is this stockholm syndrome

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*NOT directed at you or your followers just ranting* But am I the only one who thinks people/therapists don't take Trauma Bonding (aka Stockholm Syndrome) seriously? I developed it as a child shorty after being abused and it was the main reason I never came forward until years later. People don't think it's real because they automatically assume a victim would do anything to get his/her abuser(s) arrested but that's not always the case. It is a very real and very damaging illness.

Some really dont take it seriously at all. I had such a huge trauma bond to my abuser that I repressed everything he did and saw him as the best person ever and it’s shattering to have that taken away 

Therapists can be shit when it comes to that but I have met a couple who take it seriously

they say that thirty meters down in the ocean, a diver loses his senses, forgets which way is up, and swims deeper and deeper and deeper down. they say it’s like being drunk (or stupid) (or maybe some of each) to get dizzy in a dark place and stay, to forget the thing that’s trying to kill you and follow it.

and i am always thirty meters under. it is always dark and i am always forgetting to breathe, always forgetting that you are the thing to escape from. this is the midnight zone they warned you about, i am too deep in to go back up.

—  rapture of the deep || sarah kate o.

i know that it’s supposed to be a horrible fate and everything, but watching beauty and the beast yesterday, i found myself extremely jealous of belle’s whole life-as-a-prisoner situation.

like, belle gets to:

  • hang out at home every day
  • only see a few people, most of whom are in fun household object shapes
  • have great food prepared for her
  • have cool-ass castle grounds to wander around without having to worry about running into someone else
  • never think about getting a job or money or generally adulting
  • instantly travel anywhere in the world thanks to a magic book and come back home just as instantaneously

i want that life.

Abusers like to remind you how you depend on them, how much you need them, how you can’t do without them, but the truth is the exact reverse. Abusers are the ones who need you. They can’t be anything without victims. They can’t be strong, important, powerful or relevant without destroying someone who is stronger, more relevant and more human than they are.
—  they’re nothing without you.
He didn’t feel stifled in One D, he says, as much as interrupted. ‘We were touring all the time,’ he recalls. 'I wrote more as we went, especially on the last two albums.’ There are songs from that period he loves, he says, like 'Olivia’ and 'Stockholm Syndrome,’ along with the earlier song 'Happily.’ 'But I think it was tough to really delve in and find out who you are as a writer when you’re just kind of dipping your toe each time. We didn’t get the six months to see what kind of shit you can work with. To have time to live with a song, see what you love as a fan, chip at it, hone it and go for that  … it’s heaven.’

Nothing grinds my gears quite like people comparing Beauty and the Beast to Stockholm syndrome. The whole point of the 1991 film is that she doesn’t develop a friendship with the Beast until he learns to be a better person. AND MORE IMPORTANTLY, as soon as he tells her that she can leave, SHE DOES.