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The people who covered up Moonlight’s win by talking about how gracefully the producer’s of La La Land handled the situation need to find a new way to express their casual racism because that moment was not. graceful. 

Almost every moment of that awkward scene was a huge slap to the face, a huge display of disrespect to the cast and crew of Moonlight, who put their heart and souls into their movie only to have their moment stolen from them. And I do mean stolen in the strongest sense of the world. That shit was stolen, on purpose. 

From the very moment that man opened the envelope he knew something was wrong. He knew there was a mistake. He knew he shouldn’t have gone forward, but that woman saw La La Land and never questioned it because obvious and said the name anyway. That was the first hit. 

Then they let the cast and crew come on stage, knowing it was wrong, knowing there was a mistake, knowing the further they let this go the more detrimental it would become. Second hit. 

Jordan Horowitz didn’t know they had lost. He gave his speech as planned and passed the mic along. But halfway through Marc Platt’s speech, they were told. You could see it on their faces. They knew, but didn’t stop him, didn’t say hey this isn’t for us, hey this wasn’t ours. They let him go, they let him have his moment, a moment that wasn’t his. They kept the light from Moonlight so Marc Platt could shine. Third hit. 

Then, the shit they really can’t be forgiven for happened. They let Berger speak. By this time they all knew Moonlight won. They all knew the award wasn’t theirs. But they gave the award to Berger ANYWAY and let him speak ANYWAY. They stole that moment. They knew it wasn’t there’s but decided they’d speak because they had that spotlight anyways. Berger didn’t even tell the audience what he already knew, that they had lost, until after he saw someone come to do it for him.And when he did, he didn’t give the glory to Moonlight, he didn’t say their name or congrats, he just said “We lost, by the way” and prepared to leave the stage with his award. Had Horowitz not stopped all of them and said “No, wait, Moonlight won” that’s what they would have done. They would have taken that moment and run away with it.

Moonlight’s win will forever be overshadowed by this moment, by what the producera did not say when they needed to say it. Grace would have been to tell the truth immediately. Grace would have been to let the audience know the rightful winner. But the producer’s of La La Land tried to give their speeches and leave. That’s not grace, and ya’ll need to stop applauding white people for doing the bare fucking minimum.

  • Bioware: How will we deal with the players' decisions in the next installment? How can we respect their choices without descending into an endless number of permutations we can't feasibly program, or making the lore prohibitive to new players? What if the Warden did the ritual? How do we make that important without cutting off players who didn't? If a Shepard falls in the forest and no one is around to hear, does -
  • Bethesda: I recognize the player has made a decision, but given it's a stupid-ass decision, I have elected to ignore it.

MFW I see these stupid bitches bragging about how much stuff they stole

You are not clever, smart, or revolutionary, you’re a fucking thief, and you’re ruining this already shitty economy.

Youre not even stealing necessities like food or water, it’s fucking clothes and MAKE UP. Purses, and swim suits. Fucking jewelry. Literally stuff you DON’T need.

I sincerely hope everyone on that #LiftPlay shit gets caught, arrested, and sued to hell by the stores they stole from.

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what other webcomics do you read? i need some recs

ok I’m genuinely into EVERY comic i’m about to suggest so pls take the time to check them all out if you’re looking for some reading material

first of all, read Octopus Pie. it’s a classic. it recently ended, and there’s a huge backglog to go through. really well written w/ real professional art i’m actually rereading it RIGHT NOW.

next, Gunnerkrigg Court. this and octopie are the goodie oldies of webcomics, they’ve been running forever. the art starts off a little more simple and cartoony and evolves into some of the most gorgeous, vibrant paintings for panels. the story is EXTREMELY engaging and i’ve been reading it for years. there’s also some rlly cute queer stuff… no spoilers.

i’m almost positive you’ve already SEEN some of Hark! A Vagrant’s strips around the internet. they’re fucking iconic and I don’t really need to say more to you. all i have to do is show you.

now it’s time to talk about Bad Machinery, another BIG FAV. the arcs are cut up to be case-by-case, as a group of school kids solve a slew of supernatural mysteries. I’m really in love with the playful art style and the writing gets. REAL heavy at times. the characters actually do get older and move forward in time as the story progresses, which is something i really appreciate in school-setting comics. pls read it, it’s great.

Kill Six Billion Demons is a new one on my list. It’s…. Insane. I read through it almost all at once, it’s really hard to stop, and it hasn’t been running for too long. The art is some of the most stunning shit I’ve ever seen in my life, forreal. It genuinely makes me want to scream.

Namesake holds a VERY special place in my heart. The illustrations are gorgeous, the wizard-of-oz setting is really cozy for me, and it’s extremely well written. (ALSO QUEER STUFF) don’t pass up this one, yall.

I have a lot more, should I keep going??

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Hey man from one trans bro to another it doesn't matter what you wear because you will always be a guy no matter what. If people refuse to see that you're a guy then they're not punk. Punks accept everyone for who they are.

ANON YOURE SUCH A SWEETHEART!!!! Sorry I didnt get to answer this last night, my prom post was the last thing i put before heading out. But your words honestly lifted my mood! Thanks for being hella hardcore \m/

-mod kip


Hey guys I’m tired as shit but alive and I’m not sure how to feel rn. Kinda just wanna be left alone but kind words never hurt to read too. Thank you for supporting me and making sure I was safe yesterday. Thanks to everyone who reached out and made me feel like I actually mattered and believed me and tried their best to get me to say anything! I was in a bad head space but my roommate and brother calmed me down.

Thanks to the people who called police but also fucking never do that shit again because the police in my town treat suicidal people as criminals and they threatened to arrest my roommate and I and kept their guns out and handled the situation extremely unprofessionally. They used threats instead of sympathy and made everyone in my neighborhood feel unsafe and honestly I’m still shocked they didn’t arrest me ahaha. One cop actually cussed me out and walked off because my abuser (mom) was contacted for questions so naturally she’d lie and make sure I seemed like I’m perfectly fine and just wasting people’s time (yeah fuck you mom, you abusive shithole). The whole incident was absolutely ridiculous. Almost got shot to death by two ugly men in ugly uniforms instead of potentially being saved. The police in my town are law enforcement, not protectors to make sure citizens are safe. Which is why I didn’t call them when my roommate went through this. I didn’t feel safe going with them at all so I stayed home and called a wonderful friend to explain I was alright.

I had a huge spill of messages from sooo many people! Strangers even! Thank you everyone who messaged me and I’m sorry I didn’t get to reply. My phone died and I’ve kept it uncharged up until now heh. I’m glad people were sweet and reliable. There was a handful of folks who disregarded that I was innocent and insisted I apologize for my actions but after asking what to apologize for they just blocked me. So… oh well. I don’t believe I did anything wrong and that the slime-dick kid just wanted to find someone to bully so they could feel better about themselves. They might be hurting but it’s no excuse to bully someone halfway to death and make up extreme and damaging rumors, ya know? Not very cool at all my dude. He’s just a hurt kid and I’d appreciate it if he just accepted he was in the wrong and apologized. It’s cool though, I can’t expect much more from them. I’m just thankful we all know the truth now. I’m thankful for everyone who defended me. It made me feel relieved when I found out people didn’t buy into the load of bs that was being spread by that bully.

Seriously though I feel so exhausted and I’m just kinda wanting to have a group hug and cry some more. I’m sorry for worrying anybody. I would’ve been worried sick too. Hopefully from now on people see how their words can impact a person and choose kindness over cruelty. I love you guys so much. You all tried your best to make me feel welcomed and safe again and it worked.

Can we let all this blow over now? Leave that punk ass alone and if you’re reading this slimey then I forgive you but don’t fuck with people the way you fucked with me. You might be responsible for someone’s death (not in a threatening way but in a forreal-cut-the-shit realistically speaking way). Going out of your way to “report” me to anti blogs and “warn” people about how I’m apparently so dangerous was childish. You seem like you could use some help and I highly suggest getting it before you end up with regrets.

Soooo yeah! Thanks guys, I’m all g. A little shook but still breathing. I probably won’t feel the greatest so I’m sorry it’ll take forever for me to answer asks. Just a heads up btw I probably won’t message everyone back personally so I made this post in hopes anyone came back wondering.

I can’t die yet, I still have some bees to save ; u ; ♡

Special thanks to @loli-nurse for trying their best to clear my name and explain that it wasn’t even me they had an issue with. Special thanks to @xlittle-moon-princessx and @sleepynova for making me feel a little less self destructive yesterday. You both have always been so kind to me. Thank you so much for calming me down and making me feel like I was important.. Special thanks to @ruri-runes and @1e-9desu for calling and texting! I’m so sorry my phone died and I left you both concerned. Special thanks to @kawaii-miunicorn @xynth @sugars @ellybean-jay @ellsi @overlord-satan @simsparadise3 @multicolouredfairylights @lacey-lamb @anyone else who messaged me and sent asks. Special thanks to all the long time followers that stood up for me and corrected the awful lie that one kid was trying so hard to justify. Special thanks to the people who called the police. It made the situation worse but aye you tried because you thought it would help, you all had good intentions. Special thanks to my brother for finally bitching out my mom for lying to authorities every time I try to get help and making sure I was safe at the end of the night. I love you. Even if mom and dad don’t want me alive, I’m glad I’m choosing to live for you. Gotta live to see you graduate at least and move out of that abusive household. I wanna see you live a happy, normal, healthy life one day like the one I’m working so hard towards. Special thanks to my roommate for being respectful of my space while still being helpful. He calmed me down so well and made sure police didn’t shoot me down. He made sure my brother was safe and I appreciate that most. Special thanks to all the people who shared their stories about almost committing suicide until my blog or post saved them, I didn’t realize how many people my words have saved until then..

I feel so grateful and appreciative of everyone’s support.. thank you for not giving up on me or falling for the false information some hurt stranger tried to spread as a way to make themselves feel better. I’m okay. I just ask that people stop being so cruel to each other and be mindful. I love you guys! I can’t say I’m fine but I’m working on it ; u ; *hugs*

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Did you and theothersim plan out everything in advance? Because that’s hella drama for it to be random XD and I just noticed that Mini and Matt looked a little related it’s not surprising that Zero would hit that….. 🤔🤔🤔

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