is this still a thing cause

honestly it’s baffling to me how the entire party can be So Bad at reading vex outside of percy and pike (if she’s there) like even vax is extremely hit or miss on saying what vex wants or needs to hear and as a whole vm just. likes to dismiss a lot of vex’s more serious feelings as jokes.

Lunchtime drabble: See Me

Lunchtime Drabble: See Me
Pairing: Leonard McCoy x Fem!Reader, Kirk x reader
Word Count: 745
Warnings: Some swearing, mention of death, a few injuries.

“Damn it to hell.”

That was the first thing you heard when you woke up in someone’s Medbay, at least that’s where you thought you were, it smelled like a Medbay. You tried to open your eyes but they refused to obey. You tried to move but a strong hand pressed on your shoulder, keeping you down on the hard surface.

“Don’t try to move yet, I’m almost done.” A man’s voice growls the words as if you were a distraction to whatever he’s working on. The pain shooting through your leg causes you to gasp. “I know, hold on, I’m almost done. Just stay still.” he says again. Trying not to move, you begin some deep breathing, trying to ignore the pain in your leg and the fact that your eyes still won’t open. A few minutes or a year pass, you’re not sure, and finally he’s done.

“Okay,” he begins, a voice in the dark. “Let’s start out easy. My name is Dr. Leonard McCoy and you’re on board the Federation starship Enterprise. Your transport ship was attacked and we found you in an escape pod. Your leg had a deep cut that was on the verge of infection. You also have a head injury that has affected your vision. What else can I tell you that will help?”

“What happened to everyone else on the ship?” You whisper, fearing the answer before you even hear it.

“You’re the only survivor, I’m afraid.” he replied softly, laying a hand on your arm in comfort. A sob wracks through your body at the thought of all the deaths. You were traveling alone but you had been on the ship long enough to make some friends with some of the other travelers. All gone now. You feel tears rolling down your head and into your hair before a warm hand gentle catches them.

“What’s your name?” he asked, still resting a warm hand on your arm.

“Y/L/N, Lieutenant Y/N Y/L/N, most recently of the Farragut. I’m waiting on my transfer orders and so I decided to take a little time off.”

“Did you have family on board that ship?”

“No, I was traveling alone. This is officially the worst vacation ever.” you replied with another sob. “The head injury is the reason my eyes won’t open?”

“They are open, Lieutenant.” he replied softly.


“Can you see anything? Light or shapes?” He asked as the sound of a tricorder right next to your head made you jump a little.

“No, nothing.” you answered, bringing your hand to where you think you should have been able to see it. He didn’t immediately reply but you heard him tapping away on the tricorder.

“Okay, based on these readings, you’ve got a tiny bit of swelling right behind your eyes that’s compressing some of nerves back there. I think this blindness is temporary and will improve as the swelling goes down. I don’t want to give you anything yet, it’s best to let the body take care of itself. I will want you to remain here, I’ll have the nurses put you in a private room and help you get acclimated to it.”

“Thank you, Doctor McCoy.”

“No problem, darlin’. I’ll be right back.”

You nodded and listened to his footsteps fade away. Taking a deep breath to steady yourself, you felt around the bed and pushed yourself to a sitting position. You slowly reach across your body and pat down your arms, your hips, and your legs, being careful when you feel the bandages around your injured leg. Everything seems intact but sore. Doctor McCoy’s steps sounded again as he walked back.

“Hey, I didn’t say that you could sit up.” He chided. “I have brought Nurse Chapel with me, she will help you get set up in the private room and once you’re settled, we can talk more. And the captain will want to speak with you as well.”

“Alright, thank you Doctor.”

“No problem, kid.” His steps started to move away and a soft, obviously female hand, laid on your arm.

“I’m Christine, I’m the head nurse, let me help you get moved and settled in before the captain arrives.”

“Thank you, Christine. And pardon my ignorance, but what’s your captain’s name?”

Christine’s soft laugh was a welcome sound as she fussed around the bed, her smile evident in her voice as she replied softly, “Kirk, Captain James T. Kirk.”

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I like to imagine that, when there's no urgency, the Host's reflexes might be a little delayed. Once Doctiplier wanted to play doctors and did the lil tap the knee thing, but the Host didn't react. Doctiplier turned around to see if maybe he used the wrong tool, but then the Host suddenly kicked him in the butt. It was so funny the Host couldn't apologise through his laughter, but Doc still forgave him cause he has a cute laugh

I remember reading this at like five in the morning and giggling like a fool

Like he’s totally at ease, melting in the his seat a little and just kind of humming quietly. And Dr. Iplier taps him on the knee because maybe that’ll garner a coherent response but there is nothing. The Host is too mentally chill at the moment, so it takes a second to register the hit and the Doctor’s already turned around when the Host’s foot finally comes up in a reflexive kick.

And the both of them stand there, in complete silence, before the Host starts giggling because he can picture the face Dr. Iplier is making.

And of course he has a doofy little laugh, it’s probably the closest thing he has in common with Mark besides his appearance.

Small World - Idina Menzel

I’m standing in the field
My feet lift off the ground
No one here will see me
No one will hurt me now

I’m brushing off the rain
While climbing through the clouds
Nobody can see me
No one can hurt me now

Goodbye, gravity
Goodbye, enemies
I’m going up to a place where the world is small
Where I can fly above it all
If I don’t make it, sing my song
From here I’m weightless
No stars are famous
And the world is small
And the world is small

Still rising towards the dark
Don’t care what’s down below
‘Cause no one can see me
And no one has to know

The atmosphere is lonely
And beautiful
I don’t miss a thing I used to know
I used to know

Goodbye, gravity
Goodbye, enemies
I’m going up to a place where the world is small
Where I can fly above it all
If I don’t make it, sing my song
From here I’m weightless
No stars are famous
And the world is small
I feel so tall

If there’s nothing to break my fall
It’s OK, I’ve seen it all
And maybe I was always small
But I could fly before I crawled

If I don’t make it, sing my song
From here I’m weightless
No stars are famous
And the world is small
And the world is small

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How anout some 90's squip headcannons?

why not

-wears leg warmers cause theyre “cool”

-instead of singing pitiful children the squip sings some 90′s song someone say which 1 cause idk

-when jeremy is buying clothes the squip keeps telling him to buy shit that isnt fashionable anymore

-like its some sort of 90′s fashion trend that the squip thinks is still a thing but its Not At All

-wears roller blades

-tries to get jeremy to get his hair cut in a way that was popular in the 90′s (i’ll everyone decide what haircut)

-tfw u get deactivated by a drink that was cancelled just before the 90′s

-thats all i got tbh im sorry this is more than 5 but whatever

Heyyyy guys, I feel like I owe you an apology?? I haven’t been active here at all really, and I don’t think my last post about this ever actually went through cause mobile Tumblr is just……a mess

I’m sorry, I know I just kinda up and disappeared. I don’t even know what my last post said exactly but, regardless I’ve been very busy with life. My interest in Pokemon is still here! It’s just been as active as I’ve been here; I still love it to death, but I haven’t drawn it or touched it in months.

I might start doing things again at some point, who knows?? Buuuuut for now, things will still probably stay the same, since I’ve only just recently been on Tumblr in general as well. I’ll try to reblog things more often for you guys who are still here (somehow?? geez thank you) and maybe I’ll even try to draw some things, since I’m on summer break!

Regardless, sorry again, and thank you all for sticking around. You guys have always been a great bunch, and hopefully I can pick myself back up again >:0

I can see why Aaron would like Robert to be a part of the child’s life. Considering his own growing up and all, he knows how important it is for the child to feel wanted by the person who was involved in creating it. The kid doesn’t deserve to suffer cause the parents are dumbasses. I can totally see Aaron viewing things this way. Although I do not see ‘pleading’ being the thing that happens, I do see Aaron trying to persuade Robert (if you really wanna stuck on verbiage, which I’m really not trying to analyze).

Once Aaron gets and accepts what happens…what else is there to do? If he isn’t willing to give up Robert, he needs to fight for their relationship. And whether either of them like it or not, there is a baby (still holding out hope there isn’t lol) and that has to be taken into consideration. It’s really difficult (and like, really fucking shitty) to ignore your child when it’s right in your face in the village everyday.

I’m not sure what other options there are. If the baby really is Roberts, I’d really rather not see him ignore it and be a douche about it. I think Aaron probably feels the same.

One of the reasons Supergirl struggled all season is because they failed to juggle far more plot lines than they could handle. And this all came to a head in the finale, because despite all of these plot lines basically none of them paid off.

Jeremiah Danvers and Cadmus? No payoff there. We haven’t seen him since he fought with Hank Henshaw and the only time anyone seems to remember him is in the face of Lillian Luthor.

Speaking of Lillian Luthor? What about the whole Cadmus story line? Not resolved; she still runs Cadmus and it’ll likely still be a problem. But what about her and Lena? Okay, so they worked together to make the lead thing. But we don’t see them at all beyond this. Lena still doesn’t like her (rightfully so) and Lillian really didn’t cause any problems so nothing really came out of them in this finale.

But what about Lena? Like I said, there really was no payoff with her mother. No payoff with Rhea because they didn’t interact all episode. And her friendship with Kara/Supergirl didn’t really have a payoff either. They barely interact in the episode. You can’t even say that it paid off because she made Supergirl that remote. Because A) That could’ve just as easily been Winn’s doing and B) That seemed to more so come from a place of distrusting her mother.

So what about Winn? He helps, but does he really have his own plot? No. His biggest plot all season was Lyra and even though she got a mention this episode, she has been MIA for several.

Well, what about James? If you think James has had any sort of payoff all season, I could laugh at you. He was almost entirely absent from the finale. He’s barely been present for a plot all season to even have a payoff. The whole Guardian plot? I honestly don’t understand at this point. At the beginning, this was a big thing he really wanted to do. But these last few episodes it seems like they’re almost trying to undo this whole plot.

What about J’onn? Honestly, his story arc this season with M’gann might actually be the only one with a payoff. He’s happy to see her again, and he is not at all put off by the white martians she brings to help.

Cat Grant? Honestly, her return was one of the biggest things carrying these last two episodes. Her return was great and helpful to the plot, but because she has been gone it’s not like we’ve been following an arc of hers all season, waiting to see a payoff with her.

Alex? Alex had almost no impact in the finale. Honestly, had she not been in it nothing would’ve changed. And what about her big arcs this season? Her dad and Cadmus? All we got out of that was her distrust of Lillian Luthor which really didn’t affect anything. And Sanvers? They should have left it at “I hope so”. Sure that would’ve been a little disappointing for shippers but Alex’s proposal takes away from her whole arc this season with Maggie. Alex was really learning to grow into herself through this relationship and now it just feels disjointed with a rushed proposal that really doesn’t even make sense. They just said “I love you” like two episodes ago where not much time has passed.

But the lack of payoff that pisses me off the most has to do with Mon-El and Kara. And this really has nothing to do with shipping.

Do you like Mon-El? Then you should probably be pissed that they gave you so much of him all season only to take him away. Don’t like Mon-El? Even if you’re happy he’s gone, you should still be pissed that they spent so much time on him this season for him to wind up completely gone anyway.

So with him now gone, that begs the question of whether or not the entire Daxam plot had any payoff and the answer is no. With them being off of Earth for good, they won’t directly affect the show going forward.

As for indirectly? Mon-El is arguably the only Daxamite that had any impact on every other character, but I don’t think anyone expects Alex or James or Winn to be affected by him being gone.

The only person he was ever intended to impact was Kara. And for what? The purpose of breaking her? People may argue that he developed through Kara all season. But Kara didn’t develop through him all season and guess what? She’s the goddamn protagonist and he’s gone now anyway. So her lack of development all season really shines now.

The scene where Mon-El leaves is all about how “no matter where he ends up he’ll be better because of her”.

And I think that sums up the season pretty well. It’s all about him, not Kara. You can argue that he didn’t grow at all anyway, and really almost none of the characters have. And even if all of that were true, he’s gone anyway so it doesn’t matter. Just like how pretty much every plot of this season doesn’t matter because none of them paid off in anyway.

i click the like button too much, to the point where its difficult to figure out the ratio between posts i decently enjoyed and posts i intensely loved, but its just cause i have lot of love in my heart…..

also im still annoyed that tumblr doesnt have the whole emotes thing that facebook has, where instead of liking posts now you just pick an emoji for the post, this annoys me so much because that sounds exactly like something the Tumbler Community specifically would want super badly and it would make Tumbling a lot easier

23: Were you happier four months ago than you are now?


I got this question a few days ago but it only let me answer it privately but I kinda feel like this is important. You could be living a grade A life but you can still be suffering threw a lot. I obviously didn’t put my problems in this post cause there is too much to mention really but I believe in honesty in communities. Things don’t get better by putting up a smile and pretending things are perfect. I have issues and problems and scars and I want anyone who follows me to know that if your going threw a rough patch in like that, that I’m here and I understand more situations than you think I might. My messenger on tumblr is always open for anyone who needs advice, consolation or just an ear to rant to

Look at that a Danny Phantom blog posting about Miraculous Ladybug.

Just… Chat Noir’s crush on Ladybug and Marionette’s crush on Adrian seem so, idk? Temporary? And even a little bit… bad?

I know it sounds like I don’t ship them, but I do, alot. I just want them really truly fall in love. Not have crushes on each other, ‘cause crushes fade in time.

I want Chat Noir to ask out Ladybug, Ladybug realize he’s not joking and reject him because Chat’s her partner in crime and she just doesn’t feel that way. I want Chat’s crush to fade, and have him instead start viewing Ladybug less as a goddess to be worshipped, but more as a human being who has faults but is still doing the right thing simply because its the right thing.

I want him to knock Ladybug off the pedestal, and in that let him gain acceptence in himself, and confidence in himself, and have him love himself because he’s not comparing himself to her anymore.

I want him and Ladybug to bond by just talking over stupid things, like how weird that last akuma was, or how shit I almost died last time, or how hard it is keeping a secret identity, or even what they’re going to do after college. I want them to know each other and become best friends.

I want Chat to fall in love all over again but instead put the friendship as more important, put Ladybug’s happiness as more important, because when you truly care for someone thats what you do. You sacrifice everything to see them happy.

And I want Marionette to be able to feel comfortable with Adrian, to be able to get to know him, and to be able to see Adrian as an actual human being, and to be able to fall in love with him all over again. I want her to be ok with him loving another girl because damn it hurts, but damn he’s happy, and she just loves him so much to take away his happiness just because of how she feels.

I want Chat Noir and Marionette to be so completely, utterly, in love with Ladybug and Adrian but its true love, its real love, its s/he’s my best friend and I’d do anything to see her/him happy, to have that kind of love where you can spot them from a mile away, and can recognize them by only a single word.

I want Marionette and Adrian to be so in love that one day they’re talking as Ladybug and Chat Noir and it hits them like a ton of bricks like thats Adrian/Marionette, 'cause they just know each other so well, and everything fits into place and they don’t even have to ask each other out because they know what they would say.

I just want Chat Noir And Marionette to be so in love, I want them to be boyfriend and girlfriend, soulmates, and so much more than that.

I want them to be best friends.


Imagine Lance sneaking out at night to hug Keith and cry with me.

anyone else kinda terrified you’ll never be able to hold a job in the future because of your mental illness

“Amethyst ?”
“Yeah P ?”
“You know you’re my partner in time right ?”
“..heh, as long as you’re my partner in crime~

Day 2: Crossover
Life is Strange
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