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I’m falling apart

A/N: Reader is Jensen’s little sister who is going through a tough time with depression and Jensen is determined to help her. If this becomes a series it’s gonna be super dramatic & probably kinda twisty.

Trigger warning: Depression, suicidal thoughts.

Jensen threw his head back laughing at a joke Jared made. Looking around the table he realized how lucky he was. He was sitting at a table in Rome surrounded by his friends and fellow cast mates, enjoying the night. Tomorrow was the first day of the convention and the few days following it him and Jared would tour the city some before heading back home to his family. A gentle smile fell on Jensen’s lips when he thought about Danneel and the kids in Austin and all the plans they had for the hiatus.

Feeling his phone vibrate in his pocket, Jensen grabbed it, smiling even wider when he saw Danneel’s name pop up on the caller ID.

“Hey babe.” He answered.

“Hey Jay.” Danneel’s voice responded, only something sounded off in her tone.

“What’s up?” Jensen said, standing up from his seat and walking away from the group, “You sound worried.”

“Yeah, I mean, I’m sure it’s nothing but…” Danneel trailed on.

“You’re kinda worrying me here Dee. What’s going on?” Jensen pushed.

“It’s Y/N.” Danneel responded.

“My sister? Is she okay?” Jensen quickly pushed.

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Liam Dunbar x Reader

Warnings: None.
Word count: 1 395

A/N: Yet another one of @lazyneonmonster‘s ideas, but I decided to use Liam instead of Brett this time, since I think that Liam fitted more into this. But the more I think about it more after I wrote it, this could be about any wolf.

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Jem Carstairs and Tessa Gray’s Wedding 

“You speak of sacrifice, but it is not my sacrifice I offer. It is yours I ask of you,” he went on. “I can offer you my life, but it is a short life; I can offer you my heart, though I have no idea how many more beats it shall sustain. But I love you enough to hope that you will not care that I am being selfish in trying to make the rest of my life - whatever length - happy, by spending it with you. I want to be married to you, Tessa. I want it more than I have ever wanted anything else in my life.” He looked up at her through the veil of silvery hair that fell over his eyes. “That is,” he said shyly, “if you love me, too.”

By the cover {Part 3}

Pairing: Taeyong x Reader

Warnings: Smuty smut. 

Word counting:  3. 236

Summary: Just when you thought you have learned every person in your school’s life patterns, you find someone else.

[pt.1]  [pt.2] 

-Repeat that again, bitch!- Johnny is out of his mind right now listening how you try to explain what happened. The rumors were too clear about it already, as you predicted, but after all, people only believe rumors halfway until you confirm them.

-Shut up, Johnny- says Taeil with a way more relaxed voice but still incredulous- Let me see, Y/N…You did what with Taeyong?

- I swear i’m about to choke- interrupts Johnny again

-Guys…- you try to calm them down- I don’t know either i just let myself loose and it happened

-Holy fuck!- Johnny explodes into laughter and Taeil just emits some kind of scream drowned by his hands over his mouth, giggling. They are making so much noise and scandal that you fear for a second that the oldest is about to fall off the bench where you are sitting, outside school- Let’s recap let’s recap… you went into the closet then what? Has he a big d…?

-Ah~ how do you want me to tell you all the details?

Of course you are not planning to tell everything to Johnny, and less in a monday morning, in school and when you are not drunk anymore. The information given was that you two hooked up for real. But there is no need to tell the rest of things like how Taeyong melts the fuck down when you treat him roughly or how you are peeping out the school’s front yard waiting to see if he arrives today in his i’m-a-drama’s-character bicycle. Something about him has catched your eye and also your heart tingles a bit when thinking about him. He is cute, he is nice, he is funny… you have to admit that you like him at least a tiny bit.

-So he is not boring after all?- Insist Johnny

-No, he is, indeed, very straightforward- You answer recalling the whole sequence of events inside the closet. A chill shakes your body but it goes unnoticed by your friends, luckily.

-Humm… i guess you can’t judge a book by the cover, uh?

-Yep. You sound much more respectable when you are not drunk, Mr.Seo.

The crowd around the yard is scattering slowly to head to their corresponding classes before the bell rings indicating the start of the class period but you still have not spotted the pinky cloud of hair you are looking for. Instead, you witness the tall silhouette of Rowoon walking with his eyes lost in the ground. Another rumor that expanded  like a wildfire is the story about how Sehun kissed Rowoon while he was crying-for you- in the bathroom, the other night. Everybody knows his name now, Jaehyun even messaged you yesterday categorically affirming to you that Rowoon didn’t know how to collect his feelings and was so lost when Sehun hit on him that he almost faint, and now he can’t look Sehun or anyone who knows about the story into the eye. You believe it tho, because the 3rd grader is still having a red shade over his cheeks that contrast with his caramel skin when he cross the door to go to the laboratory and confront all the students in his biology class like he is a part of a script for a very melodramatic act.

Well, at least if they are talking about how gay or not gay is Rowoon they are not talking about you.

-Is the princess going to get up?- Says Johnny making you jump to reality again- We have a history class

-You are interested about grades now?- You mock

-Honestly, not about history’s ones, but i don’t want to get a sanction so we better go to class or at least go anywhere is not the front yard where everyone can see us skipping class, dumbass.

When the three of you, in love and company, step inside the building, the smell of coffee emanating from the cafeteria welcomes you. This is not helping you at all since you realize how tired you are and how much you need a coffee but at the same time you can’t go to get one because the classes are about to start. Mondays are so boring, it is the day in which you come back from the parties and the free time to face the real world in which you have to sit down and study.

Resignated, you open the door of your locker to check your schedule for today, pulling out your big and dusty history books for your class too. At least you share the table with Johnny on this one, it’s too early in the morning to be determined to listen to an adult talk about the monarchies and 16th century’s shit.  So early that you really find weird that your phone starts ringing, but anyways, you quickly stract it from the locker to check the name shining on the screen. You pick it up curious.


You guess that he answers, but the sound of his voice don’t make it to your ears since your phone disappears from your hand. Your eyes land on a pretty and fancy looking girl with her uniform perfectly neat and well put, her knee high socks completely white and smoothed out. She looks angelic, but she is the one who just took your phone and is literally smashing it against the opposite wall in front of your eyes, you see the pieces separating from his supposed place and the screen’s crystals decorating the floor.

-Hey, what are you doing?- You ask with an obviously loud and pissed voice

-Are you Y/N?

-What if i am!?

-Imma kill you, whore!

So this well dressed bitch grabs a handfull of your hair and pulls. Natural reaction? You do the same to her, starting an unexpected fight on the high school halls. You can tell Johnny’s rushed footsteps apart from the rest of students gathering to watch the conflict. No that your stupid best friend jumps into it to stop it, he just occupies the first line of public.


-JOHNNY!!- Your recrimination to your friend makes you win a slap in your face while you are distracted. What the fuck, your rage fires up, if this psycho bitch wants to fight she has chosen the wrong girl to do it, you are gonna end her.

The normal thing would have be intrigued by who the fuck is her but you don’t have time for that, you are so mad and so determined to not be losing in front of everyone that you just get into the battle.  You snap back your face towards her, your eyes burning, then you grab her by the green tie and pull her towards you. The black haired girl stumble with the push and falls, but her grab in your hair makes you fall too. More hair pulling, more screaming in anger and more wrestling on the floor for 30 seconds before you hear it.

-IRENE!- You were right, you can’t mistake Taeyong’s peculiar voice for another one, once you have heard it. Your long waited pinky cloud breaks into the circle made by viewers to, not without some trouble, grab the bitch tangled with you by the waist and lift her off from you- Irene! Yah! Stop, this is so embarrassing!

-YOU, STUPID DUMB SLUT, SCREWED MY BOYFRIEND!- You never thought you would hear all the hall gasping at unison but, apparently, it’s a possible thing.

So it was not a joke, he has a girlfriend. Ha, you are not even mad at him, just surprised on how snooty she is, comparing her with Taeyong. Honestly, you are having this feeling of superiority regarding the fact of who would be a better girlfriend for him. Of course it is you. The frigid wind of jealousy.

-God, Irene!- Taeyong whispers. By his expression you can guess he is hoping that the Earth could open and swallow him together with the feeling of everyone looking at him at the same time- Do you think this is something to discuss with all the school!?

-Your boyfriend kissed me first!- You shout provoking the turning of all the students- including Taeil and Johnny- to look at Taeyong at the same time, now for real.  The loud laugh from Johnny sounds across the hall, he is having the time of his life and more if he noticed that you are openly fighting a girl over Lee Taeyong, the not-so-boring dude.

-Liar!- The girl, apparently called Irene, stands up to aggressively face the small boy standing in the hall- Tell me she is lying!

You know this pauses in films when there is a moment of silence with tense music and a shoot of everyone’s expression? That’s what you feel now but in real life. Taeyong has frozen looking at Irene and you can’t glimpse which side of his personality is playing right now, the innocent one or the school bastard one. His eyes travel to you and go back to her, then, he coughs, and that’s enough. The school bastard one, you feel it coming.

- Well… no. I kissed her first tho.

There he goes. Anyone who is watching could not deny that the following storm of anger from Irene directed to Taeyong is well justified. You doubt that people is going to talk about Rowoon for the next month, you just overcame the sauce regarding him by far.  

-You did what!? Who do you think you are!?- Irene, who is rather short, directs now her attack to Taeyong who, not need to say it, can perfectly defend from her easily. But anyways you are thankful when the ray of co-Moon sense, a.k.a Moon Taeil, steps into the circle of people to have a hold on her and pull her away.

-Okay, young lady, calm down- the oldest tries to ease it

-Calm down my ass! You cheated on me, Lee Taeyong!!

-Fine! Wanna break up!?- You thought he was done arguing because his hand is helping you getting up but he replies, furious- Because Doyoung called me the other day, drunk as fuck, told me yOU WERE HAVING MUCH FUN TUTORING HIM AND SUCKING HIS DICK!!!

Doyoung? Like… the savage but inoffensive student of the B class? You are hallucinating, and you can’t help it but laugh when Irene’s face goes pale and her energy dies. Is amusing because you didn’t think that accusation would be true but it is. Your laugh makes Taeyong laugh too.

-NO WAAAAY- At this point Johnny is crying from the laughter and Taeil is just so confused of what to do, now that Irene is not fighting him back, that he is literally just like giving her an useless backhug in the hall.

-C'mon “jagi”- the irony is so thick it could be cut with a knife- Since you are so determined to make a scene in front of everyone, you can tell them WHO of us is wrong.


-We. Are. Over.

This is the most descontrolate situation you have ever lived, you can picture Sehun somewhere in the crowd rubbing his hands like a fly watching the mess he created. Not that the laughs and fun last much longer. Your teacher, in sight that all the students that should be in his history class are yelling in the halls,  enters the mess, dispersing the mass of bystanders again.

-EVERYBODY STOP AND GO TO DETENTION!! Lee Taeyong, Bae Irene, Y/N Y/L/N and Moon Taeil go to…

-Why me!? I didn’t do anything!- Taeil starts complaining

-I don’t care, go to the detention class right now! Class C-23!

-I just wanted to…


Nine in the morning and you are already staring at a blackboard distracted while the psychologist of the school gives you all a terribly long speak about how to control your anger through other ways that are not the physical fight. Even worst, this speech is followed by another speech, with way emptier words, about sexual safety. Because the teachers of this school seem to consider sex as the satan that mess with the senior students and after hearing why the fight started there was no way to make them change opinions. They even made Kim Doyoung go to the class and he is there, stiff on his sit next to Irene, too embarrassed to fall asleep on the table.

Picture that, a classroom with just two small windows, the clock ticking in the background and the few tables occupied by you, your hook up, his ex-girlfriend, HER hook up… and Taeil. Well, and the two or three students that got a sanction for smoking in the toilets that were caught into all the mess.

-Pst!- you look to the left to face Taeyong. He seems to be as bored as you but that’s not the reason of his call. You give him a sign with your head to indicate you are giving him your attention- I’m sorry of what happened earlier, i didn’t know Irene would go to you like that

-Nah, it’s okay, sometimes Sehun’s parties lead you to this kind of conflicts- Taeyong chuckles under his breath. Seeing him smile like that and wearing the uniform makes you think that he looks really good. He looks good when he smile, in general. Well, your heart is now skipping a beat, who could have said that would happen with Taeyong.

-You sound like you are used to be slapped in the face by furious ex-girlfriends- He starts saying with a tint of amusement- Are you?

-Nah… Are you used to cheat on your girls?- That seems to hurt him more. Like putting salt in an open wound, his nose wrinkles slightly.

-Our relationship was doomed- Irene turns his head from the first line of tables overhearing you two, but you can’t care less about her look of disdain so her eyes return to the blackboard- It really was

-You don’t sound very hurt

-I already suspected that she was cheating on me and i don’t know, my feelings for her died long ago too so…

-Why didn’t you broke up earlier then?

-I guess i was afraid of ending all alone if she was gone, since it’s hard for me to make new friends i was wondering what to do

-Ah~~ i think everyone feels that way at least once in their life, so annoying…

-Super annoying- He affirms- And what annoys me the most is that i’m about to look like someone who can’t be without a girlfriend

-Why would you?- Your question is followed by a small but deep sigh from the pink haired one

-Go out with me

-You…!- The teacher shh you with an important lack of interest in pulling your attention back to his speech. You keep talking, only lowering the volume some octaves- You are asking me out in a detention class?

-Yeah?… yeah… i’m doing that- And there he is, the shy Taeyong popped out- Like, for real, i like you

-We seem to be doing everything wrong, Taeyongie~ First kiss was drunk and inside a closet, you ask me to be your girlfriend while grounded… is the first date gonna be sneaking into a private pool at night or what?- You laugh while he is a bit taken back by the lack of your response. You perceive that he is nervous like a child, which makes you remember his kink and get more excited about teasing him.

-Okay, you two, in the back, separate your tables further- claims the psychologist of the school, sick of your chatting in the middle of the explanation. He is only there scolding young people trying to not lose his job, why always the detention problematic students, why?

You two look at each other with complicity and separate the tables chuckling. Sometimes you get some scoldings that make you laugh and you can’t avoid it or regret it. Irene turns again even more pissed than before but Taeyong keeps moving his lips without a sound so you can read his words.

“Is that a yes?”

“Date you?” The uncertainty in his eyes is fun but who you want to fool, you wanna try and date him. You are not full in love or something like that but you like him and love only appears with time so why not. “Well, i agree” he smiles with all the slyness he can collect to not make YET ANOTHER scene on school.

“Pool party tonight?”

Tsk. Concealing your laugh to the whole class is harder every time and he knows but he still enjoys while he goes. How much he loves risky situations, this boy has no remedy.

“Sign me up for it”

You are giggling on your sit but your heart melts so suddenly when Taeyong blows you a kiss across the class. Not the sassy kiss blow but the cutest kiss with the softest gesture and pinkest lips. It is cheesy but you don’t care, people need cheesy things sometimes and it has been long since you don’t get any.

And you can bet he gives you those gestures and that you have the first date sneaking into a pool like in those cheap movies for teenagers where the couple make out into the water. And out of your expectation of how nasty that is gonna be, it comes out pretty adorable.

None of you worried about bringing a swimsuit so there you are, sitting on the border of the pool, your hair dripping water, and watching Taeyong swim with underwear.

-Come in, Y/N, the water is so nice…- He swims around your legs

-Im drying, Taeyong

-Nah… it’s too earlyyyy- he whines hugging your leg and leaning his forehead on it. You guess he didn’t have much romaticism with Irene, at least not at the end of their relation- Let’s stay a bit longer

-It’s almost 11pm we should go home… No No No, stop!- The pink cloud is pulling you into the water happily while you try to fight him back amused. It doesn’t matter, he is stronger so he already has you half into the pool. You give up and let your body go in and jump on him with your limbs around his body. The proximity makes you two shut up instantly to look into each other eyes with the dim light that comes from the moon outside. You did not plan it to be this deep but that’s even better because it’s spontaneous.

-I didn’t have the chance of kissing you earlier- The soft voice in which he pronounces this words makes your heart beat faster- Can we fix that?

Definitely you caught the sweetest boy in your grade. And no wonder, of course you get close to him and kiss him sweetly, you didn’t want to do anything else from the last three hours so it last longer than Taeyong was thinking it would.

You like him, you like his fragile hands when he holds you, you like the pink wet hair adhering to his face and you like the way his lips feel so soft all the time. And that is only at the beginning, when the days pass, you notice much more. You like when he calls you baby, when he brings cinnamon cookies for recess, when he is scared by storms and doesn’t want to go out or when he laughs so much that his laugh sounds weird. You like Taeyong, the not-so-boring dude.

And what you learned through this is: no matter where or how you meet a person, you can’t judge them so quickly before getting into them, they may be one of the persons that make your life a better place.

Lovable Morning

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Sweet smelling hair was the first thing that he woke up to. Deans first instinct was for his eyes to go over the details of face and acknowledge how his heart was basically trying to run out of his body.

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anonymous asked:

Hey I know your probably super busy but I just wanted to ask if you could make a super short story on tumblr of you meeting stretch cause i really ship you guys i was just wondering what would happen if you ended up meeting each other. Your amazing Senpai!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just wanted to tell you that.

*A chance to self-insert myself with Stretch and incorporate my x-ray headcanons that no one asked for in one go?  You know I’m all over this!  
Also, thank you, my sweet anon-kohai!  <333  The fact that you ship me with him enough to want to read this makes me happy.  You’re a sweetheart.

*Oh man, lemme lay some first person on you guys.  I’ve been writing in second for so long that this felt all kinds of wrong.  

As I walked through the ER, I glanced down at the order in my hand, wondering what I was about to walk into.  The registration was woefully incomplete, with only a placeholder “John Doe” name and a generic birthday, so I wasn’t sure what sort of patient to expect.  Usually, those sorts of placeholders were used if the patient was incapacitated or in some sort of traumatic accident–yet the doctor had only ordered an x-ray of the forearm, instead of the usual chest and pelvis films.

It was probably a drunk without an ID that slipped and fell.  Wouldn’t that just be my luck?

Either way, from the cast cart situated outside the room, it seemed like they had already fixed the fracture without getting x-rays beforehand.  That’s weird, but I shrugged it off.  They probably had films done at another hospital.

I knocked on the door to announce my presence, and then swung it open, my usual speech already on my tongue.

“Hey there, I’m Ty–”

The sight inside the room caused me to trail off, my professionalism wavering.  There were two people inside, one seated on the edge of the stretcher with his sleeve rolled up and a bright blue cast on his arm–obviously my patient–and another clinging to the man’s opposite arm and wailing.

“I’M S-SO SORRY!  IT’S ALL MY F-FAULT!  WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO TO PAPY NOW?!”  the crying man asked, his grip tightening protectively on my patient’s–Papy’s?–arm.  

I was so thrown off that I completely blanked for a moment.

These two men were skeleton monsters.  

Monsters had separate hospitals–healers, magic, and all of that fun stuff–so, any that were mistakenly brought to ours were immediately transferred out.  We simply didn’t have the means to treat them.  I’ve never had one as a patient, and they haven’t exactly been welcomed with open arms into my city, either.  I’ve seen a few here and there, but never…

Never skeletons.

“Sorry,” I blurted, brushing the hair back from my face in a nervous gesture.  I dropped my gaze to the order clasped in my hand, as if I could glean some sort of new insight, but really–I just wanted to try not to stare.  

And boy was that difficult.

“I’m from X-ray.  I’m just going to get a couple of pictures of that arm,” I explained, while the distraught man sniffled.

“PICTURES?”  His brow furrowed.  "WHAT’S X-RAY?“

“Pictures of, ah… bones,” I replied, noticing the way my patient’s grin suddenly widened.  From the look on his face, I could tell he was amused.  

“considering i’m a skeleton, i’d say i’m pretty photogenic,” he claimed, which made me relax.  Oh geez, at least we’re addressing the elephant in the room.  

“They just want to make sure the bones look all right inside the cast,” I mentioned with a smile, since the other man still looks so baffled.  I could only assume that’s why they would order the x-ray of a skeleton monster.  


“Nope, won’t feel a thing.”  I turned my attention back to my patient and opened the door wider.  "We’ll just go down the hall, Mister… Papy?“

"papyrus,” my patient corrected, standing from the bed.  He chuckled and shrugged slightly.  "you can call me stretch, hun.“

There’s something about his lazy smirk that made me blush, and oh man, he’s a skeleton, and I needed to get it together.  

"I’M COMING, TOO!” the other skeleton insisted, standing as well, but Papyrus stopped him with a gentle hand to his chest.  

“nah, bro, you can stay here.  it’ll only take a minute.”  


“just relax and watch some tv, ok?”

He looked as if he wanted to protest further, but as soon as his eye(lights?) shifted to the cast on Papyrus’s arm, he deflated and nodded.  

“hey.”  Papyrus set his good hand on the other’s shoulder, his expression gentle.  "i’m ok.“


I didn’t correct him, instead marveling over the gentleness Papyrus showed him.  The other skeleton still seemed distraught, his cheeks a strange shade of blue–just like the tears prickling the corner of his eyesockets–but he managed to smile brightly.  

When we stepped into the hall, Papyrus closed the door behind us.  

“sorry ‘bout that.  that’s my bro, sans.  he’s never seen me hurt before.”

I lead the way, though couldn’t help trying to sneak glances of Papyrus’s bones.  Most of them seemed to be covered by his oversized orange hoodie, but he was wearing shorts, and from what I could glimpse of his knee and tib/fib, the anatomy looked strikingly similar to a human.  

“It’s no problem.  It’s sweet of him to worry about you.  What happened to your arm?”

“i’d rather not cast blame.”  He winked, lifting his cast slightly, and I realized he just made a pun.  Gentle, charming, and funny?  He’s hit all my weak spots.  "it’s nothing i’m too broken up about.“

I grinned like an idiot.  I even slowed my pace from what my friends call my ‘hospital speed’ to meander beside him.  He’s easy-going, in no hurry, and even with his slouched posture, he’s much taller than I am.  

"You’ve never broken a bone before?”

He shook his head.  "first time for everything.  have you?  i heard human bones can break pretty easily.“

"No broken bones here.  Are monster bones stronger than human ones?”

He shrugged.  "dunno.  a lot of monsters don’t have bones, but probably.  never seen a monster break anything.“

"Really?”  I couldn’t keep the surprise from my voice–and slight disappointment.  X-raying monsters and seeing how different their anatomy is would be so interesting!  I opened up the door to the x-ray room, twisting to face him while he follows me inside.  

He grinned wider.  "yep.  hate to break it to ya, hun, but this may be your only chance to x-ray a monster.“

"Well, I do have to admit, out of all the monsters out there, the fact that I’m x-raying you is kind of hilarious.”

“almost as if you already have x-ray vision, huh?”  

“Pretty much, yeah.  Have a seat here… Stretch.”  He’s charming enough that I tried out the nickname he gave me, only for Papyrus to hold my gaze the entire time he moves to sit down.  There’s something about his grin that made me feel a little nervous, and I hoped my face didn’t look as red as I thought it did.  It certainly was hot all of a sudden.  

On the end of the table, there was a digital detector already set up, the x-ray tube positioned over it.  Papyrus rolled up the sleeve of his uninjured arm, exposing the bones of his radius and ulna–and I couldn’t help but stare.  The anatomy looked just like a human arm, although his carpal bones were more solidified.  

He had me a little confused, so I pulled the order sheet out of my pocket to check which arm was ordered–but he only looked amused.  "so, is it broken?“  He held up his uninjured arm, quirking a bony brow.  How was  he even able to move his brow ridge, anyway?  His skull doesn’t even have any sutures along the top; it’s all just smooth bone.

Oh god, I’m staring again.

"Legally, I can’t tell you.  I just take x-rays; I don’t read 'em.”  I shrug, reaching over him to grab onto his casted arm and slide it into the center of the detector.  

He chuckled.  "honey, it isn’t an x-ray.  it’s my arm.“

I definitely started blushing now.  Shit, from the way his lazy grin curved up around the edges, his eyelights twinkling with mirth, it must be one of those obvious, fierce blushes.  

Can skeletons blush?  

Now isn’t the time to find out, c'mon.

"Also not a doctor,” I insisted, trying to concentrate, but… dammit, it was hard when he kept looking at me with that grin.  His voice was low and smooth, and I found myself wanting to hear more puns.  

I positioned his casted arm and then fixed the collimator light on the tube to encompass all of his forearm.  He watched intently, flexing his phalanges outside the cast.  I don’t even really need to touch his hand to get him in the right position, but… I’m curious.  So, I reached out and touched his fingers under the guise of straightening his arm.  His bones were smooth and warm.

“ever touched bones before?” he inquired, and I felt as if he were trying to fluster me–to call me out for my curiosity.  Instead, I just smiled and met his gaze with a shrug.

“A couple of times, actually.”

His smirk faded, and he gave me an incredulous look.  "seriously?“

"You’d be surprised.”  With him flustering me, I start to walk back to the console behind the wall to shoot the x-ray, but then I notice the lead shield is still on the table.  "Whoops.  Hang on, lemme lay this in your lap.“

He leans back a little, keeping his arm in place as I lay the heavy lead across his pelvis.  "what’s this for?”

“Protection.  It keeps the x-rays off you.”  I gave him the vague speech I give the curious kids without a second thought.  However, Papyrus doesn’t buy it.  

“why’s it only across my legs then?”

Eh, he’s an adult; I can go into more detail.  "It protects your reprodu–… ah…“  I trailed off awkwardly when I realize again that he’s a skeleton.  

Does he even have…?

Papyrus’s grin turned absolutely shit-eating.  "my…?”

So much blood rushed to my face at once that I felt light-headed and absolutely mortified.  Why did I have to be so awkward?  "Your reproductive organs,“ I stated, trying to regain any sort of professionalism despite the fact that I’m burning right now.  "The radiation we use is minimal, but it’s still for the best to always be protected.”

I can’t meet his gaze anymore.

“yep, guess there are some bones that need protection.”

Does that mean he does have..?

Hoo boy.  I nodded, humming my assent as I turned around and went to the console.  By now, a few other techs have started peeking around and making loud, surprised noises over the fact that my patient’s a skeleton.  I swung an arm back at them in an effort to make them shut up, and when I glanced through the window to the exam room, Papyrus is waving at them with his good arm.  

“Don’t move, all right?”

“sorry.  that spiel about protection was just so moving i couldn’t help it.”

Someone help me; I can’t stop laughing.  

I took the x-ray and waited for the image to pop up on the screen.  I’ve gotta admit, I was curious to see how badly he broke his arm, as well as how the ortho doc fixed it.  Would the bones really stay together inside the cast, or did they plate it with some wire and then cast it so the bones wouldn’t shift?   Will his bones heal at the same rate as a humans, or does magic speed up the process? 

The image that pops up on the screen was unreadable.

It was bright white and blurry, as if his arm had been moving, with faint grays where the cast outlined his arm.  I stared at it for a moment, while my other coworkers moved to try to peek around my shoulder.  

“how’s it look?  break it to me gently.”

“Uhhh…”  If it’s white, that means the x-rays didn’t go through it, and I didn’t see him move his arm.  "Lemme try the next view.“  I walked around the wall and hold my arm out straight to simulate the positioning.  "Gimme a karate chop.”

Papyrus complied, though he seemed skeptical.  "did the first picture take?“

"You might not be as photogenic as you thought,” I responded with a shrug, which brought his grin back.  I reached out and grabbed his hand, rolling his thumb back slightly in an effort to get his bones directly on top of one another.  As soon as I let go, Papyrus rolled his hand back in.  

I grabbed his hand and rolled it back again.  "Keep it like this,“ I instructed, and his fingers lightly curled around my thumb.  

"if you say so, hun,” he replied in that smooth, low voice, and I reluctantly pulled my hand away.  That look clearly stated that I’m blushing again, that he was aware of what he was doing.

I headed back to the console and took the second x-ray, bumping up the settings in an effort to penetrate his bone.  Just like the first, it turned out bright white and blurry.  "It can’t be a mechanical issue because my marker showed up…“ I murmured both to myself and my nosy coworkers, pointing at the R beside his cast, denoting which arm it is.  Papyrus seemed concerned by the way I was staring at his films, so he scoots the chair back and stands, setting the lead shield on the edge of the table.  

"is it ok if i come back there?”  I nodded, and Papyrus turned the corner to look at the x-rays.  He stared at them for a moment, before shrugging, seemingly unperturbed.  "welp i ulna see a white blob.“

"Looks like your bone is different than a human’s,” I responded, feeling a little disappointed.  Maybe it has to do with his magic?  Magic might not be able to be penetrated by radiation.  Or maybe his bones are just comprised of something radiopaque–it could be a number of things.  

“ah well, it’ll be ok.  monsters heal fast.  i just came because my bro insisted, anyway,” Papyrus remarked with a shrug.   He’s definitely one of the most chill people I’ve ever met, I’ll give him that.  

“Well, that’s all I can do.  Lemme walk ya back to your room.”  

I lead him back into the hall, and even though the x-rays didn’t work out… I felt reluctant to take him back.  Maybe it was because he was the first monster I’ve actually spoken to for this long, and that’s interesting.  Or maybe it’s because his bones are fascinating.  

Or maybe it’s because he’s funny and seems kind toward his brother, and my stomach actually twisted when he looked me in the eye and grinned.

“so… what time do you get off work?”

I faltered in my steps and nearly tripped.  Is he asking what I think he’s asking?

Unfortunately, I work late.  

“Midnight,” I replied with a wry smile.

Papyrus hummed, slowing his steps.  "do you like pancakes or donuts?“

"Love 'em both.”  My heart’s racing.  

“welp, i know a place that stays open 24/7.  muffet’s.”  Papyrus reached into his hoodie’s pocket and handed me a wrinkled card.

                                                 odd jobs

A phone number was listed below.  

“text me if ya wanna grab a bite to eat.  trust me, you donut want to miss the food.”  He winked, and I found myself thinking that I really didn’t want to miss out on the company, either.

“I might take you up on that.  For the food, of course.”

“hmm… i think i might be able to take x-rays now.”

“Why do you say that?”

Papyrus grinned, leaning in close to me as we approached his room.  With his mouth directly beside my ear, he murmured, “because i can see through you.”

masterpiece - gd

college!au and photographer!au in one place the best of both worlds

a/n: i move back into college tomorrow morning so i’m finally in the mood to post this college!au i’ve been working on :-) let me know what you think!!

word count: 1,758

The summer sun hasn’t yet begun fading into crisp autumnal breezes that rustle through bright colored leaves, yet still, you found yourself back on campus with bright, warm days that haven’t faltered the slightest bit.  The bland cardboard boxes of both you and your roommate’s belongings were finally cleared from the living room of your shared apartment, only a mere two days after crowding every square inch of space with packing peanuts and miscellaneous items galore.  Everything seemed to be in place, even yourself.  Starting your second year of college would prove to be difficult, yet you found yourself feeling at home, oddly at ease back in the place where so many memories were made only a few short months ago when you began this journey in a completely foreign city far enough away from anything you considered home.


You were always up relatively early, giving yourself time to fully shake yourself from the firm hold of sleep that washed over your body like persistent waves lapping against the soft sand of the shore’s edge in high tide.  This was still the case on the first day of classes as you pried yourself from the comfort of the crisp white sheets, much to your dismay.  The bright rays of the sunrise lit up the sky just beyond your window, pale pinks and yellows contrasting the dark metal of the buildings along the skyline.  Your feet pad along the cool wooden floors to the kitchen, one hand rubbing the last lingering touches of sleep from your eyes, the other reaching rather blindly for the mug that sat on the third shelf in the cabinet above the coffee machine.  Even with the looming uncertainty for what the new year will bring, a mixture of content and hope washed over you.  This would be a good year.

You walked into your 9:30 five minutes early, giving the previous class enough time to file out of the room before making your way to one of the desks in the second to last row of the relatively small media design class.  The professor walked in just two minutes later, followed by a rather tall figure who took the seat diagonally in front of you.  The boy’s brown hair was pushed back underneath a backwards snapback, his tanned skin peaking from underneath the tight material of the grey t-shirt that covered his expansive chest and arms.  Your head leaned against your hand that was propped up next to your open laptop, eyes scanning the new figure that appeared in front of you.  His chestnut eyes met yours as he went to sit down, a small smile making it’s way across his face, dimples appearing quickly at the corners of his pink lips before he turned completely in the seat as the professor’s monotone voice filled the space.

Intrigue set in from that moment forward. The class met twice a week, Mondays and Thursdays, and you found yourself arriving at the dimly lit classroom a couple of minutes earlier each time in hopes to sneak a few glances at the boy, who’s name you learned to be Grayson.  Each morning was the same as the last.  You would arrive at 9:23 exactly, a large cup of your favorite drink from the campus coffee shop or a travel mug from your own machine in hand, black backpack strung securely over your shoulders as you dipped into your chair.  Grayson would be sitting in the seat he deemed his on the first day of class, his eyes always turning to the door at your presence, pulling himself away from the laptop screen open in front of him, pink lips curving into a sheepish smile at the sight of you.  His focus would shift back to typing away on his keyboard and clicking through various pictures of different places on campus, unfamiliar locations, and abstract prints and assortments of random items.  His camera sat tucked away in the front pouch of his bag, safely stowed until he deemed the situation appropriate.  Photography major, you told yourself.  And from what it looks like, a damn good one.  Everything that he seemed to embody, focus, clarity, an overall aesthetical beauty, was shown in his work and you wanted nothing more than to get to know the boy behind the camera.

But he stayed behind the lens, dipping out of class just as quickly as he arrived.  You haven’t seen him around campus before this course, and don’t see him outside of it even now.  It was as if your mind was playing tricks on you, creating the illusion of this boy with which you found yourself rather enamored, regardless of only knowing him as Grayson, the photography major who sits a row in front and one seat to the right of you in Intro to Media Design 101.


Three weeks.

Three weeks into the fall semester and your coffee machine was somehow broken already. That’s why, on this particular morning, you wandered into the campus coffee shop just down the street from your media design class that started in 24 minutes.  The strong smell of ground coffee beans and warming pastries hit you as soon as the door opened.  The cliché soft tones of some Spotify playlist aptly named “Coffee Shop” flowed from the speakers in the corner of the room closest to the register. There were only a few tables in the quaint store, half of which were occupied already.  You made your way to meet the bright smile of the overenthusiastic cashier as she haphazardly wiped her hands on her black apron before asking what she could get started for you.

A morning without your usual early coffee jumpstart proved to be a difficult one thus far, hence why you slowly reached for the cup when your name was called, tired eyes graciously thanking the worker behind the counter.  Your eyes scanned the tables for an empty seat as you turned towards the glass doors to leave, your gaze stopping on an all too familiar head of soft brown hair flopping over tanned skin, warm brown eyes that resembled the contents of your cup meeting yours only for a brief moment before falling back quickly to the laptop in front of him.  Maybe it was the lack of sleep that guided you to the metal chair that was across the small wooden table from Grayson.

“Is this seat taken?”

Your tired eyes were traded in for hopeful ones as you looked over at the boy to which you’ve never spoken previously.  Waves of shock visibly washed over his body before his eyes gleamed something new: ease.

“It’s all yours.”


Conversation flowed easily between you two, like old friends reuniting after some time apart, yet you were two souls just beginning to collide.

“(Y/N),” you state as you sit down, small smile dancing across your face as you gesture slightly to yourself.

A chuckle fell from his lips, head once again dipping down to look towards his laptop that sat open at the table between you two.

“I know,” his eyes looked up again through his eyelashes, “m'Grayson.”

In just a short 18 minutes, you and Grayson got to chatting before heading over to media design class.  Most of the conversation was about his photography, once you found out that he was in fact majoring in it with a concentration in media design and communications. You made your way to class together, talking about how he got into taking such amazing pictures (only after you confessed that you admired his work from afar before class started each day).  You reached the small room just two minutes before class was to start, but instead of taking his normal seat, Grayson found himself moving into the seat to your left.


You were left thinking about your small encounter with Grayson that was cut far too short by your next class that happened to be on the opposite end of campus just ten minutes after the end of media design.  You were rushing out a quick “see ya later, Gray. Class is calling!” as you hurried to grab your bag and beat the ticking clock to the farthest building on the east end of campus.  You’ll have to wait until Monday’s class to see him again.


Strategic schedule planning made for fairly easy Fridays with your one class getting out at 1pm being your only obligation for the day.  Your head was lost somewhere between the clouds and the warm color of Grayson’s eyes that didn’t seem to fade from your memory since yesterday.

The sun was out and shining rather brightly for mid-September, warming you through the soft material of your school hoodie that hung loosely from your frame.  Not many people were out given the time of day and fact that the weather wasn’t the most ideal for a relaxing day in the quad, yet here you were, nearly a hundred feet from your building, but instead turned to make a hard right into the grassy area outside of the athletic center.  There he was, sitting, or rather laying on his back, head tilted upwards, camera in his hands, music playing from his phone that sat next to his head, camouflaged within the overgrown grass. You didn’t mean to startle him, but he was so engulfed in the screen on the back of the camera perched between his languid fingers that your soft “Hey Grayson” was enough to make his head shoot up off of the balled-up fabric of his jacket, his eyes wide and searching the new presence before him until the face registered in his mind.

“Oh,” his features immediately relaxed once again, a small smile gracing his lips, his elbow coming up to prop his head upwards, his left hand coming to pat the grass, inviting you to sit, “hi (Y/N).”

“What kind of masterpieces are you capturing today?” You question as you set your backpack down next to your extended legs and shooting him a bright smile, hands reaching down to fiddle with the blades of grass that tickled at your thighs. Grayson couldn’t fight the blush that was creeping across his tanned cheeks, eyelashes coming in contact with the warming skin as he looked down to avoid your gaze.  His fingers reached out for the camera that currently sat idly in front of his turned body, left hand grasping the device, quickly raising it up and clicking the button before you can even comprehend what’s happening.

“Only the prettiest ones.”

anonymous asked:

Hey love,I'm not sure if request are open, but if they are I have one. Something with Gabe or Genji x s\o, where they share a room. s\o's been gone on a mission for a while and they get back late at night when everyone else is still asleep. Not wanting to wake up Gabe (or genji) and knowing they will fi they try to sneak into the room, they take up a spot on the couch and sleep there for the night. But Gabe (or Genji) wake up early that morning and find them, curled up on the sofa.


You were carefully picked up and carried back to bed as Gabriel went about his morning routine, no different than if you were wounded, your cheek pressed to the flat of his chest until you were set down in the unmade nest of blankets. Satisfied that he had made you comfortable, head cradled by his pillow and comforter pulled up to your collar, the scent of him heavy on the sheets, he carried on washing and dressing.

You woke as he was pulling his sweater on, sleeve by sleeve, slipping the slate grey fleece of his uniform up his back and shoulders. Blind hypersensitivity told him to look over his shoulder, catching you peering at him from your sleepy-haze. He closed in on the bed as you continued to stir, metallic zip of the sweater fixed and pulled up his body as he moved. Crouching low on the floor, becoming eye-level with you on the mattress, he blinked slowly as tension settled over his shoulders in retroactive anxiety. Only after a brief appraisal of your expression, finding necessary evidence that you were unharmed while away, was he able to relax. Little by little. He took his time to find his voice, lost in the overwhelming relief of your hand skimming his neck and laying flat against the top of his spine. Under your fingers, you could recognize that he had just recently showered. His skin was damp, hot.

“Next time— come to bed.” He said, a thread of concern pulled at each word.

You wanted to dispute— to explain that you didn’t want to wake him, that it was late when you got back— but knew he could read it over you. He pressed a chaste kiss to your forehead and pulled away just enough to speak over the skin, his dark eyes cut by the first rays of the rising sun and lips warm, not without the faint bitter chocolate aroma of coffee.

“I sleep better when you’re with me.”


Genji had no intention of falling asleep the previous night in the first place under the expectation that you could have walked through the door at any moment. The first few moments of consciousness were unkind, the early morning air cold in his lungs through the carbon fiber mask. His disappointment to find an empty bed was short-lived as his pulse quickened, assured by his blood that while he did not see you, you were near. He felt this and knew better than to question his instincts.

Rising from the bed in a deliriously smooth movement, his feet met the floor with the quietest of sighs— the song of air rushing through his cybernetics. He crossed the floor, nerves alight, finding you curled into yourself along the low sofa.

And while he could gauge just how exhausted you were— how much the assignment took out of you, the immense physical and mental burden it could be— he was taken with how unbearably much he missed you. He acted immediately as if weakened, his own impulse control still dead asleep. Like a cat, he fitted himself around you leaving you to wake up in the process of the cyborg ninja not so stealthily taking up what little was left of the the narrow space.

Your forehead met the high curve of his face plates, your nose brushed against the bar of green luminescence that scored his helmet. Speaking though a sly half-smile, his voice was both low and electric.

“Good morning.”

Not yet ready to wake up, you made a noise of protest in response before nuzzling your face closer, the familiar scent and temperature of his body becoming the first thing your senses registered without strain. In voiceless agreement, he secured his arms around you, offering you all the comfort and closeness you had ached for while apart.

And while his armor was not the most comfortable surface you’ve ever slept against, it was by far your favorite.

BTS Reaction: You Being Taller Than Them

Anon Requested:  Could you do a BTS Reaction where you are tall? Im personally 6ft

Masterlist | Ask/Request | Fic. Recs

Disclaimer: None of these gifs are mine!

Requests Are Open!

Namjoon (Rap Monster)

With Namjoon being the tallest member he wouldn’t really mind. He loves you how you are no matter how tall you are, even if he did struggle when it came to kissing you.

“Maybe it should be me who should be wearing the heels?”

Originally posted by denimin

Seokjin (Jin)

Jin being the God he is wouldn’t give a damn. He’s good-looking, you’re good-looking. What better way to put it. You guys are the newest and hottest power couple, no matter the height.

“Babe we’ve got it all, we truly are the most beautiful couple out there!”

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Yoongi (Suga)

With the poor boy being one of the smallest members, he’d feel a little annoyed that you were so tall in comparison to him. But in all honesty, he loved the fact that you would tease him every now and then about how short and squishy he was.

“I swear to God Jagi! If you make fun of my height I’ll…” *smiles knowing he can’t think of anything*

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Hoseok (J-Hope)

We all know this ray of sunshine wouldn’t give a damn about your height. As long as you are and bright and happy as he was he couldn’t care less about how short or how tall you are!

“Ah! Jagi, you’re perfect the way you are!

Originally posted by chimchams


With Jimin being the shortest, he’d definitely be very cautious when he was around you. Especially since you could tease him all day long about how short he was in comparison to you.

“Ya! Stop teasing me! I’ve had to suffer from Jungkook long enough!

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Taehyung (V)

Taehyung wouldn’t care about your height one bit! Even if he did prefer women/men who were shorter than him. He’d appreciate your personality over your looks, height, and weight.

“You’re always beautiful so don’t let others bring you down!”

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Whether you’re short or tall, he will ALWAYS find a way to tease you. No matter how far you run this boy will always find you and tease you, which usually resulted in him feeling bad if you were self-conscious about yourself.

“I’m sorry babe. I promise I won’t do it again.”

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Beautiful Nights

I’m sick and I have nothing better to do so here’s a short SNS thing I wrote. Hope you all enjoy!


“Short pants ghosted on each others faces and in that short moment there were no words that needed to be said. Just being in each others embrace was enough.”


“Beautiful night, right Sasuke?”


“Beautiful stars, right Sasuke?”


“Beautiful world… Right Sasuke?”


The two lovers gazed up at the endless abyss of glittering skies, a crescent moon watching over them and bathing them in little scattered rays of silver light. The gentle rustling of leaves was heard as the warm summer breeze strummed on trees, making a unique song dedicated only for the sky and for the lovers who currently lay on a grassy field, gazing up at the sea of stars.

Naruto shifted from his spot on the grass. “Beautiful Sasuke, right Sasuke?” Black eyes shimmering with reflected stars, rosy lips good enough to kiss, midnight hair that shined in the moonlight- Naruto sighed, gazing at the black haired boy lovingly. Beautiful Sasuke indeed.

Sasuke shook his head and chuckled. “That didn’t make sense dobe.”

Naruto giggled and pulled Sasuke close to his chest. “It made perfect sense teme.” He felt Sasuke tuck his head under Naruto’s chin and snuggle into the other male’s chest. “Besides,” Naruto began, running his fingers through the other boy’s hair. “You can’t disagree, can you? That you’re beautiful?”

A muffled sound and said boy shifted so that his legs were entwined with Naruto’s. He poked his head out from his lovers chest. “It’s cuz you’re in love with me.”

Naruto gasped in feigned realization and snapped his fingers. “I guess you’re right! Now that I think about it, you’re really ugly with that hairstyle that looks like a duck’s ass,” He teased. “see, the back is the ass, and your bangs are the duck’s wings, and-”

Suddenly a pale hand flew up and Naruto cried out in pain. He smacked Sasuke’s hand away from his cheek. “What’d you pinch me for?!”

Sasuke pouted. “My hair doesn’t look like a duck’s ass you usuratonkachi.” He slipped out of Naruto’s hold and sat up. “You have the face of an idiot.”

Naruto chuckled. “Aw, you’re pouting.” He sat up as well and pecked Sasuke’s lips. “ And for the record, I don’t look like an idiot. Have you ever seen such beauty? You should feel hono-” he hissed and smacked Sasuke’s hand away again. “Stop with the pinching teme.”

A pinch in the Leg. “no.”

A smack on the hand. “Teme.”

A pinch on the arm. “Dobe.”

Another smack on the hand. “Bastard.”

A flick on the forehead. “Usuratonkachi.”

A tug of silky black bangs. “SasUKE.”

Instead of flicking Naruto again Sasuke stared at Naruto, who had a tight grip on Sasuke’s bangs. Somewhere in they’re bickering they got close until they were mere inches from each other. For some reason, looking at Naruto now, so close… He wondered how he got so lucky. Naruto loved Sasuke so unconditionally and was willing to sacrifice everything for him and…he was just… So special. Sasuke lifted a hand and caressed Naruto’s cheek gently, his fingertips ghosting over a slowly warming cheek. “Naruto..”

Naruto gazed at Sasuke, a faraway look in those beautiful onyx eyes, who, in the night looked like skies themselves, alluring and captivating. Like seeing two galaxies, only more beautiful. He blushed and tilted his head slightly to the side, strands of golden hair falling into his eyes. “Sasuke?”

Realizing what he was doing, Sasuke pulled away quickly- or as much as he could considering Naruto still had a hold on his bangs and blushed a deep shade of red. It wasn’t always that he got… touchy with his lover. Even after being together for three years it was always Naruto who initiated things. It wasn’t that Sasuke didn’t want to touch him, he was just… More shy.

Sasuke composed himself as much as he could and cleared his throat. “L-let go of my bangs and I’ll tell you.” what was he going to tell him though? ‘Oh I spaced out don’t mind me?’

Naruto hadn’t realized he still had a hold of Sasuke’s bangs and with one last tug on the left one he let go, earning a slight wince from Sasuke. Naruto giggled. ‘Serves him right.’

“Ok, What?”

Sasuke fiddled absentmindedly with a dandelion he found beside him, pulling off one tuft of white fluff at a time and letting them get carried away by the light summer breeze. “Oh nothing, just remembering how you are named after a damn food. Can’t get worse than that can you?” He grinned at Naruto’s appalled expression. ‘Nice save Sasuke.’

“My name isn’t after a food! It means maelstrom and that’s very cool SasUKE!” Suddenly Naruto tackled Sasuke to the ground, pinning his hands on either side of the dark haired boy’s head. Sasuke struggled to get out of Naruto’s hold but to no avail. “Dobe!” Sasuke tried to get out of the Blonde’s vice grip but after a while of struggling he relaxed and sighed. ‘He gets so worked up about everything.’ He thought in amusement. “Get off Naruto.”

Naruto giggled and let go of Sasuke’s wrists, opting for entwining his fingers with his instead. “Doesn’t matter what your name sounds like or what my name means.” He leaned down and kissed Sasuke gently. He had a calm and sincere look on his face that made Sasuke’s heart flutter in his chest.

“What matters here is that you, Sasuke, got beaten in the sparring competition by none other than the great Naruto Uzumaki!”

Naruto rolled off of Sasuke before he got pinched and laughed loudly. Yesterday Sasuke, Sakura, Sai, and him competed to see who won in a sparring contest. It started with Sakura and Sai, Sakura coming out as the victor. Then Sasuke and Naruto, with Sasuke as the loser. Then Sakura and Naruto, with Sakura as the champion.

Sasuke threw the now fluff-less Dandelion stem at Naruto. “You’re one to talk, you lost to Sakura in the first five minutes!”

“Sakura’s a beast though, she always ends up winning! She may be cute, but those punches she throws…” Naruto shuddered inwardly. He’s had his fair share of punches from Sakura.

Sasuke couldn’t hide the laugh that arose in him and he laughed quietly until both boys were gasping for air.

After a few minutes of calm silence and more gazing up at the canvas of stars Sasuke turned to look at Naruto. He looked calm, a content look on his face. He looked back at the times when he had left and just how much he had made Naruto suffer. Just thinking about it tugged at his heart and he wanted to hold Naruto forever and never let go. Tell him that he would never ever leave him again because Sasuke was Naruto’s, and Naruto was Sasuke’s.

The raven found himself caressing the blonde’s cheek again. But unlike last time, he didn’t hide anything. He let all his love for him show in his dark eyes and he scooted closer to Naruto until his lips met the blonde’s. It was a chaste kiss,nothing sexual. Just Sasuke pouring all his love into the kiss. He felt Naruto wrap his arms around his waist and Sasuke cupped Naruto’s face, pulling him closer.

After the need for air became apparent, both boy’s pulled away and pressed their foreheads together. Short pants ghosted on each others faces and in that short moment there were no words that needed to be said. Just being in each others embrace was enough.

Naruto laughed and touched his nose with Sasuke’s.

“Beautiful night, right Naruto?

A kiss on the cheek. “mhm.”

Beautiful stars, right Naruto?

A kiss on the forehead. “yeah..”

“Beautiful world… Right Naruto?”

A kiss on the other cheek. “yep.”

“Beautiful us.”

A kiss on rosy lips.

“Beautiful us.”

I’m Coming Back From The Dead (And I’ll Take You Home With Me)

Pairing: Party Poison x Vampire!Reader

Genre: Action, Drama

Summary: After the events of ‘SING’, the Fabulous Killjoys are dead. But, what if you had the power to make them undead?

A/N: The Vampirefuckers Anonymous group chat on Kik asked for something with vampire Killjoys. Hope you like this, Vampirefuckers!

The Fabulous Killjoys all knew that you were a vampire. At first, that night when they’d caught you with blood on your fangs, you thought they would call you a monster. But, then they learned that you only ripped blood from the necks of Scarecrows and Draculoids - monsters, you thought, in their own way. They had no sympathy for these villianous victims, the soldiers of your common enemy, BL/ind. Still, you’d never sipped blood from the Killjoys themselves - even your boyfriend, Party Poison. You always thought his blood smelled delicious, but you’d never bite him without his consent. 

The day of that final battle at BL/ind headquarters, the scent of your lover’s blood filled the air when that bastard Korse shot him in the head. 

“NO!” you screamed, rushing to the fallen rebel leader’s side. Korse shot you, but the laser blast did nothing to your immortal skin. You heard Kobra Kid cry out in anguished grief, too, but then his cries were silenced as a shot struck his mortal body down. No.

Only Jet Star contained his agony, and remembered the mission: protect The Girl. He grabbed her by the hand and led her out of the lobby, towards Dr. Death Defying’s waiting van. You knew you should be helping him, that The Girl’s safety should be your greatest priority, but instead you continued to cradle Party Poison’s bleeding body, brushing the scarlet hair off his marred forehead. No.

Fun Ghoul did what you could not, and provided covering fire to aid Jet and The Girl’s escape. He could have fled himself, but he stood fast, continuing to shoot at Korse and his minions. They struck him down, too. No - now Jet Star was the only one of your companions left!

The Girl made it into the van safely. “Just go,” Jet Star shouted to the DJ driver. “Y/N and I will hold them off, just save The Girl and get out of here!" 

"No, Uncle Jet, Auntie Y/N, I don’t want to leave without you!” The Girl protested, sobbing. She’d just watched her three other ‘uncles’ die. You still held one of one of them against your chest, bullets continuing to hit your body ineffectually. 

“Go!” Jet Star insisted, and then he fell, too, his lifeless body collapsing against the hood of the Trans Am. The van peeled away, leaving you with four dead bodies, and a room full of enemies. 

Oh, God, they’re all dead, you thought. They’re dead, oh, Phoenix Witch, help me…..

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FAHC as random aesthetics
  • Geoff: Crisp but not cold bills, a deep breath of smoke, when the wind is just strong enough to make your hair move slightly
  • Jack: lighting a match in the dark, shorts in winter, when your phone's on low battery but doesn't turn off for ages
  • Ryan: watching your breath in the air on cold days, songs too muffled to make out the words, forgetting a cup of tea until it's cold
  • Michael: bonfires, mysterious bruises, checking your phone as soon as you get a notification
  • Gavin: fake gold jewelry, making a rash worse by scratching it, cut wires sparking
  • Ray: being lit only by a screen, shoes without socks, sleeping in a few minutes past your alarm
  • Jeremy: far too many open tabs, being the last one to join a group of friends, fist bumping without looking at each other
  • Matt: packets of candy being filled with the wrappers, red tinted screens, letting people know you read their message
  • Kdin: giving anonymous compliments, totally matching outfits, telling people more than you intended
  • Lindsay: big smiles with white teeth, tights with holes, turning on the heater when you could just get a jacket
  • Trevor: smiling with your eyes, cuts on lips, recording things that your friends do
  • The Crew: people making a room warmer, stains that everyone just accepts, friends that all turn out gay
Oblivion, Chapter 2 – Memories

A/N: Thank you so much for all the nice feedback, it means so much to me! 💕  I hope you will like this chapter too; and let me know if you’d like to be tagged. :) 

Oblivion Masterlist

Dry leaves and branches cracked under their feet as they walked deeper and deeper in the Forbidden Forest. It was around midday, so a few filtered rays of sunlight still streamed through the dense foliage, giving them enough light to see not just shapes and shadows but colours too. A loud but short shriek left Elsie’s throat as she almost tripped on a long and thick broken piece of wood, but Remus’s strong hands quickly caught her.

“Are you okay?” he asked, only a bit of concern between his words as he chuckled; one hand still holding her steady while he brushed a loose strand of hair behind her ear with the other.

Elsie let out a short laugh. “Yes, but I’m sure one of our trips like this will kill me sooner or later.”

Remus smiled and pressed a kiss on the top of her head before he said, “Not while you’re with me.” Elsie wrapped her hands around Remus’ arms while he led her deeper in the forest where rays of sunshine can no longer peek from the canopy. There was only darkness, as if it was the middle of the night, and there were no stars or moonlight. A shiver ran down Elsie’s spine, so she snuggled closer to Remus; slipping down her small hands to grasp his and holding it tight. Knowing how much Elsie felt safe with him, Remus’s lips let slip a light and almost invisible smirk, one he couldn’t contain even if he tried.

“Are you scared?” he asked with a smug smile, looking at her from the corner of his eyes.

“I’m not,” she lied, as she always did, because even if she was with Remus, there was something unnerving about walking inside a dark forest where any kind of beast could attack them. But that was the fun of it – doing something exciting, something risky; and facing something that no matter how dangerous, they will face together. They feel the absolute trust and safety they feel whenever they are with each other.

Shortly they reached what their destination – an area with a small waterfall surrounded by high cliffs, and a tiny lake laying nearby. The perfect amount of sunlight was hitting the area so that it wasn’t too bright nor too dark. They sat down in the cool grass, resting their back against a huge oak tree.

“I love this place, it’s so beautiful,” Elsie smiled, looking slowly around. Remus, however, couldn’t take his eyes off her.

“You are beautiful,” he whispered as he leaned closer, stopping when he was only an inch from her lips and making her giggle.

“That was so awfully romantic I think I just threw up in my mouth.”

A short chuckle left Remus’ mouth as he pressed his forehead against hers, cupping her cheeks and closing his eyes. “Okay, just laugh at me because I think you’re beautiful. I don’t care.”

Elsie felt her skin burn under his touch as he rubbed her cheek with his thumb. Remus placed a small kiss on her jawline and murmured a quiet and soft “I love you” to her before he pulled her face closer and closer until there were no space between them at all.

Everything went dark, and Elsie stayed motionless, thinking hard, before she realised it was only a dream. She kept her eyes closed, hoping she could fall asleep again and continue the sweet dream – but that’s never worked. She sighed, but it quickly transformed into a growl when she opened her eyes as the intense sunlight beamed through the window, burning her eyes, and reminding her she drank way too much the night before. She mentally noted to pull the dark curtains down next time as she climbed out from the bed, letting her blanket fall on the floor while she walked out. She made her way to the tiny bathroom that was in front of her room in the apartment where she lived with two of her friends – Juliet, who was with her from the start, and Lydia, who only moved in a few months ago but spends most of her time at her boyfriend’s place.

Elsie removed her clothes, dropped them on the cool floor, and stepped under the streaming, almost cold water, hoping it will ease her throbbing headache somewhat. It didn’t – but at least she felt much stronger and fresher when she finished. Now her sole mission was to get a coffee.

She wasn’t surprised to see they had a guest as she entered the kitchen – Sirius casually leaned against the counter, half naked. Elsie’s eyes grew large, and she quickly and timidly looked away; though Sirius didn’t look ashamed or shy at all. “Morning,” he said, raising a big mug.

She grumbled back while she sat down, massaging her temples and looking at Juliet, who was standing beside Sirius. “Make me a coffee please, before I die.”

Juliet laughed and turned around, grabbing a cup from the shelf. “I wanna hear everything.”

Straightening herself, Elsie pulled her hair into a ponytail while Sirius took a seat in front of her; murmuring something about how she surely must have had a great night, considering the expression she’s donning.

“Sorry for disappointing you, but there isn’t much to tell. I got drunk. That’s all,” Elsie shortly replied.

Juliet growled with her arms crossed across her chest, a smirk on her lips. “When did you come home?”

Elsie shrugged. “I swear I have no idea. I think maybe we left James and Lily’s flat at around three, but it took us at least half an hour to get here.”

We?” Juliet asked excitedly, turning her head at the direction of Elsie’s bedroom door with a smug smile. “Are you talking about the pretty boy? Is he here?”

“What pretty boy?” Sirius asked with a chuckle, trying to join the girls’ conversation.

Elsie looked at Sirius and rolled her eyes while Juliet placed the coffee in front of her on the table. Elsie quickly grabbed the cup and took two big sips before she started. “He isn’t here, Juliet, calm down. He left after he walked me home… he was really strange, actually,” she said, frowning, as she warmed her hands up with the hot cup.

Juliet looked slightly disappointed, but her voice was cheerful. “He looked so sweet! Did you know him from somewhere?”

“But who?” Sirius asked again, louder this time, definitely offended he still hadn’t got an answer.

“Remus,” Elsie answered shortly, and Sirius had nothing more to say; he fell completely silent. “Anyway,” Elsie started again, looking at Juliet now, “I don’t know him. I mean, I know who he is, he was at Hogwarts too, but I don’t remember us ever talking during our six years there.” As she said this, a strange, nostalgic feeling overwhelmed her as the pictures from her dream slipped into her mind.

“Well, I can tell he likes you. It was enough to look at him last night to know. Did he ask you out? Please tell me he did,” she asked hopefully, but before Elsie could give her an answer, Sirius jumped up from the chair.

“I need to go.”

Juliet followed him and wrapped her hands around his neck, purring softly. “But I thought you will stay for an hour! Or two…”

Sirius smirked and pulled the girl closer by her hips. “Maybe next time, doll.” He gave her a passionate kiss, but pulled back when they heard Elsie growling into her mug.

“Can’t you do that… somewhere else?”

Juliet tutted but chuckled before something popped into her mind. “Don’t you have a family lunch to attend to?”

“Oh, shit!” she murmured under her breath, quickly emptying her cup before she stormed away. “This is your fault, again!” Elsie shouted over her shoulder as she made a beeline for her bedroom and hastened to get ready for the family lunch.

It was long past noon when Sirius finally returned to his apartment – his plan to come back hours ago failed miserably when the blonde girl’s clothes slowly fell onto the floor while he tried to take off his own. His hair was still a bit messy and his eyes tired as he collapsed on the couch, placing his legs up on the small table in front of it.

Sirius was just closing his eyes before they snapped wide open again to the sound of Remus storming out from his room and coming to a halt near him. Sirius knotted his eyebrows in confusion as he saw Remus’s furious features. “Why did you bring her there last night?”

Sirius looked away and let out a short breath as he understood the reason of his friend’s anger. “It’s been two years. We just met, and…”

It’s been two years! You say that like what she and I had was something so easy to forget!” he shouted, not even trying to control himself.

Sirius took his feet off of the table and stood up, his grey eyes filled with fury, but his voice calm. “Maybe you should’ve wiped out our memories too to forget her, then.”

The pain that Sirius’s words left were clearly visible in Remus’ eyes, but Remus knew very well why his friend said that. It was not only Remus who needed to let Elsie go – it was all of their friends as well.

James and Peter supported and respected his decision, even though James tried to talk him out of it multiple times. It was Sirius, though, who took it worst; he became good friends with Elsie and hated the idea of her disappearing from their lives.

Still, it was the hardest for Lily. She even said she will tell her everything and give Elsie her memories back, she shouted and cried and even refused to talk to Remus for two solid weeks until James calmed her down.

“I almost killed her, Sirius,” Remus said with a weak voice, causing Sirius to feel some empathy.

Sirius sat down at the armrest of the sofa. “I know, Moony. But you didn’t. And it wasn’t your fault. She shouldn’t even have been there! She would have understood…”

“Stop. Don’t,” Remus cut him off as tears blurred his vision. They have had this conversation a million times before, but they haven’t talked about this at least since a year ago. Sometimes the wounds inside him still felt fresh, hurting him with a wrecking pain; but after last night they opened up again, bleeding and burning his veins.

Sirius closed his mouth but kept looking at his friend, and he couldn’t help but feel sorry for him. He could still remember that night and how they needed to rip the girl out from Remus’s claws, but no matter what happened, Sirius never blamed him, not even for a split second. There was one thing he was sure now, something that he only guessed before – Remus was still in love with her.

“She remembers, you know,” Remus said suddenly with raspy voice, “Not me, but she remembers the feeling of being in love.” He shook his head, looking at his friend desperately. “Is that even possible?”

Sirius shrugged and looked like he got a sudden headache. “I don’t know, mate. You either screwed the spell up or removing feelings isn’t so easy after all.”

The weekend was short as always. It passed too quickly, Elsie hardly got time to take some proper rest before they were already sitting in the classroom again, waiting for their new Creative Writing teacher. She scribbled lines and shapes down on her parchment, trying to not getting a headache from Juliet’s constant rambling about Sirius. Elsie was just about to tell her that she really doesn’t care about how hot Sirius looks, especially underneath her, when Lydia stormed inside and took a seat on her left side, trying to catch her breath.

“Next time check if I’m still asleep or not, would you?” she panted, trying to fix her dishevelled, dark pink locks.

“Sorry, we forgot you still live with us,” Juliet said with a tiny smirk. “Had a nice weekend?”

They didn’t realize the teacher had already arrived; they only did when Elsie got suspicious of the sudden silence. Elsie watched every head turn towards them while Lydia and Juliet kept talking; the professor in front of the blackboard looked at them with a blank face. Elsie elbowed her two friends, making them fall silent. “Sorry, professor,” Juliet said with a kind voice.

“Oh, no! I’m sorry to interrupt your surely very important discussion. Now, if you could please turn your attention to me…” he said with a reproachful tone. He was around his late forties, but his hair was already completely grey, and Elsie wasn’t sure if he can laugh or even smile. There weren’t much people in this class – maybe only thirteen, so he asked everybody to tell a few things about themselves and why they chose writing. He murmured short comments under his breath after every one of them; like “boring”, “stupid”, or “hopeless”. When the students finished, he didn’t tell anything about himself except his name – Professor Pitts – before he stood up from the chair and walked up and down in the classroom, only looking at them occasionally.

“So you want to be writers. Journalists,” he let out a short laugh, shaking his head. Elsie and Juliet exchanged a glance with furrowed eyebrows, not able to decide if they should laugh or cry at this man. “If you think it will be easy, you’re naïve. No, you’re idiots,” he stopped suddenly in front of a girl with long, black hair. “You, what’s your name?”

“Andrea,” the girl said with a weak, almost scared voice.

“Andrea,” Pitts mocked with the same tone. “Do you think you can be a writer with a name like this?”

Elsie could only see the back of the girl’s head, but she could tell she was frozen. “I guess.”

The professor threw a pitiful look at her before he opened the door with a wave of his wand. “If you aren’t sure about yourself, just do me a favour and get the hell out of my classroom.”

A short, muffled laugh escaped Juliet’s throat, causing the teacher to look at her. “Do you think this is funny?”

Juliet, being herself, just kept smiling. “Actually, I think it is.”

“Then you get out too,” he said with ease. Elsie’s heart skipped a beat, but her friend remained calm; only shrugging at the grouchy professor and replying, “No, I want to stay, I think this class will be really interesting.”

He said nothing but looked mildly impressed, walking away and continuing his speech about how impossible it is to become a writer.

“Awful, that man! How can someone like him become a teacher?” Elsie asked as they hurried to their next class.

“I like him. He’s such an asshole it’s entertaining,” Juliet laughed, a bit out of breath as they hastily jogged.

“Yeah, it was so entertaining when he said, ‘bring tissues to our next class,’” Lydia said with despair on her face.

Elsie didn’t tell them though, but she was seriously afraid of him. He seemed like a kind of man who could destroy her hardly built up self-confidence very easily – and she didn’t need that right now.

They arrived to their next class – Writing & Reporting – soon, but before they could go inside, the teacher walked out and closed the door behind herself. “My missing students? Your classmates already left. Follow me,” she said with a smile before leading them out of the school. Though in the middle of London, the campus was disguised as an old, half-collapsed theatre for muggles’ eyes.

“Today’s lesson will be a bit… irregular, but I believe you should see what’s happening outside. No one will learn how to write a good report while they’re sitting inside a classroom,” said the teacher lightly as they walked the paved and busy lanes of London.

Elsie, Juliet, and Lydia followed the teacher down the streets, murmuring to each other excitedly, and guessing where they were going. “See? This is what a good teacher is like,” Elsie said, but Juliet only waved her hand with a shake of her head.

It took them only five minutes of walking until they reached the narrow streets of Diagon Alley, where the rest of the class was waiting for the teacher. She introduced herself to them as Ms. Averill before making the class walk again; this time leading them to the front a dark corner. Speaking in a low voice, she said, “Before we go in, remember you can write down anything, but don’t take photos. We’re here because a friend of mine let us in,” she waited until everyone nodded or murmured a yes before she continued. “There was an attack in the bar at the end of the street. Two people died, any they said dementors were there too – and not to catch the dark wizards,” some people gasped in terror, so the professor went on quickly, “But they’re gone, and aurors are already here too. No need to be afraid. Now follow me, and try to be quiet.”

A mixture of excitement and fear was visible on the young witches and wizards’ faces as they walked down the long street; it was empty as the aurors sent everyone away. Elsie was just starting to think about whether they will let all of them go inside the pub or not, but she soon got an answer to her question – half of the building collapsed. There were bricks and debris everywhere; and the dust and smoke that combined with the air was stifling their breathing end eyesight. Aurors walked up and down, examining the ruins and questioning the eyewitnesses. There were two covered shapes in the middle of the empty street – the two dead people, Elsie assumed. She pulled her notebook out from her bag and started writing down everything that she could – mostly just notes and short words about how the place looked, though it wasn’t something that she could easily forget. She also wrote down some things that she heard from the aurors, but stopped as she saw some familiar faces nearby.

With a smile, she walked closer to Remus and waved at James and Sirius in the distance. “Hello Remus.”

“Elsie! What are you doing here?” he asked, clearly surprised.

“Our teacher brought us here… to see something real, you know,” she replied smiling.

Remus simply nodded. He wanted to say that they’re here for the same reason, but his eyes darted up and down at her – Elsie was wearing a dress, and Remus couldn’t remember ever seeing her in one. It was short and dark, ending just above her knees with floral prints. Do you remember when I used to give you wildflowers and how your eyes gleamed every time I did? And do you remember that you always put one of them in your hair and pressed a kiss on my cheek after? Well, of course not.

“Remus?” Elsie called his name for the second time when he finally looked up.

“S-sorry. You just look very pretty,” he said with a kind of dreamy voice, like he didn’t really want to say it, but he just can’t hold it back either.

Elsie blushed and was just about to thank Remus, but Sirius appeared next to them. “Hello Elsie. Is Juliet here?”

She chocked back a chuckle. “Yes, she’s around… somewhere over there,” she said, pointing to their class. Sirius thanked her and left, trying to find the blonde girl.

Remus sighed. “We’re supposed to learn here, not flirt.”

Elsie narrowed her eyes and bit her lower lip, fighting the urge to say something like “Then I should go too”. After all, Remus was the one who could hardly take his eyes off of her only a few minutes ago. “So… did you arrive home in one piece?”

Remus nodded. “Yes, but I suffered with a really bad headache all weekend…”

The girl growled. “Don’t even mention it. Nearly the whole time, I thought I was going to die. You see, I met with my family and…” she started, but the next thing she saw made her stop. One of the two covered bodies she saw earlier, stood up with the help of two healers – he was alive, but his gaze was distant, dark and empty, his skin grey and like old leather. She shivered and without thinking about it twice, she grasped Remus’s hand with both of her own, her arm pressing against his as the two healers led the old man out of the place. Elsie heard someone – probably from her class – threw up nearby. She couldn’t blame them; the sight was the worst she ever saw. If that is how someone looks when their soul gets sucked out, death is truly much better.

She only realized how tightly she was gripping Remus’s hand when other people’s voice started to fill the street again. She let his hand go and looked up at him apologetically. “Sorry.”

“It’s okay – are you alright?”

She gulped and nodded. “I guess I am. It wasn’t a nice sight.”

Remus kept his eyes on her with an aching heart – the feeling of her clinging on him was awfully familiar. It reminded him of the days when they walked inside the Forbidden Forest and how she always grasped his hand a bit too hard, even if she never admitted she was afraid.

A short, paunchy man suddenly appeared in front of them; eating a small bowl of French fries with so much ketchup it was disgusting while waving another batch of what seemed like trainee writers to himself. Elsie furrowed her eyebrows, thinking about how somehow could possibly eat after seeing something similar to what the man was eating.

“Alright. You all saw what happened. I want you to write a report…” he stopped with a mouthful of fries and looked at Elsie. “You aren’t in my class young lady, are you?”

“No, I’m sorry,” she answered shortly and quickly hurried away, finding her way back to her friends. Ms Averill told them every extra information she heard from the aurors and gave them a homework: write a 500-word report of today’s event. Since that was their last class, they didn’t go back to school – and no one minded it, as they were in enough shock as it is for one day.

Elsie just said goodbye to Lydia – who probably went to visit her boyfriend – when Juliet stopped next to her. “See you later, honey. I’ll go with Sirius.”

“Are you kidding me?”

The blond girl looked at her questioningly. “What? After this day I really need some… emotional support.” She winked at her and Elsie rolled her eyes before they started to walk out from the deserted street. They saw Sirius waiting in front of a bookshop with Remus by his side. Juliet looked at her friend smugly, but for once, she said nothing. She left with Sirius, and for an awkward moment Elsie and Remus looked at each other. Elsie involuntarily blushed as her dream slipped into her mind again. It was like dreaming about someone and being unable to stop thinking about them for weeks, but why did that dream feel so damn real? The tall boy smiled at her kindly, but looked concerned too.

“Are you feeling better?”

She thought back to the man – who she learned was the bartender – with eyes like an empty shell. She said yes, but her face suddenly went pale and betrayed her.

“You should eat some chocolate. Here…” he said, searching for one in his pocket, but only able pull an empty package out. “Oh… I forgot I ran out of it.”

Elsie chuckled softly and skeptically. “Would it really help?”

“Yes. Didn’t you know? Chocolate is the best against dementors too. After a good patronus charm, of course.”

“No, I didn’t know,” she said with a short laugh. “Maybe, uh… join me for a hot chocolate at Fortescue’s, then?” she asked, a blush flooding her cheeks again.

“Oh. Well…” Remus started, his face going straight. “I still have one more class today…”

But Elsie rolled her eyes and grabbed his forearm, pulling him to herself. “Sirius skipped too. And one missed class won’t be the end of the world, Remus.”

He followed her because saying no was much harder than he thought it would be. Remus knew that wasn’t the right thing – he should leave her alone and they should continue their lives without each other. On the other hand, her sweet laugh, her radiant smile, and her small hands that were wrapped around his arm like they used to so many times before… it all made him lose his composure completely.

They walked to the shop, and stood before the counter, ordering two hot chocolates. Remus bowed his head and smiled to himself as he heard the question even before the words left Elsie’s lips – Florean had just placed two mugs of hot chocolate in front of them. “Can I get some whipped cream on top of it?” Elsie asked.

Remus cleared his throat and looked away, chocking back a laugh while Elsie got what she ordered. They grabbed their mugs and walked outside, taking seats in front of each other at a small table. “Thank you for not commenting about it.”

“About what?”

She took a sip and wiped the cream off from her lips. “Usually, other people thinks it’s strange or even disgusting, drinking hot chocolate with whipped cream when it’s already sweet enough.”

Remus thought back on a late night when they were in the kitchen and how Elsie’s eyes lightened up after he put some cream on his own cocoa, seeing she wasn’t the only weirdo there. An invisible hand gripped his heart with a throbbing pain – deep down he wished she could remember all those small things, he wished she would sit closer to him, he wished he could hold her soft hands and kiss her lips. He shook his head and tried to wipe these thoughts away.

“How was your day?” he asked the first thing he could think of.

“Not so good so far. I met with our new creative writing teacher… he’s terrible, and constantly tries to convince us we’re all hopeless.”

Remus huffed angrily. “I don’t understand people like him. If I ever become a teacher, I’ll motivate my students.”

Elsie smiled. “I think you’d be a really good teacher, actually!”

“I don’t think so,” he replied, shaking his head.

“Why? As far I know, you’re smart, you’re really kind and patient… but funny too.” She stopped and let out a short laugh. “I remember one time – I was in my fourth year I guess – I sneaked out into the kitchens in the middle of the night, and you were patrolling the corridors, and when you saw me I was all frightened but you just smiled and said, ‘Next time bring some waffles for me too’, and walked away.”

Remus knew he only wiped her memories about him after they started to talk, but he was still surprised she remembered this.

Time went fast as they talked four hours. Elsie couldn’t remember when she last met someone she could talk to so easily – maybe never before. Remus walked her home again, and Elsie couldn’t hold back the question that burned her tongue.

“So I thought… can we meet sometimes? I mean, not at crime scenes and parties while we’re both drunk,” she joked, trying to hide her embarrassment.

Remus ran his fingers through his hair. “I don’t know. I’m not sure that’s a good idea.”

His answer surprised her, but she didn’t want to give up so easily. “Why? Do you have a jealous girlfriend who’d kill me if she ever sees you with me?”

He laughed. “No. No, I don’t have a girlfriend.”

“Then what’s the problem? Because I don’t think you don’t like me…”

“Of course, I really like you.” Oh, if you only know…

Elsie nodded and stepped closer. “Then no excuses. See you later. You know where I live now, so…” she laughed and he laughed with her. As a goodbye, she hugged him, and Remus could hardly let her pull away when they did.

“See you, then,” he said, walking away with a smile that he couldn’t wipe off of his face.

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On the Necessity of Phil Gasmer

I recently saw someone suggest that rather than wasting time on Phil Gasmer, we should have been introduced straight-away to Evil!Rip Hunter.

I very strongly disagree with this.  Because Phil Gasmer serves a very important narrative point in Rip’s story arc.

Phil Gasmer shows us exactly who Rip is when everything’s been ripped away from him.  It shows us that even without his knowledge, his experience, his wit and composure, Rip is a kind, courageous, clever and honorable person.  And that at his deepest core, he loves his team.

We really got to meet Phil Gasmer in the span of a day, or maybe a few days, depending on how long the Legion had him before they got the disc.

During that time, we saw that he was making a movie of his experiences with the team.  That he’d made Sara, or well “Sandra” the lead.  We know that Jax, or “Max” also had a very significant role.  And if Jax’s reaction is any indication, the rest of the team was treated favorably as well.

Even when he has no idea who they really are, “Phil” imagines his team to be his heroes.

Then during the course of the episode, he is terrorized, falsely arrested, and kidnapped out of an interrogation room by a man pretending to be his psychologist.  He is knocked out and abducted and told everything he believes about his life is a lie.  While they insult him to his face, by the way.

And then still, when the team is caught in the lurch trying to get the spear, he steps forward.  He walks willingly into danger to help these strangers.

We needed to see Phil Gasmer.  Because we needed to see who the core of Rip Hunter actually is.  He might be anxious, he might be bumbling and clumsy, but he is so brave and wonderful.

And we needed to see him because we needed to see exactly what Eobard took away from Rip.

Evil!Rip isn’t courageous.  He’s not a coward of course, but he isn’t courageous.  He doesn’t push through fear.  He doesn’t seem to feel enough to be afraid in the first place.  

Evil!Rip isn’t honorable.  In the first five minutes, he lured the team into an ambush, shorted out Gideon, the Waverider, and Firestorm.  Neutralized Ray and Mick, and shot Sara point blank.  The most you can say about him is that he didn’t shoot her in the head, for an instant-kill.

Evil!Rip got to keep the intellect and cleverness.  But he lost the kindness, compassion and his love for his team.

And really, given some people in this fanbase, we had to see Phil so that we wouldn’t see any arguments about brainwashing revealing who Rip really is.  We saw Rip stripped down to who he is at the core BEFORE Eobard recreated him.  Evil!Rip is a facsimile.

I’ve said before that I think Legends season 2 is providing us with an amazing deconstruction of their lead character.  First, we see him at his best.  (Out of Time).  Then we see some examination of his strengths as a leader by watching Martin take his place (JSA).  We get to see how well he’s trained his team, by watching them function without his direct oversight (Shogun through Chicago Way).  We get to see him stripped down to his core, without memories, recourse, or support.  (Raiders of the Lost Art, Legion of Doom).  And now we see exactly how scary he would be without the traits that make him human.  (Turncoat).

Phil is a vitally important part of this entire process.  And I am glad to have gotten to meet him.  :-)

Across the Stars, Chapter 11

IT IS HERE. HOLY COW. Guys. This summer has been exciting and rough and crazy and wow. But I’m so excited that I have been able to bounce back and focus and now have more time to get all of this awesome stuff done. Without further ado, here is Chapter 11!!! (Chapter 12 WILL be posted next Tuesday!!!)

“Where are you taking me?”

Rhys’s hands tightened on the steering wheel of the Range Rover as Feyre ground the words through her teeth. He couldn’t help but glance at Anderson, half fuming behind his dark shades as he twisted in his seat to snap something at their charge. 

"You’ll find out soon enough, Feyre darling,” Rhys cooed darkly before Anderson could make a single sound. 

The other man snapped his jaw shut. 

Feyre made a noise of disgust and turned back in her seat to glare unseeingly out the window. To a casual passerby, the three of them cut the almost glamorous image of two body guards escorting a rich, elegantly dressed woman somewhere important. But if they were to look more closely, they would see that the beautiful girl with the golden brown curls, draped in spring green silk and adorned with dripping diamonds was handcuffed to her own seatbelt. They would see that the body guards had both guns and tasers trained on the girl at all times. 

And if they were to open the trunk, they’d find an unconscious man with auburn hair wrapped in rope and beaten and bruised.

“Dammit, Rhys!” Anderson exclaimed suddenly as Rhys swerved back onto the road. “What the hell are you doing?”

Rhys swallowed hard. He’d been too busy staring at Feyre in the rear view mirror, if he was being honest with himself. She was beautiful. Every time he saw her, whether bruised or ill, in sweats or a gown, he couldn’t help but think she was the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen. The idea of seeing her in Tamlin’s arms made him physically nauseous. 

Even though he barely knew her.

“Just checking to see if you’re awake, Anderson.” Rhys forced his attention back onto the road. “You know how Amarantha likes to twist your balls when you’re getting too sleepy.”

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For the Kids

“Good afternoon, Miss Danvers. Please have a seat. We’re just waiting for Miss Luthor to show.” As soon as it registered that he said Luthor, the door burst open to reveal Lena and her twin boys.

Lena was having a rough night. She knew she did what was right. Her mother’s project was wrong on so many levels. Lena should be happy Lillian was locked up, but she couldn’t bring herself to be. She was miserable. Lillian had been a terrible mother, a terrible person really, but she was family. The only family Lena had left. So when all was said and done, Lillian escorted away, her minion gone, Supergirl and the Martian back to wherever Superheros went, Lena was alone. Now, Lena was used to being alone. She was single with no friends, and her last family member hated her, but this feeling. This feeling was something the CEO had never felt before. All she wanted to do was break down and cry, but she still had Lillian’s voice at the back of her head telling her that was weakness. Logically, she knew it wasn’t. Humans have emotions. They are allowed to express them, but she still couldn’t let herself. Instead she went to the nearest dingy bar she could find, determined that she would not remember this in the morning.

The bar was certainly dingy. It was small, and smelled of mold, but it served alcohol and that was all Lena needed. She kept drinking until her head started to spin, and then had some more to make the dizziness go away.

“Hey, doll. How bout I take you home?” Lena could hear the warning bells going off, but she choose to ignore them. She needed for one night to not feel so alone. For all girls, going home with a strange man they meet in a dingy bar is a bad idea, but for the CEO of a multi-billion dollar company, and a member of the most hated family on Earth it was the worst idea.

Lena woke up in a grimy hotel room next to a strange man she had never seen. They were both nude, so the CEO could only assume what happened. She snapped a quick picture of the man as a just in case, before high tailing it out of there.

It took about a month to notice the signs. It was two days after she went to the doctor’s, and one day after that that the news hit the media. Lena was certain that it was the overly suspicious intern who blabbed, but she had more important things to worry about. One was the man. He was a criminal who had been caught for just about everything but murder. She kept waiting for him to step forward and claim the child, but he didn’t.

After finding out she was pregnant, Lena cut off contact with everyone who wasn’t part of her company. She only saw Kara during interviews, and if the reporter got too personal or friendly, the CEO shut down the interview. Because of all this Lena wasn’t expecting anyone to be there when she went into labor, but there was Kara Danvers holding her hand and whispering reassuring things through the agonizing pain.

“Twins, Lena?” Kara sucked in a breath. The CEO had kept as much about the baby a secret as possible. No one knew the sex, let alone that it was two, both baby boys.

“Lena,” Kara whispered a few hours after labor, from her spot next to Lena. “I know you don’t want help, or pity but children are handfuls, especially twins. I’m going to help you!” Lena consented, knowing the reporter wouldn’t give in. Over the next few years, Kara became the third most important thing in Lena’s life next to her company and her boys.

It was right around the the twins third birthday when Kara stopped helping. She had left for a couple days to deal with a family emergency, promising to be back in time for Morgan and Lincoln’s birthday party. When she got back in town, Kara deleted all of her social media, and told Lena that she wouldn’t be able to help as much.

“Don’t worry about it, Kar. You don’t have to help me. I can handle the boys by myself, and if I need help, I’ll hire a nanny.” When Lena said that, she didn’t realize that she was essentially nailing the coffin that was their friendship.  


Kara felt guilty about leaving town, about leaving Lena, but if what Kal-el said was true than she had to leave. She arrived in Smallville, Kansas in only a  few short hours.

“Kara! I need you to follow me!” Kara turned to see the usually smiling face of her concern with a worried look on his face. “It landed over here. I’m not sure where the pod came from. It looks Kryptonian, but it appears to be martials from Earth.” Kara took one look at the pod before declaring it a replica. This made her a little bit more cautious, and since the window of the pod didn’t show anyone, Kara used her x-ray vision to see inside.

“Kal!” She gasped, moving to open the pod. “It’s a child!” Sure enough when Kara opened the pod, there was a little girl around three years old.

“We might want to get her to the DEO.” Kal-el suggested, surprising Kara. Nodding, the Alien female picked up the little girl, and took off, her cousin following closely behind.


“Well, she’s not Kryptonian.” Alex informed the two aliens. “But she’s close.” This made Kara perk up.

“Another Daxamite?”

“I’m sorry, Kara. Actually, it’s a clone. A pretty good one but no exactly right.” J’onn told the two.

“A clone of who?” Kara asked, stepping forward to get a look at the clone.

“Of you, Supergirl.”

It took a lot of convincing, but  eventually after Kara got everyone to let her raise the clone.

“Alright, Kara.” J’onn Conceded. “On one condition. Once she wakes up, Alex and I will do as much testing on her as we deem necessary including testing what powers she has.” Kara quickly agreed, wrapping Alex, and J’onn in a hug.

It didn’t take long for the clone to wake up. Kara was in the room when the girl’s eyes blinked open, and she started to scream. Kara was fine with screaming. Morgan, and Lincoln were the kings of screams. What bothered her was that the little girl was screaming out Kryptonian curse words. Alex, and J’onn came running in, Alex with her gun out. Kara quickly assured her that wasn’t necessary before a soothing Kryptonian lullaby that Alura used to sing to her every night. It took only one verse for the girl to calm down.

“Where am I? I don’t recognize this as any place on Krypton. Who are you? How do you know my language?” Though the girl looked three, she spoke like she was much older. Alex later told her it’s because whoever cloned her managed to fix the strand of Kara’s hair so she was a child physically but they couldn’t get the mental part just right.

“I’m Kara Zor-El. I’m from Krypton. What’s your name?”

“It’s Kaz Tinn. Where are we?” Kara looked over at Alex, and J’onn. How could she not know?

“We’re on a planet called Earth. Kaz, how old are you?” Kaz told them she was three years old.

“Kaz, Krypton died before you were born. I’m not sure how you remember it.” Kaz seemed to take this rather hard. She yelled a “lies” and slammed her hand against the wall, creating a hole, and causing a chunk to go shoot out at Alex. This terrified the girl. Kara explained what they knew, and asked if they could do some more tests. The next two days were filled with tests, and explanations. Kaz refused to do anything without Kara in the room, and if she was weary of the person she would only speak In Kryptonian. Kara had in most people’s eyes been gone for a week when she took Kaz home. Kara kept Kaz a secret until she enrolled her in public school, because she wanted the child to get used to Earth and her powers.


It was a normal day at work when Lena’s personal phone started ringing. Even after three years of minimal contact, Lena was still hoping it was Kara. Of course, it wasn’t. It was her sons’ school.

“Lena Luthor speaking, how may I help you?” The CEO asked in her most professional voice.

“Hello, Miss Luthor. We’re calling to tell you that both the twins got in a fight today. We need you to get down here as soon as possible.” Lena informed the lady she would be there soon before hanging up.

When Lena got to the school, she was her boys waiting outside the principal’s office with dirty beat up faces.

“Miss Luthor? Everyone’s already waiting inside the office. If you and your sons will just head on in.” Lena offered her hands to the twins before walking into the office. She was determined to be calm throughout this entire meeting, however as soon as she saw a certain blonde reporter that idea flew out the window.


Shortly after Kara returned to work she was moved up to reporting on all alien activity, including Supergirl. Because of this, Kara never interviewed Lena anymore. The last time she spoke to the CEO was probably two months ago when she called to wish Morgan and Lincoln a happy birthday.

Kaz was in public school, and now in the first grade. She was mostly fitting in, expect two boys thought she was weird and constantly taunted her about it. Kaz never did anything about it, but Kara was afraid that one day she might retaliate. Apparently, today was that day.

“Miss Danvers? Kaz got in a fight-” Kara didn’t even give the girl time to finish before she informed the lady she was on her way. When the alien arrived at the school, she saw her clone sitting across from two beat up boys.

“Mom, I’m so sorry! He punched me, and I didn’t know what else to do! I didn’t mean to take you away from your duties!” Kara could hear the boys snickering at Kaz’s older, slightly weird way of talking, but she choose to ignore it. She got down to eye level and looked her adopted daughter in the eyes.

“It’s okay, Kaz. You fought back like you were trained to do. Let’s go talk to the principal, yeah?” Kaz hugged the alien before hopping off her chair, and trodding into the office.

“Good afternoon, Miss Danvers. Please have a seat. We’re just waiting for Miss Luthor to show.” As soon as it registered that he said Luthor, the door burst open to reveal Lena and her twin boys.


like honestly,  you guys are incredible ?? i owe you all so much for making me feel so welcomed & loved in such a short span of time ! i’ve only been up for a few months & i’m already loving you guys so much. i have made some really close friends already, who deserve a lil’ special THANK YOU of their own. so without further ado, here is a huge thank you to these cocoNUTS

@facadesmiled / ace

ace, man, where do i even begin ?? we’ve been through it all…the thick, the thin & basically everything in - between. it’s just been the two of us together for literal YEARS now - it’s nuts but in a wonderful way. you never cease to make me smile & feel giddy & happy, you are honestly the brightest & sweetest ray of sunshine & incredibly talented in everything you do. & i will never thank you enough for all you’ve done for me : when i needed a shoulder to cry on, when i needed someone to rant with, when i have bizarre rarepair ships that border on the edge of crack & seriousness, & when i simply want to relax. i’m keeping this short for the sake of things, but honestly i cannot express how much you have meant to me & will always mean to me through words alone, & i’m proud to call you my girlfriend  ♥ ♥ ♥

@moanaialiki / monie !

MONIE MONIE MONIE !! i am so glad that i approached you on anon that one day shyly introducing myself as “a new maui” bc honestly? that started the budding of a beautiful friendship between us & i’m always glad that i did befriend you, because you’ve ended up meaning a hell of a lot to me. your is amazing & you bring your own beautiful take on her to the table, but you are equally amazing as your own memey self. i’m so glad i was able to find you & click with you, because you really DO mean a lot to me & i’ll never take you for granted !!

@seetheirsoul / @servesthegods / blue !

BL U E !! you’re an amazing person to talk to & your portrayals are always so flawless ?? thank you for bringing to life kubo & allowing me to cry about these two demigod brothers with you ! i’m so glad i’ve been able to form a friendship with you & given ma.ui such a meaningful relationship. i hope to continue to get to know you better & breaking our hearts with these lovely boys !!

& now onto the rest of my mutuals & beloved followers, who i am eternally grateful for, below the cut. pardon if i missed anyone ! in no particular order  )

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Loot - Part 8 - Jim Kirk

Loot masterlist

Word count: 2,194
Warnings: language

A/N: sorry it’s so late. this story should be wrapping up in 2 or 3 parts. that’s really all i have to say, i guess. sorry if it sucks and isnt well written but ENJOY AND TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK!

The observation deck was deserted.

The chairs facing the many windows were empty, the two-person couch just the same. The only sound in the vacant lounge space came from the soft hum of the ship— white noise, really.

You stood before the chair at the rightmost end of the deck. You faced a large window and stepped close enough to it to set your hands against the thick glass.

You splayed your fingers out and sighed at the coolness of the surface. Your breath created a small splotch of fog, but the star it covered still shone through.

You smiled a little and stared at white lights that sparkled enough against the pitch-black backdrop to rival the best gemstone. You didn’t try to count the stars— you’d been told there was no system good enough to do so.

You stared silently for some time, regulating deep breaths and pressing your fingers against each star the Enterprise slowly moved past. It was comforting to see the short, gleaming rays spike out of your fingertips. Even as you pressed your palm over a star, you saw the brightness of another— there was no way you could cover all of the light entirely, there was always a burst of luminescence no matter how hard you tried.

It was comforting. In the whole “there’s always light” way, of course.

Just as you felt your lips pull into a smile at the thought of Jim’s attempt at sounding poetic being true, as if by typical melodramatic coincidence, you heard the door slide open behind you. You didn’t turn, staring at the reflection against the window’s surface rather than the real thing.

“I needed to put things in perspective,” you told him before he could ask, nodding to the window.

You saw the lips of his reflection fall into a frown of consideration. “Any luck?”

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It went by too quick but the time I spent with @lady-redhaired this weekend was the best I had with someone who is so fucking important to me! In such a short space of time I have never laughed and had so much fun with someone in what feels like so long, it actually angers me I had to come home.

Dude, you are my ray of fucking light and damn I hope we can meet up again VERY soon because this wasn’t long enough! I love you and I feel so fucking grateful to have you in my life!

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