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hey, so you're the only person I could think of to turn to. I'm beginning to think I'm nonbinary or maybe a demiboy? I'm not sure, and it's scary and my anxiety goes through the roof when I think about it. I want to express myself as more masculine, but my parents don't approve of me dressing or speaking like that. I don't know what to do, and I can't stop thinking about all of this.

I love you. I think you’re wonderful. Here’s something it might be delightful to know. Being yourself isn’t something you *think* about, it’s something you feel. And really, it’s something you feel your way into for the rest of your life.

Of course it’s ok to be scared. And, it’s ok not to spend another moment thinking about this. We assume that thinking about things will get us somewhere, but it doesn’t. Feeling always does.

“What will they say when they find out???” is thinking. Knowing in your heart who you are and what you love in life is feeling. I wish you all the feelings in the world. 💛💛

So my friends and I all have class at 9, and we mostly all commute, so we are always talking about how hungry and tired we are, and it makes me so sad. So I like made muffins, and I’m bringing granola bars, fruits and brownies for them today, and I’m just really hoping they like it, but like who knows.

Super Husbands

Summary: Blaine fails to mention what he’s really doing when he’s at the library “studying” night after night. But here’s the thing: Kurt already knows.

The title is very obviously a reference to the Flash/Supergirl song from the musical episode because, duh. :)

As always, beta’ed by my own personal superhero and superfriend @a-simple-rainbow. ♥

Rating: PG

(to be added on AO3 once I find the time)

Kurt didn’t plan on telling Blaine what he knows that night but one thing leads to another, and Kurt’s secret about Blaine’s secret is out. Blaine just can’t lie to save a life, though Kurt has got to hand it to his husband – he saves lives like no other.

He’s kept his mouth shut so far, figured Blaine would come to him eventually, but now that he’s caught him red-handed – well, black-handed, technically, since the color scheme of Blaine’s suit is blue and black – he just can’t go on pretending that he buys Blaine’s lies about studying late at the library night after night.

“What are you doing there?” Kurt asks, sleepily yet horrified, as he walks into the bathroom and watches Blaine pull off his cape and cram it into the washing machine.

“Kurt!” Blaine flinches, turning around with an end of the cape still in his hand. “I- I… um, I was trying on a costume for…” He looks lost for a second, and his eyes light up when he finally thinks of something. “Halloween! Um, yeah, for Halloween.”

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I've done it... I spent 3 hours scrolling to the end of your blog and I've got to say... You're a pretty cool guy. With a pretty cool stand. And an interesting personality. (Oh god, what am I doing with my life. Btw mun I really like this blog, keep it up! :))


((thank youu ;;w;;)) 

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I know there are other people who feel like I do and see the world as I do but I dont often come into contact with them. Even when I do it seems to be only for short conversations. Your blog gives me the ability to feel like I have a spiritually connected friend in my life even though I dont know you. lol .It means a lot to me. You're also such an eloquent and talented writer. I would definitely read a book of yours. -Annie <3

Hey, thanks! And I know what you mean. Knowing that there are people who experience life in the same way, who hold the same things important, it really gives us the confidence to embrace, explore and expand who we truly are. It’s such a powerful thing, and the internet has made it easier than ever. Running this blog and connecting with like-minded people has helped me to become myself, I’m really glad it’s helping you too 💛

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... I don't know what to do with my life anymore... My dreams were crushed and I can't even love who I want... I really want to kill myself, but I'm too scared. I want help but I don't know what to do... I'm sorry...

Please dont do anything rash anon san , you may not be able to have a relationship with the person you love now but im sure that in the future youll find someone who loves and supports you no matter what! And suicide is never the answer if youd like to talk my ask and messages are always open!

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hi, connor! i need a lil advice. i'm currently at college and i hate every aspect of it - i have no friends, my roommate is constantly gone, and i have issues with being alone. i want to drop out after this semester and pursue photography, but everyone keeps pushing school down my throat. what do you think?

Plan it out. Like, keep and commit to the path you’re on right now and really give it a go, but start planning potential escape routes. The more you have a specific vision of what your life will be like, the easier it will be to make big jumps like dropping out of school. It’ll also help put those in your life more at ease during the transition. You may find that you can do both and that exploring life beyond education actually makes it bearable for you. You could also actually take the escape route. But you gotta build it first. Like, you can just dip and figure it out later but that’s risky as fuck and could throw you off for years. I prefer to get my ducks in a row to the point that my big jumps in life don’t feel like big jumps, just logical next steps.

studyblr question tag!!

Thank you @doristudies for tagging me!

1. What [subjects] are you currently studying?

> I am a high school junior. My stream is science. So, my subjects are Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, English and Alternative English (Advanced English).

2. Who would you say is your biggest influence?

> So, there’s an entrepreneur in India named Sandeep Maheshwari and he has a yt channel. His videos really influenced me to get going and see life in a different way and listen to your heart and don’t regret what you do.

Another person who influenced me is @studyign Her yt channel is so motivating.

Also, my fav singer Avril Lavigne is my motivation.

+ there’s a friend of my who has really really influenced my life.

And obvio the studyblr community is awesome and it has really motivated me to be on track.

3. What’s one country you would like to visit?

>I don’t there’s anything particular about travelling. I want take a world tour, lol

But, if given to choose I would like to go to Rome and France. IDK why!! hehe

4. What’s your favourite book?

> Again, I don’t think there’s anything particular in reading. I can hopefully give some genre I love to read. They are most probably Romance, Fantasy, Love, and things to do with life, motivation and being dynamic.

5. What do you do to keep yourself motivated?

> After joining studyblr, I get on here and look at my dashboard how people all over the world are busy studying and being productive (and I am rotting here!)

That’s a great deal of motivation, I guess. + I focus on myself and inspire myself from within when I can’t find anything from my surroundings.

6. What language would you really like to learn?

> IDK. Currently, i am focusing on getting through my finals. So, I’ll think about it later, may be.

But I would love to learn a foreign language, like, Thai or Chinese or IDK lol

7. What holiday do you prefer, Christmas or Halloween?

> Obvio, Christmas. But here we get just one day as Christmas holiday and for Halloween, we have none.

8. How old are you?

> I am 17. I am so young, lmao.BDW my b’day is on 17th of October.

9. Favourite season?

> Spring and summer.

Well! Spring because of all the new nature showers (I love new things, hehe)

and summer because I can relatively get up early in the morning.

10. Who is your favourite band/ singer?

> OKAY! Now that’s something I love to tell people. So, Avril Lavigne, Enrique Iglesias, Taylor Swift.

And if I have to choose from my country (Bollywood), they would be Arijit Singh, Atif Aslam.

11. Have you had a good day today?

> Not much. In the morning I wasn’t feeling well and then I was not productive at all throughout the day. But in the evening I went to buy some stationary and personal stuff. So, I guess that was a good part!

Finally, thanks for asking!!

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deltora edit meme- quotes ½

Despair is the enemy. Do not let it defeat you.

I cannot let this quote go by without some comments because a. it’s me, the queen of essays, and b. this quote means more to me than I can even adequately explain 

At some points in my life this quote has become my mantra, something I say over and over again. Do not let it defeat you

It has reminded me that I am not my despair, or my illness. My thoughts are things attacking me, enemies. Sometimes I called my thoughts ‘the Shadow Lord’, pretended there was a Crystal in my house. It helped me understand, know, it was something apart from me. Do not let it defeat you 

It has reminded me that even if I have control over nothing else in my life, not even my own mind and thoughts, I can try to control my despair. I can keep trying to find hope. Do not let it defeat you

It has reminded me that not all monsters can be defeated with swords. But they can be defeated. Do not let it defeat you

The Shadow Lord is never completely vanquished. But it is not it who is ‘the Enemy’. It never was. Lief defeats his true enemy when he chooses to live a happy life. He keeps hope. Deltora keeps hope. They win

I figured out why I’m feeling so uninspired about everything.

I love love love astronomy. It’s what I want to do for the rest of my life. But, with the SKA and MeerKAT being developed in SA, the programme that I’m part of is solely focused on that. Preparing people who can deal with machine learning and big data, and too much cosmology and radio observing.

Which is awesome, but it’s not what I want to do. I want to do astronomy. Old school, optical astronomy. And that’s not what I’m hearing about.

Which leads me to two conclusions - I really need to find a place where I can do masters in something /else/ that’s astronomy-astronomy.

Or, I need to start learning this big data/machine learning stuff on my own so I can find it interesting.

[btw if you’re interested in big data, machine learning, cosmology, or anything to do with signals and processing - South Africa will basically throw money at you to do so]

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Love your art, you make the best Tracer! I was woundering what you thought about Blizzard releasing more about Widowmaker on her Odette and Odile skin? " For much of her life, Amelie Lacroix was better known as an accomplished ballet dancer in paris."

Thank you~ :) I’m happy about the responses to my Tracers…but I really hope I can also do JUSTICE (/Pharah voice) to each character that I end up drawing~ ^^ 

I’m thrilled that Blizzard released more backstory on Amélie! (I even happily freaked out about it on twitter when the news came out haha ^^) It was a popular fan headcanon that was going around before and one that I really liked personally…so I’m glad that Blizzard has now made it canon! I hope they reveal more new details about her soon.

Knowing that Amélie was a ballet dancer “for much of her life” made me imagine her a lot more clearly too, like her posture, her movements, her facial expressions, also the discipline and focus that comes with being a dancer…

Her character design as Widowmaker is very much “classic femme fatale” but now it’s interesting to think about how that image can overlap with one of a professional ballerina. Being seriously dedicated to a physical activity really affects how a person carries them self. So I think this new info about Amélie being a ballet dancer is going to be very helpful inspiration for future drawings! ^^

status update: i started watching Critical Role on a whim a few days ago and now i don’t know how to do anything else with my life anymore 

my mom did find my weed and she threw away all my shit including my vape and the quarter ounce of weed i bought yesterday and my bowl and grinder and just everything and she is super pissed at me. i fucked up so bad but i just had no idea she would be taking the car from my work. like i thought i was being pretty careful but i didnt fucking know she would take the car without a even warning me beforehand. i am just not going to be able to smoke anymore which is awful and is going to make my life even more hellish. this is awful. i dont even know what to do i am like not processing it. and she just threw so fucking much of my money in the garbage. like as tho i didnt hate my life enough now the one thing keeping me afloat is gone. i am making the same amount now as i did when i lived in new york and rent is cheaper here. i could move out if i really wanted to. but the security of being at home and not paying rent is keeping me here. and my mom is constantly saying i should live here longer and longer to save up money because otherwise i am just throwing my money away. she keeps saying i will never be able to afford to finish school on my own and she wont pay for my school unless i keep living here. she thinks im going to be making $10 / hour for the rest of my life and she gets offended when i say i dont like living here. my biggest problem tho is that i cant smoke weed here. or that i am not allowed to smoke weed at all full stop, according to her. i need to get out of here. i should never have moved back but i was dying in new york i was so physically sick with stress i was going to the doctor constantly and wasnt eating. i failed and i am afraid to leave again because i dont want to fail again. i just want to live with becca

so i’ve been thinking about what i really want to do with my life and what i want to study when i go back to school because i’ve never had a real life plan or anything but i’ve been thinking a lot lately over the past few months about how much i love talking about hockey and analyzing players and stats and with how much i’m living making these videos and just talking about this team that i might want to do sports journalism? i mean i’ve always lived writing and for a while in high school i did consider being an english major but i just didn’t know what i would DO with that degree but sports journalism is a pretty marketable degree to have.
but i feel like i should know a bit more about other sports BESIDES hockey and i’m thinking of maybe starting with baseball? idk i’m just rambling here and not really going any where with this i’m just putting my thoughts into words y'all can ignore me

I’m really confused right now. My best friend has been really snappy and distant today and when I ask her what’s wrong she says “nothing shut up stupid” she said it three times today and it didn’t help that it was right before my exam and I already have a lot of pressure on it. Anyway, I hear all the time to erase negative energy and friends out of my life but I hate change and she’s the one who brought new friends into my life so if I lose her than I will be all alone. I really don’t know what to do. Please help!

  • barefoot
  • short
  • belligerent
  • covered in dirt
  • cant swim
  • cant really read either
  • sharp tongued
  • not patient
  • great hair
  • doesn’t care what people think
  • in touch with the earth
  • fiercely independent
  • ran away from home once
  • will kick your butt. will kick your dog’s butt. will kick her own butt.
  • traveling the world with a band of misfits
  • had to learn out how to get along with other people in the group
  • won a fighting tournament despite being the smallest and most unlikely competitor
  • had a rivalry-turned-some-kind-of-mutual-understanding with a meathead from that competition
  • wanted by the authorities at some point
  • doesn’t like libraries
  • has a crush on the cute guy with a sword
  • eventually becomes a prominent leading figure in a major city
  • probably an ISTP
  • am i talking about Jasmine of the Forests or Toph Beifong

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It's nice that Sesame Street is adding an autistic character. I could had used more autistic characters in children's show when I was growing up and I'm just so thankful that kids today gets that

YESS I AGREE!!! i am a little nervous because autistic characters can go Real Bad if the writer isnt autistic but im putting a lot of faith into pbs for this and honestly sesame street has been nothing but a positive force in my life so im really hoping they do it Good. and yeah, there really needs to be good autistic rep cus what weve gotten is kinda…. Terrible . it makes me really happy to see this happen and i really hope its done well