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Can you say what *spoilery* thing you saw when visiting set yet or will you say after the finale?

The scene we saw shot was from 7x11, but what I saw was a spoilery thing regarding Mona killing Charlotte. So I’ve had to keep my mouth shut about that until just now, they called it “The Mona Thing” and I just got a quick sneak peak on a paper outside of Mar’s office. So I kept my damn mouth shut FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR.

I feel bad. I think I spoiled things for some folk. 

Apologies if I did. 

I try to always use “cr spoilers”. If I think it’s particularly spoilery, I use “critical role spoilers” too, because, like, I have no idea how you block tags, and if it matters exactly how it’s written or what. 

I also try to tag things “cr ep ___”. So, like, for this episode, it would be “cr ep 102″. If you just want to block tags for that specific episode. (I actually do this more so that if people ask me later what episode it’s from, I have a way of knowing … though now that I think about it, they don’t ask if you tag, so it solves the problem before it starts)

But, like, legit, you should always feel comfortable unfollowing. It doesn’t hurt my feelings at all. 

You can come back after you’ve seen the episode, or not. It’s all good. 

I finished watching Fujiko Mine the other night, and without getting into too much spoilery detail I want to say: that’s how you make an abuse narrative without glorifying the abuser

“Ultimately what I am is too big and powerful for this to be my origin story” is a good look, particularly in a story about living archetypes.  The Fujiko Mine idea includes being a victim in its sweep but is in no way defined by it.  To be defined by anything would be to diminish the idea - the tension which powers it is to be chased but always one step ahead, even in capture.  The whole is never revealed.

All in all a more thorough commitment to that ideal than for example Luc Besson could ever achieve, because in the end Nikita has to belong to him.  

In all a tremendously entertaining and well-made show with some excellent ideas.  Shame about Oscar, though.

Reaction is Here

Finally getting around to posting some of my reaction to the movie from yesterday.

Ok I’ll try not to be too spoilery-fied but there might be just a little.

So first off absolutely loved it. I feel like with Aoe and Tlk Bay redeemed himself from Rotf and Dotm. Maybe not completely but pretty close enough for me. Lol

I was all scared of evil Optimus pfffft there wasn’t nothing to be scared over. Quintessa still a witch though.

This movie to me felt like it went super fast. Like continuous action one thing leading to another and another. But I was able to follow along with no trouble.

I was warned of plot holes and that it would be like super bonkers. Well I could see why they’d say plot holes but me myself I didn’t see anything that would be like a serious plot hole. And as far as bonkers I really didn’t think it was that. If the parts they are referring to is the ones in thinking of (grant it that it is those scenes) to me they were hilarious comedy relief.

I feel like there was way more entertainment with in all the action.

I was not so for Vivian when first saw her in the trailer but she totally cool.

Wish there would have been more with Izabella and Squeeks so much potential there and absolutely adorable.

Speaking of Squeeks….super cute but holy shit what he can do (hence end battle scene) he like a Fixit from rid 2015.

Baby Dinobots:…..I want then all just in a place that is fireproof and with no breakable objects. Lolol

This maybe be spoiler-ish…..Bee voice….hilarious beginning totally save the day at the end. And I’ll leave it at that.

Talking fast didn’t catch some of the lines. If there is anything I didn’t catch it would be that. Can’t wait for DVD/blue ray so I can listen in closely.

I could kinda see the Crosshairs/Drift ship little bit

Definitely Yeager Program ship hell yeah

Ending was perfect.

Post credit scene:… spoilers here but I will tell you this and y'all can figure it out when you see the movie……..I FUCK KNEW IT NOT DEAD…….and I’ll leave it at that

Big thing that’s probably spoilery…..the trailers tooooootally take things out of context. Don’t trust em. They don’t go near what the movie is about. So please don’t base the movie on the trailers. Cause the trailers make it look like one thing but is totally not how it plays out. The whole Bee vs Optimus like literally happens in a few seconds no more same goes for Quintessa with Optimus and Optimus vs Megatron. Ok maybe the Quintessa part with Optimus may have been a little longer than a few seconds but not by much. Please trust me on that.

Above all absolutely wonderful movie. Thank you Bay, Paramount, Hasbro, and everyone involved in the movie. Superb job y'all.

Big Shout out to my BFF bro bot @jessicatheshark for taking me to see this marvelous movie and no I’m not exaggerating when I say marvelous. To me it was marvelous.

Y'all will see more of my reactions as fan art and the like Comes out and more watch the movie and such.

I’ll try not to be too spoilery until like the weekend. Hopefully a good portion will have watch the movie by then and if not and you don’t wanna be spoiled then be cautious looking at my blog. Any tf5 stuff will have tf5, tlk, Bayverse, Bayformers, and tfcu in the tags.

Now I guess we prepare for tf6 lol

Misha Collins.
Arriving on set in New Westminster, BC.
Thursday, March 2nd, 2017.

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