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… HUH?!

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Excuse me, but… who are you people and where did you come from?

Last time I checked, there were like… 1700?

… Are you all sure you’re on the right blog?! X’D

Omg, seriously, guys, thank you so, so much for this, that’s like… WAY more people on here that I ever anticipated. I’m a little speechless right now.


hella bored so I decided to take a video of all the yugioh merch :’)

majorbucky  asked:

✨ what do you think a normal lazy day in looks like for steve and bucky

headcanon: well even on a given day steve is an over protective asshole and doesn’t let bucky do basically anything. but in his defense in his defense bucky never let him do anything back in the day. “but you were 90 pounds soaking wet and getting in a fight with every person you made eye contact with steve! you were bound to fall over dead if i didn’t stop you now and again.” steve wasn’t impressed with bucky’s answer

but their lazy days now actually resemble the lazy days of the forties. bucky would curl up with a book and steve would quietly sketch him. howver back then steve would sit on the other side of the room to get all of bucky in the sketch, not becasue he couldn’t control himself around his best friend, “it was illegal (!!!) back then buck”. bucky would usually be rereading one of the books that he “accidentally” stole from the library. he didn’t tell steve… steve wouldve made him save up for the fee that he had wracked up after all those years. 

now bucky lays his head on one of steve’s legs while the other leg is proping up his sketch pad to get all the details just right on bucky’s face. he like’s bucky’s long hair because it gives him more to draw “and more to pull in the bedroom” bucky nonchalantly  threatened to shot clint at that comment (clint backed off cause bucky would). 

they sometimes have music playing in the background to catch up on what they missed, but they both prefer when they can have the windows open and just have the going ons of new york be their soundtrack for the afternoon

headcanons + mini blogrates

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  1. YACHT (feat. Sik-K) - Jay Park
  2. Tequila (feat. Hoody) - G.Soul
  3. ANTI (feat. G.Soul) - Zico
  4. On The Way to You - YELLA D
  5. OUTRO: Divina Commedia - KR Ver. - G-Dragon
  6. Need U (feat. Dok2) - Hoody
  7. Complicated (feat. KillaGramz) - Reddy
  8. Expired (유통기한) - Tablo
  9. SMT (So Many Times) - Penomeco
  10. PRBLMS - 6lack

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