is this love that i am feeling

Lovely words!! ❤️

Hello!! I made a post like this before, and I think it’s time I made another one as summers can be tough for some people or just life in general! 

 I just want to remind you to take breaks, give yourself a rest cause it’s important not to over work yourself. Drink some water, stay hydrated as it gets v hot at this time of year ( and if it’s cold we’re you are it’s still v important to stay hydrated). Try your best to dress for the weather. eat some food, get all that important nutrients your body needs to thrive and grow. Take your medicine that you need. Take deep slow breaths, you will get through this, you are trying your very best, and your best is good enough, you are good enough. It’s okay to be happy and it’s okay to be sad, your feelings are valid and most important you are valid. Your entire being is valid and important. Take some time if you can to wake up early and watch the sunrise, appreciate the clouds, the small blades of grass, the way the sun feels on your skin. Soak in the fresh air. Take a nap if needed. Take yourself to a movie or just to get something to eat or just simply for a walk. Try your best not to stay in side for weeks on end. If you can’t then open the curtains and let that sweet natural light in. Self care is so important cause you are a work of ART and art needs to be handled with care and love! So handle yourself with love and care! Please don’t let your colors fade away! You are my mutual, and I am so proud and honored to be mutuals with you. I am so proud of you for being here another day and fighting through all your difficulties in life. You are so strong. Remember this always! 

 And if we are not mutuals and you happen to be reading this, this message also applies to you, you lovely human being! 

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anonymous asked:

dude just dont even feel bad about deleting asks you dont want to answer. do not. people are stupid and refuse to read things and its just going to wear you down and make your blog a place you dont want to go to. just delete them and move on, theyll figure it out. good luck to you

I’m already worn down ffs lol.

I know I spend way too much time catering on this blog. It’s me trying to not make people hate me, because that happens a lot IRL - I push people away, I can be rude and callous, and I try not to give any fucks to prevent any emotional backlash. And that has gotten me dubbed “The Ice Queen.” And as much as I may laugh it off and agree, because sometimes it’s true, it still fucking hurts that I’ve gotten to be that way, that that’s how people see me.

I want you guys to like me, I don’t wanna be seen as that person on here, and I wanna contribute something useful to this community that I love. It’s hard for me to express my own opinions on here, and just in general, so I did the only thing I felt was applicable to me, what I could do, what I liked doing - spending hours of my time doing the thing that really helps define each person’s own craft, their research.

But I let it go on for far too long, and now it’s just expected of me, and if I just outright stop, Idek what would be left. It’s my own fault for continuing to do it without reaffirming my boundaries or saying, “hey don’t treat me like Google.” I fed the flames, and it seems hypocritical of me now to curse the wildfire.

I’ve talked at length to friends about this tbh. I’m aware I did nothing but encourage that behaviour towards me - again, I didn’t wanna be made the villain for having to say no, because we all know that Tumblr can definitely blow things up outta proportion sometimes. I’ve seen people on here get the worst kind of messages over really inconsequential things, and I sympathize, and I really don’t want that to be me. It comes down to my stupid brain worrying people wouldn’t like me, and me wanting to seem useful. And I let it go on far too long.

I’ve assisted in the digging of this hole. I may not have passed around the shovels, but I certainly didn’t say to stop digging in the first place.

And welcome to the side of me you guys don’t ever see, for a reason. 

But I guess I can’t blame you guys for not treating me like a human, when I tried to dehumanize myself on this blog as much as possible, and basically just become the blog, so you guys wouldn’t see any of this shit. I hate being emotionally vulnerable. 


I’ve actually had this rolling around in my head for weeks and it was funny when I first thought of it. Sometimes I am self-conscious of my dumb ideas.  

I haven’t animated in so long??

You didn’t just break promises, you broke me.
—  “I promise to love you forever”

Taeyong’s “cute” expression when he is practising revealed😂😂


happy haechan day!

the happiest of days to nct’s main visual prince and vocal wonder, lee donghyuck! though hardships may have cast a shadow on that beautiful glow on yours, you always managed to shine through, brighter and more beautiful than ever. you’re adored and loved and i can’t wait to watch you grow into an artist just as great as the ones that you have always looked up to!! happy birthday ♥

I watched Trollhunters a little while ago and it actually inspired me to doodle again soooo here’s some angry changelings not appreciating the whole “impure” thing