is this moving now

aaand done!!

finished answering all asks for the send me a tickle spot + character to hear my headcanon thing!

tomorrow I will make a mini masterpost with all characters and spots I received, for now, you can find all of the answered asks under the tag headcanons, for Stony only headcanons check the stony headcanons tag

thank you for being so active and sending me so many spots, hope you all have as much fun while reading them as I had while answering!

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Quick fact. Ready?
Many of our joints are lined with a special substance called hyaline cartilage. This is meant to greatly reduce the friction between our bones as they slide across one another during movement.

i’m sick and my period starts in a day or two and my birthday is on Saturday and

I got a free cookie from Panera today and thought I’d cry in that “omg this is great.. i am so tired…… let me eat this and rest……” way

then I saw some recent photoshoots of various dogblrs with their doggos and

I started to actually tear up and i just


Season 2 hc: Everyone grows attached to Yuuri in Russia and Victor has some Regrets ™

Or: my excuse to draw domestic Russian family + Yuuri

I loved Extremis even more because the TARDIS didn’t translate Italian even though it should have and I should have realised something was off because the TARDIS should have been able to translate EVERY language or near enough in the universe but for it not to translate Italian made it seem more real and that something was definitely up.

Oh Moffat, you clever man.

How Dan and Phil probably broke up #25
  • Dan: *wins another Dan vs. Phil*
  • Phil: all or nothing
How dan and Phil probably broke up #62
  • Phil: You've been bad and bad boys get punished
  • Phil: *ties Dan to the bed*
  • Dan: Ooo are we gonna have kinky se-
  • Phil: *plays hello internet on loop*

May or may not do a mini-series of this McHanzo!Au.

I have so many headcanons, some really happy.
… And some really really sad.

But don’t worry, everything’s gonna end well. <3

(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Happy MerMay!


everyone bonds over how bad joey is with his damn budget