is this punk rock history

It’s cool to think about how someone at some point made the very first pun in human history.

Like, 75,000 years ago some cavekids told their cavedad they were hungry, and suddenly something clicked in his cavebrain, the world shifted, and a horizon of possibilities showed itself. ‘Nice to meet you, Hungry. I’m cavedad,’ he replied, unknowingly sending humanity on a path toward Shakespeare and Oscar Wilde and Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit.

ID #31832

Name: Fanny
Age: 16
Country: Sweden

I’m looking for someone who’d like to talk with me about music, art and life in general. I don’t really care what kind of music you like (I’m into some rock/punk, pop and folk (I guess)) as long as you’re passionated about it. I’m a bit of a pessimist and introverted and not very good at talking to people, so I’m sorry if that turns you off.
I’m also interested in history, animals (mainly horses), movies, fantasy, politics etc.
If you speak english fluently that’d be great (because I’d really like to improve my own English). If you speak French that’s a plus (but not a requirement!!!) because I would like to get better it.
At first I’d like to write via e-mail, but later on I’m very interested in sending ordinary letters!

Preferences: Someone who’s around 15-20

McHanzo Week 2017, DAY 3: Undercover || Downtime.

McCree and Hanzo are undercover, as a history teacher taking his punk rock boyfriend to New York to see the museum and sights during summer vacation. They’re currently watching the building their target is in, across the street from the food truck.

You can bet Peacekeeper is hidden somewhere in that fluffy and soft sweater vest.