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The genius of Ub Iwerks and the creation of the Xerox process, pt. I (the man and his previous contributions to Disney)

Brian Sibley, Disney historian: “Following Sleeping Beauty, the studio was in a real difficult situation. Sleeping Beauty hadn’t made very much money, and it had cost a fortune. And Disney was desperately trying to cut back.”

Russell Schroeder, Disney historian: “Here was the studio that was built by animation and was maybe getting priced out of the animation business.”

Brian Sibley: “People were always saying to Walt, ‘Forget about the animation. You’re in television now, you’re making live-action movies, you’ve got a theme park.’ But Walt Disney had to make animated films because that’s what he did. But how to do it cheaper…”

anonymous asked:

What would that band members think when they see S/O snuggled up holding the pillow or something that smells like them? (me and my girlfriend did that when we were together. Like she would spray her perfume on the stuffie she gave to me or I would spray my perfume on my old hoodie that she loved and tuck it beside her)

I used to do that with my dumbass ex boyfriend a lot. Also, the ask box is open! 

Murdoc Niccals: 

  • He would find it kind of endearing but also hella sexy. He loves it when he comes home from a show and sees you snuggled up to one of his many leather jackets. He will try to take it from you but he’ll end up making you hug it even more tightly. 

Stuart Pot (2D):

  • He’ll start blushing, He finds it really appreciative that you’re wearing or snuggling up to his jacket. When he sees that you’re snuggled up to it, he’ll slip into bed and just try to cuddle up to you so you won’t constantly have to latch onto his sweater. 

Russel Hobbs: 

  • When he sees that you’re snuggled up to one of his sweaters or pillows. He’ll take a photo of you instantly. He thinks that it’s one of most endearing things you can ever do and he’ll make sure that if he is going on tour, he’ll spray down his sweater or pillows. 


  • She’ll purposely leave her favorite jacket or pillow when she goes on tour. But when she finally catches you snuggling it up to it, she will have to wake you up and kiss your. She finds it so cute that she’ll also take hundreds of photos and put it has her wallpaper on her phone.