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So its been like what? A week and I still can’t stop thinking about WKM, damnit @markiplier why you gotta get me obsessed.
I also plan on doing one of these for every WKM character, no matter how irrelevant it gets.
(This is also the first time ive used fire alpaca to animate and I’m still figuring it out)

Hello again! Here are my most recent reads! These are some fantastic fics so please read them and leave kudos and comments for these incredibly talented authors! 

All I Want Is To Be Free by lululawrence (11k)

“Uh, you saw photos? Of me wearing the shirt?”

The guy nodded eagerly while he pulled his phone out of his pocket. “Yeah! I took a picture of the photo I saw so I could remember to look it up. Hold on.”

The guy scrolled through his phone and made a happy sound when he found it. “Here!”

Louis grabbed his phone to look at the picture. Yep. That confirmed it. He was going crazy.

The photo he was looking at was definitely one of him wearing his beloved shirt, but there was a taller man standing beside him, looking at him and laughing as Louis had his hand resting possessively on the guy’s hip. Louis had absolutely no recollection of this ever happening.

Or the one where Louis keeps finding photos around campus of him with a man he’s never met before, and the only logical explanation must be he’s going crazy.

Baby Honey by nikogda (8k)

“Lou, did you see these little baby tea boxes I found yesterday?” He tossed one towards Louis and watched as it thumped Louis in the head.
Louis groaned and reached for the little box, rolling it around in his hands, “If you’re about to make a joke about me. I strongly suggest you don’t.”
Harry frowned and bounced his tea bag in the water watching the liquid darken, “M’ not! I just thought the babytea boxes were cute.”
Louis’ eyes narrowed and he looked at the tiny boxes, and back at Harry. Harry watched, he could see the wheels turning inside of Louis’ mind. He shifted his weight from one foot to the other. Louis looked at the box once more and back at Harry

or… After four years of Marriage, Harry discovers he is expecting. He could go home and hand the ultrasound photo to his amazing husband, Louis. Or… he could have some fun with this. Only Louis catching on to all the hints Harry is dropping.

Or is he?

cupid’s defence by rhuubarb (117k)

In which Harry is Cupid, Louis and Liam own a law firm, and they’re all getting sued.

Fall with Style by crimsontheory (14k)

Louis doesn’t get out too much due to his shyness. The only two friends he has he met online and they both live miles and miles away. Then along comes a cute bartender that completely flips Louis’ life upside down.

Far Afield by QuickedWeen (11k)

Harry Styles is a witch who owns the best flower shop in Manchester. Lottie Tomlinson is planning her wedding, and brings her brother along to her first appointment. Both men have been having a bad day and sparks fly.

Go Out for Adventure, Come Home for Love by myownspark (9k)

Four years of iconic moments that inspire tattoos and promises. Fic inspired by the song “Spaces” which includes the lyric “forgetting every single promise we ever made.” Five promises, plus one extra just for fun (because how can you hear Harry say he’s good at falling asleep in front of the fire and not write about it? Honestly).

It’s Hard to Say It, Time to Say It by kikikryslee (11k)

Harry sighed. “We have a lot of clothes in stock, sir-”
“Please don’t call me ‘sir,’” the guy said. “I’m only twenty-six.”
“OK, then. We have a lot of clothes in stock, dude, so finding something else in your size won’t be a problem if it means you’ll buy something. What are you? Like, an extra small?”
The guy actually had the nerve to look offended. Harry resisted laughing. “Hey! I’ll have you know that I’m a medium!”
“In what?” Harry asked, looking the guy over. “Children’s?”

Or, the one where Louis is an annoying customer who won’t leave Harry’s shop on time, and Harry is counting down the seconds until Louis leaves. Until a chance encounter at a concert, and suddenly, Harry really doesn’t want Louis to leave.

My Lights Stay Up, But Your City Sleeps by PearlyDewdrops (108k)

Harry breaks into his own smile, scrunching his nose when he glances back up, meeting Louis’ eyes, his stiff posture loosening. They stare for a beat, Harry’s smile dwindling. “So… you’re okay with it? That it can’t go anywhere?”

Louis nods easily. “We’re on the same page. Promise.” He holds out his pinkie to prove it, mind hazy and giddy from alcohol. Harry’s dimples appear in each cheek as he holds out his own, their pinkies intertwining. “We’re just two people who like each other, have fun together, and who may or may not kiss and… stuff.” He grins, wild adrenaline pumping through to his fingertips.

Harry sinks his teeth into his bottom lip, lowering his flushed gaze to the floor.

“Just don’t go falling in love with me, and it’ll be fine,” Louis smirks.

Or Louis has trouble sleeping, Harry has a habit of wrapping himself around Louis during the nights, and a mutual agreement to engage in a fun and simple thing quickly turns into something perhaps not so fun, and certainly not simple.

One Day, Maybe Next Week by kikikryslee (6k)

Louis was staring at him, expecting a response, and Harry was supposed to be the one coming up with that response, and he was so not prepared, so he blurted out the first thing that came to mind.
“Where were you? You weren’t on the bus for a few days.”
Louis raised an eyebrow. “What?”
“Uh… Sorry, I just- Um, sort of noticed that maybe you weren’t on the bus since last week. Not that I watch for when you’re on the bus or anything. That would be weird. Obviously, you have your own schedule, and I have mine. I just saw that you weren’t here, so I wondered what you were doing, or if something bad happened, like you got kidnapped or something. God, that sounded creepy. I promise I’m not threatening your life or something. Jesus, just stop me. If you have pepper spray, I would totally understand if you got me in the eyes right now.”
Louis had his lips pressed together at this point, holding back a laugh. Harry really didn’t blame him for that.

Or, the one where Harry just really wants to talk to Louis. And when he finally does, everything he says just comes out wrong.

One Shines Brighter by afirethatcannotdie (12k)

“Hi, baby. You doing anything fun today?”

Harry shrugs. “Dunno. Thought I’d see how I was feeling before making any plans.”

“You wanna get married?” Louis asks. Harry’s face breaks into a smile, and he nods.

Louis’ lips are just brushing Harry’s when Gemma appears in the hallway. “You two are in so much trouble.”

Harry’s wedding was never supposed to be the happiest day of his life. No, that was going to be the day after, when he finally got to start his marriage. Unfortunately his family (and Louis) have other ideas.

Featuring a pair of moms who only want the best for their kids, meddling sisters with too much time on their hands, and a groom who gets caught up in the fairytale.

Show Me Life Like I’ve Never Seen by Rearviewdreamer (43k)

Louis never expected to leave the small art studio three blocks down from his job with anything besides the painting he caught a glimpse of and simply couldn’t forget.

Small Doses (Loving You It’s Explosive) by QuickedWeen (39k)

Louis Tomlinson finds himself at Vitality Fitness to try and turn his life around after having left his cheating boyfriend of four years. The gym’s owner, Liam, quickly becomes a good friend, but his right hand man is rude and dismissive from the get-go.

Louis and Harry continue to clash all while Harry is trying to move his way up the ranks in Manchester’s amateur boxing circuit, but they can’t seem to stay away from each other.

Sound Like a Song by allwaswell16 (14k)

In high school, Louis Tomlinson lit up Harry’s world like nobody else, even if Harry did most of his pining from the safety of his tightly knit circle of friends. Ten years later, Harry is ready to make some changes. He’s tired of having so many regrets and not taking charge of his life, and he still hasn’t forgotten how brightly Louis shines. He’s about to get a long awaited second chance.

Or the one where Harry helps out at a farmer’s market and gives Louis free vegetables.

The Art of the Giants by asphodelknox (11k)

Louis is dancing away from an old relationship when he meets Harry at a bookstore in the busy streets of Seattle. Harry is just a bookstore owner hoping his handsome weekly visitor could become something more.

Your Mess Is Mine by amory (177k)

Louis is the father to the most brilliant little boy in the world who is all Louis really needs, or at least that’s what he tells himself. Harry is a gorgeous boybander fresh off a two year break and a massive scandal that’s left him a little broken and more than ready to move on.

They fall in love.

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With Season 2 right around the corner, I feel like our little fandom is going to see a huge growth spurt and I am so excited! So many new content creators and people to scream about the show with! So if you’re one of those new folks, welcome aboard. Please always feel free to drop by and say hello. It’s great to have you.

A candid picture of my Barry’s wife, Lup, probably taken by Barry himself - after all the chaos of the world nearly ending and such, when they finally have time to live their normal-ish life and sit down for morning coffee, lmao.

This is gonna be another submission for @adventuringfanbook, but im still working on one more i want to try and get done before the deadline!!!

Victor and Coaching

So, I have something I want to put to rest. Every time someone brings up wank about how the show ended with Victor returning to skating, one thing I see pointed out again and again was that no one “believed” Victor could be a coach and that by having him return to skating he is agreeing with the other coaches who made fun of poor Vitya and wouldn’t let him play in their reindeer games.

Except, I feel as if reading the show in this way ignores that the China Cup arc, which I posit was primarily about Victor growing and proving himself as a coach.

First off let’s take a look at people not taking Victor’s desire to become a coach seriously:

First is Minako, who after being baffled as to why Victor is here at all, she reasons that most likely he’s there to take a vacation. Which is not entirely unfair since he showed out of the blue (from their perspective). But even if Minako doubts his motives initially, we never see her criticizing Victor as a coach (except she does point out he’s a little overdressed in episode 5) and she seems happy to support them as a pair.

More seriously in the beginning of episode 2 we see Yakov replying to reporters questions about Victor leaving to become a coach, and he replies that Victor is too selfish to become a coach.

You know who also called a skater running out on his coach for personal reasons without discussing it first selfish? Victor himself.

I’m confused by people who say that Yakov is entirely wrong in this case, Victor deciding to take a break suddenly without any apparent prior discussion with his coach of over ten years is pretty selfish. Yes, it was totally Victor’s right and we see in episode 11 that he was unhappy with how his career was at that point, but it is also one of the things that Victor learns over the course of the show is how to genuinely express his feelings to people, and not just play a role for them like he is clearly doing to Yakov in the beginning of Episode 2.

Then we get to episode 4 which contains two comments towards Victor’s coaching ability. The first is Celestino, Yuuri’s old coach who tells Victor to stop playing at being coach. Which reads similarly to Minako’s comment about Victor just using Yuuri to take a break.

By this point Yuuri hasn’t even participated in sectionals, so no one really has a clear idea of how seriously Victor is taking his coaching position. Celestino, as an outsider, only knows that Victor agreed take a break from skating and try coaching because of a viral video.

Also this is Yuuri, one of Celestino’s previous students and Celestino knows first hand just how challenging Yuuri can be to coach. If a seasoned coach like Celestino had a difficult time with Yuuri’s barriers, it’s not hard to imagine he’d be skeptical about a brand new coach being able to handle Yuuri, especially if the coach in question might only be interested in this as a stunt to re-energize his career.

I can’t blame Celestino for being dubious of Victor when his motives are still very unclear, but note that he also does everything he can to help the pair by answering their questions honestly, despite the fact that they’re technically competition.

Then we have Yakov making a comment in his head that it was good for Yuri to leave Victor’s side. This is a sort of vague comment, and not necessarily critical of Victor’s coaching ability? Instead I read it as by leaving Victor and Yuuri, Yuri is energized to prove himself.

We don’t really hear much about Victor as a coach until we arrive at the China Cup, and here it’s very quickly established that Victor’s validity as a coach is the big question of the arc, with Yakov at the very beginning dismissing Victor as a serious coach.

Can we also appreciate that the night before a competition Victor has Yuuri visit hotpot, tries to make him eat raw food which Yuuri says doesn’t agree with him,

gets drunk with another coach (Celestino also doesn’t have anything to say about Victor’s seriousness as a coach by the way, he already accepts Victor by this point)

and there are pictures of him draped over his student all over the internet by the next day. Is it terribly surprising the Yakov might still not think of him as serious by this point?

Then at the end of episode 6 he refers to Victor as a “third-rate” coach to the cameras, when asked about his skater’s chances.

Once again, by this point he clearly doesn’t take Victor very seriously, after all in the Kiss and Cry Victor was acting more like a skater than coach. Compare Victor in the Kiss and Cry to Yakov (and you can go and look at all the other coaches who are equally less performative than Victor is here).

However, at the end of episode 7 when both Yuuri and Victor are clearly emotionally strained after dealing with Yuuri’s breakdown we have Yakov actually critiquing Victor’s coaching.

You know what Yakov is known for? Being critical of his students. Victor himself at this point finally admits he probably needs some help in becoming a better coach.

This actually marks Yakov’s acceptance of Victor as a coach. From there on Yakov never makes any denigrating comment towards Victor as a coach.

When episode 8 comes around all the “third rate coach” trash talk is entirely absent, despite Victor’s eccentric behavior continuing unabated. Yakov even criticizes Yuuri at the end of his skate in episode 9 for not fully showing to best advantage the program that Victor had clearly worked hard on.

Notice how taken aback Yakov is at the end of episode 12 when Victor says he’s returning to skating compared to even episode 8, by this point he has fully accepted Victor as a serious coach. 

So, does Victor returning to skating at the end of episode 12 completely undo Victor’s arc and prove everyone right that he could never be anything more than a skater? No, because he did prove himself as a coach, and even earned Yakov’s critical recognition. Not to mention that episode 12 concludes with Victor to continue being a coach as well as a skater, so he is not backsliding in his development.

I certainly understand not being entirely satisfied with episode 12, but this argument that it undoes Victor’s entire character arc comes across as willfully misreading the text.


apparently, things are happening faster than expected. I’m going to want to be with Grandma as soon as possible, but I’ll have to wait till tomorrow at the earliest… because tonight, I dance. I have to. Grandma was a beauty, and Papa sang in a big band, and they were the kind of dancers who turned heads. (they met when Grandma was on a date with another guy, but when he got up to pay, Papa slid into his place. “I’m Johnny Warner,” he said, dazzling her with a smile, or at least that’s how I imagine it. “What’s your name, sweetheart?”)

Grandma told me once that Papa wasn’t drafted for WWII because they found a spot on his lung, so they helped the soldiers have a good time in between. they’d dance together to teach them how, and then he’d sing and she’d keep dancing. I never got to see them dance together, and I don’t remember Papa singing, because the lung cancer took him when I was four years old. all I remember is the Jazz Festival; playing with him when I was three; and having the time of my life at his funeral. somehow, I understood what had happened, but I didn’t let it get me down. I wish I still had that innocence.

…but I’ll find it again, dancing just like I did on St. Patrick’s Day. I’ll dance for Grandma, because I know she’d want that. (“My dancing princess,” she said, in response to the above video. “That reminded me of my jitterbug days.”) I’ll dance for Papa. I’ll dance through the grief in weeks to come. I’ll make space for joy among the sadness, just like they did for the soldiers they taught. and someday soon, Grandma will get to dance with Papa again.

btw I’m going to a live performance of Pirates of Penzance tonight - looking up tickets for it was half of what sent me into my recent G&S spiral - and I’m super excited. I haven’t seen any live G&S since middle school or maaaaybe early high school.

Eeeeee I hope it’s good.
I'll Always Be Your Kitten - ShadowShell - Haikyuu!! [Archive of Our Own]
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Kinktober has finally gotten me to write bottom Kuroo, I regret nothing ~ 

Chapters: 1/1
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Kuroo Tetsurou has always liked cats, but when his boyfriend convinces him to dress up like one, he soon learns that he loves them.

roinktober update 10/19

hi guys, i figured that i should post an update about roinktober since i’ve obviously been inactive on here for at least a week now. last weekend i was away all weekend banding birds for a class (so i had no time to draw or post anything) and ended up getting really sick to the point of having to skip my classes earlier this week. i had a killer midterm due among other things, so i’ve had no time or energy to draw for roinktober. i’m still very sick but i managed to attend class today, so i hope that having this weekend to rest will help my body recover. i’ll pick up on roinktober (and the blog) once i’m able, so thanks for your patience and understanding.


My self-imposed break from Tumblr is over, so I am back >:D How have you all been? And how many interesting Tumblr events did I miss? XD 

So, over the break, I’ve decided a few things in regards to Tumblr. One, I am going to be far less active on it. I know, I just took a week break from the site, but even still I want to cut back on visiting Tumblr. But unlike with a break, I’ll still be available on Tumblr, just at certain times. Thinking it shall be around night in my area, Tumblr being an “end of the day” kind of thing for me. Activity on this site usually only kicks up at night anyway, so might as well XD Other thing I’ve decided, NO MORE TUMBLR MOBILE APP! I think I’ll still keep it around, just in case, but I’m keeping myself logged out on there. The app is garbage anyway lol Eating so much data, crashing all the time, list goes on 

So, yeah. That’s my plan from now on. Sadly, with this, replies and asks from me will become supremely delayed XD Not unless I decide the reply/ask can be given in a simple form. Anywho, see you guys tonight ;)