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Hi mimi, the fall out boy song isn't available for me. I can't find it on Spotify at all. Halp?? Also hi, I love your blog. I'm always here if you hadn't noticed 😂😂

I posted all the links you need for the RM X FALL OUT BOY COLLAB HERE  ^^

Our lovely, skilled, talented, handsome Monie did sooooo well. I am so proud BTS can now drop collabs of this caliber out of the blue (but I am also scared for my health and the upcoming heart attacks)

Thank you dear for the love and support, enjoy the song. Love you~

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thank you. thank you to all. thank for following, supporting, and enjoying my blog. thank you for all the drama, fan art, and the fun I had on here.

now I know this already started off sappy but lets get real guys. net neutrality is ending soon and I just wanna say good bye to those ho might not come back on here. now, I’m not saying that I’m leaving though. it will be tough for me to come back, but I’ll try just to make you guys happy.

I’m really hoping my blog and dreams won’t have to end, same with you guys so please guys help. let’s save net neutrality! if you guys want to see more of my content, or idk, still have fun on the internet, so don’t you sit there and like this, reblog it! please support and spread the word. every person counts so here’s a link:

but again, I’m not saying good bye…I’m saying see you soon

thank you for taking your time on reading this :)


Kashi picks up a lot of Brio’s speech and phrases along the way.

Also yesterday I made a blog for my hero OCs, because I keep developing them so far ahead that I’m starting to lose track, and I need a place to dump all the written info at. There’s currently no text posts yet, but once I have the time I’ll go through my millions to text files and try to make some coherent posts.
If anyone’s interested you can follow it here; @cantomancer

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So the dreaded day has arrived and Net Neutrality is on the ropes….

I have been dreading this day since that orange windbag took power. I am afraid I don’t know what this means for the future of this blog or even things like my art streaming. If Tumblr and/or streaming services become an extra fee to view I might retire as a blogger. I will still be at cons, and whatever ways the community evolves to communicate from here.

However I urge everyone to continue fighting, we are the content creators of the internet, we will find another way. They need us far more than we need them. We stopped SOPA, and we can do the same here.

The Resistance starts with you.

hi i realized two things recently 1) i recently reached a goal of mine and 2) i haven’t done a follow forever since 2015. so i decided to celebrate reaching the goal and since the holiday season is upon us,,, i would do my second (short) follow forever!!!!

i love you guys a lot!! never forget that and always remember im here if you need me!

mutuals only

bold - favorite blogs (if i bolded you it’s either because we’ve been mutuals a long time or i enjoy seeing you on my dash or in my notifs)

a-c: @amura, @angelicsunsica, @arxcia, @ayoshidae, @baejoohyunsgirlfriend, @bolbbalgan4, @byun-taeyeon, @byuny, @cheriexoc, @coridelentpr, @cosmcgirls, @cutetaepie, @cutezitao

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j-l: @jellymomo, @jeonggukie, @jinglebom, @jinhwam, @jjacksonsgirlfriend, @joohiyun, @justmyperfectgoddess, @kwcnyonce, @kyungilsnovia

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v-z: @watashi-no-uta, @yerios, @yixingsotl, @yoonascrocs, @yoonsicyul, @yulfany

this was incredibly short lmaoooo anyways i hope you guys have an amazing holiday and that the new year brings you a lot of joy and luck!!

Today is rough…but we are tough

So of course y’all have seen the massive outcry about the FCC’s decision today.

I’ve reposted and boosted content talking about the same.

And while I do not want to in any way down play what is happening, I have to remind myself (and my friends here) that it’s not over yet!

We can still fight and push to get our voices heard.

That said, I committ as admin of this blog to try to keep up as much fun content as I can. I want you guys to have somewhere to come and just enjoy so for the rest of this week and weekend I’m going to be working on getting more stuff out and focus only on fun content.

Again, all of what is going around about Net Neutrality is important and we need to do our parts. But now I feel my part is to try to make you smile.

I hope at least in that I can succeed.

Let’s keep our heads up, it’s it over!

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I’m sorry to be annoying can you please make more skins. And post links to your skins available now

I’ve already made quite a lot of skins. But I’ll think about making a new one some time soon. For now idk.
And about the previous ones, you literally only have to click one thing to find them :P Look. You go on my blog and click here:

It will take you to a downloads page with all of my custom content. 

Just scroll through it and you will no problem find everything you need. It’s really easyyyy! Everything’s sorted and clear. ^_^

So Dec 26th is the 1 year anniversary for my blog. Apparently this time last year I was bursting with the need to write and created this little corner of the internet for myself to revel in my trashy kpop loving side.

For some weird reason that I 100% do not understand people started to follow me and I’m now closing in on 1000 followers which is just insane to me. I never thought anyone would find my blog let alone like it enough to want to follow it. But you did and for that I’m thankful.

Over the past year I’ve grown closer to friends I know IRL ( @dragon-dust  @rivertem ILYSM) and I’ve made friends here that I feel so lucky to have, (yes you, @oh-beyond + a handful more), I saw my 3 fav acts in concert and I have a great need now to see more.

I’ve been going through a lot of upheaval at work (getting promoted, deciding I hated the new role and returning to my old role, being offered a move to a different location and turning that down, putting in an insane amount of unpaid overtime etc) plus a fair bit of change at home (trying to prevent my house and car from falling apart and making plans for the next couple of years).

I’ve faced my biggest fear - flight anxiety. Baby steps but still, this time last year I locked myself in a hotel bathroom and broke down at the idea of getting on a plane and could not do it, September this year I got on a plane.

I started to write again after 5 or 6 years away from it, something I never thought I’d do again and something I still don’t really have a lot of confidence in.

It’s been a big year for me and I’m glad to have shared even a small amount of it with you.

TLDR - I don’t know why you follow me but I’m thankful that you do. In 11 days it’s my blogs 1yr anniversary & in less than 30 followers I hit 1k.

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Hey! You’re doing soooo good!!! Keep going! Btw we have the same sw and cw!!! You’re not going to see this on my profile, i have another one without followers that i use as thinspo blog.. keep staying strong, u can do this! Much love and if you need someone, I’m here! X

Thank you so much love!! And that’s really cool :) stay safe!

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Your post about lance is the biggest mood of all time. I didn't reblog it because I try to keep my blog sheith only stuff, but just... Big freaking mood. I'm so tired of Lance stans

Yeah, I’ve been kind of wanting to say it since even before season 4, and I’ve been sort of beating around the point here and there. Today just happened to be the day I decided to write it out with bullet points though. Lance’s life is golden. Everything is on the up and up for him. Out of all the characters he’s the one who least needs someone to watch out for his emotional state.

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Are your commissions open? If so do you think you could link me to your prices? Thank you so much 💖

Hello sweet anon! I was planning on opening commissions during December, but I am not doing great at the moment and I’m very stressed, so I’m pushing things forward to January. 

BUT! I made a commissions page on my blog now, that shows you all the info you need. You can always ask me and I’ll put you on my waiting list. 


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you do realize that we don’t automatically lose the internet today right ?

I’m aware.

That doesn’t change the fact that my mom is struggling to make ends meet WITH net neutrality, and I’m kicked out of my dad’s. I’m not going to be able to access tumblr anymore almost guaranteed once my internet provider decides to slap on the charges.

Sorry if this sounds snarky, but if I don’t reach out NOW and establish other methods of communication, when am I supposed to? Once I can’t access the internet anymore?

You bet your ass I’m going to make a huge fuss about this.

Hey, I know some of you like this post, but liking/rebloging this post messes with my activity, which I really need for roleplaying! Because this is my roleplay blog! If you want to like/reblog, please do it here.

Pray for her

I’m sorry I’m a hermit on here and all I’ve been doing really is just re-blogging content and not really doing original posts.

I need help, please pray for my fiance she’s going through a crazy hard time in her life and she’s stuck in a toxic environment. It pains me that I can only do so much to help her and be there for her. I’d give her the world if I could. All I can do for her right now is pray for her.

So I asked you all please, if you can include her in your prayers. I dont know what else to do…

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Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii. Its just that a thought came to me so i wanted to ask how do you manage family life , study life and blog life . Bc i cant focus on everything in life

Heeeyyy :)

I’m sorry you seem to be having a hard time!! *virtual hug*

I’m not studying; I’m working full time, but in terms of balancing a family, a full time job, this blog, and my illness … I don’t think I do it very well.

I’m a nervous wreck on most days. I have anxiety over everything, the kind where I cry all the time and need to go to hospital to be sedated.

I do better on this blog because it’s where I come to relax, it’s where I feel safest, but what you guys see is basically the best part of me every single day. I try very hard not to let my life drama leak onto here, because if it was here as well then where would I hide from it deal with it?

The result is that people just kind of assume that I have nothing better to do or that maybe this is my full time job, and they don’t seem to quite grasp that I have an entire life and this blog is meant to be for fun :) 

Most people don’t think about how my life might be totally different from theirs. Just this week I had someone tell me not to speak “like that” when I told them I have an incurable condition, which was absurd and upsetting because the only reason I’d mentioned it was that they were accosting me on why I hadn’t updated RISHTAA.

And some people think that because I try so hard to be nice, I can never be offended, and when I am (rare but it happens more and more these days) they get all … weird.

Of course, I try to remind myself every time I interact with someone online that they’re probably twelve and it takes a lot for them to send messages in the first place, but it’s extremely taxing on my mental and emotional health to forever be the one who gives the benefit of the doubt. You might notice that people don’t often do the same for me.

So I don’t think I balance everything well at all. I have periods where I try new things in life and sometimes they backfire horrendously, which causes a lot of stress in all the other areas of my life. 

I’m currently in a horrible place at work so I look forward to just coming home and relaxing, maybe fiddling around on this blog or something before bed, and recently I haven’t been able to do that. I was basically working a second job, except that I don’t get paid and people can be abominably rude. So I turned off anon asks just so I could breathe.

I don’t know what the secret is.

Caring less seems like the obvious option but I’m an all or nothing person. If I do something then I have to excel at it, otherwise it’s simply not worth doing at all. My hobbies have a habit of turning into jobs – that’s why I work with books now :)

When I was doing my PhD I was able to let go (plus I had like three followers haha) so I guess the answer is to prioritise? I don’t really know … I don’t think I’ve ever been good at it.

Please let me know if you find a solution … it would help greatly! 

i need to check out blogs and make new connections but i can’t help but come on here every once n a while, reblog something n not check my notifications ever and then leave

Intro Post

Hello! I go by the name of “Catlynn”. I’m a studyblr. I’m not really new to the tumblr community. I’ve had a few blogs that really just weren’t fun to maintain. It was just a reblog blog and/or my failed writing blog. I saw studyblrs and was extremely inspired, so here is mine. about me i’m 14 years old Blackbear enthusiast Freshman I live in the United States reasons for studyblr to feed my need for aesthetic notes helps me become more inspired and motivated share my notetaking process and things I’ve learned about school life and be able to help out (even if it’s only a small portion) become a better student studyblr inspirations @archistudy // @artemistudying // @bookmrk // @emmastudies // @flo-studies // @gloomstudy // @jackistudies // @jasperstudies // @little-studies // @mathematicals // @milkteastudies // @mochi-studies // @mildlincrs // @mednotes // @noodledesk // @nerdastically// @obsidianstudy // @onthestudyingspot // @procrastilate // @peepstudies // @peachi-study // @rivkahstudies // @studypetals // @studyblr // @studyign // @studyquill // @tbhstudying // @the-girlygeek // @udon-studies // @vivianastudies Please reblog if you are a studyblr, I’m always looking for more to follow.

Net Neutrality

If net neutrality becomes repealed, I most likely won’t be able to upload on Tumblr until I get a car and a job. I really hope that we’ve done enough to show that we need net neutrality, and I’m honestly depressed with the thought of not being able to continue this blog, and I’m just honestly very, very, sad. I really hope that we can keep net neutrality because I feel like this is honestly all I have. I’ve worked long and hard to get here, and I planned on working even longer and harder before net neutrality was put at risk. I’m not sure if voting on the petition will even do anything ( I sure hope it does), but I voted on it and even called my representatives. This blog has my entire heart and more put into it, and I really hope this doesn’t have to be my final post. If it is, then I don’t know what I’m going to do. So if this is the last time I’ll be on here for a while, maybe even a few years, then I hope you all have an amazing, fantastic day. Wish net neutrality good luck.