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Liam Dunbar x Reader

Warnings: None.
Word count: 1 395

A/N: Yet another one of @lazyneonmonster‘s ideas, but I decided to use Liam instead of Brett this time, since I think that Liam fitted more into this. But the more I think about it more after I wrote it, this could be about any wolf.

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Beautiful Nights

I’m sick and I have nothing better to do so here’s a short SNS thing I wrote. Hope you all enjoy!


“Short pants ghosted on each others faces and in that short moment there were no words that needed to be said. Just being in each others embrace was enough.”


“Beautiful night, right Sasuke?”


“Beautiful stars, right Sasuke?”


“Beautiful world… Right Sasuke?”


The two lovers gazed up at the endless abyss of glittering skies, a crescent moon watching over them and bathing them in little scattered rays of silver light. The gentle rustling of leaves was heard as the warm summer breeze strummed on trees, making a unique song dedicated only for the sky and for the lovers who currently lay on a grassy field, gazing up at the sea of stars.

Naruto shifted from his spot on the grass. “Beautiful Sasuke, right Sasuke?” Black eyes shimmering with reflected stars, rosy lips good enough to kiss, midnight hair that shined in the moonlight- Naruto sighed, gazing at the black haired boy lovingly. Beautiful Sasuke indeed.

Sasuke shook his head and chuckled. “That didn’t make sense dobe.”

Naruto giggled and pulled Sasuke close to his chest. “It made perfect sense teme.” He felt Sasuke tuck his head under Naruto’s chin and snuggle into the other male’s chest. “Besides,” Naruto began, running his fingers through the other boy’s hair. “You can’t disagree, can you? That you’re beautiful?”

A muffled sound and said boy shifted so that his legs were entwined with Naruto’s. He poked his head out from his lovers chest. “It’s cuz you’re in love with me.”

Naruto gasped in feigned realization and snapped his fingers. “I guess you’re right! Now that I think about it, you’re really ugly with that hairstyle that looks like a duck’s ass,” He teased. “see, the back is the ass, and your bangs are the duck’s wings, and-”

Suddenly a pale hand flew up and Naruto cried out in pain. He smacked Sasuke’s hand away from his cheek. “What’d you pinch me for?!”

Sasuke pouted. “My hair doesn’t look like a duck’s ass you usuratonkachi.” He slipped out of Naruto’s hold and sat up. “You have the face of an idiot.”

Naruto chuckled. “Aw, you’re pouting.” He sat up as well and pecked Sasuke’s lips. “ And for the record, I don’t look like an idiot. Have you ever seen such beauty? You should feel hono-” he hissed and smacked Sasuke’s hand away again. “Stop with the pinching teme.”

A pinch in the Leg. “no.”

A smack on the hand. “Teme.”

A pinch on the arm. “Dobe.”

Another smack on the hand. “Bastard.”

A flick on the forehead. “Usuratonkachi.”

A tug of silky black bangs. “SasUKE.”

Instead of flicking Naruto again Sasuke stared at Naruto, who had a tight grip on Sasuke’s bangs. Somewhere in they’re bickering they got close until they were mere inches from each other. For some reason, looking at Naruto now, so close… He wondered how he got so lucky. Naruto loved Sasuke so unconditionally and was willing to sacrifice everything for him and…he was just… So special. Sasuke lifted a hand and caressed Naruto’s cheek gently, his fingertips ghosting over a slowly warming cheek. “Naruto..”

Naruto gazed at Sasuke, a faraway look in those beautiful onyx eyes, who, in the night looked like skies themselves, alluring and captivating. Like seeing two galaxies, only more beautiful. He blushed and tilted his head slightly to the side, strands of golden hair falling into his eyes. “Sasuke?”

Realizing what he was doing, Sasuke pulled away quickly- or as much as he could considering Naruto still had a hold on his bangs and blushed a deep shade of red. It wasn’t always that he got… touchy with his lover. Even after being together for three years it was always Naruto who initiated things. It wasn’t that Sasuke didn’t want to touch him, he was just… More shy.

Sasuke composed himself as much as he could and cleared his throat. “L-let go of my bangs and I’ll tell you.” what was he going to tell him though? ‘Oh I spaced out don’t mind me?’

Naruto hadn’t realized he still had a hold of Sasuke’s bangs and with one last tug on the left one he let go, earning a slight wince from Sasuke. Naruto giggled. ‘Serves him right.’

“Ok, What?”

Sasuke fiddled absentmindedly with a dandelion he found beside him, pulling off one tuft of white fluff at a time and letting them get carried away by the light summer breeze. “Oh nothing, just remembering how you are named after a damn food. Can’t get worse than that can you?” He grinned at Naruto’s appalled expression. ‘Nice save Sasuke.’

“My name isn’t after a food! It means maelstrom and that’s very cool SasUKE!” Suddenly Naruto tackled Sasuke to the ground, pinning his hands on either side of the dark haired boy’s head. Sasuke struggled to get out of Naruto’s hold but to no avail. “Dobe!” Sasuke tried to get out of the Blonde’s vice grip but after a while of struggling he relaxed and sighed. ‘He gets so worked up about everything.’ He thought in amusement. “Get off Naruto.”

Naruto giggled and let go of Sasuke’s wrists, opting for entwining his fingers with his instead. “Doesn’t matter what your name sounds like or what my name means.” He leaned down and kissed Sasuke gently. He had a calm and sincere look on his face that made Sasuke’s heart flutter in his chest.

“What matters here is that you, Sasuke, got beaten in the sparring competition by none other than the great Naruto Uzumaki!”

Naruto rolled off of Sasuke before he got pinched and laughed loudly. Yesterday Sasuke, Sakura, Sai, and him competed to see who won in a sparring contest. It started with Sakura and Sai, Sakura coming out as the victor. Then Sasuke and Naruto, with Sasuke as the loser. Then Sakura and Naruto, with Sakura as the champion.

Sasuke threw the now fluff-less Dandelion stem at Naruto. “You’re one to talk, you lost to Sakura in the first five minutes!”

“Sakura’s a beast though, she always ends up winning! She may be cute, but those punches she throws…” Naruto shuddered inwardly. He’s had his fair share of punches from Sakura.

Sasuke couldn’t hide the laugh that arose in him and he laughed quietly until both boys were gasping for air.

After a few minutes of calm silence and more gazing up at the canvas of stars Sasuke turned to look at Naruto. He looked calm, a content look on his face. He looked back at the times when he had left and just how much he had made Naruto suffer. Just thinking about it tugged at his heart and he wanted to hold Naruto forever and never let go. Tell him that he would never ever leave him again because Sasuke was Naruto’s, and Naruto was Sasuke’s.

The raven found himself caressing the blonde’s cheek again. But unlike last time, he didn’t hide anything. He let all his love for him show in his dark eyes and he scooted closer to Naruto until his lips met the blonde’s. It was a chaste kiss,nothing sexual. Just Sasuke pouring all his love into the kiss. He felt Naruto wrap his arms around his waist and Sasuke cupped Naruto’s face, pulling him closer.

After the need for air became apparent, both boy’s pulled away and pressed their foreheads together. Short pants ghosted on each others faces and in that short moment there were no words that needed to be said. Just being in each others embrace was enough.

Naruto laughed and touched his nose with Sasuke’s.

“Beautiful night, right Naruto?

A kiss on the cheek. “mhm.”

Beautiful stars, right Naruto?

A kiss on the forehead. “yeah..”

“Beautiful world… Right Naruto?”

A kiss on the other cheek. “yep.”

“Beautiful us.”

A kiss on rosy lips.

“Beautiful us.”


like honestly,  you guys are incredible ?? i owe you all so much for making me feel so welcomed & loved in such a short span of time ! i’ve only been up for a few months & i’m already loving you guys so much. i have made some really close friends already, who deserve a lil’ special THANK YOU of their own. so without further ado, here is a huge thank you to these cocoNUTS

@facadesmiled / ace

ace, man, where do i even begin ?? we’ve been through it all…the thick, the thin & basically everything in - between. it’s just been the two of us together for literal YEARS now - it’s nuts but in a wonderful way. you never cease to make me smile & feel giddy & happy, you are honestly the brightest & sweetest ray of sunshine & incredibly talented in everything you do. & i will never thank you enough for all you’ve done for me : when i needed a shoulder to cry on, when i needed someone to rant with, when i have bizarre rarepair ships that border on the edge of crack & seriousness, & when i simply want to relax. i’m keeping this short for the sake of things, but honestly i cannot express how much you have meant to me & will always mean to me through words alone, & i’m proud to call you my girlfriend  ♥ ♥ ♥

@moanaialiki / monie !

MONIE MONIE MONIE !! i am so glad that i approached you on anon that one day shyly introducing myself as “a new maui” bc honestly? that started the budding of a beautiful friendship between us & i’m always glad that i did befriend you, because you’ve ended up meaning a hell of a lot to me. your is amazing & you bring your own beautiful take on her to the table, but you are equally amazing as your own memey self. i’m so glad i was able to find you & click with you, because you really DO mean a lot to me & i’ll never take you for granted !!

@seetheirsoul / @servesthegods / blue !

BL U E !! you’re an amazing person to talk to & your portrayals are always so flawless ?? thank you for bringing to life kubo & allowing me to cry about these two demigod brothers with you ! i’m so glad i’ve been able to form a friendship with you & given ma.ui such a meaningful relationship. i hope to continue to get to know you better & breaking our hearts with these lovely boys !!

& now onto the rest of my mutuals & beloved followers, who i am eternally grateful for, below the cut. pardon if i missed anyone ! in no particular order  )

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On the Necessity of Phil Gasmer

I recently saw someone suggest that rather than wasting time on Phil Gasmer, we should have been introduced straight-away to Evil!Rip Hunter.

I very strongly disagree with this.  Because Phil Gasmer serves a very important narrative point in Rip’s story arc.

Phil Gasmer shows us exactly who Rip is when everything’s been ripped away from him.  It shows us that even without his knowledge, his experience, his wit and composure, Rip is a kind, courageous, clever and honorable person.  And that at his deepest core, he loves his team.

We really got to meet Phil Gasmer in the span of a day, or maybe a few days, depending on how long the Legion had him before they got the disc.

During that time, we saw that he was making a movie of his experiences with the team.  That he’d made Sara, or well “Sandra” the lead.  We know that Jax, or “Max” also had a very significant role.  And if Jax’s reaction is any indication, the rest of the team was treated favorably as well.

Even when he has no idea who they really are, “Phil” imagines his team to be his heroes.

Then during the course of the episode, he is terrorized, falsely arrested, and kidnapped out of an interrogation room by a man pretending to be his psychologist.  He is knocked out and abducted and told everything he believes about his life is a lie.  While they insult him to his face, by the way.

And then still, when the team is caught in the lurch trying to get the spear, he steps forward.  He walks willingly into danger to help these strangers.

We needed to see Phil Gasmer.  Because we needed to see who the core of Rip Hunter actually is.  He might be anxious, he might be bumbling and clumsy, but he is so brave and wonderful.

And we needed to see him because we needed to see exactly what Eobard took away from Rip.

Evil!Rip isn’t courageous.  He’s not a coward of course, but he isn’t courageous.  He doesn’t push through fear.  He doesn’t seem to feel enough to be afraid in the first place.  

Evil!Rip isn’t honorable.  In the first five minutes, he lured the team into an ambush, shorted out Gideon, the Waverider, and Firestorm.  Neutralized Ray and Mick, and shot Sara point blank.  The most you can say about him is that he didn’t shoot her in the head, for an instant-kill.

Evil!Rip got to keep the intellect and cleverness.  But he lost the kindness, compassion and his love for his team.

And really, given some people in this fanbase, we had to see Phil so that we wouldn’t see any arguments about brainwashing revealing who Rip really is.  We saw Rip stripped down to who he is at the core BEFORE Eobard recreated him.  Evil!Rip is a facsimile.

I’ve said before that I think Legends season 2 is providing us with an amazing deconstruction of their lead character.  First, we see him at his best.  (Out of Time).  Then we see some examination of his strengths as a leader by watching Martin take his place (JSA).  We get to see how well he’s trained his team, by watching them function without his direct oversight (Shogun through Chicago Way).  We get to see him stripped down to his core, without memories, recourse, or support.  (Raiders of the Lost Art, Legion of Doom).  And now we see exactly how scary he would be without the traits that make him human.  (Turncoat).

Phil is a vitally important part of this entire process.  And I am glad to have gotten to meet him.  :-)

Lovable Morning

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Sweet smelling hair was the first thing that he woke up to. Deans first instinct was for his eyes to go over the details of face and acknowledge how his heart was basically trying to run out of his body.

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For the Kids

“Good afternoon, Miss Danvers. Please have a seat. We’re just waiting for Miss Luthor to show.” As soon as it registered that he said Luthor, the door burst open to reveal Lena and her twin boys.

Lena was having a rough night. She knew she did what was right. Her mother’s project was wrong on so many levels. Lena should be happy Lillian was locked up, but she couldn’t bring herself to be. She was miserable. Lillian had been a terrible mother, a terrible person really, but she was family. The only family Lena had left. So when all was said and done, Lillian escorted away, her minion gone, Supergirl and the Martian back to wherever Superheros went, Lena was alone. Now, Lena was used to being alone. She was single with no friends, and her last family member hated her, but this feeling. This feeling was something the CEO had never felt before. All she wanted to do was break down and cry, but she still had Lillian’s voice at the back of her head telling her that was weakness. Logically, she knew it wasn’t. Humans have emotions. They are allowed to express them, but she still couldn’t let herself. Instead she went to the nearest dingy bar she could find, determined that she would not remember this in the morning.

The bar was certainly dingy. It was small, and smelled of mold, but it served alcohol and that was all Lena needed. She kept drinking until her head started to spin, and then had some more to make the dizziness go away.

“Hey, doll. How bout I take you home?” Lena could hear the warning bells going off, but she choose to ignore them. She needed for one night to not feel so alone. For all girls, going home with a strange man they meet in a dingy bar is a bad idea, but for the CEO of a multi-billion dollar company, and a member of the most hated family on Earth it was the worst idea.

Lena woke up in a grimy hotel room next to a strange man she had never seen. They were both nude, so the CEO could only assume what happened. She snapped a quick picture of the man as a just in case, before high tailing it out of there.

It took about a month to notice the signs. It was two days after she went to the doctor’s, and one day after that that the news hit the media. Lena was certain that it was the overly suspicious intern who blabbed, but she had more important things to worry about. One was the man. He was a criminal who had been caught for just about everything but murder. She kept waiting for him to step forward and claim the child, but he didn’t.

After finding out she was pregnant, Lena cut off contact with everyone who wasn’t part of her company. She only saw Kara during interviews, and if the reporter got too personal or friendly, the CEO shut down the interview. Because of all this Lena wasn’t expecting anyone to be there when she went into labor, but there was Kara Danvers holding her hand and whispering reassuring things through the agonizing pain.

“Twins, Lena?” Kara sucked in a breath. The CEO had kept as much about the baby a secret as possible. No one knew the sex, let alone that it was two, both baby boys.

“Lena,” Kara whispered a few hours after labor, from her spot next to Lena. “I know you don’t want help, or pity but children are handfuls, especially twins. I’m going to help you!” Lena consented, knowing the reporter wouldn’t give in. Over the next few years, Kara became the third most important thing in Lena’s life next to her company and her boys.

It was right around the the twins third birthday when Kara stopped helping. She had left for a couple days to deal with a family emergency, promising to be back in time for Morgan and Lincoln’s birthday party. When she got back in town, Kara deleted all of her social media, and told Lena that she wouldn’t be able to help as much.

“Don’t worry about it, Kar. You don’t have to help me. I can handle the boys by myself, and if I need help, I’ll hire a nanny.” When Lena said that, she didn’t realize that she was essentially nailing the coffin that was their friendship.  


Kara felt guilty about leaving town, about leaving Lena, but if what Kal-el said was true than she had to leave. She arrived in Smallville, Kansas in only a  few short hours.

“Kara! I need you to follow me!” Kara turned to see the usually smiling face of her concern with a worried look on his face. “It landed over here. I’m not sure where the pod came from. It looks Kryptonian, but it appears to be martials from Earth.” Kara took one look at the pod before declaring it a replica. This made her a little bit more cautious, and since the window of the pod didn’t show anyone, Kara used her x-ray vision to see inside.

“Kal!” She gasped, moving to open the pod. “It’s a child!” Sure enough when Kara opened the pod, there was a little girl around three years old.

“We might want to get her to the DEO.” Kal-el suggested, surprising Kara. Nodding, the Alien female picked up the little girl, and took off, her cousin following closely behind.


“Well, she’s not Kryptonian.” Alex informed the two aliens. “But she’s close.” This made Kara perk up.

“Another Daxamite?”

“I’m sorry, Kara. Actually, it’s a clone. A pretty good one but no exactly right.” J’onn told the two.

“A clone of who?” Kara asked, stepping forward to get a look at the clone.

“Of you, Supergirl.”

It took a lot of convincing, but  eventually after Kara got everyone to let her raise the clone.

“Alright, Kara.” J’onn Conceded. “On one condition. Once she wakes up, Alex and I will do as much testing on her as we deem necessary including testing what powers she has.” Kara quickly agreed, wrapping Alex, and J’onn in a hug.

It didn’t take long for the clone to wake up. Kara was in the room when the girl’s eyes blinked open, and she started to scream. Kara was fine with screaming. Morgan, and Lincoln were the kings of screams. What bothered her was that the little girl was screaming out Kryptonian curse words. Alex, and J’onn came running in, Alex with her gun out. Kara quickly assured her that wasn’t necessary before a soothing Kryptonian lullaby that Alura used to sing to her every night. It took only one verse for the girl to calm down.

“Where am I? I don’t recognize this as any place on Krypton. Who are you? How do you know my language?” Though the girl looked three, she spoke like she was much older. Alex later told her it’s because whoever cloned her managed to fix the strand of Kara’s hair so she was a child physically but they couldn’t get the mental part just right.

“I’m Kara Zor-El. I’m from Krypton. What’s your name?”

“It’s Kaz Tinn. Where are we?” Kara looked over at Alex, and J’onn. How could she not know?

“We’re on a planet called Earth. Kaz, how old are you?” Kaz told them she was three years old.

“Kaz, Krypton died before you were born. I’m not sure how you remember it.” Kaz seemed to take this rather hard. She yelled a “lies” and slammed her hand against the wall, creating a hole, and causing a chunk to go shoot out at Alex. This terrified the girl. Kara explained what they knew, and asked if they could do some more tests. The next two days were filled with tests, and explanations. Kaz refused to do anything without Kara in the room, and if she was weary of the person she would only speak In Kryptonian. Kara had in most people’s eyes been gone for a week when she took Kaz home. Kara kept Kaz a secret until she enrolled her in public school, because she wanted the child to get used to Earth and her powers.


It was a normal day at work when Lena’s personal phone started ringing. Even after three years of minimal contact, Lena was still hoping it was Kara. Of course, it wasn’t. It was her sons’ school.

“Lena Luthor speaking, how may I help you?” The CEO asked in her most professional voice.

“Hello, Miss Luthor. We’re calling to tell you that both the twins got in a fight today. We need you to get down here as soon as possible.” Lena informed the lady she would be there soon before hanging up.

When Lena got to the school, she was her boys waiting outside the principal’s office with dirty beat up faces.

“Miss Luthor? Everyone’s already waiting inside the office. If you and your sons will just head on in.” Lena offered her hands to the twins before walking into the office. She was determined to be calm throughout this entire meeting, however as soon as she saw a certain blonde reporter that idea flew out the window.


Shortly after Kara returned to work she was moved up to reporting on all alien activity, including Supergirl. Because of this, Kara never interviewed Lena anymore. The last time she spoke to the CEO was probably two months ago when she called to wish Morgan and Lincoln a happy birthday.

Kaz was in public school, and now in the first grade. She was mostly fitting in, expect two boys thought she was weird and constantly taunted her about it. Kaz never did anything about it, but Kara was afraid that one day she might retaliate. Apparently, today was that day.

“Miss Danvers? Kaz got in a fight-” Kara didn’t even give the girl time to finish before she informed the lady she was on her way. When the alien arrived at the school, she saw her clone sitting across from two beat up boys.

“Mom, I’m so sorry! He punched me, and I didn’t know what else to do! I didn’t mean to take you away from your duties!” Kara could hear the boys snickering at Kaz’s older, slightly weird way of talking, but she choose to ignore it. She got down to eye level and looked her adopted daughter in the eyes.

“It’s okay, Kaz. You fought back like you were trained to do. Let’s go talk to the principal, yeah?” Kaz hugged the alien before hopping off her chair, and trodding into the office.

“Good afternoon, Miss Danvers. Please have a seat. We’re just waiting for Miss Luthor to show.” As soon as it registered that he said Luthor, the door burst open to reveal Lena and her twin boys.

cojizef  asked:

I saw the post you made about not needing to give reptiles vitamin D supplements bc of UVB lights but what if it's something like a crested gecko where not everyone gives it a lamp? Is it getting vitamin d another way or should it be supplemented

Great question. We used to think that nocturnal or crepuscular reptiles did not bask and therefore did not require UV rays to produce vitamin D. Newer studies actually show that these species are very sensitive to UV light and can bask for very short amount of time in very little light and still produce enough vitamin D. We still don’t know a whole lot and many more studies need to be done but it does seem like they benefit from low level UV lighting. In my personal experience, crested geckos that have access to low levels of UV light are generally healthier than those that don’t. We should always try to provide diets and environments as close to the way they are in nature as we can and all species of reptile are exposed to some UV. I always advise my clients to provide UV lighting to every reptile species because it provides a more natural environment and likely does have some health benefits. For nocturnal/crepuscular animals it needs to be very low level and maybe only on for a couple hours. They likely need lower levels of vitamin D but we cannot be sure.

TL;DR I never advise giving oral vitamin D as it is too easy to overdose. All reptiles should have access to appropriate levels of UV lighting even those that traditionally didn’t have any provided.

FAHC as random aesthetics
  • Geoff: Crisp but not cold bills, a deep breath of smoke, when the wind is just strong enough to make your hair move slightly
  • Jack: lighting a match in the dark, shorts in winter, when your phone's on low battery but doesn't turn off for ages
  • Ryan: watching your breath in the air on cold days, songs too muffled to make out the words, forgetting a cup of tea until it's cold
  • Michael: bonfires, mysterious bruises, checking your phone as soon as you get a notification
  • Gavin: fake gold jewelry, making a rash worse by scratching it, cut wires sparking
  • Ray: being lit only by a screen, shoes without socks, sleeping in a few minutes past your alarm
  • Jeremy: far too many open tabs, being the last one to join a group of friends, fist bumping without looking at each other
  • Matt: packets of candy being filled with the wrappers, red tinted screens, letting people know you read their message
  • Kdin: giving anonymous compliments, totally matching outfits, telling people more than you intended
  • Lindsay: big smiles with white teeth, tights with holes, turning on the heater when you could just get a jacket
  • Trevor: smiling with your eyes, cuts on lips, recording things that your friends do
  • The Crew: people making a room warmer, stains that everyone just accepts, friends that all turn out gay
The Joker x Reader  “Spice it up”

You like to keep things sexy and interesting for Mister J. He loves to be spoiled and thinks he’s entitled to it. Is he?…

J is not a morning person. He hates it when you schedule early business meetings. He hates that you have so much energy from the second you wake up. He hates it that he wants to stay upset with you for the rest of the day and he can’t. He hates everything. A real ray of sunshine…

You hear his steps dragging on the marble floor. You are cooking breakfast wearing nothing but your pink t-shirt and black boy shorts. You turn around and there he is in all his morning glory, fresh out of the shower: one eye closed, the other half open, just enough to see where he’s going, black sweatpants really low on his hips, he didn’t even bother to pull them up (which you don’t mind), messy green hair and pouty lips. If you actually look in the dictionary to see the definition of “shitty morning”, you will find his picture there.

“Morning, Puddin,” you smile, turning back to your skillet, waiting for it to get hot so you can start cooking the eggs and bacon.

You hear a mumble that kind of sounded like a greeting.

“I’m making your favorite,” you giggle, turning around just to see him seated on his chair, arms crossed on his chest, eyes closed now. You pour some coffee in a mug and take it to him.

“Here, baby, coffee.”

“I don’t want that. I want a mocca,”  he replies with raspy, low voice, without even looking at you, kind of dozing off.

You take deep breath, keeping your cool. Thanks for telling me in advance.

You start making his mocca and in the meantime get on with the cooking too. Mister J really needs to wake up so you just insert your iphone in the speaker system and say:

“Play Zara Larson: Bad boys.” The song starts. “Lauder. Lauder,” you command.

The surround sound really kicks in and the base makes everything shake a little bit. He grunts, unhappy, until he opens his eyes and notices you shake your hips in front of the stove in your tiny little boy shorts.

“Hmmm,” he stretches a bit, finally standing up straight in his chair. He knew you would do this and was waiting for it. You always put up little shows for him when he has to wake up early. You start dancing more, shaking your booty to the rhythm and sing a bit, facing him.

“I said there’s something ‘bout the bad boys
That makes the good girls
Fall in Love”

He snickers: “Since when you’re a good girl, Princess?” Oh, wow, is that a…smile?! The end of the world is coming, brace yourselves.

You just move your lips to soundlessly utter: “RUUUDE.”

Taking a quick glance to make sure nothing is burning; you drop to the ground and seductively crawl to his chair, still maintaining the rhythm of the song. You get on your knees between his legs and plant a kiss on his abdomen, right on his smiley tattoo and also steal a quick kiss when he looks down to see what you’re doing. J tries to grab you but you back out very fast, sliding your tush on the marble.

“Awwwww, sooo slow,” you giggle when the Joker growls at you, upset he couldn’t reach you in time.

“Com’ere doll!”

“Hold on, my eggs are burning,” you laugh, going back to the stove, but still shaking your hips because you know this wakes him up. He can never figure out how you take your lingerie off unnoticed. This must be a really special talent you have. He didn’t see your arms awkwardly move or anything, but suddenly you turn around and your cute lacy bra lands in his lap. He carefully watched and you still managed to surprise him.

“Want some toast with that, Puddin?” you wink, satisfied at your little trick. It’s not really a trick, it just takes practice.

“Yes, I do,” he fully grins now, wide awake. “Pumpkin, you really know how to work your magic,” he purrs, playing with your bra. “Daddy likes it.”

“Happy to oblige, Puddin. You can call me… Hoe-dini.

He bursts out laughing. “HA,HA,HA,Ha,Ha,Ha,Ha! That’s a good one, doll!

His crazy laugh makes you laugh too. Yes, he might be the Clown but you think you’re funnier. You never told him that, of course.

“Food is done” you announce, turning off the music and bringing the plates to the table.

He always eats on the chair and you always eat sitting on the table to his left, holding your plate. “Why?” you would ask. Because The Joker likes to place his phone in your lap and watch the news, this way he gets a good… view of everything he wants to see. The things you do for this man! You didn’t eat breakfast normally at the table since like…forever. If you try to sit by him like a normal person, he would create such a fuss. The bright side is that from time to time he would unconsciously caress your legs while concentrating on his phone or lean his face on your thighs while chewing on his toast and you kind of found that adorable. Yeap, you’re crazy too. Self-diagnosis, not that you’re a doctor or anything.


J loves to see you dress up in fancy business suits for the morning meetings - the ones with a short skirt and a jacket. It makes you look so smart and sophisticated. He has a thing for that. In the same time, he knows how much it turns you on when he wears a tux so that’s what he is going to wear today: one of his fancy tuxes. You wouldn’t catch Frost without a suit even dead, so all three of you look very sharp heading towards the secret location for the gathering. All the other partners have been aware of what you guys expect for a very long time and since you set up the pace, they all show up in business attire too. Here you all are, the worse of the worst: a bunch of criminals planning murders, heists, kidnappings, blackmails and God knows what else looking like you are attending some big, legit corporation business meeting. Batsy would lock you all up at Arkham and throw away the key.

You always sit by J, of course, behind the Mahoney desk you two stole from the Bank of Gotham. It’s your personal favorite for many reasons. Without anyone noticing, you like to take his hand under the desk and slowly brush it up your inner thighs, then trap it in between. The Joker stays like that for a bit, but then he feels the urge to caress your skin with his thumb and that makes you squeal. Ticklish.

You start coughing a bit so it won’t look suspicious and then here comes the question:

“So what do you think, J?” someone asks.

Both of you look puzzled, completely unaware of what it was talked a minute before but you know you are the one that has to take the heat. You release your trap so Mister J can pull his hand out from between your legs. Tonight you will probably pay for distracting him.


They began looking through building plans and when the Joker gets to his little pile of papers, you see his mouth going: ”Oh!” You smirk: he found it.

The Joker is intrigued: here is your skimpy little g-string right there between the sheets. He put it on you himself back at the house and you didn’t leave his sight since. You sure have an interesting talent.

“My little naughty Hoedini,” he thinks, pleased to find the present, glancing at you with a wild grin on his face. You just chew on your cheek, pretending not to notice, going over your own documentation. He then nonchalantly takes your gift and stuffs it in his tuxedo’s pocket, leaving a bit of it hang on the outside, just like it was a handkerchief.


You were right: as soon as you got back home, you had to pay for distracting him at the meeting.

The Joker is already loading all the guns and his eyes follow your movements around the living room: you can barely walk, trying to put together the grenades and smoke bombs. Ah, the gratification he feels building inside his chest knowing he’s the reason for your…misfortune. Jerk!

“Why so quiet, Kitten?” he lifts his invisible eyebrows, delighted to mock you.

“Shut up, J” you mumble, trying to walk straight with your noodle legs.

“Wanna dance for me again?” he giggles.

“Leave me alone,” you pout, annoyed.

“Wanna stay home tonight and…recover?” The tone in his voice, wow, what a nerve.

“Noap, I’m going.”

“Are you mad at me?”  Arrogant! Not that he cares.

You don’t bother answering; you just take your duffle bag full of explosives and head out to go wait in the car. You hear him shout:

“You know I don’t like to be ignored! Want me to punish you again?”

“Go ahead, I’m gonna be numb for a month anyway!!” you shout back, irritated.

How it antagonizes you to hear him laugh so full of himself.

He heard the bone crack when you fell. One of the guards on the floor had the audacity to grab your leg and trip you when you passed by. You screamed in pain and the Joker lost it: he shot the man right way, plus three more around him because why not. Robbing the largest bank in Gotham should have ended without crazy events. Well, too late now.


You broke your left arm in two places. J never saw you cry until that night. You really must have been in terrible pain and he felt something weird weighting on his heart. It made him miserable seeing you like that. How weird…He tried to brush away the feeling but he found it impossible.

For the past week you were mostly in bed, cast on your arm, bad mood, pain killers and all the fun stuff.


The Joker gave you a piggy back ride downstairs and now you are in the kitchen, sitting in his chair while he fumbles around with things all over the counter, total chaos.

“What are you doing, Puddin?” you ask, grouchy.

“Cooking for you, Princess.”

Oh, crap, no! He’s a terrible cook. Why must you be punished again, didn’t you go through enough already?!

“So…what are you cooking?” you swallow the lump in your throat, willing to break another bone than eat what he’s making.

“Not sure,” he grumbles. That’s reassuring.

He notices the distressed look on your face and mistakes it for physical pain. He comes over to give you a kiss and then he lingers close to you lips, whispering:

“Pick your song, Pumpkin.”

You look in his blue eyes, confused.


“Pick.Your.Song.” he emphasizes each word, winking.”And don’t tell anybody, ever! I mean it!” Is he really going to?…

“Play Madonna- Girl gone wild,” you say, opening your mouth in anticipation. The song starts on the speakers. OMFG, no way!

Mister J starts flirtatiously moving his hips to the beat, and you suddenly feel revived. He takes of his shirt and tosses it at your head. You start laughing, completely surprised by his performance. You remove the shirt, keeping it in your lap and continue to watch how he dances for you, trying to imitate what you usually do for him. It’s hilarious but in the same time he’s not too bad at all.

He’s coming towards you, crawling at your feet and he grins at you as he gets on his knees to kiss you. You let out a soft moan as you touch his lips, trying to put your arms around his neck so you can pull him closer. He backs out fast before you can hold on to him.

“You’re sooooo slow, baby doll.”

Jerk, he’s paying you back.

He grinds against you, takes off his pants, and…what’s this hanging from the side of his boxers?!

“Holy shit, Pumpkin, how did you do this?” he stops dancing, pulling out your bikini.

Hoedini strikes again.


Food is ready. You brace for the worst, trying to lift yourself on the table to your usual spot. It’s kind of hard without a hand. You feel his arms around your waist, not helping you up but placing you down on the chair.

“Here, doll, you sit.”         That’s a first.

J is the one to get on the table and sit to your left, carefully taking your casted arm and placing it on his lap so you can relax it and eat with the other hand. You feel tears forming at the corners of your eyes and you try to keep them in.

Needless to say this is the best food you ever had, even if his cooking is as terrible as expected. He showed you he cared and that’s all you wanted.

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004. morning kisses | pjm

morning kisses
[Pairing] Jimin | Reader
[Genre] Fluff, Drabble
[Word Count] 731

The morning breeze tickling your nose was what first caught your attention as you were slowly dragged from your slumber.  The second thing was just how cold you were because yet again, Jimin had stolen the duvet.  The third was the light making the back of your eyelids just a bit more red than black.  Lastly, was the absence of a familiar weight around your midsection.

Blinking and struggling to adjust to the light trickling through the open window (thankfully the thin curtains were down, somewhat shielding you from the onslaught of UV rays), you turned your head to see a mess of black hair and swollen red lips.  Just the sight made you smile; you turned your whole body just so you can look at the boy next to you.

Jimin’s hair was everywhere, and thankfully it was just short enough that it didn’t cover his eyes (well, it wouldn’t if they were open).  It looked just as silky as you knew it felt, having ran your hands through it just the night before.  You wanted to do it again but withheld the urge: you didn’t want to wake him up just yet.

His head was securely tucked into his pillow, his arm curled under it to keep it close, and the duvet was pulled up to his chin.  The only indication of his tight grasp on it was the way it scrunched up a little further down from the top, exactly where it was tucked under his side so it wouldn’t move.  The arm that usually would be resting lazily across your stomach was up, it’s hand pressed against his chin and the bottom of his lip.  It only served to make his lips fuller, if that was possible.

His lips.  Red and swollen, they were pursed ever so slightly, almost as if he were pouting, with a small gap inbetween.  At random moments when he’d jerk in his sleep, they’d pop out a tiny bit more, practically begging for your attention.  It took everything within you not to lean over and press your own lips against his, just to feel the cracks and rough patches on them before he covered his lips in lip balm.

With his lips pursed, the hollows of his cheeks—the right side with a small breakout, almost too light to be noticed, even without makeup—sucked in a tiny bit.  It did nothing to hide the puffiness of his cheeks, though.  You never quite knew why, but every morning his face seemed to be puffier than usual.  You didn’t mind; it was one of many things you absolutely adored about him.

His delicate eyelashes rested against the tops of his cheeks, somewhat covering the purplish bags from all the nights he spent up in the practice room, memorizing choreography with Hoseok so they could help the other members learn it.  You remember many caffeine charged nights spent waiting for him, just so you could let him fall asleep with you holding him.  Whenever he was exhausted, he always became the little spoon, no matter what, and you were okay with it.

The only sound in the room was that of his soft snoring, almost quiet enough to be mistaken as simply breathing.  You had barely even noticed that you were holding your breath, as if just the sound of it could wake him—ridiculous really, considering you knew just how hard it was to wake him up.  So, as you let out a breath, a lazy smile found its way onto your lips, and you leaned forward.

As you got closer, you noticed he had forgotten to take his earrings out.  Even closer and you noticed the small bit of drool at the corner of his mouth.  Closer still, and you could feel his soft breath, steady and warm against your skin.  Your lips softly touched his, unable to hold yourself back, and as your eyes fluttered closed, his fluttered open.

He leaned in, and it wasn’t long before you found yourself underneath him: his firm, bare chest pressing against yours and your palms flat against it.  Jimin pulled back, his large, warm eyes gazing down at you with a small smile playing on his lips.  You giggled softly, leaning up to catch his lips again in a quick peck, uncaring that both of you probably had horrible morning breath.

“Well, good morning to you, too.”

anonymous asked:

Hopefully you aren't busy - if you are, hold this one off by all means. What would Noctis do if he were to spend time with his crush watching the sunset?

I actually got a few requests along the lines of Noct and sunsets, so I’ll made it into a scenario! I’m still working on grasping how to write Noct - please enjoy! ♡

Golden in the Sky

Noctis had always preferred dusk. In his opinion, dawn just meant you were suffering from a lack of sleep. The sun was getting close to setting, and Ignis had suggested they make camp. Noct will always say Ignis suggested they make camp, but it was definitely Ignis telling Noct they were camping for the night.

Being a prince, Noct was raised in the lap of luxury, so he wasn’t terribly fond of camping. The only thing he really liked about it was getting to spend time with his friends playing games, teasing each other, going through photos, and just getting to spend time together.

Noct followed an overly-cheerful Prompto into the haven, setting down the bags of groceries Ignis had given him on the table Gladio had set up. He groaned as he set them down, huffily crossing his arms afterward.

“What? You don’t like camping? At least it’s not raining tonight,” Gladio teased, giving Noctis’s shoulder a shove.

Noctis staggered, throwing a glare in Gladio’s direction. “Yeah, cause camping sucks when it rains,” he grumbled back, sitting down in one of the chairs that had just been set up.

“Oh come on, stop being so grumpy!”

Noct froze. How had he forgotten? He paused, internally composing himself, before looking over his shoulder. His eyes fell upon his crush, and he was sure he blushed immediately. They were so cute. How could they be so cute?

“Uh…” Noct fidgeted slightly, unsure of how to respond.

“You’re coming with me,” they said, grabbing his arm and pulling him from the chair, “Come on, lazy!”

Noct allowed them to pull him from the chair. He glanced over at Gladio, as if for help, who raised his eyebrows, shrugging slightly as he turned back to setting up the tent. Noct followed them over the rocky terrain. He had absolutely no idea where they were going, but he didn’t ask - being with them was enough for him.

They scaled a large pile of rocks not too far from camp. At the top, Noct was able to see Gladio and Prompto messing around at the haven, Ignis watching them judgmentally from one of the chairs as he sipped his coffee. The sight definitely amused Noct, making him even more thankful for his brothers. Noct’s crush continued to the edge of the highest semi-flat rock in the formation. They easily plopped down on the edge, facing the soon-to-be setting sun with their back toward the haven. Noct followed them, unsure of what to do next. When they patted the area next to them and motioned for him to join them, Noctis forgot how to breathe for a second. “Er, what?”

“Don’t tell me you’re afraid of heights,” they laughed, motioning for him to come over again. He crouched slightly and made his way toward them, silently chanting to not look down. The rock was unusually smooth, making him even more nervous. Slipping and falling would be so easy. And what would be worse - falling or embarrassing himself? When he finally made it beside them, he could hear his blood rushing in his ears. They were so close. No turning back now.

“I’ve heard the sunset is really pretty from here. Y’know, with how the light shines off of the Disc. I know you like sunsets, so I figured it would be a nice way to get your mind off of things.”

Noct stared at them for half a second too long, just long enough for them to catch him. They let out a short giggle, giving him a playful push on the shoulder.

“D-don’t do that! We’re so high up!” Noct stammered, his hands grasping at the rock, searching for some place to grab on.

They laughed again, this time the smile of sheer amusment not fading from their face. They sat quietly side by side, watching as the golden rays of the sun began to spread across the fields and the sky. The way the rays reflected off of the Disc really was beautiful. But Noct’s heart hadn’t quit racing. Whether it was because he was sitting next to them or on a ridiculously high rock, he wasn’t sure. He assumed it was the former though - they had a way of catching him off guard.

Noct was trying to think of something to say, some small talk to break the silence. Before he could even open his mouth to speak though, they had slipped their arm around his, leaning onto his shoulder. He froze. Completely frozen. So frozen a statue would have been proud of him.

What would Gladio do? The thought ran frantically through Noctis’s mind. Upon realizing what Gladio would do, Noct had to mentally shake himself - NO. Anything but that right now. He was pretty sure he heard his crush say something, but it definitely didn’t register in the prince’s mind.

“Noct?” The tone of their voice indicated they were repeating his name. He inhaled sharply, much more sharply than he intended. He blushed even more, if that were possible, sure this was an even bigger indicator of his nerves.

“You okay? You don’t seem yourself.”

“Y-yeah. I’m fine.”

Noct turned his head to look at them, finally making eye contact. Wow, their eyes were gorgeous. He laughed shakily, causing them to smile back at him in amusement.

What happened next must have been in the moment. Looking back, Noct can say he had absolutely no idea what came over him. Without seeming to think it over, he leaned in and kised them on softly the lips. It was quick and light, but a kiss is a kiss. Their eyes widened and they stared at him for a long moment. The prince looked away, running a hand through his already messy hair with a soft, shaky, overly-nervous laugh. Once the initial shock was over, his crush let out a small laugh, leaning their head onto his shoulder. Noct drew in a steady breath before intertwining his fingers with their free hand and resting his head upon theirs.

What happened would stay between them. The guys didn’t need to know. As far as they knew, the two were off looking for herbs for Iggy’s new recipe.

which fma characters you should fight

edward elric | who wins: ed, probably

ok sure, ed is a nerd, but have you seen?? the shit he pulls off?? half his limbs are made of steel and he can practically control the earth by fuckin clapping. on the flip side, he’s short as hell and a fucking nerd so if you caught him off guard maybe you could win.

alphonse elric | who wins: alphonse

first of all, why the FUCK would you fight this golden ray of sunshine?? even if you managed to be enough of an asshole to actually go for it, he’s literally a hunk of animated steel that cannot feel pain or get exhausted, and he’s beat his alchemic-prodigy-genius-brother in every single fight. do not fight alphonse elric

winry rockbell | who wins: winry

do i need to even explain this. she is a fucking engineer she can and will give you a concussion with her wrench. she let herself be kidnapped by her parent’s murderer just for some mission literally she is the bravest bamf in fma, do not fight her above all costs.

envy | who wins: you

ok i probably should’ve put riza and roy before this lil shit, but i couldn’t wait, because you will win this fight. i dont care if he’s powered by millions of souls and can shapeshift and transform into a dinosaur, he’s fucking stupid and you’d be doing the world a favor if you punched him in the face. fight envy.

roy mustang | who wins: roy, probably

i mean, sure…he is a nerd, but this man has incinerated innocent people with a snap of his fingers. catching him off guard is a no-no, he has ridiculous reflexes. however, if you can catch him on a rainy day, you’ll be able to take him without a doubt. check your weather forecast before fighting roy mustang.

riza hawkeye | who wins: riza

you’re kidding, right?? i mean, if she doesn’t have a gun, you might be able to take her. after all, have we ever seen riza do martial arts? one problem with that. riza has guns at every moment. she probably has guns inside her guns. do not fight riza hawkeye.

maes hughes | who wins: maes

WHAT THE FUCK?? are you for real??? do not fight maes hughes. why the hell would you fight maes hughes. i dont even wanna talk to you if you fight maes hughes. you know what? go ahead and do it. you’ll find out the hard way he keeps literal knives up his fucking sleeves. he also has a wife and child and they love him so if you fight him they will be sad. fuck you. do not fight maes hughes

alex louis armstrong | who wins: you

sure, he has muscles the size of fuckin canada, but have we actually ever seen him win a fight?? he literally turns his weapons into statues of himself. what a big nerd. fight armstrong. 

olivier mira armstrong | who wins: are you fucking serious


yoki | who wins: you

yoki would probably die if you looked at him funny. punch him directly in his stupid fucking mustache. you will win no matter what advantages he has.

roy mustang’s mustache | who wins: nobody

nobody can fight the mustache. the entire fma fandom is at the mercy of the mustache. the mustache wont even fight a puny underling like you. stay far, far away from the mustache.

My thoughts- the beginning of my obsession vs now
  • Patrick Stump: heh this dudes kinda cute i guess i mean i really like the glasses
  • Pete Wentz: what is this emo thing--well he's kinda cute now
  • Joe Trohman: wow geez that is quite some Hair®
  • Brendon Urie: that hair needs to not do that thing also his forehead is bigger than mine
  • Ryan Ross: Gay® Emo©
  • Spencer Smith: who
  • Jon Walker: what
  • Gerard Way: this dude looks like he could kill me with one finger...i like it
  • Frank Iero: wow this dude does some pretty crazy stuff on stage he's kinda cute i guess damn
  • Mikey Way: what is this emo nerd
  • Ray Toro: Hair
  • V.S.
  • NOW
  • Patrick Stump: my actual precious child with a dozen lungs i love you so such also marry pete pls
  • Pete Wentz: this emo thing needs to be stopped but also marry pattycakes pls
  • Joe Trohman: my actual idol does not give two shits also great looking family also chill with the ever changing hairstyle
  • Andy Hurley: marry me pls
  • Brendon Urie: FOREHEAD MONSTER MAN does he squeeze his balls to hit those notes also what is with the frank sinatra tat beebo
  • Ryan Ross: my child please come out of the shadows and start a band or something pls i beg of you
  • Spencer Smith: i wonder what he is doing is he okay did he drink enough water today is he happy will he start a band with RyRo
  • Jon Walker: retURN
  • Gerard Way: fuck you and your stupid ideas but also fuck me also your wife this totally hot also i love you
  • Frank Iero: i love you can i call you daddy but not in a weird way marry me i love you and your short self bb
  • Mikey Way: you own my ass dude
  • Ray Toro: how is it possible to be so talented and have such grat hair like fr dude
BTS Reaction To...

Y/N getting sunburnt even though she wore sunscreen.


*Concerned eomma Jin mode activated*

Jin would set about finding a soothing lotion as soon as he saw the sunburns and would be very gentle/caring when rubbing it into the effected areas.

“Don’t worry I’m going to make this all better for you. Just let eomma Jin take care of you.”


Yoongi would be questioning you on whether you actually put on sunscreen or if you just thought you did. Once you’ve confirmed that you in fact did he would set about gently rubbing in the soothing lotion.

“Are you sure you did?… Then what happened, did you decide to have a nap in the sun without me?”


As soon as he saw the burns he would straight away start asking you if you were okay, if they hurt, how badly they hurt ect… He would then find the soothing lotion as fast as possible but be very hesitant about applying it himself because he doesn’t want to cause you more pain.

“Oh my god, Y/N! Are you okay? How badly does it hurt? Don’t worry your Hope is here for you!”


He would be using his intelligence to figure out why you had gotten sunburnt even though you were wearing sunscreen. He would then ask you about what you had been wearing to allow so much skin to be affected.

“What SPF was the sunscreen?… That’s definitely not strong enough for a hot day like today. Now how about you tell me why so much of you is burnt. The sun may be a provider of Vitamin D but it also has UV rays that cause cancer. You need to stay protected. Always wear a t-shirt and shorts over your swimsuit please.”


This cutie would put your comfort first, asking if your clothes are rubbing against any burns he couldn’t see. If you were living together he would run you a nice tepid bath to help sooth the burns and find lighter clothing for you to wear afterwards.

“The bath isn’t too hot is it? I hope this helps.”


He would want to know where you went in the first place and why you went without him. We all saw how desperate to go to the pool he was in the BTS Summer Vacation Package.

“You went to the pool without me? How could you? You know I wanted to go after practice.”


This baby bunbun would be so sweet, asking you how badly they stung and then calling his hyungs to get advice on how to help you. He would then set about following the advice from EVERYONE so one second he’s dashing out to a corner store to get soothing lotion and then as soon as he’s back he’d be getting ice out of the freezer.

“Don’t worry Y/N. RapMon-hyung said that the ice will numb some of the pain.”

I hope you like it, sorry it wasn’t done as quickly. I was out filming for my coursework and was out for a total of 7 hours.

I did not make any of these gifs nor do I claim any credit for them.

anonymous asked:

Can you do a calum blurb on how he makes up with you after a fight? Please

The whole house was silent. There wasn’t a noise echoing in any part of the house because the tension between the two of you blocked it all out.

The whole fight (from what you can remember) started after Calum made some snarky remark towards you in front of your friends you had invited over. Once the heated conversation turned into a fight they all excused themselves allowing the two of you even more room to scream and shout. Tossing not only pictures and glasses at each other, but also hurtful words. Which later then resulted in you storming off to your shared room in a fistful of angry tears before proceeding to slam the door.

Now here you lay in your bed just about all cried out. You had spent the last two hours sobbing into your pillow and it left you in a hot mess with a sore throat and an aching chest.

But you were quiet now, a few sniffles here and there as you stated at the blank wall across from you. Eyelids heavy you were just about ready to let them fall until there was a short, yet heavy knocking at your door. Jolting upwards your eyes went straight towards the door but you didn’t need X-Ray vision to know was standing on the opposite side.

“Y/N? Are you….are you awake?” Calum.

You stayed silent, even with your heart racing a mile a minute. Firstly you didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of your response, and didn’t even know if your vocal chords were strong enough to carry a single word not after how hard you screamed and cried earlier.

“C-C'mon babe I know you’re up, the light’s still on.” He spoke quietly but knowingly. Calum knew you couldn’t sleep with the lights on, no matter how exhausted your body was.

You stretched across the bed to pull on the switch for the bedside lamp but the sound of your boyfriend’s heavy sighs made you pause.

“You don’t have to answer the door..actually I don’t even expect you to. I was a fucking ass tonight.” You scoffed silently to yourself, agreeing with his words but also thinking about a few other choice ones you could have used to describe his actions tonight.

More silence wavered between the two of you. Your eyes kept on the wood of the door like you were watching him, waiting for a next move. Through the crack on the floor that the door hovered over you could see his feet move from side to side or back and forth, something he was doing as he was probably thinking to himself.

“Can you at least..” His voice caused you to slightly jump but you rested back on your legs and waited for his next words to follow, “Can you at least tell me if you’re okay?”

You bit your lip, shaking your head furiously at his words because you weren’t okay. With all of the insults he had thrown at earlier you felt bruised, but on the inside. They were awful cuts and gashes that only you could see and feel.

“I’m sorry.” Your ears twitched at the words that rolled off of his tongue, eyes flicking to the door in seconds. “I’m so sorry. You and I both know I suck at apologizing and the other stuff that comes with it but when I heard you crying–” he stopped, choked.

You pressed your thumb to your lips in a way to silence yourself, moving from sitting on your knees to cris-cross. A stinging sensation began to linger right behind your eyes and your nose began to burn. Dammit…you did not want to cry again.

“The sound of you crying made me sick. I-It literally made my stomach turn.” He stressed, “To know I caused you that pain–fuck–Y/N I’m so so sorry. God I’m such a fuck up…couldn’t even keep the one person I love in my life.” The rest of that sentence and the words that followed seemed more like things he was mumbling to himself.

Your vision clouded causing you to press your hands into your face, the hot tears racing down your cheeks and onto your cracked lips. The more you thought to yourself the more you realized you could barely even remember what the fight was about.

“I know l-lately I haven’t been the best boyfriend to you that you deserve and I guess I don’t have a valuable excuse. The band has been taking up all of my time, and I’m gone 24/7, and then when I come home I’m stressed out.” He sniffled quietly, the sound making your skin crawl.

You hated the fact that Calum was blaming himself for all of this, no matter whether or not it was him who started the fight. He was obviously feeling like shit from the past few weeks of busyness and you didn’t even see it.

The guilt fumed the tears causing more to fall rapidly. You stumbled off of the bed and on to the floor in front of the door as quietly as possible but failed when you tripped.

“Y/N?” Calum’s voice perked up, but not in a happy tone, more of a relieved.

Your hands tightened into fists as you forced yourself to stand, legs trembling only slightly as you did so.

“Babe?” You stayed silent. But with all of the courage you could muster up in that moment you grasped the doorknob and turned.

It revealed a worn-out looking Calum resting against the doorframe, his face puffy and cheeks pink. The bags under his eyes were more prominent and the tip of his nose red. He probably looked just as bad as you did.

His eyes raised from the floor and met yours hastily. He looked you over slowly but was quick to go back to eye contact.

“I-I’m sorry.”

“For what?”

“For not noticing how internally wrecked you were.” You mumbled. He stifled a chuckle under his breath and shook his head at you. He slipped his hands into his pockets, puffing out a breath in the awkward silence.

The tension seemed to simmer as you two stood there in front of each other, basking in the aftermath of the war that reveled downstairs only hours ago. But at the moment you didn’t want to think about that.

“Can I….Can I come in?” His voice was so small just like how felt standing in his presence. You obliged without any words, moving to the side to allow him all the room he needed to enter.

Slowly he walked in and you closed the door behind him. Turning back you saw him stand there next to the bed like the room was foreign to him.

“Are you tired?” You questioned lowly. He responded with a slow blink and nod. You nodded at him and moved across the floors over to your side of the bed.

Moving the blankets around you pulled it all enough to crawl right under. You purposely had your back turned because you didn’t exactly know what to do. It had been so long since your last fight you could barely remember what happened afterwards.

All you did know was that both of your bodies were worn out and ready for sleep to take you.

You hear shuffling behind you for a few moments before Calum’s footsteps echo around the room.

Without warning the light switches off leaving you in the blackness. But there was a beam of moonlight shining through the curtains that allowed a good enough light to make you feel somewhat content.

Pulling you out of your trance you could feel the blankets on the opposite side of the bed shuffle around until there was a second body beneath them.

Calum moved extremely close to your backside but he kept his hands to himself like he was afraid to touch you which, under these circumstances, made sense. But you actually did want his arms on you, you knew for sure it’d make you feel better.

“Y-You can hold me Cal.” And that was all it took for his arm to wrap around your waist and pull you to his chest.

Both of you sighed in content because now the awkwardness had disappeared and you were just happy to hold each other.

“I’m sorry.” He mumbled into your ear. Your eyes shut in bliss and you just nodded into his embrace.

“I know.” You whispered back to him.

“I love you.” He murmured onto your shoulder before pressing a kiss into it. Grasping his hand that was around your waist you held it in your grip.

“I love you too.” You pressed a kiss on to the back of his hand before letting it fall.

And with that you both fell asleep without another word, just extremely pleased it was all over.

Versus - Ray x Reader

Name: Versus

Pairing: Ray Narvaez jr x Reader

Summary: Ray Challenges the reader in Versus after making a bet.

Rating: T for swearing

Word Count: 701

Notes: Apparently tonight is shortfic night, but these guys asked for Ray, and I adore him, so here you go!

All of the bones in your back cracked in rapid succession as you stretched. The sticky notes that normally littered your computer monitor were miraculously missing and your desk was similarly clear. It was Wednesday, and you had already managed to finish your editing for the week. Thursday and Friday would be used to get ahead, but for now you needed a break.

“Coffee’s on.” Monty announced, poking his head into your office. Monty, more than anyone else, understood your love and need for caffeine. You thanked him and rushed to the kitchen. Being done with editing did not mean being done with work, and you would need the caffeine to film Versus.

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letters to a soldier

AN: Whoa so this is by far one of the most complicated things I’ve written. Be easy on me, yeah? I hope you guys like this. Beta’d by my wonderful friend, Mary <3
Summary: Ray stares blankly down at the notebook in front of him, taking the pencil loosely on the desk. He isn’t really sure why he agreed to do this with his family, something about “doing a good deed for someone who needs it” and “supporting our country”, but Ray has never been very patriotic.

Or the one where Ray decides to send letters to an army man.
Pairing: Joelay, side!Mavin, side!Jack/Caiti
Rating: PG-13
Words: 5,271


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For the love of all that is good in this world, can some people stop pretending that Ray is a blameless cupcake whose only crime is dating Felicity? Can some people stop living in a fantasy world where there are not entirely valid reasons for being repulsed by this character and not wanting him anywhere near Felicity that have nothing to do with his being Olicity Obstacle of the Season aka Pitsop Palmer?

What has Ray done that is so terrible, you ask? Well, I’m glad you did! Take a seat, and get comfy because this won’t be short.

1) He stalked Felicity. He. Stalked. Her. HE STALKED HER. I cannot stress this enough. He tracked her whereabouts using her phone and followed her to where she was. Twice.

2) He showed up at her place of work specifically to use her expertise against her friend without her knowledge.

3) When she expressed a distaste for his actions and rejected his offer of employment, he proceeded to inundate her with phone calls and texts and emails and flowers, which she categorically and repeatedly stated were unwelcome. There’s a name for this. It’s called harassment.

4) As if that wasn’t bad enough, he took a step further into a place I like to call restraining orderville by buying out the entire company under which Felicity worked to manipulate her into working for him. Because, hey, if you don’t work for Palmer by choice, apparently he’ll make sure you’re robbed of your sense of professional independence so you may as well take the job he offered you in the first place. He “owns” you either way.

5) He then suggested that she should be flattered, because ha ha, what woman wouldn’t be, right? Ha Ha. Women love it when you buy companies to corner them into working for you.

6) He showed up at her home early in the morning unannounced, and barged in before she expressed any interest in him doing so. All for something he easily could have addressed over a phone call or an email or at work in person.

7) He offered her an expensive dress and extravagant jewellery as what essentially amounted to a glorified bribe to coax her into attending a work dinner with him. She was his employee and VP of the company. Nothing about this was appropriate or respectful or professional. Ask yourself how you’d react if your boss bought you couture to wear to a work dinner?

8) He used her expertise for months to further his “mission” with the ATOM suit, but only told her the truth when he felt it convenient. That secrecy, in isolation, could be understood if he hadn’t later claimed to have been honest with her from the start while chastising her for not telling him the truth about her entire life. After knowing Felicity for a few months, he acted entitled to information about her relationship with a man she’s known for two years. A relationship involving secrets that are not just hers to tell.

9) He told her exactly what she wanted to hear, and did exactly what she wanted him to do in order to get his suit working. Only to then fly off in the suit, never bothering to tell her that he actually got the damn thing to work even though it wouldn’t be working without her. He still has the audacity to lecture her on “true partnership”.

10) He used the suit that wouldn’t be functional without her to electrocute one of her friends and attempt to attack the other. He seems to have a penchant for using Felicity indirectly against her own friends, so I’ll give him points for consistency.

11) He has completely robbed Felicity of her agency and ability to earn her own professional success by handing her everything she wants on a silver platter simply to further his own agenda. She has all the appearance of power, but little to no actual power. At least none that Palmer hasn’t deemed would serve his needs for her to have. She literally was in possession of more clout and independence as Oliver’s assistant than she is as the Vice President of the entire company. If that doesn’t disturb you, it should.

Hey, Guggenheim? Acknowledge this shit. Acknowledge that this shitty character is shitty and not some sort of poor undeserving victim of irrational hate.

When I see that a character who engaged in this behaviour is being made a romantic option for Felicity, all I’m hearing is that my inability to reconcile his actions with the idea that she would ever show interest in him makes me a hysterical fan. And you know what, fuck that. Fuck that six ways till Sunday.

None of this would be a problem if he were presented as shitty or morally ambiguous. But he’s not. He’s a “hero”. He’s presented as appealing. The reason there’s a lot of backlash hitting Felicity right now is entirely a result of this and I hate it. Because all the audience sees is Felicity rendered suddenly incapable of calling out bullshit when she has never been incapable of that regardless of how she feels about the person. She’s been in love with Oliver for lord knows how long now, but not once has that clouded her judgement. Barring the first few interactions, she’s been seemingly oblivious to all of Palmer’s crap.

And again, this would be acceptable if it were an intentional portrayal of an unhealthy relationship, but it’s not. We’re not meant to think “oh poor Felicity’s trapped in a horrible relationship and she’s unaware”. We’re meant to see it as a viable, and even perhaps a “better” option for Felicity than Oliver. We’re not meant to believe that Felicity doesn’t know what she’s saying about Palmer. We’re meant to take everything she says about him at face value and nothing more. I will defend Felicity all day long if need be, but I refuse to defend the way her good opinion as a popular character is being used in a weak attempt to get a privileged, white boy, shithead like Palmer into the audiences good graces.

“Frankly, you are the creepiest form of stalker that I have ever had to deal with, and believe me when I’m telling you that that is saying a lot.”

Felicity’s words, not mine. The writers put those words in her mouth. That’s what makes this even more galling. Felicity has canonically been stalked in the past. Sure, it’s a footnote of canon, but it’s there. The idea that someone who has had experience with that kind of thing would be receptive romantically to a person who perpetuates the same pattern of behaviour is patently absurd to me. I’ve seen the kind of crap Ray pulls happen in real life, and it ain’t cute. It’s irritating at best and frightening at worst.

So, please, come at me with “What has Ray done other than get in the way of your ship?” I will pat the seat next to me and pull out a twelve foot long list because the guy is disgusting, and five more episodes of him is five too many.

Fanfic (Rayvinwood X-Ray & Vav AU): Control

Another nonnie request:

“Rayvinwood X-Ray and Vav au: Vav gets captured by the Mad King and when X-Ray goes to save him he gets captured as well, but also gets a mind controlling device attached to him that puts him under the control of the Mad King. You take it from there! :D”

Well, it’s me, so it’s going to immediately turn into smut. I hope that’s what you were angling for. :P

Content warnings for smut, non-consensual mind control, and noncon in general. This fic is not a happy one.

Sorry not sorry

[AO3 Mirror]

~* * *~

Gavin’s mind was foggy.

For the briefest of moments, he thought he was sitting in a reclining chair, the back tipped to a comfortable forty-five degrees, hands resting casually on the arms.

Then he realised he couldn’t move - that he had, in fact, been tied to a slanted metal chair that didn’t seem to budge at all when he began to tug frantically against his restraints. The ropes were knotted expertly, however, tied at his ankles, knees, wrists, elbows and even across his chest, and they didn’t give either.

He looked around the room, trying to get his bearings, and was met with an eyeful of computers and scientific paraphernalia.

It clicked instantly - he was in the Mad King’s lab. Any vestigial thoughts of his seat being comfortable vanished, and instead his mind shrieked that he was positioned the way he was to make it easier for the Mad King to perform one of his twisted experiments on him.

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