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Klangst Week: Day 2 - Mistake/Faith.


Lance’s POV:

I couldn’t tell anyone I was sick. How would they treat me?
No one would let someone like me be a paladin of Voltron. They’d misunderstand; think I would hurt someone. People underestimate me enough as it is; I could never let anyone know my secret.

I can’t remember a time in my life where I didn’t have prosopagnosia.
This basically means that I can’t remember faces, even family members.

We found out when I was young. Mum and Dad thought I was just getting confused between people because we had such a large family; but when I got older and still had to ask the names of people when they walked in a room we knew something was wrong.

I have little things that help me. Like pointers. Mum had very long dark hair and it was always braided.
Dad was the only one old enough to have a beard.

When I see someone, even siblings, it is like they are a stranger to me. I have learnt how to identify most of my family, but it takes a while.

We decided not to tell Garrisons when I applied about my disease. They would never let me in.

After a few months I could point out the smallest person and the largest person in the crowd to be my team mates Hunk and Pidge.

But then I saw him.
A black mullet, seemingly purple eyes and a deep frown.

I didn’t know what it was but his face stuck with me. I could see him. FINALLY someone I didn’t forget.

I wanted to be near him at all times. Remembering someone felt amazing.

But one day, I walked into class, a sea of strangers. Instead of identifying the mullet and taking a seat behind him. Instead of being obnoxiously loud so that maybe he would turn around. I saw no one. I had been told that I had moved up to fighter pilot but I didn’t know that this was the cost.

My one face. The only one that I remembered. Gone.

The night that I spotted him. The night we rescued Shiro and Voltron was reformed was the best night of my life. I had my face back. My one face. Keith’s face; his beautiful, gorgeous face!

I grew close with everyone on that ship but no one as much as Keith.

I still never told anyone about my disability, not even when Keith and I started dating.

It was fine mostly. Everyone had their colours. I could identify a Galra or alien rather quickly. It was easy enough.

Until one night when it all came crashing down.

Growing up, I had never had alcohol before. I had joined Voltron as a teenager had never had a drop in my life. Two years later I am still here and am a legal age. I had never experienced the effects of alcohol on my brain and no one knew of my disease so couldn’t tell me that drinking it was a very, very bad idea.

“Come on, babe. We’ll be late to the party.” Called Keith as he stood at the door of our shared room looking at his watch.

I sighed waking over to him from my spot on our bed and began adjusting his tie.
“I know, sorry, you jut look so good in a suit.”

Keith rolled his eyes and slapped my arm away from his collar.

“Agh! be good. We are meeting the elders of the Blade tonight. Leave your horniness behind.”

“Fine… love you.” I said hopefully, moving my arms back around Keith’s neck and resting then on his shoulders.

“Love you.” He sighed and leaned in to peck me quickly. “But we have to go. You coming?” He said as he stepped away from me and started to walk down the hall.

I ran to catch up with him and grabbed his hand in my own.
“Did I ever tell you that you have the most beautiful face.”

“Only every day, Lance.”


The ground was moving, the room was spinning. Was everyone swaying or was I? This was a bad idea. I couldn’t see who anyone was and my brain was pounding against my skull.

I tried to hard to focus on just one face but I couldn’t keep myself still.

I tripped and fell trying to get my balance as I searched for anything to hold onto to keep myself upright.

Then I saw him.
Black Mullet… check.
Suit… check.
Small… check.
Keith. Over by some old people looking very serious.

It must be him. He’s the only one I remember. And everything seems to check out.

In my drunken state I forced my way over to him and just as I was about to collapse I fell into his safe, strong arms.

“Wow, you okay there?”
His voice was so deep. Deeper then usual. I must be pissed.

He looked good though even if he was a little blurry.

So I did what I always did when I was with Keith. I leaned over and kissed him. He was so warm.



I let go of Keith and turned to where I heard his voice.

‘Two Keith’s?’

The music had stopped and everyone was looking at me. Hundreds of strange faces that I should know but didn’t.

“Wait Keith?” I called out to my boyfriend, searching for him.

“Yeah, Keith.” His voice said coldly. “Or did you forget I existed while you were making out with this alien?”
He yelled, clearly hurt.

“What!?” I stumbled up to face the Keith that I had been kissing.
Black mullet.
Black clothes
And… green skin, three eyes, seemingly female and is definitely not Keith.

'Fuck, fuck, fuck!“

I searched for the real Keith in the crowd, instantly finding my one face. It was distorted in the angriest expression.


'Not good.’


Sorry it’s late. Yay mental illness
Gavin Polone on 'A Dog's Purpose' Outcry, What Really Happened and Who's to Blame | Hollywood Reporter

Once I found out the outcry for “A Dog’s Purpose” was initiated by PETA, I immediately knew there’s something fishy.

So people, don’t boycott this movie. It’s one of the BEST pro-rescue movie, EVER.

Read the article for what actually happened, and what’s really going on: PETA forcing their anti-pet agenda.

"they didn't have the same concepts of sexual orientation and gender back then"
  • what it means: ideas about platonic affection were much broader and more permissive, gender was in some ways both more fluid (because it was strongly tied to presentation, so if one looked like a duck and quacked like a duck...) and more restrictive (because genders besides male and female? wat?), sexual orientation was in many people's minds almost inextricably linked to gender/gender presentation, and while the concept of homosexuality definitely existed and people knew about it as something distinct from platonic friendship, it was considered a practice as opposed to an identity
  • what it doesn't mean: LGBT people didn't exist before the 20th century
  • straight historians, take note

okk here are those quick refs I mentioned, I never made this sort of refs before so I’m not sure exactly what you need to know, so there are some back/fronts

I also added some shoes and versions of outfits with less skin exposed in case you’re not comfortable with tha t

also in case of characters that are wearing more regular tshirts (like Roxy, Sollux and Jake) be free to add their “symbol” on them if you want!

you can find better views/different angles on some things on this tag!

Things about Cronus I’m rereading from canon:

  • has attempted poetry, slam poetry and dubstep (labeled as bubstep)
  • “jeepers”
  • arguably taller than some of his friends? meenah does call cronus’ possible catches “shorties.” (then again they could all be short you never knooow).
  • cronus sobs at his crosshairs being snapped in half by meenah.
  • snaps mitunas skateboard in half later.
  • one of the only male characters to enthuse the idea of sleeping with another guy.
  • only uses chief once in openbound, and once in ministrife.
  • cronus would be considered the sorta anti-rufioh.
  • seems like cronus only started the whole human thing after entering the bubbles.
  • never calls kankri anything else but kankri.
  • doesnt flirt with kankri either.
  • seems to not flirt for particular quads that are already taken. 
  • goes on a brief date with hussie only for hussie to steal seahorse dad.
  • hussie bought cronus’ ring from meenah using the homestuck kickstarter money.
  • cronus says nyeh (twice) in canon, unlike eridan which is an outdated fanon concept. 
  • “sigh, nevwer evwen MIND, its so ruined nowv. (#just nevwer EVWEN)”
  • uses 8 for “B” in his caps lock words and I still wonder why.
  • says to meenah “ oh sure. no grub sauce on your hands! “ possibly hinting at the substance that is grub sauce? 

i do have a private blog i made for ships, and i dont have to disclose why i ships those things bc its personal to me, but i did make sure the blog was flagged nsfw and private, i only gave the url to people who asked for it and were above the age of 18

and the fact that you ‘exposed’ it isnt you trying to protect kids, you literally linked it for them to see. and the chat that got ‘linked’ was just from one chat group we had that was centered around nsfw, no minors were in that specific group. we all also used it for venting and talking, and a lot of the things we said were said in anger and not meant to be shared with the whole internet.

everyone in that group has dealt with some form of mental illness/abuse, we all made that chat to cope and bond over similar experiences. 

a PSA for artists

i’ve been thinking about this a lot. it’s something i wish i learned much sooner. it’s something i wish more people knew.

the idea that art has to be any one way is wrong.

your art does not have to be realistic, or look like anyone else’s, or keep up with popular trends.

the idea that you have to be able to draw realism to be a good artist? wrong.

you don’t. you already are a good artist.

everyone has their own style. it’s fine and normal to adopt style choices from other artists, but everyone has their own style, there is no changing that.

and why would you change it?

your style is what makes your art YOURS. it is unique. it is perfect in it’s own way, because it is perfect in it’s style.

draw something. now look at it. you just created something new. a visible projection of your thoughts. something nobody has seen yet, not in the way you present it. isn’t that amazing?

you are so powerful. you can create your own characters, worlds, stories- you can give and take lives and control all that happens in your own universe, through your own beautiful style. that’s incredible!

there is no such thing as bad art. those “bad art”/”bad oc” blogs mean nothing. they are bitter, worthless beings with the intention to hurt you. please don’t fall into their trap.

“okay, so i don’t have to draw realistically, now what?”

you practice!

get to know your style. familiarize yourself with the shapes and lines. just keep drawing the way you do, maybe making small improvements every now and then. but remember, improvements are just what you think looks better.

nobody can tell you how to make art. nobody can tell you your art is bad, because it isn’t. it’s simply different, and that’s the way it should be.

keep going, okay? it’s amazing to watch people follow their passions, and it crushes me to see them beat down for superficial things.

(note: this does not mean you can be offensive with your art! try not to do that)


You know… 

If someone had shown me this trailer a month ago and told me the game was about a group of kids investigating horror stories in their small country town, I’d have been moderately interested. Gravity Falls was good, I like Scooby Doo, and it seemed like a cool mystery game. Not really consistent with the trailer’s aesthetic, but whatever.

If you’d instead told me that this game was about an immature college dropout moving home only to find that the town and her old friends have moved on and that everyone she used to know have grown older and she can’t go back to her carefree youth, I don’t know what I would have thought. Probably not much.

If you’d then told me that the story examines the melancholy that grows in these small towns, the abuse children can suffer from their families as neighbors look the other way, the disillusionment that comes from growing up in a town abandoned and left to die as society advances, and the kind of hell that people with mental illnesses experience in societies that aren’t willing to aid them? I would’ve been frightened, but also curious.

If you’d told me Night In The Woods was about all of these things I would’ve bought it on the spot. As it turns out, I wound up buying it within an hour of finding out about it. I’m maybe two hours in at most, and it’s already become one of my favorite games of all time. Seriously. Take a look.

silverfoxtony  asked:

just letting you know that i'm going through your tony stark tag from 2012 to now. 111 pages through, 1220 to go. i love seeing the changes in your writing style and your perception of the material tony's in, as well as the steadily increasing nat bitterness™ i've grown to love! adore your blog forever and always, thanks for being such a gift to this fandom. tony stark would be so proud! incredulous and sceptic of all the praise and love directed at him, but proud and happy nonetheless :')

OH MY GOD NO if you do that i will be exposed for the sham that i am holy shit please just promise me you won’t make fun of who i was during my young and more vulnerable years. i didn’t know what i was doing. i still don’t. oh god

On February 4th 2016, a Chicago police officer was performing a welfare check on the Martinez family following a 911 call from a concerned citizen. The whole family hadn’t been seen for two days, and when the head of the household, Noe Martinez Jr, had failed to show up for work, people knew something was wrong. When the officer entered the property, he came across a truly horrific scene: The Martinezes were all dead, lying in a complete bloodbath.

Each victim had been stabbed to the point of absurd overkill; some over 30 times. One had been blasted with a shotgun for good measure. There was no sign of life in the family home, apart from their trembling dog, Pelusa (Spanish for “fuzzy”), who was covered in her owners’ blood but unharmed. Initially, a shocked team of investigators wrote the crime off as a murder-suicide. It wasn’t until May, that two suspects were arrested for the murders. Diego Uribe, who was related to the family through marriage, and his 19-year-old girlfriend eventually admitted to the “robbery gone wrong”. He admitted breaking into the home to steal jewellery, but he panicked when he was discovered and killed 6 innocent people. The pair were recently convicted of first degree murder.

Behind them, the bell rang noisily in the science building, two minutes after the period had actually ended. It was a proper bell with a proper rope, and it was supposed to be rung properly at the end of the period by a proper student. The two-minute disparity prematurely aged Adam Parrish. He liked it when people knew how to do their jobs.
‘Say something,’ Gansey said.
‘That bell.’
'Everything is terrible,’ agreed Gansey.
—  The Raven King by Maggie Stiefvater

Saving Gabriel

gif is not mine

Title: Saving Gabriel

Characters: Gabriel x Reader, Lucifer

Word Count: 1,024

Warnings: Angst

A/N: Happy Sweet Treat Saturday! This wasn’t requested, but I thought you all might enjoy this and I hope you do! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much! <3 <3

Gabriel met you as a college student back when you were twenty years old.  He tried to stay away from you, but he couldn’t.  You were special.  You were unlike any other human he had encountered.  Every time he tried to run from you, somehow you always found him without trying.  He knew you loved him, but he didn’t want to hurt you.

He knew what was going to come and he didn’t want to risk putting you in the crossfire.  There were many times in which you had saved the archangel.  A few times you did so without meaning to, but he was thankful nevertheless.  You soon found out about the two people he kept running into; the Winchesters.

You knew something was wrong when Gabriel didn’t meet up with you that night.  Without a second thought about it, you got into your car and started to drive home.  However, there was an unusual storm brewing and you could hardly see through the pouring rain.  You pulled up to the motel you saw in the distance.  You had a bad feeling about this motel, but you had no other choice.  People began to pour out of the building as you entered.  

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I love the way she survived. Surviving looked good on her. There were no dark marks under her eyes. Maybe deep inside, but I liked the way she looked through them and laughed at life. She did it gracefully. She’d walk over glass and through fire, but still smiled. And honestly, I’m not interested in people who haven’t lived and died a few times. Who haven’t yet had their heart ripped out, or know what it feels like to lose everything. I trust those people, because they stand for something. I knew what she’d been through. I wanted to thank her for surviving, and her to know she now had someone to stand with her too.
—  Anonymous

There’ve been at least 15 times this last year, when something I thought people knew was actually something new to them. It’s baffled me but also reminded me how important it is to stay curious! 

Please leave me lots of comments on the video. I’d love to know what things you’ve just realized about sexuality. Or how many of these 15 mini lessons were new to you. 

She had her guard up and it was almost as cliche as the girl in movies that had been burned before and didn’t want it to happen again. Except, she wasn’t like that. She just knew that love was something most people would give up on should it get too hard, so she spared herself the heartbreak and tears, settling for alcohol and weed instead. She was happy that way, living carefree; not having to wonder about boys or worry about if they liked her enough to stay. Then, she met you.

You consumed her every thought. You reminded her of home, like the feeling she got around her dad before he passed because you were so pure… you were so raw. She was never warned to stay wary around you, in fact everyone told her that you were one of a kind. Days began to pass, those day growing into weeks which turned into months that she spent every second with you. It was so obvious that she loved you, and it was so obvious that you felt the same way. With her first love wrapped around her arm and her smile finally becoming something real, she was happy. She felt safe. She felt as though the both of you could conquer anything, and it seemed that way for a while. But as everyone knows, most times first loves don’t last. They’re something like a fairytale story, but fairytales are just that - stories.

When you didn’t fight to stay, she felt like her world was collapsing all around her. She gave herself to you in every single way, even the most innocent. She let you see what goes on in her head, let you explore the deepest parts of her soul, and you still didn’t see it to be enough. So she’ll wander the halls these next few months with tears glossing over her eyes, and she’ll go home and try to drown out the emotions in vodka, though she should know that only makes you feel more. Her covers will be stained with tears and her heart will feel as though it’s physically breaking, but she’ll walk away from it stronger than she was. You will always have a place in her heart, because first loves are never forgotten. We all know that.

—  First loves

Ya know, most hate posts read a lot like shit posts. They’re nonsensical and random and I can’t take them seriously so I usually ended up landing somewhere between


on the emotional scale.


The church of light, Velemér, Hungary

Built in the late 13th century this Romanesque and early Gothic edifice has become world famous thanks to the frescos created by John Aquila around 1377. John Aquila was born in Radkersburg, Austria. Among the frescoes of Velemér church we even find a selfportrait, which was unique in his time.

The church is called the church of light, as the frescoes are arranged so that specific, relevant portions are illuminated by the infalling sunrayes on a special day and date of the year - f.g. the scene of guiding star is illuminated at Christmas, while the Crucifixion at Easter. Actually, this was not something unique at that time, ancient people knew more about astrology as we think.

In Velemér church there are tiny windows placed into the walls, like slots, positioned to take account of changes in the angle of the sun’s rays during the year, and then the frescoes were positioned accordingly.

  • Logic: even if they release The Lost Special it wouldn't get much viewers, they should've said something by now.
  • Also Logic: that's absurd if people knew about the secret episode what's there to be secret than? what is a conspiracy?
  • Also Logic: holy shit we are advertising the show ourselves how genius.
  • *5 minutes later*
  • Doubt: would I remain cool If there was no Lost Special?
  • Logic: shut up DOUBT your IQ is so low it makes me pity you stop poisoning me I'm sure there will be.

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Fandom: X-Men

Pairing: Platonic Kurt Wagner x Reader

Warning: N/A

Writer: @imaginesofeveryfandom aka @thequeenofthehobbits

Summary/Request: Requested by anon:  YAAAAS could you do a one shot where the reader is really close with Nightcrawler, but he doesn’t know they can speak German, so one day they mutter something to themselves and he just stares in shock? Idk, you can have free reign

Notes: Reader speaking German is in italics because I don’t know any German and i’d 100% butcher the language with translate xx

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