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Being in the Killing Stalking fandom is such an adventure

Every morning I wake up and find new antis to block. It’s quite the experience

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tuafw your SpIn is a Really Obscure comic book character (from a canon alternate universe where the heroes are villains) and none of the information you can find Fits together (he's married to two different people?? 3 different origins???) and you're so upset but!! then you find a 30+ story fanfiction series!! and it's all consistent!!! and no one understands why you're so happy about a bunch of fanfiction but it's great!!!

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Come Hell or High Water

Hmm… that sounds like it could be

A. a Transformers story in which “Arcee doesn’t understand many human phrases. “What does that even mean?” she’s complained more than once. A mission turned fight for survival with Jack on the Mississippi river soon gives her some ideas, though.”

B. prequel trilogy fun “Plo Koon had once told Wolff, “I’ll face hell or high water to bring you all home if that is what is needed.” Not understanding, Wolff had passed it off at the time as some Jedi platitude. But eventually he’d been curious enough to bring it up to Rex. Who, of course, brought it up to Skywalker. Wolff wasn’t sure if he should regret that or not. He’d soon find out.”

C. Original Trilogy au “When a skirmish in a crime-ridden city ends with Luke Skywalker and several others as prisoners of Black Sun, Prince Xizor sees an opportunity to torment Lord Vader. He does not count on two things: first, to threaten Vader’s son is to court death. Second, to leave a Very Angry Leia Organa out of one’s calculations is to propose to death. By the time the two reluctantly team up to storm the tower, Death is practically planning the reception.”

Venting post!

Scroll past it if the subject of betas offends you because I most definitely don’t care right now.

Once again I’m baffled at the careless opinion of other writers concerning their own work. I know that not everyone in the groups I’m in strives to become a published author at some point in their life, but rather writes to cope with what life deals them this way. However, I can’t understand why you won’t strive to have your stories look the best they can—and that can include a proofreader.

I usually keep my mouth shut, and just don’t bother to read the stories, but there are moments when I feel inclined to say something.

My two cents on betas:

The first challenge and fests I joined all required a beta (they still do!) to make sure that your stories are as good as they can be. I figured that was standard, so I obeyed the rules.

Now that I joined several writing fests on FB, I still consider it a requirement to have someone look over your stories to ensure a certain standard of quality. You know why? Because I take pride in my stories, although they aren’t exactly masterpieces, but they are mine, and they represent me. The odd typo is okay, but I can’t stand sloppy work.

Arguments I came across in a discussion:

Argument #1:
It’s such a personal thing, I don’t want anyone touch my stuff.

Erm. You don’t want a beta read through your stuff, but you don’t mind having thousands of people having to wade through your mistakes to read what could be a good story had it only been proofread?

Argument #2:
If you feel comfortable enough with your grammar, then it’s not necessary.

Again: Erm. If I was posting stories in my own native German, I’d be just as adamant about having someone proofreading the story before I post it online. And that’s not because I’m weak in German grammar—oh no, quite the opposite actually! I’m a grammar nazi in German, yet I know what kind of tricks the brain can play on you… You’re simply text blind after a while, not catching the simplest mistakes because your brain corrects them automatically without you noticing; in addition you’re somewhat stuck in structures. A fresh set of eyes can help with that.

Besides, I actually feel comfortable enough with my language skills to post without a beta, but I won’t. Why? Because a proofreader can make your story that small dash better. And because I want to be proud of my work.

And no, I’m not arguing for the argument’s sake, I just think it’s careless behaviour.

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or if you prefer, elrond + stories

I can always do both!

I think I sort of rambled about this behind a cut in a reply post or something regarding Children of Hurin, but I had this headcanon that in Sirion, tiny Elrond and Elros would hear, from their mother and her friends from Doriath and from various Edain refugees, all sorts of stories about the great Edain heroes which they didn’t entirely understand but thought were really cool.

And after the destruction of Sirion and their community, they would hold onto the memory of those stories really tightly, and tell them back and forth to each other (probably with ridiculous kid embellishments and stuff). And when they were younger, fantasize about how great it would be if Hador, or Hurin, or Turin, or Beren, were totally going to come rescue them, or fix things, or find their parents, or save Beleriand, or whatever. And when they were older, just appreciate them for their truth and their meaning. But the point is, they were too young to have actually known any of those people in those great pre-CoH edain stories of the first age, they would only have known the ones in the War of Wrath and later.

So, way later, in LOTR, when Elrond says to Frodo:

“But if you take it freely, I will say that your choice is right; and though all the mighty elf-friends of old, Hador, and Húrin, and Túrin, and Beren himself were assembled together your seat should be among them.”

He doesn’t only mean that Frodo will be as great as the Edain of the First Age. He never knew these most famous named Edain heroes. What he means is, Frodo, this little hobbit, will be as awe-worthy and meaningful a hero of great stories as the Edain of the First Age were, for him.

Do you ever just stop and think- January actually happened. It was an actual thing. We worked our asses off trying to understand and decode the story we believed we were being told. We watched and re-watched episode after episode, frame by frame- looking for breadcrumbs. Looking for ANYTHING that would connect all the mis-connections. And we did it. Time and time again we came up with very sound explanations for the various and numerous issues that plagued Series 4. There hasn’t been a pay-off for our work yet, and that is seriously testing me, but just because there hasn’t been a conclusion to the mess we were presented, it doesn’t mean one doesn’t exist. Just because many of us are taking a break from the fandom for our own mental health, it doesn’t mean we aren’t still 100% sure that Series 4 wasn’t as it seemed and that it shouldn’t be taken at face value. Its hard to believe they expect people to happily wait for two years for a reveal that would have far more impact if it had been done within a few months of the finale- but its quite possible that is what they expect and what they intend to do. If they are in fact Reichenbaching themselves, we can expect two years of grief. Two years of convincing ourselves we weren’t wrong about BBC’s Sherlock. Two years of drinking far too much. Two years of trying to move on. I will suggest though, if any of you run in to a sassy blonde orphan eager to distract you from your heartache, steer clear my friend. Sherlock will return. 

  • You: Rey is going to develop compassion for Kylo and grow closer to him because she hates Luke and wants to rebel against him!
  • Me, an intellectual: Rey could grow understanding towards Kylo after hearing Luke tell the story of what happened with Vader and how there was still light in him. She would be INSPIRED by Luke, who was the first one to do the “sympathy and dragging to the light” that y'all keep treating like a brand new damn concept whenever you discuss Rey doing it.

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Tfw it takes forever to tell a story bc you're trying to figure out what to say as u say it and you have to explain every little detail because you're not sure if ur audience will understand the context

ME! normally a 2 minute story turns into a 20 minute rant. It’s even worse when I’m talking with my best friend because I will go off on a tangent that is related to my story and then she chimes in and we just completely lose the original conversation. We’ll get back to it,,,eventually. We just have to take ten billion detours first. 

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I came out as genderfluid a while back; I thought my dysphoria fluctuating was my gender fluctuating. And I've only recently realised that I'm actually trans (ftm)... and I'm terrified to re-come out. What can i do? Sorry for the stupid question

It’s not a stupid question at all!

Re-coming out is actually not at all uncommon. Figuring out your gender is a process, and a lot of people first land on something that’s close to the truth but not quite it. And that’s totally fine! Anyone who truly cares about you will support you just like they did the first time you came out. If they don’t, then they’re not being true friends.

If you’re struggling with how to broach the topic, you could start with “Hey, so I’ve been thinking about my gender some more and I realized…” and then explain to them what you just explained to me, which is a totally coherent and understandable story!


So i got married! i am crazy about him! our story is a little insane but i hope you all with understand. have any questions let me know. tldr below:
story below:

on tinder in the end of march. swiped right on a gorgeous human being named mike. decided to drop a compliment and then unmatch as i dont want to be owed a compliment back. forgot to unmatch him that night and woke up to a response. texted and snap chatted for a week. was totally obsessed. missed texting him the whole shebang. went on a typical dinner and movie date on april 2nd. after first movie i didnt want to end the date. asked if he wanted to see one more and so we did. then after second movie spent literally 4 hours in my car in that parking lot kissing and talking. 4 HOURS. Drove him home and kissed some more. it was like 3 am at this point. Our chemistry was off the charts. Not just his looks but everything. i was struggling not to tell him i loved him. it was like i had found my home. i have always been self sufficient. i dont need a partner to feel valued though it certainly helps.

went on second date on april 4th. the second date has never ended. i have seen him every hour we dont work. by late april 4th i had gotten him to admit to me that he loved me. and we slept together though neither of us wanted to for fear the other would ghost. our connection is undeniable and unrelenting. i never wanted to be this co dependant but he has the same issue. i worry that we are unhealthy or manipulative but there are no warning signs. its a instant and mutual respect and love for each others personality.

I married him april 21st after we shared a breakfast. He is kinda conservative but he actually changed his name as well for me (we hyphenated). We got drunk in celebration last night and i learned a few of the behind the scenes happenings of his life directly before we started dating and when we were first talking. When we matched on tinder we spoke for a day or so then i dropped my number. He deleted tinder after i dropped my number. He texted all the ladies that he had been hooking up with that he was no longer available (right when we first started talking!). he cancelled two dates he had during that week. all before our first date. he told his best friend at work that he loved me right after the first date. there are a bunch of details im leaving out but just know i have never been more sure.

tldr: married tinder match after 3 weeks.

Western cartoons are so great sometimes

and im not talking about the ones like Regular Show and The Amazing World of Gumball

I’m talking shit like The Last Air Bender/Legend of Korra and Voltron (2016)

They maintain an anime-like start style while putting a western twist on it and they can make puns and jokes that westerners are sure to understand while also maintaining deep character development and story arcs

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Hi Dee, thank you for another beautiful story, I can't wait for tonight so that I can finally read it :) Benefits is supposed to be divided in 4 parts, right? So there's still one part to look forward to? Anyway, you're writing so much lately and you said you're also writing your master thesis and you seem so generally busy. Please don't tire yourself out. Your health and well-being come first, always.

Yes, boo, you’re right, there’s one more part left :) I’m glad you liked the story! Thank you for understanding, that’s nice of you! I try to update often, but right now I think I’ll have to slow down because I need to finish my master thesis and start preparing for my exams. Thank you for being so understanding!! :*

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What is your best advice for someone who is about to start a first draft?

From trial and error, I have much advice on this topic.

Make sure your story is ready. I’ve started first drafts when the book was not ready. I’m a pretty good drafter, so I just powered through, but although it didn’t make the actual writing process hard, what was a mess was the actual book. Total disaster (@The Dragon Tear i’m talking bout u). Make sure your book is ready. How to know this isn’t always the easiest thing, but I would say if you have a clear vision of the plot (probably an outline too depending on how you work, but it’s highly recommended) and can picture the story in your mind, then I would say it’s ready. If you feel like you’re cobbling pieces together last minute and don’t understand the story, maybe it needs a bit more time. 

Also, in terms of process, I know that the beginning of a draft is the easiest part for me. I find middles hard, but beginnings and endings are easy. So, I like to capitalize on this and set high wordcount goals for myself for the first few weeks. Once I’m a few weeks into a story, I find it hard to get more than 2000 words a day done, but at the start I can smash out 3500 no problem because I’m just so amped up on starting a new draft. It might be different for you, you might find beginnings hard and need to ease in to the draft, but it’s good to learn your patterns.

Most importantly, it is just a first draft. There’re a lot of words of wisdom floating around about first drafts, but I think it’s important to have the goal of getting the book written rather than making the book good. Editing exists for a reason, and if you’re too focused on writing a book that’s perfect, you’ll never finish the draft. Different people draft with different levels of care, some are more deliberate first drafters whereas others just get it out and deal with the mess later, but no matter your strategy don’t expect it to be perfect or even good. The one thing a first draft needs to accomplish is exist, so just focus on that. 

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Hi! I JUST came across the comic. I really love it, and I feel like my husband would as well. He prefers print, so I was going to pick up a copy of book one, but I see it's out of stock. Do you have any at all lying around, or do I just have to hope the stretch goals for the Kickstarter for book three get funded? I'd love to buy a copy and support your work.

Hey, thanks for checking out the story! I totally understand your husband’s preference - I like print a lot more too.

So long as the Kickstarter meets 50k, I’ll be reprinting the first volume and it’ll go back in stock in my shop once I have it on hand. That’ll be later this year.

However if the Kickstarter fails I’ll have to wait and save my pennies to refund a volume 1 reprint myself. It’s about 10k, with shipping, so it’s a big chunk of change for me. I may be able to manage it next year if no big personal emergencies arise, I already started a fund for it just before Christmas.

Fingers crossed!

White filmmakers/whiteness in Hollywood is so funnyyyy. They love inserting themselves into stories that have absolutely nothing to do with them and I bet that’s why whitewashing of all these roles happen. And why are they so intent on whitewashing Asian roles?? Like why did we need an American version of Death Note starring white people??? Who asked for Scarlett Eyebrow Raise Johansson to be the Major in Ghost in the Shell? Why are they so selfish??????

Shitty knows way too much about housing codes and property law.  He initially learned property law to save the Haus from being condemned, but then he realized that reading archaic, flowery law opinions while high was the most fucking hilarious thing ever.  Everyone at his law school is confused by and a little afraid of Mr. B. Knight, because while no one else wants to touch all those old, mostly nonsensical British common law cases, Shitty eats that shit up