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Now That It’s Over

Chapters: One -Shot ✯ No Smut ✯ Status: Complete

Author: lululawrence
Pairing: Harry/Louis
Length: 8k
Hearts: 💗💗💗💗

“What are the odds we would both be at Mariano’s on a Thursday night?”

Louis’ shoulders tensed. What the hell was he doing here?

“Harry? Hi? The odds are pretty crazy, yeah.”

Harry smiled down at Louis the way he used to, but there was also a glint in his eye that Louis absolutely did not like. Harry was also dressed in his favorite black and white striped women’s jeans and a printed shirt only he would ever be able to pull off. It was quite rude of him to come and interrupt Louis, particularly while looking so good. Louis hadn’t seen him since he’d finished moving his shit out of what was once their shared flat, so this being the first time seeing him wasn’t exactly providence in Louis’ mind.

Or the one where Harry and Louis broke up two months ago, and Harry just might be sabotaging Louis’ dates.

Tags: getting back together, jealous harry

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i was laughing with someone recently about “tumblr user unpr*tty” and this seems like a good time to remind people that there is literally no point in censoring yourself if you wanna talk shit because i can’t vanity search, if i try it’s nothing but tlc lyrics and a k-pop competition of some kind. this is also why you have to @ me if you wanna show me something and we’re not mutuals.

(( hey hey what’s up guys !! a little odd and impromptu I know but I wanted to give a quick shoutout to @ponderingduo !!! if you like animaniacs/patb you’ll Absolutely love their stuff so go check them out if you’re into those cartoons (or even if u aren’t)!!

ALSO in other news school is finally out for me and finals are over so I’ll be able to get back to regular asks very soon!! thank u all for being so patient! ))

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It's like 2 a.m and i'm crying over vmin rn like they're so soft?? And in love?? And adore eachother so much?? Tae's hand completely hugs jimin's hand and its the cutest thing in the world 😭😭 they wanna constantly protect eachother and want eachother happy😭 Wht did tae write in jimin's bday letter tht he got so shy over it? Im melting inside thinking about vmin cuddling together in the middle of the night just talking about life their future sharing secret and quite giggles 😭

they’re the softest??? so much love and adoration for each other??? can u believe they’re soulmates and even they know it????

when they were comparing pinky size difference in ask in a box and taehyung ends up laughing into the side of jimin’s face :(((

the recent run ep…. they were so domestic im

tae feeding jimin the little sandwich he made

jimin: careful not to cut your finger / taehyung is doing really well today

taehyung: jimin, i got your back (the hugs)

they support each other so much, always there for one another… im emo