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“Back when I was 15 years old, I stayed over night at my grandma’s house in the country. This house I knew was haunted because the time before I slept in her bed and the door knobs to both the closet and the bedroom door started shaking as if someone was trying to turn it but didn’t have the strength.

This particular night I am sleeping on her couch in the living room when I turn off the TV and go to lay down and try to get some rest. On my way over to the couch, directly in front of me, it sounded as if a priest or other church type of voice was singing some type of holy hymn. Kind of like do ré me fa so la te do, you know that kind of thing, but it sounded very holy like you would hear in a church. Mind you it is DEAD SILENT in this house there is no other source for any volume, and it was not coming from another room. It was as if a person was right in front of my face, that’s how close it was. I will never forget it, it sounded like what you would hear at the gates of heaven.”

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have you seen the video trending on youtube titled "IML de Cuiabá à noite"? it features two nighttime security guards in a school, investigating a door repeatedly banging on its own. fake or not, it's pretty fucking creepy

man that was actually really unnerving.

(there’s a fair amount of rapidly flickering lights for those of you who may be sensitive to such things.)

I admit I do watch things like this with a grain of salt (though don’t get me wrong, if something scares me enough I don’t care if it’s fake, I’m here to get the creeps) but I couldn’t immediately see how this might have been faked. unless the wall behind the door is a false wall or another door that someone could have quickly slipped behind and closed, I have no idea how the door was banging like that. I couldn’t hear any strong wind on the video, either – it truly does look as though it’s banging repeatedly on its own, and I’m even more inclined to believe it as I’ve seen similar things myself, though not quite as extreme.

if it is real, those security guards have balls of steel.


Nestled deep among the woods of Middlebury lies an abandoned village. This isn’t your average abandoned village, however, as it consists of crumbling doll-sized houses. Aptly named Little People Village, legend says a local man was terrorized by fairies who insisted that he was living on their land. In an attempt to alleviate their threats, he built a tiny village for the pixies. As they grew in population, they expected more and more from the exhausted man. Driven to the brink of insanity, the man fled and abandoned the tiny village. Another legend is a bit more grim, and says that the man committed suicide. Anybody that visits can see that a lot of detail went into the tiny village, with intricate pathways between each building and stairs inside the petite homes.


Legend says that a cemetery in Castletown, Isle of Man, is the final resting place to a vampire. In 1854, 54-year-old Matthew Halsall passed away. As is customary, his family and the locals held a wake and drank copious amounts of alcohol in his memory. At some point in the evening, it was said that the group of people heard a loud groan coming from the coffin. Believing that Halsall was still alive, they broke open the casket to see that he was indeed very much dead, leading them to believe that he was a vampire. They obtained a stake and pierced it through is heart, re-buried him with a slate on concrete over the grave and then surrounded the grave with chains. It was widely believed that this would prevent the vampire rising from the dead.