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14 The Future
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14 The Future

Dalek Empire 3.6 - The Future (released Oct 2004)

Before he was cast as the Doctor, David Tennant (playing a character named Galanar) delivers a rousing Doctor-like speech to the Dalek Emperor.

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Tobin is Carol’s Ezekiel

Ever since the Tobin storyline was introduced, I have baffled and baffled trying to understand the point of it. Yes, it’s clear he is part of her running away, fake persona and desperate search for something to make her feel better. But why a relationship as part of that?

And I think I’ve finally figured it out.

A lot of people have been saying since Carol left the ASZ at the end of s6 that she was getting comic Michonne’s arc. Michonne who wants a break from killing, has a relationship with Ezekiel, stays at the Kingdom and runs away to become a pirate.

This thinking is behind some of the Carol and Ezekiel shipping, as they shared a scene almost word for word that Michonne and Ezekiel shared in the comic (don’t bullshit a bullshitter). This is leading a lot of people to assume Carol and Ezekiel will share the same romantic relationship that Michonne and Ezekiel do in the comic (obviously, this is only one factor and a lot of people are shipping purely on the shared scenes in The Well alone).

However, when you look closely at the Michonne and Ezekiel relationship and arc that people believe Carol is taking on, you’ll notice most of it has already happened.

In the comics, Michonne is feeling like she doesn’t know how to be around people anymore and she’s tired of killing. Then Rick includes her in a trip to see the Kingdom. She meets Ezekiel and they immediately spar and flirt, comparing sword size. Later Ezekiel comes and finds her in the garden and they have the scene that Ezekiel and Carol have in garden (or some of it anyway), EXCEPT the scene on the TV show skips out the part where Ezekiel calls Michonne “stunningly cute” and Michonne responds to his compliments.

Then just before the war with Negan begins, Ezekiel is at the ASZ and he and Michonne sleep together and are in a kind of relationship. However, when Shiva and Richard die and Ezekiel is upset, Michonne is far from understanding calls him a pussy and punches him in the face. 

 After the war, when Negan is captured there is a 2 year timejump and we learn that Michonne had left to go live in The Kingdom with Ezekiel, but when Rick and co go to find her, they discover she’s left Ezekiel some time ago and gone to sea. She reveals she felt that since she lost her 2 daughters in the outbreak, she felt she didn’t deserve happiness and couldn’t start a new life when she had all that guilt…

Seeing a similarity?

Carol has DONE this storyline, it’s not yet to happen. It’s going to be over by the s7 finale.

Like Michonne with Ezekiel, in Tobin Carol had a nice man who complimented her and wanted her to be happy, but she wasn’t in a place to handle it becuase of the death of her daughters she felt she didn’t deserve happiness, or the right to start a new life (which is why she rejects the Kingdom too) with all that guilt.

The creepy house is her sail boat where she goes to get away from everyone. And Michonne doesn’t start a new love on the boat. She is still punishing herself. Eventually Rick tells her to “get her shit together and do back home”.

Tobin was Carol’s Ezekiel - the kind man she tried to have a relationship with that didn’t work out becuase she was carrying too much guilt and had to go be alone.

The Hug

It was never going to happen. The Sangie hug or whatever godawful portmanteau you want to use. I could only shake my head at all the tweets last night begging for a selfie/hug between them. It was never going to happen.

That’s 6 years, folks. Six years to go from “besties” to what appears to be polite acquaintances. So what happened? Who knows? Only they know and I doubt either will ever tell. Here’s my speculation to throw on the pile of speculations, though.

When a new show starts, there’s always that pressure and attention. And for them, it focused strictly on them. It was not a cast ensemble, no matter how it looks now. It was Rizzoli & Isles. That’s it. The success or failure of the show would ride on their shoulders. So I can see them bonding over that. You know, finding someone who can relate to what they’re feeling. And they both seem to be very friendly people, if sometimes superficially. (I’m not trying to turn this into an Angie bash; I’m sure she has close friends and is a good friend. I just feel she often comes across as a fake friend.)

Then the Alpha Ego that is Janet Tamaro created a rift in the show backstage. She couldn’t keep writers around because the rumour was, she was a raging hosebeast. And it makes sense that the person this would affect the most would be Angie Harmon, being an Alpha female herself. I imagine the set was pretty toxic. But again, the only other person who could understand the pressures was Sasha, so they stuck together. Strength in numbers and all that. 

Then Tamaro left/got fired.

We’ve seen the effects of Jan Nash. I don’t need to go over her favourtism, her lack of professionalism, nor her lack of any real interest in the show beyond getting it to the end of its run. The dynamics of the set changed, and it changed in Angie’s favour. She didn’t need Sasha as a support/shoulder any more. That was the end of that. 

(As a side note, I have a friend just like this. Sweetest, nicest guy you’d ever want to meet, but he’s oblivious to how he uses people. For instance, moves to a new city, befriends a few gay guys until he’s comfortable with the scene, stops calling. Not because he’s mean, but because he’s moved on, oblivious to the hurt he’s left in his wake. If you brought it to his attention, he’d be appalled.)

Angie got what Angie wanted, and Sasha doesn’t seem the type to deal well with confrontation. So for almost 3 years now, we’ve had this hanging like a cloud over the show, and we’ve seen what it’s done to the storylines. Yet it’s very Catch-22 isn’t it? Did the rift grow because Sasha was getting less screen time or was she getting less screen time because the rift was growing? Who decided Sasha should get less screen time? Jan? Angie? (I omit Sasha only because she would have said something in an interview.) Imagine going to work with the intent of doing your best, but your boss gives all the best work to their favourite? You are the 2nd part of a compound title, but you’re not even getting the 2nd highest amount of work. That goes to the favourite’s on-set friends who started as secondary characters. And people want you to hug each other?

All that being said, I will admit I expected something last night. It must have been a very highly charged emotional evening, and it really was the end of things. If there was ever going to be any moment where they were going to reflect on how far they’ve come and how things used to be, that was the moment. Hell, even if it ended up being one of those, “I’m so glad to see the back of you. Give me a hug!” Nope. Instead, we get this:

and this:

Reasons to NOT believe the Gavin MacIntosh rumors again...

So, I can see how more and more fans are freaking out over Gavin supposedly leaving The Fosters. Even despite Gavin pretty much confirming he isn’t leaving as well as Peter/Bradley confirming he is here to stay. 

Guys, Gavin tweeted how filming for The Fosters season 3B is starting back up in September. If he was truly leaving then he would not know when filming started. That sort of information is strictly disclosed to the cast and crew so they will know when to be there. Also, when a cast member is actually leaving the show, there will be official documentation that will provide for you THAT he or she is leaving like when Jake left, it was made official literally right after the finale. Jake even provided an official statement himself that he has left and moving on with the cast and crew backing it up. It has been almost a week and no such information has been provided. 

And when an actor/ress gets their contract renewed for a show, they are literally in it for a whole season or nothing at all. If they do only wish to be on for only a limited time before being written off, it would have been done by now. Like when Jordan wanted off Degrassi, Adam was killed off within 10 episodes. Or when Crystal Reed wanted off Teen Wolf, she was sure to have contacted the writers about it and get herself killed off by the nearest finale. Gavin is still set to continue filming even after the finale!

Michelle Byerly confirmed online that these “Feud” rumors are just that - rumors. She said how both families are doing okay and that someone sparked the fire online just to get a reaction out of fans and how “bad publicity is still publicity” and someone is benefiting from all this drama somewhere. Also, Michelle has repeatedly stated that Gavin and Hayden are both HAPPY and CONTENT in their roles and in real life as friends - even within the last week or so. Gavin has repeatedly said he is proud of his work in the Fosters and looks to continue doing good in his role because of the positive change it has literally made in peoples lives. Even today, he is still saying how proud he is of it. If he is leaving, wouldn’t he have hinted that he is leaving by now and was honored to have been a part of such a thing? Also, in a most recent interview, Hayden said how his off-screen relationship with Gavin is GOOD on set and they both get along JUST FINE. He even joked about Gavin trying to get him off the couch in between breaks and and do some work to get his body exercising. 

And for the record, Peter and Bradley said how the season 3 writing was started LATE LAST YEAR. So, they could do filming back in April. The feud rumors only started this summer. Also, the writers have said how they wished to explore the storyline of an LGBT teen whose parents are struggling to accept the identity of their child but can’t quite just yet. People, the Connor/LA storyline was done as an actual storyline to explore real life issues, like TF is known to do. NOT because Gavin and Hayden are not getting along! Further more, Peter/Bradley specifically said that “I wouldn’t buy LA tickets just yet…” and that “Connor is a HUGE part of the Fosters - I can’t imagine him going anywhere for too long”. 

And I see how people are re-sparking their freak out over Gavin's “NextChapter” hashtag. He already confirmed HOW long ago that he is referring to actually enjoying his summer vaca? Given he gave up HALF of it to film The Fosters? Why do the fans freak out over EVERY little thing? All the evidence is presented that Connor and Gavin are here to stay and yet I still see fans continuing to insist he is is leaving because of this “feud”. What more will it take to convince people there is no need to worry?

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Are you going to keep watching the show after all those incredibly stupid changes D&D made, like Sansa being betrothed to Ramsay Snow instead of Arya?

I’m going to watch the show, yes, but with the full knowledge that it is not ASoIaF and bears little to no impact on the books. I mean theoretically the show could come up with something that GRRM kind of likes and becomes incorporated, but 100% nothing big.

Sansa being betrothed to Ramsay is the dumbest thing they’ve done yet. 

  1. What was wrong with her Vale storyline, her real storyline? It didn’t need changing.
  2. No way can this be done in a believable way considering she’s wanted for kingslaying and the Boltons/Littlefinger rely on Lannister backing. I guess we’re forgoing logic all together.
  3. Dude, she’s already married…? But who cares about technicalities like that, amirite?
  4. No way in hell would Sansa go along with marrying a family she (apparently according to spoilers) knows particpated in the Red Wedding. I’m sorry, we saw the fight she put up with Tyrion- this is 1000X worse.
  5. Uhhh part of the point is that it’s a fake Stark married to Ramsay, now it’s supposed to be an actual Stark girl?
  6. Either they’re going to whitewash Ramsay so hard and ruin his character/the stakes or Sansa is going to go through the most disturbing content in the books that not even GRRM would elaborate on more often than not.
  7. I don’t see how this will work at all with the Jon/Arya breaking vows conflict and will be OCC but I guess that’s the least of our worries.

Yeah, words can’t begin to describe how blown away I am by this stupidity. I hate everything about this storyline, it ruins characterizations, kills an arc (Sansa’s) I was interested in, and makes no sense whatsoever- seriously, someone going to explain how the Boltons got their power from the Lannisters and are now marrying someone already married into the Lannisters but doubles as Cersei Public Enemy No. 2 (after Tyrion)?

Just goes to show how little D&D care about Sansa’s character and storyline to be honest.

In Which I Overanalyze a Retrospective

I spent a pretty absurd amount of time thinking about what exactly we were being told in this retrospective. While the special itself was basically all PR and poor representation of everything the show’s actual significance and what it means to the fans, I do think there was subtle showrunning under the surface.

As I mentioned last night, Carver outlined the parallel structure that exists between Sam and Dean. Dean goes to Hell, Sam goes to Hell; Dean goes to Purgatory, Sam goes to Purgatory; Dean and Sam go to Heaven; Dean becomes a demon…. Carver trailed off. There is no point in laying out this parallel if we aren’t to suspect that Sam’s journey will take him here, that he will become a demon at some point this season - whether it be his choice to save Dean from the Mark or because he is unable to free himself from the darkness he has let into his soul as a result of desperate search for Dean.

I find myself musing that if Sam were to wield the Mark, he wouldn’t have to die in order to become a demon. Unlike Dean, his human body would be strong enough to contain the magic, to contain Lucifer’s Mark. His body was made for this. If he can contain the twisted grace of Lucifer himself, of course he could bear the effects of the Devil’s Mark.

What also caught my attention was how much time they spent focusing on Faith and The French Mistake . They very specifically stated that the show is Dean’s story, that Faith is where we learn of his destiny as the Righteous Man and the job bestowed upon him by God. An unknown job that isn’t done yet. Dean still has work to do. The storyline of the Righteous Man never died.

The focus on The French Mistake was interesting given the message behind the comedy of the episode: Becoming someone else in order to find home, in order to find acceptance of the life you live and who you truly are. That is exactly what Season Ten is about.

I think most striking is the inclusion of Jensen’s comment that they can be thrown into whatever Universe they want to throw the brothers into, as long as he never breaks the character of Dean. I think this is a very important message to send to fans this upcoming season, because no matter what - regardless of being a demon, regardless of being under the influence of the Mark - Dean is still Dean. It’s imperative that fans remember this because without faith in Dean, you lose faith in the show because he is the driving force behind it all.

Carver was letting us know where their focus is. He was letting us know that he is pulling from past seasons and completing open ended storylines. The man has a plan. And he is doing everything in his power to remain true to the show, to the fans, and most importantly, to maintain the integrity of the characters.