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Langston Hughes: Beaumont to Detroit (1943)

Looky here, America
What you done done –
Let things drift
Until the riots come

Now your policemen
Let the mobs run free.
I reckon you don’t care
Nothing about me.

You tell me that hitler
Is a mighty bad man.
I guess he took lessons
From the ku klux klan.

You tell me mussolini’s
Got an evil heart.
Well, it mus-a been in Beaumont
That he had his start –

Cause everything that hitler
And mussolini do
Negroes get the same
Treatment from you

You jim crowed me
Before hitler rose to power –
And you’re still jim crowing me
Right now, this very hour.

Yet you say we’re fightin
For democracy.
Then why don’t democracy
Include me?

I ask you this question
Cause I want to know
How long I got to fight

Photo: Stephen Ulyanov


@wouldntyoulichentoknow​ ay yo it’s Fooze™ back at it again with the collabs. Today’s installment: shadow senshi.

up top: the two lineart pieces I gave Mouse to color 
bottom two: her two lineart pieces I was entrusted with

Shadow Senshi was something I’ve been wanting to play with for a long, long time, and good ol Mouse decided to help make this happen finally! We talked out our ideas and found areas of similarities as well as interesting differences. For starters, Mouse sees the Shadows as separate from the Senshi. I see them as one, where the Senshi can become corrupted and end up as a Shadow. 

10/10 will collab again :D

Peak Slytherin is, when you can verbally obliterate your enemy but get anxiety when it comes to ordering food from a complete stranger.

Peak Slytherin is, when you over think something so much you don’t even realise that you are talking out loud until someone stares at you weirdly because you just yelled at thin air to shut the fuck up.

Peak Slytherin is, when you can multitask a thousand things and still fuck up a simple task such as drinking water.

Peak Slytherin is, being so dubious and scientific that you can get all the research done in one night and still not do do it b ed cause you can’t see a good enough reason to do it.


-No one in Inkwell can make Mugman laugh harder than Cuphead can. (Beppi the Clown has come pretty close, but he’s still got that creepiness to him.) In fact, if Cups realizes he’s becoming a bit too insufferable for his bro (cause he’s an impulsive lil shit, and he knows it), he’ll switch gears immediately to make Mugs laugh. It can be a little bit of an ego thing; having someone always around you who thinks you’re hilarious; but he mostly just does it cause he likes making his bro laugh.

-Mugman snorts when he’s in full blown fits of laughter, while Cuphead alternates between loud and over-the-top to wheezing.

-Mugman is not as greedy or impulsive as his bro, but he’s not quite as innocent as he looks either. He’s a bit of an enabler for Cuphead, challenging him to dares or going along with him on a hair-brained scheme. He’s usually the first one to realized they’re about to step over a line, but Cups usually steps over it anyway.

-With a brother like Cuphead, I imagine Mugman has definitely got some secret sassiness to him to deal with his bro’s shit on a daily basis.

-Cuphead strikes me as a ‘fake it ‘til you make it’/’tough guy’ kind of person. This can usually mean that he has a bit of a hard time apologizing for wrong doing, cause that would mean him admitting to his faults. But when he does apologize, cause eventually he will, you know he means it.

-The brothers do suffer separation anxiety when they’re away from each other for too long. How long is ‘too long’? Well, it depends on many factors, including things like whether they had a bad day or if they’re bored.

-I don’t quite have a solid hc on their ages just yet, but I do like to believe they’re twins.

-Despite their faults, they’re both good boys with hearts of gold who do make an effort to fix their mistakes.

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“In response to the confession about OP characters: OP characters are a tricky thing and there are a lot of bad ones out there, but there are also quite a few good ones to, both OC and Canon.  It’s just important to remember when your making or rping an OP character that they should still have flaws, in fact a lot of the time a good thing to do is have flaws be a result of their powers. Like if you have a character with super strength maybe they cause tons of collateral damaged and so they’re feared and/or hated and people isolate them so they try not to use their powers. Or maybe they have a time limit for how long they can use their powers before they need to let them recharge and it hurts them to go over it. Or maybe their power comes at the cost of slowly draining their life.

Basically there are lots of ways for a character to be both OP and still flawed and while you do have to be careful cause there are lots of terrible ones out there a character is not inherently bad or boring just cause they’re OP“

Taylor, it’s been a little while since I’ve posted about my life, so here’s an update:

Where to start? I graduated college with a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work with minors in Psychology and Sociology three and a half years ago. I started my dream job two weeks after I graduated, and am still there!

Around the same time, I became a Big Sister in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program. Hailey and I have been matched for three and a half years. She was 12 when we were matched, and is now 15. 🤤

Two years ago, I bought a house. At the age of 23, I purchased my own house.

2017 has been a really hard year for me. A lot of negative things all started to happen at once. My best friend got into some legal trouble, and some other trouble I honestly cannot talk about. But this has caused issues in our friendship. She doesn’t answer my calls anymore, she doesn’t do things with me when I invite her out. She’s pulling away from me, which she didn’t do until recently.

At the end of the school year, my little sister, Hailey, started to get into trouble. She got into a fight at school and got expelled. We found out the she had been smoking Marijuana and drinking (she was still 14 at this time). She started to run away from home. Then she got caught shoplifting. She’s on probation now, but is honestly doing a lot better.

Shortly after Hailey started getting in trouble, I found out that I have a growth on my liver. I spent my summer getting test after test, and racking up my medical debt. I have a tumor the size of a grapefruit on the left lobe of my liver. The specialist is fairly certain that it is a Focal Nodular Hyperplasia (FNH), but there is still a small chance that it could be an ultra rare form of cancer–which is terrifying.

I am having surgery on January 25th, due to the size of the mass. It is rare for a FNH to grow to the size mine has. They are usually removed at about 5cm, and mine is double that.

As far as liver resections go, mine is minor, but it’s still a major surgery. I’ll be at the hospital for about 4 days, and will be off work for at least a month.

My mortgage has gone up, I’m on new insurance so my paychecks are smaller, and now I’m several thousand in debt for medical bills, on top of all my other bills.

The ONLY thing that has made this year suck less is you, Tay, and your music. Thank you, for always being there for us. I can’t wait to hear Reputation and have 12 more songs to make this year suck a little less.

I love you, @taylorswift

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This is a weird question but would you unstan bts if they did something homophobic ??

lol i left this sit here for like a good week or something cause i didnt know what to answer….and as shitty as it sounds it depends on what kind of homophobic it would be - like if they ‘no homo bro’ or something i still can get that on some level. But if they were really homophobic like actively thinking that it’s wrong or whatever they can go fuck themselves i dont need that shit in my life…………..good thing the b in lgbt stands for bts

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have u ever had any struggles with gender identity and if so how did like u know for certain ur a lesbian and not trans? its ok if u dont wanna answer this i've just been questioning things a lot recently and im not sure if im a transguy or not :/ ps i love your blog so much <3

thank you anon for prompting the somewhat coming out post i have been needing to make. i can’t put this under a cut cause im on mobile, i’m so sorry. i’ll do it the second i next get on desktop. also this is unedited sorry.

anyways if you’re my friend please read this because it has information in it that you should know about me that you don’t know about me. it got really long but that’s just another reason you should read it so i don’t have to repeat this entire thing to every person i know, although i’d still be happy to talk about it, but i’d really appreciate if you take the time to look at it.

also anon, it means a lot that you came to me with this question. first i wanna thank you for asking me this because i have something to say on this subject that i want to be public about and answering this question will give me a chance to. and i think it’s going to make some people upset because they don’t understand some things about me but it’s really important to me that i’m open about this because it’s a fundamental part of me and an important part of my identity and also at some point i’m gonna be physically unable to hide it.

as you guys have noticed, my blog has been kind of dead recently, and my inability to be open about this thing yet has been kind of a part of that, because it’s a big part of me and i talk a lot and post a lot about personal stuff on here and i hope this post allows me to start being more active on here.

here is the short but still long explanation of my gender identity and gender presentation, and how i understand it to be. also, i hope that this description of my relation with gender as a gnc lesbian can help you understand your gender identity better. whether or not you turn out to stick with the lesbian identity or go on to identify as a trans man, you should be constantly learning new stuff about your gender identity and exploring it!! i don’t mean to make your question all about me but also i try not to speak for other people when it comes to gender identity so i just did the best i could here.

to start off, i’ll say that yes, i have struggled with gender identity quite a bit. due to a combination of trauma, dissociative issues, and the general discomfort of being afab in this world, i have been dealing with physical and social dysphoria in many different manifestations my whole life. not everyone i’ve met has been supportive of the way i choose to deal with that dysphoria or that i’m vocal about it but luckily right now in my life there are a fair amount of people who support me. i am of the belief that every woman, gnc person, and afab person, no matter how cis or comfortable in their identity, still experiences dysphoria to an extent, due to the amount of discomfort that is generated by growing up in our misogynistic patriarchal society and the reason we don’t talk about it more is because we don’t have access to the language and men don’t like it when we acknowledge that they’re assholes.

onto my gender identity.

i self identify as a gender non conforming woman. gendered words that i use to describe myself include: woman, butch, gender non conforming, genderfuck, boi, androgynous/andro, grrrl, girl (i prefer this one only when i’m using it or when one of my friends is using it). i am uncomfortable with the term cis to describe myself but i understand that it’s necessary for use of discussion of power dynamics and don’t have an issue with that.

i use she/her pronouns. these aren’t always the pronouns i am most comfortable with but i prefer to use them anyways because i want to show people that women don’t have to look or act a certain way and most people associate she/her pronouns with women. in a different world i would use xe/xyr/xyrself pronouns because those are what i am most comfortable with all the time but i am not interested in using them in the current atmosphere i am existing in. i’ve given a lot of thought to using he/him pronouns but i really don’t have the emotional capacity and ability to put effort into that, which is shitty but true.

as a gender non conforming person i have some of the privilege of cis people, but not all of it that gender conforming cis people do. i don’t always pass as a woman, sometimes i pass as a trans man, or when i pass as a cis man, i usually pass as gay. when i am not passing as a man it’s usually hard for people to figure out whether i’m “a boy or a girl.” and when i do pass as a woman i pass as a butch lesbian, and the only other cis people who really give a shit about me are other lesbians. i identify a lot with trans people in the context of passing and being alienated for gender presentation. however, i still have systematic power over trans people as a cis person, because presentation isn’t the only part of identity, and cis lesbians can still oppress trans people - homophobia and transphobia are two separate forms of oppression, even though they do intersect frequently.

the subject of passing segways into my next subject, which is the thing that i want people to know about. i’ve only told four people about this, ever. ever ever ever. and i’m not ready to tell my parents or family about it yet. but i’m ready to be public about it, and i’m ready for my friends and followers who don’t understand this that they don’t have to understand it, but they still have to try to learn from it and not be an asshole about it. –

to comprehend this about my identity one must have a basic comprehension of the idea that clothes, appearance, name, body, and pronouns are all completely ambiguously gendered. “she”, while historically and culturally thought to be so, does not necessarily always happen to be the pronoun of a woman, and my briefs are comfortable as fuck and fit well on my body, which happens to be the body of a woman, meaning they are women’s clothes because they belong to me and i am a woman.

however, even though i was told from a young age that clothes and appearances were ungendered, it still took me a long time to process, because we live in such a gendered misogynistic binaristic society, which has caused me a lot of dysphoria growing up. and then, just a couple months ago, i was standing in my kitchen, chopping vegetables for soup, when i had a revelation. (most of my revelations happen in the kitchen.) even with new wording for identities surfacing there are still very few options for precise wording around gender. and then, my knife was chop chop chopping through the carrots and the celery and the potatoes and onions and i was thinking about how if a trans woman can be a woman pre/no op and if a trans man can be a woman with breasts and a uterus, then i could be a woman and take T and get top surgery and have the androgynous body i’ve always wanted but still be a woman, and when i realized that it felt like birds lifted off my shoulders and flew away, and something that i never understood about myself my whole entire life finally made sense and felt right. i just never before understood how i could have the body i wanted and still be a woman, but it finally sunk in that if i prescribed to the ambiguity that i preached, i could have what i wanted, and in a logical way.

calling me a self hating or closeted nb/trans person is transphobic because it implies that people with certain bodies have to prescribe to certain gender norms/identities, and if you do that i will block you. (there is a difference between asking and accusing.) also, if you want to talk to me about my identity further i’d be happy to talk to you about why i identify as a woman and why i dress the way i do and aspire to look the way i want to, but all you need to know in regards to this is that i can be a woman and i can also have the body i want and that doesn’t make me self hating or confused.

the part about taking T and getting top surgery is the part that i wanted my friends to read, because as i said only four people know this in my life right now. thank you for reading and for supporting me. i am not ready to tell any of my family about this yet, except my youngest brother knows. i plan to wait till i’m at least 18 to get surgery and do hormones because i don’t want to have to ask anyone for anything, plus my primary concern at the moment is moving out.

thank you for reading this super long shit and please let me know if we’re friends and you read this because i’m really nervous about posting this and about people not understanding it. lots of love to all of you.

The I’m-Planning-to-Write-But-Haven’t-Started-Yet-Cause-I’m-Procrastinating Checklist

Alternatively, you haven’t started writing because you’re still planning, you haven’t come up with something yet, you’re waiting for November 1st, it’s a bad brain day and you can’t string two sentences together, or your favorite area in the library has been colonized by poly-sci majors who have no respect for quiet zones (no I’m not bitter).

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No matter why, you’re still not writing. Here’s a short checklist that will let you keep procrastinating while still being productive! Yay!

  • Write an outline
  • Pick a title, or a few titles to get you started
  • Write a synopsis
  • Create a world bible
  • Create a Pinterest board
  • Tidy up your writing space (if you can)
  • Create a writing playlist, or a playlist for this particular project
  • List out the characters, settings, etc.
  • Pick some goals – plot points, word count, time elapsed, etc.
  • Pick a reward for when you reach your goals

This way, you’re still being somewhat productive in creating your novel, screenplay, short story, etc., but you don’t have to actually start writing yet. It’s a win-win!

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Daryl hears a song on a cd, (talk me down by troye Sivan) and realizes he feels this way about paul. Maybe he should play it for him.

….i wanna sleep next to you…
…and I wanna come home to you…
…but home is just a room full of my safest sounds…

…i wanna hold hands with you…
…and I wanna get close to you…
…cause your hands and lips still know their way around…

Paul listened softly to the song, with a smile on his face. It was a tiny smile, he was alone in the trailer, Daryl talking to Maggie while he parked his motorcycle. Daryl had been out and about all day. He had come back once to drop off a radio he had found and asked Paul to hook it up and play it. In the moment, Paul hadn’t thought too much about it, Daryl always brought things that he thought Paul would like, but he had hurried out of the trailer for the rest of his chores of the day, blush rising on his cheeks. 

They had been playing a game of cat and mouse with each other for a long time now. Daryl bringing Paul gifts. Daryl coming to Hilltop for no reason at all. Paul flirting, Daryl pretending like it bothered him. Paul was no fool, he knew it would take a lot for Daryl to admit how he felt, this was something he had to treat carefully. 

As the song played on repeat, he looked out the window, watching Daryl bite the inside of his lip like he did when he was nervous, looking at Paul’s front door to the trailer. 

Paul chuckled and walked to the door, opening it. “Daryl, hello again,”

“Hi,” he mumbled, still standing there. 

“Do you want to come in?” he asked, stepping aside. 

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I feel like horror/suspense/thriller, they are all kind of fluid categories so I just went with my gut on this. Like some movies people consider horror like Aliens, I think of that as SciFi instead and then there is the whole category of “funny” or deliberately camp horror movies. Ugh, so many!

There are actually way too many favorites even when I narrowed it down so I went ahead and did 10 cause RULEBREAKER! (The thing is, I could EASILY do my top 25)

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Do you think Sheith is one sided? If Shiro is a clone then "as many times as it takes" doesnt count bcos its only from Keiths side. And Keith has always been ultrafocused on Shiro (cause he's in love *wink wink*) while Shiro was just more professional or formal with Keith except when he thought he was dying. Also if Keith doesnt end up with Shiro, who do you think Keith is better off with?

At this point it’s kinda hard to see Keith end up with anyone besides Shiro if he infact has a romantic plotline in the show, like it would seriously suck for whoever his partner would be since they will always be #2 after Shiro haha. Keith’s priorities are : Shiro –> The Universe —> everyone else.

(And even killing Shiro off might not help, since I can totally see Keith finding a way to time travel to save him or something haha)

So I would say no one. (or you know maybe Acxa if it turns out she’s not related to him, cuz their meeting kinda seemed like a potential romantic plot line maybe? they might go that way..)

I dun think Shiro is good for him at this point in time where they’re at right now, because right now Shiro is actually keeping Keith from growing. But generally if Shiro is ok, I think he’s someone who Keith would be the most happy with. There’s no competition on that at this point in the show. Shiro is his sun and stars and he has the best influence on him.

And yeah, I do think Shei/th is one sided right now. I already said this before and I was saying this from the start, Shiro’s feelings are not the same as Keith’s. And I haven’t seen anything yet from Shiro that can’t be interpreted in a completely platonic way. (I have fun with shipping goggles sometimes ofcourse, but as far as actual canon goes, I still dun see it)

I think he loves Keith very much, I think Keith is very important to him and very dear to his heart, but I don’t see him having romantic feelings for him right now, I think he sees him as family at this point and I always thought Shiro would have to go through ALOT of character development first before he’ll ever look at Keith in any other way. (or anyone I guess)

And it kinda seemed like it was going in the right direction there atleast, (with Shiro stepping down, Keith stepping up, you kno…) season 2-3 I was like I can kinda see him atleast maybe starting to see Keith differently a bit, but season 4 kinda put all that to a stop for now.

Like, it doesn’t matter what the reason might be, if you feel like you have the right to give someone orders, you better not be looking at them as a potential romantic partner (unless you and them are into that kind of thing ofcourse and its all consensual haha). I think season 4 really kinda showed you where Shiro is when it comes to his feelings for Keith? And none of it said “romance” to me, in Shiro’s mind they are still cadet and instructor (or atleast how Shiro wants it to stay). The “That’s an order” made it very clear I think. Shiro doesn’t really see them as equals. (for alot of reasons that mostly have to do with Shiro’s issues right now whatever they may be, because in “reality” keith and shiro are actually complete equals right now.)

But you know, there’s still alot of show left… 

I always thought that if Keith and Shiro’s relationship ever takes a romantic turn it would only be after they clearly walk on the same grounds and Shiro starts seeing him as a man and a complete equal. It’s not there yet. He seems to be in a place where he actually kinda refuses to accept that Keith is becoming that, because Keith growing up and becoming a leader seem to actually make Shiro insecure for whatever reason. So I think as far as developing romance goes, their relationship took alot of steps backwards this season.

(unless I dunno, he’s insecure about that because he thinks Keith won’t need him anymore or something if he’s not his mentor haha.. but I feel like that’s a reach)

But this conflict they are having is good, because conflict is what makes relationships in stories develop and transform. But like let Shiro deal with all his issues first before perusing romantic relationships… it’s hardly the time for that now haha

So like we’ll see where that goes, Shiro has way more important things on his mind right now than romance that’s for sure.

Also I guess all the above only applies if they indeed met at the Garrison. If their history goes way way back, like not even from Earth, then my opinion completely changes ofcourse.

(and I didn’t exactly get what you meant by “as many times as it takes” and clone theory…)

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I love all your kanas but Iago!Kana is my favourite. I just wonder how Corrin and Iago interact even if their married Iago is still kind of well... Iago... Do they kind of get along just for Kana's sake? Sorry if it is a weird ask.

I can’t believe it, I’ve drawn the boy only twice and yet he has a fan. Amazing.

I don’t really know how to answer. This isn’t really a ship I ship and it’s not a pairing I’d really think much about. Not my thing. I drew the Kana cause I got a couple asks but other than that… yeah, not my thing. Sorry about that jahfkjahf

Inheriting disaster

Make an NPC prince/ princess whose parents were popular but also made decisions that may have made the people happy in the short term but caused long term problems.

Now kill the parents and have the child inherit all the emerging problems of the kingdom.

Have the kid be far too sheltered, not nearly mature enough to deal with this yet, and be thrust into this position of power while still mourning the loss of their family.

Maybe if the kingdom was in a better state; if they had been given more time to grow, if it was a stronger person in their position things would have gone better. But as it is this kingdom now has a terrified insecure ruler, overwhelmed and yet desperate to prove their strength.

throw in a bonus evil Vazir to nurture the toxic thoughts for fun. Or heck throw in a whole well meaning but not very understanding court that just piles on further pressure and unintentionally pokes at the ruler’s insecurities.

there could be multiple options to how this is dealt with, the Vazir could try bribe the heroes with wealth and fame to get them to look the other way, or the court could try convincing the heroes to make the ruler feel more comfortable in their new situation, or to go out and find someone more suited to the role until the rightful heir grows up

- Mod Doom

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Hey Ruchai, what made you go full on extremist for the cause?

“You… you’re really going to fucking ask me why I’m an extremist, like the answer wasn’t clear enough for you already? Are you really that blind to how lowbloods are treated? God damn that must be real fucking nice huh.”

“One, the empire and all authority figures in general are fucked and crooked as hell, they don’t do a damn thing to help the people. Everyone turns a blind eye and it’s getting real damn tiring. Two, I’m tired of watching people be slaughtered by the hundreds for no reason other than because highbloods can get away with it. And then you get lowbloods that complain oh woe is me, small and powerless. What ever shall I do?”

“Well I’ll tell you what to fucking do. You shut the fuck up and do something about it. You fight, you wreak havoc, make life living hell for them. Go out for some damn blood to show just how fed up you really are.”

“Being an extremist is the only way you’ll be heard. And if you die? At least you would’ve gone out with a bang.”

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Am I still asexual if I find people hot but don't want to have sex with them? Like I find some men very good looking but I have zero interest in sex I just think they look nice? Like a good piece of art or a nice sunset. I've had people tell me I can't be ace cause I say things like 'damn Chris Evans is hot' and I mean, he is, I love looking at his photos and watching his films. And like I'd love to hug him (I'd probably die) but he can keep his clothes on, I wouldn't want to sleep with him.

Sounds like you might be interested in the term “aesthetic attraction”.

anyone else kinda terrified you’ll never be able to hold a job in the future because of your mental illness