is this how you corporate


THIS is how you handle something properly - Corporate, DID style… A niche, but hear me out:

My initial response:

“Hell. Fucking. No.”

Justifying my point to someone who said I was being too sensitive:

“Actually, I get angry when people make fun of people who have survived severe trauma. You call that offended. I call it common decency.”

My response as a consumer, to their international CEO in regards to their Advertisement:


Mr Gainor, 

It has come to my attention that in an advertisement for your banana split, you have chosen to make mental illness the punchline. This is in reference to the “Split personality? Order two!” sign. I would like to inform you that this is extremely offensive. 

It’s called Dissociative Identity Disorder - and it is caused by chronic and severe trauma during early childhood

I have been a customer at Dairy Queen for over a decade, and you have lost a lifetime of business from this former customer. 

I would also like to inform you that DID occurs at a rate of 1% in the general population. You have just alienated and made a tasteless joke in reference to 1 out of every 100 customers. 

And finally, I wanted to let you know that you have made survivors of the most horrific trauma and abuse a punchline. 

Please reconsider this ad and remove it before you cause more damage to your company.

Sincerely, Eleanor Hutchinson (a real life person with DID)]

And today, to my shock and amazement:


Dear Ms. Hutchinson,

Thank you for reaching out to John Gainor regarding the point of sale
poster for the banana split seen in Texas.

I am so sorry we have upset you and offended you. Please accept my
apologies on behalf of John and the corporation.

Everyone on Texas Marketing and Operations teams is working to have this
removed and destroyed immediately.

Kind regards,


Carolyn Kidder
Senior Fan Relations Manager
American Dairy Queen Corporation ”: ]

My final response:


Ms. Kidder,
Your apology is warmly accepted. Thank you for listening and responding so gracefully. DQ has been a brand I have been loyal to since childhood, and have had the fondest memories. I’m reminded of fund raisers in the community; and the sponsorship of my high school’s hockey team, along with the Peer Mentors program.
You have certainly won back my current and future business. I think I’m going to have to go get a blizzard 😊
Thank you for listening to the DID community’s feedback. It helps restore your faith a bit, you know?
Take care,Eleanor Hutchinson ]  

Long story short; A+ to Dairy Queen for being so responsive. I love you more than I thought possible :,)

You should have believed me.

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Genre: A shitty attempt of angst

Word Count: 2545 words

Request: Can i request something angst for jimin? Like she and him used to be best friend but his girlfriend dont like y/n so she manage to make jimin believe that y/n hurt her out of jealousy and both y/n fight to the point jimin accidently push her and she fall from a stairs. Im sorry if im bad at explaining it.

You woke up from your sleep because of the constant ringing of your phone. Bothered, you looked for the annoying thing and you found it through all the mess you had in your room. You saw the screen and raised a eyebrow when the name of your best friend came up on it. You had twelve missed call from him, it must be important.

You took the call, a bit confused.

“Hey, is something happening?” You said while looking to all your room, yes, it was time to clean. It was even all an adventure to find your own phone.

You heard a growl coming out from your best friend and you got worried instantly. He was clearly mad at something or someone. He sometimes loses the mind when he is mad so it was not a good idea of him being alone while he was mad.

“Jimin?” You called his name. All you could hear was another growl “It is something bothering you? Jimin?”

“Actually yes, someone is bothering me” He said, you froze when his cold tone hit your ear. You felt shivers, he never used that tone with you. Never.

“Are you okay?” You asked, something was really wrong.

“Are you in your house?” He asked back instead.

“What? Uh…. Well yeah, why?”

“I’m coming” it was all he said before he ended the call. What was that?

You were worry, since the first moment when you heard his voice from the other line, you knew something was off, after all, he was your best friend, and you could tell when something was happening to him. And today, something was happening.

You started to clean up your room to kill time, but your mind was in something else, you wonder what could be that bad to make Jimin angry. He could be just stressed, or maybe he fought with the members, it had happen before, but you could feel something different this time.You didn’t know anything.

“YN! I’m here!” He screamed downstairs, clearly at your living room, you supposed he came in with the key you gave him. You were that good friends, so you trusted him a key in case of something happens. You left what you were doing and ran to him.

You found him, standing there, looking full of anger and his hands on fists. Carefully you got downstairs, analyzing his corporal language.


“How you dare?!” He screamed at the moment he saw you, you froze at your place, why he was so angry? Why he was screaming at you? You stayed without saying a single word, not because you couldn’t talk but because you didn’t know what to say, you didn’t know what he was saying.

When he noticed he was not going to get an answer, he came closer to you. You looked at his eyes and you couldn’t recognized the man it was in front of you and looking at you with fierce eyes. Even when you tried to move and you couldn’t, your body didn’t response.

When he was close enough to you, he took a deep breath before speaking.

“I asked you something YN… How you dare?” You blinked even more confused. How you dare what? Did you have done something to make him upset? You couldn’t say what.

Your face clearly showed how lost from the situation you were. But far away of trying to explain what he was meaning, he got even more angry.

“Don’t act as you don’t know what you have done YN, it doesn’t suit you” He muttered. You took a step back.

“I-I’m really not understanding what’s going on Jimin” You finally spoke, but that answer didn’t make Jimin happy.

He let a sarcastic laugh go from his mouth. You were unbelievable, and believe someday he called you his best friend.

“C'mon YN C'MON! I already told you! Stop pretending!”

“I am not Jimin! I’m not! I swear I don’t know what you’re talking about!” All you could feel after saying that sentence, was his hands grabbing you by your arms. You screamed in surprise. It was the first time his touch was not delicate.

You felt like crying, you had no clue about what was happening.

“Why did you do that?!” Jimin shook you, he was not thinking straight, he was so angry at you and at what he think you did that he didn’t realize he was hurting you.

“Do what?!” You screamed, with your eyes closed and feeling the first tear falling down.

“Why did you do that to Seulgi?!” You opened your eyes when her name came up, your eyes were already wet. Your mouth opened, not believing it.

It was all for her? For Seulgi? A girl that he has been dating for just 7 months?

“Wha-what?” His breathing was out of control, trying to control his anger, also yours, but you were trying to control your crying.

Your chest started to hurt. He was treating you like this just because his girlfriend? He was serious?

Now you were angry… What was wrong with him?

“Are you fucking serious right now?!” You pushed away his hand off your body aggressively “Have you lost your mind Park Jimin?!”

“What are you saying?” Jimin asked, you looked at him.

“What I am saying?! What are YOU saying?! What do you mean with ‘Why did you do that’? What I did?!” Jimin’s face was red, the atmosphere was tense and both of you were out of your mind.

“Jesus Christ YN!! You hurt my girlfriend and now you’re acting like you didn’t do anything? I can’t believe you!” His voice was deeper, and now, you were not able to think.

You hurt Seulgi? When? How? You haven’t seen her since few months ago!

“I hurt your girlfriend? Jimin! Are you crazy? How you can think that?!” Your voice was about to crack, you were hurt “Look… I don’t know what she said to you but… I can promise you, it’s not true, you know I would never hurt someone who is important to y-”

“Do you think I am that stupid? I know you don’t like her!”

“Just as much as she don’t like me!” You feet hit the floor, you had enough of her.

You never liked her, since the first moment you saw her you knew she was not good for Jimin. But you didn’t say anything because Jimin looked happy with her. And you could not take that from him, he was your best friend. That’s why you stayed quite about the bad vibes you felt from her.

Because you cared about your best friend, all you wanted for him was his happiness.

“She likes you! You are my best friend- Oh well, you were my best friend” That went right in your heart “Because I never thought you would go to the house of the woman I love just to hit her for being with me!”


“That’s why you don’t like her? Uh? Because she is with me and you’re not? You are jealous, don’t you?”

Wait… What? You laughed.

“So… That’s what she said? That I- I went to her house just because I was jealous of your relationship? Don’t fucking make me laugh Jimin! That’s so ridiculous! You’re not more than just my friend! I can’t believe you actually believed he-”

“She is my girlfriend” Jimin said, and then you shut up immediately.

You opened your eyes at surprise.

“And I’m your best friend since we were sixteen Jimin” Your voice indicated how much hurt you were “You have dating her just for 7 fucking months! How you can believe her more than me?” You said, with your voice completely broken.

It was your friendship that little to him?

His silence and the way he looked away
told you the answer. Your heart was broken.

“Jimin… I promise you… I promise you she is lying, you know that all I want for you it’s to be happy. I would never do something like that” You said, trying to reach his eyes, but his look was in another place but you. You sighed “So… Tell me, who you will believe in? Me or her?” As you asked, you expected his answer to be that he believes you more than her.

But all you got again was nothing.

And you started to cry again.

He was throwing all those years of friendship to the trash just because of her. You knew him the most, you knew every single thing about him, but right now, you could see that doesn’t mean a thing to Jimin. And it hurts.

“So that’s it… Our friendship doesn’t mean anything to you…” You said while stepping back from him. You wiped away one of your tears and sobbed.

Jimin finally looked at you.

“It’s not lik-”

“Then how?! Because all I can see it’s my own best friend not trusting me!” You felt the wall on your back, you covered your face trying to shut up your sobs.

Jimin bitted his lip. Ashamed, what he was doing? What he did? How he dare to not trust you? Only at that moment he realized what such a dick he was being towards you.

The only thought of you hurting someone he loves drove him crazy. What a hypocrite, he once promised he would never let someone hurt you, but look at him right now, what he is doing?

“But you know what? Think whatever you want, if you believe your girlfriend than me then, go with her!”

He eyes opened widely, alarmed, he didn’t like where this conversation was going.

“What do you… mean?” His voice was clearly more calm than just a minutes ago, but all this situation was hurting you.

You took all the courage you had and looked up to meet his worried eyes.

“I think we should end this friendship” You sentenced, you bitted your lip trying to repress your own crying.

A groan let his mouth as he stepped back at surprise.

You didn’t say that right? Jimin felt his eyes becoming wet with his tears. This can not be happening. You were not saying that you want to finish your contact with him.

His heart was hurting, but yours was already broken.

“YN… You don’t mean that” Jimin said, his expressions could tell how he was feeling. But you didn’t care anymore. If he didn’t.

“Of course I do. I don’t see the point of being friends with you if you don’t believe or trust me” You walked to your door, you doubt, but once you remembered the way he treated you, without asking you first. It was all you needed, you opened the door.

“So please, get out of my house” Bang “And please never try to contact me again Jimin”

“YN…” He muttered, now he was crying and shaking. How did you two guys got to this point?

“Get out” You begged without looking at him.

“No!” He refused, approaching to you, his hand found yours “I will not do that” His eyes looking for yours while he caressed your fingers.

“Please, please Jimin get out”

“No” You growled, you have lost your patience. You hit his hand to make him let you go. You walked away from him and you started to go up “Where you going? We have not finished this YN”

“Yes we do Jimin” You answered coldly. Afraid of losing his best friend, he ran towards you.

His hand grabbed your left arm.

“No we don’t” Now it was all like a minutes ago, you felt little by his dominance.

“Ji-Jimin let me go”

“No YN, you can’t just run away from this. You can’t end our friendship just because I found out what you did so-”

“The fact you still blaming me and not Seulgi says alot about how serious you take this 'friendship’ Jimin” He denied with his head.

“YN don’t be like this” You smirked.

“Tell me one thing Jimin… Do you trust me?” As you asked he was already answering. He was not losing you.

“With all of my life” You nodded. You were about to test that.

“So will you believe me? You will believe I’m saying the truth about Seulgi?” You looked right into his eyes, but all you could see was how he was doubting. Incredible.

“It’s just… hard for me YN…” You shook your head, disappointed at him “No no just hear me out yes? It’s just hard, right now I can’t see who is telling the truth”

“I am saying the truth”

“How I can know it?” That was enough. You were already tired of him doubting at you.

“MY WORD SHOULD BE ENOUGH JIMIN” Your voice echoed over the whole house. Jimin froze.

“YES BUT HOW WOULD FEEL SEULGI IF I DON’T BELIEVE HER” He screamed back. The whole house was all full of screams again.

“YOU DIDN’T CARE ABOUT HOW I WOULD FEEL ABOUT THAT TOO” You slapped his hand “I ALREADY TOLD YOU, IF YOU’RE GONNA TO BELIEVE IN THE WORDS OF THAT BITCH MORE THAN MINE THEN GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY LIFE! I DON’T NEED PEOPLE LIKE YOU” You roared while trying to get into your room, you were fighting dangerously near of the stairs.

“DONT CALL HER BITCH YN” He screamed while fighting with you, in an failed attempt of making you stop hitting him. He pushed you too hard, you lost the balance and as you felt you were about to fall, you tried to grab his shirt or even his hand.

But it was too late, Jimin was not fast enough to reaction and catch you. When he realized, you were already rolling downstairs, he even could heard every single moment that your body was getting hit. He screamed horrified. Tears rolling down his face. But when you were about to finally fall in the floor, in the last step, you hit your head. Shaking he ran to your rigid body that was laying in the floor.

“YN!!” His heart stopped at the moment he saw that from your head, blood was coming out “Ooh my god YN please answer me” He didn’t know what to do, he was a mess, a lot of emotions were messing him up. Guilt, fear and worry.

Carefully, he took you into his arms, his tears weren’t going to stop. His hand caressed your face, the other hand tried to cover up the place of where the blood was coming.

“Oh god oh god YN!” Jimin shook you trying to make you reaction. But you didn’t. You were pale “God…what I have done!? YN!!” Finally, his brain sent him a command. Look for help.

Wiping his tears, he carried you and went out of your apartment screaming for someone to call the ambulance.

He was losing his mind. What if something happens to you? How he would live with that? He was regretting everything. He was crying inconsolably next to your body while he was waiting for the ambulance to arrive, his hand holding yours.

“You are gonna to be okay YN” Jimin sobbed “You have to be okay” His voice cracked “You’re strong”

He should have believed you.

And maybe the things could have ended differently.

And yep, here I am with my shitty writing skills. But anyways, I hope you like this baby!

i thought of angels
choking on their halos

(get them drunk on rose water)

fallen angels who rip the feathers from their backs and devour them hungrily, scrambling for every last shred of their former lives and trying to cram it back into their bodies, panicking when grace starts to bleed from cuts in their skin, slurping it from their veins, desperately trying to force themselves back into what they once were. all the band-aids in the world won’t hold divinity into your bones.

anonymous asked:

I love your blog! Do you have any make up tips or advice for someone just starting to use it? Things like essentials or tutorials and what to avoid. I'm extremely new to it.

I am also somewhat new to makeup (my mother literally never wore any when I was growing up) so everything that I’m recommending on this post is based off of personal experience. I have extremely oily skin and focus all of my attention and helping keep my skin as clear as possible, so most of my recommendations are for products of that nature.

I highly recommend subscribing to Birchbox to try out new products. You fill out a profile listing your skin and hair types, and let them know what you’re looking to accomplish beauty wise. They send you wonderful samples each month, generally these are large enough for multiple uses. They will occasionally send you bullshit samples (I personally do not care about cheap perfumes) but it’s 90% awesome products. 

Regardless, I hope you find this helpful! And thanks for the love. :)

1. Skin Type. Skin types are generally: oily/acne-prone, dry, sensitive, or a combination. Try to avoid using products that don’t suit your skin type, chain drugstores such as CVS and Rite Aid generally do a good job at stocking a variety of products (and there’s always Amazon). If you don’t know your skin type, start out using products for sensitive skin and see how they work for you.

Read more

2. Lotion. There are all sorts of different types of moisturizing lotions for every different part of your body. Although it may seem tempting, don’t ever use hand & body lotion on your face. You know how the corporations love to make us spend money! I recommend:

  • Jason: I love this facial lotion! It’s for sensitive skin and smells incredible.
  • SheaMoisture: This facial lotion is perfect for oily/combination skin.
  • Bath & Body Works: My absolute favorite hand & body lotion. Smells incredible and makes my skin so smooth.
  • Gold Bond: This is a great unscented body lotion.
  • Coconut Oil 101: For those of you who prefer more natural products.

3. Exfoliate. Make sure you exfoliate at least once a week! This promotes healthy skin cell growth and makes your skin feel incredible. I recommend:

4. Concealers/foundation! Ideally you’re looking for something that doesn’t doesn’t feel “heavy” or “sticky” on your face. If you’re uncomfortable using brushes, you can use clean, dry hands to gently pat concealer into place.

5. Eye Makeup. I was going to write a bit about applying eye makeup, but this is a pretty in-depth guide that covers the basics based on eye shape. Also: what color eyeshadow you should be wearing. I recommend:

  • Maybelline: These can get $$ but last literally forever.

6. Lipstick. Lipstick is unfortunately not something I can advise you on, because I do not wear it. I do, however, wear tinted chapstick which I absolutely love. Fortunately lipstick is covered in several of the guides I linked to down below.

7. Facial Wipes. These are a great way to remove makeup, excess oil, dirt, etc from your face. I recommend:

  • Garnier: For oily skin.
  • Burt’s Bees: For dry/sensitive skin.
  • SheaMoisture: Just because I would jump off a cliff if SheaMoisture told me it was good for my skin.

8. Nail Polish. If you can afford it, get your nails professionally done for $25 every two weeks (gel polishes last the longest). Most nail polish brands that you can purchase online or in a store for relatively inexpensive will last you a week tops. This is unfortunate, but the price we pay for our beauty. Here are some inexpensive brands that I enjoy:

  • Sally Hansen: I wear this brand in black every single day of my life and LOVE it. This is the longest lasting nail polish brand I have found thus far.
  • Wet N’ Wild: These are super inexpensive and relatively easy to find. Also- that name tho.
  • Essie: If you can afford it, turn to Essie for long lasting polish! This is the nail polish I will buy when I have the money to afford it.

9. Face Mask. I am OBSESSED with face masks. Literally. I just love the way they feel and how they make my skin super smooth and soft. I do two a week, which is not recommended for all skin types. If you have sensitive skin or dry skin, one a week should be plenty. I recommend:

  • Peel Off: This is a less extreme (and much less expensive) version of the blackhead mask you see heavily advertised on social media. It does make your skin feel incredible, but it doesn’t really help whiteheads or plain old acne the way mud masks do.
  • I use this mud mask every week. I bought it last August and still have about half a jar left. So incredible, so beneficial (for my skin at least), and does visibly reduce acne.
  • If you live near a CVS stop by. They actually make decent masks that are super inexpensive. The one problem I find with these masks is that they aren’t very thick. I like thick.
    DIY Banana Face Mask

Additional Resources

Coconut Oil 101

Makeup For Beginners

Makeup For Beginners 2

Makeup Tips From a Makeup Artist

Makeup Tips For Folks With Sensory Issues


This Masterpost

@howtogrowthefuckup’s Tips

Of Tiger Diamonds & Dripping Gold (M)

word count: 7.1k

genre: smut; slumlord/pimp! au + established relationship

pairing: reader/jooheon

warning(s): mentions and depictions of murder, blood, drugs, prostitution, slurs, very rough sex and all else that comes along with being a pimp/slumlord. please don’t read if this or anything along these lines bothers you, thank you.

a/n: there are several warnings with this fic, it is drastically different than my usual writings and therefore i feel as if i should warn readers before hand so please make sure to read them before reading the fic.  


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Had a customer at Windick make a crude joke, I kept silent and continued to bag his stuff. He gets pissy because apparently "good customer service means laughing at customers jokes." I nod and continue to silently scan and bag. He then asks "how much do you like your job? Because I'm telling corporate you're rude as hell, what's your name?" I hand him my badge, as this was my last week at this job since being hired as a manager elsewhere and tell him to have a wonderful day. I was let go early.

Tell them. They know my name well. Of course that will also mean the second you mention my name they stop listening. They’ve worked with me in a store for years. They know my personality. So they will not believe a word you say. Just an FYI.


Attention Hetalia Fandom!!!

If you can in any way please support this fundraiser! SIGN/reblog/volunteer/and donate!

How does it work?

By making a CMV (Cosplay Music Video) we will generate business donations in return for advertisement, and hopefully find a corporate match donation for the money we raise by donating ourselves.

How can you help?

Find a piece of printer paper, sign your name in pen, and tag us!

That petition will be used to ask Lindsey Stirling to let us use her song for the CMV, and to ask large corporations to match our donations.

How do you volunteer?

Check out the job list here! If you think you can help send me a message and I will add you to the discord chat so we can all work together on this! 

And if you can donate, we will have a way to do so set up soon, plus a shop of merchandise!

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I’ve been sitting on one of these for 3 years now. So I worked at a gas station/convenience store/pizza delivery place that is all over the midwest. Normally I’m the one making pizza because I’m good at it and I know how to do the spin thing with the pizza dough.
But they stick me on register for the day, which I know how to do but hate because anxiety. Anyway it’s a pretty normal day if a little slow. Then about halfway through my shift this woman comes in to pay for her gas. Why we don’t require prepaid I don’t know. But she comes in with what is clearly a sack of change and I feel my soul die.
Only when she dumps it on the counter it’s not quarters, or dollar coins. No, this woman had a bag full of tokens from the pizza place with the rat mascot.
I had to have stood there for a minute just staring at these non-currency coins with my mouth open before I remember to say something. “Ma'am we can’t accept those they’re not legal tender”
She immediately countered with “Well they’re worth a quarter a piece”
If my soul hadn’t already died before it was certainly dead now. “They have no value here, we cannot exchange them for real money”
“Well you have to take them because they’re what I brought to pay for my gas” she has me basically screwed at that point because it isn’t the customer that suffers for the drive off. Its me. I get canned.
“You’ve got to pay for your gas with real money or I will call the cops” is all I can say as I’m mentally constructing an explanation to my manager.
“Oh fine whatever, I’ll be calling corporate about you to let them know how you treated me” and then she just pulls out a card and swipes it. The transaction is completed and she takes her tokens and leaves the store. I spend the next five minutes staring into space only to be startled by the sound of her revving the engine and squealing her tires out of the parking lot.
Strangest day on that entire job.

Colors of Dissonance (pt. 7)

Part 6

Mark and Sean plan to leave the apartment building at different times. Sean gets Sam to convince the elevator to take him down to the basement where he can escape through another entrance while Mark will leave the way he normally does.

“Meet me at this address.” Sean sends the pin to Mark’s neural cam, and for Mark, a faint, glowing line appears on the floor to lead him to his desired destination.

“Won’t Corporate be able to track this?” Mark taps his head. He didn’t like the idea of having Corporate inside his head, but agreeing to have the neural implant was the only way to join YouTube’s world of let’s-players. “And they can see through it as well…” Sean tosses Mark an extra eyepatch, and Mark’s eyebrows jump up in surprise. “Oh, is that why you wear one of these?”

Sean checks Sam after the little droid is finished with the elevator. “No, that’s not why.” Sean looks up at Mark and shrugs, his one electric blue eye glittering. “I couldn’t have Corporate tracking me…”

Mark’s mouth twists in confusion until the realization dawns on him. “Oh…”

Sean gives an impish smile as Sam hovers over the younger man’s right shoulder. “It’s fine. You do what you have to in order to survive, amiright?” With that, he’s in the elevator and gone, leaving Mark to wonder how everything had gone so wrong so quickly.


Nate blinks awake as a light clicks on over his head, illuminating a small room with a single wall of black glass that Nate is sure leads to another room where he’s being watched. He’s been sat at a metal table with his hands still cuffed firmly behind his back, but a shift in position reveals that, sure enough, the gun is somehow still intact.

A door opens behind him, and Nate watches as a young woman walks around to the other side of the table and plops a case file down in front of him. The harsh, white light glances off her long, auburn hair, and Kathryn takes a seat.

“Nathan Smith, correct?” Kat flips open the file as if she hasn’t studied it a million times before now. “Do you have any complaints that you’d like to make?”

Nate glances around. “Uh, yeah. Like what the hell am I doing here?”

Kat pushes her glasses farther up her nose and places a hand, palm down on the file. “You’re here because the YouTube product, Hallucinapuff Gas, has caused you certain symptoms that we at Corporate would like to address.”

“And how are you planning on doing that?” Nate’s voice has bite to it as he tilts his head to the side and leans forward slightly, taunting. He wants to get a rise out of her, wants her to slip and tilt her hand, but Kat isn’t amused.

“I plan on doing whatever I see fit, and right now I see fit to make you disappear as if none of this even happened.” Kat brushes a bit of lint off the table like she hasn’t just made a death threat. Her eyes flash up at him. “Convince me otherwise, and I’ll find other, less permanent, ways of dealing with the issue.”

“First, I want these cuffs removed,” Nathan hisses.

Kat raises an eyebrow. He’s obviously getting nowhere like this, so instead, Nate turns on a little of that bardic charm. “Listen…” He glances at her name tag. “Kat, I’ve had a bit of a rough day, and you guys have been less than forthcoming about why I’m here in the first place. And well,” he makes a face and tilts his head to either side, “that can make anyone a little testy.” His eyes go soft, and Nate leans a little closer. “Please, I’m just scared. I want to know why I’m here.”

Kathryn sighs and gets up. She walks around to the back of him and unlocks his handcuffs which hiss and release, falling to the floor.  Nate’s hands twitch, free once again.

He reaches for the gun. or He continues to smile at Kathryn.

The Patronus (Remus x Reader)

Originally posted by your-harry-potter-imagines

Eight days have passed since Y/N heard that her aunt died. She was really close to her, and the hole in her chest doesn’t seems as it ever will be filled. Y/N refused to talk to anybody. She was curled up on her sheets, all day, missed all of her classes. She only went to the bathroom. Her roommates brought up food for her every day, but the meals mostly remained untouched. Her friends tried to talk to her, but after she shouted at Lily and told her to get out of here because she doesn’t need any help, they gave up. They decided it’s better to leave her alone for a few days. It was a Monday afternoon when she finally decided to went down to the common room. It wasn’t only because she started being better, it was also the guilt. Why was she so mean with her friends? They only wanted to cheer her up.

After she brushed her hair and put on some fresh clothes, slowly walked down on the stairways. Only a few students were in the common room, along with Remus, who sat near to the fireplace while he was reading. He didn’t even notice her until she sat down next to her. The boy’s lips slightly parted, he was clearly surprised, but didn’t say anything.

“Hey Remus.” – Y/N whispered with an almost invisible smile. She was afraid but also glad to see her best friend.

He put his book down on the table. – “Y/N! How are you?”

“Better.” – she said, and after a bit silence, she countinued louder and faster. – “I’m so sorry. Sorry for ingoring you guys, I know you only wanted to help me and support me… I was awful. And Lily…” - but at this point, Remus cut him off.

“Stop. Don’t apologize. I’m sure Lily understands what is happening with you. We’ve just really worried about you.”

Y/N smiled, tears were in her eyes. – “I could really use a hug right now.” – she muttered almost inaudibly. Remus didn’t say a word but hugged her immediately. His warm, thight hug made her cry. The last few days was the lonelinest period of her life, and Lupin’s hug made her realized that she’s not alone but also she has the best friends in the world.

“By the way” – she started after she can finally breath. – “Where are Sirius, James and Peter? Up to something again?”

“Detention. They put cornish pixies on Snape’s shoes and robe pockets.”

Remus was serious, but Y/N started to laugh. Honest, loud, cheerful laugh. Lupin melted by this. This was the sound that he loved to hear, this was the laugh that he fell in love with every time, this was the sound that always make him smile, even if he was in his biggest pain.

“I missed that tone so much.” – he whispered while Y/N stopped.

“And I missed you so much.” – she hugged him again, not so thight but really soft.

The two talked until it was the middle of the night. The common room was long-empty, while they still sat next to eachother on the couch. Talking about small, ordinary things was good for her. Remus told her how Snape’s face looked like when the cornish pixies stole his socks and his wand, how he ran after them, and how Sirius looked when McGonagall said they’ll got a full month detention. They talked about school and the exams, and Remus told her that he finally managed to produce a full, corporeal patronus.

“Oh, how I envy you! I wish I could do that too, but the only thing I can produce is a little silver dot. Maybe my patronus is an ant or a flea.”

“You probably didn’t choose the right memory. It has to be powerful, not just simply happy. I can help you… if you’d like.”

“You mean right now? I don’t think I can do that after…” - she stopped, but Remus continued while he stood up.

“But yes you can! I know you aren’t in your best mood, but you’re strong, and if dementors will appear, you’ll probably feel yourself much worse than right now. Just choose a memory, a powerful and happy one, and let it fill you.”

Y/N stood up carefully. She still didn’t know what will be the memory. The latest events of her life darkened everything, and if she thought about her family she only felt herself worse. Only her friends made her feel better. And that thought was the point when the girl looked up on Remus. The tall boy with his big, friendly eyes and his warm smile made her so happy. She take out her wand and thought about not exactly a memory, but about him and how she feels when he is around her.

“Expecto Patronum!” – she yelled, and a wolf ran around in the room instantly. Her eyes widened open as she looked up on him; he had a similar reaction. The wolf stopped in front of them and then it disappeared.

“Ermm… it was a… it’s a… so…” - he whispered, but then continued louder as he sat down on the couch. - “… see? I knew you can do it!”

“I… yes.” – she smiled and sat down next to Lupin. – “So you’re just going to ingore the fact that my patronus is a wolf?”

His cheeks blushed; he was so adorable. Y/N didn’t want to push him, he was shy indeed, and she didn’t want to make him feel more unconfortable. She leaned closer to him, wrapped her arms around his waist and put her head on his shoulder. Remus started to rubbing her back and gently kissed her forehead. His other hand rested on her thigh, and Y/N smiled onto his neck.

“Anyway” – he started, looked up on him – “I didn’t see the others come back?!”

“Eermm… I did. Surely they didn’t want to interrupt us. Sirius even made kissing noises. I was wondering why you can’t notice.”

“Oh, Godric.” – she rolled her eyes. While they talked there were only a few inches between them. Lupin smiled and Y/N bit her lips, looked down on his.

“Can I kiss you?”

“Please.” – she sighed and already started to leaning over to him and press her lips on his. He was slow and gentle, and Y/N felt that his face getting even warmer than usual. It felt just right, being on his arms and kissing him while her heart almost popped out from her chest. She smiled onto the kiss and Remus followed, mildly pulled away before he kissed her again; deeper, with more passion but still gently.

Tomorrow morning she woke up in Remus’ lap to the voice of Sirius and James clapping and cheering very loud.

“Just about time, darlings! “


Say Goodbye (pt. 5)

Sean and Signe are forced to leave on their flight back to Ireland, especially with the oncoming snow storm. Yet Anti has still not made an appearance since the panel, and Sean is nervous. “This isn’t right. He should’ve show up already, and now we’re leaving the country. Just leaving him wherever he is.”

“There’s nothing we can do, Sean. If we didn’t leave when we did, we’d be stuck there for another week, and you know how you’d hate being stuck and unable to work.” Signe squeezes his hand and takes a deep breath. “We’ll just have to wait and see what happens. That’s all we can do now.”

When they arrive back at their house, Sean half expects to find Anti lounging on the couch or something, watching Netflix and demanding food, but the glitch is nowhere to be seen. “I don’t like it. Where is he?”


Anti, hands dug deep into his pockets, glitches from the end of the street to the house he’s been searching for as the snow pours from the sky in wet, icy sheets. He’s shivering from the cold, only having his t-shirt and ripped jeans to keep him warm, and when he drops onto the front porch, he’s sure he’s going to fade out of existence just days after getting it.

Then someone answers the door. “You.”

Anti glances up at the black and white version of Markiplier whose blazing eyes are currently burning into Anti’s skin. “Relax, Darky. I just need a place ta crash until I get my strength back.” Anti pulls himself to his feet and leans against the doorframe. “Aren’t ya gunna invite me in?”

Dark gives him another heated glare. “Why should I? You’ve done nothing but make trouble for me so far, and it’s kind of enjoyable to watch you suffer.” He smirks and shoves Anti out of the way of the door so that he can close it, but the glitch zaps into the hallway behind Dark with a snicker.

“Oooh, I like being able to do that,” Anti says, looking down at his shivering hands. “This body glitches a lot easier than the other one.”

Dark rolls his eyes, shutting the door behind him as he turns to survey the new Ego. “So you finally got strong enough to become corporeal. How nice.” Dark brushes past Anti and goes into the den of the abandoned house he’s been using since coming to PAX East with Mark. “You’re such a weakling.”

“Not all of us are as strong as you lot,” Anti says. “Where are the other ones that look like you anyway?”

“Asleep,” Dark says, picking up the mug of tea he’d been enjoying until getting so rudely interrupted. “You haven’t met the others yet, have you?”

Anti shakes his head, looking around at the house. It’s barely furnished, and what furniture is there was abandoned for a reason. “This the best ya could do? Wow, Darky, ya aren’t as well off as I thought.”

Dark’s shell cracks slightly, but the Ego remains calm. “It’s temporary, of course. Just while we’re here in Boston. And what about you? Didn’t your creator get on a plane headed back to Ireland? That’s certainly a problem.” Dark laughs into his tea as he takes a gulp. The liquid trails down his throat and into his stomach, and he relishes the warmth. There’s no heating in the house, of course, aside from the low fire burning in the fireplace, but he’s also quite resistant to the cold.

“I wanted to talk to ya first before heading back to Ireland with the green-haired wonder and his adoring girlfriend,” Anti mumbles. “You’ve been at this corporeal thing fer a few years now, right?” He wanders over to the fire and starts to warm himself.

“Yes,” Dark says, raising an eyebrow as if to say, “And your point is?”

Anti rubs his hands together as the feeling returns to his fingers. “What’s the point? What’s the end goal, I mean? Why do we become real?”

Dark picks a bit of lint off of his suit and tosses it aside with a pained sigh. “Anti, each figment’s purpose is unique. I exist to be the antithesis of Mark, his evil opposite. I want power and control, and I work very hard to get it.” Dark glances up at the glitch with a sneer as his aura snakes around the other man. “You have to ask yourself, what do you want? And how will you get it?”

Anti looks down at his shoes, wet from the melted snow, and shakes his head. “That’s the problem, I guess. I don’t know what it is that I want.”

pipe dreams (part four)

pairing: reader x yoongi

genre: angst, fluff

⏎previous chapter

warnings(!!): CUSSING, themes of sexual assault/stalking, nsfw

summary: you’re the girl yoongi left behind to pursue his music career. flash forward seven years, and you’re a lawyer representing a company suing bighit for copyright infringement. what happens when yoongi is still harboring feelings for you?

a/n: ok so i worked my ass off tonight writing and editing this because finally HER IS OUT and i felt inspired by my love for min yoongi which has grown exponentially as a result of his sinful good looks in the m/v and his voice ugh.(lol this is the a/n i had from when i first started writing but it’s been literally weeks since i started i’m so sorry this took so long)

also warning this is not edited

Originally posted by jimiyoong


You wake up to the smell of breakfast wafting into your bedroom. Groggily dragging yourself out of bed, you stretch your arms out as you stumble into the kitchen, smiling subconsciously when you’re greeted with the sight of Min Yoongi setting the table.

“What’s this, Yoongi?” You’re grinning from ear to ear as his brows furrow.

“I’m not done yet! I’m still setting the table. I made breakfast for us.” His fingers are fumbling with straightening silverware and plates.

Walking over, you embrace him from behind, resting your head on his shoulder as you sigh contently.

“Thank you.” Your voice is muffled but Yoongi turns to hold you sweetly in his arms.

“But that’s not all.” He looks smug. Sneaking into the living room, he returns with his arms behind his back. You don’t say anything, simply cocking an eyebrow in curiousity.

“Ta-da!” His hands reach out, extending a bouquet of flowers to you.

You swear your heart is beating in your throat as you take in the sight of vibrant orange tiger lilies. Instantly, memories flood your brain.

When he’d asked you to be his girlfriend, he’d given you the same flowers. In fact, for every anniversary, Valentine’s Day, and special occasion, he’d always come armed with a bouquet of orange tiger lilies. It was your flower, something you and Yoongi deemed to be special. A symbol of your budding love, perhaps.

It has been years since you’ve even seen the flower, and bubbles of excitement rise up in your stomach.

“Do you like them?” Yoongi’s gaze is vulnerable, uncertain. You pause to regain composure, and Yoongi starts to falter, eyes wandering towards his feet.

“Yoongi, I love them.” You say softly, wrapping your arms around his neck and pressing a firm kiss on his soft lips. The corners of your lips turn upwards in a smile during the kiss, and Yoongi’s do the same. He pulls away rather reluctantly, unlatching himself from you to pull a chair out. He gestures for you to sit and he pushes your seat into the table.

Yoongi has just taken a seat across the table from you when your landline rings, startling you. Making your way to the phone, you wonder who could possibly be calling at such an early hour.


“Hi, Y/N, this is Yifeng calling from TF Entertainment. I’m sorry to bother you so early in the morning. I know you weren’t supposed to come in until later, but we’re missing quite a few documents and need you to come in immediately. It’s an emergency, or else I wouldn’t have called!” The voice on the other end of the phone is frantic. The hearing is set to be in about a month from now and everyone at the office is scrambling to finish final preparations.

Looking over to Yoongi smiling to himself at the table, you sigh, knowing you’ll have to leave him to head into work.

“Okay. I’ll be there in about thirty minutes.” Clicking the phone, you hang up and return to the table, giving a feeble look of affection to Yoongi.

“Who was that?” He says, cheerfully shoveling food into his mouth.

“Work. I have to head in early today. Something from the case came up.” Your words rush out apologetically. You can see disappointment float to the surface of Yoongi’s eyes.

“What about breakfast?”

“It’s an emergency. As much as I’d love to stay, I can’t.” You grimace, guilt coursing through your veins.

“But you can.” Yoongi’s eyes are harsh. “Just don’t go for a little longer and stay and eat with me.”

“Yoongi.” You sigh, standing up and brushing yourself off as you head to the bedroom. Yoongi trails closely behind you. “I have to go, it’s my job.”

His voice is small as he finally voices something that appears to have been plaguing his mind for quite some time. “I know it’s your job to believe your client, but did you ever stop to think about my credibility? You know me, Y/N. And you know that I would never steal someone else’s work.”

You don’t say anything, feeling anger building in your chest as you brush through your hair quickly.

“We didn’t steal the song, Y/N. Don’t you believe me?” He repeats.

It’s as if his words have caused something within you to snap. You’re not just angry now. You’re furious. How dare Yoongi ask you so outwardly to throw the case? Did he really think so little of you that he’d do such a thing? Was he only spending time with you in attempt to woo you into not trying your best in the case?

Your teeth are gritted as you speak, dressing yourself in your attire as you refuse to spare a glance at Yoongi.

“I’m sorry, but I’m a lawyer. I’m not always here to fight for who’s right. I’m here to fight for the client I am assigned to. It’s kind of twisted in that sense, but that’s what I believe in. Everyone deserves to have equal standing in front of the law. Everyone deserves a solid shot. If you’re telling the truth, then just have faith in the system. Things will work out in your favor if you’re really in the right. That’s how the justice system works. Not by coercing your ex-girlfriend into being biased so that you can get off easy. Why do you think that I would just give up so easily, dating, we’re not even anything.” You know your words are harsh, but you can’t help it. This inkling that Yoongi was using you had been embedded in your mind ever since he’d said

Fuming, you turn to leave without waiting for Yoongi to respond to your harsh rant. “Lock the door on your way out. Or don’t. It doesn’t matter, just let yourself out.”

Without looking back, you exit and go to work, finding Yifeng immediately when you arrive.

“What’s the emergency?” You try to seem normal, but you’re still heated from your argument with Yoongi.

“We’re missing an important document! Can you help look for it? The deadline to submit is today, and I think maybe no one complete it.” Yifeng is frantic, pacing around. He tells you what document it is, and you start moving things around on the table. Looking underneath the printer on the desk, you find the document.

Scoffing, you wave it in the frazzled TF Entertainment intern’s face.

“Is this what you’re looking for? The so-called ‘emergency’?”

Yifeng pales at the sight of the paper. “W-where did you find that?”

“Under the printer.” You deadpan.

“O-oh, Miss Y/L/N, I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have called you on a whim, I was just freaking out and it was under my nose this whole time! I’m so so sorry!” Yifeng buries his face in his hands.

Rolling your eyes, you swivel on your heel and trot into your temporary office, not feeling in the mood to put up with dumb intern’s mistakes today. The day drags on as you make various phone calls and read long documents, and it’s when you’re finally finished with your workday that you finally check your cell phone.

[Unknown]: Hey Y/N

Frowning, you text back, uncertain of who would be texting you that you weren’t aware of.

[Y/N]: Who is this?

Three dots appear as the mystery person types a response back, a whoosh signaling that they’ve responded rather quickly. Your head drops instantly as you read the message.

[Unknown]: It’s Jaebum.

You feel kind of dizzy in the moment, surprised that Jaebum has contacted you. But you should’ve known he would try something after his disgusting behavior at the corporate event.

[Y/N]: How did you get my fucking phone number

[Im Jaebum]: Jinyoungie gave it to me after I asked him…i said I wanted to ‘network’.

[Y/N]: Ok

You send the last message hoping it’ll kill all conversation, making a mental note to kick Jinyoung’s ass the next time you see him. Jaebum seems to have other ideas.

[Im Jaebum]: Want to go out for dinner tonight? My treat.

You snort out loud, eyes rolling to the back of your head.

[Y/N]: lol sorry but fuck no.

Three dots appear quickly, and Jaebum responds within seconds, seemingly unfazed.

[Im Jaebum]: Why not, Y/N?

[Im Jaebum]: That’s no way to treat an old friend.

Through gritted teeth, you type out your response deliberately.

[Y/N]: WE are not fucking FRIENDS.

[Y/N]: You cheated on me, asshole. I trusted you.

[Im Jaebum]: C’mon, Y/N. You’re still hung up on that?

Hell yeah, you were. Time to ignore his messages now. Slamming your phone upside down on your desk, you expect Jaebum to finally give up. When your phone makes a text tone sound, you groan loudly. Will this man ever give up? Has he no pride?

[Im Jaebum]: Not responding now? Leaving me on seen?

You grit your teeth, fighting back the urge to respond.

[Im Jaebum]: Maybe this will change your mind.

[Photo attached[

You open the photo, waiting for it to download.

When it does, your phone almost slips out of your hand as you choke on your saliva.

The photo is dark and grainy, but it’s clear what the image is of. You and Yoongi. Kissing. And it was obviously taken at the charity gala you had attended with Kyungsoo. What the fuck? Jaebum was there?

Fuck. You knew you should have been more careful, that you shouldn’t have done anything risky where anyone could see. But the thrill of getting caught was such a turn on at the time, and you couldn’t help yourself. You know the repercussions that can follow if Jaebum decides to share this photo with anyone. Your career. Over in an instant for a moment of unprofessional behavior. Actually, many moments.

Typing out a response, you gnaw on your lip anxiously.

[Y/N]: What do you want, Jaebum?

[Im Jaebum]: Simply put, I just want you to be my girl again.

[Im Jaebum]: To spend time with me, and to let me take you out.

[Im Jaebum]: I made a mistake cheating on you so long ago. I told you, you’re so fucking hot now that I regret it so badly.

You can practically feel the bile rising in your throat as you take in his words pixellated on your screen.

[Y/N]: And if I don’t?

[Im Jaebum]: Let’s just say that this photo is going to be “leaked” to every major media outlet in Asia.

[Im Jaebum]: And as for a certain someone…she may just lose her gig as the legal representation of TF Entertainment.

[Im Jaebum]: Now you don’t want that, do you, babe?

A shiver runs through your body at the word “babe”, despite the fact that it’s just a word on a screen. However, it’s powerful enough to conjure up the image of Jaebum whispering it into your ear, his scalding breath on your skin. But he’s not here. You’re safe here, protected by the barrier of the Internet and cell phone waves.

[Im Jaebum]: I’ll give you some time to think it over.

Your eyes reread the whole conversation and you skip over the image of you and Yoongi. Gulping, your mind is dizzying with thoughts as you hop into a taxi to go home, dialing Joy’s number. Before she can get a word in after picking up, you’re whining loudly.

“Joy! My career is going to be ruined by Im Jaebum. What do I do? He’s got shit on me!”

“What? He’s fuckin’ blackmailing you now? I’m going to track down that motherfucker and skin him alive, I swear! The nerve!” Joy is spewing out words immediately, not even waiting to hear the full story as she springs to your side without second guessing.

“No! Joy, you can’t. He’s going to send a photo of me and Yoongi kissing at the gala to literally everyone he can get in contact with, unless I agree to go out with him again.” You groan into the phone.

“Y/N…what did you get yourself into? If you’re going to suck face with your secret boytoy, don’t do it somewhere where everyone can see.” Joy scolds.

“I know, I made a mistake, okay. What do I do? Help me!” You’re whiny mess at this point, tugging at your hair forcefully.

Joy sighs. “What can you do? Nothing, really. You have to give in, to sacrifice a little. Besides, this only has to go on until you’re finished with the case.”

“Joy, that could be months from now!”

“You have to do what you have to do, Y/N. Don’t let Jaebum ruin this for you, okay? You worked your ass of for this career and you can’t let your dumb ex wreck it after you made one mistake.”

You let out a huge sigh. “You’re right.”

She does have a point. Thanking her, you hang up with the promise of keeping her updated. The taxi comes to a stop, and you pay the driver before trudging up to your apartment, throwing yourself on the bed to breath in ragged breaths before pulling your phone out of your bag again.

Acquiescing, you text back Jaebum and make a date to see him.

The first few times go exactly as you imagined they would. He’s his usual grimy self, and it’s bearable to a certain extent. You give him thin-lipped smiles, which he accepts. He’s got to get what he can, and that’s all you’re giving him. You avoid his touch, although it’s impossible at times.

Tonight is your third “date” with Jaebum, and he’s taken you to a very fancy restaurant. Hate him as you may, but he is a lawyer after all, and he has money to burn on you.

Jaebum informs you to dress nicely, and you try to get away with wearing pants, but when he spots you when he arrives to pick you up, he instructs you to change immediately. He demands you wear something more revealing, claiming, “You have a nice body, so show it off. I want people to see how hot my date is.”

You can’t help but compare his sleazy words and mannerisms to Yoongi’s. Yoongi wanted you all to himself. He didn’t want to share you with others, or to use you as some object he could show off, unlike Jaebum.

Arriving at the restaurant, you hold back a scoff when the hostess leads you to a booth in the corner of the restaurant, rather secluded to the restaurant. Trust Jaebum to pick the only booth in a fancy restaurant, and the most private one at that, too. It’s only visible to a select few tables in the close proximity, obviously all reservation-only.

Jaebum uses the opportunity to press himself against you, giving you a sideways look as he picks up the menu. You squirm uncomfortably, hiding your face behind the menu. The hostess’ voice drifts into the room again, and you instinctively look up, only to regret it.

Just your dumb luck. Yoongi has just walked in, looking absolutely breathtaking in a dark, emerald colored suit that’s tailored to his physique perfectly. The rest of the Bangtan boys follow closely behind him, and you turn your head away quickly when Jaebum tugs at your menu, trying to avoid being seen.

Jaebum seems to think that you turning your head towards him is you making a move on him. Misconstruing your intentions, he leans in close until his breath is on your neck. You shiver (something you do a lot in his presence, it seems) when his cold lips make contact with your exposed neck. Your eyes flicker to the boys, panic rising in you as you see that they’re being seated at the one table directly in front of your booth. No doubt they have a crystal clear view of Jaebum’s shameless attempts at conquering your neck and collarbones.

Before they take their seats, Jimin notices you, and you cringe at his voice, too late to duck out of view.

“Ah! Attorney Y/N! What a surprise!” His eyes crinkle cutely.

You’re speechless, eyes trailing to capture Yoongi’s gaze. His eyes are dark, and you remember that you haven’t texted or been in contact at all since the morning you had fought. That was over a week ago. It just so happens that whenever you’re at BigHit, he isn’t.

They’re close enough where they can speak at a comfortable volume when addressing you.

“Is this your boyfriend?” Taehyung muses out loud, looking cheekily at you and winking rather indiscreetly.

Right as you blurt, “No!”, Jaebum says, “Yes.”

At that moment, you want to shrivel into a ball and die. Taehyung looks mighty confused and the conversation dies off awkwardly, but you could care less as turn your focus onto Yoongi again. He’s looked away completely, averting his eyes from the situation taking place in front of him. However, he’s taken a seat at the table, and it seems he’s chosen the strategic spot where he’s facing you directly.

Yoongi’s eyes are on his napkin in the meantime, as he peers at it curiously like it’s the most intricate white cloth napkin he’s encountered in his lifetime. Even throughout ordering and eating, you keep your attention on Yoongi, and it’s not exactly a secret, as Jaebum repeatedly vies for your attention by clearing his throat.

You’re finally distracted by the sensation of Jaebum’s icy cold hand sneaking onto your thigh underneath the table. Slapping it away immediately, you give him an uncomfortable look.

“Please don’t touch me.”

Jaebum ignores your words as he continues to rub at your leg. “Y/N, what do you say we put on a little show for Yoongi, huh?” He smirks at you, talking at a lowered volume as his face inches closer to yours. “I don’t want him thinking you’re his. That ended when I came back into your life, babe. Aren’t you glad to be with me again?”

Jaebum’s other arm slips around your shoulders loosely as his hand reaches up to smooth at your hair in what onlookers would consider to be affectionate. But you know his underlying intentions, and it’s upsetting to feel him touch you without your consent.

Tearfully, you nod as you’re reminded again by the control Jaebum has over your life because of that one picture. Your head is lowered, but you don’t have to look up to feel Yoongi’s seeing gaze on you. It’s practically burning your skin.

Jaebum makes you feed him, and you have to allow him to do the same for you, too, in cheesy staged displays of affection. His arm remains on your shoulder the whole time, and your head stays lowered, feeling so incredibly ashamed.

What must Yoongi think of you right now? He must think that you’re easy, allowing your cheating ex-boyfriend to come back into your life so easily after being with Yoongi a short few weeks ago. He must think…that you still love Jaebum.

Although your whole situation at the moment sucks, that’s the part that hurts the most. That Yoongi might misinterpret things to mean that you still loved Jaebum.

Why, oh why, did you confess those things to him that night? That you had loved Jaebum simply because he was similar to Yoongi. You’re a damn fool. It’s so clear to you now that Jaebum will never amount to be even half of the person Yoongi is.

After your meal is finished, you hurriedly rush Jaebum out, not looking at the Bangtan table as you exit. You drag him towards the parking lot, but Jaebum seems to have other plans. As soon as you pass through the doors of the restaurant, he pulls you forcefully by the wrist, his fingers digging into your skin painfully.

Suddenly, you’re in the alleyway next to the restaurant, and he shoves you backwards brutally until your back slams into the brick wall behind you. Within seconds, he’s pounced on you, hands grabbing and assaulting whatever he can as you fight back whimpers of disgust and push against his chest to no avail. His slimy lips press against your skin again, and you stiffen, practically lifeless as you will this to end.

As you’re praying for it to stop, your wishes are granted. Yoongi has somehow materialized out of nowhere, pushing Jaebum off of you.

“I thought I told you to stop preying on women in front of me.” Yoongi growls viciously at Jaebum, his hands trembling from pent up rage.

Jaebum sneers, looking calm given the situation. “Instead of mindlessly trying to protect your precious Y/N, maybe you stop to ask yourself why she’s here with me and not you.”

Yoongi’s left gaping as Jaebum shoots a smirk at him, grabbing you by the shoulders tightly and maneuvering you to the parking lot speedily. He drives terrifyingly fast back to your apartment, and the last glimpse you see of Yoongi through the window is of him staring sullenly at you from the distance, a mere silhouette left behind in the dust.

When Jaebum finally leaves you at your place, you scrub furiously at your body in the shower, hot tears streaming down your face. Tears of shame, tears of feeling pathetic, tears of regret. How could you be so stupid? It was all your fault. You deserved Jaebum’s assaults, his constant harassment. If you hadn’t been so careless, this wouldn’t have happened, right? This was the only way to fix things?

You can’t seem to find solace in slumber, either, as you toss in turn in your bed, thoughts and memories of Jaebum’s touch and words plaguing your mind.

Sounds of someone pounding on your door shake you from your thoughts, and your body quakes when you realize it’s probably Jaebum, back for more. As you approach the door timidly, you begin to shed tears silently again. You tiptoe as you glance through the peephole. Perhaps if you’re quiet, Jaebum will leave, assuming you’re asleep.

But instead, you see Yoongi standing in front of your door, fist hitting the wood relentlessly. Fumbling nervously to open the door, you let him in shakily. He stomps in, eyes searching the room for you as he yells and you hide behind the door, closing it lightly.

“Y/N, what the fuck is your problem? Do you think you don’t deserve me or something? Because you’ve got this image of me in your head as someone untouchable, unreachable, out of your league. But it’s a fucking delusion. Why are you settling for that piece of shit? It’s fuckin’ insulting that you think he’s similar to me. It’s such a huge downgrade! He’s nothing like me in the least. I know you hate how undefined our relationship is right now, but we’re easing ourselves back in, aren’t we? I thought you understood that. But now you go and do this. How could you still love him, Y/N? Tell me.” Yoongi spits out these words venomously, but his eyes soften when he spots you, acknowledging the tears streaming down your face.

“Why are you crying?” He immediately reaches out in instinct to wipe the tears from your eyes, thumbs brushing your cheeks familiarly. You cringe at the feeling of skin to skin contact, despite the fact that it’s Yoongi. Thoughts of Jaebum flood your mind.

“Y-Yoongi.” You cough out, your voice weak and strained. “I don’t love him. I hate him.”

“So why are you going out to dinners with hi dressed in such an amazing dress?” He shoots daggers at you.

“I-It’s complicated.” Your eyes flicker around the room, avoiding his gaze.

Yoongi gently nudges your chin down so he’s peering into your eyes deeply.

“Well, it’s your lucky day. I love complicated.”

Hiccuping, you try and catch your breath. “Sit down.”

The two of you sit on your couch, and you crisscross your legs and face Yoongi. With one last deep breath, the whole story spills out.

“Jaebum has a photo of us fro the gala. It’s…compromising, to say the least.”

“He has a photo of us? You were on your knees, and I was blocking your body anyways. I’m sure it’s unclear; it has to be.” Yoongi butts in.

“No, I’ve seen it. It’s of us kissing, thank God, and you can clearly tell it’s me and you.” You resume talking.

Yoongi pushes his hands through his ashy hair. “Well, fuck.” He looks up at you curiously. “But what does that have to do with you going out with Jaebum again? It’s just a photo.”

“Just a photo?” You laugh bitterly. You were really going to have to spell it out for Yoongi again. “Yoongi, that photo could ruin my whole career!”

The gears in his head finally seem to start turning. “That’s why you’re going out with him? A stupid fucking photo? He’s blackmailing you now?”

You nod, gulping hard as fresh tears threaten to spill over.

“Okay…so what? You’re not going to be on this one case forever.” Yoongi furrows his brow, confused again.

“But this is my big break! This case is huge. I’m going to get insane recognition for this. Hell, I already am! It’s all over the news, and you of all people should know that.”

“Okay, so just ignore him until the case is over? Then he can do whatever the hell he wants.” Yoongi shrugs nonchalantly.

“It’s not that easy.” You sigh out.

“Yes it is.”

Yoongi looks so determined that you cave, agreeing to ignore Jaebum. As if on cue, Jaebum texts you. Yoongi picks up your cell phone, reading the text with his jaw tensed. Peering over his shoulder, you read it, too.

[Im Jaebum]: Hey babe, are you up?

[Im Jaebum]: What are you wearing right now?

Yoongi cocks his arm back to throw your phone across the room, but you grab at him until he puts it back down softly.

“Let’s go to bed.” You coax him, a sudden desire to have him accompany you to bed surging through your veins. Yoongi felt safe. It’s as if he could protect you from all the dangers of the world, namely Im Jaebum.

Crawling into bed with you, he spoons you and you fall asleep as his musky and minty scent washes over you, flooding your senses. Slumber comes easy despite the turmoil you had experienced with falling asleep earlier. It’s comforting feeling his strong arms wrapped tightly around your middle, like nothing could ever pull you from his hold.

Sounds of your phone vibrating on the nightstand cause you to stir in your sleep. Your heart sinks into your stomach as you know who your text is from.

[Im Jaebum]: Ignoring me again I see? Seeing Loverboy Suga is making you unclear of things again, right? Let me give you a refresher.

Attached is an image of an email draft directed towards a popular new outlet.

[Im Jaebum]: If you don’t text me back by noon, I’m hitting send.

Shit. It’s ten o’clock right now, and you frantically shake Yoongi awake, wordlessly shoving the phone screen in front of his face as he rubs at his eyes groggily to clear his vision. The serene look on his face morphs into one of blatant disgust as he reads Jaebum’s messages to you.

Panic rises in your chest swiftly, and you tug at your roots. “What do I do? I can’t avoid him, he’s too unpredictable! It’s only been one night without responding to his texts and he’s already this close to going through with things!”

Firmly catching hold of your hand, he rubs soothing circles into the back of it as he speaks. “Calm down, Y/N. Just tell him you’re going on a trip. Hell, I’ll take you on a spontaneous trip away for the rest of the weekend just in case he shows up at your door. There’s no way he’ll be able to give you shit for work matters.”

You nod in agreement, ignoring the bubbly feeling at the idea of a weekend away with Yoongi. Thinking up an excuse for being missing in action last night, you respond to Jaebum.

[Y/N]: Sorry! I was asleep and my phone had died last night and I didn’t have a charger.

[Y/N]: I’m going on a business trip to the other side of Seoul for the case, so I can’t meet up this weekend. :( sorry jb

“JB?” You look over at Yoongi who looks surprised at the nickname.

“What? You want me to call him ‘asshole’ instead?” You roll your eyes but find his jealousy cute.

[Im Jaebum]: hmm, okay. that’s fine.

[Im Jaebum]: i’ll see you when you get back, babe.

Again, his words never fail to generate shudders from you. Yoongi’s hand repositions itself on your back and he soothing pats. His breath tickles you ear as he speaks.

“See, I told you. And now I’m going to whisk you away to a nice hotel for the weekend.”

And he does.

Being able to look over to see Yoongi driving by your side for an extended period of time is fantastic. Peering over at him, you see his pale blue veins clearly through the translucent white skin of his hands. His jawline is so sharp it could draw blood. Every so often, he catches you admiring him and gives you bemused expressions.

“Like what you see?”

Blushing furiously, you look away bashfully. Yoongi presses the back of his and against your cheek.

“Wow, you’re really burning up there.” He teases.

Slapping at his hand, you giggle. “Both hands on the wheel, Min Yoongi.”

“Make me.” Yoongi’s rough hand settles on your thigh, gripping it gently as his other hand guides the steering wheel, eyes looking at the road. Taking deep breaths, you try to extinguish the flames quickly igniting in the pit of your stomach, but to no avail. Your mind is wandering, unable to focus because of the conscious awareness that his skin is touching yours. The cool feeling of the rings adorning his fingers against your exposed leg causes a smile to form on your face.

The rings are new to you. He’d never worn rings when you were together so many years ago, and you liked them more than you could imagine. You particularly liked that there were still things about Yoongi left to discover.

The car pulls to a gradual stop in front of the hotel, and he goes up to the reception to check the two of you into your room while you wait in the lobby area. Earlier he had called and made a reservation under your name for the next two nights. Waiting in the lobby area, your gaze travels around the room, taking in the bougie decor. A massive chandelier hangs in front of you, and the floors are a sleek marble texture. Yoongi returns to you with a key card dangling between his fingers, waving it at you while he smiles his precious gummy smile at you. Nodding towards the elevator, his hand positions itself on your lower back protectively, and he guides you in, pressing the button for the top floor silently.

You cock an eyebrow at him in wonder, but he shrugs nonchalantly as he swipes to gain access to the floor. Immediately upon entering the room down the hallway, you gasp. It’s a huge suite, featuring conjoined rooms of a living room and bedroom, as well as an attached luxurious bathroom.

“Yoongi!” Your eyes widen. “This must’ve cost a fortune.”

“You can always pay me back in kisses.” Yoongi puckers down at you cutely and you lean in close, his breath becoming noticeably ragged as your noses brush gently. Right as your lips are about to meet, Yoongi’s eyelashes fluttering against his cheeks, you pull away and pinch his cheek playfully, swiveling to admire the bathroom.

Squealing, you observe all the details of the room, from the huge mirrors to the shiny polished bathtub. The view from the window is incredible, and you quickly snap a photo to upload on your social media. Meanwhile, Yoongi has tossed himself onto the plush bed, and you quickly follow suit.

“What should we do?” You ask, with no intentions in mind.

Yoongi’s eyes twinkle in response with a hint of something that’s all too familiar by now, something rather suggestive.

“Yoongi…” You sigh, feeling your ears turning red again as you burrow your face into the pillow.

Yoongi’s cold finger pokes at your exposed ear. “Even your ears are turning that cute pink.”

You simply groan in response, the sound muffled by the bedding.

“I’m just kidding, Y/N. Let’s take things slow for now. You sucking me dry at the gala has already caused enough shit, don’t you think? Plus, we have all the time in the world together.”

You gulp, hoping Yoongi doesn’t notice. But the case…?

Shaking the thought away, you decide to focus on other things. If Jaebum was going to blackmail you regardless, you should at least revel in being in a relationship with Yoongi again. Fuck the case. You could do discreet.

You know that you’ll do your best with the case no matter if it hurts Yoongi or not, and he should understand that, right? Whatever truly happened with the songwriting process would pan out eventually, and whoever was in the wrong would be punished, and that’s that.

Sighing before looking up at Yoongi, you peer through your messy hair falling in a curtain over your face. He tenderly brushes away some strands, tucking sections behind your ear.

“You’re really astonishingly fucking beautiful, you know that?” Yoongi’s voice is so low and quiet that it’s almost inaudible. His hand doesn’t leave our face, cupping your chin again in a way that’s grown to be familiar, his thumbs brushing against the apples of your cheeks, caressing your skin as if it’s a delicate object, as if he’s afraid you’ll disappear from in front of him.

“I know.” You whisper back, trying to keep a straight face as you look up into his eyes.

Yoongi groans, but can’t hide his smile. He rolls over onto his back, whining softly.

“Way to ruin a moment, Y/N.”

You giggle and roll sideways until you’re on top of him, your chin resting on his chest as you peer up at his half-lidded eyes as he gazes down at you. From where your hand is resting on his firm chest, you can feel his heart beat. It’s going quite fast, at a pace matching your own. Leaning up slowly, you press a firm kiss against his lips.

Immediately, his heart kickstarts and begins pacing even faster under your fingers, and you keep your lips locked until you can’t possibly breathe anymore. Slumping against his chest after your lips separate, you feel drowsiness hitting you, but you also feel like you’re floating outside of your body in a feeling of content. You’re up in the clouds. The feeling of Yoongi’s warm body against yours, his presence in general, is so extremely soothing, and you feel yourself drifting off.

“I really did miss you so much, Y/N.” Yoongi whispers into your hair as he strokes his fingers through it. Humming sleepily in response, you fall completely into slumber against his chest.

The last sensation you register is the feeling of his heart thudding swiftly.


a/n: fuck that took me so long to write! I’m so so so incredibly sorry for the delay between chapters,, i know i’m usually much better at uploading and writing in general. uni has been a wild ride so far so i’m still adjusting and i just now got time to write. i hope this is worth your while and not total shit, because i owe y’all one for sticking around with pipe dreams hehe~

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It makes me sad when you tie vegan diets with this conspiracy theory talk about how "follow the money" and "all these evil corporations are making you sick and don't want you to know" and "doctors are stupid". In my uni for example, almost all professors have stated that a plant based diet is healthy and healthier than the SAD diet. But it is not this cure-all-save-all-humans-are-herbivores thing. SAD!

I’m not saying all doctors and corporations are evil and that they are fully aware of what they are doing to us at all. It’s great that your doctors and professors think that but it’s not common knowledge amongst most average doctors that a plant based diet is healthy. I went to the doctors yesterday to get my annual blood test with Emily and it was the most painful thing ever, she hounded us about being vegan, she wouldn’t test the things we wanted to test because she claimed that they would tell us anything and clearly didn’t agree with Veganism. I get messages every single day of people saying that their doctors or nutritionist thinks Veganism is unhealthy.

When I say “ follow the money” I mean look at WHY the cancer foundation still recommends meat and dairy in their recipes even though there is overwhelming evidence that it causes it. Same with the heart and diabetes foundation. Because their biggest sponsors are meat and dairy companies. Same thing with why doctors push pharmaceuticals, because they make commissions. It’s a business. Not maybe not ALL doctors but this is common!! Yes doctors need to make money, everyone needs to make money!! I’m not saying making money is a bad thing, vegan doctors still make money but the right way, not by selling out to drugs that don’t always help.

Im trying to help others understand, if plants based eating is best way then… why are there so many that still don’t support it? Why there is so much corruption and why we should all question everything.

I can’t wait until the documentary “what the health” is released to the public (16th of march) it talks all about this!!!! And you can see the figures for yourself, and you can see the heads of the organizations ignore the questions and play dumb.

hacker!jihoon au

-uni student by day hacker by night

-and like listen

-he didnt start hacking bc he had bad intentions

-he just does bad things when he’s bored

-im not saying jihoon goes on the deep web but im saying he goes on the deep web :))))))))))))))

-he’s fucking infamous there

-nobody fucks with him

-he’s only known as woozi and nobody knows his real name

-he’s tiny and T E R R I F Y I N G

-do you know how many times he’s hacked into big corporations and leaked information just because someone would pay him for it

-y’all dont fuck with jihoon

-he sounds like an awful person but pLS LET ME EXPLAIN

-turns into the mr krabs meme any time someone mentions anonymous or hacking in general

-he mostly just hacks for the money honestly

-he doesnt even spend any of that money on himself

-he just spoils the fuck out of his friends and pays for his uni stuff

-he is such a sweet precious baby in real life but he’s so cold hearted online what a loser i love him

-the reason he joined the team was bc of seungcheol

-seungcheol went to uni with him and they were close friends!! seungcheol knew everything about him except that jihoon was a hacker


-how else does he manage this team of actual children smh

-so tl;dr he manages to convince jihoon to join the gang and now hacking for the gang is his full time job :’)))))))))

-he doesnt go with the boys on missions but he stays back and watches them from security cameras and talks to them through mics

-probably does homework while doing so tbh

-”ok jihoon what do i do next?”

-”hm? wait i don’t know what’s happening my glasses are fogging up”




-before he even joined, the entire team knew about him and not just from seungcheol

-tbh they were all terrified of him at first bUT THEY REALIZED HOW SMOL AND FLUFFY HE WAS AND HE BECAME THE GROUP’S NEW BABY

-cringes xtra hard when he sees the boys doing something in a way he wouldnt personally do

-like, he understands there are different ways of doing things but being a hacker and doing things the same way over and over again, using the same techniques to solve everything stuck with him and it makes him feel icky and anxious when he sees the boys do something that he wouldnt

-cares about his dumb spy children so much ;-;-;

-hansol is such a terrified lil baby and jihoon has to always comfort him

-”jihoon im gonna have a panic attack”

-”no youre not, it’s ok”

-”you cant even see my face how do you know iT’S OK”

-”i can see your face in the corner of the camera and wow u look ugly”


-hansol proceeds to run off and steps on a trap

-jihoon cringes and slams his head on the table

-save him from these idiots

-honestly he’s the true mastermind

-seungcheol is like half a mastermind and the other half is an edgelord™️

-cue jihoon’s eyeroll

-”hoshi if you touch my hair one more time im gonna send a swat team to your house”

-”are u still salty i didnt let u sit on my lap :((((((((“

-”i diDnT WaNNa sIT oN uR LaP”

-one time hoshi broke his arm so he wasnt allowed on missions so during the entire time he was forced to stay home, he’d go over to jihoon’s and he’d make jihoon sit on his lap while he hacked

-”woah numbers”

-”woah hoshi shut up and let me hack”

-”ur feisty ;))))”

-”im going to abandon this team, move to alaska and change my name to whore-rito do you want that”

-”i luv me some whore-rito”

-the member that’s most likely to be kidnapped

-so tiny and smol cant fight for his life

-reason #232847 of why he has bodyguards!meanie

-talks shit isnt ready to get hit

-falls asleep hunched over his desk all the time because he works to the point where he passes out :)))))

-seungcheol forces him to take breaks and if he doesnt convince him, jeonghan has to come in to pull a mom

-”honey, youre working yourself too hard, you should-”


-ok now it’s the point of the au where i talk about where youre dating jihoon if that doesnt float your boat you can skiP IT

-you two met when he joined the team

-”hey jihoon meet y/n, they’re apart of the team now.”

-jihoon fell for you so hard what a dweEB

-youre in charge of most of the missions and jihoon worries over you a lot

-”hey jihoon maybe you shouldnt fuck around with the deep web anymore-”

-”maybe you shouldnt fuck around with your life anymore on those missions but you dont see me saying anything”

-he’s sososososo subtly caring towards you and it warms your lil heart aw

-he’s not much of a violent person but he’ll do anything to protect you dbsfvjdsfbdnfs

-being a hacker taught him something about keeping those who were close to you and throwing everyone else away

-and fuck you are so important to him

-god he would throw his life away for you in a heartbeat it’s so scary but you feel the same way and sdfildfjdf

-can you imagine if this lil bean gets kidnapped because someone didnt like what you were doing



-”jihoon when’d you learn how to fight”

-”*cue jihoon’s internal screaming bc he only fought so hard for you*”

-whenever you get hurt he wont let you leave his room until he makes sure youre ok again

-”jihoon i literally just got a bruise on my leg i-”

-”stOoOoooOP rEsIStINg yOurE ON ThE VerGe oF DeAtH”

-you like watching him hack but you dont get to often since youre off on missions all the time

-but on the rare times when you dont need to go, you like hanging back with jihoon and watching him do his thing

-he always looks so concentrated and determined and his soft features turn so tensed

-he clenches his jaw and it’s a bad habit but you find it so cute and dsfkbshdkfd

-the way he sounds so stern when talking to the boys just goSH IM MELTING

-i mean

-youre melting


-hardwork with the occasional “babe can you get me some ramen”

-”jihoon if you dont fuckin help the boys istg”

-”i aM”


-jihoon’s the type to eat cereal while watching the boys suffer

IF I {pt. 7}

Type: Halloween Special Series; Six | Seven | Eight 
Genre: Angst, Drama, Fantasy, Mature/Suggestive, Vampire!AU, Witch!AU
Member: S.Coups/Seungcheol
Word count: 1,480

Seungcheol looked up at the sign above the entrance of your tea shop. It was turned off and the window shades were drawn down so he couldn’t look in to see if anyone was there. The door isn’t locked as he swings it open. The bell above the door rings as he steps in. Only a few lights in the shop were on, creating a dim glow. He looks around, but no one seems to be there.

“Over here!” You called from the back seating of the shop.

Seungcheol instantly follows the sound of your voice. His steps are light, almost as if he was going to run to you. He tries to hold back the excitement but it all melts into a heaping pile when he turns the corner. His steps slowly come to a halt a little too early, living a small gap between him and the table. His eyes linger on Inna and saw the tear trails down her cheeks. It’s clear she’s exhausted from the sight of her hallowed out gaze.

“Just on time, Cheol.” You waved to him.

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ubisoft: how many layers of corporate bullshit are you on

bethesda: like 3 or 4 right now, we just opened pre-orders for a vr port of a year and a half old game priced at $60

ubisoft: you are like a little baby. watch this


[Rushed Confessions and rescue missions - Levi Ackerman x Reader]

First Attack on Titan post and I’m so happy I finally finished this! I was so scared of messing it up that I procrastinated the last 800 or so words for a few days. But here it is and I hope you like it!

Word Count- 1839

Warnings- Just fluffy fluff

Don’t repost or plagiarise


“So, how was training today? Did shorty make things hard for you?” Hanji asks, grinning. Her brown eyes were lit up behind her goggles as she stared at our group.
“When does the Corporal not make things hard on us?” Reiner scoffed, rolling his eyes.
“Well, he made things hard on us.” Eren said, gesturing to the other people around him. “But he let Y/N skip out on the second half of her laps today.”
“I had a sore ankle,” You reasoned with him but they all rolled their eyes at you.
“Bertholdt passed out on his second to last lap and he still had to run the rest when he woke up. I swear, Shorty has a soft spot for you,” Ymir said and you blushed, using your hair to create a curtain in front of your face.
“Corporal would like to speak with you in his office after dinner, Y/L/N. Be there sharp or expect to be cleaning the stables, Brat,” Oluo sneered and you rolled your eyes, laughing as Petra tells him off for pretending to be like the Corporal.
“Brilliant. This will be my punishment for not completing my laps today,” You groaned, putting your head in your arms.
Hanji pet the top of your head in an attempt to console me and you sat back up once you was sure everybody was paying attention to their own business. You made eye contact with the Corporal at the table at the front of the Mess Hall.
He raised an eyebrow at me, motioning his head to when you had your head on the table, with a small smirk on his face. You weren’t sure if you had seen it because the next second he was gone, and his attention was back onto something that Erwin was saying.
You looked back down at the table, a blush high in your cheeks. His eyes flickered over to me at various points during the evening but you ignored it, not wanting to make things even more awkward than they already were.
After dinner, you rushed out of the mess hall and up the stairs to stand in front of the Corporal’s office door. You knocked on the door, waiting nervously for an answer.
“Name and Business.”
“Uh- Y/N Y/L/N, Sir. You asked to see me?” Your voice went up at the end, making what you intended to be a statement sound like a question.
“Come in,” He responded quietly from inside. You turned the door knob with a shaking hand and closed the door tight behind you. He motioned with one hand towards the chair sitting in front of his desk and you sat down without hesitation, looking towards the Corporal.
You were one of the only people who was shorter than him, which meant you got twice as much teasing for it. You were only two inches shorter, but Eren and Reiner still enjoyed to joke about your height, placing your gear on hard to reach shelves when you were late for training.
“So, where do you want me to clean? The stables? The second floor?” You asked, twiddling your thumbs in your lap. You thought it was better to get the whole ordeal over and done with, so you could get away from his intense gaze as soon as possible.
“Who said anything about cleaning?” He questioned, tilting his head to the side.
“I just thought-uh- because I didn’t finish my laps earlier-“
“You didn’t finish your laps earlier because I said you didn’t have to, that you had trained enough. You aren’t going to get a punishment for simply being dismissed,” Levi scoffed and you avoided eye contact again, looking anywhere around the room except at him.
“Oh right,” You replied, finally lifting your eyes up to meet his. “Then why did you ask to see me? If it has anything to do with Reiner and Eren, I swear they started it-“
“It has nothing to do with those two brats, although they probably deserved it,” You chuckled at that, inwardly agreeing with what he was saying. They always complained about having to clean the stables and you thought it was hilarious, as it only made Heichou double their shift. “By the sounds of it, you may find it hard to believe, but you are not in trouble. You have not done anything wrong, end of story.”
At this point, you couldn’t be more confused. Why would he call you to his office if you weren’t in trouble?
“I-I don’t understand-“
“Do you have any idea just how much you confuse me, brat?” You stared at the Corporal, wide eyed. His question caught you off guard, and you avoided eye contact as you tried to formulate some sort of answer. No suitable ones came to mind.
“I-I don’t know, Corporal-“
“What?” You asked. It should be you asking why the Corporal was confusing you instead of the other way around.
“Don’t call me Corporal when there is no-one else there, it’s too bloody formal,” Levi scoffed and you nodded slowly, looking around the room. You twiddled your thumbs in your lap and when you looked up, Levi’s face was but inches from yours.
You squeaked and pushed yourself as far back into the chair as you could, your cheeks a brilliant crimson. Levi smirked at you and you inwardly cursed as there was nowhere else to look except at him.
“I don’t think you have any idea just how much you confuse me sometimes,” He continued before you could say anything. “Look, I’ve tried my best to not feel anything for you. Guess what? I failed.”
You stared up at him, your eyes wide. That’s not what you expected to hear at all.
“L-Levi, I-“
“But you don’t feel the same way, do you,” Levi frowned, backing away from you. He walked over to the window and stared out it, his back to you.
Levi knew that the chances that your feelings were returned were slim, but he thought that there might have been a possibility that you had feelings for him, but your shocked silence had shown him otherwise.
Levi had read into it all wrong. You did have feelings for him you just didn’t know how to say it. And you never got a chance to.
“There’s an expedition tomorrow so you better go res up for it,” Levi dismissed you. You opened an closed your mouth a few times, trying to say something, anything, but you were unable to.
“Just don’t die tomorrow, Levi,” You said to him before leaving, looking down at the floor.
So maybe she does care, Levi mused.
You brushed your hair out of your face as you rode in the formation, bouncing on your saddle. You focused on your squad leader, ignoring the feeling in your stomach that something bad was going to happen.
When the Female Titan appeared, your worry for Levi got increasingly worse. Your squad was stationed in the trees outside the forest, staring down at the titans at the base of your tree.
“What the hell is happening in there?” Jean asked when a loud screeching ran out through the air, and the titans lost interest in you.
“I don’t know but it doesn’t sound good,” You commented, preparing your ODM gear.
“You’re not planning on going in there are you?” Armin asked, staring warily at you.
“The Levi Squad is still in there,” You said and Mikasa nodded at you, firing the wires from her gear. You followed her into the forest.
You ignored the shouts from your squad as you sped through the trees, focusing solely on manoeuvring through the trees without slamming into stray branches.
“Eren!” Mikasa said and I gasped, my hands going over my mouth.
The female titan had bitten in the back of the neck of Eren’s titan form.
“Get back here Ackerman! Y/L/N!” Levi shouted, pulling you away from going to help Eren. You struggled against the arm around your waist but it was no use. He was too strong.
“We need to help him!” You replied, trying to push Levi’s arm off you.
“You made me promise that I wouldn’t die today, I’m expected you to promise me the same,” Levi whispered in your ear. You slumped against him, giving up at last.
“We can’t just leave him to die!” Mikasa screamed, glaring furiously at Levi. You wondered how she had the courage to act so brashly with him but considering how he treated Eren at his court case, you couldn’t blame her for not holding back.
“And I’m not going to! He’s in my squad, remember? Just make sure Y/N stays here and doesn’t do anything as brash as you.” Levi ordered, pushing you towards Mikasa.
You watched as he slashed at the arms and legs of the female titan, rendering them useless. He gouged at her eyes before moving onto her jaw, injuring her to the point where her mouth fell open.
Levi pulled Eren out of the Female Titan’s mouth and mover out of the way before she regenerated.
“Tch, disgusting,” Levi muttered, throwing Eren down onto the tree branch.
Mikasa frantically checked him over whilst you and Levi stood in silence, not knowing what to say to the other person.
You were only back at headquarters for a few hours before a knock on your door brought you out of your nap. Grumbling, you answered it, waking up when a nervous Armin stood in front of you, twiddling his fingers.
“T-The Corporal has asked to see you,” He stuttered before leaving.
Great, what have I done this time? You asked yourself before grabbing your jacket and leaving your room.
You knock on Levi’s door and he opened it wordlessly, gesturing to the chair that you had sat in the day before. You scurried over to it and sat down, nervously looking around the room.
“What you did today was reckless and stupid,” Levi scolded you and you hung your head, unable to look him in the eye.
“Yeah, yeah I know. So, what’s the punishment? Cleaning the stables? The Mess Hall? The entire headquarters?” You asked bitterly.
“Do you have a punishment kink or something? Why is it every time you’re in my office, you expect me to punish you?” Levi asked. You shrugged, pointing out that it was a reasonable assumption. “Tch, fine. I’ going to punch you in the face.”
“What?” You squeaked.
You pressed your back against the chair as Levi leant on the arms of the chair. You widened your eyes as he kissed you, not expected it at all. You were frozen.
“Softly. Because I love you,” Levi muttered, his grey eyes flickering between yours before down to your lips.
“I love you too,” You whispered, afraid to say it too loud.
Levi smirked, pulling you closer to him as he kissed you again. If that was what sparring was like with Levi, you thought that you’d like to fight him more often.