is this show cancelled

i have been checking and posting on tumblr sparingly since little high speed data but i am here to say that a future superstore episode is called golden globes party and since they filmed in amy’s house we ofc can only come to the conclusion that she is hosting a golden globes party right right right ok carry on with your day

Here’s the thing

Some people think that when I talk about “Destihellers” I am talking about literally ALL the Destiel Shippers. Which is entirely 100% NOT TRUE! And I think I speak for the majority of people like this.

When we post about Destihellers, we are talking about:

-The people who attack other people for questioning their ship

-The people who like to degrade Sams character or make him a pathetic cheerleader just for their ship

-The people who take anything that happens in the show and makes it about Destiel.

-The people who attack Jensen and other crew members of the show for not supporting their ship

-The people who say that Jared should be fired (Yea I know that kind of pairs up with the second one but it’s to important) just so it can become the Dean and Cass show

-The people who are huge hypocrites and say that Dean and Cass being together would be healthy and just completely ignore every horrible thing that Cass has done but holds Sam accountable for every little thing he has done since day one and has the nerve to say that Dean and Sams relationship is toxic

-The people who pretend to care about the LGBT community and say the show should be canceled because it lacks representation, but really they just wanna see Jensen and Misha make out to satisfy their gay fetish.

That is why the name “Destihellers” was created. To distinguish Destiel Shippers and people who are just plain disgusting and toxic.

Do we know that there are people out there who just enjoy the ship? Yes. Do we know that there are people who ship it but don’t do all of the things above? Of course. But Destihellers is not that.

Destihellers is one true shit show, and if you dont see anything wrong with what has been stated above, if you think that there is nothing wrong with attacking Jensen and other fans, or wanting Jared off the show, than congratulations, you are a Destiheller.

Supergirl ratings are at an all time low and if they don’t pick up before the mid season finale it’ll be cancelled….

Whelp, they only have 4 people to blame for this. This is what happens when the majority of the viewers are from the LGBTQ community / support it / ship a ship the cast will mock…

Usually it’s poor writing or lack of interested that gets a show cancelled. But this time? It’s because the cast are trash. Lol!

Also the show died when it stopped being about the sisters - independent women and started being all about that misogynistic slave owner called Mon-el and Karamel.

i just realised.

I’ll never get to see them save Wolfgang, I’ll never get to see Kala and Wolfgang finally make it to Paris, I’ll never get to see Nomi and Anamita get married, I’ll never get to see Lito finally make it as a big movie star in hollywood and his love for Hernando, I won’t ever get to see how Will finally takes down whispers, I won’t get to see Ceapheus make changes to the world and his own city and I won’t get to see Sun finally be happy, finally be away from the destruction of her brother, finally be happy with mun. I won’t get to see any of it, and my heart is breaking. 

CBS: Hey let’s make a new Star Trek show and put women of color in the lead roles!

Star Trek fans: Oh! That sounds really cool!

Also CBS: Let’s put it on our overpriced streaming service so the fewest amount of people possible watch it

Star Trek fans:

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  • good show: gets cancelled
  • me: why did they cancel this yet spn gets to have 14 seasons
  • another good show: gets cancelled
  • me: why did they cancel this yet spn gets to have 14 seasons
  • yet another good show: also gets cancelled
  • me: why did they cancel this yet spn ge-

HI GUYS! I just wanted to say that thismarvelous show may be cancelled and I just want you to to help us, rhe fans, to show how much we want this show to get renewed. If you can please type ‘’make some posts with #RenewSense8 on Twitter or just convince somebody to start watching this show. Pease I’ve never seen such a great show and I’d be devastated if it were cancelled.