying Cousland is a more legitimate background pick than any of the others, (though Bioware’s favoritism for the human noble across three different games should be obvious). I’m just saying that they are tied into and their experiences are directly relevant to the main story in a way that the others aren’t.

For Alistair and Anora to be King or Queen, Cousland should not exist. Even if you stripped all the other legitimacy out of them, they’d still have their name and they could trade on that alone in Fereldan and Orleisian society.

I could go on about this for days, though I don’t know if that answered any of your questions.

I do love Cousland but on a setting and story level they drive me nuts because it’s one of the ways that the story falls onto its face.

I Hate You (Part 15)

Ryan sitkowski x reader
​Warnings : Language, foolery​​

​A/N: guys I am so running out of pictures at this point…


​​​​​You’re gonna have to tell Ryan.
Like, it was starting to become a problem now.

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Dirty Bandages - Sirius Black Oneshot

Character: Sirius Black
Era: The Marauders
Gender: Female
Info: The reader is a Pureblood Hufflepuff with a six-month old baby.
Summary: The Order had stated you as MIA and without warning you return looking a little worse for wear.
Warnings: mentions of emotional abuse, description of injuries, angsty in places.
Tags: @positivity-and-possibilities

Originally posted by marauderseraimagines

Originally posted by justdrethings

Sirius heard the wailing from the Moses basket and wiped his eyes as he pulled himself out of bed. It was sad, but he’d gotten used to it.

2 months. 2 months you’d been missing in action. It was like you had fallen off the face of the earth.
As if he had no excuse to hate Severus more, he’d even suggested you’d run off to become a death eater. It took Sirius all his strength to not punch him there and then. And a certain werewolf.

Sirius knew you better than anyone. You wouldn’t run off and leave everyone you love. Your family, your friends, the fruit of your womb who was merely 4 months old at the time.

Sirius knew to join cohorts with Voldemort would be the last thing on your list. You were in the same situation as him. In fact, you were actually engaged to Regulus from the age of about 7. That was, until, you were sorted into Hufflepuff.

As if it wasn’t a shambles for Sirius to be a Gryffindor, the emotional abuse you received for years meant you were hardly loved, and not even 2 days after your sorting, the arrangement for your marriage was called off.

Of course, it was all your fault. For years, you’d blamed the sorting hat. If it’d only put you in Slytherin. And holidays were a desperate cling to the school walls, afraid of the treatment of somewhere you regretted to call home. If you were honest with yourself, you knew the only reason you were there was because your parents were still legally your guardians and therefore they couldn’t throw you out.

That was when it started. James had been pulled(more like yanked) home for Christmas and it was lunch one day when he noticed the face at the Hufflepuff table. It was a familiar one, that of the 10 year old he used to run and play tag with at family parties until your parents scolded you for being childish - despite being children.

“Hi trouble.” He smiled awkwardly as you looked up.
“Alright Black?” You greeted with a small smile as you closed over the potions book.
“Revision at Christmas time?” He said in mock horror as he took the seat across from you.
“You know we have our practise OWL’s as soon as we get back. I would like to be prepared.” You joked as he smiled, sliding the book and placing it beside him, out of your reach.
“I think you’re in need of some better company than a book.”
“Oh really, I don’t see any.” You said looking around the hall as he chuckled.
“Quite quick-witted Y/L/N. I’m surprised.”
“Well, when you’re around a family like mine…” You said, taking a sip of your warm drink, gazing over to him as he looked down pitifully at his hands.

“How is Walburga these days? Not like she wants to see me much.” You joked as he shrugged his shoulders.
“Wish I knew. Guess we’re in the same boat.” He said.
“More like life-raft.” You joked un-ironically as he nodded.

“But who needs them?” He asked, looking at you as you smiled.
“True. Who needs their poncy dinner parties?”
“And their stupid balls?”
“And their community quidditch matches?”
“And their Pureblood views?” You listed to each other.
“I mean, at least we’re not alone in this. We’ve got each other.” He mentioned as your smile became wider.
“Yes we have. The two family disappointments.”
“The two non-slytherins.” He smirked as you raised your mug.
“To the non-Slytherins. May they detest our non-slytherinness until the end of our days.”
“Hear-hear.” He answered as you chuckled, clinking the drinks together.

“So, I have no one to share Christmas morning with. Wanna see the awful presents they get us and compare?” He asked as you nodded with a smile.
“That would be nice.”

“Minnie, c'mon.” He said, lifting the little one into his arms, supporting her head as he gently bounced the crying baby, trying to get her to calm down.

“Minerva Andromea Black, I swear to God-” then he heard the slam of his front door. Sirius’ blood went cold, the child quieting as if noticing the sense of danger. He held her with one arm and went to grab his wand slowly making his way down the stairs with it being held to the figure facing away from him, looking to put charms on the door. No doubt so he couldn’t run.

He stood in the hall, ready to attack when the bandit turned and flicked the light on, a familiar face that Sirius had convinced to be dead after being missing for this long.

“Y/N?” You looked like an angel that had just emerged from hell. Your hair was greasy, the sweat on your dirt ridden cheek made it stick there, a few dried bloodstains highlighted tired eyes with nothing but your wand and the clothes you wore. All the supplies, extra clothes, camp out, gone. You looked as if words couldn’t describe what you’d been through.

“God, what did you get her up for, she’ll be waking up any second, here.” You scolded as he still stood there in some sort of trance whilst he absentmindedly handed you the baby, as if second nature.
“Aww Minnie, was Daddy being naughty and bringing you down here when you were asleep? Was he?” You asked, bouncing slightly like he was not even two minutes ago.
“She-she woke up before you came.” He stammered as you looked up at him properly.
“I know.” You told him fondly.
“I’ll explain later. Can you finish the last spell while I put her down, we’ll have plenty of time to talk then?” You asked as he nodded blindly, softly touching your arm as you turned to go up the stairs. You looked back to find him staring down in disbelief, stroking his hand on your cheek and gently kissing your forehead, letting it linger before sliding away from you.

When he’d came upstairs, you stood in the middle of the room, groaning as you removed your top, leaving you in bandages and your trousers. Dirty bandages.

“Merlin Y/N, when was the last time they were changed?” You looked around at him and then down at them.
“It’s fine S-”
“Not it’s not, sit on the bed.” He commanded and you did because honestly it felt like a cloud compared to the last 3 months. You leaned over to unlace and pry off the walking boots, yanking off the socks to finally allow your feet to breathe, the blisters and bleeding nails all pulsing from being shoved in there for so long.

It wasn’t long before Sirius walked in with warm water, a cloth and clean bandages, beginning to removed the bandages one by one, reclean them and put on new ones.
“I never knew you could do this.” Your voice was no more than a whisper, one singular bedside lamp lighting the room.
“How do you think Remus was still able to look so handsome?” He joked as you laughed.

He concentrated in silence while you watched him, so gentle in his touch but stern in his face. He then stopped all of a sudden before looking at the large bandage on your chest, from underneath your armpit to the bottom of your breasts, all the way around your torso.
“Is that a mark or is it just for, ya know, practical purposes?” He asked.
“Practical purposes.” You replied, yawning. Sirius could see you were almost falling asleep while he worked.

He pulled out one of his shirts, a thick flannel, your drooping eyes tell him not much energy remained. He picked up an arm and filed it through the soft fabric along with the other, fishing your hair out of the back. He did up the top half of the buttons before sliding his hands up your cold back and undoing the knot on the last dirty bandage.
“It’s not like you haven’t see them before.” You said with a smirk, your eyes still half-closed.
“We’re classier than that. If you break them out, you break them out for a reason.” He said as you laughed, the sound like music to his ears.

He finished doing the buttons up, gently encouraging you to stand back up as he pulled down your trousers to reveal two contrasting legs. One normal, the other with a bandage running all the way down. Slowly taking it off you heard him suck in a breath as he saw the giant gash go from the top of your thigh across to the top of your ankle.
“Bella did that.” You told him as he dipped the cloth in the water and began to clean it up.
“It’s weird to think that was the little girl I used to read ‘Tales of Beadle the Bard’ with.” You spoke aloud and looked over to the cot with the sleeping baby content.

“How’s she been?” You whispered, gently stroking his hair as he began to wrap a fresh bandage around your leg.
“Alright. Still hasn’t done entire nights yet but she’s been waking up less.” He mumbled as continued.
“I’m sorry it took so long to get back.” You said after a while to which he didn’t reply until he stood up, his hands on your waist and his face lingering above yours, looking as he was going to tell you off.

But instead, he kissed you. Softly, as if you were breakable, as if he wanted nothing more but to be gentle, but trying to pour everything into that small kiss. His hands made his way to cup your face, moving his lips with yours as you held your limp body to his tightly. He detached his lips from yours, but his face still remained inches from yours. Your eyes were still closed and you could feel his breath fan over your face as you slowly opened them, softly holding the wrists of the hands that so lovingly held your face.

“Don’t say sorry for things like that. Never say sorry for coming home.
Don’t apologise for surviving or remaining alive. I will wait decades for you and Minnie.” He said as you hugged him again, your body close to his.
“And I would do the same for you both.” You whispered, looking up at him. He kissed your forehead before you both agreed to sleep, climbing into bed as you lay your head on his chest, him lightly stroking your hair with his fingers, the light shutting off with a wave of his wand.

“By the way, Lily had a boy. They called him Harry.” His voice broke the silence.
“And I’ve already decided he’s going to marry Minnie.” He proclaimed.

“You can’t just decide who a baby is going to marry.”
“Yes I can, I’m her father.”
“And I’m her mother.” You replied.
“Anyway, if that was how the world still worked I would be married to Regulus right now.”

There were a few moments of silence while Sirius considered this before he announced:
“Point taken.”

[ Tom extended imagine ] Addition to: ‘First love’.

Original imagine: Imagine: Being Tom’s ex and running into him at a formal event; he can’t keep his eyes off you which leads to an argument between him and his wife.

PART I: [ Tom extended imagine ] First love.

Written by: A.Wölf.

Notes: Romance, still fluffy AF.

Special tag: For those who asked for more, @paigearmitagehiddleston & @yourlocalpriestess


Tom enters his house, unbuttoning his coat.

There’s not a single light on.

He enters the kitchen and pours himself a glass of cold water; he takes his time drinking it.

He sighs walking to his and his wife’s bedroom.

He tries to open the door but it’s locked from the inside. He closes his eyes in frustration and slightly knocks using one knuckle.

-Darling? Are you awake? Please let me in.

There’s no response.

He leans back against the door, looking at the ceiling.

-Please just… open the door.

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anonymous asked:

Okay but Dad Bob knew about Jack's photography talent/passion from Comic 12 of year one and that makes me so happy?

“He’s always been a better shot than me,” Dad Bob says of Jack, leaning forward to warmly grasp his future son-in-law’s hand. He’s talking about Jack’s photography, of course, but Jack’s shoulders tense anyway. This freshman - small, blond, frustratingly prone to collapsing in on himself when other players come too close - stole the winning shot that night. Jack’s shot. The only kind that matters, even if his dad plays it off, making light of it in a misguided attempt to soothe Jack’s bubbling anxiety.

He’s been doing that since The Incident. Since the failed draft, since the pills. Since Jack woke up in a sterile hospital room, his dad’s back to him - his tall frame bowed by the weight of his son’s failure, grey streaked through his hair. He was standing at the window, blotting out Jack’s light, without meaning to. He’d never meant to. 

That was the worst part, Jack thought, trying to turn his head away in his web of tubes and needles, but even that slight noise was enough to bring his dad’s attention swinging back to him. Bright, focused, intent. His dark eyes shining with so much love, as they always had, but with the pride gone now. Maybe for good.

He’d tried, Jack told the therapists later, going through one after another until one finally stuck, a woman whose kindness was grounded in the type of no-nonsense realism he needed to brace himself against. He’d done everything he could. Pushed his body to the limit, then pushed some more, until the shaky foundations had fallen apart. 

“He loves me,” he agreed, watching as Dr. Caldeiro marked something down in her notebook. But only because he has to, he thought, remembering the way his dad’s face had lit up the first time Jack begged for a pair of skates, the first time he swung his stick and shot the puck just past his dad’s reach. I’m a disappointment, he added, letting the words - always festering in the back of his mind - come to the surface, settling on his tongue with a bitterness that made it difficult to swallow the new sets of pills he had to take. 

He was watched carefully now, even though he told them all, over and over, that he hadn’t meant to do it. The anxiety just…it wasn’t stopping. So he took another pill, to keep it at bay - then another. Then another, until the bottle fell from his fingers, until his dad, coming to see what was taking him so long, found him on the bathroom floor. 

“What’s something you love to do?” Dr. Caldeiro asked, then shook her head when he opened his mouth, hockey forming on his lips. “A hobby of yours. Nothing your parents introduced you to, or signed you up for. If you had free time, off the ice, what would you be doing?”

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gusenitsaa  asked:

OMG CS #7 CS #7.... for me... and because I'm your favorite kitten please don't kill anyone! 0:)

Assigned as a married couple on a mission, but I’m actually in love with you…

Emma Swan didn’t normally do joint jobs.  She worked better by herself, liked working by herself.

               But for this particular job, it was right there in the guidelines – needs to be married.  Now, typically Emma would have just passed the job over.  But she had seen the price tag on that thing before she saw the conditions, and even if she had to split it down the middle, it was still more than what she would typically make in four months.

               So, she accepted the job, because of course she was married!  

               And that’s where Killian Jones came in.

               Ridiculously attractive with eyes like the sea, scruff that made her want to bite it, and an accent that made her palms a little sweaty when she heard it.  They had been casual bed partners for just over five months.

               She had been stupidly in love with him for six.

               And so maybe that meant he wasn’t the best choice for this particular job… but when she thought fake married, no one in came to mind except Killian.

               (When she thought married, no one came to mind except Killian – a great feat, since she hadn’t thought of long term commitment without running for the hills since she was eighteen and in jail with a broken heart)

               “Marriage, Love?” he asked her, sprawled in her bed, his arms behind his head as he watched her get dressed.  “Aren’t I supposed to ask you?”

               “Twenty-first century, Killian; women can propose, too. Besides, this is a fake marriage.”

               “Does that mean I won’t get to claim the benefits of the marriage bed?  You’re breaking my heart, Swan.”

               Emma shot a smirk of her own over her shoulder, eyes lingering on his chest, and the way his biceps flexed in that position.

               “I didn’t say there wouldn’t be any benefits,” she replied, going to her knees on the bed and crawling over until she straddled him and could lean down, her hair falling in a curtain around them.

               “Oh?” Killian replied, his voice suddenly hoarse and his interest very obvious beneath the blanket.  “I do like benefits.”

               “Yeah?” she pressed a chaste kiss to his lips, and when he tried to deepen it, she rolled off of him and to her feet, dodging out of reach as he tried to pull her back.  “Well then you’ll really love the pay cheque.  It’s a great benefit.  Lock up when you leave!”

               His groan behind her made her chuckle.

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aussieforgood  asked:

Remember that conversation we had the other day: Fic featuring Olicity, Mr T and Nyssa. Felicity teasing Oliver about Mr Terrific and how she should go to Nanda Parbat marry him to make things “even” between her and oliver, because well he and Nyssa are married. (and yes I was nice enough to leave that other part out even though it really hurt me to because it would have been hilarious) :P

Here you go Suzie I hope it lives up to expectations and I added the part you left out because well I know you really wanted it :) I hope this offends no-one and just… yeh…

Another Marriage.

Felicity was drunk, well tipsy she knew she shouldn’t have had that fourth glass of red wine but they were celebrating. She couldn’t remember specifically what, but she was surrounded by her family, her friends, and the people she loved. So, so what if she had drank a little too much, she was allowed to in her own home.
They’d had great food, amazing wine, brilliant conversation, everyone was here. Well had been here, Lyla and Diggle had gone home early after Sara fell asleep. Curtis, or Mr Terrific as he liked his masked self to be called now he was helping the team much to Oliver’s reluctance, had stayed. He and Felicity had gotten really close working together, he was a good guy. Laurel and Thea had stayed too. Then sometime after dessert Nyssa turned up, stating something about potentially bringing Sara back to life.

After that Felicity had been joking with Curtis, who was complimenting her on her hunk of a man as the others talked logically about resurrecting Sara. She was laughing when Oliver slipped beside her, leaving the other 3 ladies chatting.

“What did I miss?” He asked staring at Felicity.

“Oh nothing.” Curtis answered innocently with a wink at Felicity.

“What?” He asked sounding a little annoyed.

“Nothing dear, just go back to your wife.” She patted him on the chest with the back of her hand. Curtis started choking on his drink staring wildly at the pair. Oliver stood a little straighter.

“Felicity.” He said a little shocked.

“What it’s true, she is your wife.” She said nonchalantly.

“Care to explain?” Curtis asked.

“Long story short, Oliver married his ex girlfriend’s girlfriend, it was a forced marriage.”

“Oh right.” Curtis shifted uncomfortably, as Oliver looked slightly pained.

“Oh my god!” The other 3 had made their way over hearing all the commotion. “We should get married!” She said clutching Curtis’s arm. He smiled at her trying to suppress a laugh.

“Felicity.” Oliver practically growled.

“What? You married Nyssa; maybe I should have a gay partner too?” She teased, seeing the annoyance in his eyes. Thea was laughing unable to control herself, as Laurel tried really hard to maintain her composure.

“I do not understand. Why would you marry someone you do not love?” Nyssa asked with a frown.

“She’s teasing Oliver.” Laurel said placing a hand on her arm.

“Honey if I do marry her we could totally switch spouses.” Curtis winked jokingly at Nyssa.

“Why would we switch?”

“Because… You clearly prefer women and I prefer men.” Felicity was in hysterics clutching Oliver’s arm as he gave her the ‘do you see what you’ve done’ look, which made her laugh even harder.

“Ah I see. Well the blonde is cute.” Nyssa said standing a little more comfortably.

“She is a cutie pie but her beefcake of a man. Hot damn!” He gave Oliver a quick look over humming in appreciation and Laurel found herself chuckle too as Oliver stood there completely thrown by the whole situation. His girlfriend was drunk, his 'wife’ was here, his girlfriends new gay best friend was hitting on him, his sister and his ex girlfriend, all joking about his marriage, it was completely unbelievable and then suddenly Felicity blurted out.

“We’d be swingers!”

“Oh… wow… that is… just wow!” Thea said between laughter clutching her side, unable to control herself.

“I think maybe it’s time for everyone to leave.” Oliver said eyeing up his girlfriend.

“What are swingers? I do not understand.” Nyssa asked. Thea was practically on the floor, whilst Laurel was struggling really hard to compose herself.

“Oh honey have you been living in cave?” Curtis asked taking a sip of his wine.

“No, Nanda Parbat. Are swinger’s people who swing on ropes? Because we have those, I can swing that way.” Oliver pinched the bridge of his nose. Felicity leant up on her tiptoes her lips brushing against his earlobe.

“She’s your wife you should explain.” Then she started laughing again.

“Right someone needs to go to bed.” Felicity looked at him pouting a little, before a smirk appeared.

“Are you joining me big boy?” She had said it a lot louder than intended and everyone fell silent. Oliver blinked before he turned back to the group, all of them unable to stop the muffles of laughter and smiles on their faces.

“I think everyone needs to go.” Oliver stated plainly with no room for argument.


“Sure thing.”

“Totally.” They all mumbled placing down their glasses, and rushing to grab their coats. They all kissed and hugged them goodbye, and as Oliver closed the door he heard Nyssa speak.

“I still don’t understand these swingers you speak of.” He shook his head spinning to see Felicity, glass of water in hand.

“So are we going to bed?” She winked playfully.

“Yes and you’re going to sleep.” She pouted adorably.

“You’re no fun!” He grinned then shaking his head. “There’s that smile.” She said softly. “I love that smile, the care free loving life one, it’s amazing.” He blinked then as he slowly watched her make her way to the stairs. “Are you coming?” She asked turned her head to look at him.

“Of course.” He replied practically jogging to keep up with her, because he could never deny Felicity anything. And although he knew she was joking about the marriage, he also knew he’d try to sort it out as soon as possible because he loved this woman with all his heart.

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