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It's 3:00 in the morning here, and I was just in the position of cheering up my friend, so I proceeded to send her posts from this blog, and it seems like it worked, so thank you. I can finally go to sleep now.

…I don’t know what to say.

You’re welcome. You’re all so very, very welcome, and it’s a privilege to make you laugh each day.

The goal of the blog has always been cheering up the world (’cause I too need it quite a bit), but when spending a hour rewriting a Carl & Ted again and again, it’s easy to forget that actual humans are… well, seeing it. 

Reading it. Enjoying it. Smiling, laughing, sending it along to someone who needs it. That’s incredible, and humbling.

Life will never be perfect, but a little bit of Scooby can make it that much better.


hey everyone! sorry to break it to you, but this is only a follow forever for my current mutuals. i DO wish that i could include everybody but tumblr is an asshole and for some reason won’t let me. so, maybe next time! but anyways, thanks to all of you who i do follow and to those that follow me but i’m a picky asshole and haven’t followed you back. hope you don’t mind! i’m so so happy that i remade my blog because it’s like the fresh start that i seriously needed to get away from all of the bad shit, toxicity and negativity on my old blog. even if it was there for five years, i’d rather enjoy my time on here than have so many followers or whatever. so, anywho, you’re all so amazing, thank you! here is the first follow forever on this blog and i hope to make many many more for different occasions. oh, i also almost have 300 followers on here already, so that’s pretty cool! thanks dudes.

to those who were not included, check out my blogroll!

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I apologize if you already knew about this, but I saw something that I wanted to share with you. In Chapter Two of BATIM, I realized that the hall with the first appearance of a Bendy cutout in front of a pentagram looked familiar. I believe the flashback in Chapter One with "Bendy" up close is in the same location. I used your stream of both chapters on YouTube to compare (the 34:44 time marker for the hall and the 29:29 time marker for the flashback), and they look to be the same background.

No need to apologize, but while you’re close, we’ve actually found that the Bendy in those flashbacks appears to be standing by Henry’s old desk! @adobe-outdesign should have a link to it, but it’s still on my blog somewhere. Maybe try the tag “theory” and you’ll find it here? If not, I’ll try to find it and reblog it shortly.
EDIT: WAIT, YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT THE OTHER FLASH. I’ll check what you’re talking about ASAP!

@skymurdock ​ and I had a fun discussion about Obi-Wan and Anakin on a motorcycle and how they’re both assholes about it and it delighted me, so here we go.

  • Anakin would drive wild on purpose, Obi-Wan would drive slow on purpose just to drive Anakin insane.
  • Anakin keeps complaining that the kid on the bike—yes, the one with PEDALS that you have to use your FEET for like BARBARIANS—just passed them
  • CAN’T YOU GO ANY FASTER, he yells.  Nope, says Obi-wan, unconcerned.
  • Obi-Wan slows down even more just for that.  He waits for EVERYONE to pass in front of them.  It is a justified revenge.
  • Anakin is groaning against his shoulder and every time he does, Obi-Wan’s smile gets a tick bigger.


  • Anakin in charge of a bike once slipped under a truck like in the movies and somehow came out of it unscathed.  Obi-wan shuts his eyes, clings on for dear life, prays very hard.
  • You know all those crazy ass motorcycle stunts?? Anakin has done them all at least twice, because he looked at them and he said to himself “I could totally do them.”
  • And he can, that’s the awful part.  So he keeps doing them!
  • Revs up the bike, calmly flies over a goddamn truck from a ramp in the middle of traffic.  You can hear a cop somewhere screaming NO SIR WHAT THE HELL.
  • Sadly, he still can’t Jedi Mind Trick them into not giving him a ticket, because he’s shit at Jedi Mind Tricks. And Obi-Wan refuses to do it.  Refuses to even get back on the bike with him.
  • The second Obi-wan is off that bike he just staggers away so he can sit down and catch his breath like holy shit that was fucking terrible.
  • He pretends he’s about to vomit, just to make a point.
  • Anakin doesn’t mind, he knows Obi-Wan’s faking it, so it just makes him grin more.  Actually, if he ever did manage that, it would be the Greatest Day Of His Life.  It’s pretty impossible, though.  Obi-Wan hates flying, but that doesn’t mean he can’t handle it, so he can handle this too, which is a shame.


  • Obi-wan has the capacity to pull off those same insane stunts, he just only pulls them out when he’s in pursuit of a suspect, otherwise Anakin complains that literally everyone is passing them.
  • Then there’s the time Obi-Wan spotted a drive-by hit about to go down and he was driving so of course he TOOK OFF LIKE A SHOT, like even Anakin’s driving wasn’t that insane, and Anakin has the GREATEST DAY EVER until they get to the gang members and then OBI-WAN THEY HAVE GUNS WHY ARE YOU LIKE THIS THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A NICE DATE FFS.
    “Last week counts!”
    “But there were no guns and drugs whatsoever.”
    “My point stands.”
    “You enjoyed it!”
    “Up until I got STUCK.”

Months ago, I said I was going to close my blog because I had so many things to deal with, things related to college… I couldn’t focus on my exams, works and stuff. Right now, I’m almost done with my finals and then we have this break. I really needed time for myself, to fix my personal life and my college issues.
So… About ayoshidae, I honestly considered coming back many times but I knew it wasn’t the right time yet. I’ve missed it and I’ve missed my friends, I’ve missed interacting with people here, I’ve missed supporting my favorite groups and having fun with people here. Plus, snsd is about to celebrate their 10th anniversary and I couldn’t miss it.
Finally, I’m reopening my blog. Sometimes we just need a break yk… but I’m glad I’m back! Thank you for the ones who supported me when I closed it and for the ones who are supporting me right now.
Maybe I won’t be as actived as I was before but… who knows, I’m willing to try again! The most important thing is that right now I can manage my life with tumblr and I’m ready to be back and be happy with my friends I’ve met here!
And also, thank you for the ones who still followed me and for 3k followers! I’m tagging some of my friends and my previous and adorable mutuals so they can know I’m back!
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Hey babe, I'm in desperate need of some good fic recs, any with a happy ending bc I'm suffering over here lmao love your blog thanks byee

99.99% of the fics i read and write have a happy ending. So here is some in random( You are suffering so i will try to avoid the heavy angst but the problem is most of my favs are angst):

A Quiet Murmuration by cathedral_carver

Northwest Passage by Kryptaria

Say You’ll Stay With Me by justacookieofacumberbatch (buffyholic)

And if you say the word, I could stay with you by CaitlinFairchild

The Stars Move Still by BeautifulFiction

The Frost Is All Over by Chryse

Strays by keelywolfe

Hitting the Water at Sixty Miles an Hour by what_alchemy 

Nothing to Make a Song About by emmagrant01

Recently, this blog got 200 followers! So I wanted to do a something  to celebrate!

Here is a Raffle for one (1) Animated GIF request. It would be 2 to 3 frames depending on the action!


  • You need to be following this blog.
  • To participate Reblog or/and Like this post. If you chose one of the two you will have 1 entry. if you chose both you will have 2 entries.
  • The winner will get a request for an animated GIF of one (1) character. Fan Art or Original Character.
  • The raffle end on Sunday July 2, 2017 at 4:00 pm (PST)
  • The winner will be announced on Monday July 3, 2017
Late Night Jail Bail

Here’s a request that I wrote for @ablackbirdsinging If you want to make a request, just contact me in anyway from the prompt list I have on my blog. 

Title: Late Night Jail Bail

Characters: Gavriel, Fenrys, and Aedion

Summary: Gavriel is awaken late at night by a sudden phone call from his son, being informed that he is stuck in prison and needs to be bailed out. How will Gavriel and Fenrys handle this late night excursion? Why is Aedion in jail? 

“I need you to bail me out of prison.”

The words from his son on the other line of the phone startled Gavriel from his half-awake state. His bloodshot golden orbs widened as he quickly began to rub the sleep from them. “You- You what? Say that again.” He muttered, forcing himself to sit up within his bed as he tried to wake himself up and shake off the grogginess.

Keep reading

Hello everyone!!! I’m mod Fawful and I’m new here! 

I’m asexual demiromantic (not really sure about romantic orientation beyond that though) and uh also not really sure on gender, I prefer she/her pronouns but they/them is fine too!!

If you guys wanna know anything about me feel free to send an ask!

-mod Fawful

(p.s. I have FURY at aphobes)

Summary of the blog

It needed to be done, since I saw I already edit 50 posts. If it can help some of you to navigate… You also have some spoilers in the list. All projects here are finish or in draft.


GIFS series

Instagram series (at 24-25 years old)

Instagram requests series

MCL/Eldarya aesthetics (HP version)


“The proposal” - drabble series

“Exams period” - conversation series

“What would they look like?” series


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hey love, i was wondering if you have any good recs for fluffy and/or angsty mileven fics? 💕 love your blog

Hey anon, thank you! Here are a few of my favourites and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! 💜 

In terms of angst, I’ll start by shamelessly linking the saddest thing I’ve ever written myself: The End of Everything

But @stevemossington is the queen of angst and the absolute best piece of mileven/Stranger Things angst I’ve ever read is The Sad Mike Chronicles — her piece Monster is also really sad and upsetting, but she’s an incredible writer. 

Once you need some fluffy stuff to cheer you up from that devastation, check out this amazing oneshot by @sstrangerthaneleven and this brilliant piece by @raesberri 

Also definitely give a read to anything/everything by @themikewheelers (Ao3) and @supercomsandeggos (Ao3)

Also, if you haven’t found them yet, give @beep-beep-trashmouth and @theamiableanachronism a follow—lots of quality mileven content (and quality content in general).

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i scream like..everyday of my life because you write so many different and AMAZING dekus.i cant leave without any of them anymore now(and tbh i did the same thing w the previous anon w/ your villain deku hcs(because i already read your other stories at least twice heh)but instead of a road trip it was an afternoon shopping w my mom and i thought : shit u need something good to read because shes gonna try out shoes for an hour. something GREAT. and i found ur blog and i was like HERE IT IS)so yea

fjdkf thank you!! that’s such a flattering thing to hear <3

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Hey guys!! I just jumped in to say that ur are awesome and this blog is my fave <333 Also I'm watching Brooklyn 99 and i need amazing ppl to write an au and im puttin my recs here Bucky as Jake, Steve as Santiago, Natasha as Diaz, Clint as Boyle, Sam as sergeant terry, Fury as Holt and Darcy as Gina ^___^ But if there are already written can u help me find them? Thanks again!!!!

I don’t have a B99 au but I can give you the wonderful gift of You Can Hear It In the Silence by waldorph

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Im looking into getting a leopard gecko, and want to make sure i can properly take care of it. Ive done a lot of research on care for them, but i want to make sure i have everything i need before i actually purchase a gecko so I'm meeting all of its needs. Is there a blog you could recommend or anything about their care? I know you mostly post about fish, but i really want to be able to provide a good home for any pets. Any help is appreciated!

Hey, there. :)

Most of the stuff I reblog about leopard geckos I do so from @tser. They have some resources here:

Right off the top of my head, I know @elemental-kiss owns a leopard gecko, too, so you may be able to get more advice through her as well.

Hope this helps!

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Confession? There are so many people on this blog who reblog these asks and submissions and only use them to fuel their own self a deprecation, and honestly, it's pretty foul. If anyone needs an ear to listen or shoulder to cry on, no matter what, I will do my best to be here for you. Don't be afraid to send me any messages if you need someone. You are loved and you are special.

((Hey! Ryan here. I originally made this blog to vent when my mental illness got a death-grip on me, so I didn’t feel like I was going to explode with stress and other negative emotions. People come to share their experiences, emotions, and suggestions. All of this is can be very hard for people to hear/take in, so instead of confronting their own problems or confronting other people, they air it out on this blog. It can come off as self-depreciating, but its all about the healing process that they’re going through individually. Maybe they’re feeling really miserable and look at this blog as insight, and can relate to the hundreds of random anons that submit their stories/struggles. I love that you’re offering help! just don’t forget that healing can be ugly and difficult, and that’s why we’re all here together!!)) 

i need to ramble a bit to get my feelings out. i wanna preface this by saying it’s not against anyone at all — i don’t want anyone to feel like i don’t want to write with them or like i don’t enjoy their blogs, since that’s never the case. please don’t be offended by what i’m saying here. 

i just… feel like i’m not getting what i want out of this blog, honestly??? i’ve thought a lot about it recently, and i’ve come to realise that i’m feeling stuck because i’m not actually getting to write anything that is really grabbing my attention. my partners are all lovely and i don’t want anyone to feel like i’m saying i don’t wanna write with them, i just… i dunno. nothing is holding my attention. i feel listless. interactions feel repetitive. i have ideas that i wanna do, but no one to do them with. it’s not that i don’t have muse — i guess it’s just that i don’t have much interest in what i’m doing. and that leads to a lot of frustration, since i feel like i’m sitting here staring at a wall. 

and i know some people are gonna think ‘well, why don’t you go out and do threads you wanna do, then, kyra?’ but part of it is that there just aren’t many blogs i’ve found that would fit what i wanna do, if that makes sense??? i know i never shut up about it, but the age thing is huge. it’s extremely limiting to have almost no characters around that are even close to jekyll’s age. yes, i love young characters, but having one party be 50+ and the other party always under 35 seriously limits the sorts of interactions you can have. someone in his fifties is just not going to interact with someone who’s 30 the same way he’d interact with someone his own age, and i’ve gotten really frustrated with never being able to write him with anyone close to his age. 

another large part, i think, is the prevalence of shipping. don’t get me wrong — i have nothing at all against shipping, and if that’s what people wanna do, fantastic! but when every post on the dash is about kinks or about relationship wishlists / imagines or how much people want new ship partners, it can end up really alienating for an aromantic muse. the impression just feels like people don’t really give a shit about a character unless they can end up in a ship, and that’s not something jekyll wants. i feel like everything i try to do with people ends up lesser because it’s not a ship. even if people assure me that’s not the case, it’s… definitely the vibe that i get. 

i just… feel stuck, i guess. it’s more than just the age thing, but that’s a big factor. i just feel so limited and confined in interactions, and it’s leading to me just feeling frustrated whenever i come on here. i’m not doing things i want to do. interactions feel stale or uninteresting, and i don’t know how to fix it. again, i can’t stress enough that this is not me trying to attack anyone or imply that people should change for my tastes: this is just me trying to vent a bit of frustration i’m having with my blog, and i know that’s on me, not on anyone else. please don’t take this as an attack on anything. i just feel lost and stuck and frustrated and tired.