is this something most people know

Slytherin house has some of the kindest, most generous people on the planet! I love my house! But it seems like every time we do something brave or selfless, people from other houses are all, “We sort too soon,” but damn, we can be altruistic, too. We just happen to know bravery can be rendered worthless without pragmatism. “Dying is easy, son; living is harder,” as the old Slytherin adage goes.

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Guys…have you heard the lyrics to your own song ??? 🤦🏼‍♀️
-Yes Kai is almost shirtless (Which could kill people from fangirling)
-Yes it looks like you’re doing drugs and talking about having sex at the same time.
-Yixing who is the most closed to “innocent” on EXO is not in the video (TBH if he was in the video it could either be PG-0 or PG-19 because that one is an expert making “things” explode)
-Just in case you forget Sehun and Xiumin have something going on in the middle of the MV (Which it’s very very sexual 😏)…and you all look H.O.T af 🔥…so… at this point I don’t know why the video wasn’t rated PG-19 Bonus: And Shing Dong hasn’t seen the video obviously 🤦🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️?

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Some people think that sakura was being arrogant and stupid when she said she caught up to sasuke and naruto,but she didn't mean she was as strong as them but that she was on equal footing,no longer staring at their backs.Why do people think sakura is overconfident,prideful,stuck up bitch?After chapter 40 something she's been nothing but selfless.even before she was only twelve,I imagine most twelve year olds were little entitled brats so they need to build a bridge and get over part one sakura.

Yep, that part always gets so easily misconstrued. 

I really don’t know why so many people actually think that Sakura was actually saying that she had caught up to Naruto and Sasuke in terms of power. Half of the chapter was about her remembering how upset and frustrated she was at herself for always having the two of them fight her battles for her while she could only stand and watch them from behind:

She even makes it clear that at some point, she gave up on ever trying to reach Naruto and Sasuke’s level of skill because the two of them were just too incredible - they kept on getting stronger and stronger, and keeping up with them would have been a near impossible task for even the most talented of shinobi:

So right there, she made it explicitly clear that reaching their level of power was never the point of this speech.

But when Sakura finally had enough chakra stored up to unleash the Byakugou Seal, it was a statement that she was no longer gonna just stand back and let Naruto and Sasuke do all the fighting; she was gonna stand right there with them, side by side on the battlefield, and fight together. Sakura even explicitly says it herself, how “this time, we fight with our backs to each other!!:

So why so many ignorant Sakura haters keep on spouting this absolute nonsense regarding how Sakura was apparently arrogant enough to actually believe that she was equal to Naruto and Sasuke in terms of skill, is beyond me.

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Gafahey (brOTP) (Inej/Jesper) Anything...

10/10 good brOTP

- They had a rap battle while drunk once

- They have a secret handshake no one can figure out

- They will finger gun and wink at one another for seemingly no reason and it drives everyone else crazy because they think Inej and Jesper are planning something

- The make fun of one another constantly

- Inej likes to steal Jesper’s flannels

- They always help each other pick out outfits for dates

- Jesper will always give Inej a piggyback ride. Always 

- If one of them is on a mission you can be sure the other is watching their back, somewhere in the shadows

- Jesper is the only person Inej will buy a drink for

- They come up with new team names for each other every day

- They play the most epic pranks on other people, especially Matthias

- They know each other’s regular orders at all their favorite restaurants/coffee places

- Water gun fights in the dark outside of crow club. Inej is currently winning.

- Jesper can always sense when Inej is coming

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I'm autistic. I want to work in psychiatry as a therapist, but I'm worried that my lack of social skill will keep me from doing well. Talking, reading body language, and reassuring others have never been my strong suits. Still, this career path is important to me because therapy really helped me, and I want to help others in the same way. Are there resources for ND folx trying to go into psychiatry? Any tips for what I can do to prepare myself? Should I just go into something else?

I don’t know of any specific resources, but there are many ND people in the the medical, psychology, and education fields. My own focus is sociology, however, my intent for a masters or Ph.D. is autism research from a multidisciplinary perspective, and I expect to work on projects with psychology Ph.D. candidates that are sponsored by psychology professors.

The biggest thing that you can do, and probably the most important thing, is learning to suffer the ableism, and when and how to pick the fights that you can win or when and how to be quietly subversive.

There are a lot of things you will have to put up with to get the degree you want, and you will have to learn how to navigate all the medical ableism and the medical model of disability. But once you do, the reward is that you get to fight to change the system from the inside.

That’s a very powerful thing for our community.

Followers, any of you out there taking the nothing about us without us approach and entering a field of study or a profession that we autistics often make use of?

- Sam

Noel Fielding’s Hair Appreciation Post

I don’t even know where to start with this so I’m gonna jump right into the middle. 


When most people think of Noel’s hair, they conjure something like this:

Cute as all hell but very cheeky. Each section placed perfectly to frame and accentuate his face. It seems to have a life of its own. 

Personal rating: 9/10  

Extra points for how pretty his eyes are here: 2 

But consider this: Pretty Raven Boy

Look at the petrol blue steaks making his eyes stand out like that!! He looks like a little rock prince. Yes, my son.

Personal rating: 7/10 No extra points, sorry.

Speaking of rock princes, look at my lil punk shit!

Son, how does it do that? Why does it look like Satan himself could spear my organs on those spikes and I’d honestly thank him?? Huh? NoEL, WHy? *deep breath* 8/10 

Extra points for the outfit: 4

Let’s just tone it down a bit and look at something else for a while.

I call this one: Gay Dracula

He’s all messy and I just can’t here. Not entirely different from our first exhibit, Gay Dracula is also destroying my sanity but in a whole new way. Look at how it just doesn’t care. Can we take a minute to appreciate the stubble too? I’m not usually a fan of it but damn he pulling it off there.

8/10 + 1 for stubble

Alright, we’re nearly there. Let’s think back to this: 

YEs I’m Bringing it back. BLonde Noel.

I have very few words on this subject, it’s mainly just me crying. Much spike. Many layer. Very rock. 

9/10 kill me now

And for our final piece: Two Part Hair Porn

I think we can all just agree that NO. 

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If anyone needs me, I’ll be dead.

Online Harassment aka Even Negative Attention is Attention

This is only one of the things that I’ve had to read during the last few days. You can believe me when I tell you that writing all of this wasn’t easy for me. I’ve read and rewritten this post so many times I’ve lost count. A part of me even wanted to just ignore everything, hoping it’ll pass like I did as a teenager. But I’ve realized that this isn’t just about me, this issue concerns all of us.

I know that a lot of people in this fandom are very young, I know that a good percentage is extremely shy. I know from my work as an educator most of my students have been subjected to online harassment before. I know that too many suffer silently until they break. There is something about the supposed “anonymity“ the internet gives us that makes some people completely disregard all social morale.

For a lot of us -me included- tumblr may very well be one of the only places we can share our interests with others. We don’t need for this safe space to be ruined by unnecessary bullying or even witch hunts.

! I’m putting a warning here because the things that I am about to show are potentially triggering (mentions of Nⓐzism, disability and suicide) and they used a lot of cuss words.

I know this is a heavy read but please take the time to look at it if you can.

The gravity and extremity of what I’ve seen is what pushed me to make this post, so I’m not going to censor it. Remarks like these left me mortified at the disrespect some people are willing to show:

I am not going to show the names of the people involved because I want for this to be an educational post more than anything. So I encourage that even if figure out who these people are: don’t go after them. Firstly because I don’t condone witch hunting, but also to not give them the “validation” they are trying to achieve with all this.

I’d also like to point out that I got all the screenshots from a public server they openly advertised, so I simply took them up on the offer and joined to get to the bottom of this. You’d expect someone who goes out of their way to point out that personal attacks and harassment are strictly prohibited to follow their own rules, but apparently that’s harder then it seems.

I was the target of their hatred this time, but since these people are to detached from reality it could have been anyone.

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Kyle: June, what do you know about Billie’s death and this whole situation? Your name came up among those who stayed late.

June: I swear, I wouldn’t even have anything like this in mind!… Yeah, I stayed to talk to some people and then went to the kitchen where the aliens were chatting. I made myself a sandwich and went back to bed, on my way I bumped into Everly and Franciska. I fell asleep quite soon, I think I did hear the scream but I thought someone just tripped over or something.

Kyle: Grayson, you were the most popular object of discussion. A few people said you were hanging in the hall around the time Billie’s death happened.

Grayson: What? They accuse me? No way! I had a flirt with Bakari before going to the kitchen. I’m not sure if they stayed in the hall or went to bed, but I’m leaning more towards the second option. Then I had a chat with Auribus, about aliens and all this stuff. Ke went to bed, and I stayed for a few minutes longer to grab a snack because June blocked the way and I had to wait. Actually, Billie shared a bunk with me. Obviously they weren’t there when I climbed into my bed, and then I heard a scream but didn’t give it much attention.

Kyle: You’re the last one, Everly. Please… just tell me something.

Everly: I’m sorry, Kyle, I wasn’t there when Billie was electrocuted. I had a night stroll with Franciska, but we both went upstairs afterwards and I had to wait to use the bathroom because someone was there. I actually heard someone get up around the time… one person from my room and one from the other. The scream? I thought someone was tickled, or something. I usually let out sounds like this when I’m tickled. God, this sounds so inappropriate. I’m really upset this happened to Billie, they were a good person. I hope we’ll find whoever did this to them.

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For fic prompts: Day in the life of local mob boss and dad Diavolo. Maybe Trish tries to throw him a surprise party because even she doesn't know his birthdate so now's as good as ever. Expectedly, people creeping around suspiciously leave a paranoid weirdo on edge.

“Do you know my papá’s birthday?”

Trish tugged firmly at the edge of Doppio’s pants. Diavolo hadn’t spent a lot of time on her ‘please’ and ‘thank you’s just yet, so most of her requests were given as demands, and Doppio wasn’t in any place he could correct her.

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Y'know ignorance is a choice and I think most "ARMY's" overuse that choice and at that point they become one of the most irrelevant people in the fandom like please get off the internet, shut off your phone/laptop etc, and go the fuck to sleep or something like what you've been doing on Jin, fuck I'm just waiting for that day when Jin decides to come out and confess his worries and his troubles with us so that the ignorant side of the fandom can finally open their eyes and see that he is not ok.

exactly. why do we need to wait for the day jin finally snaps and not fix this ourselves? ppl should stop calling jin weird nicknames and support him instead.

I don’t feel threatened by anti-SJW YouTubers because I KNOW it is just entertainment AND most people don’t know even know who they are. They are completely irrelevant. 

You can enjoy all the SJW cringe compilation YouTube videos all you like. You can call me snowflake, SJW or whatever other terms there are out there but it won’t change how passionate I am about social justice issues. 

Because social justice issues are far more than just buzz words, internet trends, Tumblr and entertainment. It is something I care about in my personal life, my career and on the internet. 

The difference between me and someone who has an anti-SJW presence online is when I switch off my laptop, I actually care about these issues and it is a part of my life. It isn’t something I do to burn off steam or to have a laugh. 

BTOB Reaction To Their Girlfriend Being In A Co-Ed Group.

Sungjae: Sungjae probably wouldn’t care much, to be honest. He would be very understanding about the fact that being in a Co-Ed group would almost always involve flirty banter and touchy choreography, and he would understand that stuff like that was all part of the job, especially since he went through something similar when he was on ‘We Got Married.’

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Minhyuk: Minhyuk would definitely be a little bit worried at first. He would feel really uncomfortable about the fact that he was putting the love of his life in the hands of some other guys, but with that being said, would find himself really taking a liking to the group as he slowly got to know them. Over time, he would trust your members almost as much as he trusted you and would have no problem with your position in a Co-Ed group. 

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Ilhoon: Though most people would think Ilhoon would be completely against the idea of his girlfriend being in a Co-Ed group, in actuality, he really wouldn’t mind. He, like Sungjae, would completely understand that anything you did while being in the group was just another part of the job and he wouldn’t hold that against you, or your fellow members. Besides, he loved you more than anything in the world, and he knew you felt the same. He really had nothing to worry about.

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Changsub: Out of all the members, Changsub would definitely be the most worried. He would hate the idea of you traveling, performing, and possibly living or sleeping in the the same quarters as another guy. He would have a lot of trust in you, of course, but would be a little troubled about how the guys might feel. At the end of the day, he’d probably get in contact with the other members of the group so that they could talk it out and make sure everyone was on the same page when it came to you and your relationship. 

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Peniel: Peniel wouldn’t mind the Co-Ed thing at all, really. Knowing him, he’d probably try to become friends with the other members if he had a chance. He’d be really supportive of everthing you did and would know that he could trust you no matter what. 

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Eunkwang: Eunkwang would be incredibly proud of you and how far you’d come in the music business, and would be completely okay with the fact that your dreams were coming true through the formation of a Co-Ed group. Plus, he trust you more than anyone in the world. If anything, he’d be worried about your well-being more than what you were doing when he wasn’t around. He’d probably even pull the members aside once in a while just to make sure they were taking care of you. 

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Hyunsik: Though he’d try his best not to show it, Hyunsik would definitely be a bit worried. He would hate the fact that you had to do things such as touchy choreography and would be more worried about the guy getting the wrong idea than you betraying him. But, like Minhyuk, that would completely change after he got to know the other members. He would come to find out just how amazing your fellow members were and would know that everyone had the utmost respect for one another. 

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(Also, sorry the gifs don’t necessarily match the reaction. Since I’m on my phone today I had to use what tumblr provided and it was hard to find good ones!)

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I saw your ask where you said that in the roman au people assume Percy and Annabeth are a couple before they actually are—so when they do ACTUALLY become a couple, do they make any sort of announcement or just leave it be?

Nah, they leave it be for the most part. Percy’s really the only one of them that gives a shit about everyone knowing he’s dating Annabeth because ~bragging rights~

It’ll probably get revealed in a casual Vogue or GQ interview or something like a year into their relationship. 

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Hi there, I've got a little bit of a doubt about something Jonsa! related and wanted to know what you think of it? okay here it goes: when Sansa tells Jon he can't protect her and that he should stop his response is "I'll stop protecting you when you stops trying to undermine me" or something along those lines and ??? I just ? find it ?? so WeIRd???? Like that's not very reasonable? And here I thought I was awkward whenever I try to talk to my crush, oh boy... he's such a lost puppy

Hahahaha omg that’s a really good point though, like what kind of retort was that? Because we all bloody know there isn’t a day in hell that Jon would stop trying to protect Sansa. Shipper goggles aside, she really is one of the most important people in his life and Jon looks out for the people he loves. It’s who he is at his core. There’s literally nothing he can do to change that. If he stops trying to protect his people, he stops being Jon and he knows that. It’s not some inherent trait he’s pretending doesn’t exist (like his Imposter Syndrome). He has a degree of self-awareness, as most humans do, and he knows he’ll never stop trying to protect Sansa, so why say that? 

I think you’re right. It’s this combination of being flustered around Sansa and not really knowing how to act around her, and being angry and insecure about his legitimacy as the king and whether he’s doing a good job. There’s a meta I reblogged a little bit ago about Jon’s Imposter Syndrome that you should read if you haven’t yet. I’ll link it here

They both just need to learn to communicate better, but with every great partnership, it’s a trial and error journey. They’re going to make mistakes, say stupid things, do stupid things, but as long as they continue to talk it out, they’ll be okay. And as we saw in the premiere, almost immediately after the big argument in the Great Hall, they talked about it. Yeah, a lot of people were mad at the things Jon said to Sansa and others are mad at Sansa for speaking out in public, but they’ve both had to pave their way in the world for so long by themselves and ultimately, they’re different people. They have the same goals but vastly different ideas of how to achieve it. They just need to learn how best to complement each other’s strengths and make up for each other’s weaknesses.

Sorry, I rambled a little there xD

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Hi! Idk if you've ever got this question or thought of it but I'm really curious to know: as a Zootopia fan which animal would you think you were if you were a character? I'm just so excited to know how'd you picture yourself. I bet it's something cute and pure just as you are! As for me, I think I'm more likely to be a possum for many reasons. Eheh. Have a great day :)

Hello Ari!! :D 

Actually, I’ve answered this question recently [here] . I think I would most likely be a Marbled Cat. Mostly I choose this animal because of its physical aspect. For example, I’m actually a bit shorter than average and my eyes can get really wide at times without me realising (and creep some people out hahah), and it lives in a climate I’m used to (tropical)…. and also because I’m a complete cat person so yeah xD 

I don’t really look at its personality wise as it would be a stereotype of who I really am (if that makes any sense) :) 

Ohh, a Possum sounds nice for you! :D I’d like to see you draw yourself as a Possum character zootopia version if you want of course! 

Thank you for asking, have a great day too <3 

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we literally get zero education about islam through the american education system so im really not surprised that billy doesn't know about ramadan or anything. im also assuming he's from a small town considering what his basement looks like and how he talks, and it's probably predominantly white christians. like the only reason most of my friends know a lot about islam is because im muslim and i talk about things in islam a lot

yeah thats true, in denmark we do get some education on it in school but thats more or less pretty wrong lmao they usually just take one tradition from one culture and think that 1,3 billion people do exactly that,,,,,,like i remember in middlex school this religion website said that all muslims serve dates and milk at weddings or something lmao and this was back when i was muslim and the few muslims in my class and i just looked at each other like ??????? what

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Hi, I love your stories! I hope this doesn't come out the wrong way or seen as hate, but I think you shouldn't base your writing based on notes? I understand how it can be discouraging when stories start losing interest, but you shouldn't not write because of that! If you want to continue something, then you should, for your own sake! I hope this makes sense

That is true. But I write for you guys. I don’t get paid for the time and amount I write. I do it for free. So most of my motivation comes from the number of people interested. 

I know it sounds kinda shallow. But it’s just how I work. I think to myself, “Why spend two hours writing another part only a handful of people would read and appreciate?” 

I only write down my stories for you guys. If I wrote for myself, there wouldn’t be much. Because I finish the outlines and plots long before I start writing. Writers write to share it with the world. I can’t be the only writer who relies on validation to keep on going. 

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Can you write something about a lie told to protect someone gone horribly wrong? It'd mean the world to me right now.

It was little lies, white lies (how do I look?). An everyday question, an everyday answer (great). Little blips on the radar. I didn’t make a habit of it. Lying is wrong, you know.

It was a small lie, nothing at all (should I go to that party?). Not a big deal, most people who went to parties got out fine (yeah, it’ll be fun, I promise.) The odds of something truly bad happening are low. Be smart and you’ll be alright.

Lies, like rumors, get bigger (after all, what are rumors but popular lies?).

I wanted to protect you (what do you think of my new boyfriend?). That’s all I ever wanted to do(he seems alright.). I have spent all my life trying to keep you happy, keep you safe.

And now (she might not survive the night.). Now (you’d better come.). Now you’re here in a hospital bed, and when I first heard I promised I would never lie again if you just came home. And now I can’t lie to myself anymore. And so I’m left with my thoughts, echoing louder and louder (it’s all your fault it’s all your fault).

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I'm a Catholic who watches game of thrones (and I believe you do as well?) And I keep seeing people reblogging these posts about why it's bad and now I feel conflicted lol. What's your opinion on that?

yes i watch GoT! i’ve seen those posts too. i actually answered something similar to this a few weeks ago. here’s what i said:

I know GoT isn’t popular with the “Christian crowd” but here I am. I watch it because I like the stories and characters (most of them). Yes there are things I don’t like or care for in it (nudity, sex scenes, rape, violent deaths). I don’t think too much about these things after the episode airs. And if I do, I go to confession (not that it is any of your business).

If you can get past the violence and nudity, it is a good show.

message me off anon. i’d love to talk about the show with you!

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Dream anon: Stress dreams aren't good. I hope you have happy dreams tonight! Also, I just started reading bnha so I went and reblogged all your bnha haikyuu au art things so sorry if that freaked you out or something hhfhbf. I think all the thought you put into their quirks based on their personalities/abilities is awesome! They're really creative! Will you be making more in the future? (Not meant to sound pressuring!)

thank you so much!!! ❤︎ ❤︎  i’ll let you know if anything good happens!!~ ahh i *love* when people spam reblog my art/posts, so don’t worry about freaking me out :D  i’m really touched you like all the quirk ideas i came up with!! that was like…the most creative thinking i’ve had to do in a loong time…. i’ll try to make more since i still have kinoshita and narita left, and some people are curious about what quirk yachi would have, but it depends on whether i think of something good enough ^^;;;