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On this day in music history: December 14, 1979 - “London Calling” the third album by The Clash is released in the UK (US release is in January 1980). Produced by Guy Stevens and Mick Jones, it is recorded at Wessex Sound Studios in London from August - September and November 1979. The album demonstrates the bands’ ever widening musical influences and touch on numerous social issues affecting the UK at the time including unemployment, racial conflict and class inequality. The albums’ iconic cover artwork features a photo (taken by photographer Pennie Smith) of bassist Paul Simonon smashing his Fender Precision bass on stage at The Palladium in New York City. The title graphics on the cover pay homage to Elvis Presley’s 1956 debut album which also features the same typography design. The remnants of Simonon’s smashed bass are on display at the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame in Cleveland, OH. It spins off three singles including the classics “Train In Vain (Stand By Me)” (#23 Pop) and the title track. With “Train” being a last minute addition, initial pressings do not list the track on the back of the album or on the labels. Subsequent re-pressings correct this oversight. The album is remastered and reissued on CD in 1999, with original double LP being reissued on 180 gram vinyl in 2013. “London Calling” peaks at number nine on the UK album chart, number twenty seven on the Billboard Top 200, and is certified Platinum in the US by the RIAA.


Tiaras: Past and Present

Geoffrey Munn

Victoria & Albert Museum Publ.,London 2008, 128 pages

euro 18,00*

Any woman who has ever wanted to be queen for a day understands the appeal of that most magnificently impractical of accessories, the tiara. Once an aristocratic status symbol, more recently worn by brides as a symbol of love, the tiara today is enjoying a tongue-in-cheek style revival. In this gem of a book, Geoffrey Munn, jeweler by appointment to the British monarchy, presents both classic and contemporary interpretations of diadems and headdresses spanning two centuries. The featured designers include Fabergé, Cartier, Boucheron, Van Cleef, and Versace. From priceless pieces commissioned by Prince Albert for Queen Victoria to a punk-rock acrylic creation by Vivienne Westwood, the photos and accompanying histories are sure to thrill royal watchers and fashionistas alike.

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Time to Get Ranty

Some 5SOS Fangirls: “Omg! 5 Seconds of Summer is the most punk rock band in history, fight me about it! LOLOLOL I’m such a punk! 5SOS 5eva!”

Punk Rockers:

I like 5 Seconds of Summer, to be clear, and I think that they are good at what they do. Unfortunately, what they do is very watered-down pop rock. I think they can be a door into rock music, and that’s something people need. However they are not punk, so everyone needs to stop saying that. Before I get insulted on how I don’t know what punk rock is, I would like to state that these photos, from top to bottom, are Billy Idol, Fat Mike from NOFX, Johnny Rotten from the Sex Pistols, Dee Dee Ramone from the Ramones, and Gerald Caiafa from the Misfits (2001-present). If you don’t know who any of these people or bands are then you have no right to judge my Punk Rock knowledge, because these men have all been instrumental in Punk at one point or another. 5SOS is not punk rock, and you can’t claim to be part of punk culture just because a group you like was partially influenced by a subgenre of Punk (Pop Punk).That’s like me telling everyone that I am really into Hip-Hop because I like Falling in Reverse and Linkin Park, and they have a hip-hop influence. Hip-Hop, much like punk rock, is a culture, and just because I like something that was influenced by it doesn’t make me a part of that culture. It just makes me ignorant about that genre of music.


On this day in music history: March 21, 1988 - “Surfer Rosa”, the full length debut album by the Pixies is released. Produced by Steve Albini, it is recorded at Q-Division in Boston, MA in December 1987. Recorded in just 10 days for only $10,000, the album is immediately noteworthy for its unorthodox and provocative lyrical content, and for Albini’s unusual recording techniques. It becomes one of the most highly revered alternative rock albums of all time, in spite of not charting in the US or UK after its initial release. Many alt-rock musicians including PJ Harvey, Billy Corgan from The Smashing Pumpkins and Kurt Cobain of Nirvana with site the album as a major influence on their work. Cobain is so enamored with the album, that he hires Steve Albini to produce “In Utero”, the follow up to Nirvana’s breakthrough album “Nevermind”. PJ Harvey works with Albini on her acclaimed second album “Rid Of Me”, also influenced by the Pixies sound. The track “Where Is My Mind” is later featured in a number of television commercials and films including “Fight Club” in 1999. Remastered and reissued on CD in 2003, it is released as a hybrid SACD by Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab in 2007, and a 180 gram vinyl LP in 2009. “Surfer Rosa” is certified Gold in the US by the RIAA.

anonymous asked:

companions favorite kinds of music? something besides whats on diamond city radio, please

Cait: Cait would be a HUGE fan of Punk Rock. I think she would really enjoy the history behind the emergence of Punk in London. Her favorite bands would most likely be The Clash, and The Sex Pistols.

Curie: Curie absolutely adores Classical music. When Sole tells her about the outings to the Symphony them and their partner would make, she is honestly quite jealous. She has a soft spot for string quartets and is in absolute love with the cello. As for artists, she would especially enjoy Igor Stravinksy and Gustav Holst. 

Danse: He wouldn’t exactly have much time to explore genres and music beyond what Sole can pick up on their Pip-Boy or what the radios on the Prydwen can catch. However, Sole found and played an old Johnny Cash holotape while buffing their Power Armor alongside Danse, and he immediately fell in love. In short, Danse is a Country loving man. He would also probably enjoy Frank Ifield.

Deacon: This man is no doubt into Surf Rock. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that he would have been a filthy surf rat when he was younger, (Pre-War of course). His favorite bands would have The Ventures and The Trashmen.

Hancock: This seems painfully obvious, but Hancock enjoys Psychedelic Rock. As Jet was passed back and forth between Sole and Hancock, the sound Diamond City Radio served as background music. The pair soon grew tired of Travis’s babbling and the songs that followed. Sole told Hancock of all sorts of Pre-War music, Psychedelic Rock being the genre that caught the ghoul’s attention. Later, Sole gifted Hancock a Pink Floyd holotape. Hancock would also enjoy The Byrds. 

MacCready: He loves Ska. Sole found a Madness holotape while scouring a book and music store alongside Mac. Sole never liked Ska, but they played the holotape anyways. It was supposed to be a sort of goof, but Mac ended up enjoying it A LOT. His all time favorite band is Streetlight Manifesto.

Nick: Pre-War Nick had a thing for Big Band Music, and that is absolutely something Nick has retained from his time as a human. His all time favorite artist is Benny Goodman. 

Piper: Piper doesn’t listen to music that much, in all honesty. The main reason being that it distracts her when she writes. However, it is something that helps her de-stress. At the times where she isn’t feeling her best, she’ll relax and listen to Swing music. The genre really isn’t one to be considered relaxing, but it works for Piper. Her favorite band would most likely be Squirrel Nut Zippers.

Preston: He might not admit to it, Preston absolutely LOVES 1950′s boy bands. They’re definitely a guilty pleasure of his, and it kind of embarrasses him. He caught Sole singing “Needles and Pins” by The Searchers and he was pretty into it. Alongside enjoying The Searchers he would also enjoy The McCoys.

X6-88: He doesn’t necessarily care for music, but he doesn’t hate it either. He doesn’t exactly go out of his way to listen to it, but he doesn’t mind listening to it. X6-88 will listen to anything really, whatever Sole or anybody plays, he just sort of sits through it.