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Hi, I love your blog ❤️😍 (any Sam-lover is a friend of mine). Could I request a fic? Sastiel (either friendship or relationship) with lots of hurt!Sam?

Okay firstly, thank you!! Secondly, I went AU I hope that is okay with you. It ended up being a lot longer than I was expecting it to be so some of it is under the cut. Thank you for the prompt!! <3

Cas’ roommate was weird.

That wasn’t a fair assessment, Cas couldn’t exactly call himself normal. There was just something different about Sam Winchester. How he had a collection of army figures and Legos, and that he knew how to properly pack a punch. How his alcohol tolerance was so high even though he was only 19 and couldn’t legally drink. 

The weirdest thing was that Sam didn’t really seem to have any friends. Admittedly, Cas had only a handful of friends to call his own, Sam being one of them. But Cas had barely seen Sam spend time with anyone but himself. Which is why he thought it was weird when Sam announced he had been invited to a party one Saturday night. 

“Whose? When, tonight? Where?” Cas all but interrogated. Sam was straightening the collar of his shirt, a blue check shirt. He rolled his eyes and turned around to face Cas.

“I do have friends, you know,” Sam snarked. He looked at his shoes and sighed. "Okay, maybe I don’t but I’m trying, Cas. It someone from my sociology’s party, this guy Az. It starts in half an hour, at the Kappa Sigma frat house. It’s totally legit, Cas. I’ll be fine, honestly.“ Cas frowned at him.

“I still want to come along with you, Kappa Sigma has a reputation,” Cas told him.

Sam shrugged his shoulders and went back to styling his hair. Cas sat on the edge of his bed and watched him with hawk eyes. He was honestly worried about him, he’d only ever heard bad things about this Az guy who had suddenly decided to be Sam’s friend. Why that night of all nights, Cas would never know, but he did not trust Az as far as he could throw him. Maybe it wasn’t his place to be babysitting Sam, but he didn’t mind not if it meant protecting his friend.

The party was already raging by the time they got there. Within a minute of them walking through the door, Az had set his path to Sam. He had a creepy smile on his face and honestly Cas had never wanted to punch anything more.

“Sam, you made it!” Az yelled out. He gave Sam a tight hug, and Sam seemed to accept it despite the uncomfortable look on his face. Something snapped inside Cas, and he had to bite his tongue to stop himself from calling Az out as the creep he was. Then the frat boy turned to him with sharp eyes. “Who’s your friend, Sam. I don’t think we’ve been quite… acquainted.”

“I’m Castiel Angelos, Sam’s roommate,” Cas grinned through gritted teeth. Az took Cas’ hand and shook it, his grip nearly breaking his fingers.

“Well Castiel, what a pleasure to meet you,” he said, a clear threat. Get away from Sam, he’s mine. Cas chuckled under his breath, if he thought Sam was his he had another thing coming. “Have you met my little sister, Meg.” A girl with a blonde pixie cut appeared out of the crowd, reading something on her phone. Az stood her in front of Cas, practically ripping the phone from her hands to get her to focus on him.

“Hey, I’m Meg,” she gave a sultry smile.

“Hi, I’m Castiel,” he replied to her. He tried to get around her to see Az and where he was going, but along with the jam packed house it was no use. Az had pulled Sam off somewhere, even if he didn’t look entirely comfortable with it all, and Cas was left stood talking to the creep’s little sister. “I’m sorry, I just need to find my friend.”

“Stay, talk for a minute,” Meg said, placing her dainty hand on Cas’ shoulder. Everything about it felt wrong because all Cas could think was that it should be Sam’s hand there holding onto Cas to get out of socialising. “Your friend can last a minute on his own, can’t he? He’s a big boy, he managed to get into college and everything.”

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As the smoke slowly traveled out of your mouth, I saw you look at me with your glossy, bloodshot eyes. In that moment, I knew I wanted you. The drugs in your system wanted me too. Just the drugs, not you.
—  the drugs // 10:45am