is this shit art!

Okay so

in school i was doodlin a thing

and i was thinkin

‘what if for christmas (or any time whatev)…’

‘…Sansta made an echo flower crown for thistle?’

and I just-

do I draw the edgy boi too much?

I mean

holy shit??????? i love the spiky purple edgy bush??????????????


HAPPY BIRTHDAY @kakashisempaii !!!!!!

Fuck this shit! This took me all day;;;
So well yea its cold af outside dude so take my scarf!
My dork also wears my currently coat lmao

I hope ya have a nice evening ma AWESOME POTATO, I wish ya so much….much.. ah whateva ya wish on birthdays just dont fuck shit up, relax or party hard! Annoy ya parents! Beat up ya shitty brothers, they’re always too loud when we call in skype jfc! Draw all night, play games do whateva ya enjoy!!


I dont know what to write AHAHAhaha aha ha….;w;
smooches and hugs to ya and dun forget i luv ya ma sweet lil Psycho =3=


when i said i wanted art of my OCs THIS IS NOT WHAT I MEANT

lmao, ANyWAYS! My artist friend got around to sketching some of OCs today, and she gave me these…angsty drawings. I love them so much, but they make me wanna cry as well. 

Alex Lee, my poor secret cinnamon roll…