is this really ugly

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"What do you mean crocs aren't fashionable?"

“They’re really ugly, Baz.”

“They’re comfy, Snow,” I say.

“They’re like alligators for your FEET!”

“Well, have you seen what you’re wearing?”

“Yeah, but jorts actually ARE fashionable.”

Leave the first sentence of a fic in my askbox, and I will write the next five.

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alright this is gonna sound weird...but you have such a wonderful ability to make little details that are typically classified as "ugly"(teeth gap, hetero eyes, etc) really enviable and help those who have those features really love and appreciate them through your characters. and idk this is weird but i have a butt chin (cleft chin is ya gonna be scientific) and i really cant find it in myself to love it. is there anyway you could help with your magical sim powers?? lots of love

omfg u angel!!!!!!!!! ;-; wowie idk wat 2 say!!!!!!!! i will say tht i def dont think any of things should evr be classified as ‘ugly’!!! wtf!!!!!!!! omfg but…… gonna make u a sim w ur glorious beautiful perf chin ok ilysm xoxo

also..i have the worst mf skin in the world bc of stress/hormones probably but my friend jess bought me paulas choice stuff and just gave it to me as a late christmas present..and its really good ?! i just been using it since saturday but my skin is so much better..i have really ugly acne scars that im just gonna have to deal w forever but im impressed honestly..i dont expect this to last but im hopeful

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Seeing Felicity jones try to cry is really ugly, she's a ugly crier so I can't hold that against her but Man knowing Jyn was meant to be in her 20's and seeing a woman who looks to be in her forties play her is really distracting

I’m not really interested in messages calling people ugly.