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Lin at a dinner honoring him hosted by Russell Simmons and the Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation


ava: "Tomorrow, there’ll be more of us.“ With warm, wonderful @Lin_Manuel last night in a room filled w/ love + community. A beautiful refueling.

Lin_Manuel: What a light you are, @ava! Thank you!

Some medicine for your soul:


This little guy here is the toughest little dog I know. 11 years ago he was in the car accident that killed my dad, and presumably our other dog Charlie (Charlie disappeared at the scene. The only reason Ted made it was because a young guy on a motorbike saw ted and rushed him to a vet, he tried to get Charlie too but he ran off, we searched for weeks afterward but we never did find him. We were rural, so I believe he probably just went to sleep in the bush somewhere and didn’t wake up.) Ted had a shattered back, he ended up being rushed to one of the fanciest vet hospitals in Australia and had extensive spinal surgery. He had to stay in rehab for 12 weeks afterward and then was kept in a little cage, as so he couldn’t damage his back further. He ended up making a miraculous recovery, and could even run and jump again. He also has survived 2 paralysis ticks, and a heart murmur, all the while being the same feisty character that we love. He turns 14 years old today, and I don’t know how many more years we’ll have with him, but I hope it’s a lot, because he is the best dog ever and I love him very much. So here’s to you ted! 🎊🎈🎉💙🎈🎉🎊💙🎊

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can i get sum more phase 1-2 shit noodle would do to annoy her dads?

- Her sleep schedule was all over the place. She’s also known to be an early riser and will rush into the boys room at 6am most mornings and force them to watch cartoons with her

- She was a really picky eater and she had a massive sweet tooth. Most of the time it was fairly innocent but she’d always see if she could convince 2D to let her have haribos for breakfast since Russel never let her have any

- During phase one she had a hardcore tomboy phase where she would refuse to wear anything remotely girly. It took her hours to convince her to wear a skirt for the Rock The House video. In retaliation she would steal the boys clothes, Murdoc’s capes being some of her favourite things to take

- When it came to movies she could watch the same film over and over again without getting bored. The  amount of dvds and VHS tapes she’s worn out are staggering but no one complained since it kept her quiet

- She had a habit of showing off her martial art expertise at inconvenient times. Every time the band took her down to the park she would run after any birds that tried to steal her sandwiches and try to fight them which Murdoc thought was hilarious

- When she was a teenager she threw a lot of wild impromptu parties. Russel had to look after a bunch of rowdy adolescence, Murdoc was showing the kids a bunch of new drinking games and 2D was locked in a closet somewhere round the back