is this still a thing cause

Ah, now there’s a good question. Y’see, cause it involves money!

Indirectly, f’course, like in a capitalist cause-and-effect kinda way, but still. Money!

Listen, I’ve been runnin’ th’ shack for years now, and lemme tell ya, y’get all kinds of customers when workin’ at a place like that.  Some folks’ll just come in lookin’ t’buy a bag of chips from the vendin’ machine, others will be comin’ in to purchase an entire fur…fish…hybrid thing…

But, er, y’know, whatever th’ case, there is one product that’s been irresistible t’even the most skeptical of buyers.  You folks ready t’know what it is?  Heh, I think you are…

‘Cause it’s me!

More specifically, the exclusive, rare, official Mystery Shack licensed Stan Pines Bobblehead™! (Patent pending.)

Would’ya just look at that craftsmanship?  Th’ way it captures my stunnin’ physique, my devilishly handsome smile, that…that dull, lifeless haze I get in my eyes ‘cause, like, I’m tired all the time…


Half the time, we’re barely able to keep these things on the shelves!  And it’s not just because Mabel’s been swipin’ em to test out her makeover skills.  Or because Ford got all grouchy his name was on somethin’ “degradin’“ and burned half our stock.

Though, uh, both have happened.

Though I will admit…and…and it’s kinda sad, if y’really think about it…There’s one product that’s just inches away from beatin’ it…from livin’ out its hopes and dreams of bein’ th’ most purchased item in th’ Mystery Shack…

And that’s our beautifully crafted, mint condition Mystery Shack Snowglobe™! (Patent also pending. I got a lot of patents pendin’.)

But hey, you can help, kiddo!  Just buy like, ten’f these babies and it’ll surpass th’ bobblehead for our most popular item.

‘Course, you wouldn’t want th’ bobblehead to feel left out, so you might wanna buy a couple’f those too after the fact.  And from there you might as well just go back and forth buyin’ stuff so you’re givin’ each product a fair chance at livin’ its dream, y’know?

C’mon, have a heart!  Think’f the children and…whales ‘n stuff.


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So my first drawing tablet just arrived in the mail and I was SO pumped to get like I was literally squealing on the walk home but then I started to draw and now I feel really bad because I am doing really bad drawings and I wondered if this is just a normal thing for people going from real to digital art? Cause now I'm just looking back at my old stuff and I think it looks horrible :(

posting this publicly to spread the info that it’s TOTALLY normal

there is something i’d say is…a transitional learning curve? here was my 6 month transition from my first tablet, drawing immediately after getting it, and then the 6 month progress:

it just hit me that next year i’ll have been using a tablet for a decade, so it’s become another appendage to me. but i can still remember using it for the first time, and how frustrating it was.

so give yourself time! no medium is easy to slide into right away!

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why are you always hating on agent carter, despite not having a lot of poc shes still the best written woman in marvel, she's the most three dimensional mcu character, the avengers exist bc of her, steve is cap bc of her, also if you like gabe jones and jason so much why would you want them to be second fiddle to the love of peggy's life, steve was her soulmate, no one knows steve better than her, shes the most important person in his life; doesnt matter cause she's coming back anyway

look at this dickhead

i hate her show, not her, the two are not one in the same. i actually really love peggy but since you wanna eat a dick today, i’ll have to drag the both of you

“she’s still the best written woman in marvel” 

Originally posted by kylos

“she’s the most three dimensional mcu character” no, she’s probably the most consistent, but steve has her beat in the three-dimensional department. as do most other characters

“the avengers exist bc of her” uh…. director fury but okay

“steve is cap bc of her” uh… dr. erskine but okay

“the love of peggy’s life” we don’t know that he was for sure lmao

“soulmate” girl, i guess

“no one knows steve better than her” tbh no one really “knows” steve, idek if steve knows steve, poor thing

“she’s the most important person in his life” in the forties? he’s frozen. in the 2010s? she’s dead

“she’s coming back” ZOMBIE PEGGY???

anyway honey, when you’re done exploring every inch of peggy’s asshole, please, do feel free to return

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I'm super excited for your ECCC feedback. I feel like now you're going to be extra cautious of reading too much into things so I'm curious to see what you think. I've never met them but think their spark will still be there. People said it was palpable at the Apple & London events. I doubt all those people were just high on JamClait love. I'm sure most of it had to do w/ Sam and Caitriona themselves and I think it may cause different opinions regarding MM even taking into account last weekend.

I hope I’m able to look at all of it objectively. I definitely feel like my shipper goggles are not on at the moment so we’ll see. It’s funny, though, I went to the Apple event last year and it was like 3ish months after the IFH so I’m not sure what I was expecting and, in all honesty, it was not a shippery event at all. That being said. Just watching Sam and Cait in person and watching how they watched each other, how they reacted to each other, how they looked at each other, how completely in sync they were with each other….it was all so completely natural that I was a bit blown away. They absolutely have some sort of aura about them that just screams couple…or at least togetherness. And I’ve continued to say that with and without my shipper goggles on. soooo we shall seeeeee. I’d hate to get in the middle of what they have. I’ll say that forever and ever amen.


Oh, baby, I think we both know
This is the love that we won’t get right
Still if you said that you wanted
I know I’ll always have one more try (x)

Jalec WeekDay 2: Shadow world AU 

[In which Jace and Alec were lovers (a.k.a Jace reciprocated Alec’s feelings), but having to keep it a secret, since it’s forbidden for parabatai, brings a lot of pressure on their relationship causing them to break up. However, no matter all the things keeping them apart, they always gravitate towards each other.]

Boy i’m making a mistake

I hate sharing my opinion but I really feel I should? I don’t know

I understand that people are hurt and feel that Felix was wrong for what he did, and to be completely honest yes his joke was out of line.

But here are some reasons why I stand with Felix, Mark, and Jack

First off, Felix apologized for his joke

If you were at a party or meeting or something involving other people, and you said something thinking you were funny and it hurt someone or a few peoples feelings and you apologized, would you really want people to call you awful names, say you deserve to be fired, things like that just cause you took something too far? Hey I know I wouldn’t. If I said sorry and people still brought me down about it, there isn’t much more I can do. I could either lash out saying I said I was sorry, or just ignore it. Thats what is happening with Felix now. 

He said he was sorry, and people are still giving him garbage. Sorry not sorry but just let it go.

Second off, Mark knows what he’s doing

With his respect vlog, you could see he was frustrated and passionate about what he believed in when he talked about this issue. He didn’t say what Felix said was right, but he did say that you need to treat others how you want to be treated. I respect Mark, I look up to the guy. I always have and I don’t think it will change. He knows Felix, none of you who are whining about  it do. So I will take his word over any media, any blogger, anyone. Cause he KNOWS Felix. Also to point out, he hasn’t ever lied, he hasn’t ever fooled us, he’s been a great influence on my life, and I don’t EVER want to hear ANYONE say that this man is only doing this for money, or to jump to conclusions. I swear to god I will come THROUGH THIS COMPUTER-

I digress

I have yet to see Jacks video, but I know him and Felix have also been friends for a long time, and Jack is such a sweet and honest person. He cares about his fans so much and does things he knows they will enjoy, I swear I would trust this man with my life and I’ve never met him.

I stand with Felix

I stand with Mark

I stand with Jack

And although my inbox might be flooded with hate

It won’t change

I haven’t had a happy life. Bad breaks. Bad choices. A life of almosts and could haves. Some would call it sad, but I don’t, cause the two best things in my life were the person in the very beginning and the person at the very end and that’s a pretty good thing to be able to say, I think.
—  William from This Is Us

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1/2 idk if this is an infp thing but, why is it so hard for me to let go of somebody even if he's constantly causing me pain, & believing that if i keep fighting everything will be fixed eventually? i mean, i like this guy & i told him how i felt through a letter but until now i still haven't gotten a response even though he acts like he also likes me back. & i can't really elaborate everything cus it's too complicated,

2/2 but rn i’m just patiently waiting for a response cus i think he’s scared of being vulnerable, but sometimes waiting is just too much ya know? but here’s the catch, the longer he stalls, the lesser i feel something for him. but my stupid brain believes that if he confesses how he feels about me, my feelings will also eventually come back. how messed up is that?

When i was in a relationship it was sometimes emotionally turbulent when I had to wait for a response, especially after pouring my heart out. I’ve noticed that when I am impatient to a point of agitation, it’s not because of the other person; rather, it is because of my own anxiety. The uncertainty of what will come next, how that person will respond to what you’ve said. I would try not to assume anything until he responds. Maybe the reason that the longer he stalls, the less feelings you have for him is because you are processing the possibility of him never responding? It might be a coping mechanism. It isn’t messed up. However, you should never base how much you like someone with how much they like you. And you should be patient with how long it is taking him to process his own emotions and get back to you.

What makes you think you have to let go of him? Does he cause you more pain than the pain you are feeling due to the anxiety of him not responding? If so, I would take into consideration how that pain will still continue -and perhaps even be emphasized- in a relationship, if it is pursued. The annoying, strange, or “bad” qualities that you do not accept or make you feel bad will not magically go away once in a relationship. They will enlarge. If you feel you cannot accept those qualities and characteristics, and the amount of pain you endure from the sample of the qualities he is showing you thus far is too much too handle, I would do a double take on whether you want to be in a relationship with that person.

A side note: Always remember that the purpose of a relationship is to help you grow into a better you, to help you feel more at peace, to make your life a better one. You should find someone who is comforting, puts your mind at ease, enhances the best qualities of yourself. I don’t believe there should be too much damaging anxiety when in a good relationship- friendship or romantic. However, I understand that he is just your crush right now and the anxiety is coming from the uncertainty of whether his feelings are reciprocated or not.

So I started HW, finally, and…
I barely pay attention to cut scenes but did the goodie and watched all of them from The Parting Glass quest and I kinda knew shit was gonna go down (cause HW intro shows the biggest one) but jeeeeeeez, didn’t except all of that.

Alas I know not everybody’s dead because of being so far behind and seeing all dem juicy “spoilers”
And I spent a good 90% of those cutscenes mumbling “no” over and over again at the screen, and another one..

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Bound V

featuring: Yongguk x Reader

A/N: despite some negative feedback, I’m gonna continue this anyways because I still really like it, and a lot of readers really like this series, so yeah, hopefully you all like this update :) Also, I didn’t check for any mistakes like grammar or spelling cause I was writing this while doing homework, so I’ll go back through this tomorrow and fix anything that needs it lol

Also, this is a REALLY long update, lol, I feel it makes up for the lack of me posting lately, hopefully you all like it? I’m trying to get things to pick up with this so it’s not so slow anymore? I feel it needed something like this to change the mood?

Things had been going well with Yongguk, having him around was definitely great for Jae. He loved finally having his dad in his life, and actually being able to call someone dad.

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There's a con that I love going to, but they have this annoying rule that you can't have any wheeled stuff to bring your gear/products in on (gotta carry it all by hand). I've condensed my stuff as much as possible, but it's still a huge struggle to hand carry everything in every year (and it's a big comic con too, so the venue is huge). I was wondering if this thing is normal at a lot of conventions? 'cause I kinda want to talk to them about it for this year, so it would help to know.

Kiriska: This is relatively common at large convention centers in certain states because of union rules and policies in place with the venue. In my experience, both CA and PA have strict union rules; WA and TX, not so much.

I’m not 100% sure on details, but from my understanding, the general idea is to prevent venues and events from bringing in their own non-union workers, so only union workers are allowed to perform certain tasks at the venue – such as carting in equipment and supplies.

Obviously, independent artists and other vendors are not generally employed by the venue/event and don’t compete with union workers in any way, so these sorts of rules don’t feel very applicable and are a huge annoyance. Nevertheless, they’re still the rules and the convention has to comply or risk getting into trouble with the venue.

Usually the stipulation is that anything you can’t carry in without wheels must be carried in by union workers, which means the venue should have union workers on hand at specified load-in times to help you haul your stuff. It doesn’t mean you can’t have things on wheels – it just means you have to let someone else haul them for you.

For some conventions, the load-in area is specifically for dealers. If artists don’t use the same load-in area, or there aren’t union workers available to aid artists, then you should be able to carry in your own stuff, wheels or otherwise. 

Definitely check with the convention to see what their specific policies are though!

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i’m outta here, no turning back, no baby blue cadillac


however,,, what even is this; someone tell me, ‘cause i don’t even know myself. lyrics have nothing to do with this except me writing this whole thing with it on repeat 

Kind of proofread but i gave up in the middle of it so not completely, i’m sorry: 

DAY TWO: “I love you a lot, but please stop trying to cook me dinner, you suck”

Waking up to the smell of burnt pancakes and an empty bed was the worst in Simón’s book. His girlfriend missing from the right side of his mattress made him groan in displeasure.

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About the Orphan thing: my thoughts exactly. And another thing, Orphan was David Cain's name. Not only are they taking Batgirl away from Cass, they're forcing her to take the name of someone who turned her into a weapon. I kinda get her not being Batgirl, cause of Barbara, but then you can call her Black Bat again for crying out loud.

^^^ literally my biggest grievance is the fact that they could’ve opted for her to take black bat and it’d still be…. acceptable to a degree bc it’s still associating her w the batfamily but they had to. completely alienate her from the batfamily via name by having her take the name of her abusive father like. why.

Guys, real talk. I have been told that I shouldn’t be allowed to have children because of my disability. By random assholes who barely know me. Mind, my doctors wouldn’t let me be willingly sterilized because I was too young – it was only when my disability was diagnosed and brought into the equation that doctors were like “wow yeah you shouldn’t breed”. I still don’t want children, but I fume when people tell me I shouldn’t be allowed to have them.

An illness that causes deafness also runs in my family. My aunt was told by her (ex-)husband that if it looked like the fetus growing inside her wouldn’t be able to hear, he wanted her to abort it. Every deaf person in my family knows that. Imagine how fun discussions about abortion are for PWD. I am firmly pro-choice, but it always breaks my heart to hear people say things like abortion is important because it can take care of people like me. Many women have had to fight for the right to not have children – but never forget how many of us have had to fight for the right to have them, too. Pro-choice goes both ways.

I have been told that I am a drain on society, or that I’m just too much trouble to want to be with. I have been told this by strangers and friends and family. It never gets any easier. You work and work and work ‘til you’re nothing but blood and bone, but you know the hatred and scorn that comes your way if you’re a “drain”. You learn to be frightened of the help and care you know you need. We die that way.

You all know the struggles I’ve had with my schooling. When my (profoundly deaf) sister was in elementary school, she attended a hearing school and needed an interpreter. Her school was obligated by law to provide one, but did not. When my parents threatened legal action, they were informed that by the time it got through court, my sister would have graduated. And damn it, they were right. As much as they could, my parents had to go to school with my sister and be her interpreters. But what parent can do that? They need to feed their kids. The ADA exists, but there’s so much it doesn’t do. Even what it can do can only be done if families have the time and money to go to court. Education is a constant struggle for children (and adults) with disabilities. Finding a job isn’t much easier, but I guess that’s a rant for another day.

I have been lucky in so many ways, but I can understand now as an adult how my life and my hopes and my happiness has been warped by the society in which I’ve grown. I have been told over and over and over that I am only worth the sum of my skills, and that I can only earn personhood if I “overcome” my disability, like it’s not written into my cells like my height and eye color and ~sparkling personality~. I have been told that I should consider myself lucky to find people who are even willing to “put up” with my life’s complexities. That love is for the able-bodied. That dreams are for the people strong enough to grab them.

I’ve spent the last several years trying to unlearn what I’ve been taught, and to try and speak as loudly as I can so others won’t learn those lies and write them into their hearts, just like I did. I want to protect the children that are coming as much as I can… Most days I feel like I’m looking at a sheer rock face that I have no ability to climb. I remember the stairs I had to climb, step by agonizing step, to get to the anti-Trump rally in my city. I remember encountering three broken accessible doors in one day at my rich, liberal school. I remember seeing article after article saying “homophobia, transphobia, Islamophobia, sexism, racism, antisemitism” and quietly finishing with ableism in my head, because it’s sure as shit not on the page.

It hurts. And it’s hard. And I’m so, so tired. But we all do what we can to change things, right? And we all do what we can to live the life we dream of living. I guess that’s all we can do.

So I read and I write and I fight and I try not to cry with pain on the bus on the way to school. It’s all I can do.

god i’m so fucking over people who are like. almost 30/ABOVE 30 years old on this site spouting anti-sjw shit like what theyre saying isnt legitimately the most stupid thing on the planet/has been repeated by tons of people before them in positions of power. (BONUS POINTS if said person is white cause you know they always are) like theyre still apart of the younger generation and therefore have a voice among us like. newsflash. you dont and youre not welcome here. but you know you do you i guess and keep using terms like ‘wat’ or ‘fuq’ like the embarrassing ‘hello fellow kids’ fucking creep you are.

I got tagged to do 10 random facts and I figured why the fuck not

1. I was born in Bulgaria, speak Bulgarian fluently, but lived most of my life in Florida. I’m currently living in the UK and doing my Masters.

2. I love spicy foods more than anything. I once had a mild (okay probably more than mild) addiction to hot cheetos, hahaha.

3. I read all 7 Harry Potter books in my senior year of high school because this girl told me I wasn’t a true fan if I hadn’t read them. She says the same thing to me now about Game of Thrones but she can suck a dick cause I’m not readin’ those lmao

4. My favourite band is probably still My Chemical Romance and I am not even a little bit ashamed of it lol

5. I value friendship over everything in my life, and it is really hard for me to cut people off even if they end up being toxic. This is probably the worst thing about me.

6. I fuckin hate karaoke and all of the people who’ve ever tried to make me sing are on my shit list 

7. People telling me I’m funny is my absolute favourite compliment to get. Boob compliments are appreciated too

8. I really hope the next guy I date is really into the lawrence arms so we can go to the christmas shows in chicago together

9. i love traveling and I’m aiming to go to Iceland by the end of the year which is my dreeeeeam

10. Pineapple on pizza is gross. what’s next…celery in your ice cream? socks in your chinese food? end of discussion you’re a freak

thanks @chalie510! I’ll tag @iwannaputonmysweatpants, @takelotswithalcohol, @fullyrude, @samanthaunravels, @captainsinkswithhisship

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For the date thing if you're still doing it /).(\ )) 5' 4" closeted nonbinary Virgo, art fart, gray eyes, freckles and real short hair with right side shaved, ❤️ flannels and jeans and plushies and Pokemon. Thrives in cold weather, and thunderstorms are the best thing since sliced bread. I love making ppl smile n laugh cause it makes me happy too :)))

date me
-mod Henri

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I understand. It's like, why can't we just be ULTRAFRIENDS?

*nods* Exactly. Like, can I please have the date-thing but like, without the expectation that I will fall in love with you cause I’m like 80% certain that you could be the best person in the world but that would still not happen.

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As another perspective, there are those of us who come to your site and other shipper blogs to escape our RL shitty lives. I have some bad things going on in my personal home life and trying to figure out SC's puzzle of fuck ups helps me escape for a while. Speaking for myself, I always enjoy your thoughts on the situation. Just wanted to put that out there cause I know there are many like me. Now, is Sam still in love with Cait or DSC and is Cait in love with Sam or the Man of Mystery? haha

I know. I’m here to escape the shittiness of life, myself.

All good things to those who wait.