is this photoset made to torture you

there’s a photoset that circulates every now and then and it’s of a cleric, clearly a muslim sheikh, at the pulpit and he’s preaching the following: 

“when you see a man disrespecting a noble woman, crush him.” 

and there’s muslims that reblog this fervently whenever it comes around, you know, to prove that “no, Islam actually does condemn rape and assault etc etc” 

and i just wanted to say that that cleric is a Bahraini Shia muslim rights activist as well. And the reason he made that speech is because Shia muslim women at peaceful protests in Bahrain were being kidnapped, tortured, and raped by Bahraini police–a police force which is comprised solely of Sunni muslims by the way as shias are not permitted to join the police force or the army. Police brutality was one of the several reasons shias were protesting at all. 

The reason I’m pointing this out is because there are sunni muslims that have supported each revolution in the Arab spring, but refuse to support the one where it was Shia muslims fighting for their freedom. And those same muslims are now reblogging a photoset made by a Shia muslim, referring to the rape of Shia muslims, by Bahraini police. 

There’s many points of irony here.