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Wanna bet that we get more non-spoilery bts stuff from Diana when she's in SA than from the actual freaking Outlander reporter that is there for getting promo material?

We have FERSALI there on set already, so I am not sure what DG is actually going  to do there? We know she doesn’t write episode for season 3, so I assume it’s just to visit SA? IMO book 9 doesn’t write itself and I’d rather have that, just saying… The wait is getting rather long.

I watched the live stream of the RPDR premiere on the VH1 site (dm me if you need the - legal - hack for it) and I have something to say:

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  • holy fuck do all American tv shows have so many commercial breaks 
  • I am not a Gaga stan but I sort of wish she was a permanent judge, her critiques were on point and she was obviously SO into it. We’ll I’d be into it too if I there was a drag ball inspired by myself
    (*Ru voice* category is: sweatpants realness)
  • which made me think of this scene in last week’s Feud:

spoilery observations:

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Whoever said handling the Nomad would be better than the Mako is a dirty rotten liar, like, ohmygod. Maybe I’m a noob, but damn do I struggle to handle it. Turning is a bit of a nightmare and the fact that we need to swap modes for the barest incline is insane. One thing I do like more is that the boost actually, like, boosts speed and doesn’t send me flipping ass over head into oblivion, lmao. 

it’s weird that Reiner, Bertolt, Mikasa weren’t in the PV, especially Reiner and Bertolt, I could see most of Mikasa’s important scenes being a little too spoilery

I’m just saying though, I don’t really care all that much, S2 is gonna be here in a week anyway! woot woot

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When you said Bottom Of The Deep Blue Sea represented Elias and Laia in book 3, is there any specific lyrics that you're referring to or is it just the whole song? Because it is a beautiful song and I LOVE his voice but it's also hard to understand haha. The parts I got is "I'll wait on you inside the bottom of the deep blue sea. Welcome to my case, little lover. Let's burn go up flames, pretty lady" Or would pointing it out be too spoilery? (Either way I reall am in love with the song tho!)

It’s the whole song.  Here are the lyrics: 

the birds surrounding my body

crushing every bit of bone
the salt it seeps into the pores of my open skin

I’ll wait on you inside the bottom of the deep blue sea

I’ll wait on you inside the bottom of the deep blue sea

Welcome to my cage little lover
Time to rearrange with you baby
Still don’t know your name 
It’s Sunny ( ?) 
Let’s go up in flames pretty lady

The sweet surrender of silence
forces me to live alone
locked and loaded
where the hell is peace of mind(?)
i’ll wait on you inside the bottom of the deep blue sea
I’ll wait on you inside the bottom of the deep blue sea

Welcome to my cage little lover
Time to arrange with you baby
Still don’t know your name
It’s Sunny
Let’s go up in flames pretty lady



@reelaroundthedavekan I’m still not ready to talk about it. We could start a support group where we don’t talk about it.

@womaninterrupted maybe I shouldn’t watch shows. I get attached. They hurt me. God I’m a clenched fist when I watch it and I’m in a headspace where I cannot think of one reason why I would want to share a life with someone and the show is really playing into that. And I’m going to say stuff in the tags that might be spoilery about big little lies. The characters are just BIG LIARS there is nothing little about any of these lies. Also, I know it’s hard to tell because I’m writhing in pain and crying but I guess I like it???

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Hello Shaelin! I was reading on your website about Winter Houses and I was curious if there was anything you could tell me about it? Thanks awesome person!

Can’t say much more than is on my website. It is one of those books where everything is spoilery (oh thrillers, why are you like this) but what I can say is:

1. The main character is named Heidi Volkova and I love her. She’s been a strange character to work with and she’ll be hard to write because she has a very subtle personality, and it’s taken a while to earth her many, many layers. But, I’m very excited to get to write her. She’s cerebral, complex, reserved, confident, tough, gentle. There’s a lot going on there and it’s exciting to work with.

2. The love interest Caleb is bae. Just saying. 

3. It’s dark af. And we like that. At least I do. 

4. I’m going for a suspended eerie tension throughout.

5. Romance and a thriller! All the messed up stuff with cute feely times thrown in to off set it! Balance is key! 

My tag line is “The boy will fall in love with the girl. He’s not supposed to. Mom taught him not to fall in love with a liar. The girl will fall in love with the boy. She’s not supposed to, either. Daddy always said not to fall in love with a cop.” 

YO AIN’T THAT INTRIGUING. idk. I’m proud of that. 


I’ve blacklisted basically everything related to the new game, and because y’all are so good about tagging (thank you!! <3) I have seen very few posts about it. However, if you’ve posted some non-spoilery pictures of your Ryder (or if you’ve posted about parts of the game that I’ve already completed - my playthrough tag is here - spoilers within, but I put major things behind a cut), feel free to send me links so I can gush over your Ryder. :D