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“A trainer isn’t a trainer without their pokemon; that goes for Champions, too! We stick together through thick and thin, in our own lives, or on the battlefield! We’re as tight as a Dugtrio, and together, we’re tougher than a Gyarados, as long as we rely on each other! That’s what makes us strong!

If you’ve got that bond with your pokemon, too, then show us what you’re made of!”

-Ash Ketchum - Indigo Champion

A commission drawn by @hollylu-ships-it​! It’s Ash as a young adult, after he claims the Championship in Kanto. He’s accompanied by a few of his closest companions; his Lucario and adoptive daughter, Rosa, his soul-bonded partner in heroism, Greninja, and his starter pokemon and absolute best friend; Pikachu!

They make a stylish quartet, don’t they?


Bear Night