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I haven't come out to my parents yet and my girlfriend just said "if you're scared to tell your parents that you aren't straight then maybe you are straight"

that’s literally so fucking toxic wtf????? being scared to come out of the closet is completely normal and doesn’t make you straight at all. honestly your girlfriend is really really ugly for saying that especially being someone that is lgbt on top of that like???? your girlfriend???? If my significant other day some shit like that to me i would have broken up with them. That is so insensitive and not everyone’s coming out is the same some are easier than others but no ones experience should be invalidated. you need to confront her about that and tell her how insensitive and unhealthy it is to say to someone in the closet and you can come out when you’re comfortable

Guys I really don't know what or if this is a mental illness but since I like to overshare, I'll share

I really don’t know if this is a mental illness.

I can’t go to a specialist so I’ll just be drowning here in illness until I live on my own. Anyway. If you know what the fuck any of these mean, let me know, if not, it’s ok.

-I literally can’t focus in class without doing a million small repetitive tasks at the same time

-I have violent thoughts when sitting still for too long, I literally imagine bashing someone’s head in or knocking over tables or something falling in from the ceiling, like I just can’t stand stillness. It’s not that I hate the people around me. I just can’t stand the stillness.

-every time I get more than a few tasks I get overwhelmed and wanna scream and kick through something

-I feel that overwhelming desire to hit things an awful lot.

-it’s constant. I’m never actually happy for longer than an hour, tops. I am legit just irritated and upset all the damn time. The only time it’s bearable is when I’m distracted.

-speaking of those, that’s why I’m on Tumblr all the damn time. It’s the only distraction I have while at school.

-can’t sit still. I have to be typing, checking my phone, writing, doing something or else I get those violent urges again

-I drive to college. I think about swerving off of bridges or into trees. Intrusive thoughts happen sometimes, at stoplights, can’t sit still, can’t be still.

-my head is a constant litany of “DAMNIT DAMNIT DAMNIT” it’s just nonstop swearing and upset cursing in there, sometimes with no cause.

-I guess you think my self deprecating jokes are pretty funny, well, I’m the most vicious to myself and it’s starting to make me physically upset.

-also you might’ve noticed but I’m paranoid. And defensive. And aggressive. And obsessive, I go into rage spirals that seem eternal and then suddenly I’ll be just fine in the next second and joking the same as normal.

-Tumblr is where these things show up because I…don’t have anywhere else to store these feelings. They’re overwhelming, they feel like ants under my skin or some unbearable heat tingling through my skull and lower belly like lightning.

-it’s not normal. I don’t think it is, it feels wrong. I’m too impulsive. It’s starting to erode my ability to think clearly in some situations. It’s making me hit things with my car and obsessively check Tumblr even when it’s dangerous to do so, like I literally couldn’t stop myself from checking Tumblr when while I was driving. Like I’m not an IDIOT, why did that happen? That’s how I felt.

-my head is telling me not to post this but my gut is saying fuck it fuck it fuck it fuck it and fuck them, even though I know a lot of you are my friends.

I’ve never been this…upset all the time.

As a kid i was snarky, but mostly happy.

Like is this adulthood, no, I don’t think so, other people don’t have these problems, or at least it doesn’t seem like it, they don’t get overstimulated and think so far off course I’m swimming with Argo.

And these things are just…I don’t think they’re normal or ok. I think I have problems and I’m sorry. I’m sorry if you come here for humor and I’m just ruining that by self destructing. But I really think I need help.

White people stay being ugly and taking L’s despite giving themselves an advantage over PoC. Once you see through their bs, you realize how they really ain’t shit, but that’s what happens when your superiority is based off of bringing down others to make you seem important.
You also see their self destruction, but they’re too busy blaming race mixing, diversity, and whatever stereotypes they made up, which is apparently killing them off I guess. It’s really funny how bland they become once you start loving and seeing the value in yourself and your people, value that they don’t want you to see.

For all the Namjoon stans out there

I just saw a post where a girl said that she told her friends that Namjoon is her ideal type and they told her to stop joking so she is asking herself if it is normal that he is her ideal type. I have a lot to say on this subject, but I’ll try my best to keep it short.
The first mv of BTS’ that I have ever seen was Dope. And I fell in love with Namjoon’s voice and that’s how I got into BTS. I’m the kind of person who falls for things like voice color and personality first, looks second. But, I was genuinly shocked when I saw posts calling him ugly. Because from the beggining I thought he was really good looking. Like above average. And not everyone needs to think that way. Even though general ‘beauty standards’ do exist, beauty is still in the eye of the beholder, and there is so much more to attractivness then looks. However, people’s opinions are greatly influenced by the opinions of the whole group (read about Ash’s experiments for example) and someone labeled Namjoon ugly at the begginig of their career, and now most people, being the sheep they are, blindly follow them, withouth caring to take a closer look. I’m not saying it’s not ok to think he is not good looking, I’m saying that people don’t even give him a chance. And do you ever wonder why they attack him on the basis of his looks? Because they got nothing else. Everything about him is above average, even his looks but someone said that his looks are not good enough so people easily conform to that and use that as a fact. This really irritates me to no end, but what I’m trying to say to you, other Namjoon stans who feel the same way I do is - don’t be bothered by those people because they are a bunch of sheep who can’t form their own opinion. I’m not saying that everyone who doesn’t like his looks is like that, just the people who use that to hate him. And one more thing. I think we’re making a mistake by writing ‘How can anyone call him ugly, he’s gorgeous!’ under his photos because we become a part of the issue that way. By bringing this up, we’ll never be able to let it go. That’s why we should talk in a positive manner, without even mentioning the word ugly and soon enough, it might just go away. I love all of you Namjoon supporters out there and I hope he gets showered with love and compliments for the rest of his life! 💜

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Honestly the watermarks on your artwork are actually really pretty like they're not jarring or ugly if you get what I mean

ohhh thank you!! I’m happy you think so. 
I wish I didn’t have to do it because I don’t wanna ruin the picture? but welp I rather do  it this than stop posting art!! 

I forgot that 90% of ya’ll are really ugly and ain’t about that so I shall digress on the foolery ya’ll be doing on this site for your followers.

Ok but I’m proud of myself for loving myself more BC like I remember feeling SO shitty back in 7th-9th grade wearing mid-thigh shorts and wanting to cry every second of it because I was so insecure and felt really ugly. Putting my hair up and showing a lot of skin were my worst nightmares because I felt as if I did everybody would hate me or smth and I was overall very uncomfortable with myself. There’s so much more abt me being the insecure cringe kid I was but I’ll save it for another time. But I’m halfway through 11th grade rn and lemme tell u I feel like 200 weights have been lifted off my back since then. I’m comfortable showing my legs n arms most of the time. I’m not all the way to happy but I’m so so much farther than I was last year n the year before that. Like 60%. Of course there are times where I’m at a low point but ive learned to think better and my depressive episodes last much shorter than they were before, which was almost constantly and now they’re few weeks apart I guess.

im always shocked that ppl really genuinely love and care about hux from star wars because while i was watching the movie my literal ONLY thought about him was “god that guy is ugly” and then after the movie i saw all this shit about some dude named hux i didnt even know who the fuck he was i had to look him up on google dot com like what the fuck movie were y’all watching that this was a character that mattered even for a second cuz it sure wasnt star wars the force fucking awakens jesus christ 


DCTV Ladies Appreciation Week: Day one - Favorite Female Character
∟Kara Danvers (Supergirl) “You’ve always had the heart of a hero, Kara, way before you put on that “S”.”


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