is this love that i am feeling

I watched Trollhunters a little while ago and it actually inspired me to doodle again soooo here’s some angry changelings not appreciating the whole “impure” thing

so if keith’s internal pining deals with music and sountracks dealing with jb, camp rock, all the way to linkin park and rise against etc etc. then is lance’s internal pining like a movie? maybe it’s a really dramatic opera/musical songs about someone not loving you back? does he picture that they’re in the middle of the low point of a romantic comedy with the cinematography montages and all? when he remembers certain peak pining moments, does he remember them in black and white like an old french film? does he act out how he wants to talk to keith in movie format???

I dont know if i alredy send this, because my internet is bad ;u;

So, Jakei-senpai! I realy LOVE, underverse, and i hope this amazing animation serie have a great underversary <3

 Ever time i was bored or sad, i watch again the Underverse videos, and i feel better! You are a amazing and nice person, Jakei! I hope you be fine!

Happy underversary!!!! :3

(ps: sorry for the bad english ;u; i am a brazilian fan! <3)

Response: Thank you so much for your words and your fanart. Maybe the next part is taking so much this time but I’m really glad you still watching the other parts. I hope the next one can make you feel better, too!

🌿✨ fairy witch aesthetic ✨🌿

• Would rather be living in a garden
• LOVES the feel of soft grass on bare feet
• Has way too many quartz crystals
• Favors tiny treats above large meals
• Speaks very softly and not too often, but has a lot to say

Hello Kitty Band-aids (Peter Parker x Reader)

Request by @itybitynovak Hi! I was wondering if you could do a Peter Parker x Reader where Peter comes back from being Spider-Man and is a little bruised up and the reader helps patches him up? Extra fluffy please :) thank you! p.s. I love your writing xoxo

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A tap on your bedroom window at three am would usually be terrifying but not anymore. You’re excited about Peter’s visit tonight because you have finally psyched yourself up to tell him that you like him. This, however, was not how you’re him.

Peter’s sitting on your fire escape with the shirt part of his costume around his waist. Bruises and shallow cuts litter his chest. You cringe when you see them and usher him into your room. Feelings don’t matter at the moment, you have to help patch him up, you tell yourself. You pull the first aid kit from underneath your bed. You got it after the first time he showed up with cuts and scratches. 

He lies on your bed, engulfed by the comforter, and sighs happily at the comfortable position. You hesitantly straddle his hips and began dabbing the largest cuts with alcohol. Peter cringes at the sting but gets used to it quickly. “Hey,” he whispers quietly after a while. “Hey, Peter,” you whisper back with a smile. He sits up gently and props himself against the headboard before he pulls you into the same position. His forehead touches yours and you smile at each other. 

He looks at his chest and huffs a laugh. “What’re these?” “They’re, um, Hello Kitty bandaids. I kinda ran out of the other ones.” You say, embarrassed. “Thanks for patching me up,” he says quietly. His breath is warm against your lips. You shake your head and his head moves with you, “It’s no problem.” He leans forward and connects your lips quickly but gently.

“Hey Pete?” you say carefully, almost questioning yourself. “Yeah, (Y/N)?”

“I love you.”

“I love you, too, (Y/N). You and your Hello Kitty bandaids.”

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hi oldface my friend :( i Am feeling very very sad and lonely and so very small. i do not knkw what to do

There Is Love For You In The World! And This Will Certainly Pass, But We All Feel A Little Small Sometimes…Take It Easy And Do Things That Make You Feel Cozy And You Will Feel Better Sooner Than You Think!

i cannot express how happy i am bangtan are getting the international recognition they deserve. kpop is definitely full of talent, but bts are surely something else and i’m too emo i can feel myself tearing up i lovE thsmnc so Muchs;


I went on the love live wiki to look at Retoree’s page and you know what i learn? I learn that Retoree is a dog. A chihuahua precisely. I have gone three years believing that Retoree is a horse i am feeling things im not quite sure how to describe

sometimes I try to say things and they are true and normal but they seem like the kind of thing a more shiny human would say so I feel ridiculous and like I am trying to trick people. like “I had a lovely time” is something someone named barbara who has showered in the last week would say, who do I think I am fooling, how can I say something like that, how can I say something like that without contorting my face in ridiculousness


Less than 48 hours till the tour starts! The cast is ready, and you?

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chetty for that sleeping thing if you're down if not i still love u

aww bb I am down for chetty

Who is a night owl: Betty, Cheryl just kind of dozes off whenever and Betty is up working on school work until like 2am
Who is a morning person: also Betty, she believes sleep is for the week while Cheryl is like a cat and sleeps 75% of the day away
Are they cuddlers: A little bit. If they are feeling sad or down they are always going to be there to cuddle, but both of them like their space
Who is the big spoon and who is the little spoon: Cheryl is the big spoon, which makes betty feel awkward at first but she soon grows to love it
What is their favourite sleeping position: Betty’s is when Cheryl ends up hugging betty like a koala in the middle of the night with her legs wrapped around her waist and her arms wrapped around her neck
Who steals all the blankets: Cheryl, bigtime. She doesn’t even realize she does it but Betty thinks it’s cute
What they wear to bed: Cheryl just strips down and Betty wears anything large and comfy
Who likes seeing the other wearing their t-shirt: Cheryl, because it is always something Betty wouldn’t usually wear
Who falls asleep mid-conversation: Cheryl, Betty tries to tell Cheryl all about what she is working on but Cheryl can’t help but find it a little bit boring
Who wakes up in the middle of the night with nightmares: Both of them, with their pasts its hard to get a full nights sleep but they both find comfort in each other
Who accidentally punched the other in their sleep: Betty, Cheryl teases her about it because Betty feels super cad about it
Who can’t keep their hands to themself: Cheryl, she wants Betty to know how much she loves her and PDA is her way of showing it

Just want to send some smoochies and tell some of friends (& babu) I really really love them & they make my online life happy anytime I talk to them & thanks to them I keep coming back and getting a smiles, sometimes I want to kill them because why u give me feels but in a healthy way ok. @n-o-i-d, @ambivelousthirteen, @fawking-izaya, @oceanwoven, @rxcusant, @narcasse, @princeofillusions, @memoiir, @blxxdchrxnicles, @aninnocentlight, I WUV U OKAY

Apples to oranges.

On more than one occasion, I’ve found myself disappointed this year by my current students when I use materials from years past and how the activity doesn’t live up to my memories of how it went with a different bunch of kiddos. I remember work that didn’t feel like work; I am experiencing work that feels, sometimes, like pulling. And that feeling is as much frustrating as it makes me feel guilty.

Frustrating, because I know in my heart of hearts that the level of engagement of this group of freshmen is off – I’ve gotten forty percent brilliance where in years prior there was seventy-five. These freshmen certainly aren’t a struggle to spend my days with, they are perfectly lovely and (mostly) kind souls, but but but. The resolution in our leadership conflict only revealed the deep chasms within my teaching days which had been neglected or damaged or strained. There’s only forward and forward we march, but I’ve not felt the ‘click’ of connection with this bunch and, now that the drama in our school is fading, I’m trying to work on that, because I’m genuinely not sure if it’s them or me. 

Which leads to the guilt. Some of these reused materials were spawned from genuinely spontaneous and authentic moments of learning – meaning, the tasks themselves generated organically in the wake of our discussions. I wonder if, in my distraction, I’ve followed the breadcrumbs left by students long gone, rather than paying attention to the nuances of interest from the group in front of me. It’s possible. I wonder if I’m underwhelmed for unfair reasons.

[Not losing sleep, just dreaming.]

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I just wanted to say that I love your art a lot!!! And I was wondering, are you self-taught? And how long have you been drawing for?

Ah!!! OuO
Thanks, I’m so happy you live my art so much ;w;
And yes, I am self-taught actually! :D
I think I started drawing, anime at least, about 12 years ago o3o
It’s been a long time, and I’ve finally gotten to a place where I can feel like my stuff is presentable >w<
Thanks for your interest! :D
I hope you enjoy all things to come~~~~